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L'Amour Shoppe

Category: Adult store with arcade Hours / Entry Fee: Open 24 hours Submitted: Jul 27 2001 (Edited 07/10/21)
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2.75/5 based on 4 votes. The median rating is 1.
Read & Write Reviews: 24 Reviews

Address: 323 East Alisal Street
City: Salinas
State: California
ZIP/Postal Code: 93901
Country: United States of America
Phone Number: 831-758-9600

GPS Approximate Latitude & Longitude: 36.6751,-121.644
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Mini Ho & Cross Dresser


Posted Oct 20 2023:
I stopped by today at the store. Had some time to spare. Was looking for something sexy for me. Got me an outfit, some stockings and a new wig. Was looking for something for Halloween sexy.

I might be at one of the stores for Halloween. I don't know what to wear. I might be a sexy cop or sexy French maid. I just want to have fun for Halloween. Anyone having a sex party? I want to go.

Well, was at the store today. A man hit me up to go have sex with him. He wanted to go to his car. I told him let's go to his house or a hotel. He said it will be fast and fun. I told him go get a room.

This other guy was listening to our conversation. He said I would take me to his house. Just his kids are home. Go get a motel room I told him. It was funny.

The guy walked into my booth. He pulled out his cock. I started to suck it. He came right away. I got his dick and made it all wet. He put it in my ass. I wanted to make noise. He had a thick cock and a lot of cum. One guy. That was it.

I should just stand in back of the store. See who picks me up. I loved the gang bang I got with my friend the other night. No one goes early anymore. They need the other booths that were big. They had three or four on the side. Those were good. You could fuck suck and have a orgy.

That's when I first started to wear women's clothing such as underwear, bras, garter belt, and stockings. Mini dresses, I had two: a reddish one and a nice looking white with lace. That one I had white stockings with lace on top.

Well, guys no one was at the store. Till next time I go. I need dick. Look for me standing inside or in back outside. I need cum in my mouth and up my ass. Bye guys. Next time.

Edited on 10/24/23
Mini Ho Cross Dresser


Posted Oct 16 2023:
Was at the store the other day. Was a little packed in the parking lot. I had to park in the street. I was kinda surprised that I found a parking spot right behind the store. I saw a crossdresser like me walking towards me. She was hot looking. She had on a mini dress and white thigh-high stockings with a garter belt and high heels. I was on my passenger side of my car. Was putting on my high heels. I had a black mini dress with black fish net thigh-high stockings and a black garter belt. I also had a black bra on and a lace black thong on. My wig was my black hair.

The girl came up to me and started to talk to me. She was cool. Started to help me with my makeup when a car drove up. She walked up to the car. The guy wanted to party with both of us. She told them I was new. So we followed him to a house. We got out of the car and he invited us in.

I didn't know the girl's name. We both walked into the bathroom. She gave me her name. I had some clothes to change into. Had in my bag so daisy dukes and a sweater, some thigh-high stockings, and thongs and other high heels. I was ready for the night.

We walked out to find the guy ready. We had a drink and more. He put on a porn movie. We went for it. I started to suck his dick. It was hard. I took off my thong. I put a condom on him with my mouth. I didn't even look at my makeup and hair.

He laid me down on my stomach. Started fucking me. It was so good. The girl was getting ready to get fucked too. I just wanted him to fuck me. It felt so good in me. I felt that he came in the condom.

He started to fuck the girl while I sucked her off. It was getting too hot when the guy said he had friends coming over. I went to open the door. Three guys ready to get it on.

We sat in the living room. I started to suck them off. One guy started to play with my ass, fingering my ass. I felt his whole hand up my ass. They had oil for my ass.

I took off my dress and started to fuck one guy. I was sucking off the other two guys. Yes, my night to get gangbanged. One guy decided to put his big dick up my ass also. Wow, it was so good.

I saw the other guy and girl walking out of the room. She was so proud of me taking two dicks up my ass. I was moaning so loud it was good and hard. I felt the cum in the condom. Up my ass. I was a little bitch for the night.

We stayed at that house. We started drinking more. I was not going to drive. We started all over again. Fucking and sucking. I wanted to be covered in cum. I got five big loads in my face. I started to clean my face by licking the cum. It tasted so good.

