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Blow Buddies Closed


Category: Sexclub Hours / Entry Fee: Closed Mon-Tue; See web site for other days and special events. Directions: Located between 5th and 6th Streets. Four blocks south of Powell Street BART/Muni station. Most taxis are also very familiar with the location.
Submitted: Apr 18 2001 (Edited 07/22/20)
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3.7/5 based on 37 votes. The median rating is 4.
Read & Write Reviews: 44 Reviews

Address: 933 Harrison Street
City: San Francisco
State: California
ZIP/Postal Code: 94107
Country: United States of America
Phone Number: 415-777-HEAD

Closed, deletion pending

GPS Approximate Latitude & Longitude: 37.7784,-122.402
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Posted Jul 21 2020:
Very sad. The Iconic Blow Buddies is a victim of the COVID-19 pandemic and will not be reopening. Wonder where horny dudes will go for sex.

Meanwhile, the Board of Supervisors voted for an ordinance that would allow bathhouses to open in the future, for the first time since the 1980s: Bay Area Reporter, July 21 2020: Gay bathhouse restrictions lifted as SF sex club closes

Edited on 07/22/20

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Usergroup: Member
Joined: Nov 18, 2017

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Posted Jun 02 2020:
Buddies has become one of my favorite clubs this last year, particularly Naked Night Wednesdays. Buddies only has lockers and is open four or so hours on Wednesdays and Thursdays, and until late on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. The defined hours and crisscrossing open space mean everyone passes one another and especially for my favorite Naked Night, you see everyone's hardware and can get to business quickly.

There are guys going in at 8 in the dot. I go in after 8:20 and put my cock ring on before I get too hard to do it.

There are four sinks at the perfect height for soap and water washing. And wash out your butt if your have ever been bottomed, fingered, or rimmed. Before the fun starts, everyone should clean up by wiping their dicks, crotch areas, and assholes. A soft plastic water bottle makes an ideal douche. Fill with water, head to the toilet, and push in water to flush your rectum. The bottle neck fits easily against the anus. It rinses out raisins and lubes the pipes.

Then I go right to the top of the catwalk where you get the best view of the porn on the projector and stick my fat hard dick through the center hole, right at the end of the aisle. It pays to advertise early and give your best stiffness to your suck pig.

There are a few stall with doors and benches, at least four thrones, and a great sling right underneath the video with a pail of lube, condoms, and paper towels. Very considerate.

Blow Buddies is for you if you want to get into action without a lot of cruising, but have flexibility to step back when you need a break. I hope they are still open after this stupid virus. Maybe the dip in the economy will delay sale of the building. Open soon.

Edited on 06/03/20


Posted Sep 04 2019:
When visiting San Francisco I had to go to Blow Buddies. What a great place! Saturday night was very busy. Nice variety in the guys. I actually had a great time. Beside sucking several cocks off, I got the best head ever!

My only issue was having to pay fifteen dollars for a membership. I do not live in California and would probably not be back any time soon. I think it would be better for club to have a reduced one-time membership for out of town studs. I would even think that eight dollars would be cool.

Edited on 09/05/19


Posted Mar 20 2019:
The building where Blow Buddies is located is now up for sale. The future of the club is uncertain. "While the operators of the club would like to stay at the premise, a new owner who doesn’t want a sex club running on the property could easily shut it down."

Due to zoning, there is a 30-foot height limitation for the site. Most commercial projects could not be built here, although the site could be used for affordable housing.

SFist, March 14 2019: Infamous SoMa Gay Sex Club Blow Buddies May Be Endangered As Building Goes Up For Sale

Gay Star Travel, March 20 2019: San Francisco's biggest gay sex club is under threat of closing down: The club has been servicing people since 1989

Hornet, March 19 2019: San Francisco’s Largest Gay Sex Club, Blow Buddies, May Be Forced to Close Up Shop

Edited on 03/21/19


Posted Sep 07 2018:
Question: I'm a total bottom ass pig. Got bored with sucking cock years ago. I'm only looking to get fucked bareback.

If I visit San Francisco, should I go somewhere else like Folsom Gulch? It seems Blow Buddies is all about sucking and that's just fine, but if I'll be out of place, no point in my taking up space there.

