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Ohio : Middletown : Miami River County Park : Review: Nov 10 2018
Heads Up! In November 2017, "Middletown police conducted an undercover operation in a park known for sexual activity and made two arrests in 30 minutes, officials said." Photos, names, and approximate street addresses of the men were published.

Journal-News, Nov 2, 2017: 2 arrested on sex charges in Middletown undercover operation

WKRC, Nov 15, 2017: Middletown Police cracking down on those seeking sex at park

Published or Edited on 11/12/18
Germany : Munich : Müller'sches Volksbad : Review: Nov 10 2018 by jyhming
This historical swimming pool was built in 1847 with Romanesque design. The builders' dream was to have a place where everyone can come and swim no matter how poor they are. It was 18 Euros for the sauna with access to swimming pool where men and women change, baths, and sit in the sauna and steamroom together.

I saw some gay couples and some cruising but no sexual encounters. There were some raised eyebrows from some patrons, but too scared to do anything. Some real thick and long poles you can wonder about all night long.
Published or Edited on 11/12/18
Germany : Munich : Deutsche Eiche : Review: Nov 10 2018 by jyhming
Back to this world-class sauna where in average between 300 to 1000 men visit nightly with lots of action and choice of men who are very often very eager to play. Generally you will hook up with the same types but occasionally you get a cute young boy to play with you.

Had an awesome time with this 25-year-old boy who had a stud on his PA but removed and sucked him once through the gloryhole ramp and once in group orgy in the dark room downstairs. That's where I circle-sucked seven horny studs all to completion with the hot studs yearning in German.

It was awesome day with a sore jaw.
Published or Edited on 11/12/18
Kansas : Topeka : Moonlight Adult Boutique 4 : Review: Nov 10 2018 by Loganballen126
Someone on Grindr told me about this place and I'm glad I went to check it out. Clean, well lit arcade. Had a cock in my mouth within maybe thirty seconds of entering a booth. Sucked about three cocks in the forty minutes I was there.

Staff was friendly, kept to themselves, and I did not feel judged entering or leaving. This location tends to have an older crowd unless you find some younger guys on Grindr to meet you there. Great selection of toys and porn.
Published or Edited on 11/12/18
Fort Lauderdale Metro : Hollywood : Pleasure Emporium : Review: Nov 10 2018 by CianCincy
I went here a few weeks ago, late October 2018. All the doors on the booths have been removed and there are large posters warning "NO SEXUAL ACTIVITY ALLOWED" everywhere in the theater and booth areas. It was extremely empty.

The raid has people afraid to go here now. I will continue to go as it has always been a safe space in my opinion. Hopefully things will pick back up again.

Thanks for the review and especially for saying you see it as a "safe space." That should encourage more cruisers to join you here.

I doubt there will be more raids after the bad publicity and charges dropped from the last time. ~ Editor

Published or Edited on 11/12/18
Lexington Metro : Lexington : 2004 Video : Review: Nov 10 2018 by John
I went here once. I did suck on one cock in the gloryhole. I wanted him to cum, so I could swallow it all.
Published or Edited on 11/12/18
New Jersey : Edison : Red Roof Inn Edison : Review: Nov 10 2018
Dumped my load in a little sissy cum slut, he wanted nothing but cock and cum. Very evident very willing and very good little cock sucker. No frills, no conversation, no bull.

Entered, pulled out my cock, sucked me off, put on a condom, fucked from behind, unloaded in his mouth and left.

He was on the skinny side and had his dick locked up in some type of apparatus, a total bottom sissy slut. I'll give him this, great at head, tight ass, and swallowed everything. Licked me clean too.
Published or Edited on 11/12/18
Sydney Metro : Penrith : Weir Reserve : Review: Nov 09 2018 by Milf93
Definitely still a dogging spot. Me and my partner went last night and will be back again. We starting out playing on one of the tables and had a guy interested. Walked up the back near the gravel and had a few onlookers, was fun.
Published or Edited on 11/12/18
North Carolina : Asheville : Asheville Mall : Review: Nov 09 2018 by David Lewis
Store closed in July.

