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Elysian Park - Buena Vista Hill Area

Category: Cruisy parking lot and nearby woods Directions: From the 110 northbound take Exit 25, then Casanova St. to Park Row Dr.
Submitted: Oct 04 2005 (Edited 06/01/21)
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3.48/5 based on 23 votes. The median rating is 4.
Read & Write Reviews: 36 Reviews

Address: around Park Row Drive and Buena Vista Drive
City: Los Angeles
State: California
ZIP/Postal Code: 90012
Country: United States of America

GPS Approximate Latitude & Longitude: 34.0738,-118.228
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Usergroup: Member
Joined: Jun 14, 2024

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 1


Posted Jun 14 2024:
I just park and wait and when I see an interested cock stare at me from their car, I get out in skin tight hot pink lycra tights and a skin tight yellow long sleeve lycra rash guard top with no bra so my erect nipples show and walk slowly towards the hiking trail. Sure enough I then have someone "flashing" their hard snake as I walk by. If I like it I let them cop a feel and maybe rub it on my tight ass.

Edited on 06/16/24


Posted Sep 18 2023:
Heads Up!
The trails in/around Buena Vista Drive are indeed cruisy. Been there a number of times and I generally get some form of dick. However, most recently, I happened upon Park Rangers walking the trails. Be careful, guys.

Their vehicle wasn't parked on BV Drive, they might've parked at the little pocket park that's below BV hill, and patrolled the trails from below. I got there around 4 pm on a Sunday, and when I left at 4:45, the Rangers were still there.

Edited on 09/20/23
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Usergroup: Member
Joined: Sep 19, 2014

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 10


Posted May 31 2021:
If you are trying to locate the cruisy area, type in Buena Vista Hill on Google Maps. Otherwise you'll just see the areas of the park where people walk their dogs or take their families.

This park is still the best. I almost always get action when I go. Just drive up the hill and park your car. Then get out and walk down the dirt path. You'll want to walk to the second to last dirt path. That's where the action is. You can't miss it because you'll see the bushes and trees and there's even some stairs that lead to the cruisy spot.

Just be careful. Use your head. Police and rangers will come when it's getting late and they'll kick everyone out.

Edited on 06/01/21

Usergroup: Member
Joined: May 20, 2018

Total Listings: -2
Total Reviews: 285


Posted Jan 07 2021:
Parking permits are proposed here, mainly to help residents and emergency access, but also to limit cruising: "LA City Park Rangers and the LAPD reported increased illegal activity in the nearby brush area where a majority of violators detained for lewd conduct park their personal vehicles on the aforementioned blocks indicated below leading to congestion and depletion of available parking spaces."

The Eastsider, December 8 2020: Residential permit parking proposed for Elysian Park party spot

Edited on 01/11/21
Super Reviewer

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Jul 06, 2018

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 27


Posted Sep 18 2020:
Heads Up!
Five guys were arrested at Elysian Park for having sex or cruising yesterday afternoon. Be careful guys and avoid this place.

Edited on 09/18/20


Posted Feb 02 2019:
Heads Up!
The park has two rangers again for the first time in years. "The rangers will also have more conventional policing duties, such as patrolling for illegal activity, enforcing minor quality-of-life regulations such as dogs off the leash, smoking, open flames, alcohol violations and illegal parking."

The Eastsider, November 2018: Rangers return to Elysian Park after a decade-long absence.

Edited on 02/04/19


Posted Nov 27 2018:
Heads Up!
I saw LAPD arresting guys in the park, in the middle of the day last week. Stay away from this place. You will get arrested here. Be warned.

Edited on 11/28/18


Posted Feb 14 2018:
To add to what the previous poster said, the park is suffering badly from the drought. Trees and shrubbery are dying everywhere. This makes for dramatically less "cover" — except at night, when it's a lot riskier to go there. If the warm weather in February is any indication, then I expect the park to go up in flames this summer.

Edited on 02/16/18


Posted Feb 12 2018:
Heads Up!
I went hiking here, amazing views of the city. But I don't know how anyone could hook up here. The whole park is full of homeless villages, developed to the point I don't think you can call them homeless anymore. The mentally ill high on meth and twenty-dollar rent boys are the vast majority of the guys here.

And in the middle of this scene from Mad Max, two obvious vice cops tried to get me into the bushes. I had them made before they even saw me. Besides, I was only hiking.

Edited on 02/14/18
Super Reviewer

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Oct 24, 2009

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 73


Posted Dec 22 2013:
Worthy of checking out, but be safe. If you keep driving up, there's views of the city that are worth the telescope.

