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This section for alerts is the place where we help one another learn about current police operations and other forms of bashing.

When you submit a tip on any Sex Listing, you can indicate if it belongs in this section by selecting the 'Head's Up' option. Throughout our Sex Listings pages you may find this notation, 'Head's Up'. This indicates that we have reports of police action or bashing at that location.

CFS recognizes that there is an appropriate place for police to protect the public, including cruisers. However, we will report on enforcement of "victimless crimes" where cruisers are targeted by police.

Get the ACLU Mobile Justice App currently for 17 states and the District of Columbia. You have the right to record what happens with police.

To read legal opinion about the civil rights of cruisers, we suggest the resources of the Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund and the American Civil Liberties Union.

Lambda Legal's undated 2000s version of their Little Black Book is excellent and deals directly with the rights of men who cruise, although there is a changing legal environment regarding cruising in some parts of the USA. The Lambda Legal link changed. It's also on Google (1993 version) at Little Black Book and the more recent version is in our archive. También en español..

The American Civil Liberties Union has a wallet-size guide, applicable to citizens of the USA, that deals with how you should respond whenever you encounter the police. This version is from 2010, and it applies with this 'Heads Up' page revision, October 2015: You can download a the 2010 version of the card from their Website. La ACLU también tiene esto sin la tarjeta en español. This link also changes, and you can find the English-language card in our archive.

Permission is hereby granted to reproduce and circulate these alerts. Please include the following notice: "Permission to reproduce given by Man Kind Endeavors, LLC. Originally appeared as part of the Website CRUISING for SEX."
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Birmingham Metro
YMCA - Mountain Brook
Danger! The Mountain Brook Police Department are now monitoring the wet areas. They have arrested two people so far for lewd conduct. While I was there a Mountain Brook police officer came by and opened he doors to the steam room and sauna.

Do not try anything here. You could end up going to jail because someone may not like you and could say you were doing stuff. Just avoid the wet areas until things settle down. It is not worth going to jail over getting a bj.
Nov 25 2015
Los Angeles Metro
Santa Fe Dam Recreation Area
I was there twice this month. Both times I saw cops on patrol within 15 minutes of being there and nobody cruising. It's still a nice park, but watch out for the vicious geese. Nov 24 2015
Birmingham Metro
YMCA - Mountain Brook
Danger! They have recently started monitoring the steam room and sauna for any type of gay activity. So please just find your friend and take him home with ya. They are patrolling day and night now and have already had eight guys kicked out for jerking and sucking in the sauna. Don't risk getting caught. Nov 06 2015
Buck Creek State Park
A man was arrested after being "allegedly caught in the middle of a sex act in a bathroom" and then leading park rangers and deputies on a low-speed chase Monday, October 26. He faces several charges in the incident, among them a misdemeanor in the unnamed sex act.

The man's name was published in the local news. He pleaded not guilty the next day and is no longer in the county jail. Rangers have had two sting operations this year, most recently on October 7, and will continue to patrol the park.

See Springfield man accused in sex act, leads authorities on chase
Nov 02 2015
Buck Creek State Park
Three men were arrested here in an undercover operation by The Clark County Sheriff's Office October 7, 2015. Names and photos were publicized on local TV. From the final story:

According to officials the men were touching themselves, one man even touching the officer.

“We hope that we're sending the message that this type of conduct will not be tolerated in our community and if it is your going to suffer the consequences,” said Sheriff Gene Kelly, Clark County.

Sheriff Kelly says many of the men use social media to connect, then meet at the park. He sees at least a dozen of these cases every year.

Some park patrons 2 NEWS spoke with say they know the park is known for men soliciting sex, but it doesn't stop them from coming to the park.

Indecent exposure investigation at state park

3 arrested for public indecency in Buck Creek sting

Two of three arrested for indecent exposure appear in court

Park gets bad rep for sex solicitation
Oct 10 2015
Rest area
AYOR, cops and vice in unmarked cars. Nothing going on here lately anyway. I suspect this place has been busted. I talked with a couple cops in street clothes recently, definitely vice. Avoid. Oct 05 2015
Five Lakes Rest Area
Vice cops most nights, license plates recorded. This place is history. Sorry. Don't blame me. Oct 05 2015
Baton Rouge
Forest Community Park
I pulled in and noticed several guys chatting in the gravel lot by the fishing pond and casually pulled in nearby to see what was happening.