WLOS, July 14, 2018: Asheville Mall Sears to close on Sunday
Published or Edited on 11/12/18
New Mexico : Las Cruces : Burn Lake : Review: Nov 09 2018 by Mike
A lot of older men, too few younger. Need more college age.

Action is best in the back lot and the farthest picnic tables.

I have sucked good cocks in those places and at sunset in the mens' room. Prefer the picnic tables after sunset. There are at least a few older men available almost all the time.
Published or Edited on 11/12/18
Toronto Metro : North York : Erotika Unlimited : Review: Nov 09 2018 by Cuckold Hubby
This place is awesome, lots of selection for very hot porn, toys, and a very friendly atmosphere. I took my Slutwifelina there many times. There are good size glory holes! I watched my Slutwife suck huge cocks, jerk cocks off, and fuck a lot of local guys through the gloryholes. I got to watch her and lick her up all clean when the guys were done cumming deep up inside her pussy, ass, and mouth bareback. I recommend this place!
Published or Edited on 11/12/18
Austin Metro : Austin : Austin 6 : Review: Nov 09 2018
Hardly anyone here on what should have been peak hours. They should just close this nasty place and put it out of its dying misery.
Published or Edited on 11/09/18
Rhode Island : Pawtuckett : Slater Memorial Park : Review: Nov 09 2018 by CapeCodGuy69
I am a great cocksucker. I can meet up here anytime you need a good blowjob.
Published or Edited on 11/09/18
New Jersey : South Amboy : Video Flixx : Review: Nov 09 2018
Haven't been here in over a year, back in the area for several months on business. Since being back I've visited quite a few times. I must say the foot traffic and clientele have greatly improved since my last visit.

Haven’t bumped into "the blonde" as of yet. I'm Bi by nature but pretty much enjoy sex with men and women.

Anyway since being back I've had several very good experiences here. A very cute hung guy was in a booth with his boyfriend, and they let me play along. An older gray-haired man licked my ass for at least twenty minutes until I came followed by me swallowing his load. Most recently I got fucked by a Spanish guy with very nice cock.

Staff is friendly, respectful, and if treated the same the place will remain the same.
Published or Edited on 11/09/18
California : Red Bluff : Herbert S. Miles Rest Area : Review: Nov 09 2018 by Norcalboi69
Hot damn, this place is good! Got a nice twink to fuck the other night and that boy was so tight I almost busted my nut the minute I got my cock in him. There's really never a time I have cum here and not left happy.

Lately there's been some of the younger twenty year olds here but you still do get the trucker or older dude from time to time. Night times are best though the later the better.
Published or Edited on 11/09/18
Los Angeles Metro : Lakewood : Lakewood Center : Review: Nov 08 2018 by jaime
This place has potential, every part of the restrooms of that mall there are cruisers. They are searching, just need to give the sign!
Published or Edited on 11/09/18
Palm Springs Metro : Cathedral City : CCBC Resort Hotel : Review: Nov 08 2018 by Riley8
I've stayed here a few times and done day passes as well. Generally, it's grossly overpriced — gouging the community is probably more appropriate. And now with the advent of the drag bar just outside the "hotel," they really think they're the shit, when in reality, they're just full of shit — literally.

The rooms smell awful. I complained after my last stay and they offered me a free weekend in a newly upgraded room. When I tried to book it, they simply never responded.

The play ground is new; the old one was so gross I couldn't stand the smell or even go in it. The crowd is generally plentiful and mixed — lots of hot studs into servicing the grossest fat old men ever, go figure.

My key problem with CCBC is the amount of unsafe sex, so much fucking going on without rubbers, sucking cocks that have just cum up someone's ass. Cummunion is celebrated monthly; it's like a giant sero-conversion party 24/7/365! It's ...
Published or Edited on 11/08/18
Ohio : Canton : Adultmart - Canton : Review: Nov 08 2018
Arcade booths closed late August, 2018.
Published or Edited on 11/08/18
New Jersey : Woodbridge : Woodbridge Center : Review: Nov 08 2018
Was recently shopping with my girlfriend and had all I could take. I told her I’d sit on a bench and meet up later, and as soon as she got out of sight I shuffled right over to the 3rd floor. The booths were occupied.

