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Recently Added Places

This page shows the fifty places most recently added to the Sex Listings.

Arkansas : North Little Rock : Burns Park Submitted: 11/11/18
Category: Cruisy park, toilet

Description: Quiet park restroom before you get to the RV park and campground. There's a big stall with floor to ceiling concrete walls and a door that locks.
Ohio : Middletown : Miami River County Park Submitted: 11/10/18
Category: Cruisy park

Description: Nature trails off parking lot. This place is added with a Heads Up alert due to regular undercover operations.
France : Lyon : Le Sun Gay Sauna Submitted: 11/09/18
Category: Bathhouse with full facilities

Description: Billed as the largest gay sauna in Europe, Le Sun has a large Bollywood-themed maze, gym, swimming pool, and bar.

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Nebraska : Lincoln : Romantix - Lincoln NW Submitted: 11/06/18
Category: Adult store with no arcade, Theatre showing porn

Description: Five mini theaters, each with two rows of three seats but no booths. No cameras in the theaters but cameras in the hallways. The city's no booths law means that the theater doors must remain closed but seems selectively enforced.
Nashville Metro : Nashville : Percy Warner Park Submitted: 11/03/18
Category: Cruisy toilet, Cruisy park, Cruisy parking lot

Description: This place is added with a Heads Up alert.
New Mexico : Las Cruces : Love's Travel Stop and Street Cruising Submitted: 11/02/18
Category: Cruisy toilet, Cruisy parking lot, Street cruising

Description: Cruising at truck stop mens' room, parking lots, and around nearby warehouses.
California : Grass Valley : Condon Park Submitted: 10/31/18
Category: Cruisy park, toilet , trails

Description: I've gone into the restroom at Condon with no intention of messing around, but when a guy walked in behind me and smiled and flashed me his uncut hung cock I was game. After that I've noticed guys keep coming by here, and even leaving notes on the walls. Let's start this up again.
Argentina : Buenos Aires : Madison Club de Hombres Submitted: 10/30/18
Category: Bathhouse with full facilities

Description: Three story bathhouse. First floor: locker room, swimming pool, showers, bathroom, steam room, sauna, hot tub. Second floor: more lockers, dark/video room, lounge & bar. Third floor: bathroom, buddy booths w/video, cubicles for private sex, a sling room, spaces for public sex. The place isn't always crowded, but there is usually a pretty good mix of men there.
Amsterdam Metro : Amsterdam : Club Church Submitted: 10/27/18
Category: Sexclub, Cruise bar with dark room

Description: One of the oldest bar/sexclubs in Amsterdam. See web site for theme nights and facilities. Entry includes a drink. Friendly staff, free clothes check.
New Mexico : Las Cruces : Las Cruces International Airport Submitted: 10/27/18
Category: Cruisy parking lot, Mostly straight/bi

Description: Action is at the parking lot across from the small terminal building.
New Mexico : Roswell : TownePlace Suites by Marriott Roswell Submitted: 10/24/18
Category: Motel with some action, Cruisy toilet, Cruisy lobby

Description: Hotel with action in the mens' room on first floor.
Massachusetts : Westfield : Westfield State University - Ely Library Submitted: 10/22/18
Category: Cruisy toilet on third floor
Michigan : Laingsburg : Cruisy Basketball Court Submitted: 10/22/18
Category: Cruisy beat
El Paso Metro : El Paso : El Paso Community College - Rio Grande (Downtown) Campus Submitted: 10/22/18
Category: Cruisy toilet, College campus, Mostly gay in multiple locations

Description: This is the downtown campus. Parking now is a little difficult due to construction but not as difficult as trying to get into UTEP. Mostly gay crowd college type guys.
Los Angeles Metro : Los Angeles : Westin Bonaventure Hotel Submitted: 10/19/18
Category: Cruisy toilet

Description: Lobby floor restrooms are good for cruising, but no door to warn you so be careful.
El Paso Metro : El Paso : Touch Bar and Nightclub Submitted: 10/19/18
Category: Cruisy parking lot, After hours, Drag club, Strip club, Male strippers, Mostly straight/bi , cruisy beat around warehouses and alleys along Allen Bradley Dr., Lionel Dr., and Pellicano Dr.

