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Recently Added Places

This page shows the fifty places most recently added to the Sex Listings.

Wisconsin : Kiel : Walla Hi County Park Submitted: 09/21/18
Category: Cruisy park, toilet, Cruisy parking lot and nearby woods, Peephole, Mixed ages, Mixed gay, straight, bi , trails

Description: Cruisy county park with an outhouse. Stall on back wall has a larger peep hole with a direct view of the only urinal. Frequented by locals, farmers, travelers, and married guys looking for a blowjob or to fuck. Most guys will stand back giving a show and/or jack-off if someone is in the stall. Sex is possible in building, or take to trails south of road. Usually messages left in stall or over urinal looking for action. Have never seen law enforcement in the park though the woman that lives in the farmhouse by the First parking lot can be a pain sometimes and I have heard she does sometimes call the cops.
Chicago Metro : Chicago : Northeastern Illinois University - Physical Education Complex Submitted: 09/19/18
Category: Cruisy college locker room

Description: Steam room cruisy. Students, teachers etc. Got a BJ there. Not all guys are gay. Eye contact's the thing, proximity, and touching/scratching crotch.
East Riding of Yorkshire - England : Hull : Club 69 Submitted: 09/19/18
Category: Bathhouse with full facilities

Description: Five gloryhole cabins all linked together, adjustable sling, large dark group room with king bed with very dim floor lighting. Lockable private cabins and a communal porn cinema room. Guys normally let you know they are interested by brushing past you or just a simple wink or smile. If they then walk to a private room they are asking you to follow. 15-person steam room, 12-person sauna, 7-seat hut tub, showers, locker room and free towels, urinals and toilets, bar area for soft drinks and snacks, lounge area, TV area, dark room, private and open cabins, sling.

Last entry is one hour before closing; the sauna closes at any point after 8 pm on any evening that the sauna is empty.
El Paso Metro : Anthony : Anthony Travel Information Center - Rest Area Submitted: 09/17/18
Category: Cruisy toilet, Rest area, Mostly straight/bi

Description: Large Rest Stop. Crowd: Truckers, Single Men (Str8), Bikers, very popular. Great place to find big fat cock and truckers not afraid of taking cock per ass. Lots of Mexican dick and some local cruisers. Neighbourhood: State Line so some locals from Anthony and West El Paso cruise.
Raleigh - Durham - Chapel Hill Metro : Raleigh : Barnes and Noble Submitted: 09/16/18
Category: Cruisy toilet

Description: Peep hole in between the stalls. Great place to catch guys jerking off and joining in if you want.
Washington : Granite Falls : Triangle Recreation Camp (TRC) Submitted: 09/13/18
Category: Cruisy campground, Mixed ages

Description: Think 80 acres of men on the hunt, in an actual campground. If you are shy or nervous, this will break you of that. Naked optional/clothing optional. Be friendly and the natives respond.
Mexico : Ciudad Juarez : Río Grande Mall Submitted: 09/12/18
Category: Cruisy toilet, Cruisy parking lot, Mixed ages, Mostly straight/bi in multiple locations

Description: Busy toilets are located in the main hall and a good one at the Smart supermarket second floor; take stairs at the bakery. They just opened a new restroom in the hall. Quiet but great for head.
San Jose Metro : San Jose : Hellyer Park Submitted: 09/10/18
Category: Cruisy toilet

Description: A lot of horny men. Go and check out the secluded restroom, men's stall near dog park.
New Hampshire : Nashua : Downtown Gloryhole Submitted: 09/08/18
Category: Private party, Gloryhole

Description: Gloryhole available in private home for discreet men. DD free private service. Hung discreet bi men preferred and must be clean/disease free. Email for more details.
California : Anderson : Walmart Submitted: 09/04/18
Category: Cruisy toilet

Description: The back bathrooms at the Walmart are a great place to rub one out with someone else.
Ontario : Hamilton : Westcliffe Mall Submitted: 09/03/18
Category: Cruisy toilet

Description: Quiet old suburban strip mall. Washroom is at the back entrance. It has two stalls with excellent understall access. It's at the end of a long hallway so you can tell if someone is approaching. There's no double door. Easy to show your excitement as you can be seen through the stall door opening if you're stroking. This washroom is clean and relatively bright if you're making videos.
Portland Metro : Portland : Heron Lakes Golf Club Submitted: 08/31/18
Category: Cruisy parking lot and nearby woods , golf course

