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Nu-Art Theater & Fremont Adult Books

Category: Adult store with arcade, theatre Hours / Entry Fee: Sun - Thu: 10 am - Midnight; Fri - Sat: 10 am - 1 am Directions: From Highway 1 take the Case Verde Way exit and drive east to Fremont Street. Turn left onto Fremont and you will see the Nu-Art sign on the right-hand side of the road. There is a small driveway that leads to the back parking lot.
Submitted: Sep 02 2009 (Edited 09/24/23)
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3.86/5 based on 35 votes. The median rating is 4.
Read & Write Reviews: 26 Reviews

Address: 2116 Fremont Street
City: Monterey
State: California
ZIP/Postal Code: 93940
Country: United States of America
Phone Number: 831-372-9410

GPS Approximate Latitude & Longitude: 36.596,-121.862
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Usergroup: Member
Joined: Nov 17, 2023

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 4


Posted Feb 09 2024:
I went the other night, it was raining. I was just at home. I wanted to play that night. I got to the parking lot where I saw it was packed. It was hard for me to park. I saw one open up. I got off. It was a bit chilly. I had on some sweats and a black sweater.

I walked in straight to the video booths. I saw a guy who was looking to have fun. We saw eye to eye. I wanted him to join me in a booth. He didn't know what to do. I wanted him to touch me. Underneath I had on some spandex leggings with a garter belt and a thong. I also had on black stockings. A black mini dress. I wanted to wear my boots. It was too slippery.

I walked in the booth. No one came to my door. I looked at a video when I took off the sweatpants. I was in my leggings. I pulled that down. I was in the black dress. I wanted to go into another booth. I was just going to walk across to the other side where the gloryhole booths are. My video finished.

I walked out and went to another booth. I had a guy put his rod and I started to lick it and put it down. I was about to put on a protector when he walked out. I waited for about ten minutes. It was getting late. I probably had about twenty minutes before closing. I decided to leave.

I put my last dollar in the video machine. I didn't hear any movies playing. I knew it was time to go . I got my stuff. I walked out in my black mini dress and black stockings and garter belt. I didn't care about anything.

If you see me in the video booths area or walking around the store I always have on sweats. Come talk or ask me to meet up with you. If you want to hang out with me. You will love it.

Edited on 02/11/24

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Nov 28, 2023

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 1


Posted Jan 23 2024:
God, I had my best few last trips to Nu-Art. I never go to the theater because I went one day and was alone for a half an hour ā€“ no fun.

I always go straight to the booths. My best day was on a Tuesday at 11 am first off. I love the gloryholes. I got sucked off for fifteen minutes and they wanted my cum but I could finish. Honestly the greatest blowjob I have ever received.

I was so horny and after I was close to finishing I pulled out my cock and sat down. I started stroking my cock while they watched and he put his giant seven inch cock through. It was so big and hot I decided to suck it. I deep throated the shit our of that cock and it was my first time ever sucking a cock. I never gagged and wanted the cum in my throat so badly. I know I was good because I heard hot moaning.

I left and came back the same night at 6 pm. Oh my goodness almost all the booths were full until I found one. Once I was in my stall, I stuck my cock in the gloryhole and got sucked off so good again. I heard them sucking another cock on the other side. Two of us were get blown at the same time. So hot and the wettest warm mouth.

After they were done,I went to other booths and got sucked off by two more people that were nice. Three good mouths in the later night and the other at 11 am. It was so hot.

And last time I went a few nights ago again. Another great blowjob for a couple minutes. Then I felt a condom being put on and I fucked a tight asshole good until I came within ten minutes.

If anyone wants to meet up tomorrow (January 24) or this week I am going to go at 11 am tomorrow then 6 pm again. Let's have some fun.

