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Paris Metro : Paris : Bunker : Review: Feb 14 2019 by PrEParedToCruise
Sunday afternoon/evening is the best time to go! It's even busier than the naked night on Tuesday. The number of men I fucked in one visit is ridiculous! lol Condoms and lube provided though I noticed most went natural (including me).

Black tops: you will be in for it. Those guys love black dick and many would just grab my raw dick and start trying to shove it in their holes. lol Definitely not a place for inhibited guys. Have fun!
Published or Edited on 02/15/19
Virginia : Arlington : Fashion Center : Review: Feb 14 2019 by PrEParedToCruise
This place is active in the evenings during the week. I mean it's possible it's active at other times but I was able to experience it for myself on a Wednesday evening/night. Decent spot.
Published or Edited on 02/15/19
Riverside and San Bernardino Counties Metro : Devore Heights : Kenwood trucker pull-off : Review: Feb 14 2019 by Buffy
Would a sexy feminine petite cock sucking bottom cumslut with a sexy body, tight juicy bubble butt ass, and big soft D-cups get lucky here?
Published or Edited on 02/15/19
Virginia : Alexandria : Home Depot : Review: Feb 14 2019 by PrEParedToCruise
I haven't yet been here but I visited recently towards closing and noticed that there was a puddle of cum on the floor and the classic tissue paper blocking the view from the inside of the stall. I will be back to see if I can catch anything.

Only thing is, the door has been open both times I visited while the women's door was closed, which suggests that the staff are onto something, and the recovery time is negligible.

I'd love to imagine that the staff are into something, but you never know. Please write again after your next visits. ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 02/15/19
Washington Metro : Washington : Macy's : Review: Feb 14 2019 by PrEParedToCruise
Update: Just visited this place today and it's still very active. In fact, it may be a little too active. It's a small bathroom with only two stalls and no recovery time given the setup. Most of the men in there are cruising but it can be so crowded in the evening that it draws attention when trying to play.

I've been sucked and fucked some ass here a few times but really, there's a bathroom on the 4th floor that is a lot more quiet and bigger with more recovery time. Why aren't we playing there? Did something bad happen on the 4th floor?

I notice there's separate pages for the second and fourth floors. I'm going to consolidate all these into one page soon. ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 02/15/19
Austin Metro : Round Rock : McNeil Park : Review: Feb 14 2019
Good news and bad news. Round Rock will be expanding the trails system, potentially creating creating greater opportunities for cruisers on the trails. However, the planned Amphitheater construction at McNeil park is a go, with construction planned beginning in January 2020 and the first show taking place in the Spring of that year. Remember that the Amphitheater has been delayed for some time. Enjoy it while you can!

[i]Community Impact Newspaper, November 2018: City moves forward with parks and recreation projects intended to connect Round Rock

Community Impact Newspaper, January 2019, [url=]Stories to follow...
Published or Edited on 02/15/19
Austin Metro : Austin : Hippie Hollow Park : Review: Feb 13 2019
Heads Up! A man was arrested here for indecent exposure and evading arrest after performing "an inappropriate sexual act on himself, according to an arrest affidavit." His name and age was published in local media.

As always, use discretion.

Austin American-Statesman, June 2018: Man arrested for indecent exposure at Hippie Hollow, records show
Published or Edited on 02/15/19
Fort Lauderdale Metro : Oakland Park : LA Fitness : Review: Feb 13 2019 by Jim
One of the gayest gyms you will find. Today an older gentleman in the hot tub touched my foot with his. I returned the favor and we started playing right there in the hot tub. He let me finger him and two people walked by and could see what was going on. One commented, "It's getting frisky in there" as he passed by.

Went to the sauna and three guys were naked and having a conversation about all the guys they had fucked over the years. They all got up to go to the showers at the same time, leaving the older guy and me to play. Couldn't do much more as people kept coming in.

We went to the showers and he gave me a show, left his curtain open and fingered himself. A staff member came in and caught us, but he didn't care.

As I left a young guy was naked in the locker room posing while talking on the phone, his cock about 3/4 erect. Looking forward to next workout.
Published or Edited on 02/15/19
Fort Lauderdale Metro : Pompano Beach : Adult Novelties : Review: Feb 13 2019 by Big Jim
Went at lunch time for a quickie. They will leave you alone as long as you are in a booth or by yourself. I was there for no more than thirty seconds when a guy motioned for me to join him in his booth. I entered, he locked the door, and we started grabbing at each other like drunk monkeys.

