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Hansen Dam Recreational Center

Category: Cruisy park, toilet Directions: From I-5 take Exit 154 for Osborne Street east (toward mountains) about one and a half miles to Dronfield. Turn right into the park. Turn right at the end on the short road, and then left into the lower parking lot. To reach the toilet, from Osborne turn right onto Foothill and follow the park (on your right) to the next entrance. Turn right into the parking lot. Also accessible from I-210 at Exit 8 Foothill Blvd.
Submitted: Mar 18 2001 (Edited 03/12/18)
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Address: 11798 Foothill Boulevard
City: Lake View Terrace
State: California
ZIP/Postal Code: 91342
Country: United States of America
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Posted Mar 09 2018:
There is action here, but it can be hard to hook up. The only overt cock blocking trolls are even more of a problem than that the park is patrolled by three different types of law enforcement. Even the life guard can ticket lewd conduct.

Best on weekdays. The weekend the park is too full of families. Nice mix of guys, mostly Latino and old nasty pushy white trolls.

Edited on 03/12/18
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Joined: Sep 19, 2014

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Posted Sep 19 2014:
Hansen Dam Recreational Center is located at 11770 Foothill Blvd, Lake View Terrace CA. The Lake View Terrace library is on the corner. (Not to be confused with Hansen Dam Aquatic Center, which has a swimming pool and fishing lake and it is on the same lot but has a different address.) At this location you can park in the large parking lot and walk around. There is an area that you can go to that looks like a desert. Keep walking until you see the trees and it looks like a jungle inside. You might see people jogging. BEWARE: There are a lot of park rangers in this area and I have heard that there are undercover cops who try to catch you. Use common sense when cruising. Men of all ages and ethic backgrounds come here. Be cautious to avoid getting caught.

There is another park located on Foothill Blvd. going towards the 210 freeway. (Not to be confused with Lake View Terrace Recreation Center) Drive past the Lake View Terrace library and make a right. You will see apartment buildings, then you will see an empty deserted field. Then you will see a large sign in front of the park, on the right hand side that says Hansen Dam Recreation Center, however this park is not commonly known as Hansen Dam. Pull into the parking lot and go to the restroom. Men of all ages and ethic backgrounds come here. BEWARE: Sometimes park rangers patrol this area but not very often. Also there is a woman who comes to clean the restrooms. Be cautious.

Edited on 09/24/14


Posted Mar 30 2009:
Heads Up!
I saw a couple guys getting arrested last Thursday by undercover officers.


Posted Jul 28 2008:
Cop patrols are down. Go to the lower trails. It's safe, private, and there's always some young Latino cock hanging out. The cop patrols went up when the kids' museum was built nearby. A year later the museum is still not open so cops found something better to do.


Posted Feb 25 2008:
Great place! Always cock to be sucked! Guys meet up in the bathrooms and then head out to more private spots. I've been going there around sunset and am always rewarded with Latino and occasional white cocks.


Posted Nov 06 2007:
Heads Up!
Be careful! This used to be a great place to cruise but lately lots of undercover cops have been showing up, arresting lots of people, including myself! This is due to the Children's Museum being built next to the library, so expect heavy police activity.


Posted Mar 29 2007:
This is a great spot. It has to be on of the cruisiest areas in the northeast Valley! With all the overgrown back trails surrounding this dam you are always bound to find some sort of action at any time of the day. Mostly blue collar Latinos, whites and blacks but this place has enough traffic to keep all types happy. I went hiking last Monday and within minutes of having started my walk I ran into a forty-ish Latino stroking his fat uncut cock!


Posted Dec 01 2006:
This is a great place for hooking up. I've seen guys going at it in all parts of the park, even guys walking around nude. This is a great place.


