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I looked at a video when I took off the sweatpants. I was in my leggings. I pulled that down. I was in the black dress. I wanted to go into another booth. I was just going to walk across to the other side where the gloryhole booths are. My video finished. I walked out and went to another booth. I had a guy put his rod and I started to lick it and put it down. I was about to put on a protector when he walked out. I waited for about ten minutes. It was getting late. I probably had about twenty minutes before closing. I decided to leave. I put my last dollar in the video machine. I didn't hear any movies playing. I knew it was time to go . I got my stuff. I walked out in my black mini dress and black stockings and garter belt. I didn't care about anything. If you see me in the video booths area or walking around the store I always have on sweats. Come talk or ask me to meet up with you. If you want to hang out with me. You will love it. Sat, 10 Feb 2024 04:34:13 GMT Nu-Art Theater & Fremont Adult Books God, I had my best few last trips to Nu-Art. I never go to the theater because I went one day and was alone for a half an hour [ndash] no fun. I always go straight to the booths. My best day was on a Tuesday at 11 am first off. I love the gloryholes. I got sucked off for fifteen minutes and they wanted my cum but I could finish. Honestly the greatest blowjob I have ever received. I was so horny and after I was close to finishing I pulled out my cock and sat down. I started stroking my cock while they watched and he put his giant seven inch cock through. It was so big and hot I decided to suck it. I deep throated the shit our of that cock and it was my first time ever sucking a cock. I never gagged and wanted the cum in my throat so badly. I know I was good because I heard hot moaning. I left and came back the same night at 6 pm. Oh my goodness almost all the booths were full until I found one. Once I was in my stall, I stuck my cock in the gloryhole and got sucked off so good again. I heard them sucking another cock on the other side. Two of us were get blown at the same time. So hot and the wettest warm mouth. After they were done,I went to other booths and got sucked off by two more people that were nice. Three good mouths in the later night and the other at 11 am. It was so hot. And last time I went a few nights ago again. Another great blowjob for a couple minutes. Then I felt a condom being put on and I fucked a tight asshole good until I came within ten minutes. If anyone wants to meet up tomorrow (January 24) or this week I am going to go at 11 am tomorrow then 6 pm again. Let's have some fun. Tue, 23 Jan 2024 10:32:43 GMT Nu-Art Theater & Fremont Adult Books This past Tuesday I had appointment in Monterey. I went early because I hate to be waiting. I was close to the bookstore so I decided to stop by. I noticed that the business right behind the bookstore was really busy. I walked in and noticed the lady was cutting a cake. This lady was so nice that she offered me a peace of cake. It was a totally different vibe. If she worked there every day. I would like to work with her. She offered to help me to show me stuff. I was so surprised. I've never gotten service like that at any bookstore I've gone to. Whomever you are keep up the great work. Well getting back to my post. Not that much happening. I think all the cars were from that shop in back. I was in a booth. It had a gloryhole but it had a paper in the hole. It wasn't that big. I was watching a video when I felt paper falling from the hole. This guy wanted to look into my booth. I got undressed. The guy stuck his finger in the hole. So I put my butt up next to the hole. He started to finger me when I noticed I didn't feel anything anymore. My video was ending. I walked out when I noticed this guy. I knew it was him. So he looked at me and didn't know what to say. I know he wanted me to go with him in a booth but he was shy. I walked across the booth to the other side. I wanted him to go in and join me. He didn't. I hate that when they want to try to open the door then they are afraid to go in with you when you open the door. Funny people. I was in the booth that had a gloryhole. I don't know but a lady who was in the booth. When she saw me in my clothing she was surprised to see me. She started to get naked. So I did the same. She was so cute. I was so excited. She knocked on the door. She had balls. She was naked. She walked out from one booth to another booth. We played around. She told me that she wanted to fuck me. I bent over thinking she wanted to do it. I went to her house where we had so much fun. Thank you both of you girls. I felt so great. I've been going there for a long time. I have got to do so many different things. It going to be a new year. Please tell the owner to put a long seat in the booth. Had to share this. Have a great year. Sat, 23 Dec 2023 05:11:14 GMT Nu-Art Theater & Fremont Adult Books Hey people it's me. I was at the store the other day. I was kinda sad. I was watching a porn movie in the arcade booths. Not much action on this day I was there. I was dressed so beautiful. A friend who is a transgender woman dressed and set me up. I was in a booth when a guy walked into the booth next to mine. There are gloryholes in it. Well when he put his cock in the hole I grabbed it. I started to jack him off. He was getting hard then so I started to suck this guy off. I turned around so I would feel his cock in me. Right when I was about to grab it he walked out of his booth. I was so horny for his cock. It felt so good in my mouth. I was left so down for him to fuck me. Next time you are at the store and someone is sucking you and maybe stops for a second, don't leave. There's more to cum. I'll be back on a weekend. Hope you guys will want to take me in a couples booth. I'm lots of fun. Let do this. I need a big cock in me and some cum. Till then. Fri, 17 Nov 2023 08:16:07 GMT Nu-Art Theater & Fremont Adult Books I went by the Nu-Art Theater today. Was not happy today. I went by. Didn't notice much happening. I got a ticket for the movie theater. Two guys were looking at the movie. I walked over to one guy. Started to get my hands on his cock. He kinda pushed my hands away. The other guy was just sitting there. Didn't want to go try. Walked out. I was in some sweats and a brown shirt. Under the sweats and shirt I had on a mini dress with a garter belt and black fish net stockings. I had on a gray mini thong. I walked into the video booths. This one guy noticed me. I didn't have my wig or my high heels on. Well the guy was trying to open my door. I heard the girl telling him that he needed to lock his door. I wanted some cock. The girl was on the booths. I was hearing someone getting fucked in a booth. I know it wasn't a video. I pulled down my pants. I was just in the booth in my mini dress and garter belt, stockings, and thong. No one else tried to open my door. I wanted cum in my mouth and ass. Not today. I walked out of the booth just in the mini dress. My fish nets and garter belt were showing. I didn't take off the shirt. My first strike out of the day. Never have gone in the morning. I guess at night is when the best time to go. I should have pulled down my pants inside the theater. Maybe the guys would have jacked off on me. They might have wanted to fuck me. I just wanted a dick inside me or in my mouth. Maybe I'm not going to have the mini dress. Just might only have the garter belt with stockings and a thong. Easy to fuck me faster. So guys, when is the best time to go? I want to get fucked by many different men. I'm ready to have cum in my mouth and up my ass. Love when it drips from my ass. Sometimes I'll get my fingers and swipe up the cum from my ass and eat it. Till next time. If you see me just touch my ass or hit me up. I'm dressed underneath my clothes. Trust me. It's sexy. You will cum before we even do anything. I love sexy women clothes and lingerie and high heels and garter belt and stockings and thongs. I'll have on a bra at times. Guys don't be shy. I love to fuck and suck dick. Till next time. Fri, 20 Oct 2023 04:36:02 GMT