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This section for alerts is the place where we help one another learn about current police operations and other forms of bashing.

When you submit a tip on any Sex Listing, you can indicate if it belongs in this section by selecting the 'Head's Up' option. Throughout our Sex Listings pages you may find this notation, 'Head's Up'. This indicates that we have reports of police action or bashing at that location.

CFS recognizes that there is an appropriate place for police to protect the public, including cruisers. However, we will report on enforcement of "victimless crimes" where cruisers are targeted by police.

Get the ACLU Mobile Justice App currently for 17 states and the District of Columbia. You have the right to record what happens with police.

To read legal opinion about the civil rights of cruisers, we suggest the resources of the Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund and the American Civil Liberties Union.

Lambda Legal's undated 2000s version of their Little Black Book is excellent and deals directly with the rights of men who cruise, although there is a changing legal environment regarding cruising in some parts of the USA. The Lambda Legal link changed. It's also on Google (1993 version) at Little Black Book and the more recent version is in our archive. También en español..

The American Civil Liberties Union has a wallet-size guide, applicable to citizens of the USA, that deals with how you should respond whenever you encounter the police. This version is from 2010, and it applies with this 'Heads Up' page revision, October 2015: You can download a the 2010 version of the card from their Website. La ACLU también tiene esto sin la tarjeta en español. This link also changes, and you can find the English-language card in our archive.

Permission is hereby granted to reproduce and circulate these alerts. Please include the following notice: "Permission to reproduce given by Man Kind Endeavors, LLC. Originally appeared as part of the Website CRUISING for SEX."
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Boston Metro
Sheepfold Park - Middlesex Fells Reservation
It was on the news tonight that a woman was sexually assaulted in the Winchester section. Steer clear for now. Nov 26 2021
New Mexico
Las Cruces
Eros Video
100% in agreement with Mr. Horny Farmer, same did happen to me. But in my case the attendant called the cops and met me at the parking lot. They did a warrant search and the whole nine yards! Nov 21 2021
New Mexico
Las Cruces
Eros Video
There has been a change in management, philosophy, and costs. Booths now have a five dollar minimum but you do get quite a bit of time. The issue is philosophy. I was there yesterday and met a guy with a nice bulge in my booth. Guy went in and as I was checking his meat a big surprise. About a minute later the manager knocked on the door and told me I had to leave and that I was permanently banned. The guy left per the manager's request He also said police would be called if the guy or me ever came back. He mentioned that they were trying to cut down on activities "like this."

I am a farmer and I don't live in LC so I am only there every couple of weeks at the most. The manager was courteous but firm. It is their store and they can run it like they want, absolutely no issue there. You guys just need to know the rules have changed and no more sucking or fucking allowed.
Nov 20 2021
London Metro
Hampstead Heath
Police patrols have increased here after a series of flashing incidents.

My London, November 3 2021: Met Police clampdown on London's number one dogging spot to stop flashers: The police will be patrolling the area every week

Camden New Journal, October 29 2021: 'Flasher patrols' in Heath woodlands as police crack down on indecent acts
Nov 04 2021
Matthiessen State Park
Remote video cameras set up in the woods by the picnic table. Stay away! Nov 02 2021
Montreal Metro
McGill University
Security is reported to be patrolling bathrooms and monitoring cruising web sites for activity in McConnell and possibly other locations on campus.

The McGill Daily, November 1 2021: McGill Security Policing Bathrooms
Nov 02 2021
New York City Metro
Rainbow Station
Be very careful in this place. There is a group of meth smokers, some of them are undercover cops. They look for victims to get that person to smoke meth. They will have sex and smoke their meth while their victim is accused by them to the guy at the counter. If the victim tries to get into a booth to try their new high they go out of their booths and call management to avoid taking responsibility for their actions. If the victim is sitting down watching movies they will point their phones at him or take pictures and damage the victim's reputation online.

Some of these people will even take their victims to places where the victim think is going to have sex with another guy, but is a trap where that victim will be force into a doggy-style not facing the door. Once the other person gets them high enough, the other meth smokers who are cops will come in and rape the victim, follow by treats afterwards or jail time if he speaks about it.

I've seen it happen to a few guys including a friend of mine. My friend was drugged and harassed, not only at this place but afterward locally by local police. Probably after having those men damage his reputation online and the cops using him as a scapegoat to hide their meth drug addiction. Beware, do not become their next victim. Expose them and call the police or record it and post it on Twitter.