Description: The bar itself is for those who like strippers and drag queens. Men in their 40's and 50's go to enjoy the opportunity of going home with either or both. Then there is a second crowd. A few times I was asked by M-F couples to go home with them. Very friendly attitude among patrons and if you're open to conversation guys will go straight forward to you.

Then there is action in the vicinity. Behind the warehouses and the aisles along the cruisy area of Allen Bradley Drive including Lionel Drive to Pellicano.
Tampa Bay Metro : Tampa : McCay Bay Nature Park Submitted: 10/17/18
Category: Cruisy park, Cruisy parking lot and nearby woods , trails

Description: Cruisy nature area with parking lot and trails.
El Paso Metro : El Paso : El Paso Community College - Valle Verde Campus Submitted: 10/17/18
Category: Cruisy toilet, Cruisy parking lot, College campus, Mixed gay, straight, bi

Description: Very cruisy place. From college age guys to older men at night school. Being a technical and vocational oriented school there's lots of masculine real handsome guys, mostly Mexicans in need of sex. Open to visitors and with plenty of parking space makes the place very accessible to hungry cocksuckers. Cruisy toilets in multiple locations.
Florida : Port Charlotte : Sunrise Park - William R. Gaines Jr. Veterans Memorial Park Submitted: 10/16/18
Category: Cruisy park

Description: This place is added with a Heads Up alert.
Florida : Punta Gorda : Charlotte Flatwoods Environmental Park Submitted: 10/16/18
Category: Cruisy park

Description: Take the path on the right and look for side paths in the back. A camera may be in the tree by the picnic area

This place is submitted with a Heads Up alert.
El Paso Metro : El Paso : Northeast Regional Park Submitted: 10/15/18
Category: Cruisy park, toilet, Cruisy parking lot, After hours

Description: Huge parking lot, just be careful on days with softball.
California : Cottonwood : Reading Island Submitted: 10/14/18
Category: Cruisy park, Cruisy park, toilet, Cruisy parking lot and nearby woods, Cruisy vacant lot

Description: This is a little known abandoned BLM campground. I have met a few guys here and given blow jobs. Not many people know about it, even some of the locals don't know about it anymore. It used to be a camping area, but BLM went in and fucked it up real bad and very few people go there much during the last 20 years.
El Paso Metro : El Paso : Street cruising Submitted: 10/10/18
Category: Street cruising
New Mexico : Carlsbad : Carlsbad Mall Submitted: 10/10/18
Category: Cruisy parking lot

Description: Parking area behind the mall facing the river. Park here and guys from neighboring apartment complex will walk over. Most are looking to suck really quick and leave.
New Mexico : Roswell : Delta West Park Submitted: 10/10/18
Category: Cruisy park

Description: Nice place to shoot a load.
California : Maxwell : Maxwell Rest Areas Submitted: 10/09/18
Category: Cruisy toilet, Rest area

Description: The Maxwell Rest Stops both have holes in the walls.
California : Dunnigan : Dunnigan Rest Areas Submitted: 10/09/18
Category: Cruisy toilet, Rest area

Description: I have gone to both the southbound and northbound and found both to be really cruisy, especially after midnight. Lots of locals and travelers will stop in here to relieve themselves of some excess stress.
East Lothian - Scotland : Edinburgh : The Mound Public Toilet Submitted: 10/06/18
Category: Cruisy toilet, Cruisy cottage

Description: Notorious cruising at underground toilets. Follow stairs down. Busiest after lunch or after work.

