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Recently Added Places

This page shows the fifty places most recently added to the Sex Listings.

El Paso Metro : El Paso : The Retreat Apartments Submitted: 05/23/18
Category: Cruisy parking lot behind tennis courts

Description: The dark parking lot next to the tennis courts is always full of action. There is one guy in a truck that is always there very late and will suck you off if you walk up naked. Those were his requirements from other sex sites.

I revised your wording to make it a little less specific about his vehicle, etc. CFS does not publish potentially identifying information about cruisers on the Sex Listings. ~ Editor
New Jersey : Woodbridge : Private Gloryhole - Open Some Weekends Submitted: 05/22/18
Category: Private party, Gloryhole, Younger crowd, Mostly straight/bi, Mixed gay, straight, bi

Description: Gloryhole open for Str8 DL 18 y/o to 29 y/o

Gloryhole open at my clean, safe, discreet location with young mouth on the other end. Walk in, unzip, put your cock in the hole, get sucked, swallowed, and possibly using your cock for anal (if you want to top with condom only.) Must be HIV Negative, STD-free.

Send age, cock pic, stats for gloryhole location. All ethnicities are welcome. Less then two miles from Menlo Woodbridge mall.
California : Napa : Napa Valley Marriott Submitted: 05/22/18
Category: Cruisy toilet near conference rooms

Description: The restrooms by the conference rooms in the back of the hotel near the Vintners Room. Stalls have ceiling doors but the partition in-between is high and have space for understall play.
New York City Metro : Queens : Cruisy Public Toilet in Long Island City Submitted: 05/20/18
Category: Cruisy toilet, Cruisy cottage, Cruisy park, Mostly straight/bi, Mixed gay, straight, bi

Description: There's a public toilet in the north side of the building at 4610 Center Blvd. for the Park. It's located off the sidewalk between Center Blvd. and the waterfront park. The men's toilet is cruisy. I've been fucked against the urninals and sucked several cocks there. Everything from hot bi/"straight" guys from the neighborhood to cab drivers and livery drivers come by. Be discreet and don’t ruin this spot.
Massachusetts : Springfield : Sears Eastfield Mall Submitted: 05/19/18
Category: Cruisy toilet

Description: Very cruisy bathroom downstairs. I've been sucked and jerked off there quite a few times in the few last years. Some dudes like to wait in the stalls for some understall action. Others like to stand at the urinals and wait. Ages vary. I've seen as young as 20 and as old as 50. Not real trolly. Just act like a shopper and don't be creepy.
Phoenix Metro : Phoenix : Fry's Marketplace Submitted: 05/15/18
Category: Cruisy toilet

Description: Mens room at front of store can have good opportunties in two adjoining stalls.
Phoenix Metro : Phoenix : Lowe's Home Improvement Submitted: 05/15/18
Category: Cruisy toilet

Description: Busy restroom at rear of store, Stalls placed far back.
Texas : Mineola : Lake Holbrook Submitted: 05/14/18
Category: Cruisy park, toilet

Description: Great location for outdoor fun after dark or in the restroom. Best time is 7 - 10 pm.
Charlotte Metro : Charlotte : Eros Men's Spa Submitted: 05/08/18
Category: Bathhouse with limited facilities , Traditional spa, Mostly gay

Description: From their web site and Facebook page, Eros offers some traditional spa/sauna amenities (Clay Room, Salt Room, Cold Room, etc.) combined with a certain bathhouse atmosphere.
Nevada : Sparks : Cottonwood Park Submitted: 05/08/18
Category: Cruisy park , trails

Description: There is park on Spice Island and it's sometimes full of hot guys. Best time around 11:30 each day of the week.
El Paso Metro : El Paso : Blackie Chesher Park Submitted: 04/29/18
Category: Cruisy toilet, Cruisy park, Cruisy park, toilet, Cruisy parking lot, Mixed ages, Mixed gay, straight, bi , trails

Description: Sizable park featuring a cruisy john, busy parking lot, and trails to have fun.
Sydney Metro : St. Ives : St. Ives Showground Submitted: 04/29/18
Category: Cruisy toilet, Cruisy park, Cruisy park, toilet, Mostly gay

Description: Toilet blocks are located towards the back right, and they are open with lights 24/7. It's easy to pull off Mona Vale Rd. into the showground.
Cleveland Metro : Westlake : West Shore YMCA Submitted: 04/28/18
Category: Cruisy healthclub

Description: This Y has been around for a long time. Looking for some male to male action. The sauna and steam room are both for separate genders. The light in the sauna in the guys' locker room can be turned off and would be perfect for some touch, feel, mutual j/o, etc. Very quiet most of the time.
Virginia : Clifton : Bull Run Marina Regional Park Submitted: 04/28/18
Category: Cruisy park, Cruisy parking lot and nearby woods

