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Recently Added Places

This page shows the fifty places most recently added to the Sex Listings.

North Carolina : Roanoke Rapids : Thelma Boat Ramp & Fishing Area Submitted: 08/21/19
Category: Cruisy parking lot, Cruisy parking lot and nearby woods, Mixed ages

Description: Seems to be a very cruisy area. Have actually seen sexual activity here including oral sex and masturbation.
(Published or Edited 08/21/19)
El Paso Metro : El Paso : Cielo Vista Mall Submitted: 08/20/19
Category: Cruisy toilet in Macy's on the second floor

Description: Great spot for cruising. Go into one of the stalls, start stroking, and eventually someone else will too. If they don't respond to your hand under the stall don't insist. It would be really great if someone could drill some holes into the stalls so you can peek and watch all the cock that goes in. A lot of traffic! Gloryhole much needed. Usually weekends are the best time Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.
(Published or Edited 08/21/19)
Dallas - Fort Worth Metro : Mansfield : Elmer Oliver Nature Park Submitted: 08/20/19
Category: Cruisy park, Cruisy park, toilet, Cruisy parking lot and nearby woods , trails

Description: Lots of trails to get lost on. One restroom up front, one towards back of park. Hidden benches everywhere.
(Published or Edited 08/21/19)
City of Westminster : London : Soho Public Toilets Submitted: 08/17/19
Category: Cruisy toilet, Cruisy cottage

Description: Toilets at Berwick Street Market, Broadwick Street, and Great Marlborough Street are known cottaging locations.
(Published or Edited 08/19/19)
Wisconsin : Van Dyne : Xcite Submitted: 08/15/19
Category: Adult store with arcade

Description: Has video booths but sales people unfriendly. Found booth doors open with person in. Would enjoy more feedback from others.
(Published or Edited 08/15/19)
Washington : Port Orchard : Veterans Memorial Park Submitted: 08/14/19
Category: Cruisy park, Cruisy park, toilet

Description: This is a very cruisy park. Bathrooms at the north end are hot!
(Published or Edited 08/15/19)
Montgomery : Montgomery : Powder Magazine Park Submitted: 08/13/19
Category: Cruisy park

Description: Very cruisy.Young, older, white, black, Latino. Close to the river with some wooded area. Picnic tables that are somewhat private.
(Published or Edited 08/13/19)
El Paso Metro : El Paso : Chilo's Wok Restaurant Submitted: 08/12/19
Category: Cruisy parking lot, Mostly straight/bi

Description: This Chinese restaurant is closed. The action is in the back alley literally from sunset to sunrise. Mostly military men from the apartment complex across the street. Men that go to the laundromat nearby to do their laundry and cocksuckers like me that use gay apps to hook with men.
(Published or Edited 08/13/19)
Dallas - Fort Worth Metro : Dallas : Private Gloryhole in Downtown Dallas Submitted: 08/08/19
Category: Private party, Gloryhole, Mostly straight/bi

Description: Servicing clean/showered white men In downtown Dallas. Married/straight or hung guys a plus. Kik RealGloryhole for faster response.
(Published or Edited 08/09/19)
Puerto Rico : Rio Piedras : Parque Lineal Adolfo Dones Submitted: 08/06/19
Category: Cruisy park, toilet, Cruisy beach and nearby woods, Cruisy parking lot, Rest area, Cruisy platform, Mixed ages, Mostly straight/bi, Mixed gay, straight, bi

Description: The perfect spot for cruising and having sex without being bothered. Park, go to the boardwalk, and take your men to the bushes or rest rooms. Since the action is 24/7 your car can also serve as your cocksucking place. The location is ideal. Across the upscale Mall of San Juan.
(Published or Edited 08/06/19)
Puerto Rico : San Juan : Parque del Tercer Milenio - Balneario Escambrón Submitted: 08/02/19
Category: Cruisy park, toilet, Cruisy beach, Cruisy parking lot, Mixed ages, Mixed gay, straight, bi

Description: Beach in San Juan, Puerto Rico, also knows as Balneario del Escambrón. It's across Parque Munoz Rivera. Action is at the far end heading east behind the bushes at an abandoned restaurant that is no longer in operations. The mens bathroom is very cruisy. Just stand at the urinals and action is to follow. Noted mostly mature men. The parking lot is cruisy after dark.
(Published or Edited 08/05/19)
New Hampshire : Bradford : Bradford Pines Natural Area Submitted: 08/02/19
Category: Cruisy parking lot and nearby woods

