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Gibbel Park

Category: Cruisy park, toilet Directions: Located at Florida Avenue and Kirby street with an entrance on Kirby.
Submitted: Jul 04 2005 (Edited 03/04/15)
Cruised here? Rate this place:
2.88/5 based on 17 votes. The median rating is 3.
Read & Write Reviews: 33 Reviews

Address: 2500 West Florida Avenue
City: Hemet
State: California
ZIP/Postal Code: 92545
Country: United States of America
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1 of 1 people found this review helpful
Posted Apr 16 2018:
Sucked on a nasty-looking dirty old cock with a big old red and purple head in here this morning. A lot of skin hanging off the head. They're still walking in here on occasion. Anyway, this cock was filthy!

And then he started forcing it down my throat! "Slurp, Slurp, Slurp!" I just started shoveling that outrageous thing down my throat! And then he blew his load. Good Lord, he must have been saving up for this visit! Just a load of spunk, hot, heavy, thick, and salty. While I liked the amount, I absolutely didn't care for the taste of it. Much too funky!

But I ate it anyway, and then five minutes later I threw up in the grass. The worst tasting load I ever worked for. I should have known better when I first started sucking on that big ol' dirty thing. It was this big purple and red looking cock head that tasted like old cunt.

God, what I find in this place...

Edited on 04/17/18


Posted Feb 05 2018:
Stopped by this morning around 10:30 and saw a car belonging to a guy I've sucked before parked in front of the toilet. So I parked and walked right in.

He was sitting in the middle stall stroking his cock, which is big and uncut. So I took a seat to his left and he came over and stuck it in my face.

His cock is a good eight inches, with a nice flap of foreskin that covers his cock head until it's pulled back to reveal a nice mushroom head.

Anyway, I've sucked this guy six or seven times before,and he never blew a load — until this morning.

Either I'm getting better, or he hadn't cum for a few days, because when he spurted he gushed a good three tablespoons of gunk in my mouth and down my throat! Very tasty stuff!

Edited on 02/07/18


1 of 1 people found this review helpful
Posted Jun 05 2017:
I have been visiting this spot for years, so I know the ins and outs and etc. All I can tell you is you never know what you're going to find when you pull in. Much of that depends on the day of the week, the time of day, and the weather.

Obviously you can't hang out on a sunny Saturday, or Sunday when regular park people are using the park and all of that. If there's too much regular traffic like that, it's dead, and it's just not worth your time.

So you have to know when to hit this spot, and then you have to know how to play it safe.

A park work crew is working here in the mornings every day until around 10 am and the park is closed all day on Tuesdays anyway. So Tuesday is out, and you can't get into the toilet until the workers are gone.

Also, if it's raining, they lock the toilet door, which is something they only started doing a few months ago. But if it's not raining, you can get in there.

So as soon as the workers leave, you want to pull in and park. There is plenty of parking space, and where you park,is key.

You can park directly across from the toilet, or you can park in the large parking area west of it. If you park there, your car can be easily seen by anybody driving on Kirby, as they drive past the park. The tennis players park near the courts, so you don't want park near those cars.

Park close enough to the toilet, so guys will know what's up.

Normally after I park, I will wait a few minutes and take a look around and wait before I walk into the toilet. And then I will very casually get out of my car and stroll in.

The place is fairly clean after the workers have left, but still this place is pretty funky and all of that, and it can smell at times. It's old, and gets a lot of use and abuse from the bums who use it to wash in and all of that.

There are no frills in here either. Two small metal sinks as you first walk in, three urinals with little walls on either side to your right, and three stalls with no doors further to your right.

The cinder block privacy walls on the stalls are about five feet high. With no doors on the stalls, it's all very open should somebody walk by while you're sitting on the toilet.

The entrance is only twenty-five feet from the last stall, so this place is small. But it's very easy to keep an eye on the entrance, and that fact is the only reason this place is in business.

If there is nobody in the place at that time I walk in, I write "SUCK JOBS" on the wall above the third urinal with an → pointing towards the stalls.

I also write "GET YOUR COCK SUCKED OFF!" on the lowered wall of the first stall, right next to the third urinal. I add an → to that message too.