Space was confined but I managed to get his pants down to his knees and took him in my mouth. He got hard and was around 7" long, but thick as hell. After blowing him for a minute, I tried to get him to fuck me but he was too big and I was just too tight. I told him to him to hang on a minute and I went to the counter and bought poppers. Returned to the booth and he had taken all his clothes off.

I took a hit off the poppers, got a huge rush, and we tried again. This time he lubed up better and the poppers helped me relax enough to let him in. We got a good rhythm going when I felt a hand through the gloryhole start massaging my cock. I managed to get my dick to the hole and got a great bl...
Published or Edited on 02/15/19
Wisconsin : Mazomanie : Mazo Beach : Review: Feb 13 2019
The former nude beach was redeveloped starting in 2018 to include a picnic area and canoe landing. The first phase should be complete by July 2019 with further improvements in by 2021.

The beach had been officially closed to public access since 2016 because the state DNR said "it was too remote and was taking too many resources to patrol." This had followed a few years of many citations for public sex or unlawful drug use.

Star News, May 2018: Former nude beach to get a facelift
Published or Edited on 02/15/19
Washington : Longview : Gerhart Gardens Park : Review: Feb 13 2019 by darthmaul
Is this location still active?
Published or Edited on 02/15/19
Texas : College Station : Texas A & M University - Harrington Education Center : Review: Feb 13 2019 by Zachbc69
I sometimes go by here Wednesday afternoons around 5ish, does anyone else?
Published or Edited on 02/15/19
New Jersey : South Amboy : Video Flixx : Review: Feb 13 2019
Followed a nice looking Black man with glasses into a booth last Saturday I would guess 50's, shaved head, grayish beard, thick all over, sweat gear. He wasn't interested in much else except blowing his load as I soon found out.

As I said I followed him in. He dumped some money. I locked the door and sat down. He pulled out his thick cock and balls, huge pee hole, and shoved it down my throat. One of the thickest cocks I've seen not on a TV screen, I did the best deep-throating his massive meat, and he enjoyed me tongue fucking his pee hole.

I tried to finger his ass but he wouldn’t allow it. I concentrated on his wonderful shaft. He quickly unloaded those huge balls right into my mouth, a reasonably large amount I had a hard time keeping it all in but I managed to swallow it all.

By the time I collected myself and stood up the door was swinging in the breeze.
Published or Edited on 02/14/19
Lexington Metro : Lexington : 2004 Video : Review: Feb 13 2019 by ShareBear
Looking to treat my BBW wife to a round in the gloryhole. This a good spot for that?
Published or Edited on 02/14/19
New Jersey : Edison : Playtime Boutique : Review: Feb 13 2019 by Fasted
Last time I stopped by they had no booths or they were closed. That was a year ago. Would like to hear if they now have booths.
Published or Edited on 02/14/19
El Paso Metro : El Paso : El Paso Community College - Valle Verde Campus : Review: Feb 13 2019 by Sgt Z
I go to school Tuesdays and Thursdays. Yesterday got a blow job around 8 pm. The other comment is right, the best latrine is the one next to the construction site at Americana.
Published or Edited on 02/14/19
El Paso Metro : El Paso : Ascarate Park : Review: Feb 13 2019 by Sgt Z
So far the best time is 11:00 am - 1 pm. Monday a group of men were feeding a nice guy at the latrine in front of the park. Guys kept coming and the guy kept sucking.

I am more of a hand job giver so I also helped the cocksucker. Almost fisted an older guy in scrubs. Four fingers in until he came! Had a blast.

I like middle age men so for me it's a perfect place to play with a married cock.
Published or Edited on 02/14/19
San Francisco Metro : San Francisco : Treasure Island : Review: Feb 13 2019 by Davey
During redevelopment the cruising spot has moved to the end of California Avenue. Just follow the detour signs. Go past the stop sign (where everyone else turns right) and keep going to the end of the street. Then make a right.

Best in the evenings. There are some hip-hop people there with their music, but there is enough space to pull off further south, closer to the bridge, for action.

Had a couple visitors in their 40s, one guy who looks like he lives in a van. But I like scruffy! I enjoyed myself.
Published or Edited on 02/14/19
San Francisco Metro : San Francisco : Powerhouse : Review: Feb 13 2019 by Davey
Can be lots of action in the smoking area, which is technically outside the back door. Saw one guy whip another with a belt. It was hot! Saw nipple play and sucking going on. No anal, which is just as well because the place is not equipped for it.
Published or Edited on 02/14/19
Iowa : Clinton : 18 & Beyond Adult Store : Review: Feb 13 2019 by Pussibois
How are the gloryholes? Looking to bring my wife for her first time.
Published or Edited on 02/14/19
Iowa : Cedar Rapids : Adult Shop North : Review: Feb 13 2019 by Pussibois
Are there still gloryholes? Looking for some adventure with my wife and possibly someone to join if I can get her comfy. It's her first time but I have taken a few nice ones in a adult store but have never been to this one. We are from out of town and would appreciate any advice or review. Thanks.

