Coamo Hot Springs - Baños de Coamo

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Posted Sep 19 2011 By Peter
This place is out. It got remodeled and there is no place to play, plus there is always a cop watching the premises.

Edited by Keith on 09/25/11
Posted Oct 23 2010 By Peter
Went to this place last night and it was packing with a lot of raw action. Lots of hung guys all over. Now everyone is concentrated into one place.

Edited by Keith on 10/26/10
Posted Aug 14 2010 By HngTop
This place just reopened. Its amazing and still has the old cruisy atmosphere. Hot guys all over.
Posted Nov 12 2009 #4
There are a few cars always parked. The people still find their way into the construction site and there is still a lot of raw action.
Posted Sep 08 2009 #5
This place is currently closed due to renovations, but there is still cruising along the street that goes to the springs.
Posted Jul 05 2008 #6
This places is close and they are remodeling that part. We spoke with the hotel personnel and they told us it will be closed about two years during the construction.
Posted Jul 05 2008 #7
The place is closed for renovations at the pool/springs site.
Posted Apr 17 2008 #8
Very cruisy closer to midnight. The locals know that it is a gay sex spot at night so there usually aren't any interruptions. The action happens at the pool area or up the stairs and in the woods behind the small building.
Posted Sep 21 2005 #9
Have been there twice. It's a family resort, but after 12 am it becomes a gay haven of hot young men sucking and fucking each other. Be considerate of families that stay late. Otherwise, this is another great warm place to go.
Posted Oct 07 2002 #10
Be very careful at night when you go to this place. Although it is wonderful, like an open-air gay bathhouse under the stars, many unsavory people mingle around. Never go by yourself. Always go with a group of people. You can get mugged or have your clothes stolen. There is nothing romantic in being naked and helpless in the middle of the night. I've heard many stories of that type of incident.
Posted Jul 13 2001 #11
Major ass pumping -- if you know what I mean.