Then I'll sit and wait for a walk-in for five minutes or so. If nobody walks in, I exit the the place and take a seat on a picnic table directly across from the toilet. From there it's very easy to see cars pulling in, and who's in them, and all of that.

When a guy in a car drives in and parks in the "right spot" then the fun begins, and I start getting excited. Sometimes they will wait in their car, and sometimes they get out of their car, and walk right into the toilet.

If they wait more than three minutes, I'll walk into the toilet and sit in the first stall. But if they walk right in, I'll give them a minute, then I'll walk in behind them.

I prefer the walk-ins. They are normally standing at the third urinal and they can plainly see the messages I wrote, so it's a very safe bet they're looking to get their cock sucked.

So I just walk in, enter the first stall and say hello.

I then tap the message that reads "GET YOUR COCK SUCKED OFF!" that's written on the stall wall. From there it's very simple.

If this guy was just going to take a piss in this place, he wouldn't be standing at the last urinal looking at a message that reads "SUCK JOBS" →.

So then I continue into the stall and then lean over and take a look to see what he's got, and what he's doing with it. Most of the time he's stroking it, and I'll say, "Wow, look at that." Then I'll reach my hand down to see if he'll let me touch his cock.

If he let's me grab it I'll give it a squeeze and then say, "That thing is big, would you like that sucked?"

If he says yes, I'll take a seat in the middle stall and wait for him to walk over. The first thing I say in a low voice is, "You have to watch the door."

They always nod OK, and then I motion them in a little closer and take a look at their cock, which is out of their zipper or their nylon shorts or whatever.

As soon as we're both situated I take out my chewing gum, which I always use to build up some saliva in my mouth, and then take his cock in my mouth.

I start sucking on his cockhead first.

Work on that first, and he knows he's getting sucked.

After a little of that nice action I'll take half of his cock into my mouth and continue to suck. This always gets them going, and they usually get the rest of their cock out of their zipper and start feeding me more of it.

Then I'll take their entire cock down my throat and hold it there for three seconds, and then let it loose with a slobber, take a breath, and suck it back down all the way.

Then I'll go back to his cockhead and work on that for awhile.

After we have worked up a rhythm, him feeding me his big cock and me sucking fast and hard, I'll start working for a load of cum.

They always know this, and then they start to quiver a little as their cum load is on it's way.

I always know when they're gonna spurt, but I never know how much or what it's going to taste like, so I just keep on sucking until he blows his wad into my mouth.

The older guys with the wedding band on their finger always have the biggest loads, and they're my favorite guys to suck off in this place.

Anyway, after they spurt they always go to the next stall, grab some toilet paper and clean up.

And then they just walk out.

So I'll sit there for awhile with their cum in mouth and swirl it around to see how good it tastes, and then gulp it down.

And then I'll wait for a walk-in, and do it all again.

I have sucked Off five guys in thirty minutes in this place, which is pretty good considering it's a men's room in a public park in the middle of town.

Anyway, that's how I suck off guys in the dirty little toilet at Gibbel Park.

Edited on 06/07/17
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Posted Feb 19 2017:
I pulled in here around 9 o'clock on a cold drizzly day on a Sunday, which is perfect for this place. The regulars were parked in their cars and it was looking good, until I walked into the toilet.

There was yet another bum in there and he appeared to be camping out. So we all had to wait.

An hour, that's right, and hour later he walked out. How anyone can sit in this filthy place for more than fifteen minutes at a time is beyond me, but then, I'm not a bum.

Anyway, after he finally left, I walked in and took a seat in the middle stall, which is where I prefer to work.

And then, nothing. They wouldn't walk in, which usually means they're nervous about something.

So I went back outside, sat on a bench, and took a look at the situation. Just then, one of the regulars drove off, and as soon as he did, some old guy walked into the toilet.


So I gave him a minute, and then walked in too.

He was standing at the third urinal, which is proper, and then I walked into the stall, right next door, and took a peek over at his actions.

He had his cock out, and he was playing with it. I thought, "This is a sure thing.", as I reached my hand down to grab it.

But he turned away.

I told him it was big,which it was, and asked him if he wanted it sucked, but he didn't say anything, and just kept playing with it.

He indicated that he wanted to see my cock, so I pulled it out and showed, and then I asked him again to come on over and let me suck him.