I noticed one guy was in a car with a pizza chain's light on top, like delivery drivers use. He got something out of his car and I noticed a Sheriff's Department vest in the back seat. After watching them a while, noticed other guys had them too.

I'm not sure what they were up to, but thought it was worth reporting. It may have just been a plan for a bust elsewhere since they all left at once.

Thank for posting this. I'll leave this as a "possible Heads Up" although I hope the local law enforcement have learned a lesson from the previous incident and nationwide bad publicity. ~ Editor
Oct 01 2015
Dallas/Fort Worth Metro
Randol Mill Park
I just read Neil Kaiser's post. I had the exact same experience. I was in the restroom alone. When I walked out, an undercover cop stopped me. I told him I wasn't doing anything. He said that he knew what I was going to do.

I ended up in the Arlington jail and I was harassed as soon as I got to the door. I too have an indecent exposure conviction on my record. Never cruise in Randall Mill Park.
Sep 30 2015
Theatair X
The store was raided again by Clarksville Police in mid-September accompanied by a local TV news crew filming. It isn't clear if any store patrons were arrested. The store itself was issued citations. Police say that raids will continue.The news story goes into some detail about the booths, the button that the clerk pushed allegedly to warn patrons of the raid, and among other statements, a police office saying, "There's people in there, you know, committing crimes, you know, indecent exposure and public nudity and things like that inside the open theater area..." including what the officer called "fantasy booths" with holes drilled in the walls: "They have holes and other means of access for one booth to contact another booth."See: Clarksville Police raid Theatair X, issue more than a dozen citations Sep 28 2015
Puerto Rico
Cruisy Alley
Guys, please be very careful. Lately there more than a few undercover cops in plainclothes. They will cruise you to arrest you and give you a ticket. Sep 21 2015
Orange County Metro
San Clemente
T-Street Beach
A September 1 meeting of the city council heard complaints from nearby residents, including a city council member, of "sex, drugs, rock 'n' roll and reckless driving” — like Bette Midler in "The Rose" on wheels! After the meeting the Mayor spoke with the Sheriff's Department Lieutenant in charge of patrols for San Clemente. It was announced there would be more patrols and monitoring in the area which will become a "more systematic approach” in October. “Your average patrolman is not going to be able to curb this.”

It sounds like most of the complaints are connected to generally rowdy behavior, but if you happen to be in the area be aware.

See Residents seek more patrols along San Clemente's T-Street
Sep 15 2015
York Street Rest Area
Cops are watching and made arrests. Sep 14 2015
George Mason University
Campus public ground is not safe for action. There are cameras everywhere and the police force is increasing. It is safe if you contact first then go to their dorm but that's not cruising anymore.

IMHO, cruising is any way you meet unplanned in a public or semi-public place and then have sex. Picking someone up in a bar might not be exactly the same, but it would still be a cruise bar.

When I lived in the DC area many years ago I remember meeting guys on the Metro, walking around a neighborhood, even in the Safeway. There was also "P Street Beach" and many other parks and toilets, not to mention sexclubs or backrooms or whatever.

Of course they were strangers and of course in many situations you had to take it somewhere else. You couldn't fuck someone in the Produce Department, after all. It all happened in the moment with that "knowing look" or the guy who turned around and looked back at you when you also turned around and looked at him.

Perhaps definitions are changing in this Age of Apps, but any sort of non-virtual unplanned sexual thing that starts person to person in some specific place is a cruisy place to me. ~ Editor
Sep 11 2015
Boston Metro
Dead Horse Beach
A couple of busts in the last couple of months. I'd be interested in knowing which city councilor! Sep 10 2015
Los Angeles Metro
Tiki Theatre
I forget what day I stopped here, but I went inside. I stood around for about two minutes and decided to hookup with this Asian guy who gave me a blowjob. Around 2:30 am several men came in and sat down some looking like hobos and some who were very attractive.