Looking for a week from Friday for the weekend so it's going to be fun.

A big cocked bi dude would be awesome if she passes out from the party lol. We are a couple in our 40s. Very attractive, she is 4'10" 110# and I am 6'3" and prefer to be a total bottom if it comes down to it.
Published or Edited on 02/14/19
Salt Lake City Metro : Salt Lake City : Fashion Place Mall : Review: Feb 12 2019 by IrishAttitude33
This place still a good place to go? Just moved here.
Published or Edited on 02/14/19
Washington Metro : Washington : Glorious Health Club : Review: Feb 12 2019 by Tony
This place is amazing, especially weekends!
Published or Edited on 02/14/19
New York : New Hampton : Playtime Boutique : Review: Feb 12 2019 by Biffarino
I like this place. I got my tokens and used the booths for the first time. I watched a good shemale movie with the door open. I felt someone watching me jerking off, so I motioned for him to join me.

He locked the door and we were jerking each other off then he got on his knees and gave me one of the best BJs I ever had, my first from a guy. He swallowed my whole load, it was awesome.
Published or Edited on 02/13/19
Dallas - Fort Worth Metro : Wheatland : Whiskey Flats - Wheatland Video Store : Review: Feb 12 2019 by Itmfsshasl
This store seems to be having some issues. Almost everyone there is a bottom and so if you too are a bottom, it sucks. There is a huge mix of bottoms here of every race, age and anything else you can think of. What there isn't is a lot of tops.

Many people are extremely rude and act like if they don't get to suck that dick, they will die.

While there used to be many redneck types who obviously were out just to get some head, that seems to be the rarity now. I can't say when is or isn't a good time to go as it all seems to be hit or miss.

I have never been during the night time as in after 5 pm. Apparently this place is open 24 hours a day so it may get hopping after dark.

It costs five dollars to get in and you go in the back to the arcade. Most of the booths to the right have gloryholes. None of the booths on the left side of the arcade towards the change machine have gloryholes.

Everyone who works there for the most part seems quite cool. There was a s...
Published or Edited on 02/13/19
New Jersey : Edison : Red Roof Inn Edison : Review: Feb 12 2019
Tried this place on more than one occasion hit or miss, like anyone of these establishments. I've struck out a few times but my most recent visit I scored. 40-something I would guess, appeared and sounded European once we spoke which wasn't much. He was what I call tall, 6' about 170# if that, hairy and for his frame hung, probably 7.5", uncut and hairy but trimmed in the right spots.

The curtain wasn't blatantly open but enough to draw curiosity. I looked in, he was wearing a robe. We made eye contact. He parted the bottom half of his robe exposing his excellent thick cock, then casually walked over unlocked the door so I entered.

I said nothing, got right down and took his cock. He never remove his robe. We exchanged blow jobs. He leaned onto a low dresser, pulled up the back of his robe and arched his back, stuck out his ass, spit on his hand, and lubed his hole.

After fucking like this for awhile I got on the bed. He rode me, his dick was flapping vigor...
Published or Edited on 02/13/19
New Jersey : Avenel : Adult Variety Center : Review: Feb 12 2019
Been here multiple times over the last few weeks. I haven't had the pleasure of bumping into a tranny but I have yet to leave disappointed.

A very good looking older man gave me his load most recently and prior to that I was able to fuck a guy in the booth next door. Don't know what he looked like, he never showed his face. Just offered up his nice shaved ass, his balls were clean, too. I felt them while I jerked his nice uncut cock until he dribbled his warm cum all over my hand.

Important note: idle time in the booth draws the attendant. If you feed the machine and keep it in the booth for the most part you can play as you want. I have seen them ask people to go into a booth or leave.
Published or Edited on 02/13/19
New York : Spring Valley : Route 59 Videos & Books : Review: Feb 12 2019 by Bob
Hey Roy, I'd love to handle that for you.
Published or Edited on 02/13/19
San Diego Metro : San Diego : 24 Hour Fitness : Review: Feb 12 2019 by Clouded Snail
I like this gym for many reasons, both cruisy and non-cruisy. I can workout almost entirely alone and have the whole locker area to myself most nights. So it is nice to strip down and casually shower with the curtain wide open, as well as drying off and throwing on a pair of my brightly colored, striped, or patterned briefs I always wear, and I can stay that way for the duration of the post-shower process of skin care, brushing teeth, doing hair if needed, maybe a bit of stretching if I worked out particularly hard that night, and so on. Just as if I were at home and getting ready after a shower.