But he would none of it, put his big cock back in his pants, and walked out. I call these types "jerks," and it happens every so often in this place.

So a minute later I walked out, and sat back down on the bench to wait.

Just then a pickup truck drove in and parked right next to the toilet. I mean this was obviously a walk in.

But when he strolled in, I didn't like his looks, too stocky, too young, too everything.

So I didn't follow him in.

Two minutes later he returned to his truck, but didn't drive off.

So I sat on the bench for another minute and then thought, "Hey, a cock is a cock, and I've been hanging around this place for a good hour with nothing to show for it."

So I walked back in and took my seat.

A minute later he walked in and went to the urinal closest to me. We made eye contact, and I nodded him over to my stall.

He walked up with a very, and I mean a very large cock that was hard as they get.

He was Latino in his mid-thirties, and his cock was Chocolate Brown, almost black.

I've never Sucked a black cock before, but I had my chances at this hole a few times or two in the past. All I can say is I was just too, I don't know, to go for it.


But now I had a big black throbber right in my face, and I knew my time had arrived.

It was a big enough cock, however I've sucked on bigger, so I knew I could handle this one. But still, it was very big compared to what normally hangs out around in here.

I told him to watch the entrance, as I always do, and then leaned forward and took a slurp on his cock head.

Ha! He had even put a dab of perfume on it, and it tasted just wonderful!

One minute later, I realized this thing was bigger than I had first thought. The first time I went deep, I gagged, and then I gagged again.

Hello? He liked the deep stuff, and he thought he was going to throat fuck me for the entire job, but I'm not that way.

I ain't some cheap cocksucking slut in a porno. Please!

So I gave him a standard job with a couple of tricks thrown in because his cock was big, and big cocks get the extras.

Anyway, three minutes later he jacked off into my waiting mouth, and blew a very large, nice, and tasty load.

And during the entire encounter, he never said a word.

So it worked out.

I mean, what more do you want...?

Edited on 02/28/17


Posted Jan 07 2017:
The first cock I sucked in here was in 2002.

Fifteen years ago. I had just arrived to Hemet, and I didn't know a soul.

Anyway, I was walking down Florida Avenue and as I was passing the park I glanced to my right, and saw the rest rooms.

A tan colored little building made from cinder block.

I quickly headed right for it around 10 am on a weekday morning.

Knowing absolutely nothing about this place at that time, I walked right in and was immediately surprised to see no doors on the three stalls, also built from cinder block and painted white.

"No doors?!" I thought, "What is this?!"

I went to the last stall and sat on the toilet to think about it.

A couple of minutes later I heard someone walk in, and for some reason I got nervous.

I leaned my head forward to see an old guy sit in the stall next to mine.

And then I kinda waited... A couple of minutes later this old guy appears in front of my stall with his Big Floppy Old Guy Cock in his hand and he pretty much sticks it in my face. "What is this?!" I thought.

Does he expect me to suck his cock in here?!"

"There are no doors on the stalls, and the entrance is 30 feet away!"

Needless to say I was taken aback.

I had never sucked a cock in a public toilet before, but I had always kinda wanted to, but still, I had just walked into this strange place less than five minutes ago, and now I have a Big Old Guy Cock right in front of me.

It was out of his zipper, and he was pumping the head with his hand and he was moving a little closer to me with it.

"Well" I thought, "I'm finally going to suck a cock in a public park toilet." "Ok, here goes nothing!" And so I waved him in and open my mouth. He stepped into my stall, and I leaned forward and put his cock in my mouth.

Mmmmm... It was nice as I took my first suck on his cock head. I knew he liked it too, because he let out a little shudder.

Well despite my new surroundings, I now had a Big Floppy Old Guy Cock in my mouth, and it was time for me to get busy.

I didn't know how much time I had, but I knew it couldn't very much, this being a public park toilet and all, so I got right to it.

He must have enjoyed it, because just before he blew his load, he gently placed his hands on the side of my head. And then he came, he spurted a nice little load of Sweet Old Guy Cum on my mouth, and left his cock in there as I finished him off.

But that was a long time ago, and things have surely changed.

The first major change was when they chopped the stall walls down. Thee were eight feet high, then they lowered them to six feet, and then to four feet, where they are today.