I hung out at the urinal for a little hoping someone would leave. Shortly after, another guy came in and came right to the urinal next to me. He rubbed his foot on mine and looked right at my cock.

As I was stroking, in a very abrupt manor he shoved his hand down the back of my pants and stuck the tip of his middle finger in my asshole. It was very hot. I squatted into it more, and moaned loudly. He then took his other hand and began stroking my cock, followed by him licking and sucking my neck. To say I was turned on is an understatement.

He took total control, he bent me over licked my hole and shoved his fingers in my ass. I couldn’t take it, I was moaning loudly as he licked and fingered my ass for several minutes.

In a short time he was on his knees, ...
Published or Edited on 11/08/18
Delaware : New Castle : DVD Depot : Review: Nov 08 2018 by mwm
It's been months since I've sucked a cock — love to swallow — or had my 8" cut cock sucked, mainly cause I used to find hookups on CL.

I'm thinking of heading to the store one morning. I like to go as soon as they open, sit in a back booth where another booth is across from me, and if you show or rub your dick, I'll suck ya dry! I'm 58, fit and in-shape, 8" cut. Great head giver!

If you Register as a CFS Member then other guys will be able to contact you through you Profile page so you can set up a day and time. Good luck! ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 11/08/18
New York : Port Chester : LA Fitness : Review: Nov 08 2018 by nubianjock
This place is now an LA Fitness.

Thanks for the update! ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 11/08/18
Ohio : Akron : Akron Steam and Sauna : Review: Nov 07 2018
There have been rumors that Akron Steam and Sauna is closing. That is not the case. The official news is that the business is relocating at some point. It is open and very active, but the web site is no longer available.

We have 4-star and 5-star ratings here this year. There's many recent Squirt posts for the place and an unofficial Facebook page. ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 11/08/18
Long Island Metro : Brentwood : Park and Ride : Review: Nov 07 2018 by bilibottom
Heads Up! Don't, I repeat, don't go there or you probably will be arrested or have a summons and several court appearances. Cops watch in unmarked cars. I know, I was one of them. Even worse, I did not even score.

Published or Edited on 11/08/18
California : San Gregorio : San Gregorio Nude Beach : Review: Nov 07 2018 by TallTomxxx
Visited San Gregorio today after not visiting this nude beach for a little more than twenty years. Arrived around 10 am, weather was sunny but on the cool side.

The dirt road entrance to the privately-operated parking lot from the highway is still a little hard to find, blink and you'll miss it. The old guy taking the $7 parking fee was friendly and reminded me that it's a clothing optional beach. I was the first car in the parking lot.

Walked down to the beach and situated myself in one of the driftwood "sex condos". It was a weekday so just a handful of guys were on the beach. I walked naked all the way to the cave on the north end. Didn't score any sex, so left with blue balls. It's a beautiful beach, don't miss it. Probably cruisier on warm weekends.
Published or Edited on 11/08/18
Cincinnati Metro : Cincinnati : The Dock : Review: Nov 07 2018 by wendalman
Closed down after 34 years on Valentine's Day 2018. The land will be used for the project to improve and replace of the Brent Spence Bridge.

Cincinatti Enquirer, Feb 15, 2015: Last call at The Dock: Cincinnati gay bar closes after 34 years
Published or Edited on 11/08/18
Detroit Metro : Detroit : TNT Health Club : Review: Nov 07 2018
Closed and contents sold September 2018.

PrideSource, Sept 12, 2018: Health Club Closes Doors, Sale of Site's Contents Sept. 13 to 15
Published or Edited on 11/08/18
New Jersey : Montville : Montville Park : Review: Nov 07 2018
Stumbled across two guys going at it, one was older one not so much. They backed their cars in to the far left of the porta john. It was far enough away from the porta john so if someone went to use it they weren't in plain site, but close enough to not look as though they were hiding.