Comments and advice appreciated.

Edited on 09/10/18


Posted May 11 2018:
Recently went to Blow Buddies for the first time! OMG, what a great place!

There is a lot of room to play including an outdoor patio. There are gloryholes everywhere! There is little, if any, attitude. Everyone is just horny and wants to bust a nut. Crowd was mixed in age, trends to a bit older crowd, and mixed ethnicity.

The club has strict rules for safe sex, no alcohol, drugs, must wear closed shoes — no flip flops or sandals. No cologne is allowed and cell phones must be turned off and checked in. All coats and jackets must be checked in, which is free. They do have lockers but you must bring your own lock. The club is closed Mondays and Tuesdays.

Club does not accept credit cards so be prepared to pay cash! Must have a membership. So your first visit can be a bit pricey.

One nice feature is they have mouthwash in the restrooms. They also offer free coffee. They have a vending machine with maybe twelve choices of soda. The price is $3 per can, a bit much.

This place is truly a dick-sucking paradise! All sizes of dicks just waiting to unload!

It is common for guys to be shirtless, at least. They have naked night where everyone lets it all hang out. Nudity seems to be permitted most of the time.

Can’t wait to go back on a weekend.

Truly a very hot place for locals and visitors. Be sure to check it out. You will be very glad you did!

Edited on 05/11/18

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Apr 11, 2015

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Total Reviews: 1


Posted Apr 16 2015:
I visited in June 2014. The staff was okay. It was the first time for me to see a raised platform where the men above could let their dicks descend through the holes and also look down at the person blowing them. I liked the feeling of being dominated like that. I like being on my knees before a cock, but this system saves my knees!

The area in back is open, and it's easy to see that bottoms like me outnumber tops and versatiles willing to be blown. But it's nice to watch while waiting a turn. I will probably go back the next time I'm in SFO.

Edited on 04/22/15
Playa player


Posted May 03 2014:
It's now hit or miss at Blow Buddies. This did not used to be true. The staffing runs good to bitter, and it's a toss-up who you'll be dealing with. There one in particular not the older guy but a big smooth bear. Which I usually would like. He had his eye on me and gave me attitude when I kindly passed. This being untied went on for 15 minutes scaring away the few hot guys whose eyes I did catch. I suppose this happens elsewhere but it was a bad movie playing out. If you do go, watch out for the staff. There are a cute nice blondes but if it's a big smooth bear, he bites! Not really but he might as well have. The few hot guys were tourists and they found each other and probably left to go to their hotel rooms. That's what I should have done!

Edited on 05/08/14

Usergroup: Member
Joined: May 15, 2007

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 4


Posted Dec 29 2013:
Been to Blow Buddies recently and there are always hot, in-shape, hung men there. Some of these bad reviews are just complainers or are out of shape guys who didn't get what they wanted. Found the staff to be fine and no issues. Yes, online apps have reduced the number of hot guys who go to Blow Buddies but there are still hot guys who go there. Many European hot men I've blown there and met some very hot guys who seem to be masters at sucking cock.

Edited on 01/06/14
Ron Delary


0 of 1 people found this review helpful
Posted Dec 15 2013:
And the staff are as mean as cut snakes. Gee, could THAT be affecting the turnout? DUH

Edited on 12/20/13


0 of 1 people found this review helpful
Posted Jun 30 2013:
This place has gone way down hill. Old Trolls everywhere. I thought with Gay Pride weekend it would have a good turnout and I was wrong.

Edited on 07/05/13


Posted May 27 2013:
Subject: Blowbuddies going downhill (sadly)
I get to SF a few times a year, and I've been going to Blow Buddies since it opened, but in the past few years I've noticed that it's not as good as it used to be. It's not the space - the owners and staff run a very good establishment, clean, good music, etc. - but it's the guys. And I'm part of the problem: It's becoming a large group of aging bottoms and a small group of tops. Very few guys in their 20s or 30s, most are 40-60. The average age is way above the norm in the street or the bars. Older guys can be hot, but it's not a pretty sight recently.