Granted, I could of course do those things at any point throughout the day and at any 24 Hour Fitness location, but wearing the briefs that I do understandably draws some attention from the confused and slightly shocked straight boys. That is absolutely hilarious and sometimes kind of an exhibitionistic turn on in a way, but not always something I like to have happen especially if tired fr...
Published or Edited on 02/13/19
Michigan : Grandville : Vacant Grocery Store Parking Lot : Review: Feb 12 2019
This lot is no longer vacant.
Published or Edited on 02/14/19
Detroit Metro : Westland : Westland Rest Area 912 : Review: Feb 11 2019
Closed November 2018.

MDOT, October 2018: NEWS: MDOT closing I-275 Westland Rest Area in Wayne County Nov. 14
Published or Edited on 02/14/19
Pennsylvania : Kutztown : Cupid's Arcade : Review: Feb 11 2019 by Bi4fem
It's still a great place to go. Weekends and after 5 pm are best times to stop in.
Published or Edited on 02/13/19
Fort Lauderdale Metro : Davie : Leisure Time Cinema : Review: Feb 11 2019 by Bigjimandthe2
Went last Thursday night. Was there about twenty minutes and it was nothing but geriatrics looking to blow or get blown. Not my scene. Was getting ready to leave when a young Black guy sat down next to me and dropped his pants half way down his thigh. Out sprung a huge soft cock.

I don’t think he saw me at first as he started to masturbate a little. When I moved closer too see him he got nervous and started to pull up his pants. I put my hand on his thigh and he relaxed a little. I gently rubbed his inner thigh, teasing his balls a little. He started stroking again. I reached up for his cock and felt it was huge, but severely bent to one side. I’m not sure how he would ever fuck anyone with a dick so bent, but it made it easy to blow him from the side.

As I put my mouth on his cock, several of the geriatrics gathered around to watch. He got nervous again but by now I was sliding my tongue all over his cock and he did not want to stop. He nearly came, but the trolls were crowd...
Published or Edited on 02/13/19
Detroit Metro : Detroit : MGM Grand Detroit Spa : Review: Feb 11 2019
You must either be a hotel guest or have a spa service to enter the spa.
Published or Edited on 02/14/19
Riverside and San Bernardino Counties Metro : Hemet : Gibbel Park : Review: Feb 11 2019 by little lacy girl
Sucked on a big fat one in here as soon as it opened for business this morning. Husky guy walked in a minute after I did and pulled it out at the middle urinal. Big and fat, with a fold of skin hanging.

Just how I like 'em! So I reached out and gave it a little squeeze.

My name is little lacy girl when I suck on cock in this filthy hole because I am wearing a pair of little black panties when I'm sucking the cum load out of your big cock.

"Do you have a big load of cum for me?"

My little black panties sucking on cock. Wow! (Spurt hot cum)
Published or Edited on 02/13/19
Las Vegas Metro : Las Vegas : Romantix Las Vegas : Review: Feb 11 2019 by Gruffs
Stopped by Monday morning, February 11. The friendly guy at the counter asked if I had any questions. I said, "You have a video arcade, right?" He answered, "It's closed for remodeling for about a month." Well, to me that suggests there won't be any gloryholes, since it was my understanding this was the last location in the valley with any.

Someone said booths #16 and #18 at the Lion's Den have one, but one review posted by their management says they don't. It seems to me the nearest place to Las Vegas for gloryhole action is Golden Valley, AZ, Bullhead City, AZ, or Lake Havasu. Or San Bernardino in CA, the Bare Facts Bookstore. So you have to travel 200-250 miles or so. Good luck!

FYI, both Google and Yelp show the Bare Facts as closed. ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 02/13/19
Los Angeles Metro : West Hollywood : Circus of Books : Review: Feb 11 2019
The store will be re-opened in Spring, 2019 as Chi Chi LaRue's Circus:
"We are thrilled to open and keep the iconic gay landmark location open," Chi Chi LaRue told XBIZ tonight. "It's part of my and many gay men’s history in West Hollywood."

"They leased the space," said Karen Mason, who owns Circus of Books with her husband Barry Mason. "I've seen a drawing of the exterior, which looks the way it used to look when we got the store, but the colors are more vibrant.

"We met with the city today to talk about bringing back the big picture windows in the store. They want to put those back. They want to put circus stripes on the front. They really want it to look how it used to look."