This men have safe houses both in NYC and New Jersey where they take their victims too. If you are there they will raise the TV volume up so you don't hear the other cops come in to rape you. The guy that will invite you to that place will smoke heavily and tell you it doesn't smell and not to worry, but it is all a trap to drug you and abuse you. Once they are done you will be followed by police all the way to your home and your phone will be tracked so when you go out, you will be harassed by local cops and even ambulances sounding their emergency lights passing by you as a form of intimidation since they will track you by GPS. As told by a few victims, their stories are too similar to be a lie. This place Rainbow Station needs to be shut down.
Oct 31 2021
Riverside Park
Hot place! Blew a vet. But there are definitely some old creepers. Noon to three have been the best times.

Police patrol frequently though. Also the druggies have been hanging out here.
Oct 21 2021
El Paso Metro
El Paso
University of Texas at El Paso, Liberal Arts Building
Careful with this guy taking photos under the stalls using his cell. I've seen a couple of his photos in several platforms. He's never been anything friendly or helpful. I'm sure he's not perfect and likely has clashed with a couple of people that may drop in from time to time, but he has no right to take pictures of us cruising for sex. Oct 07 2021
Toronto Metro
Bloor - Yonge Station
Be careful. I got arrested by security here once. The door in the bathroom actually leads to the security office on the other side. Be careful. Oct 01 2021
Denver Metro
James A. Bible Park
I was there a few weeks ago and there was a lot of action in the trees south of the bathrooms. A lot of fucking, sucking and jacking off.

Went back a few nights later and the undercover cops were busting people and there was a black truck undercover that was parked in parking lot taking down license plate numbers.

Stay away from this place as there are too many undercover cops.
Sep 25 2021
Blackhawk Springs Forest Preserve
Local news reports eleven men arrested in area Forest Preserves in August although specific locations are not disclosed. There are numerous Forest Preserves in the county. Names, ages, hometowns, photos and charges for the arrested men were publicized.

WIFR, August 26 2021: 11 men arrested for public indecency in Winnebago County Forest Preserves
Sep 09 2021
Marks & Spencer
One of the men caught up in the undercover operation here has pled guilty and was fined under the Sexual Offenses Act for having "engaged in public masturbation" in the toilet.

Irish Independent, September 2 2021: Man fined €400 over sex act in Marks & Spencer toilets
Sep 03 2021
Club Tabu
A new report reveals an undercover police presence here in November, 2019. There are allegations that distribution of photos from that operation to city officials may have broken laws. From 2019 through mid-2021 there were ten police calls to the location, mostly involving violations of pandemic-related orders or unwanted people in the building, none for public sex.

Lansing City Pulse, September 1 2021: Emails reveal undercover police operation at Lansing sex club: Illegally taken photographs trigger secretive investigation at Club Tabu
Sep 03 2021
Atlanta Metro
Piedmont Park
There was a stabbing murder July 28 of a lesbian woman jogging here. Police dispute rumors of a serial killer on the loose but caution people to avoid the park at night.

WSB, August 5 2021: Officials warn people not to visit Piedmont Park alone at night until killer is caught

FoxNews, August 5 2021: Atlanta police release girlfriend’s 911 call in ‘gruesome’ Piedmont Park stabbing of woman and her dog
Aug 12 2021
Philadelphia Metro
East Fairmount Park
Is this a cruisy area? There was a shooting at Kelly Drive and Brewery Hill Drive August 10.

KYW, August 10 2021: Man Shot In Eye Along Kelly Drive, Police Say
Aug 10 2021
Fort Lauderdale Metro
Wilton Manors
Colohatchee Park
Be advised! Plain clothes are always lurking here and will nab you so do not tempt fate. You are better off walking Wilton Drive. Jul 23 2021
Bush River Books & Video
Four men were arrested for "Perverted Sexual Practice" under Maryland's sodomy law in May, 2021 by the Harford County Sheriff's Office. Five others were arrested on other charges. From the Blade:
One of the arrested gay men, who spoke to the Blade on condition that he not be identified, said he was aware that the store has been the subject of law enforcement crackdowns in the past.

"But, you know, I went inside and was hooking up with someone and the next thing I know, eight of us were against the wall with handcuffs with plastic zip ties on them," he said. "And we all spent the night in jail. I was released at like six o'clock in the morning," he said.