Edited on 01/23/24

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Nov 17, 2023

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 4


Posted Dec 23 2023:
This past Tuesday I had appointment in Monterey. I went early because I hate to be waiting. I was close to the bookstore so I decided to stop by. I noticed that the business right behind the bookstore was really busy. I walked in and noticed the lady was cutting a cake. This lady was so nice that she offered me a peace of cake. It was a totally different vibe. If she worked there every day. I would like to work with her. She offered to help me to show me stuff. I was so surprised. I've never gotten service like that at any bookstore I've gone to. Whomever you are keep up the great work.

Well getting back to my post. Not that much happening. I think all the cars were from that shop in back. I was in a booth. It had a gloryhole but it had a paper in the hole. It wasn't that big. I was watching a video when I felt paper falling from the hole. This guy wanted to look into my booth.

I got undressed. The guy stuck his finger in the hole. So I put my butt up next to the hole. He started to finger me when I noticed I didn't feel anything anymore. My video was ending. I walked out when I noticed this guy. I knew it was him. So he looked at me and didn't know what to say. I know he wanted me to go with him in a booth but he was shy. I walked across the booth to the other side. I wanted him to go in and join me. He didn't. I hate that when they want to try to open the door then they are afraid to go in with you when you open the door. Funny people.

I was in the booth that had a gloryhole. I don't know but a lady who was in the booth. When she saw me in my clothing she was surprised to see me. She started to get naked. So I did the same. She was so cute. I was so excited. She knocked on the door. She had balls. She was naked. She walked out from one booth to another booth. We played around. She told me that she wanted to fuck me. I bent over thinking she wanted to do it. I went to her house where we had so much fun. Thank you both of you girls. I felt so great.

I've been going there for a long time. I have got to do so many different things. It going to be a new year. Please tell the owner to put a long seat in the booth. Had to share this. Have a great year.

Edited on 12/23/23
Mini Ho & Cross Dresser


1 of 2 people found this review helpful
Posted Nov 17 2023:
Hey people it's me. I was at the store the other day. I was kinda sad. I was watching a porn movie in the arcade booths. Not much action on this day I was there. I was dressed so beautiful. A friend who is a transgender woman dressed and set me up.

I was in a booth when a guy walked into the booth next to mine. There are gloryholes in it. Well when he put his cock in the hole I grabbed it. I started to jack him off. He was getting hard then so I started to suck this guy off. I turned around so I would feel his cock in me.

Right when I was about to grab it he walked out of his booth. I was so horny for his cock. It felt so good in my mouth. I was left so down for him to fuck me.

Next time you are at the store and someone is sucking you and maybe stops for a second, don't leave. There's more to cum. I'll be back on a weekend. Hope you guys will want to take me in a couples booth. I'm lots of fun. Let do this. I need a big cock in me and some cum. Till then.

Edited on 11/17/23
Mini Ho & Cross Dresser


Posted Oct 19 2023:
I went by the Nu-Art Theater today. Was not happy today. I went by. Didn't notice much happening. I got a ticket for the movie theater.

Two guys were looking at the movie. I walked over to one guy. Started to get my hands on his cock. He kinda pushed my hands away. The other guy was just sitting there. Didn't want to go try. Walked out.

I was in some sweats and a brown shirt. Under the sweats and shirt I had on a mini dress with a garter belt and black fish net stockings. I had on a gray mini thong.

I walked into the video booths. This one guy noticed me. I didn't have my wig or my high heels on. Well the guy was trying to open my door. I heard the girl telling him that he needed to lock his door. I wanted some cock.

The girl was on the booths. I was hearing someone getting fucked in a booth. I know it wasn't a video. I pulled down my pants. I was just in the booth in my mini dress and garter belt, stockings, and thong. No one else tried to open my door. I wanted cum in my mouth and ass. Not today.

I walked out of the booth just in the mini dress. My fish nets and garter belt were showing. I didn't take off the shirt. My first strike out of the day. Never have gone in the morning. I guess at night is when the best time to go.

I should have pulled down my pants inside the theater. Maybe the guys would have jacked off on me. They might have wanted to fuck me. I just wanted a dick inside me or in my mouth. Maybe I'm not going to have the mini dress. Just might only have the garter belt with stockings and a thong. Easy to fuck me faster.

