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This section for alerts is the place where we help one another learn about current police operations and other forms of bashing.

When you submit a tip on any Sex Listing, you can indicate if it belongs in this section by selecting the 'Head's Up' option. Throughout our Sex Listings pages you may find this notation, 'Head's Up'. This indicates that we have reports of police action or bashing at that location.

CFS recognizes that there is an appropriate place for police to protect the public, including cruisers. However, we will report on enforcement of "victimless crimes" where cruisers are targeted by police.

Get the ACLU Mobile Justice App currently for 17 states and the District of Columbia. You have the right to record what happens with police.

To read legal opinion about the civil rights of cruisers, we suggest the resources of the Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund and the American Civil Liberties Union.

Lambda Legal's undated 2000s version of their Little Black Book is excellent and deals directly with the rights of men who cruise, although there is a changing legal environment regarding cruising in some parts of the USA. The Lambda Legal link changed. It's also on Google (1993 version) at Little Black Book and the more recent version is in our archive. También en español..

The American Civil Liberties Union has a wallet-size guide, applicable to citizens of the USA, that deals with how you should respond whenever you encounter the police. This version is from 2010, and it applies with this 'Heads Up' page revision, October 2015: You can download a the 2010 version of the card from their Website. La ACLU también tiene esto sin la tarjeta en español. This link also changes, and you can find the English-language card in our archive.

Permission is hereby granted to reproduce and circulate these alerts. Please include the following notice: "Permission to reproduce given by Man Kind Endeavors, LLC. Originally appeared as part of the Website CRUISING for SEX."
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Natick Mall
The Macy's men's room was a great place to cruise until recently. As you approach the men's room, there is a closed circuit camera and monitor on a shelf. You can watch yourself walk towards the camera and into the men's room. Security is watching and has hassled a few guys I've met from there. Jul 13 2001
Calgary Zoo and Centenary Park
Undercover police are frequenting this spot now.
Be aware.
Jul 10 2001
Sydney Metro
St. Leonards
Gore Hill Cemetery
Groups of young men have been seen searching for victims once or twice per week, usually at dusk. Use of an iron bar is not out of the question if you are unlucky enough. I have seen them frequently while at the nearby college. They pull up in a white Commodore, late 80's model. I have rung the police and have seen them patrolling on foot since. Jul 10 2001
New York
Mall at Greece Ridge
Arrests happening big time. If you are in longer than 10 minutes, the cops show up. Last I heard 27 men were picked up. Jul 09 2001
Milwaukee Metro
Underwood Crrek Parkway
The Sheriff's Department is starting daily undercover work in this area beginning the 11th of July, with a few deputies each day. Jul 09 2001
Rest area
Police have made arrests for trespassing. Jul 07 2001
Rest area
A man was beaten here by several guys. Jul 07 2001
Adultmart - Murrysville
The woods behind the bookstore are not safe. Cops busted people during the day. Inside is still good though. Jul 07 2001
Dallas - Fort Worth Metro
Upon leaving the store I was presented with a time-stamped picture of me entering the restroom. This was taken by the CCTV Cam. They also showed me 4 digital pictures taken over 3 hours (each time stamped) of my feet and shorts in the stall. I was forced to sign a no trespassing form and asked not to come back. Jul 05 2001
Charlotte Metro
Freedom Park
I was arrested here. Totally set up by a guy who followed me into the bathroom, then outside. I walked away twice, but he kept following me. He asked me what I wanted to do. I said I was a dominate man and then, the next thing I know 2 cops pull up. The undercover was young, semi-attractive. Jul 05 2001
Blanchard River
This used to be a really hot place to find action. Now they've posted signs that the trails are closed and that you may be videotaped. Police will harrass and even ticket you for being on the trails. Jul 04 2001
Chicago Metro
Wilson Skate Park
Vice is actively conducting surveillance of the lakefront and arresting people for public indecency and soliticitation. Jul 03 2001
Crystal Lake
Be careful as police and rangers are targeting the park. Jul 03 2001
Knoxville Metro
Sharp's Ridge Memorial Park
Police are very active in the park for the past three months. Plain clothes officers and sting operations with officers posing to catch people. Jul 03 2001
British Columbia
Thetis Lake Park
Law enforcement officers are ticketing people for public nudity $150 for the first offense, second offense means court and up to $5,000 fine. Last year they were just giving warnings. Jul 02 2001
Monocacy National Battlefield
I am a news reporter who was forced to cover a story about a guy who was arrested here. The sting was operated by MSP. The cop was 5'10", black hair who called himself 'Bill'. Jul 01 2001
Brisbane Metro
Sunnybank Hills Shopping Town
Police have started to patrol all toilets at Sunnybank Hills. I have been pulled up by security guards and police have been called in twice over the past month. Jul 01 2001
Louisville Metro
Eva Bandman Park
Not a good area any longer. Police are patrolling and arresting people. Jun 29 2001
Daingerfield Island
Big bust going on and they are sending people to jail now instead of just fines Jun 28 2001
Rest area
Cops have even cited people who stop there ONLY to use a cellphone. Don't think of stopping while it is under construction. Jun 26 2001
Boston Metro
Northeastern University - Dodge Hall
Be aware that plainclothes cops are being used to monitor this restroom! Jun 24 2001
South Bend
Rum Village Park
Local citizens group is teaming up with police for patrols. Citizens with cell phones patrolling with direct contact to police. Jun 24 2001
Nockamixon State Park
Went there three times in the past month, always mid-afternoon. A state cop was there everytime, parked in the bus lane. Also the rear parking lot is off limits due to the 'do not enter' sign being moved closer to the entrance. Jun 23 2001
South Bend
Rum Village Park
On June 20, 2001 the South Bend Tribune reported that the police plan to step up patrols to curb the cruising that takes place at the park. The paper mentioned Web site where law enforcement have been getting their tips on all the cruising spots in South Bend. You're being warned in advance about this. The South Bend police plan to do heavy crackdown on the park. The penalties are expected to get heavier this year than last year. It will only get worse as time goes by; there won't be any places to cruise. Jun 22 2001
Toronto Metro
Hudson Bay Centre
Undercover security guards are patrolling. I was recently stopped and banned from the premises for a year. Watch out. Jun 22 2001
Hardin Park
I was here recently and witnessed an unmarked Camaro drive up and eventually escort someone off the property. The cop mentioned to the troll that he was on video. The cop left me alone. I am guessing the pic he took of me or my car was for future reference. Jun 21 2001
New York
Thompson Park
The local news did a piece on the issue of sex in Thompson Park. They were even kind enough to mention this Website. Police presence has been increased. Jun 20 2001
Riverside Park
Police have been watching the restroom. Just don't stay in for a long time or police will question you and run your plates. Jun 20 2001
Sawyer Park
I was there on a Monday in June. A local police or Marine Patrol came out of the woods and was calling in on his radio all the auto plate numbers that were parked even if you were in the car. He was being very uncool. Now, this place is a very active spot and can be very fun but looks like someone is going to busted here soon. Beware. Jun 20 2001
Caesar Creek State Park
Thought people might be interested in this from the Dayton Daily News on May 11, 2001.