He added, "I don't know why people have a problem with this. We go there to meet people like us."
Although sodomy laws were struck down by the U.S. Supreme Court in 2003, the Maryland law containing the sodomy provision among other "offenses" remains on the books, similar to other states. Lawyers are quoted saying the men have a strong case to challenge the arrests based on the Supreme Court decision.

Washington Blade, July 21 2021: Gay men arrested under Md. sodomy law in adult boookstore raid: Attorney says prosecutors enforcing unconstitutional measure
Jul 22 2021
Marks & Spencer
At least five men men were arrested for lewd behavior in the M&S toilet. There has been undercover surveillance by Garda. Names and ages were publicized.

Irish Examiner, July 19 2021: Fifth man charged with public sex act in M&S toilet
Jul 21 2021
El Paso Metro
El Paso
Memorial Park Senior Citizen Center
I talked to a guy on Grindr that said he has jerked and been sucked in the parking lot. So he asked me to go and try. He was asking me to give him a BJ.

I was so stupid to give details about my car. Cops came in and I was asked questions. They checked my drivers license and I was kept there over an hour. Be careful.

I think there are undercover on Grindr. This is a Senior Citizen Center in a very upscale neighborhood. So be careful, men.
Jul 16 2021
El Paso Metro
RWC Fitness
I gotta agree. It's called RWC because it's the Recreation & Wellness Center for the Tigua Indian tribe and is on Indian reservation property. Compared to all the other places in town, you are far more likely to get beat up or arrested here. Heads up! Jul 13 2021
Piney Dam Park and Piney Reservoir
Piney Dam is open now. I was there June 22, 2021. Park rangers were in the parking lot. I'm hoping this will only last a few months. I've always had good luck there. Jul 11 2021
New Hampshire
Greeley Park
The Nashua Patch had an article about a man arrested July 6, 2021. According to the article he had been arrested before. I have seen him there. I cruise that park a few times a week. I have always told myself that if something doesn't feel right, walk away.

The day after that man was arrested I saw a red, dirty ford pickup which I had never seen before. A 40s guy, tall, shaved head, goatee, got out and walked into the wood. I was parked about a hundred yards from him. I walked into the woods. He just walked around, smoking but never touched his crotch. It didn't feel right. I left.

The next day at the boat ramp the same truck drove. He parked a couple spaces from me. After a while he got out of his truck and walked down the path that most cruisers go down. He looked back at me as he walked down the path. I stayed in my car. About ten minutes later he walked out. No indication he was cruising. No crotch rub. He open his truck door and took off a jacket over his head showing is stomach and chest. He got in his truck and left. Maybe he is cruising but a new face and arrests.

Be careful at Greeley or the boat ramp.

I found the story, the guy arrested had his name, age, photo, even the street he lives on publicized. Don't get yourself into this situation: Elderly Nashua Man Accused Of Indecent Exposure Again
Jul 09 2021
Palm Springs Metro
Desert Hot Springs
Cruisy vacant lot
Cops with spot lights last night around 11. Luckily they must have gotten an urgent call and suddenly turned their lights and sirens on and drove off in a big hurry. That was too close for comfort. Got the heck out of there before they decided to come back. Jul 03 2021
Palm Springs Metro
Desert Hot Springs
Cruisy vacant lot
Drove in last Sunday June 27, 2021 at 9 pm. Thought it was strange that there were two cars with identical tail lights illuminated. They were Riverside County Sheriff's vans! I turned around an backed out immediately.

Apparently the cops were not in the vehicles, but were down in the parking lot or the bushes focused on the people who were there rather than individuals who were entering the parking area. Several men have said there's been an increase in police activity in the past couple of weeks.
Jun 30 2021
El Paso Metro
RWC Fitness
AYOR. Socorro is very homophobic town. So don't be surprised if you become a victim instead of a cocksucker. Sorry but I live in Socorro so I know my men. Jun 29 2021
New Mexico
Las Cruces
Burn Lake
Bitches, lots of undercover agents. I know that your asses are in heat after a year of pandemic but Burn Lake is definitely AYOR! Jun 28 2021
New Jersey
Monmouth Battlefield State Park
Please be careful! I believe the place is under some type of investigation. You should not play in public anyway obviously and always be private only. Always obey the laws.