They knew cocksucking was going on in here, so they figured if they lowered the stall walls it would decrease privacy, and discourage activity.

But they figured wrong.

All it did was make it easier for guys to show, and easier to keep an eye on the entrance walk in. I liked the lower walls right off the bat. It also made the place a little roomier somehow, and also let more fresh air into your stall.

So the lowered walls were a major plus.

Other than the walls, nothing has changed with the toilet itself.

However a great many changes have taken place with the park rules, and here again, all in a attempt to discourage cocksucking.

The park used to be open until 10 pm. I mean, it was pitch black dark by the time they locked the barrier bar to the main entrance.

That meant this place was crazy with cock as soon as it got dark. No basketball players, no mommies and kiddies in the playground area, just guys.

Guys in the mens room, guys parked in their cars in the very large parking lot, and guys at the tennis courts.

Cock was everywhere!

I used to sit in the last stall and suck one right after another! There was a line of guys in there!

Sometimes all three stalls were working, and as soon as you finished blowing a guy, the next guy walked right up.

And it was wonderful. I would have a load of fresh cum in my mouth and a new cock in there at the same time, and then that one would spurt, and at times I couldn't gulp it down fast enough. And no, I'm not kidding. Sometimes the guys in line would get a bit pushy, and I would have to say "One at a time please..."

So that went on for a couple of years, and then they started closing the park, and locking the toilet at "Dusk".

But when that happened, all the action just moved to the tennis courts, and that is when I absolutely fell in love with sucking cock in Gibbel Park.

I would work the toilet until closing, I knew guys were out by the courts, but I always liked the cheap thrill of sucking off complete strangers in that mens room. I still do today.

A dirty little place...

Anyway, when it was time to leave there, I would hit the courts.

Nice little benches all over the place, a little area with trees, it was perfect.

And there was a little parking area next to the courts as well, and I could suck off guys in their cars like I used to do in my twenties.

And it was always busy. And everyone was cool and polite.

Yeah, most of the guys were older, but there's nothing wrong with a Big Old Guy Cock belonging to some old married guy who's wife doesn't suck it anymore.

These guys had loads!!

And then they started cracking down on the courts, and guys quit coming.

So now it was back to the toilet from 7am til Dusk.

And then the maintenance crews started spending more and more time in the park in the mornings.

And the regular morning traffic began to slow, and it looked like this place was going to die.

The cops were doing drive-throughs on an hourly basis, and guys were afraid to get out of their cars, and so on. I could sit at picnic table for two hours and absolutely nobody would pull in.

And it had just died.

Every once in awhile a guy would walk in, but he would be all nervous and say "Be quick about it."

So this is when time became the big factor in this place, and it still is today.

And yeah, I get that.

Especially today with the street people, and the pests and the "Lookie Loos".

So now I can only give you five minutes unless it's absolutely dead.

But if there's regular traffic, five minutes is all I can do.

There are too many walk-ins and distractions these days. Which is sad. But it's true.

Which brings me to my main point here in 2017, if you're walking in here to play games or waste my time, please don't.

I'm like you, and I only have so much time in here.

If you want to get sucked off,then let's get to it.

I know what I'm doing in this place, and I know how to suck a cock. And after three minutes, if you're not thinking about cummimg, you should be.

I glance at my watch before I start sucking, and I know when tree minutes has gone by,and I also know the difference between a stubborn cock and an empty cock.

If you're a little older, I'll give you a bit more time, but when I tell you "That's it", and wave you off, I mean it.

Sometimes I will ask if you need another minute, but that's only when I think you could still blow a little cream.

But I don't ask very often.

Also, if you're some pest I blew thirty minutes ago to get rid of you, don't come walking in with your cock in your hand while I'm trying to suck some guy off.

It makes them nervous, and it pisses me off.

It's bad enough I have to deal with the bums and weirdos, I certainly don't want to deal with a guy I just gave a nice suck job to.

I mean please...

OK, I have said what I wanted to say.

I hope to see the guys who want to get a nice fast suck off job.

And do me a favor, have a load, will ya'?

After all, I'm the one who is doing all the work.