"Thirteen men have been arrested on sex-crime charges at a
Caesar Creek State Park picnic area in the past three weeks...The investigation is the second in the past three years at the picnic area by
the Ohio Department of Natural Resources police. The 50 Springs Picnic Area is frequented by gay men soliciting and engaging
in sex at the park, authorities said. The investigation came in response to
complaints from visitors to the area off Ohio 73, on the east side of the
Jun 19 2001
New York City Metro
Roosevelt Hotel
Hotel security is very verbally abusive. They now spend their day watching who goes in and out. Jun 19 2001
New Hampshire
Greeley Park
The police patrol this area all the time. I have seen three people arrested. Jun 19 2001
Sydney Metro
Cruisy beat near Winbourne Road
Care required as police regularly check this toilet out. Jun 18 2001
Mad River Reservoir and Dam
Be careful after dusk. DEP, state and local cops patrol the area and will give tickets or worse if you're there at night. Jun 17 2001
Mercer University
The cops have a sting set up. They are using video. I am now out on bond but they carried me out in handcuffs. Jun 17 2001
Charleston Metro
Daniel Boone Rest Stop
Police have been patroling this park very heavy lately at night. Police will ticket you if you are caught here after 9 pm. Jun 17 2001
Stadium Park
The city is currently in the process of hiring 2 police to patrol the parks. Right now they are only patroled by the occasional police officer, but that will change. Jun 16 2001
Boston Metro
Northeastern University - Curry Student Center
Police are targeting older 'non-student' types. Jun 16 2001
Keauhou Bay Park
Caution is advised here. There are a lot of police here 24 hours a day, everyday. Not much action here anymore. Use extreme caution as this location is on the Crime Watch program. Jun 15 2001
Bay City
Veterans Memorial Park
A police officer with a great build, big dick and nice buns is known to entice gay guys by wearing a bikini or speedo swim trunks with the appearance of being sunbathing. He has made several arrests in the past so it is best not to take chances when you see someone that fits this description there. Jun 15 2001
Clear Creek Road Watering Hole
The sheriff's department is regularly visiting this year and they are starting to issue citations for those found in the nude. Hard to tell what they might do if they found sexual activity happening. Jun 15 2001
Raleigh - Durham - Chapel Hill Metro
North Carolina State University
Latest word is there is now a full-time security officer in this building checking for activity. Jun 15 2001
British Columbia
Riverside Park
This park has more police surveillance during the warmer summer months. Also, watch for teens out doing verbal bashing, especially in groups or in cars. Jun 14 2001
Wilderness Park
Recent arrest(s) for indecent exposure. Be careful. Jun 14 2001
New Jersey
West Orange
South Mountain Reservation
Police have been checking license plates. I was asked for license,etc. just because I was parked on the road in Mayapple Hill. The policeman threatened worse action if I returned. Jun 14 2001
San Francisco Metro
San Mateo
Hillsdale Mall
Recently, security has been patrolling the restrooms but also watch our for the lady janitors, they report to security also. Watch out for a hispanic security guard with a goattee. He slips into the restroom quietly, waiting silently for action and has made arrests recently! Jun 13 2001
Phoenix Metro
Dreamy Draw Recreation Area
Careful guys -- lots of Park Ranger activity along the trails. Jun 12 2001
Fabyan Forest Preserve
I wanted to warn cruisers that there was a raid and ten men were arrested here yesterday, June 11th. So, I'd suggest staying away for awhile. Jun 12 2001
Atlanta Metro
A.L. Burruss Nature Park
Today at school we watched a project tape about public indecency and behavior. I was shocked when I realized the tape content was recorded entirely at the Al Burras Park. There is 100% coverage of the parking and wooded areas immediately behind it. The images are very clear. After the lecture, I asked the man who brought the tape if he was still recording in that area and was it lawful. He said he was still recording, gave a chuckle, and said he sells the edited tapes. Jun 11 2001
Raleigh - Durham - Chapel Hill Metro
Umstead State Park
Heavily monitored!!! Police are making arrests. Undercover agents are acting like they are trying to hook up. Jun 10 2001

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