Don't be stupid. Be very careful. There is something going on. Be extra careful.
Jun 26 2021
New Mexico
Las Cruces
Burn Lake
No good answer. Burn Lake is AYOR. Read the local news. Multiple arrests due to multiple complaints. Jun 24 2021
Sacramento Metro
Miller Regional Park
Recent busts. Rangers and cops are using decoys. Stay away or be extremely careful. Jun 20 2021
Winter Haven
Lake Fannie Boat Ramp
More police undercover action here resulted in charges for two elderly men in early June. Names, ages, and hometowns were published in local media.

Patch, June 10 2021: 2 Men Offer Sex, Expose Themselves To Undercover Cops: Deputies
Jun 19 2021
New Mexico
Las Cruces
Burn Lake
They just completed a very sophisticated high resolution multiple day night camera system that monitors the entire park, especially the back areas. Jun 09 2021
South Carolina
Hilton Head Island
Sea Pines Bike Paths
A friend was arrested here last week, do not take this chance. Lots of undercover cops in the area. Watch out. May 29 2021
New York City Metro
Central Park
Police are investigating a reported same-sex gang rape here:
The alleged victim told cops he was walking inside the park just before 1 a.m., at West 77th Street and West Drive, when he saw five men sitting on a park bench, police sources said.

The men then got up and followed the alleged victim, he told cops. He said he fell and was sexually assaulted by two of the men.

The alleged victim said the five male suspects, all about 30 years old, ran off after the incident.

Update 5/28/21: Additional reports say the victim was a 19 year old trans man.

WPIX, May 26 2021: Transgender teen raped in Central Park: NYPD

New York Post, May 26 2021: Cops investigate gang-rape claim in Central Park
May 27 2021
Greater Orlando Metro
F. Burton Smith Regional Park
Hung around very briefly and found some fun. They wanted to move outside the back restroom but there seemed to be a LEO watching so I left. Fun first time though. May 25 2021
Romantix - Lincoln NW
Here's the news report on the undercover sting operation from the earlier review:
During the operation, which ran March 25-26, police cited 25 people for indecent exposure, five for public indecency, two for inmate of disorderly house and two employees for maintaining a disorderly house...

KearneyHub, April 23 2021: Dozens cited in connection to undercover operation at Lincoln adult shop
May 13 2021
Saddle Creek Park
Another arrest here by the Polk County Sheriff's Office. The man's name, photo, age, and hometown were publicized in local media.

Patch, May 5 2021: 1 Man Exposes Genitals To Officer, Other Suspect Offers Sex: Cops
May 06 2021
Winter Haven
Lake Fannie Boat Ramp
Another arrest here by the Polk County Sheriff's Office. The man's name, photo, age, and hometown were publicized in local media.

Patch, May 5 2021: 1 Man Exposes Genitals To Officer, Other Suspect Offers Sex: Cops
May 06 2021
El Paso Metro
El Paso
Memorial Park Senior Citizen Center
Gentlemen, be careful if you see a short fat bald guy in a nice car. He is the same one who calls the cops at Ascarate and at Blackie.

Let the place cool off for a while. The Canyon is open and a short distance. Nice cocksuckers there. Senior gentlemen and great swallowers.
May 04 2021
El Paso Metro
El Paso
Memorial Park Senior Citizen Center
Hey be careful with this spot. Not sure if we have a snitch. I came to check it out today at 2 pm and a sheriff was parked in the parking lot. May 03 2021
New York City Metro
Forest Park
Cops have been reported here lately. Now that nice weather is here you can expect more undercover and raids after dark. Only the Ramble is dangerous than this place. Apr 24 2021
Jarun Lake
There are news reports of more gay bashings here and elsewhere in Croatia, not to mention the earlier attack with a Molotov cocktail at Maksimir Park.

Vice, April 15 2021: LGBTQ People Are Being Beaten Up and Set on Fire in This Corner of Europe
Apr 21 2021
Atlanta Metro
Southern Nights Video
This area, where the mass shooting at massage parlors happened last month, has been seeing continued incidents of harassment and occasional violence.
Two employees at Tokyo Valentino told BuzzFeed News about a recent occasion when they had called the police because someone was waving a gun around. About 30 minutes later, when no one had arrived, the employees called back only to discover that an officer had, in fact, been dispatched, but was across the street at a pizza parlor. "The police officer was across the street the whole time," said one of the employees, a janitor at the club who identified himself as J.O. "He just never came in."

