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Category: Adult store with arcade Submitted: Apr 21 2001 (Edited 06/02/10)
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Address: 4877 Lankershim Blvd
City: North Hollywood
State: California
ZIP/Postal Code:
Country: United States of America
Phone Number: 818-760-9529
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Posted Oct 31 2016:
Heads Up!
The North Hollywood police routinely sets up in here, dressed in civilian clothes, and try to entrap you.

Don't give this place any money. They knowingly let you buy a ticket and let you go in the back to get caught. Then the undercover cop tells you to quietly walk out with him so they can charge you.

Surprised to hear this after the April 29 Los Angeles Superior Court ruling about sex stings in Long Beach unfairly targeting gay men and a similar June ruling in San Jose.

I also did a Google News Search and the only sex sting cases I found for LA involved human trafficking and/or children.

Perhaps arresting gays isn't newsworthy specifically in North Hollywood? And with a national chain such as Romantix? A smart lawyer could make it so. ~ Editor

Edited on 11/10/16

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Aug 10, 2016

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 5


Posted Sep 08 2016:
Went recently and found the place to be clean but it was pretty empty at the time I was there. No gloryholes.

Edited on 09/20/16


Posted May 23 2015:
I was looking for a place to go and experience my bi side. I'm not from this area, so this place was hit or miss. I stopped by a couple days ago and it paid off.

I paid my $6 to get a code for the machines and went back. It is relatively clean, the videos work, and there were about seven guys hanging out. I watched some videos and got real real horny. I looked outside my booth in the back corner and saw a guy across the aisle with his cock out. Wow, it was super thick and he gave me the come over nod.

Though this is new to me, I couldn't resist and walked like a zombie toward his meat. Once in, he closed and locked the door and pushed my head down onto this monster. Though a little scared, it was amazing.

After about five minutes, he wanted to see my ass and when I showed him, that did it. He started cumming and covered my mouth, face and neck. I'll be back.

Edited on 05/29/15


Posted Apr 18 2015:
I am a married guy who loves to occasionally play. This place meets my needs most of the time. I came in last Wednesday at around 1 pm and it was dead, so I watched some good porn and by 1:30 it had filled up with at least nine guys.

I am a straight guy who is typically in full control, but when I come here I like to be submissive. I saw a guy enter a booth across from me who was probably 40, decent looking, and wearing a wedding ring. He began rubbing his cock through his pants and when he pulled it out, I knew what I wanted. His cock was at least 8" but more importantly, thick.

He waved me over so I walked into his booth as directed. He pushed me to my knees and I began sucking him with some intensity. He liked my submissive nature and began talking to me about what a slut I was and how he wished his wife would get into watching me suck his big cock. He worked himself into a frenzy while I tried to get this thing deeper in my throat.

He announced his intent to cum and I asked him to cover my face, my favorite. He obliged and literally painted my face with hot, thick cum. He thanked me and I did the same and he left. It was very, very nice.

I do recommend this place, but be cautious, respectful, and don't ruin it for everyone.

Edited on 04/22/15


Posted Jan 14 2015:
This place is actually a pretty good place to hook up, especially with some DL guys. Yes, there are some "regulars" who hang out and put a damper on things, but there are plenty of married and straight DL guys coming in to experiment. Gotta be careful and discrete. No gloryholes, but if you find someone two can slip into a plenty large booth and get some privacy. Last time I visited, I had no luck, but the time before I had a Latin guy force his big cock down my throat and cum on my face. Just like I enjoy it.

Edited on 01/19/15


Posted Sep 27 2014:
This place is hit or miss. It does have potential with DL guys coming in to experiment but it also has some trolls who won't leave you alone. If you catch the right time, it can be very very nice.

I was there last week, late on a Friday evening, and a young guy around 25 came in wearing a striped shirt. He waved me into his booth and I couldn't believe the cock he pulled out. It was at lest 9 inches and thick as a soda can. He was rightfully proud and I serviced him to my delight.

Edited on 10/02/14


Posted Jul 06 2013:
Any place that has a security guard following you around is not worth going to. I haven't been back in there in years. Boring.

Edited on 07/12/13

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Jul 26, 2003

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 0


Posted Dec 31 2012:
Was here on Sunday Dec 30th, place was empty, nothing going on at all. Checked a couple of times from 11 am to 1 pm.

Edited on 01/08/13

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Apr 27, 2002

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 5


Posted Nov 16 2012:
The previous poster was right. This place used to be great and now it has changed. They boarded up the gloryhole. They also shortened the movie running times and increased the price. Not worth it anymore. The crowd has thinned out, too. There are too many nervous types, prowling around playing cat and mouse for my tastes. In and out, back and forth. For christsakes, sit down and suck a dick.

Edited on 11/27/12


Posted Nov 09 2012:
I got blown here by a good looking bear in one of the stalls back in August. I went into one that had had the glory hole and it was covered so I left the door closed but unmatched. Great head. But they do seem to troll more often.