We stood around all naked. I went to change into my daisy dukes. After a couple of drinks and some fun I wanted the guys to fuck me again. It was a good gangbang. I let them put the cum in my ass. Load after load. Again all five gave it to me. I wanted more. They were all tired.

I walked around and I could feel the cum dripping from my ass. I put on my daisy dukes and I still had my stockings and garter belt with my black thong on. I had my bra with a small shirt on and my high heels and wig.

We just stayed up playing around. I sucked off all the guys. I had a mouth full of cum. I swallowed every drop. I want to do that again.

If you guys want to meet I'm interested in meeting up. I dress to impress. I love wearing sexy lingerie. I love to swallow cum. It's better when it's a gangbang party. I love it when many guys are in me. Cum dripping out of my ass is the best.

Make sure its your place. I'll bring many different changes of sexy lingerie. I have many mini skirts and dresses. I also have French maid, police women, daisy dukes that ride up my ass with my high heels or thigh high boots.

What's on your mind. I'll be your little Ho. Look for me Mini Ho or Cross Dresser.

Edited on 10/17/23
Cross dresser


Posted Sep 23 2023:
I stopped at another porn shop in this area. L'Amour Shoppe carries more products than that other one. I am glad to have these stores close to home.

In my last post I got to meet some tranny ladies at this shop. They helped me with my little problem. They helped me and told me not to be afraid of being myself. I dress up in women's clothing. Love having lingerie hugging my body.

I walked into the other store the way I express me. Before going that way I stopped by this store. I was not able to express myself yet. I had on spandex leggings and part of my dress under my sweater. I was not ready. Underneath my pants and sweater I had a mini dress with thigh high stockings and garter belt. I had on thong panties and some thigh high boots. I still looked good. My butt looks good in spandex. I walked in and looked around. I got some sexy women outfits. Well needed sexy outfits. I love to see myself in sexy lingerie.

I walked into the video arcade booths. Didn't see many people in the store. One guy was walking in and another was looking around the store. I put some money into the video machine. Was hoping that one guy would come knocking at my door. No one came by. I was alone in the booth. I should have gotten a dildo to play with myself.

After ten or fifteen minutes I walked out. I started talking to the guy at the counter. I was asking questions about what are the rules on men wearing women's clothing. He said it's OK. Just as long you are not showing private areas. He was helpful in answering my question. He allowed me to go try on my outfit in a bathroom in back.

When I came out a couple of other guys were walking around. I walked out to my car to place my bag. It was a little chilly. Was about to go in again when I noticed a trans woman walking in back of the store. I went to see her but she was getting into a car. I had extra clothes in the car but it was too cold.

I walked back in the store. Went back to the booths. I could hear and see the little light on some of the booths. I went into one and started seeing a movie. A guy was trying to open the door but it was locked. I took off my pants and sweater. I was in my dress.

I unlocked my door. I was sitting looking at the video. I could hear someone giving a blow job. They were not quite. I was seeing the movie and I was horny. Finally a guy walked into my booth. He was ready so was I. I pulled his cock and started sucking it. I think he was the guy getting head from someone. He was asking me if I wanted to get fucked. I told him yes.

I put on a condom on him. He turned me around. He fucked me. It was amazing because it was my first one that day. He was average. He still fucked me good. He left me twenty dollars in the video machine.

Awhile later a guy came into my booth. He had seen what I had on. It made him horny. I grabbed his cock and pulled it out. I played with it at first. He started moving my head so I could suck it. So I did. He wasn't interested in fucking me. He wanted a good blow job. He came to the right booth. He shot his cum into my mouth. It was so good. I showed him that I had swallowed it.

He had this look that he was not done. He was looking at my clothing. He turned me around and bent me over the chair. He put it in me. It was a little rough. I turned and put some lube. Now it felt good. I loved it going in and out. He was grabbing me as if I were a woman. I could tell he had already cum inside of me but I didn't care because after he came again I was happy. My legs were quivering from me getting fucked from behind. He walked out. I felt his hot cum wanting to come out.

I didn't want to put on my thong. So I waited a few minutes. I was feeling it dripping out of me. I was putting my fingers up my ass to lick it up. As I was doing that I didn't hear any more videos on or people. The movie was going to finish. I grabbed my pants and sweater together. I walked out of the store in my dress. I felt good. I was myself.

Got to my car. No cars in the parking lot. I took off my boots and put on my high heels. I drove around and saw some prostitutes walking around wearing hardly anything. I wanted to park and get off and also show myself off. So I left the city.