So guys, when is the best time to go?

I want to get fucked by many different men. I'm ready to have cum in my mouth and up my ass. Love when it drips from my ass. Sometimes I'll get my fingers and swipe up the cum from my ass and eat it.

Till next time. If you see me just touch my ass or hit me up. I'm dressed underneath my clothes. Trust me. It's sexy. You will cum before we even do anything. I love sexy women clothes and lingerie and high heels and garter belt and stockings and thongs. I'll have on a bra at times. Guys don't be shy. I love to fuck and suck dick. Till next time.

Edited on 10/24/23
Mini Ho & Cross Dresser


Posted Oct 12 2023:
Hello everyone. I went to another store. Was very disappointed. I walked into the store. Was treated with no respect. I'm not saying where it's at. It's not a local store. I was dressed up in my mini skirt, fishnet pantyhose, underwear nothing like a thong. Little like it. Had on high heels and a sweater with a bra on. A guy who worked at the store was not polite to me being dressed like that. He asked me to go change my clothes. I wasn't showing anything of my ass or nothing bad. A guy in the parking lot even said I was looking good. He wanted me to join him in a booth. Never made it to the booth. I left bad remarks on that store.

In the parking lot I did suck some guy's dick till he came in my mouth. I then walked to another guy in the lot. Sucked him and he fucked me so hard. It was something I needed after being kicked out.

I was about to leave when the guy who talked to me in the store saw me. We walked to his van. Yes a van. I started to suck his cock. He had lots of cum. I swallowed it all. Then I bent over I wanted his dick inside me. Wow, did he do me. I was taking it my ass. So good. Came in my ass twice. Wow, I was so excited that I came from my dick.

The Nu Art Theater has no match. Best place to let me be me. Thumbs up to you guys. You don't judge. That other place hates us crossdressers. Never will go back. Nu Art Theater is my store.

Edited on 10/13/23
Mini Ho & Cross Dresser


Posted Oct 04 2023:
I made it to the parking lot. I was dressed in mini tight shorts and a nice shirt. Had some fishnet pantyhose with a thong. Got out of my car and I went to the trunk of my car to put on my high heels on. Was in my trunk when someone came up to me. I wasn't scared. This guy was right behind me grabbing me. He was ready to fuck me when he said let's go to my house.

I never made it in to the store. I had someone waiting on me in a booth. The one waiting told me what to wear. Oh well. He has my number.

So I followed this guy. We got to his house. It was nice. He walked me into the house. A couple of guys were sitting in the house. I mean more than four guys. It was my dream, a total of five men. Oh well, what was I supposed to do. Got to work. Started sucking all of them. Was a dream cum true. Was I supposed to take all of them? Yes.

One guy started to fuck me. Another put his big cock also in my ass. I had two dicks in my ass. Dick in my mouth. Wow, I was going to be gang banged. No way was it to be. While we were into it a lady came into the room. Was kinda surprised. She was just looking. I was taking all the dick I could. I was getting my wish. Dick was smashing my ass. Cum all in my ass. I was happy to take it all. The lady was just sitting looking at me getting fucked in the ass. Yes, I wanted it so hard. Guy after guy after guy cumming in my ass.

The lady walked into a room and came out with a strap on. It was big. I didn't know if my ass could take it. I felt so good going in. She knew it was hurting me. I took it. My dream came true. All the guys jacked off and I swallowed up all that cum. I had to. It was so yummy. I was a little bitch. Had cum in my ass and mouth.

If you like I'll go back to do it again. Let me me know. We can meet up anytime. This little Ho will take any and all dicks, you fill my mouth or ass up. Best place to meet up for a party. Look for me. You know how to get ahold of me. I dress up for you. You will be happy and surprised what I can take. Love all cummers.

The guy in the big truck with the big cock. You know who you are. Get ahold of me. I'll suck you till you cum in me. Till I go back. You know where my number is located. I want to walk into the dressed up and someone just fuck me in a booth or movie theater. Look me up guys. Till I get that call. I'm ready. Bye for now.