(I'm here on Monday mornings just after 10)

This reads like poetry so I published it with minimal editing, almost exactly as you wrote it.

Normally the Review pages aren't for posting when people will be in a place except in a general way ("What are the best days and times?") but you deserve to have it here. I think you've got an appointment.

Here's to Gibbel Park! ~ Editor

Edited on 01/10/17


Posted Jan 04 2017:
I dropped by here today at noon after it had been closed on and off for the Holidays. All I can tell you is it was extremely busy, and I think everyone has a good feeling about keeping this spot hopping for the New Year.

I walked in when it looked good, and was met by some scruffy-looking guy in his late twenties who showed me a very large cock wearing a cock ring. While I was happy to see such a big cock, I was unhappy to see the cock ring because I have never sucked cum out of one of those.

But his cock was very large indeed, so I took a seat in the middle stall and went to work. We got into a nice rhythm, and I was just starting to slurp, when a pest walked in and startled him. I told him it was ok, and went back to work, when just then a horn honked out in the parking lot.

And that was enough for me. Between the pest, the honk, all the cars in the parking lot, and the cock ring, which meant no load anyway, I got up and walked out.

But still, it was nice to see all the traffic and I know things are going to be off to a very dirty start. I hope to see you there, and I hope to eat your cum after I suck you off.

So let's have a Happy New Year in this toilet.

Edited on 01/09/17


Posted Nov 14 2016:
I went here this morning at 9:00 right after the Park worker left.

Guys started pulling in immediately, and I had high hopes. So I strolled into the mens room, and sure enough, a bum was in there taking a bath in the sink.

We all waited in our cars, but he just stayed in there. I talked to a few of the guys hanging around and they all said the same thing, "The bums are ruining this place." I must have counted seven guys looking to get sucked off, and it was all a waste of time.

We need come up with another spot in Hemet, and believe me, I have looked around, but there just isn't anyplace for daytime action.

I always tell myself I'm not going back, but I always do because when I can get in there, I can stay busy for a good hour.

So until someplace else happens, we're stuck with the bums.

Edited on 11/28/16


Posted Sep 04 2016:
I am tired of guys showing up in here with no cum in their cocks.

Hey, I am more than willing to do a good job, and toss in a few tricks, that's part of the deal.

However, sucking cock is hard work after five minutes in this filthy toilet, considering all the distractions, etc.

Most of you guys know me in this place, and I've sucked all of you, more than a few times. But from now on, if you don't pump some cum the next time I work on your cock, I won't suck you again.

That's it.

Since you're not logged in, I don't know who you are, not even in the remote sense of a CFS Profile. I do know you're not this slurp, since that Member has been inactive quite some time.

As for the rest, some guys cum. Some guys go. Some guys stay.

There's some insight in this Message Board Discussion: What percentage of guys shoot when sucked?.

I responded, third post down:
infopop wrote:
For me, it usually takes a long time to cum... I talked to my gay doctor about in it in the late 90s, and his response was, "And this is a problem?"
Guys vary. As Forrest Gump said, "Mama always said life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get." ~ Editor

Edited on 09/14/16


Posted Jul 17 2016:
I went here around 8:30 this morning. There were two guys sitting in their cars waiting. When I walked in the toilet there was a street person in there, so I walked out and sat at a picnic table to wait him out.

Ten minutes later a guy in his mid-sixties pulled up, parked, and walked into the toilet, obviously looking to get sucked. But he walked right out, got in his car, and drove off. Five minutes later the same thing happened.

I approached the second guy as he was getting back into his car, and asked him if he'd like to take me for a ride and get sucked off quick. He declined, and drove off.

Two minutes later the street person walked out of the men's room, and then walked out of the park. Great!

Five minutes later another guy in his mid-sixties pulled up, and walked right in. I gave him a minute, and then I walked in too. He was standing at the third urinal when I came in. I walked into the stall next to him.

This place is perfect, there are no doors on the stalls, and the walls are lowered so it's very easy to show. I then took a look down at his cock, which he was holding in his hand. It was a very nice looking large cock with a very nice head.

I asked him if wanted that sucked, and he said, "Sure." I walked to the last stall and sat on the toilet and he followed. He dropped his pants to the floor, but I asked him to bring them back up. It's easier that way in case of a walk-in.