Description: Small pull off/parking area. Large sign indicates trailhead to the right. Trail leads to very covered wooded area with many side trails. Trail is 1/4 mile to a small river with lots of spots to connect and still be able to see approaching people.
(Published or Edited 08/02/19)
Singapore : Singapore : Cruise Club Submitted: 08/01/19
Category: Bathhouse with full facilities

Description: See also the club's [url=]Facebook page[/url] for updates.
(Published or Edited 08/02/19)
Puerto Rico : Ponce : School of Medicine Ponce Submitted: 07/31/19
Category: Cruisy vacant lot, Street cruising, Men for hire, Mostly straight/bi

Description: Just before you get into the campus of the School of Medicine there is a small street that go to the end. It's just before you enter the school. The name is Zona Industrial Reparada. The hottest spot in Ponce. Action all day and all night. You can find men for hire but the main crowd is straight and bi men looking for action with masculine cocksuckers. Lots of bareback. Busiest is after dark until 2-3 AM. I always check at lunch time and it's wild.
(Published or Edited 07/31/19)
Puerto Rico : Ponce : Catholic University of Puerto Rico Submitted: 07/31/19
Category: Cruisy toilet, Cruisy parking lot, Street cruising, College campus, Younger crowd, Mixed gay, straight, bi

Description: The place is very discreet but students, faculty, and staff are always willing to give head. I just started teaching as a visiting professor. First day using a gay app I started fucking guys.
(Published or Edited 07/31/19)
Puerto Rico : Ponce : La Guancha - Playa Ponce Submitted: 07/31/19
Category: Cruisy toilet, Cruisy park, Cruisy beach, Cruisy parking lot, Men for hire, Mixed gay, straight, bi

Description: The Complejo Recreativo y Cultural La Guancha is a recreational complex in barrio Playa. The place opens 24/7. Action is best after dark along the boardwalk. Cars will park and the guys will open their door. Just get close and they will suck your dick. If they are outside standing behind their car very likely they want to get fucked. I've seen all kind of sex from oral, anal, hand, ass rimming, and docking.
(Published or Edited 07/31/19)
Montreal Metro : Montreal : Hôtel Ste-Catherine Submitted: 07/26/19
Category: Motel with some action
(Published or Edited 07/29/19)
North Carolina : Jacksonville : Motel 6 Submitted: 07/24/19
Category: Motel with bathhouse-type action, Motel with some action

Description: Hot spot for pickups, lots of action. Best side to stay is over looking the pool. Was here in June. It was better than a bathhouse.
(Published or Edited 07/25/19)
Fort Lauderdale Metro : Fort Lauderdale : Pineapple Point Submitted: 07/23/19
Category: Guesthouse/inn/hotel, Mostly gay

Description: Clothing optional, all male guest house. The grounds are beautiful, service great but a little off the beaten path. It's not super cruisy but single guys can still find someone to hook up with, or couples find a third or fourth.
(Published or Edited 07/24/19)
San Francisco Metro : Richmond : Point Molate Beach Park Submitted: 07/23/19
Category: Cruisy beach and nearby woods, Cruisy parking lot and nearby woods

Description: The little known beach, park, and parking lot of Point Molate Beach park is a hidden gem! Located about 1 mile from the Point Molate offramp from Westbound 580, right before toll plaza on right lane. Parking lot can be cruisy at lunchtime or afternoons. There are some nice trails along the waterfront.
(Published or Edited 07/24/19)
Indiana : Anderson : Harrah's Hoosier Park Racing & Casino Submitted: 07/17/19
Category: Cruisy casino

Description: High traffic area with lots of men looking for sex.
(Published or Edited 07/18/19)
Michigan : Saginaw : Deja Vu Submitted: 07/17/19
Category: Adult store with arcade, theatre, Dance club, Strip club, Female strippers

Description: This is a strip club and also has two theaters and booths.
(Published or Edited 07/17/19)
Tampa Bay Metro : New Port Richey : Texaco Submitted: 07/17/19
Category: Cruisy toilet

Description: The gay cashier doesn't mind. I flashed him one time and he seemed to like it. Cameras don't face behind the building or down the hallway to the bathroom.
(Published or Edited 07/17/19)
London Metro : London : Virgin Active Barbican Health Club Submitted: 07/03/19
Category: Spa with covert action, Cruisy healthclub, Cruisy college locker room, Mixed gay, straight, bi Mon - Fri: 6 am - 10 pm; Sat - Sun: 6 am - 8 pm