I was sitting in my seat on my phone, when all of a sudden two police officers came in without warning shining flashlights on crotches. Nobody was doing anything so they left, but not even ten minutes had gone by when the same two officers burst in the theatre again shining their flashlights.

I'm not sure if they were trying to catch someone doing lewd acts or looking for someone. That was the sign for me to get the hell out of there before I end up doing something I would regret and end up in jail!
Sep 10 2015
South Carolina
Granby Park
A report from early July reveals that a Columbia police officer was responding to resident reports of "guys meeting up and playing around" in the park near Gist Street by stepping up patrols for the rest of the Summer.

The officer said he spent an hour a day at the park and had seen, daily, "between 15 to 20 cars accessing the area. He says the men are between 25- 30 years of age or older."

Police monitor suspicious behavior in Granby Park
Sep 07 2015
Kent - England
Dartford Heath
The local Community Safety Unit issued formal warnings to several men who were said to have had sex here. The Borough Council spokesperson said, "We are absolutely determined to stop offensive and anti-social behaviour on the Heath." The number of men involved and their names were not published in this report, and there is no word of their response.

Inappropriate sexual behaviour on Dartford Heath leads to formal action
Sep 07 2015
North Liberty
Nature Preserve / Hawkeye Wildlife Management Area
Ongoing enforcement activity. At least a half dozen arrests in the last week, some of the guys doing nothing more than being there but not doing anything illicit. Sep 05 2015
North Liberty
Nature Preserve / Hawkeye Wildlife Management Area
There were three men arrested for indecent exposure after being seen having sex here. One was also charged with possession of drug paraphernalia. Names and photos were published in local media.

Iowa DNR and local law enforcement are continuing efforts to stop illegal activities here and protect the wildlife habitat.

3 men arrested, charged for having sex in public wildlife area

An additional link provided for this incident no longer appears on the Internet.
Aug 31 2015
North Liberty
Nature Preserve / Hawkeye Wildlife Management Area
While sunning in the buff on the Hill, I and another guy got the opportunity to meet two Iowa Department of Natural Resources Officers. After being asked, errrr I mean TOLD to put clothing on, I got questioned, escorted to my car in order to get my driver's license which was ran through the system, and eventually I was allowed to leave. Per the officers, there is greater attention being made to the Hill due to reports of lewd acts in public, drug trafficking, and prostitution. Personally, I can't speak to the last two items.

The officer who was questioning me confirmed that sunbathing naked on the Hill is NOT against the law as long there is no lewd sex act going on and/or I'm not erect. What was strange was that the other guy was not caught naked but was still in discussion with the IDNR as I drove off. Must be something more there.

So for those who frequent the back trails, keep your eyes and ears open. And for those who take in the rays naked, don't have yourself in a discernibly turgid state.
Aug 30 2015
Boston Metro
Sheepfold Park - Middlesex Fells Reservation
This place is amazing! There are guys with big dicks showing off. Most guys are totally nude.

Lately there is a larger police presence in the morning. I would stay away from the area until they go away.
Aug 30 2015
New York City Metro
Les Hommes
There was an assault at this location in the evening of August 14, 2015. See the attached. Aug 29 2015
Falls of the Ohio State Park
After the recent arrests cameras are being installed here. There will be fifteen cameras with twenty-two views of the park. Two cameras will have thermal imaging, allowing activity at night to be recorded.

Surveillance cameras coming to park amid sexual activity complaints
Aug 24 2015
Mosaic Peace River Park
The county sheriff's office conducted undercover operations at four locations Tuesday, August 4. Four men were arrested, including two at Gator Creek Reserve and two at the Lake Fannie Boat Reserve. Names were published in the local newspaper. Although none were arrested at Saddle River Park and Mosaic Peace River Park, warnings are being added there with links to this news report. Polk County Sheriff's Undercover Detectives Arrest 4 on Lewd Act Charges Aug 24 2015
Winter Haven
Lake Fannie Boat Ramp
The county sheriff's office conducted undercover operations at four locations Tuesday, August 4. Four men were arrested, including two here at the Lake Fannie Boat Ramp and two at Gator Creek Reserve. Names were published in the local newspaper. Although none were arrested at Saddle River Park and Mosaic Peace River Park, warnings are being added there with links to this news report. Polk County Sheriff's Undercover Detectives Arrest 4 on Lewd Act Charges Aug 24 2015
Kansas City Metro
Kansas City
Blue Valley Park
You have public park sex in KC you WILL get busted. This scene is over, guys. Aug 18 2015
Gator Creek Reserve
The county sheriff's office conducted undercover operations at four locations Tuesday, August 4. Four men were arrested, including two at Gator Creek Reserve. Names were published in the local newspaper.