Description: Been here more than a few times. Daytime, if you park in the paved lot facing the woods, guys will show up and park or they may just hit the path into the woods. Varied types go here, it's hit or miss but active. Nighttime, they close and lock the entry gates at dusk but I've parked outside the gate on the gravel areas. It is a waiting game at night but if the right guy comes along, you can suck or fuck on the golf course! Quiet and semi-secluded.
Manchester - England : Manchester : Base Manchester Submitted: 08/29/18
Category: Bathhouse with full facilities
Pennsylvania : King of Prussia : Cruisy Parking Lot Submitted: 08/25/18
Category: Cruisy parking lot, Cruisy parking lot and nearby woods, Cruisy vacant lot

Description: Nice discreet spot to park. It's next to a lightly used commuter parking lot. The parking lot extends way, way back. Comfortable place to sit. Drive back beyond the shuttered ABC Store.

Some tall trees provide some shade. Large bushes also offer shade and a screen. A bike path runs along side the lot if you want to stretch your legs and go for a walk, alone or with a new buddy.
Michigan : Pontiac : Lexus Professional Building Submitted: 08/24/18
Category: Cruisy toilet

Description: This place has very private stalls. The doors are keyed but you can just push the door and it will open. Plenty of room to do anything you want.
Pennsylvania : Milesburg : Bearidise Submitted: 08/21/18
Category: Sexclub, Private party

Description: Bearidise is the gay Bear private social club / resort in Central Pennsylvania for Bears, Chubs, Chasers, and men who like the company of these men. See web site for details.
Minneapolis Metro : Richfield : LA Fitness Submitted: 08/21/18
Category: Cruisy healthclub

Description: The locker room is filthy, the shower is not clean, but surprisingly this is probably one of the cruisiest gyms in Twin Cities. The membership is cheaper than Lifetime Fitness so you will find more guys here.
Connecticut : Torrington : In The Mood Submitted: 08/20/18
Category: Adult store with arcade

Description: New design with all new booth area. Only one or two gloryholes but the booths are big enough to allow for a friend or two.
Virginia : Falls Church : Roundtree Park Submitted: 08/20/18
Category: Cruisy park, toilet, Cruisy parking lot and nearby woods, Younger crowd, Mixed gay, straight, bi , trails
Minneapolis Metro : Bloomington : Parker's Picnic Ground Submitted: 08/19/18
Category: Cruisy park , trails

Description: This location is quiet most of the time and has many hidden bushy spots ideally for cruising. Not many people are aware of these long trails and there are many fewer bikers than at Theodore Quaking Bog.
Found a couple of condoms here, some came here for action.
San Francisco Metro : Berkeley : University of California - Recreational Sports Facility Submitted: 08/18/18
Category: Cruisy healthclub, College campus
New York : Yonkers : Ardsley Travel Plaza Submitted: 08/15/18
Category: Rest area

Description: Truckers rest here and are looking for action. Just park near the trucks and make eye contact and either walk over or walk into the restroom.
Boston Metro : Boston : Belle Isle Marsh Reservation Submitted: 08/15/18
Category: Cruisy park , trails

Description: Lots of guys all times of day looking to hook up in spots a little off the main paths. Just be careful not to be seen by the regular visitors.
Illinois : Rochelle : Petro Rochelle Truck Stop Submitted: 08/13/18
Category: Cruisy toilet, Cruisy park, toilet, Cruisy parking lot, Mixed ages, Mixed gay, straight, bi , Truck stop
Dallas - Fort Worth Metro : Dallas : Xposed Adult Theater and Megastore Submitted: 08/06/18
Category: Adult store with arcade, theatre
New Mexico : Las Cruces : Walmart Supercenter Submitted: 08/06/18
Category: Cruisy toilet, Mixed ages, Mostly straight/bi

Description: Very nice action at the john in the back of the store. Store opens 24 hours. Best times late night and early morning. Crowd is mostly straight/bi men looking for a quick blowjob. All actions underneath stalls.
Michigan : Rogers City : Calcite Lookout - Quarry View Roadside Park Submitted: 08/05/18
Category: Cruisy parking lot, Scenic overlook, Mostly straight/bi