Police are aware of cruising here. Use discretion.
New York City Metro : Manhttan : Crew Submitted: 10/05/18
Category: Private party

Description: Crew is an alternative to bars and clubs. It's a private party for guys under 28 with a very discretionary door. All guests are pre-screened and are attractive, in shape, and professional. Lots of college guys at this party. No smoking, drugs, cameras or attitude allowed.

Party is always on a weeknight, starting around 9 pm and ends at 1 am. Midtown location. For invite, you have to send a G rated recent face pic to email below. Host also lists on Grindr, OkCupid, and Squirt.
Oregon : Klamath Falls : Marina at Moore Park Submitted: 10/03/18
Category: Cruisy parking lot, Cruisy parking lot and nearby woods

Description: Fairly vacant most of the time, nobody pays attention to other people in their cars. Guys parks in the right side corner. Pretty discreet location. Good between 12 noon and 1 pm
Arizona : Kingman : Old Truck Stop Submitted: 09/30/18
Category: Cruisy parking lot, Cruisy vacant lot

Description: This is an older abandoned truck stop west of the Petro Truck Stop on Blake Ranch Road east of Kingman. Cruising in the lot near the old station. Truckers often overnight on the west side and will cruise you if you park there.
Arizona : Kingman : Crazy Fred's Truck Stop Submitted: 09/30/18
Category: Cruisy toilet, Cruisy parking lot, Strip club

Description: Truck stop with a strip bar behind it. Big parking area and lots of trucks and travelers on Rte. 66 pulling in for fuel and food. Strip club attracts truckers as does the massage parlor. There is cruising behind the truck stop in the lot of the far east side. This place is popular with South Asian and Indian drivers because of the diner and the after-dinner treats from lot lizards.
Thailand : Bangkok : Fitness First - Platinum Landmark Plaza Submitted: 09/23/18
Category: Cruisy healthclub

Description: This place is popular with locals as well as many foreigners working here and tourists from abroad since it comes free with Landmark Hotel guests.
Thailand : Bangkok : Lancaster Hotel Submitted: 09/22/18
Category: Spa with covert action, Cruisy healthclub

Description: Go check out the gym on 12th floor which furnished with great equipment as well as dry sauna with Himalayan salt and very dark steam room.
Wisconsin : Kiel : Walla Hi County Park Submitted: 09/21/18
Category: Cruisy park, toilet, Cruisy parking lot and nearby woods, Peephole, Mixed ages, Mixed gay, straight, bi , trails

Description: Cruisy county park with an outhouse. Stall on back wall has a larger peep hole with a direct view of the only urinal. Frequented by locals, farmers, travelers, and married guys looking for a blowjob or to fuck. Most guys will stand back giving a show and/or jack-off if someone is in the stall. Sex is possible in building, or take to trails south of road. Usually messages left in stall or over urinal looking for action. Have never seen law enforcement in the park though the woman that lives in the farmhouse by the First parking lot can be a pain sometimes and I have heard she does sometimes call the cops.
Chicago Metro : Chicago : Northeastern Illinois University - Physical Education Complex Submitted: 09/19/18
Category: Cruisy college locker room

Description: Steam room cruisy. Students, teachers etc. Got a BJ there. Not all guys are gay. Eye contact's the thing, proximity, and touching/scratching crotch.
East Riding of Yorkshire - England : Hull : Club 69 Submitted: 09/19/18
Category: Bathhouse with full facilities

Description: Five gloryhole cabins all linked together, adjustable sling, large dark group room with king bed with very dim floor lighting. Lockable private cabins and a communal porn cinema room. Guys normally let you know they are interested by brushing past you or just a simple wink or smile. If they then walk to a private room they are asking you to follow. 15-person steam room, 12-person sauna, 7-seat hut tub, showers, locker room and free towels, urinals and toilets, bar area for soft drinks and snacks, lounge area, TV area, dark room, private and open cabins, sling.