Description: The steam room in the mens-only area locker room is heaving with cock and action! Come and suck and get sucked off! Hot as hell!
(Published or Edited 07/04/19)
Phoenix Metro : Glendale : Phoenix Fitness Submitted: 06/30/19
Category: Cruisy healthclub

Description: New gym in Glendale. Perfect dark sauna and open shower setup. I've already had some fun here after my workout.
(Published or Edited 07/02/19)
Texas : Olmito : Texxx Adult Video Submitted: 06/29/19
Category: Adult store with arcade, theatre
(Published or Edited 07/02/19)
Boston Metro : Salem : Salem State University Area Submitted: 06/29/19
Category: Street cruising, College campus

Description: This listing is added with a [color=#ff0000][b]Heads Up[/b][/color] alert.
(Published or Edited 07/01/19)
Mexico : Mazatlan : Parque Bosque Rotario Allan Kuechle Submitted: 06/29/19
Category: Cruisy park, Cruisy parking lot, Cruisy parking lot and nearby woods, Mixed ages, Mostly straight/bi , trails

Description: Action is in the bushes and nearby woods. Along the trails, great place to get fucked and suck dick along the canal. Trails are better known as condom alleys. Very popular among married men and taxi drivers. Delivery guys on their motorcycles go for a quick relief. Most men who go are straight and bi. Very few feminine. Please go only during the daytime. At night very popular among thugs. During the day lots of traffic make it safer.
(Published or Edited 07/01/19)
New York : Endicott : Roundtop Picnic Area Submitted: 06/28/19
Category: Cruisy toilet, Cruisy park, Cruisy park, toilet, Cruisy parking lot, Cruisy parking lot and nearby woods, Scenic overlook

Description: Small, isolated, little used park with trails and bathroom building. Perfect cruising spot if guys don't get too overt, it's a small park.
(Published or Edited 06/28/19)
Thailand : Thailand : JJ Market Minburi - Chatuchak Weekend Market Submitted: 06/26/19
Category: Cruisy toilet

Description: JJ Market Minburi has three toilets. The toilet had a big hole. You can visit and see it best hours morning until 9 pm.
(Published or Edited 06/26/19)
Denver Metro : Aurora : Mon Chalet Submitted: 06/25/19
Category: Motel with bathhouse-type action, Motel with some action

Description: Mon Chalet is an adult lifestyle resort, where couples and/or singles can enjoy a wide variety of rooms with amenities to accommodate, not only your wildest desires, but also, your budget. For guests seeking to interact with others, they have a clothing optional pool area offering a unique opportunity to enjoy a swim, or unwind by soaking in a hot tub. Naked or in a swimsuit, the choice of attire is up to you. Indoors, heated and totally enclosed, the pool and hot tub area is great for meeting new friends, or relaxing in one of our two large hot tubs. In addition, we offer a limited number of swimming passes that allow couples or singles to enter our clothing optional pool area, and enjoy the atmosphere.
(Published or Edited 06/26/19)
Delaware : New Castle : Planet Fitness Submitted: 06/24/19
Category: Cruisy healthclub, Mixed ages, Mixed gay, straight, bi

Description: Men masturbate to each other in shower. Can watch from dressing rooms. I got a nice blow job from a cute young guy who was ripped.
(Published or Edited 06/25/19)
Ohio : Marion : Exterior Entrance Private Basement Submitted: 06/22/19
Category: Sexclub, Swinger club, Private party, After hours, Gloryhole, Mostly gay

Description: I have a private basement for the use of guys in my area. You can contact me through this site.
(Published or Edited 06/24/19)
Seattle Metro : Seattle : Rain City Jacks Submitted: 06/20/19
Category: Private party

Description: J/O club operating since 2005.
(Published or Edited 06/21/19)
Mexico : Mazatlán : Soriana Insurgentes Submitted: 06/20/19
Category: Cruisy toilet, Cruisy parking lot

Description: Cruisy toilet action all day long from 6 am - 11 am. Very busy around noon and between 7 pm - 9 pm.
(Published or Edited 06/21/19)
Mexico : Mazatlan : Baja Ferries Terminal Submitted: 06/20/19
Category: Cruisy toilet, Cruisy parking lot, Mostly straight/bi