Description: Been here three or four times now whenever I'm in Rogers City and every time had some young guys looking for fun. One guy had I swear a 10-inch cock. Another time one guy was coming home from work and walked up to my window and asked for cigarette, which I don't smoke, then said he needed to suck on something and wondered if he could suck me. You know the rest of the story.
Spain : Seville : Aeropuerto de Sevilla - Seville Airport Submitted: 08/02/18
Category: Cruisy toilet

Description: Rest rooms are quite active, especially rest room next to Burger King. There's a guy who works at the airport who loves to suck cock. Stalls are pretty private. Got my cock sucked before flying back to the States last week.
Pennsylvania : Clearfeild : Clearfield County Fair & Park Submitted: 07/31/18
Category: Cruisy toilet, Cruisy park, toilet, Men for hire, Younger crowd, Mostly gay

Description: Bathrooms in the fairgrounds are full of guys looking to be used. Duct tape on the pant leg means he's been here and wants to be fucked.
Virginia : Leesburg : Two Creeks Trail Area Submitted: 07/28/18
Category: Cruisy park, Nude sun bathing and cruisy woods , trails

Description: 100% safe. A little overgrown but so private no need to walk far into park. Off bike trail. Requires half-mile walk. Just wear shorts, no underpants. Drop shorts, in and out in fifteen minutes.
Virginia : Annandale : Fitzhugh Park Submitted: 07/27/18
Category: Cruisy park

Description: Although the weather has not been very cooperative at all lately, over the past two years I've lived near this park, I've managed to find quite a few guys who are out wandering the park late. Most times it doesn't take much to hook with them in the playground area. No restroom or storage areas, just a dense wood park with a lot of dark areas where we can get naked and fuck.
San Diego Metro : Jacumba Hot Springs : DeAnza Springs Resort Submitted: 07/25/18
Category: Sauna with covert action, Spa with covert action, Cruisy campground, Guesthouse/inn/hotel, Nude sun bathing and cruisy woods, Cruise bar, Mixed ages, Mixed gay, straight, bi , trails

Description: Nudist resort and Private RV resort. Two huge pools, outdoor spa, fitness center, bar/lounge, restaurant. Rental rooms, RV rentals, camping. All ages. Clothing is optional, and nudity is required in the pools and spa. Lots of discreet gay/bi action here. Always friendly and clean. You will be very glad you visited here.

See also their Twitter feed.
Vermont : Burlington : DoubleTree Hotel Submitted: 07/24/18
Category: Cruisy lobby

Description: If you are staying here, I can come to your room most days to take care of you. PM me.
Florida : Port Charlotte : Jack and Jill Adult Superstore Submitted: 07/18/18
Category: Adult store with arcade

Description: Went in yesterday. Slow, no action, but it was mid-afternoon. Clean and every booth has holes. I'm excited to go back during busier times and check out the action. Must be good with all those holes.
Pennsylvania : Hollidaysburg : Canoe Creek State Park Submitted: 07/17/18
Category: Cruisy toilet, Cruisy park , trails

Description: Good place to suck or get sucked. Side of lake across from beach by restroom. Usually after 9 pm or later.
Tampa Bay Metro : Tampa : USF Area Private Gloryhole Submitted: 07/16/18
Category: Private party, Gloryhole

Description: Great setup, private, safe, secure for mainly horny USF dudes looking for a nut.
Ohio : Warren : 900 Pine Club Submitted: 07/15/18
Category: Theatre showing porn, Sexclub, Swinger club

Description: The Club is a brand new state of the art adult theater with play rooms and gloryholes. They only charge $10 for a weekly cruisers pass! Members only.

See event schedule on web site. Also special nights such as Gloryhole Tuesdays.
Mexico : Ciudad Juarez : Cine Dorado Submitted: 07/14/18
Category: Theatre showing porn, Mixed ages, Mostly straight/bi

Description: Only porn cinema in Ciudad Juarez. Quite busy with men of all ages looking for blow jobs. Anal action is mostly in the rest rooms but I've seen occasional fucking at the back rows. Great place if you're into TG's,TV's, or She-males.

Plenty of fat, thick, Mexican uncut dick. All shapes and sizes. Most patrons are men in their 40's to 60's but I've seen plenty of nice young men in their 20's.

My score record is 100%. If you're white and with a fat cut dick men will jump to you. If you're into fat uncut Latinos, it's the best place in Juarez.

It's important to mention that the movie theater is located in a very safe area of the city. The trolley bus line crosses in front with a nearby station. A police station is also close by as well as a City Mediation Tribunal.