I then went to work on his cock. As soon as I put his cock head in my mouth, I tasted a drop of cum. Always a good sign.

It didn't take him too long to get all the way hard, and before I knew it he was ramming that big thing down my throat. Every time I came up for a breath I'd take a slurp on his cock head, but he'd just slam his now swollen cock down my throat again.

This went on for a good three minutes, and then he told me he was gonna cum and asked me if I wanted it I'm my mouth, or down my throat? I pulled my head back real quick and said, "Throat." I swallowed him all the way, and then he blew!

I had his cock completely engulfed when the first spurts arrived, and I had to keep myself from gagging as it kept on cumming...

I absolutely could not believe how much goo this guy was pumping out! And then it was over. He pulled his cock out of my mouth and I opened his cock head with my fingers and sucked out a good little gob.

I got up, walked out, and sat back down at the picnic table. He walked out, got in his car and drove off.

I kept that load in mouth for a good five minutes, swallowed, and then went home. An excellent cock, an outstanding load. It pays to be patient with this place.

Edited on 07/25/16


Posted May 06 2016:
The best time for this hole is around 10:30 in the mornings. There's a maintenance crew working until then. After they leave, guys start showing up.

The park is closed on Tuesdays all day and there are no workers on Saturdays or Sundays, but street people hang around all the time. You have to keep an eye on them because they can hang out in the toilet and you can't get in there. Also, this isn't a good place to get sucked off in your car, but if you have a van, it is. There are more than a few van guys cruising this place.

Also, guys are meeting here and just driving off somewhere else but there are no good car spots nearby either, and very few guys want to go to their places because half of them are married, and etc...

You have to be patient with this place, and you have to pay attention. Know when the toilet is empty, and then keep track of who's walking in and out.
Most of the walk-ins are looking to get sucked, but there are enough cocksuckers walking in as well.

Sometimes it gets so busy it's unreal! And on a good morning I can suck off three or four guys in about an hour.

When the pests are hanging around, it's not worth the effort. But as somebody wrote on this site, it's the only place to suck in Hemet and that's true.

Edited on 05/11/16


Posted Apr 30 2016:
What time is the earliest I can show up?

Edited on 05/05/16


Posted Apr 03 2016:
I wasn't going to stop in the last time I drove by. It was super hot outside and I had to go to the store. But just as I was about to pass it, I pulled in. I'm glad I did.

I parked in the large parking lot west of the men's room, and right away a husky guy in black nylon shorts and a tank top got out of his car and strolled in. It looked like a hit. I gave it a minute, and then got out of my car and walked on in.

Most guys in this toilet are standing at the last urinal and playing it safe, but this dude was standing in the first stall, which is clearly visible due to the lowered walls, and was looking downward at something.

When I walked in he said "Hello," and I said it was "hot out there." He said "Yeah," and then he continued to look down at whatever it was he was doing. Then I walked over to the cutoff wall, and took a look. What he was doing was this:

He was slowly but deliberately stroking on a very big cock that appeared to be getting bigger with every stroke. I said,"That looks big." And he said, "It's fat," and it was.

He was stroking his big fat cock right there in the first stall, and there was nobody in this little toilet but me and him. I asked him if he wanted that sucked and he said "Why not?"

When I made my move to sit, he thought I was going to take that first stall. But I like the middle stall, and sat down there. When I got seated, I asked him if he'd ever been sucked off in here before. He said, "Maybe once or twice." I then asked him if he had any cum, and he said "Oh yeah, plenty!"

With that in mind, I went to work. It was hot in there, and the smell of old cum and fresh piss was the air as I took my first suck off his big cockhead. I got an immediate response, and I knew this guy had a load!

After sucking him to full erection, I took his entire cock down my throat, and I had to gag while doing it. I swallowed deep several times during the job, and I couldn't control my gag reflex for about a minute into it.

And then I started working hard. I gave him good head for about three minutes, and then I knew he was about to spurt, and spurt big!

A minute later, he did. He gushed a hot salty mess right into my mouth and it kept on coming! I kept it in my mouth and as he pulled out after pumping, I made a rude slurping sound and a string of cum followed out with his cockhead I sucked it back in with another slurp. When it was over, there was a little puddle of drool on the cement floor and the sharp taste of cum in my mouth. This guy's shoot was strong!