Last entry is one hour before closing; the sauna closes at any point after 8 pm on any evening that the sauna is empty.
El Paso Metro : Anthony : Anthony Travel Information Center - Rest Area Submitted: 09/17/18
Category: Cruisy toilet, Rest area, Mostly straight/bi

Description: Large Rest Stop. Crowd: Truckers, Single Men (Str8), Bikers, very popular. Great place to find big fat cock and truckers not afraid of taking cock per ass. Lots of Mexican dick and some local cruisers. Neighbourhood: State Line so some locals from Anthony and West El Paso cruise.
Raleigh - Durham - Chapel Hill Metro : Raleigh : Barnes and Noble Submitted: 09/16/18
Category: Cruisy toilet

Description: Peep hole in between the stalls. Great place to catch guys jerking off and joining in if you want.
Washington : Granite Falls : Triangle Recreation Camp (TRC) Submitted: 09/13/18
Category: Cruisy campground, Mixed ages

Description: Think 80 acres of men on the hunt, in an actual campground. If you are shy or nervous, this will break you of that. Naked optional/clothing optional. Be friendly and the natives respond.
Mexico : Ciudad Juarez : Río Grande Mall Submitted: 09/12/18
Category: Cruisy toilet, Cruisy parking lot, Mixed ages, Mostly straight/bi in multiple locations

Description: Busy toilets are located in the main hall and a good one at the Smart supermarket second floor; take stairs at the bakery. They just opened a new restroom in the hall. Quiet but great for head.
San Jose Metro : San Jose : Hellyer Park Submitted: 09/10/18
Category: Cruisy toilet

Description: A lot of horny men. Go and check out the secluded restroom, men's stall near dog park.
New Hampshire : Nashua : Downtown Gloryhole Submitted: 09/08/18
Category: Private party, Gloryhole

Description: Gloryhole available in private home for discreet men. DD free private service. Hung discreet bi men preferred and must be clean/disease free. Email for more details.
California : Anderson : Walmart Submitted: 09/04/18
Category: Cruisy toilet

Description: The back bathrooms at the Walmart are a great place to rub one out with someone else.
Ontario : Hamilton : Westcliffe Mall Submitted: 09/03/18
Category: Cruisy toilet

Description: Quiet old suburban strip mall. Washroom is at the back entrance. It has two stalls with excellent understall access. It's at the end of a long hallway so you can tell if someone is approaching. There's no double door. Easy to show your excitement as you can be seen through the stall door opening if you're stroking. This washroom is clean and relatively bright if you're making videos.
Maine : Portland : Street cruising along the Western Promenade Submitted: 09/02/18
Category: Cruisy park, Street cruising

Description: See separate page for Eastern Promenade.
Portland Metro : Portland : Heron Lakes Golf Club Submitted: 08/31/18
Category: Cruisy parking lot and nearby woods , golf course

Description: Been here more than a few times. Daytime, if you park in the paved lot facing the woods, guys will show up and park or they may just hit the path into the woods. Varied types go here, it's hit or miss but active. Nighttime, they close and lock the entry gates at dusk but I've parked outside the gate on the gravel areas. It is a waiting game at night but if the right guy comes along, you can suck or fuck on the golf course! Quiet and semi-secluded.
Manchester - England : Manchester : Base Manchester Submitted: 08/29/18
Category: Bathhouse with full facilities
Pennsylvania : King of Prussia : Cruisy Parking Lot Submitted: 08/25/18
Category: Cruisy parking lot, Cruisy parking lot and nearby woods, Cruisy vacant lot

Description: Nice discreet spot to park. It's next to a lightly used commuter parking lot. The parking lot extends way, way back. Comfortable place to sit. Drive back beyond the shuttered ABC Store.

Some tall trees provide some shade. Large bushes also offer shade and a screen. A bike path runs along side the lot if you want to stretch your legs and go for a walk, alone or with a new buddy.
Michigan : Pontiac : Lexus Professional Building Submitted: 08/24/18
Category: Cruisy toilet

Description: This place has very private stalls. The doors are keyed but you can just push the door and it will open. Plenty of room to do anything you want.