CRUISING for SEX Listings The largest free database of sex listings in the world! Plus free message board, free chat, free personals, and free amateur photo galleries. If you're a man wanting to hook up with a man, this site is what you've been looking for! en-us Passions Video Had a few great afternoons here showing off my cock and letting some of the guys stroke me or lick my balls. Was thinking about going back. Tue, 05 Dec 2017 23:01:24 GMT Passions Video It was a rainy Friday night, but I was happy to see six or seven cars in the parking lot as I made my first visit to Passions in Darlington. Upon entry I was told it was $10 for arcade entry and they only took cash. Fortunately they have and ATM machine and I was quickly headed to the theatre area. Upon entry into the booth area I found a good variety of men as I checked the place out for the first time. I was comfortable quickly and decided to take off my shorts and just walk around in my t-shirt and thong panties. As often happens when I do this, I got a variety of reactions. The cruising was good as guys bounced from booth to booth, but there was more walking and looking than actual hooking up. I decided to get bold. I went into the large room at the end and just got right on my knees and left the door open. Again, a lot of looks and I thought a few times I might have company but the guys were just a bit shy at this point. I heard the door to the arcade open and a middle-aged Asian guy came in. He saw me on my knees, made a lap, and then came right into my room. He sat in a chair in the corner, I licked my lips as he stroked his cock through his pants. He got up, closed and locked the door, and instructed me to get over there as he lowered his pants. I crawled over to him and engulfed his cock. It was a fairly thick seven-incher and was at full length almost immediately. After sucking him for a few minutes, I licked his balls and the went back on the dick. He leaned down and said he didn't want to cum yet, then he asked if I ate ass. I told him "of course" and he spun around, bent over, and opened up his ass for me. I was licking him pretty good as he ground his ass back into my face. I would say we did that for probably two minutes, then he turned back around to feed me his dick. Again, he got close and told me he didn't want to cum so I sent to work sucking on his balls. It was obvious though that he was getting to the point of no return. I went back to his dick and quickly he leaned down and asked if he could cum in my mouth, to which I replied that he certainly could. He stood back up, grabbed my head with both of his hands, and went to work on my mouth and throat. It wasn't long and his body tensed up, he started shaking, and he held my head firmly as he unloaded a massive load of cum deep in my throat. And, then he just froze in place as I milked every drop from him. After pulling ourselves together he left me there still on my knees. I stayed there a few minutes but it appeared that most of the guys there had their eyes on others. I put my shorts back on and decided to head out of the store satisfied that I had found another great spot and a very solid experience. [hr][i]This came to me as a "Visitor Message" posted on my Profile page in September. Because I did not receive a notification of message, I did not see it for weeks. It's a great Review, but I had to divide it into sections to add the page for Passions Video and then the Review of what happened there. Sorry for the delay. I'll be working on the site navigation to make things clearer, but right now the best way to handle a new place is the 'Suggest New Place for This Area' link near the top of almost every Sex Listings Page. ~ Editor[/i] Wed, 26 Oct 2016 18:30:37 GMT