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Woodley Park

Category: Cruisy park Directions: Revised Aug. 2016: Park on the sandy off-road strip just north of Burbank and east of Woodley. Hop fence to reach walking path, then take hiking trails into the bushes. Action is closer to the streets at night. See review of July 23, 2016.
Submitted: Feb 16 2005 (Edited 08/04/16)
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Address: at Woodley Avenue and Burbank Blvd
City: Van Nuys
State: California
ZIP/Postal Code: 91406
Country: United States of America

Heads Up for police, civilians, and surveillance, but still active with discretion. See July 23, 2016 Review for details.
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1 of 1 people found this review helpful
Posted Mar 10 2018:
The LAPD and the parks department ripped out the makeshift lounge area in the middle of the cruise bushes. There were always too many guys in it for sex. It was more of a place to chill and talk. Their bulldozer destroyed part of the wildlife preserve to do it.

Funny, the shack the homeless meth cook built just thirty yards to the southwest was untouched. Nice to know the LAPD hates queers more than meth cooks.

Edited on 03/14/18


1 of 1 people found this review helpful
Posted Feb 18 2018:
Heads Up!
The LA city government has no soul. The LAPD is flying drones and helicopters trying to get video of some fool getting a hummer so they can ruin his life.Meanwhile the cruise area is all but gone due to the tent cities being built in it by the homeless. They ignore these poor people and spend millions a year trying to ruin people's lives. In the second bluest city in the bluest state, the swastikas still flies all too powerful. Fucking disgusting!

Edited on 02/21/18
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Posted Jul 23 2016:
Heads Up!
The best cruising spots of Woodley Park as of July, 2016 are now found within that bushy acreage just north of Burbank and east of Woodley. Park on the sandy strip off-road and hop the fence to get down to the walking path. Nothing happens on the path itself, but take any of those "hiking trails" off the path into the bushes and it will lead you to various discreet areas where you will find some action.

I see a lot of posts recommending the bathrooms way north in another section of the park, and the archery range — near the outdoor theater! — but a lot of those areas are now devoid of action due to civilians frequenting them with their families. Stay south for the best action, in that area. I describe:

Many changes over the years at this place, with the heavy cruising woodland area south of Burbank being deforested by the city council due to complaints of the cruisers there, so the key word is be discreet. Always be on the alert for cops and civilians, who sometimes stroll through the deeper bushes with their kids — due to the walking trails being so inviting!

Cops sometimes use tiny "drones" that go flying low above the bushes, to seek out any activity. And rarely there will be cops on foot, or in unmarked cars on the sand parking strip. Nighttime, they will occasionally do drive-bys with bright spotlights.

Not trying to turn people off here, because I am a regular at all hours of the day and night. You can always find some action, no kidding. Just be discreet and careful and you will be okay. Although in being discreet, don't look too suspicious yourself!

After 9 pm, the action moves out of the deep bush areas and closer and closer to the street, until by 11 pm to 5 am, you can find action on the sandy off-road parking strip itself within the cars and mini-vans that park there. It's an excellent place and I hope guys continue to frequent the place, so I can keep getting action!

Normally I wouldn't have a heads up without some details of arrests or citations, ideally a link to a news story.

However, since the patrols are so heavy — Drones? Wow! — I'll keep it as you posted it. As you say, there is still action anyhow but you have to be careful.

I don't have time today to update the page details, but I'll add it to my Calendar to do ASAP. ~ Editor

Edited on 08/01/16


Posted Jun 06 2014:
Heads Up!
Saw police there today with two guys in cuffs.

Edited on 06/11/14

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Joined: Jan 22, 2010

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Posted Apr 16 2014:
Heads Up!
Fun area. I take my dogs there a lot for walks. Have met some cool guys throughout the years. But be really careful. I've seen a lot of police activity. They will run their cars up to the restrooms and storm in. The locals know what is going on, too. I know one lady who throws balls in the restroom for her dog to run in and scare everyone!

You might want to meet up with someone there but be careful 'cause I heard the cops try to set you up too!

Edited on 04/22/14


Posted Aug 03 2011:
Heads Up!
The LAPD has cracked down on cruisers at sunset. Beware!

Edited on 08/09/11


Posted Apr 16 2008:
I've been jacked off a few times here in my car. Normally there are too many people to meet up in the bathroom stalls but you can park and walk the wildlife preserve and get some good action. And if you aren't shy and don't mind watching from your car, well, it's still fun either way.


Posted Nov 10 2007:
I was at the restroom (6:30 pm) in the second stall jacking off with pants down and no one showed up. Finally I blew my load where any one would have enjoyed it if they had walked in on me. Hot jacking off with the anticipation of someone walking in at any time.


Posted Jan 22 2007:
Go through the tunnel to the pond area. It's better than the lake. You're sure to find cock every time.


Posted Dec 26 2006:
Night cruising in the small parking lot on Burbank Blvd. just west of the 405. Lots of bushes and lots of cock! Nice mix of guys with some young, some old, white boys, Latinos (mostly), Asians, black guys and yes, some really agressive trolls. I always have fun when I go.


Posted Nov 17 2006:
Yeah, it's a cruisy park but the waits can be excruciatingly long. Most guys cruise in their cars rather than getting out and walking around as suggested by others. Not much action goes on in the restrooms. It's best during evening rush hour.


Posted Oct 13 2006:
Every time I go there in need, I always find a nice cock to suck or hot guy to play with. The best times are after dark. Daytime action tends to be a bit trolly.


Posted Apr 16 2006:
There's lots of great cruising and action here. I picked up several hot guys. It's an easy hike along the trail leading to the lake and lots of hidden places in the bushes. Some guys may even have you follow them home for privacy. Be careful, though. I've heard there have been busts (mainly with guys in the restrooms).


Posted Feb 16 2005:
Most guys hang out in their cars or wander around by the bathrooms which have individual rooms with locking doors. Guys cruise and either go into a stall or out into the trails/bushes after dark. Most action occurs after 4 pm until the park closes.


Posted Feb 15 2005:
Original directions from 2005: Enter the park at the Japanese Gardens which is the driveway on the east side of Woodley Avenue, just north of Burbank Blvd. Upon entering the park, take the fork in the road to the right. Follow the road all the way back through the park, past the archery field on the left. Veer around the tree/island in the road and it will end in the parking lot.

Edited on 08/04/16

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Heads Up for police, civilians, and surveillance, but still active with discretion. See July 23, 2016 Review for details.

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