The two others arrested were at the Lake Fannie Boat Ramp, not currently this site. Although none were arrested at Saddle River Park and Mosaic Peace River Park (also not currently on this site), warnings will be added there with links to this news report.

Polk County Sheriff's Undercover Detectives Arrest 4 on Lewd Act Charges
Aug 15 2015
Saddle Creek Park
Undercover operations took place here Tuesday, August 4 by the Sheriff's Office. No one was reported arrested here, but four were arrested at other local parks.

Polk County Sheriff's Undercover Detectives Arrest 4 on Lewd Act Charges
Aug 15 2015
Midtown Adult Superstore
There have been multiple arrests here this year, most recently on the night of Wednesday, August 12. Two men were arrested in an undercover operation, one unidentified and the other with his name and photo published on a local TV news web site. The charge for the one named was indecent exposure.

Two men caught being indecent inside Tulsa theater
Aug 15 2015
Falls of the Ohio State Park
Three men were arrested here on August 12 and 13 for public indecency and battery. Police said the men exposed themselves and groped the plainclothes officers.

Names and photos were published, including on both local TV and newspaper web sites. State conservation officers have are increasing patrol here "to curb illicit sexual activity in public at the park." Clarksville Police assisted in the operation.

In addition, the public was urged to report "suspicious activity" to the conservation department phone number.

3 arrested at Falls of the Ohio for public indecency, battery

3 men arrested for public indeceny at Falls of Ohio State Park
Aug 14 2015
Caspersen Beach
This is still a great place to at least meet men, but we aware that the cops will bait you into making an entrapment move. If it seems too good, it's probably a cop. Aug 09 2015
Los Angeles Metro
Woodland Hills
Warner Center Park
Just got arrested here two days ago. Cops said they would be here for a while, arresting anyone suspicious. Stay away. Aug 07 2015
Gordon Pond Wildlife Area
There were twelve arrested in July in the Wolfe Neck parking area near the Junction & Breakwater Trail. This comes from a Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control announcement reported in the Washington Blade: 12 arrested in gay cruising area near Rehoboth Beach. Seven of those arrested were from Rehoboth, two from elsewhere in Delaware, two from New York, and one from Pennsylvania. Aug 05 2015
Gordon Pond Wildlife Area
Park police have been making arrests all last week as reported in the Wilmington News Journal. They are using both patrolmen and plainclothes people. Jul 30 2015
West Virginia
Palatine Park
Cops are busting druggies and guys looking for sex daily! The papers warn of this place often.

Kids under 18 are all over this place, with their parents. This is NOT a place for sex! It's a kid park, people!
Jul 29 2015
Chicago Metro
La Grange
Possum Hollow Woods
July 15, 2015, 05:00:16 pm: Police were sitting here all day. I stopped here three times today. What a waste of tax dollars!

If two consenting adults go into the woods to have sex who does it hurt? Police action against bi and homosexual men is a hate crime! If the problem is so upsetting close down the Forest Preserves, fire all the police and grass cutters, sell the land, build buildings, and lower our taxes!
Jul 21 2015
Puerto Rico
San Juan
Ocean Park Beach
The police are frequently making raids in this place. They won't treat with you respect and dignity and if you run they will beat the shit out of you. They'll arrest you and they won't read your rights. Jul 12 2015
El Paso Metro
El Paso
Ascarate Park
Be aware of undercover patrols. Let this place cool off. Last week very nice long haired gym body guys were cruising in plain cars taking cell pictures of license plates all over the park!