There's plenty of parking space in front of the theater as well as nearby on Calle Abraham Gonzalez.
New Jersey : Freehold : iPlay America Submitted: 07/13/18
Category: Cruisy toilet near carousel

Description: There's a bathroom at the back of the theme park near the carousel where I've been able to get some action. Mostly needs to be combined with using Grindr. I think it's got a lot of gay guys on staff but there's hot younger guys here looking pretty often. I've been able to get it on in the private restroom a couple times. Be careful though.
New York City Metro : Bronx : Lehman College - Davis Hall Submitted: 07/13/18
Category: Cruisy toilet in the basement

Description: At Davis Hall the basement restroom is a better place than Gillet. There are stalls behind a wall of urinals and you can get yourself together before any one catches you. I have sucked some college dick there.
Detroit Metro : Lincoln Park : Council Point Park Submitted: 07/10/18
Category: Cruisy toilet, Cruisy park, Cruisy park, toilet, Cruisy parking lot, Cruisy parking lot and nearby woods, Cruisy car park

Description: A lot of action here.
San Francisco Metro : Corte Madera : Corte Madera Marsh State Park Submitted: 07/08/18
Category: Cruisy parking lot and nearby woods

Description: Easy on/off 101. Look for the Cost Plus and drive behind it. Area is between building walls and tall bushes. Had some good hookups here via Craigslist, this area needs to open up to a bigger audience.

There are dog walkers parking here too, but usually go out onto the marsh.
El Paso Metro : El Paso : Foxy Nightclub El Paso Submitted: 07/07/18
Category: Cruisy parking lot, Street cruising, Mixed ages, Mixed gay, straight, bi

Description: The action is at the parking lot. Behind the adjacent buildings with plenty of cruising along Acer Ave. from Viscount Blvd. to McRae Blvd. Just follow the cars and park along the multiple apartment complexes on Acer. They will usually make a right on the side streets. It's mostly car sex.

Many single men, gay professionals, and plenty of military men live on those complexe due to proximity to Ft. Bliss.

Action is past midnight and goes to pretty late at night.
Pennsylvania : Northampton : Wayne A. Grube Memorial Park Submitted: 07/06/18
Category: Cruisy park, toilet , trails
North Carolina : Marshall : Mars Hill Private Gloryhole Submitted: 07/06/18
Category: Private party, Gloryhole

Description: Perfect for Str8, Married, Bi, DL and discreet guys or any attractive horny guy that just needs an anonymous, no strings attached, no questions asked throat to cum down and go.

It's a private gloryhole where a good-looking guy wears a mask with a hole where the mouth is and waits mouth open to suck dick and swallow cum loads anytime 24/7. Just text him with your ETA and he will leave the door partially open and put mask on and be mouth open so you can just walk in and put your dick in his mouth and feed him your load and go.

Bring buddies and feed him load after load then head out. He never sees your face, but wants you in decent shape and nice dicks to use him like an anonymous Fleshlight and never waste a cum load again.

CFS normally doesn't publish phone numbers for private gloryholes on the Sex Listings, but I'll make an exception here. It's best to register as a CFS Member and keep your phone number on your Profile page. ~ Editor
Iowa : Marion : Thomas Park Submitted: 07/03/18
Category: Cruisy park

Description: Went by last night and found two guys fucking. Walked up and joined in.
Detroit Metro : Harrison Township : William Tucker County Park Submitted: 07/02/18
Category: Cruisy toilet

Description: This page is added with a Heads Up alert. Restroom is being watched.
Portugal : Lisbon : Trombeta Bath Submitted: 07/02/18
Category: Bathhouse with full facilities

Description: Also on Facebook
Indiana : Columbus : Kohl's Submitted: 07/02/18
Category: Cruisy toilet

Description: Usually pretty quiet during the weekdays, can lead to a peaceful cruise encounter. Stall farthest from the door is big enough to fit two comfortably.
Miami Metro : Miami Beach : Hotel Gaythering Submitted: 06/30/18
Category: Guesthouse/inn/hotel

Description: Described as a "friendly gay hotel" as opposed to a "gay-friendly hotel," this hotel has 23 rooms, a clothing-optional sauna, jacuzzi, changing rooms, aromatherapy showers, and lockers. Free shuttle to clothing-optional Haulover Beach.

Also see their Facebook page.