There have been two other shootings in the area recently, one by a customer at Tokyo Valentino. [The manager] said he felt the police response in the neighborhood was "hit or miss," and that officers sometimes take hours and sometimes respond quickly. He said there had been more police in the area after last week's shootings.

BuzzFeedNews, March 24 2021: Atlanta Sex Industry Workers Say They're Used To Being Branded “Sinners” — And Fearing For Their Lives
Apr 06 2021
Romantix - Lincoln NW
FYI: Friday night March 26 around midnight the clerk was issued a citation with a court date for maintaining a house of disorderly conduct. The police stated that there was sex going on "back there," meaning in the theaters "all the time." (If only it really were "all the time", right?). They had pictures on their cell phone of the manager outside smoking. They asked the clerk if that was the manager and called her by name. More citations were expected Saturday March 27. The citations are given to the clerk in their names only, and not Romantix. They indicated that they had received a complaint that morning of sexual activity in the theaters. They also stated that it might be OK in other states but not in Nebraska. Finally, they complimented her on the fact that they were good at enforcing the mask policy. None of us really understand the purpose of that comment as it was a serious one and not sarcastic, unless it's one of those things they do to mix up your mind like they excel at.

I was in the theater while this occurred and did not witness the event. But that means I can tell you the police did not come into the theater area at all. Plenty of people on the sales floor and in the parking lot did see this go down. Folks in their cars in the lot had IDs checked and were "strongly advised" to leave. Knowing full well that was a meaningless statement given just for intimidation, they stayed and several of us supported the clerk and calmed her down while she notified management.

All of us there have a lot of questions as to why it was the late night clerk – and not the morning clerk – if that's when the complaint was received. Will the theaters stay open or will corporate close them? This location can operate very profitably without them.

I'll post updates as I know them. Feel free to do the same.
Mar 27 2021
Punta Gorda
Charlotte Flatwoods Environmental Park
Another sting operation here in February, 2021 led to the arrest of a cruiser. Local news reported the man's name, age, and hometown while also quoting a local attorney who raised the question of entrapment.

Port Charlotte Sun, February 26 2021: Undercover sex sting in park nets one arrest
Mar 25 2021
New Mexico
Las Cruces
Burn Lake
Careful with the new camera system monitoring the john. I was caught last night getting head and a citation was issued by an undercover cop with the charges of "aggravated indecent exposure" in lieu of an arrest. The guy was sucking my cock was also given a citation but just for indecent exposure.

According to the lawyer I had retained in New Mexico "indecent exposure" is a misdemeanor that carries a punishment of six months to one year in jail, fines, participation in mandatory counseling, or probation. Aggravated indecent exposure is exposing genitals in public with the intent to threaten and intimate someone. So not fun!
Mar 12 2021
New York City Metro
Kissena Park
Within the last few weeks, at least four robberies have occurred in the adjacent Kissena Corridor Park – three of them in broad daylight. As a result, there have been increased police patrols in the area. I would like to believe that this is the reason why cruising activity here is nil, and not just the cold, snowy weather.

Nearby Cunningham Park, parking area along Hollis Hills Terrace, appears to be more active than here despite some comments on another website of plainclothes officers randomly targeting cruisers there late last year.

WINS, January 24, 2021: Police search for trio of teens in violent robberies at Queens park
Feb 10 2021
Rome Metro
Villa Doria Pamphili
After complaints of both female and male prostitution as well as drug addicts present and vandalism, the area is monitored by drones.

Il Tempo, October 2018: Sesso tra gli alberi. A Villa Pamphili si prostituiva anche un seminarista

Il Giornale, December 2019: Villa Doria Pamphilij in balìa dei tossici e della prostituzione

Urloweb, April 2020: Villa Pamphili: atti vandalici contro due statue
Jan 30 2021
Seattle Metro
T107 Park
Port of Seattle officers and Sheriffs now patrol throughout the day. They are not making arrests but engage anyone present. Jan 23 2021
Cincinnati Metro
Mount Airy Forest
At least twenty-one men have been arested for "lewd behavior" or "sex crimes" at Cincinatti parks including this one since October, 2020. Police have set up barriers for cars, although pedestrians are allowed. They are using cameras.

WXIX, January 19 2021: More than 20 men arrested for crimes in recent months at Cincinnati parks, police say
Jan 22 2021

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