Description: Arranged to meet up and sucked a couple here. Found 'signs' of some activity from others. Get well off the trails, rangers sometimes roll through the parking lot. All sorts come here including some on horses, families, hikers, etc.
Knoxville Metro : Lenoir City : Lenoir City Dam / Fort Loudon Dam Submitted: 04/27/18
Category: Cruisy toilet, Cruisy park, Cruisy park, toilet, Cruisy beach and nearby woods , trails

Description: A lot of horny guys there. I have sucked off three guys in the bathroom. Walking the trail up the road is good place to suck too.
Lawton : Lawton : Private Gloryhole Submitted: 04/15/18
Category: Private party

Description: My place in my garage. It's dark and discreet. I'll suck you off or you can get sucked and fuck. Text me and I'll give address.

CFS prefers to use either a web address, your CFS Profile Page, or possibly an email address for private gloryholes and parties. Could you please provide one of these contact methods? Thanks! ~ Editor
Fort Lauderdale Metro : Fort Lauderdale : The Grand Resort and Spa Submitted: 04/14/18
Category: Guesthouse/inn/hotel

Description: Gay-owned small all-inclusive resort with spa and fitness center. Occasional clothing-optional "Naked Weekends."
San Francisco Metro : San Francisco : Noe Valley Private Gloryhole S.F. CA Submitted: 04/12/18
Category: Private party

Description: Safe, clean, discreet private gloryhole service available for straight or bi DL studs between 18 and 45. Custom built plywood gloryhole finished and painted with overhead grab bar. iPad playing porn.

Totally anonymous. No one sees you coming or going. Step up to the hole and receive some deep slow and sensuous deep throat head. Bust a nut and bounce. No strings attached. Clean bathroom available for use and clean up.
Florida : Saint Augustine : Moses Creek Conservation Area Submitted: 04/12/18
Category: Cruisy park , trails

Description: Large conservation park with woods, marshes, streams, and cruisy trails.
Chicago Metro : Des Plaines : Lattof YMCA of Metro Chicago Submitted: 04/11/18
Category: Cruisy healthclub, Mixed ages

Description: The locker room here is a good place to cruise.
Florida : Satellite Beach : Pineda Beach Park Submitted: 04/10/18
Category: Cruisy beach, Nude sun bathing and cruisy beach

Description: Walk the beach northbound and from the park entrance and it's free game.
Phoenix Metro : Phoenix : Nate's Pad Submitted: 04/09/18
Category: Private party

Description: Virgin bottom hosting at private apartment. Looking for bareback tops only, between the ages of 44-58.
Palm Beach County Metro : West Palm Beach : Adult Video & Novelty Submitted: 04/06/18
Category: Adult store, arcade status unknown
Miami Metro : Cutler Bay : Quail Roost Adult Video Submitted: 04/05/18
Category: Adult store with arcade
North Carolina : Seagrove : Randolph County Visitor Center Submitted: 04/05/18
Category: Rest area

Description: Curently shown on Google as Seagrove Welcome Center.
Spain : Torremolinos : Querell Cruising Club Submitted: 04/04/18
Category: Cruise bar with dark room , play area

Description: Many theme events, especially for the leather/fetish community. See multilingual web site for details.
Spain : Torremolinos : Men's Bar Submitted: 04/04/18
Category: Cruise bar with dark room , play area

Description: Leather/fetish guys, bears, and mature men like this place. It has an underground play area, darkroom, and video room.
Spain : Torremolinos : Free-Eagle Submitted: 04/04/18
Category: Cruise bar with dark room , play area, cabins

Description: Take your shirt off to enter. Cruise bar for bears and their admirers. Regular leather/fetish theme events, hardcore activities, and happy hour.

Facilities include private cabins, play area, sling, massage and shower rooms.
Spain : Torremolinos : Playa de Guadalmar Submitted: 04/04/18
Category: Nude sun bathing and cruisy beach

Description: A mixed nude and cruising beach outside Torremolinos towards Málaga. Cruising in the dunes. There is little development here and the beach is secluded.
Oregon : Oakland : Pilot Travel Center - Rice Hill Submitted: 04/04/18
Category: Cruisy toilet, Cruisy parking lot
Alabama : Prattville : Cooters Pond Park Submitted: 04/02/18
Category: Cruisy park
Florida : Fort Lauderdale : Broward Private Gloryhole Submitted: 04/02/18
Category: Private party, Gloryhole, Younger crowd, Mixed gay, straight, bi

Description: Private anonymous discreet gloryhole in private home for guys under 30 only.
Canary Islands : San Cristóbal de La Laguna : Mesa Mota Submitted: 04/01/18
Category: Cruisy park

Description: Woods with cruising in bushes. Park up and wander around the bushes and trees, all ages available.