Description: The action is at the men's room of the main terminal building. It's on the first level underneath the stairs. It's a cruising point among taxi drivers, pulmonero drivers (white cars), aurigueros (red trucks) and now the Uber men go to get some action. Best days are when ferries are in port, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays. They open the gate at 6 am and close around 6 pm. Once the ferry docks there is action all day long.
(Published or Edited 06/20/19)
Connecticut : Hamden : Hamden Public Library Submitted: 06/17/19
Category: Cruisy toilet

Description: The bathroom is quiet, not busy, and you can't see the stalls when you walk in. The bottom of the wall separator is high.
(Published or Edited 06/18/19)
Mexico : Mazatlan : Lolly Pop Submitted: 06/17/19
Category: Cruisy toilet, Cruisy parking lot, Street cruising, Dance club, Drag club, Escort hangout, Strip club, Male strippers, Men for hire, Mixed ages, Mixed gay, straight, bi

Description: The place for action is Lolly. Fabulous disco. Men of all ages, and cock sizes. You can easily suck a cock or get fucked in the rest room, the parking lot of the premises. Lots of bareback action.
(Published or Edited 06/18/19)
Boston Metro : Watertown : Boston Sports Club Watertown Submitted: 06/16/19
Category: Sauna with covert action, Cruisy healthclub
(Published or Edited 06/17/19)
Detroit Metro : Leonard : Addison Oaks County Park Submitted: 06/15/19
Category: Cruisy campground, Cruisy park, toilet, Gloryhole , trails

Description: Public bathroom with gloryhole in stalls. Low activity mid-day and mid-week.
(Published or Edited 06/17/19)
Salt Lake City Metro : Midvale : Jordan River Parkway - Midvale Submitted: 06/14/19
Category: Cruisy parking lot and nearby woods , trails

Description: Walk a hundred yards past the gate. A dirt trail goes north to some nice secluded woodsy areas. Perfect for some fun. Early mornings around 7:15 weekdays.
(Published or Edited 06/15/19)
New York City Metro : Queens : Queens Center Mall Submitted: 06/12/19
Category: Cruisy toilet on third floor across from American Eagle

Description: There is no door at the entry of the room but the urinals and stalls are around the corner from the entrance. Enter a stall and you can see into the next stall from the wall reflective tile.
(Published or Edited 06/13/19)
South Carolina : Little River : LifeQuest Swim & Fitness Submitted: 06/11/19
Category: Spa with covert action

Description: Mutual male masturbation in showers.
(Published or Edited 06/12/19)
Boston Metro : Saugus : LA Fitness Submitted: 06/09/19
Category: Cruisy healthclub

Description: Guys cruise the showers and sauna. I gave head to one of the trainers in his office.
(Published or Edited 06/10/19)
Michigan : Ann Arbor : Ann Arbor District Library Downtown Submitted: 06/02/19
Category: Cruisy toilet on the second floor

Description: Use the second floor mens bathroom. Early afternoon is probably the best time.
(Published or Edited 06/03/19)
New York City Metro : Manhattan : Westside Private Gloryhole Submitted: 05/30/19
Category: Private party

Description: Private gloryhole in Westside apartment near DeWitt Clinton Park. Every drop swallowed. Contact on kik bloodytomahawk.
(Published or Edited 05/30/19)
Kansas : Coffeyville : Street Cruising Downtown Submitted: 05/29/19
Category: Cruisy vacant lot, Street cruising, Older crowd, Mixed ages, Mostly gay

Description: Right near the fountain area in Coffeyville there is a nice spot between the buildings for blow jobs and outdoor fucking, discreet and private. Hot place to get a blowjob or doggie-style against the wall.
(Published or Edited 05/30/19)
San Jose Metro : Cupertino : De Anza College - Student & Community Services Building Submitted: 05/29/19
Category: Cruisy toilet
(Published or Edited 05/29/19)
Boston Metro : Waltham : Street Cruising at Summer and Pleasant Streets Submitted: 05/28/19
Category: Street cruising, Male strippers, Men for hire, Mixed ages, Mostly straight/bi

Description: A guy or guys are usually there late night. They will flash you, jerk off in window, and come out and blow you in the car if you're discrete. Park at end of Pleasant St. with your parking lights on. When you see him or them, they will walk out to your car and suck you. No questions no conversations.
(Published or Edited 05/29/19)
Pennsylvania : Port Treverton : Adult Playground Submitted: 05/27/19
Category: Adult store with arcade, theatre

Description: Opened early May. Theater with three movies. Some curiosity with mostly guys. Other things are planned for the evening hours.
(Published or Edited 05/28/19)