And if you want other guys to contact you, be sure to register as a CFS Member so they can contact you through your Profile page. ~ Editor

Edited on 10/06/23
Mini Ho


2 of 2 people found this review helpful
Posted Sep 23 2023:
I'm posting another review of the Nu-Art Theater also known as the Fremont Book Store. I walked into the store. Was looking for something for me. We have two porn shops in the area. I've wrote posts for both. I just have a different name. Both places are great. Large variety of products.

I was myself on this visit. I had on a mini dress on. Had on sexy brown panties with some nude stockings with my garter belt with some over the knee boots. I just got my new wig. Getting out of my car I was getting comments in the parking lot. I was a little slut. I was ready for anything.

So I walked to the video booths. Walked to the back last ones by the back door. It has a gloryhole. It didn't take long. A gentleman put his cock in the hole. I had to wake it up. I sucked him for a while. I wanted him to fuck me. I had to put lube on his cock. It was OK. Not that big. I finished sucking him off till he came into my mouth.

I was still thinking what I was going to buy for myself. I was looking for a video to see in the booth when a guy walked into the booth with the gloryhole. To my surprise a big cock came through the hole. I started sucking it. I was trying to take it all down my throat. I was ready for this guy to fuck me. I bent over and took it all. He was up in me. It was hurting me but I took it. I wanted to moan so loud. When he came in me I kept his cock in me. Didn't want him to leave. It was dripping out of me. It felt good.

I walked out and looked for something for me. I purchased a big dildo and some more lube. I looked around the store some more. I noticed this guy. He was looking at me. He was with another guy. He asked me if I wanted to see a movie with them in the couples booth. Well I wasn't going to turn it down.

Both guys pulled down their pants and I had two cocks in front of me. Sucked and fucked both of them. I had both of the guys cum in my mouth. Wow it was great. I didn't have my thong. I kept it off.

I walked out of the booth. I was about to leave when a guy called me into a booth. Inside I started sucking him. It was the guy with the big cock. I knew it was him. He asked me to bend over. He fucked me hard. This time I was moaning. He was putting money into the machine. He came inside me twice. Big load's of cum. We both walked out. With my purchase and thong in the bag. I could feel his cum about to come out.

We walked to his car. I noticed next to his car a guy with another guy dressed in women's clothing fucking. Wow it was a great night. I got my dildo and lube. Had so many dicks in me. I wanted more.

Walked to my car when a light breeze lifted my dress. Felt so good to be myself. No one said a thing about how I was dressed. Nu Art Theater is a great place to express how you want to be. I'm now not insecure about wearing my clothes.

See you guys soon. I will be back soon. Will be dressed sexy. Looking forward to getting more cum in my mouth and ass. Till next time. Mini Ho and Cross Dresser looking forward for my dream to be gangbanged and showered with cum.

Edited on 09/24/23
Mini Ho


Posted Sep 16 2023:
This is my second post. The Nu Art Theater is a great place to buy all your bedroom products. The store doesn't judge the way you want to express yourself. I'm a man that loves to wear sexy women clothes and lingerie and yes I love having sex.

I went the other day again. I was wearing a blue mini dress with garter belt and stockings with a blue thong. I had my high heels in the car. I had my black leggings and jacket on.

I walked in and it was good. Lots of dicks ready to get sucked or put inside me. I wanted someone to join me in a couples booth. I opened one door where a guy was dressed up in women's clothing. He invited me in. His dress was bigger than mine. He was walking around the store dressed up. He loved the way he was.

I put some money in the monitor. It was on a tranny porno. It was about gloryholes and it was making me horny. I undressed in the booth when someone kind of knocked on my door. This guy walked in and saw me the way I was dressed. I grabbed his cock and sucked him off. I could taste a little cum when I was sucking him. I slapped on a condom and went for it. He fucked me hard. I felt his hot cum go into the condom. I felt like a little ho.