Plenty going on during the day and evening.
Park closed from 9 pm but can still cruise at night around the road barrier.
Missouri : Festus : Ludwig Wildlife Area Submitted: 03/27/18
Category: Cruisy parking lot and nearby woods

Description: Isolated park between Festus and West City Park, It has little traffic, a restroom, and wooded area.
Ohio : Lebanon : Colonial Park Submitted: 03/27/18
Category: Cruisy park, Cruisy parking lot and nearby woods , trails

Description: Big park with ball fields and also trails in the woods with a bridge over the creek. Park on New, N. Cherry or N. East after dark and go in from the trail entrance behind the post office. Cops look for cars parked after dark but don't leave their cruisers. Stay on the trails in the wooded area.
London Metro : Lambeth : Bloc South Submitted: 03/27/18
Category: Cruise bar with dark room, Cruise bar

Description: London late night men-only venue, home to BRÜT, Fitladz, JOXXX, Man Up, Hard On, RUT, and a Monday - Thursday nightly cruise bar, The Bloc. Three play zone areas.
New Orleans Metro : New Orleans : Paradise Adult Video Submitted: 03/26/18
Category: Adult store with arcade

Description: This store was here for a while with preview room only. They just installed a new arcade system and put a door up separating the arcade area from the rest of the store.
California : Santa Rosa : Juilliard Park Submitted: 03/24/18
Category: Cruisy park, Cruisy layby, Street cruising, Mixed ages, Mixed gay, straight, bi

Description: Park on the South A St. side in downtown Santa Rosa. Cruising happens at night inside the park under the Redwoods or in the center drinking fountain area on the South A Street side. Cruisers also sit in parked cars along the street fronting the park.

Walk up towards Santa Rosa Creek and cruisers cruise along the Prince Memorial Greenway on the dark side closest to the park (versus the other side closer to the mall). Hit or miss but I've had a lot of fun here as recently as October 2017. Of counse, weather permitting.
Sweden : Gothenburg : Wandas Submitted: 03/11/18
Category: Swinger club, Strip club , Cruising area on 2nd floor

Description: Strip club with gay cruising area on the second floor including video booths. Also has swinger club and dungeon.
Dallas/Fort Worth Metro : Fort Worth : Gateway Park Submitted: 03/05/18
Category: Cruisy park

Description: This listing is added with a Heads Up alert due to repeated arrests over the years.

Tampa Bay Metro : Dover : Sydney Dover Trails Submitted: 03/05/18
Category: Cruisy park , trails

Description: It's a path around a lake and loads of wooded areas. This listing is added with a Heads Up alert due to multiple arrests since September, 2017.
Los Angeles Metro : Santa Monica : 24 Hour Fitness Santa Monica Super-Sport Gym Submitted: 03/05/18
Category: Cruisy healthclub, Younger crowd, Mostly straight/bi

Description: Although the 24 Hour Fitness off the Promenade might be more popular, the other more inland is actually open 24 hours. The best times are late nights to early mornings. Most of the cruising happens in the indoor lap pool, sauna, and steam room.
New Orleans Metro : Metairie : Planet Fitness Submitted: 03/04/18
Category: Cruisy healthclub

Description: Late nights. If you need a throat or hole to unload into, come late night and walk into the locker room a few times. You'll unload soon.
New York City Metro : New York : Nordstrom Rack Union Square Submitted: 02/26/18
Category: Cruisy toilet, Mixed gay, straight, bi

Description: Clothing store with cruisy restroom in the back. One stall and one urinal. Go downstairs and make a right until you reach the men's section and you will see a a restroom sign. Usually just wait in stall for guys to come to urinal and see how it goes.
Illinois : Morris : Three Rivers Rest Area Westbound Submitted: 02/26/18
Category: Rest area
Illinois : Morris : Three Rivers Rest Area Eastbound Submitted: 02/26/18
Category: Rest area
Honolulu Metro : Waikiki : San Souci Beach Submitted: 02/22/18
Category: Cruisy beach

Description: Just beyond the Waikiki Aquarium and the Natatorium. More guys, and much younger, than Queen's Beach. A better place to go, not just for cruising, but overall eye candy. Also, the swimming is better than Queen's Beach as well.
Brazil : Fortaleza : Rommeo Single Hotel Sauna Submitted: 02/14/18
Category: Bathhouse with full facilities, Dance club with dark room

Description: Promoted as the largest sauna in Brazil's north and northeast, it includes single rooms, suites, cabins, steam room, dry sauna, darkroom, cinemas, booths, and a nightclub with go-go boys.
Brazil : Fortaleza : Cine Encontro Submitted: 02/14/18
Category: Theatre showing porn

Description: Fairly run down. Two stories with several rooms. Some rent boys can be found.
Brazil : Fortaleza : Autorama Cruising Bar Submitted: 02/14/18
Category: Cruise bar, Men for hire

Description: Two stories with several rooms, some rent boys.