Initially when I drove by I noticed them and to be honest, if I wasn't specifically looking they wouldn't have been noticed. They were in the back of a lightly tinted SUV. So I parked further away, closer to the playground side of the lot, and walked over to investigate. I respectfully peeked and kept on my way. I didn’t want to bring attention or ruin what they had going on.

In my brief peeking I did notice they were in a spooning position on their sides. The older guy was behind the younger guy long dicking him. The tint was dark enough to obstruct visibility from afar but close you could see right in. I must say the older guy must have been hung from the long stroking I saw.

Published or Edited on 11/07/18
Vermont : Barre : Planet Rock : Review: Nov 06 2018
Said to have closed November 18 for renovations but chances look dim it will reopen. Yelp also shows it's currently closed.
Published or Edited on 11/07/18
West Virginia : Morgantown : Modern Adult Select Books & Videos : Review: Nov 06 2018
Permanently closed June 16, 2018.
Published or Edited on 11/07/18
Berlin Metro : Berlin : New Man : Review: Nov 06 2018 by Desperate4Dick
Permanently closed. Building demolished and replaced by new construction.
Published or Edited on 11/07/18
Minnesota : Saint Cloud : Pure Pleasure : Review: Nov 06 2018
Has Pure Pleasure reopened? Or is it permanently gone? I see it on Google still.

There's a 3-star rating from earlier this year, after the fire. Wish that person had left a review. ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 11/07/18
Massachusetts : Amherst : University of Massachusetts - Curry Hicks Gym : Review: Nov 06 2018
Anything happening here?

I see a 3-star rating from this summer, July 2018. Someone's cruising here, wish they'd written a review. ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 11/07/18
Nebraska : Lincoln : Romantix - Lincoln NW : Review: Nov 06 2018
Romantix occupies the space formerly used by Doctor John's, which moved to a derelict motel property.

Lincoln Journal Star, July 2017: Biz Buzz: Popular place for porn
Published or Edited on 11/07/18
Orange County Metro : Aliso Viejo : Woodfield Park : Review: Nov 06 2018 by cleanuncut69
I was here last weekend around 5 pm. No action. I walked around everywhere.
Published or Edited on 11/07/18
New Jersey : Avenel : Adult Variety Center : Review: Nov 06 2018
Two or three weekends ago on a Sunday afternoon I brought a stack of singles and planted in a corner booth. At times it got busy but for the most part three or four booths occupied a lot of quick ins and outs. I didn’t turn anyone away but can’t say I got much interest. But I had nowhere to be so I stuck around.

At one point I actually went out to smoke a cigarette. When I returned I attempted to go back to the booth I was in but it was occupied. The curtain was open halfway, inside long blonde hair, yoga pants, long legs, curves to die for, and impressive ass. Immediately I jumped in next door, dropped my money, and pulled out my cock. I grabbed and rubbed her ass, calling him a her though I absolutely knew it was a man.

She had a serious bulge within minutes of me petting her all over. She slid her skin tights pants down enough to unleash her meat. By this time I was on my knees waiting. Her precum was flowing already. I went at that cock until I received a generous load, s...
Published or Edited on 11/06/18
El Paso Metro : El Paso : McKelligon Canyon : Review: Nov 06 2018 by Pete D Mil Guy
To those looking for action, my almost perfect score is along the road to the VFW Pavilion early mornings when GIs are doing PT. Beside that, occasional luck around the water tank and at the stairs of the amphitheater.

Those circle cruisers with tinted glasses don't do shit, they just go park behind you and expect the dick will magically get in their pussy asses. Just noted most are elderly men.

Good luck. This morning I scored with a guy in a service van around 6:30 am. Again, at the area of the VFW Pavilion.
Published or Edited on 11/06/18
New York City Metro : Queens : Myrtle Avenue : Review: Nov 06 2018 by Seog
I lived in the area for decades and walked up and down Myrtle Ave. many times. A random hookup is just as likely or unlikely here as any other random street. Nothing special going on here.
Published or Edited on 11/06/18
New Jersey : South Amboy : Video Flixx : Review: Nov 06 2018 by Brian syter
45, 6', 170#, 34" waist, gym body, toned smooth, big thick cock 9" into sucking cock. Like my face cum creamed. Let me know when is good.