I recommend this place to buy and get all your needs. Till next time guys. My mouth and ass will be waiting for you guys to cum right in.

Edited on 09/24/23
Cross dresser


Posted Sep 16 2023:
I wrote a review of L'Amour Shoppre about a week ago. I have gone back this past week. Not many people in the store. I saw two tranny ladies and I were in the store. They were dressed up, mini skirt and daisy dukes with high heels. I was hiding my stuff behind spandex leggings and a jacket. I'm still nervous about my look.

I know those girls dress up for a reason. I started to talk to them. I asked questions. I told them I was crossdresser. Showed them my sexy clothes, lingerie and high heels I had in my car. They helped me to get over my fear. So they helped me. They took off my clothes and noticed that I was dressed up. All I needed was a wig and to put on my high heels.

Thirty minutes later I got over my fear. Walked into the store in my mini summer dress, stockings and garter belt and high heels. I looked like a girl. I walked around the store. Purchased some thigh high stockings and a couple of outfits. Some guy walked in and was looking around the store.

I finished paying and walked into the video booths. I could hear one booth video was playing. I got in the booth and started to watch a movie. I was not going to be alone in that booth for long. That guy came to my door and opened the door. I forgot to lock it. It's OK because I grabbed the guy's cock and sucked him off.

I was waiting for him to say bend over. I pulled down my thong a little ways. I put a condom on his cock with my mouth. He started to fuck me hard. After he was done he gave me his phone number so we could meet that night.

I was still in the booth when another guy just walked in. This guy was clean cut. So again I sucked this guy off. He shot his load into my mouth. Wow. It felt amazing and good.

The night was not over. I was walking out of the store going to my car. The car parked next to me. A guy rolled down his window and asked me to fuck. I couldn't resist. I had two dicks in me already. One more was not going to hurt.

I followed him to his house. It was great. First time to have cum in my ass. He let me stay in his home. In the morning again we went at it. I will no longer be nervous to dress up like a woman in my high heels, garter belt, stockings, skirts, dresses, lingerie, thong, and wig.

I need a good gang bang. I'll be ready. Guys get ready. L'Amour Shoppe is a good place for all your needs. Till next time.

Edited on 09/18/23
Cross dresser


Posted Sep 10 2023:
One evening I stopped by the store. I was wearing my spandex leggings. Underneath I had on black garter belt with black thigh high stockings and a black thong. I also had on a black mini dress that hugged my body.

I walked around to see all the accessories and lingerie. I purchased some thigh high fish net stockings. I walked into the video arcade. I heard a couple of booths had someone seeing videos. I started looking at a video. Someone tried to open my door. I started taking off my pants. Wanted to be me. I felt so horny and I wanted someone to walk in.

The movie stopped. Was about to put money in when this guy came to my door. I had just unlocked the door before I put the money in. He was so happy to see what I had on. I sat in the chair while he pulled out his cock. I started sucking it. It was big. I could tell he wanted to put it in me. I turned around. I took all of it in my ass. He shot his load in me. It felt so good inside me.

It was dripping out so I got dressed. He walked out first. When I was walking out I can feel it dripping out of my ass. Walking to my car he hit me up to go meet him at his house. That was a great time at the store.

Edited on 09/11/23
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Senior Reviewer

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Mar 11, 2018

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 9


Posted Jul 10 2021:
I'm heading there in two weeks. Can I get an update? Is this place still open? Are there any new places like this?

Still open per Google. ~ Editor

Edited on 07/10/21


Posted Jun 06 2013:
The store itself is cleaning up but I have never found any action. Headed there soon anyone wants to meet me.

Edited on 06/10/13


Posted Sep 06 2008:
This place used to be so hot. Now they have closed the large extended arcade area. For my last three visits (over a year-long period) they have said that their restroom is out of order. All that is left is a small booth area, which is guarded and overly well lit. Out of sixty or so videos running in the arcade only two were gay. It used to be at least ten or more. No fun to be had here. I guess they didn't appreciate all the money the gay crowd brought in. Don't waste time here.


Posted Mar 11 2007:
Since they've closed the old arcade and opened a new arcade in another wing of the building they've become super vigilant regarding two in a booth. Several times while I was browsing for magazines up front the clerk would leave the front desk and force people to open the booth doors. If he found two (or more?) in the booth he'd then ban them from the store. They've really clamped down on cruising here!