He went over to the next stall to clean up, and I said to him,"Now that was a load!" He said "It's still dripping," and then brought that big thing around again and let me do some clean-up on it. It wasn't dripping anymore after that.

After that he walked out, I was left sitting there in that hot, dirty toilet all alone, with a salty load of cum in my mouth.

Yeah, I'm glad I pulled in.

Edited on 04/08/16


Posted Feb 14 2016:
I sucked off an older guy with an 8-inch cock in here this morning. His cock had a huge head, and I slurped on it for a good five minutes before he blew a pretty good load in my mouth. I'm coming back to this spot!

Edited on 02/22/16


Posted Feb 04 2016:
I blew a guy wearing a wedding band in here once. He pumped a huge wad of cum down my throat. Just huge!

Edited on 02/11/16


Posted Jan 16 2016:
Gibbel Park, the old Hemet standby.

This men's room has been going for 30-plus years now, and despite it's ups and downs, it continues to deliver. The beauty of this place is it's simplicity. Park, wait, and watch. If you do that, you'll find some action. There's always cum on the floor in this place.

Yes, it can be empty at times, and yes, it can be too crowded, but all park men's rooms are that way, no matter where you go. However this place, because it's right in the middle of town, and super-exposed, requires more discretion. So I pay attention, and wait for an opening.

I hit this smutty toilet about twice a week, and have always managed to suck, or get sucked, depending on the circumstances.

I can't believe it's on a website, and I'm certain this place will continue to stay active, despite its drawbacks.

Thanks so much for your review, especially noting the history of at least three decades of cocksucking, and your good advice.

This web site was started by my late predecessor in 1995 and someone — of course we allow anonymous submissions, so to speak — suggested it to the site ten years later in 2005. Here we are ten years later and I'm happy you've found us too. ~ Editor

Edited on 01/22/16


Posted Jan 05 2016:
I wish I could say better things about this place, and a few years ago I could have, but has of late it's really slowed off. The park workers used to leave around 10:30 in the mornings, but now they're there most of the day. Sunday mornings between 8:00 and 10:00 are still your best bet as there are no workers and very few civilians at that hour.

The problem these days are the bums. They normally keep to themselves, but a lot of times they hang out in the toilet for long periods of time. This was the case last Sunday. I observed four or five guys walk in and walk right out again because they didn't know a bum was in there. A couple returned to their cars and tried to wait it out, but the others just drove off. So it was waste of time.

But still, four walk-ins in an hour is pretty good for this spot. I only visit on Sunday mornings these days, and can still get plenty to suck when the bums aren't hanging around in there. So go on Sunday mornings, I'll be waiting by the pavilion as you walk in.

Edited on 01/13/16


Posted Jan 02 2016:
I was here last week after the park workers left at 10:30. It got busy quick.

The problem is guys aren't being patient, and they're just barging in. It's a small room, and it's impossible to work with all the interruptions.

If one guy wants to watch me suck cock while waiting his turn, fine. But when two or three other guys are standing around, and blocking my view of the entrance way, well you can forget it. Just sit in your car and wait a few minutes, it's very easy to keep track of the traffic.

Also, time is always an issue with this spot. If you're looking for a 15-minute blow job, you're in the wrong place. This is a 3-minute deal, and it always has been.

So walk in, show hard, follow a couple of easy instructions, and get your cock sucked off. It's as easy as that. So let's watch the traffic in here, and not overwhelm it.

Edited on 01/08/16

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Posted Jan 01 2016:
Brubaker Park on the west side is more private, that can easily become a cruising spot. There are a few old baseball diamonds in the back field with dugouts that are great for cruising in.

I'll add a page for Brubaker Park in Hemet. Once it's online, please post more reviews of it on that page. Thanks! ~ Editor

Edited on 01/08/16


Posted Oct 02 2015:
Hell no! What are you people smoking in Hemet? There's got to be somewhere else, and if not, we should make it a priority to create one!

This is an over-exposed, bust-waiting-to-happen, no privacy, shithole! Does anyone look up and notice all the CC cameras everywhere? Well, not that Hemet can afford the staff to watch the cameras, but still!

