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A big turn on, but also disappointing since typically others would follow suit. Several guys would stand to the side and just watch me which turns me on. What I really like is if they pull put their cocks and start masturbating while watching me and then after some time I will invite them to shoot their cum all over my shirt and jeans spilling none. If I can get one guy to do it, the fresh white cum dripping down my shirt will typically inspire others to do the same. The more random large cocks and cum the better. I saw some action in the dark areas to the side but quite dark so prefer to stick with the two main rooms and side rooms playing porn. So overall was fun and exciting, but could have been a lot better. I watched up close a BBC fucking the slim oiled guy on the couch, and I had several loads of fresh white cum dripping down my shirt as I Ieft. Will be back but during the week assuming guys want action fast and have less time to hang around. Can't wait. Thu, 04 Jul 2024 08:22:58 GMT Thee Love Shack Like this dirty place but now they have bed bugs upstairs. Mon, 01 Jul 2024 22:55:33 GMT Thee Love Shack Friday night this place was packed. Probably fifty guys, mostly black, and lot of car sitters in the packing lot. Watched a big dicked black guy just lay it to a white guy for about twenty minutes. Good show there but most guys were just sitting around talking. The guy running the place was very helpful and the place was well lit and open 24/7. Tue, 13 Jun 2023 23:18:49 GMT Thee Love Shack Lots of chances for fun in the theaters upstairs on a Friday afternoon and evening. Sun, 18 Dec 2022 01:52:47 GMT Thee Love Shack Stopped by with my wife this past Thursday. She doesn't play generally, but very interested in watching me get used by guys. This was the first time she came with me to the shack, so I was a little nervous if all the guys would be too busy only looking to play with her or hiding behind corners from us as they have at other ABS's in the past. Instead, I had a pretty good time and she a good show. We went up the stairs and sat in a smaller theater at the top of the stairs with a straight video playing. I removed my pants and waited. Before long, a guy walked past, ran over to me, and dropped his pants and I turned around on the couch and started sucking him. Soon, I felt hands under me grabbing my dick. Another had come in, stripped and was attempting to join in. The new guy took over sucking from me and eventually, they left to another room. Immediately a young Asian gentleman stepped up and offered me his dick. He then directed me to lay back on the couch and he began fucking my ass while my wife sat at my head watching. 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