Edited on 06/03/13


Posted Jan 05 2013:
This place can be fun, but there are many more suckers than suckees. So, it can be quite a while before a quality cock comes your way. A few older guys that stick it in every hole and won't take no for an answer, but other than that it is a fun place.


Posted Aug 03 2012:
You can never go wrong by going to Blow Buddies. Always lots of action and something for everyone. Guys of all ages from 18 to 78 have a great time. It's a San Francisco institution now, and has been consistently good for years. Don't miss it if you like hot oral sex, giving, receiving, or both.

Edited on 08/09/12


Posted Nov 02 2011:
Always have a good time here. Crowd is mixed 25 to 55, mostly white, but lots of big cocks and good cocksuckers. Always get off here!

Edited on 11/03/11


Posted Feb 15 2011:
This place has really gone downhill in the past few years. Not so bad if you are into old men, but all the hot guys that used to go there are gone. Pretty sad. Last time I was there not one guy of any interest was there. They once showed great movies, but now they are pretty pathetic. I won't be going to Blow Buddies again.

Edited on 02/17/11


0 of 1 people found this review helpful
Posted Jul 15 2010:
Although there are a handful of fit guys in their 30s, 40s and 50s, the geriatric crowd rules at this place. I've even seen one old dude with a walker. I went on a recent Wednesday and it is just sad. The place is tired, even with the patio updates it's still the same tired setup, with the jaded surly staff and the same old queen on a power trip that takes your admission fee. Even the phone hotline has the same old affected guy pretending to be butch giving the rundown of events.

Edited on 07/16/10


1 of 1 people found this review helpful
Posted Jun 12 2010:
I visit at least twice a month and find men of all races and ages. Yes, there are men in their sixties, but I got a couple of hot men that I regular with who are in their 30's. Lots of Latinos under 40, too. Saturday night and Sunday evenings seem to be the best. I have been going for 10 years and I have not seen a reduction in the hours. Actually, the doors are open later many nights.

Edited on 06/16/10
Super Reviewer

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Oct 24, 2008

Total Listings: 16
Total Reviews: 152


Posted Jun 06 2010:
The clients have really changed over the years. Since many local San Franciscans are getting much older, it only gets good when tourists visit. A few young cubs do show up, but it looked like the average age of the men were in their 60's. They have also scaled back operation to save cost. It is a true icon but I think the patrons are much better looking at a local ABS with gloryholes now.

Edited on 06/11/10

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Sep 25, 2009

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 1


Posted Feb 23 2010:
I make an effort to visit Blow Buddies every time I visit San Francisco and it is always hot, with all kinds of guys! Worth going especially on weekends.

Edited on 02/24/10


Posted Oct 09 2009:
Every time I have been to Blow Buddies I have had a fantastic time. All sizes and shapes. Cute young, hung twinks from Europe, to big, masculine, muscular straight looking dudes. It is awesome. Sunday evenings have been some of my best times there.


Posted Aug 06 2009:
I think the scene has changed quite of bit since the 90's. The men are mostly in their 50-60's and many are HIV+ men who have severe lipodystrophy so I really wasn't interested except getting a blowjob. I felt like I was one of the youngest there and I just turned 40. That said, it is still one of the wildest sexclubs in the world with very unique/iconic set ups.


Posted Feb 28 2009:
I've been going to Blow Buddies since it's inception on Howard Street in the late 80s, and sadly I must report the glory days are over and all of the good-looking, straight, bi and gay guys have stopped coming by for their regular blowjobs. At its peak around the turn of the century, the place rocked and was often so packed you could barely move. But like so many gay/bi/straight venues, the Internet has killed it and guys are hooking up online via various social networking sites. Also, the new owners, since the early 2000s, have done nothing to encourage business with updates, remodeling or creative marketing, specials, etc. R.I.P.


Posted Feb 06 2009:
The cocksuckers outnumber the guys that want head by at least three to one. Some guys park themselves at a gloryhole in the slurp ramp and will stay all night sucking any cock that comes along and never leave the hole. Every gloryhole has a guy willing to suck, but usually only five or six guys looking for head even on weekends. Some hot group play takes place in the back area though.


Posted Jan 14 2009:
It only gets interesting when a ton of tourists are in town.


Posted Jun 17 2008:
It's all about dippin' your dick over and over and nobody ever seems to want to get off. Ain't that the way.