Posted Aug 21 2005:
I've been going to Hansen off and on for about five years, from as much as several times a week to as little as once a year. I had two experiences with undercover police and that's the main reason I don't go anymore. The first time, two cops busted a young Latino whom I just chatted up. As far as I could tell, he was busted for having pot (there's active drug selling in the same area as cruising. Lots of reasons for cops to be there). The cops questioned me about why I was there and talking to the guy. I was obviously vague and the cops probably knew I was only cruising and not buying drugs, so they let me go without even taking my name. My life would have truly sucked if I was somehow connected to buying or selling drugs. The second time was sex-related. I exchanged eye contact with a handsome straight-looking guy. He looked uncomfortable and at first I thought he was shy about sex outdoors or something like that. The man never made the first move, which I almost never do either. Kept chatting about stupid stuff, but then I really got suspicious when I saw a woman watching us from a distance. She was trying to act casual. Then he asks me while looking at my crotch, 'what do you do?' I played stupid and said I worked retail. And then he says, 'Is it good around here?' And I say, 'for what?' He never answers. I left without saying anything more, but I hung around waiting to see how it played out, but there was no way I was going to unzip with anyone that day. I came across him coming back the same trail and caught him taking a piss. He quickly turned so I couldn't see, looking very uncomfortable. About half an hour later, I saw him and the woman leading an old man away. Not in handcuffs, but he was clearly going to be ticketed or arrested. Overall, Hanson is a risk that is only worth it if you're horny but still able to keep your wits. I've done it here at all times of the day. In the hot summer, you can almost count on it being empty in the heat of the day. I've had awesome sex and I've had lousy sex just because I was horny and I've had no sex because the place was empty or only occupied by old trolls.


Posted Jul 28 2005:
Summer time is when police try to bust your ass, just like last year. But sometimes the undercover cops are kind of obvious because they look like they're not cruising; don't use the body language of somebody cruising; or they give you bait like some cute guy going after you. I almost fell for their bait last year. Almost! But the cops were so obvious behind their bait waiting for me to make the first move. Now the park rangers close the park on time at 10 pm or sometimes much later. But if you're like me, I park in the upper parking lot and then walk down the concrete trail towards the park. That way if rangers patrol around at 9:45 pm you can still stay longer behind those trees and bushes and not be locked up in the park. I've been lucky a few times recently. I was there around 10 pm a couple Saturdays ago. It was kind of empty but there was this one jogger. Nobody was around and so we talked a bit, kissed, sucked each other, played around with our asses and then I fucked him good. Man, we had all the time and no hurry. We were there about half an hour tops. This past Saturday was a good one too. It was around 10 pm and there was nobody around and no cars parked; he lived nearby; we went to the benches in the park, it was already dark, so we were on the ground and on the grass 69'ing and didn't rush. Mmmmm!


Posted Jun 19 2005:
Heads Up!
I went on a Thursday afternoon, my first time here. The place was crawling with cops and I did see a guy get busted. I'll never go here again.


Posted Feb 04 2005:
I was here today for the first time and got the address here. I was there no more than ten minutess when a hot latin guy drove up and pulled it out. Walked on the trail a bit, but nothing going on there.


Posted Aug 30 2004:
I always score here. I've seen everything here from group action to naked guys walking and stroking. Nice Latin action too.


Posted May 05 2004:
I have been going here for years and always get some very good Latin encounters.


Posted Apr 11 2004:
I’ve been several times lately and got some great head. It's like a wilderness down in there and lots of seclusion, but I was told that plain clothes cops lurk around so be careful. There is a warning sign posted up by the parking lot.


Posted May 29 2003:
Have I enjoy this place for all the Latin honey that I've gotten there. I am careful, because of the cops that may be around. The place is being fixed up and it can get busy.


Posted Jun 08 2002:
Heads Up!
Recently I've seen on 6 different occasions, the police cuffing and arresting men walking the trails.


Posted Jul 24 2001:
The toilet can be really hot in late afternoon and evening. Lots of good-looking Latin guys with huge loads of cum. Just go up to the urinals and take a piss or whatever.

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