I was nervous walking around the store the way I was dressed. I got my stuff and went for it. I was myself and no one said anything. It was great night. I sucked fucked and my first cum swallowing. I walked out the store in my mini dress.

I will be going back again dressed up, next time in my high heels. Be ready guys, still looking forward to getting gang banged and showered in cum. Yummy.

Edited on 09/18/23
Mini Ho


Posted Sep 09 2023:
I stop by from time to time. I'm a guy that dresses up in women's clothing. I went into the theater. A guy grabbed my butt. I grabbed his dick. He was surprised I got on my knees and sucked him off. When he pulled down my pants he saw I had on a garter belt with black thigh high stockings and a thong. My black mini dress was tight against my body. I wish I'd had my high heels. My spandex pants were off. It felt so good, me between two guys. I really wanted to get gangbanged. I wish one day I'll go back and I'll have that experience.

Edited on 09/11/23
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Posted Apr 10 2023:
Phone # is wrong. Try it again using 9410 instead of 9430. It is open for business until 1 am. The theater now uses folding metal chairs. You sort of feel like your sitting on a dance floor. One screen shows straight, the other shows gay, and they give you a small number of (3) re-entries. Frequent blare of fanfare every time anyone goes in and out of any door. Anyone including manager can enter theater with no forewarning.

But it was very popular as during the two hours I was there I had six guys came in. Clean.

Thanks for the update! I checked Google and corrected the phone number and hours. ~ Editor

Edited on 04/22/23

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Oct 20, 2010

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 2


Posted May 26 2020:
I live in the Bay Area but this is one of my favorite places. True, the help is often rude but being 6'4" and 265# I have found the best policy to close in their personal space and tell them that is unacceptable and I will not tolerate it. Big surprise they cower and apologise! They get away with it because people are furtive and unsure of themselves in the sleazy environs ā€“ i.e., act like you own the place! You'll be amazed how things change!

Anyway, last time I got a couple of cum loads in the back right booth and then went in the theater and got in dark corner and got a couple more! Then back to a booth as some more guys came in so I let a guy suck me off and filled his mouth with cum got a thumbs up!

But recently the phone is disconnected and the store closed. Don't know but looked permanent. It is connected to/with a sleazy motel next door, used to be place you could go leave the door open to a central open space and you would get "company" pretty quick! Or M and F pros would have rooms and if you didn't have any action you could go out and catch something!

Lot of couples went there, left the door, open had guys watch them or join them. My sexy Asian wife and I went there often and always had fun ā€“ she would do guys as I watched or joined and sucked guys off and cum swapped with her! Too bad closed great place!

Google shows the Nu-Art temporarily closed. The Candle Bay Inn is next door.

This was originally posted to Garden Health & Fitness which is closed and clearly wouldn't have booths. Nu-Art seems like the most likely location, but if not I can move this post. ~ Editor

Edited on 05/27/20


Posted Sep 04 2019:
I visited Saturday during the State Fair, which is located one block away, so parking was tough. The store owns part of the parking lot behind, so one opened up and I was able to finally park and enter the rear of the store.

The theater was nine dollars with in/out privileges until closing at 4 am. I went about 9 pm. Big screen, good sound, and folding chairs to sit. There were only about five guys there. Once I was seated and my eyes adjusted, I made eye contact with one dude who came and sat next to me. After rubbing our growing crotches, I pulled out his cock, started playing, and then was sucking him off on my knees.

After a while we went to the darker back of the large theater and I continued to suck him, standing, while on my knees. A big-cocked Hispanic dude came over and shoved his cock in my face as well. By the time we were done, I was being fucked by the first guy while sucking off the big-cocked dude. I kid you not that they both came in me at nearly the same time.

Afterward I went to check out the gloryhole booths at the back right side of the arcade, which take ones, fives, or tens, and was greeted with a young cock that wanted sucked. I obliged and he finally came after fifteen minutes.

Back to the theater to get sucked and fuck again, but a call interrupted the fun for me.