This is a digusting foul little shack that I wouldn't even pee in, much less cruise!

Edited on 10/07/15


Posted Aug 31 2015:
The problem with this place is it's the only game in Hemet. It has a bad reputation and everybody knows its a suck-off hole. Having said that, give it a try if you just want a fast suck job.

Edited on 09/07/15


Posted Aug 31 2015:
This spot is hit and miss with a lot of waiting. Also there can be pests hanging around and scaring off guys who are looking to get sucked off. It's a very simple set up, three stalls, no doors, and a good view of the entrance walk-in.

Most guys just show at the third urinal which is next to the first stall. The walls on the stalls are lowered and I just walk up and look at your cock. I will then ask you if you would like that sucked. If you do I'll go to the middle stall and sit. I will get to work immediately and if you have a load I can suck you off in about three minutes.

The mornings are best after the park workers are gone around 10 am.

Edited on 09/07/15


Posted Jul 27 2015:
I suck cock in here when I have the time to wait around. It can be very slow, and after noon it's dead. But it's the only venue in Hemet to suck.

Edited on 08/03/15


Posted Jul 13 2015:
There is a lot of older cock in here. Go in the mornings after ten. Just show at the third urinal. I write suck jobs on the wall there. You can be sucked off in the middle stall. You have to watch the door. I suck for cum and you can watch me eat it. It's a dirty little suck off hole.

Edited on 07/20/15


Posted May 11 2015:
I am not sure what times are best to go. I have been quite a few times and have found some action. I encourage everyone to go and add to the fun if you can. But patience is helpful as it may take a while till you find someone, and as it is Hemet the majority will be older gentlemen. I'd like to go by after 4 or 5 and find some nice long thick cocks but a nice bottom would be a dream as well.

Edited on 05/14/15
Hemet cock sucker


Posted Mar 01 2015:
This dirty little mens room is actually a pretty good spot. I suck a lot of cock in there. It's closed on Tuesdays all day; the entire park is. But if you hang around in the mornings, you can get sucked fairly easy. There are three urinals, then three stalls with no doors. Also the walls have been lowered. Just go to the last urinal and show. I'll suck you off in middle stall.

Edited on 03/04/15


Posted May 26 2014:
Subject: No WAY, No HOW !! Avoid this place.... Heads Up!
Gimme a break! The fucking street corner is more cruiser than this place! I like the do-it-yourself car wash anywhere along Florida Avenue! It has worked a few times for me too! Even the vacant lot across the street is better! But this is a shithole park, over-exposed, loaded with CC cameras, part of their crackdown on the female hookers that frequent the area and is a total no go, dead zone, totally foul crackhead restroom, and nothing to do with cock.

Edited on 06/03/14


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Posted Feb 13 2013:
So what's the process? Do I do a special knock at the stall or wait for a sign? Maybe I was just there at the wrong time.


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Posted Dec 17 2012:
It's easy to get sucked.

Edited on 12/26/12


Posted Jul 18 2009:
Hey to all all those who complain: old guys need sex, too. Besides Hemet is about 85 percent retired folks.


Posted Jun 01 2009:
Old stinky men come here. Not worth your time! It would be great to see some hot middle-aged men here. There is a park ranger in a white Toyota truck that can be a real asshole.


Posted Mar 01 2006:
This place is hot! I have been many times and always have good luck. I like 'em older and there are plenty of good-looking guys around. The bathroom is great fun! You must check it out!


Posted Feb 09 2006:
I went there today while in Hemet and got lucky several times. I was there at 8:30 am and met a hot guy in his sixties. We got it on in the bathroom and both got off.
Then I went back at lunchtime and ended up in a threeway jackoff with two older guys.
I missed another silverfox because as I was leaving the restroom he was coming in. After my meetings were over I stopped by before coming home and had another session with a nice-looking guy in his fifties. There was a nasty looking Black guy who was reekin' of booze in the afternoon who kept hanging around the restroom, but I got lucky and was done when he stopped in for the second time. So I left and had a long drive home with lots to remember about a day in Hemet.
I'll be sure to go there again soon.


Posted Jul 04 2005:
Something is going on all day but it is very discreet. You have to hang out awhile in the parking lot and watch what's going on.

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