XBIZ, February 8 2019: Chi Chi LaRue's Circus to Open at Iconic West Hollywood Location
Published or Edited on 02/12/19
El Paso Metro : El Paso : Kohl's El Paso East : Review: Feb 11 2019 by Anibal
Never would expect a Mennonite would give me a hand job here.
Published or Edited on 02/12/19
El Paso Metro : El Paso : Blackie Chesher Park : Review: Feb 11 2019 by Anibal
This morning around around 8 am a few trucks were parked in front of the restroom. Got in to check. Two guys at the urinals and two at the last stall.

A guy in his 60s was getting a BJ from a young guy. Pulled my dick out. The two at the urinals joined me in a JO trio. Another guy got it. He put a condom on me and gave me head.

Nice place. Excellent tip.
Published or Edited on 02/12/19
Florida : New Smyrna Beach : Indian River Lagoon Park : Review: Feb 11 2019 by HUNGBUNG8inch
Any females wanna suck off a 8-inch young cock? I'm new to the area and live very close.
Published or Edited on 02/12/19
Detroit Metro : Troy : Oakland Mall : Review: Feb 11 2019
This Sears closed in late September 2018.

The Detroit News, July 2018: Sears to close in Oakland Mall
Published or Edited on 02/14/19
Detroit Metro : Canton : Westland Rest Area 912 : Review: Feb 10 2019
Closed November 2018 and planned to be demolished.

The Oakland Press, November 2018: MDOT set to close I-275 rest area
Published or Edited on 02/14/19
Austin Metro : Round Rock : McNeil Park : Review: Feb 10 2019 by TruckerCruiser
Cold weather gets the guys horny. Hung out here for about two hours during the afternoon. At least nine guys cruising. Age range from looks like 25 to 65. Witnessed four cruising hookups not counting my two.

Damn, that 25-year-old was fucking cute. Something about a hot mouth in a cold day. Fuck yeah! Hung out here... Ha! Pun intended.
Published or Edited on 02/12/19
Louisiana : Slidell : Billy's Lounge : Review: Feb 10 2019
Billy's was sold around July 2018. It's reopened as Liz and Jax but may be straight.
Published or Edited on 02/14/19
Louisiana : Shreveport : Hamel Memorial Park : Review: Feb 10 2019
Heads Up! A multiagency vice sting led to the arrest of 38 people on various charges ranging from obscenity (i.e., exposure) to several prostitution-related or drug offenses. Names, photos, and partial addresses were published in local media. One man charged with obscenity was the highlight of a story due his to prominent job.

KTBS, August, 2018: Hospital bigwig busted in vice sting

KSLA, August, 2018: Vice operation netted 37 arrests in addition to ArkLaTex doctor

Published or Edited on 02/12/19
New Jersey : Hackensack : Hackensack River County Park : Review: Feb 10 2019 by Timmy
Been here a lot and have great times. Lots of cock in my mouth and my ass.
Published or Edited on 02/12/19
El Paso Metro : El Paso : Eros Adult Theater and Gifts : Review: Feb 10 2019 by CoverMyFaceInCum
Friday after given few hand jobs and a blow job at Planet Fitness I went to Eros. Of course I waited in my car and a few guys went in. No time to waste, I did both of them. One inside the restroom, the other behind the water fountain.

On my way out, two guys in scrubs were standing at the door. One had the smallest dick I'd ever seen, but the other was so thick but small. He did not let me suck but I made him unload with my hand and lots of saliva.
Published or Edited on 02/12/19
El Paso Metro : El Paso : Planet Fitness - Central : Review: Feb 10 2019 by CoverMyFaceInCum
OMG, I had wasted 18 months at the Northeast location. The noon crowd is so open. Even the employees from Ascarate play here. Soldiers from Bliss and all kinds of Mexican dick. So far no one given me his cum in a facial.
Published or Edited on 02/12/19
Denver Metro : Denver : James A. Bible Park : Review: Feb 10 2019 by BiParker
Can be hit and miss. If a guy keeps making eye contact with you, he's most likely looking for play. Been sucked here many times, have sucked many times.

Park next to or a couple spots over from another car. Make attempts to catch your neighbor stroking.

Be mindful of other patrons at the park. Remember, not everyone is there for play! Keep your eyes open and be respectful.
Published or Edited on 02/12/19
Tucson Metro : Tucson : Continental Adult Shop : Review: Feb 10 2019
The men that cruise this place are much hotter and in shape. The private booths offer more privacy, but a hot young stud was peeking into the booth while getting my big cock sucked. Didn't mind at all.
Published or Edited on 02/12/19

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