I think park attendants are aware of what is going on. Be safe, not sorry.
Jun 29 2015
South Carolina
Pelham Mill Park
Police active at this site. Jun 28 2015
Island Park
This park showed no promise of fun. Adrian is very homophobic. Park rangers wear normal clothes here. Their vehicles are also unmarked. Not the lusting for excitement in the gay scene. Adrian has no gay scene at all. Jun 20 2015
Palm Beach County Metro
Lake Worth
LA Fitness
I heard guys talking in the rest room about fucking faggots checking them out. One guy said he will kick the shit out of anyone that looks at him wrong or comes onto him. Another guy said he was in the sauna and some guy sat right next to him when it was just him in the sauna. He said I told him to get the fuck away from me or he would fuck his faggot ass up. Jun 19 2015
I was there yesterday and the clerk warned me to stay in my booth with door closed as two men were arrested yesterday for solicitation of undercover officer. Jun 19 2015
Pittsburgh Metro
Settler's Cabin Park
The other reviewers are correct. Do not cruise here. Big time undercover police action pretty much all the time. Also, Settlers Cabin Park is one of the parks that will now employ Park Rangers. Therefore, there will always be a "police" presence of some sort here. Jun 18 2015
Pittsburgh Metro
Bethel Park
LA Fitness
LA Fitness is not a good place to cruise. I believe last year or the year before a teacher was arrested and prosecuted for cruising at one of the LA Fitness locations. Apparently he approached a minor (the boy was 17) in the sauna or steam room. The kid reported him and the management had him arrested. Then a couple other LA Fitness clients added their complaints to the police report. The teacher went to jail and is a registered child molester.

Cruising in health and fitness clubs are dangerous now because clubs like LA Fitness and others allow children 16 and over to join the club. Therefore, minors are now allowed in the adult men's locker rooms. The clubs are targeting kids because they want the business and the money. Some of these clubs now have day care and after school programs in them. So now, kids ranging in a variety of ages are allowed in the locker rooms and are able to use the facilities.

Fifteen or twenty years ago that was not the case. The old YMCA used to have a separate level for adults and kids. If you want to cruise a gym or locker room, best to go to Club Pittsburgh.There are no children there.
Jun 18 2015
Pittsburgh Metro
University of Pittsburgh - David Lawerence Hall Auditorium
Campus police and Pittsburgh Police routinely patrol all of the old haunts, David Lawrence Hall, Cathedral of Learning, etc. A person would have to be out of his mind to go cruising on Pitts campus now. Jun 18 2015
Pittsburgh Metro
Schenley Park
Yes, the trees are being replaced in the fruit loop because of oak wilt, but there is another problem. The Mayor has employed Park Rangers. Schenley Park will now be patrolled by Park Rangers as well as police, who as we know, work undercover as well. It was mentioned on the news that the Park Rangers will not be armed. Even though they are not "police" per se, I still think that they will be able to detain a person and call police if they think people are there engaging in inappropriate behavior. Jun 18 2015
Pittsburgh Metro
North Park
Don't risk it! Undercover cops are all over North Park! And, Pittsburgh is now employing park rangers in a lot of the parks. I don't know exactly what the extent of park rangers can and cannot do, but it's not a good idea to risk cruising here. You will get arrested if caught. Jun 18 2015
New York City Metro
Forest Park
The body of a 23 year old man was found in Forest Park near Woodhaven Blvd. and Park Lane South. Head trauma was reported.

Police release picture of man wanted after Woodhaven death

Forest Park murder spurs talk of long-delayed cameras

This was submitted as a 'Heads Up' although there was no report of any gay-related or 'bashing' aspect to the crime. The second link does report new pressure by residents to install cameras in the park, a project that had been funded but delayed. ~ Editor
Jun 11 2015
New York City Metro
Central Park
I was in the park last night, Sunday. It was quiet but there were some men. At some point, maybe around 11 pm, huge portable floodlights on generators cranked up and lit the place up. I continued to think that was all and continued to walk and cruise.

There were lots of questionable guys with backpacks. Undercover cops? Finally I heard movement in a wooded area and went to investigate. I was followed by a cute guy who I was feeling up when a flashlight came on 15 feet away in the bushes and someone said, "Don't move." I ran outta there.

So the Ramble is off limits now at night. Be careful and move it out of there for now.
Jun 08 2015

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