Iā€™d definitely go back, and maybe even bring my wife next time. She really wants to see man-on-man action up close.

Edited on 09/05/19

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Dec 08, 2017

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Total Reviews: 4


Posted Dec 31 2018:
Came here on a Sunday night with my wife. We had been a few years ago and were in town and were looking for a little of fun.

The clerk was very cool and the place is very couples-friendly. They have a couples booth in the arcade but we chose to go to the theater.

They ripped out all the theater-style seats. I remember almost all being broken and disgusting anyways. They have folding metal chairs, which is an improvement. Just a bit cold to sit on, and very loud dragging on the floor.

From what we could tell it was a very busy store, a lot of cruising going on. The parking lot was busy, with guys in and out of cars.

The theater was as well, but I'm sure that had to do with my wife who had a great time. Felt safe at least, with a good mixed crowd. Guys were very appreciative of course. We look forward to stopping in here next time in town.

Edited on 01/02/19

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Nov 22, 2016

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Posted Nov 22 2016:
Heads Up!
Nu-Art in Monterey is now under new ownership, under pressure from the police dept. Daily footage of sex given to dept.

Fat bitch's asshole cashiers. Two dirty, unclean bathrooms. No toilet paper or seat protection. No theater seats, torn out. Now foldout chairs. Raised price. License plate checks. Great place to get busted! Go to Vista Point, Watsonville. Locals know best.

Edited on 12/02/16

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Apr 28, 2015

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Posted Jul 31 2015:
I had a very good time Thursday night at 8:00. There was a hot guy with a big dick that begged me to fuck him. I took him home and was glad to oblige. You need to be discreet when entering or exiting the booths, or they may evict you. But there were three of us in one booth for awhile, and nobody bothered us.

Edited on 08/05/15


Posted Jul 14 2015:
I was there on a Monday evening at about 7:30 pm, visiting for work from out of state. I'm a decent looking guy, and I had a blast! It was a mixed crowd, of all races and ages, and everyone was down to play around. Other places guys are assholes and just stand around, but here there was a lot of movement, and if someone was horny and liked you, they went for it!

I sucked off a muscular black guy with a thick cut cock, then a middle-aged Latino, laborer type, then a thuggish younger Latino with a good uncut cock. I finished off sucking off an older tall white guy who had about 8" cut. I was there for about 45 minutes.

So if you're uptight and picky, you will leave disappointed. But if you're horny and just looking for fun, this place is great. Lots of peepholes. I saw two guys fucking in a booth and a few others sucking also.

Edited on 07/21/15


Posted May 12 2015:
Went in there a couple of times and sat in the back. Had a few guys walk up next to me in the aisle and pull out their cocks alongside me. Since they were right there, it was easy to turn my head sideways and next thing be sucking a cock. I moved or would go there now. Real fun place!

Edited on 05/18/15

Usergroup: Guest

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Posted Aug 22 2013:
One of my favorite arcades with gloryholes. Staff is friendly. Videos are great. And steady stream of guys during the day and evening on most nights. I went there several times during a recent trip to the area and sucked many great cocks in the arcade. Never made it into the theatre.

Edited on 09/06/13
Senior Reviewer

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Dec 05, 2012

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Posted Jun 06 2013:
Haven't been here in awhile. Last time I was here hooked up with a couple of guys and we drove to a nice dark parking lot where I sucked them off and got fucked good. Mmmm!

I went there this last April and it was pretty dead. Checked out the booths, the ones on the right at the end have the gloryholes, but no one worth playing with. Then went to the theatre and it was dead there, too.

So I just waited and as luck would have it sucked off a nice older daddy cock to get a nice big load and later hooked up with a nice horny guy with a big cock. He wanted to come in my booth, so I let him and we had a great time that ended with a guy coming in the booth next door. More sucking and the next thing you know we're at the guy's hotel room next door sucking and fucking.

