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Caesar's Adult Shop

Category: Adult store with arcade Hours / Entry Fee: Open 8 am - Midnight daily Directions: Located near intersection of Grant and Oracle. Head northbound on Oracle (north of Grant) and after three blocks, look for the blue awning. It comes up fast.
Submitted: Apr 04 2001 (Edited 01/13/17)
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Address: 2540 North Oracle Road
City: Tucson
State: Arizona
ZIP/Postal Code: 85705
Country: United States of America
Phone Number: 520-622-9479
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Usergroup: Member
Joined: Feb 08, 2016

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 2


Posted Jun 09 2018:
Came here on my day off. Got a private room, began jerking it, then happened to notice a head peeking under the door. I didn't mind though, just exposed more for him to watch until I finished. Didn't get to see who it. was afterwards but hoped they enjoyed the show.

Edited on 06/11/18


Posted Oct 02 2017:
The booths suck. No privacy and two people barely fit The door is exposed from the thigh down, about three feet. The private booths seem promising but there's cameras all around.

It depends on the clerk if they allow any sexual contact. The place was lonely, only two others around and not my type. Disappointing.

Edited on 10/09/17
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Super Reviewer

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Jan 25, 2003

Total Listings: 1
Total Reviews: 28


Posted Jan 11 2017:
After several visits, I realized that I would be a masochist if I ever went back to this place. Tucson overall is sexually regressive, but this place is awful. Dirty, smelly, poor layout, and most of all, staff that are among the rudest aggressive assholes I have ever encountered.

If ever a place deserved to close, this is it. Avoid at all costs.

Edited on 01/13/17
Sierra Vista Bill


Posted Jun 08 2013:
Hadn't been to this bookstore/arcade, went in this morning around 11:00 am. Four or five guys were there but a few more came in after I got there. Chick was watching the place, they have video cameras up watching the aisles, they were watching for two in a booth. A black guy outside said that if they catch you they ask you to leave right away.

The good part was on the west wall facing the street. They have these little square windows, when both booths are watching videos the cloudy glass becomes clear so you can watch each other jack off. I watched about five guys come in, drop a dollar, and we'd watch each other mutually J.O., no contact.

Finally a big Mexican-American guy came in and looked to see what I was doing. When he saw me jacking he pulled out a huge cock and I was in lust. His dollar ran out and I wasted no time opening my door to see if he wanted company. Nothing exposed because we were on cam' at that point. He saw me and nodded to the parking lot, and we both headed that way. The chick that works there followed us out the door, I guess to make sure we didn't try anything on their property (so be cool).

When we got out back where the cars are parked he nodded to his truck and I nodded to my van, and he agreed. We went off-site and he wanted me to suck him and didn't seem to want to reciprocate which was disappointing but O.K. It felt like 105 degrees. At one point he pulls my mouth off him and asks me if I am clean. Luckily I was. So he gets in position and I kiss his chest and neck and shoulders while he fucks me face to face. It takes me a long while to adjust to his thick meat. So I figure no kissing with this guy but to my surprise he plants one on me and rolls a hard kiss onto my lips as he comes! The other surprise, he sucks me off with his mouth afterwards! A rare treat!

I usually go to the Party House on 22nd Street but this place had more guys who were serious. I'll be back!

Edited on 06/14/13


Posted Mar 25 2010:
The booths are intentionally very small to keep it to one person. There's room if you squeeze in tight, but one guy must be on his knees under the screen. The doors are just below waist level so the staff can see if there are more than one in the booth and kick them out if that's the mood they're in.

Some of the booths have windows between them so you can watch the guy in the adjoining booth. There is glass in the window, so it's not an active gloryhole as no touching is possible. They get a very wide range of clientele, from college guys to every type ethnicity.

Edited on 03/27/10


Posted Feb 29 2008:
Heads Up!
Small booths here, one with a small frosted buddy window (sucks) and not alot of action. The first time I went in a hot little Mexican guy played with me for a bit and when the attendant went by he shined a flashlight under the door and saw two of us, he pitched a fit. Kicked us out and warned he could call the cops. Kind of a bust.


Posted Feb 26 2007:
I went in today and had a nice black cock in my mouth within minutes. Nice load, tasted good. A little scary as there were people in the hall, but it worked.


Posted Jan 12 2007:
I got and gave great head here last night. Best bet is the full length movie booths -- lots of room to suck and fuck.


Posted Nov 30 2006:
Great place to watch a full length movie and get all the action you want. Just leave your door unlocked/open.


Posted Apr 24 2006:
I hit this place about once a month. I've been sucked several times by married guys. One of the staff actually hooked me up with a private video booth once and then came back to jack my cock off.


Posted Sep 15 2005:
Very good bookstore. I've been there often but it's a long drive if you live in east or south Tucson. They have put up signs recently warning about looking under booth doors but there are two-way windows that are only active when both booths are running. Many of the booths with windows on each side were coincidentally 'out of order'. The clerks seem indifferent to checking around the place. I highly recommend parking up front after dark or be aware when walking to your car.


Posted Aug 27 2005:
The day clerks are bitchy queens. If they are drunk or high then they can be ok but if they are jonesing, forget it.


Posted Aug 09 2005:
I went today between 3 and 4 pm. All the booths were in use or broken. One person eyed me but no connections. The attendant was a bit gruff as he demanded that people drop quarters and slammed doors that were slightly ajar. I guess he has a job to do, but I didn't feel welcome in the end. Tried the $5 booths yesterday and left the door slightly ajar, but no one even made an approach.


Posted Sep 29 2004:
The five dollar private booth is the answer. All of the arcade booth doors are cut off at knee level so everyone can see what's going on in the booths.


Posted Sep 22 2004:
Caesar's is great! Go to one of the private booths, it's five dollars for a movie. There are a lot of hot cocks waiting to be sucked or guys waiting to suck. The attendants are cool, except on Tuesday morning. He's a royal prick. Have fun. I hope more big dicks join in the good times.


Posted Oct 30 2003:
There's lots of action in the parking lot. I took two guys in my mouth. There was plenty of warning of cars coming into the driveway.


Posted Nov 28 2002:
I was joined in my booth by guy with a huge cock. We sucked each other a bit then he took my load and left.


Posted Jun 23 2002:
About six months ago I saw one guy patrolling the halls looking for cruisers but have not seen him since. I agree that the staff doesn’t seem to care at all what goes on there. Please don't pick a booth with a window if you don't want to be seen.


Posted Apr 23 2002:
This is a good place. I've fucked and sucked many times. The best plan is to get a private video preview booth. The staff does not seem to care what happens there. Good lunchtime crowd.


Posted Dec 24 2001:
Of all the arcades in Tucson this is the only one with any hope. Some of the guys are actually cute and the staff is less schoolmarmy than at any other place on this list. The buddy booths give people a chance to check each other out, though actually hooking up is risky since the doors are so short. Seems smarter to meet here and take it home.

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