Posted Jan 30 2007:
The newer arcade located in the rear of the store has been closed indefinitely. There is a notice by the city on the door that states that part of the building is unsafe to occupy. The older arcade across from the cashier is open but is under surveillance by the clerks on duty. Stay tuned for more details.


Posted Jun 24 2006:
Heads Up!
Cruisers being busted, by the National Security Agency no less. I could not believe it when I saw their cars in the parking lot. I thought it was some private security firm that was using a logo that looked like NSA. But the cars had the government logo on the side. Inside the bookstore was an armed officer with a citation pad. What the fuck is this? I first saw the vehicles Friday night. I didn't stop in the place and was just driving by. Stopped by today, Saturday, and didn't notice the NSA car until after I had parked and walked up. Still not really thinking it was the government NSA, I went inside and saw the armed officer. Not wanting just to exit right away, I went into a booth for about twenty minutes. On my way out, I saw the officer was still there. There were also some other guys that I had noticed looking over the video selection when I first went it -- after twenty minutes with an officer there I am guessing some of these guys were undercover cops. I have no idea if this has to go with Gay Pride weekend. I was at this same place earlier in the week and none of this shit was going on. The NSA of all organization - I guess they don't have anything else to worry about these days.


Posted Dec 27 2005:
Undoubtedly one of the cleanest, nicest (extremely large booths) places in all of the country. They were lining up for head. Will be back to this gold mine! Lots of great uncut Latin meat.


Posted Aug 14 2005:
One of the larger booths in the back has peepholes so you can see in from the outside. I didn't notice the peepholes until I finished sucking a guy off. As he walked out of the booth after cumming another guy entered immediately. He said he was watching me and then pointed to the peepholes. As I started to suck him off, I noticed someone looking through the peephole. He was next after I finished with the guy I was currently sucking. What a turn-on knowing that others are watching me suck guys off!


Posted Jun 07 2005:
Guard does check for unlocked doors on occasion. No gloryholes. Newly remodeled with additional, larger booths -- room for more than two. Took two guys into a booth at the same time the other night and sucked them both. Made them cum several times until they were dry. They both said they have never done anything like that before and can't wait to do it again. Me either.


Posted Jan 31 2005:
Heads Up!
Don't go near here. Out back are gang members. They rub their crotches and get in the car with you then out comes a knife and they rob you. Some let you suck them off and then rob you calling you a fag or 'maricon'.


Posted Dec 27 2004:
Heads Up!
I've been here almost everyday (daytime) at different times abd there is nobody around. Daytime cruising has dried up. Nights are not safe, too many hookers and homeless hitting you up for cash and it's crawling with cops who will stop you and run your plates, it happened to me. Cops told me robberies are on the rise -- guys picking up guys for a car blowjob and getting a knife or gun pulled on them. They were looking for someone that night.


Posted Oct 27 2004:
This is a very hot place. I go three or four times a week in the afternoon and always get some action.


Posted Aug 09 2004:
This is a great place for action. Most guys just want to suck or get sucked. The staff is remodeling the store right now and not paying much attention to the arcade. I stopped by Sunday and ended up getting a great blowjob from a young chubby Latino kid who came in my unlocked booth. He sucked me good, swallowed my load and left.


Posted Jul 07 2004:
I found this to be a good place to go for oral action. I even got fucked here by a hung, uncut Mexican guy.


Posted Jun 27 2004:
If you're into sucking Latin cock, this is the place to go. Most of the guys are short married farm workers that want to bust a nut on the way home. Most don't even shower first. They only have a small arcade and it's hard to do anything since the clerks are always watching. There is also some outside cruising but it's not too safe.


Posted Jun 19 2004:
This is a great place for some Latin cock.


Posted May 25 2003:
Yes, the clerks can see right into the room with the arcades. They will slam your door if it is not closed.


Posted May 11 2003:
It's dangerous outside with a lot of hustlers, prostitutes and cops. Inside, the clerks face the room with the booths. They are always checking to make sure your door is closed and locked. Sometimes they will slam your door really hard.


Posted Jul 27 2001:
Inside are booths and sometimes action within the booths. Be careful of the attendent. Also, guys cruise outside in the parking lot and surrounding streets.

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