Edited on 11/16/12


Posted Jun 06 2012:
This place was great until very recently. Apparently they've been hassled by the cops, because the staff aren't as friendly (that is, absent from the arcade) as they used to be. Too bad, I used to love this place.


Posted Aug 23 2011:
Always hit or miss, but over-all seems safe and a clean place to cruise. Staff is friendly, and leaves everyone alone. I recommend giving it a try.

Edited on 08/24/11


Posted Dec 10 2010:
I have been there a couple of times. Last Friday night I went in at 1 am and went into the video stall with a gloryhole. Ended up blowing a straight guy (at least he was watching straight porn). He shot a huge load down my throat. Great way to end the night for both of us.

Edited on 12/16/10


Posted May 24 2010:
I just went there today at 12:30 pm to see what was up. I sucked and got fucked by a really decent looking black guy with a nice thick cock. Yum!

Edited on 06/03/10


Posted May 24 2010:
I have been there a couple of times in the last month. Last Thursday at lunch time I blew 3 guys. There's only one peephole, not good enough for a gloryhole, but the people out front don't seem to care much what goes on in the arcade, You buy a card for five bucks before going in.

It's a mix of guys, but I think the word is getting out as, like I said, I blew three guys, goodlooking guys, my last time out. I've only been at lunch, but I'll try other times and see what the scoop is.

Edited on 06/02/10


Posted Jul 08 2009:
The recent security guards are pretty cool and the booths are great for action. The main problem is no one has the courage to make the first move! There will be guys wandering around but no one ever will start anything. There is only one gloryhole and that is too small, plus the booths are not that close, so you need a big dick to get anything more than a head lick.


Posted Sep 26 2008:
They've replaced the old security guards with old Hispanic ladies who don't speak English and stroll around the arcade with their flashlights non-stop. Non-stop! They yell at you in Spanish and give you judgmental stares like they're your old 'tia' who just caught you jackin' off. Plus, each $5 card gives you only twenty minutes of video watching time. Talk about a major rip off. You're better to preview a two-hour movie for $7.


Posted May 08 2008:
This arcade has plenty of booths, but no action. There's a regular security presence and all the old gloryholes are boarded up. Forget it.


Posted Jan 05 2008:
I went in and saw this chubby white guy wearing a white t-shirt staring and then looking away. I was debating whether or not I should make a move and then thought he must be a cop looking for a kill for the day. Then, the non-english speaking security guard came in and started yelling at me in Spanish for walking around too much. I had to tell him to fuck off and left!


Posted Nov 08 2007:
I have had my cock sucked here plenty of times!


Posted Nov 08 2007:
The staff is now watching everyone closely. When I went there was a very nice girl at the register who sold me poppers then politely told me I couldn't take them into the booth area and that she would hold the item until I departed. What fun!


Posted Jan 12 2007:
This place is dead, nothing going on here at all.


Posted Apr 19 2006:
Cruising around the bookstore used to be better than it has been recently, probably due to the fact that the gay bar one block over (Club L) has been for sale and the owner has been trying to clean up his act, padlocking the back patio to the bar and posting signs in the parking lot not to park there overnight. The arcade in the bookstore is about the only one left in the San Fernando Valley where there's any action, although the attitude of the staff runs hot and cold toward guys who hook up. I've had my share of success sucking off great looking guys in this place, but the Vice crackdown on arcades in the past year has been tremendous -- this is the only location left that I haven't heard about having major bust or sting operations going on. Probably best only to make eye contact with another guy in the arcade and then go out to the car and discuss 'what next' (and be careful as the mere suggestion of having sex can be construed as 'lewd conduct'). Offer the guy a cup of coffee and see what his reaction is. If he begs off, he may well be an undercover cop.


Posted Oct 27 2004:
This was a cool place. Yes, there are doors and if you leave it open, guys will sit with you and watch gay porn. I sucked this nine inch cock. It was so good and no one came. It was safe. I’ll be back to suck more cock there.


Posted Jun 30 2004:
There are doors on the stalls now. It was pretty quiet and lonley though.


Posted Aug 09 2003:
I had a token card from a previous time I went there. The chubby guy with long blonde hair wouldnÕt let me in unless I added more. I was fine with it. However, I had to stand on a very long line and he took almost a half-hour. In the interim, I couldnÕt enter the booth area until I filled it with more tokens.


Posted Jul 01 2002:
Late night cruising occurs around the bookstore. There are all types if you are patient.


Posted Jan 21 2002:
The arcade is so squeaky clean you could eat off the floor. That's because you can't do anything in this place without getting kicked out. I have been here a half dozen times and seen only one other patron in the arcade (which is extensive, so it's really too bad it's not being used for what it was intended). No action, ever, and the place has bad vibes. Cruising the streets immediately around this store by car offers a better chance of hooking up with someone.

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