See this member's Profile page for a photo and contact info. ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 11/06/18
Delaware : Rehoboth Beach : Junction and Breakwater Rail Trail : Review: Nov 05 2018
There's cruising here, even if cruisers aren't posting on CFS.

I see a 4-star rating from the summer, August 2018. Maybe it varies depending on time of year, week, or day vs. night. I wish more cruisers would post reviews, whether positive or negative. ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 11/06/18
Maryland : Ellicott City : Lovecraft - Ellicott City : Review: Nov 05 2018 by terry29
Very good visit today. :)
Published or Edited on 11/06/18
Arkansas : Searcy : Riverside Park : Review: Nov 05 2018 by normal guy
Always hang around during afternoons on weekdays.
Published or Edited on 11/06/18
Maryland : Annapolis : Westfield Annapolis : Review: Nov 05 2018 by Loco Boi
Does anyone still go here? What are the best days and times?
Published or Edited on 11/06/18
Maryland : Bowie : Allen Pond Park : Review: Nov 05 2018 by Loco Boi
Post here if you go here.
Published or Edited on 11/06/18
New Jersey : Bordentown : Scenic overlook : Review: Nov 05 2018 by Kevin
I live about five miles from here and can pretty much go get sucked off there anytime I like. I usually go a couple times per week to feed a willing hungry mouth.

There tend to be mostly older hungry daddies there looking to swallow all the loads they can eat, but occasionally I find younger, hung guys or businessmen to play with as well.

Like any public place, be discreet and careful. No reason to be scared of police if you have the least bit of self awareness.
Published or Edited on 11/06/18
New Jersey : Edison : Red Roof Inn Edison : Review: Nov 05 2018
Recently hooked up with a very pretty femboy, mid to late 30's, 5'11" in heels, long legs, long hair (wig), padded bra, totally looked the part in a school girl type outfit, skirt, and half shirt. Watched through the window for a bit.

She pranced around and made sure to bend over exposing her ass. Clearly she enjoyed the eyes on her. We made eye contact as I was outside rubbing my stiffening cock. She walked over and made sure I heard the door unlock so I entered.

She grabbed my hand, walked me over to the edge of the bed, slid my sweats down, sat me down, and swallowed my cock instantly. I was immediately hard, 7.5" went down her throat. She was a very good little cocksucker. I watched her run herself and tease her hole as she was pleasuring me.

After a few minutes she walked over by the TV, put her elbows down on the table, and bent over. I came up behind her and buried my cock in her very tight hole. She moaned, followed by demands to fuck her. I was getting...
Published or Edited on 11/06/18
Fort Lauderdale Metro : Davie : Leisure Time Cinema : Review: Nov 04 2018 by Allin5069
Can I get my wife fucked there?
Published or Edited on 11/05/18
West Virginia : Clarksburg : The Adult Store : Review: Nov 04 2018 by roughrider
Trash can as you walk into booth area, no cans in each booth. Too many times they were used as toilets!
Published or Edited on 11/05/18
San Francisco Metro : Benicia : Suisun Vista Point Overlook : Review: Nov 04 2018 by chubbytoo
Has anyone been to the vista point overlooking the moth ball fleet recently? Is anyone still going there? This is the one on Lake Herman Rd. Haven't been there in years. Was wondering, thanks.

There's a 5-star rating from August 2015, so someone's been there. Not all cruisers write a review or make a rating on these pages. ~ Editor
Published or Edited on 11/05/18
Pennsylvania : Clearfield : Clearfield Mall : Review: Nov 03 2018
This JCPenney is closed.
Published or Edited on 11/05/18
Philadelphia Metro : Levittown : Levit Books : Review: Nov 03 2018
Levitt Books is closed.
Published or Edited on 11/05/18

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