Edited on 12/30/13


Posted Dec 01 2012:
Hands down the hottest guy I have ever seen while cruising was here. He drove a black Porsche and would jog shirtless. Looked a little like Christian Ronaldo but better. First time I tried to make eye contact and he just jogged away. Figured he was straight and working out. Came here another time and saw his car parked by the road. Went into the bushes and saw him getting his dick sucked by the thug looking dude. Too bad I was there just as they were finishing. Been here several times since and not seen him. This place I have noticed has 80% old Mexicans and the occasional hot guy.

Edited on 12/06/12


Posted Aug 25 2012:
Subject: vice Heads Up!
A lot of undercover police during the mid-afternoons. I was arrested here with others. Watch out, not safe.

Edited on 08/31/12
man on man


Posted Feb 23 2011:
Heads Up!
The entire area is monitored 24/7 and has been on the news constantly. Don't put yourself in jail by cruising here.

Edited on 03/05/11


Posted Oct 03 2010:
Action is still going strong 7 days a week. If you like Latinos, this is the place to be. Most nightime action occurs in the area just east of the bridge over the 110 freeway.

I was there twice this past week and had a lot of fun. The best was a 3-way with two Latinos in their early 30's. We got naked after the park closed and sucked and fucked for over an hour. Nobody bothered our action although we would have happily allowed the only person, another cute Latino guy, that passed by us to join in but he was too shy.

Edited on 10/09/10


Posted Sep 20 2010:
Heads Up!
LAPD is still conducting sting operations in Elysian, especially at the little Elysian Fields baseball field. Saw two men in cuffs today, Monday afternoon. The undercover officers included a plain looking female with dry, sandy brown hair parted down the middle; a fat white guy in a goofy safari hat; and a built Latino you'd want to stick your dick in. He had big shoulders and was wearing one of those T-shirts with a big cross on the back. There was also a chubby faced undercover cop parked in a grey Crown Vic around the corner heading down the hill.


Edited on 09/21/10


Posted Nov 04 2009:
Heads Up!
I went to the park last Saturday afternoon and put on my running gear to check out all the cruising places. I parked in a spot near the overlook and a guy I had messed around with before followed me into the trails. He fucked me for a good 20 minutes, even though we were visited by a couple of horny guys. Finally we broke it up and went our separate ways. Less than half an hour later I see police lights down below. I drive by them and I see that the cops have my top man in plastic handcuffs! I feel so bad for him, and so lucky for me.


Posted Apr 13 2009:
I got pulled over here yesterday by two General Services cops in the white SUVs for the tinting on my front windows (yes, you heard me right...window tinting of all things to get pulled over for), which led me to believe two things: (1) they used the tinting as a premise to deter me and every other men from coming up here and make it seem like I am not welcome because they know they can't pull me over for being gay or (2) the economy is so bad that they are looking for excuses to make a few extra bucks by pulling people over for petty things like tinted windows. It's pretty sad that things like this have to happen. Even though they were nice cops they were still being totally petty and I'm sure it won't be the last time they do something like this at Elysian Park.


Posted Apr 07 2009:
Heads Up!
Hey, guys. Just an FYI that there are two cops patrolling the park in tricked out black Ford F-150s. Be extra careful. They are assholes. Both are pelon Latinos. They will grab their crotch to bait you.


Posted Dec 12 2008:
Buena Vista View Drive is the center of it, all around the trails on the hill, also up on Grand View Drive above the reservoir. The other area is the road around the baseball fields. Guys park in cars or go on the trails across the road. I have been going for years now, numerous times a week. Cops do drive through but typically stay on the road. They mostly are looking for gang bangers or people drinking in the park. But they do watch the bushes so don't hang or do anything where they can see you from the road. Twice I have seen them actually walking on the trails. So again, if you are fucking around, find somewhere in the bushes that can't be seen from the regular trails.


Posted Aug 15 2008:
Oh hell no. The best time to go there is like at 4 pm. Before it gets dark check the guys out then as it's starting to get dark go walk to the park and there's a lot of fucking and sucking going on. And by the way, I've not encountered any undercover cops after nightfall just lot of handsome Latinos.


Posted Aug 13 2008:
I have been going to Elysian Park for over three years, more so since the beginning of this summer. I have never been arrested or felt in danger of being busted by the cops. If you use your best judgment and don't make a big deal about what you're there to do, you shouldn't have a problem finding hot guys to play with. There is hot orgy action around 7 or 8 pm. I've been around when up to eight or nine guys are circle jerking or fucking someone.