Edited on 06/10/13
18 and horny


Posted Feb 04 2013:
So I went to this place thinking I wanted to check out the theatre, and after getting eye-balled by every old guy in there I got my ticket and went inside. The screen was a decent size and there where several rows of chairs, with about five other people sitting around, two of them jerking each other off in the back.

I sat down in the second row and started rubbing my cock through my pants. It wasn't long before an old man came and sat a few seat away from me, and then came and sat next to me. We ended up jerking each other for a while until a third man sat next to him and pulled his dick out too. The three of us were jerking each other for a while until the old man went down on the new guy and sucked him off while I jacked his cock. He didn't last to long and nutted in the old man's mouth.

I think the old guy expected to suck me off as well but I didn't want that guys cum all over my cock, haha! I stood up and jacked off in the back until I came all over the floor and then left. Great place to have hot encounters with guys of all different types!

Edited on 02/11/13
Checking in


Posted Sep 09 2012:
Nu-Art is under new management now, and currently (Sept 2012) there are ongoing renovations. However, there are gloryholes still in the arcade, mainly on the right side as you go in, the last booths before the exit, and about halfway up as well.

Once you're in a booth with a hole, put in some money. There are lights above to indicate booths with films running. If you get the signal (a finger or two), make sure you're at least hard so that the person on the other side doesn't have to work TOO much to get you off.

Met one TV there, and we drove off to a secluded parking lot nearer the airport after buying lube and condoms. I've seen women in the shopping area, mostly in groups purchasing items for bachelorette parties, but as of yet haven't witnessed any going into the booths to service anyone.

I drop in once in awhile, check out the new items the new managers have for sale, then usually go into a booth to jack off. There is a request sign that booth viewers not "spit their gum" onto the floor, a euphemism meaning at least use tissue and don't splooge on the floor for sanitary reasons. Mixed crowd, but amiable.

Edited on 09/17/12
Hanging out


Posted Jun 05 2012:
I drop in once and awhile to check out who's in. If you are standing in the rental/purchase film area, you can clearly see both sides of the arcade booths. The far last one on the left has a gloryhole leading into the next booth, and about the 5th or 6th one up on the same side has a similar hole. If you notice that one side is occupied, you can go in, put $2 in your machine, and then wait while starting to jerk off to the films. You might notice someone watching you, or using the two finger signal that they're interested in sucking you off. When days are slow, I go in and get a quick blowjob this way.

I have only been in the theatre once, and a gal was servicing her guy there. I picked up a TV who then allowed me to take her to a nearby parking lot down the street where we fucked, having purchased lube and condom at the arcade.

One thing: on occasion, the workers there have this habit of checking booths, slamming doors as they go from booth to booth, checking if someone is hanging out instead of feeding the machines and locking doors.

Edited on 06/06/12
Freak Nasty

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Posted Oct 11 2011:
The place is a pretty chill place to cruise. It was sketchy with an incident in August but seems alright now. They have gloryholes in the booths for quick play. The theatre costs $10 but you can stay as long as you like and will definitely have at least one or two men come through looking to play. I've been sucked numerous times in the booths and once in the theatre seats. The parking lot is good for cruising, too, if you don't want to go in.

Edited on 10/14/11


Posted Aug 02 2011:
The theatre is a very sweet place to suck cock. You can stand in the back of the dark theatre and there are always a few men wondering around with their cocks in their hands. They will approach you and press their body against you, letting you know that they want to be serviced. I always pull them into the dark corner, drop to my knees and suck their cocks. The other men standing in the back will usually line up around you watching, jerking off, and waiting for their turn. I've had slow days and days that I have sucked off six men. You will meet men of different ages and races. This is my favorite place. 5 stars!

Edited on 08/09/11


Posted Sep 02 2009:
The theatre seats about 40 people and there is action in there. It is a fairly clean place. A few of the booths now have gloryholes in the arcade. At night a lot of guys hookup in the parking lot out back. There is both a front and rear entrance. A variety of guys go there. Ages vary from young military guys from the DLI, NPGS and CSUMB to older guys. Also a variety of races.

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