Posted Jul 06 2008:
The LAPD is walking the trails after 11 pm. It's not safe at all. Dangerous around the top by the water and down the trail.


Posted Mar 10 2008:
Heads Up!
I was sitting in my car for a long time on Saturday afternoon and I decided to walk on the trails. The location is the northern hill where there is a lookout point. I walked up the trails and I saw this guy who looked average (stocky build, young face but not muscular). He was looking around suspiciously and I didn't feel at ease (my ease saved my ass!). He was an undercover cop who busted two guys touching each other. I went the opposite way and walked back to my car. He was in an unmarked car and you would never guess he was a cop. LAPD is recruiting bearish looking undercovers so watch out! They even have troll undercovers out here too.


Posted Mar 01 2008:
Lots of attitude and high degree of risk but like all big gambles, sometimes they pay off. This is my bread and butter of LA cruising, and the last time I was there I got my dick sucked by a cute twenty year old with a huge, downward-curving dick. All types, from twinky bitches with attitudes to match, to older, larger types. A great place to try your luck if you're careful (!) and patient.


Posted Nov 28 2007:
Heads Up!
Don't know what was going on here tonight but I noticed two cop cars on opposite sides of the park with two different guys pulled over. It's unusual to see that and it might have been part of a sting or bust but it's hard to tell. It wouldn't surprise me if they are just targeting/harassing homosexuals in this park because that's the only thing cops are good at doing when it comes to Elysian Park.


Posted Sep 15 2007:
Drove up and down the other day. Got out a couple of times for a second. There is definitely some cruising going on but it's not worth it. I ended up leaving after about twenty minutes.


Posted Aug 26 2007:
Heads Up!
if you have any warrants or no insurance I recommend you don't go to back to Elysian Park. The LAPD and Park Rangers are stopping pretty much any single males cruising around. They're running plates and driver licenses and if you have anything negative they will either arrest you or cite you or worse, both and impound your car! I saw it happen so be warned.


Posted Jun 09 2007:
Buena Vista Drive -- park all the way at the top where the road ends. Dozens of cars parked there. Walk to the nearby trails. Very cruisy. Got blown there. Condoms litter the trails. I've never seen that many brands of condoms, even at the store. Lots and lots of action.


Posted May 01 2007:
Heads Up!
Ah, Elysian Park. How ironic that this is located right above the police academy. I learned my lesson immediately after being led out of the woods in handcuffs!


Posted Feb 06 2007:
Heads Up!
Warning! Do not cruise after 9 pm. There are undercover cops waiting to bust you for being there after closing. They will ticket you and you will have to make court appearance. Ticket is only $30 but not worth the trip to court.


Posted Nov 07 2006:
Wow! What a park. I went there hiking with a few buddies on a nature hike. Yikes but there was tons of sex going on at this park. Lots of white and Latino guys there. The further up the hill you go the more action you will find. It was like a big meat market.


Posted Apr 22 2006:
Heads Up!
This park is part of the L.A. Police Academy. They train here daily. Expect to get busted!


Posted Apr 10 2006:
Heads Up!
They seem to be busting guys almost daily now. It's not safe!


Posted Jan 07 2006:
Heads Up!
Heads up, guys. I just got busted this past week by a hot vice officer. Too bad this place was a hot place, but not safe anymore. He actually asked me if I knew about the park from this site. Kind of sad knowing that they are reading this and finding out where our cruising spots are so they can bust us.


Posted Nov 20 2005:
Wow! I've been following CFS to many places in just about every state along the eastern seaboard and the south, and every place along Route 80 into California for the CFS tour. I saw this new listing, checked it out, and I have never seen action like this before! First, I spotted two hot guys in their twenties who lured me and about seven others with the sound of a belt and a naked ass. Two leather studs in their forties called me over, stripped and blindfolded me, led me down a trail buck naked and told me to 'pig out' with a bunch of their friends. I was shaking, but eager to please. For the good part of an hour, I was petrified! Still, I couldn't say no. I was enjoying it all so much. When they took the blindfold off, there were about eight hot guys (jocks/bears/blue-collars) standing around me, jerking some of the hottest dicks I've ever seen. I suggested that we go somewhere else and one guy volunteered his apartment. It turned into a 24 hour marathon leather orgy.


Posted Oct 04 2005:
Well, I dont know why Elysian Park is not up here since it's the most cruised park in Los Angeles. There is almost every kind of thing you'd want up there, from rimming to fucking, to quickies and nasty sex. The best thing I had here was an orgy, which was six guys on me. It's the best place to get off a load.

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