Posted May 10 2008:
Blow Buddies is pretty much over after a good run. Over the fifteen years or so it's been going, the really hot men have dwindled until now it's a scary bunch of freaks, trolls, and tweakers. I knew things had hit bottom when I was cruising there one night in '06 and a Stephen Hawking type rolled by in a motorized wheelchair, his head and arms lolling about. (His mouth was, however, at approximately the suitable height.) The management has made no updates or improvements in god knows how long and frequently the gloryholes smell of shit since the elevated platform behind them seems to be a favorite spot for the barebackers to do their cluster-fuck thing. This location might have been chosen because it's harder for the management sex police to get back there with their crow bar to pry them apart to check for condoms.


Posted Nov 12 2007:
This place is hit-or-miss. I do have to say as a devoted cocksucker I always get my fill. I have noticed that over the years guys have become more and more stuck up. There's an attitude in the air and what's that about? You're in a place to get sucked and suck cock. What makes you so high and mighty, eh? At least be friendly. Sheesh.


Posted Oct 05 2007:
I have gotten the best blowjobs at Blow Buddies and get off at least three times before I leave.


Posted Jul 12 2007:
Great place! All sizes of cocks, men and all ages too. It never disappoints but it's 99% oral as the name suggests and watch out for the short, slim, salt 'n pepper gray-bearded little old Hitler compulsive maniac man at the door. He also seems to be the manager on some nights.


Posted May 02 2007:
Quite possibly the most disappointing, generic, boring place I have ever been to.


Posted Apr 21 2007:
The last few years it seems a lot of guys will let you start up with them but 'save it' for when it gets really crowded or Mr. Perfect arrives. Maybe it's just me but it seems there's a lot more of a skittish attitude my last few visits. I have to travel some distance to get there because it's a safe place and there's nothing like it where I live. But the last couple of years it hasn't been worth the trip. I think Blow Buddies peaked a while back. Now it just seems to have fallen into the category of a place that's too crowded, hot and frantic at the peak hours and too filled with attitude when it isn't crowded. The usual suspects hog their favorite areas and it's all become very routine. There used to be a word-of-mouth club in the SOMA area called 'The Church' but the owner was sort of famous for having problems with the fire marshal or something. It operated out of a couple of different locations during the week. That was a much funkier, unstructured place but the environment was a lot freer, friendly and spontaneous. I think that's what gay guys should be involved with to have a good time. It was still horny and lots, lots of fun and even surprising. Blow Buddies will never have that going for it. I really wish there were a fresher alternative.


Posted Jan 31 2007:
If you visit San Francisco you have to go. The perfect place with all kinds of men. You have to go.


Posted Jan 26 2007:
Insanely boring! I went for 'Golden Shower Buddies'. What a joke! This place is great for standing around and swapping recipes, not much else.


Posted Jan 08 2007:
The best sex club I've been to -- here or in Europe. The staff is very friendly and the guys are hot, hot, hot!


Posted Dec 27 2006:
A legend. Still the hottest in the city. And the cruising along Harrison between 5th and 6th Street, and in the alleys, has netted me some hot hung studs who wanted to save the bucks to get in, or who wanted a head-break from End Up. All in all Blow Buddies cannot be beat!


Posted Mar 15 2006:
Totally sucks but not in a good way. The attendants are nasty and there's lots of trolls. I was about to suck off one guy and I could smell shit on his dick. That's how bad it is.


Posted Dec 26 2005:
Was there Thanksgiving on a Friday and Saturday. This place totally rocks! Could not imagine anyone not finding something to his liking there. The main thing this place has going for it is variety. The clientele includes all races, some bears, mature, leather, model types, muscle, and younger guys. There's also a variety in the venue. There are gloryholes, booths, watersports, a maze, cages, slings, a patio, mezzanine, and video booths. There is always parking on the street, especially the alley just east of the place. Staff is friendly with no attitude.


Posted Dec 02 2005:
This is one of those places where you need to see the guys who go there to understand the reviews being given. I remember going to Blow Buddies years ago when it first opened and I was in my early twenties. The place was off the hook with a great assortment of men. Somehow through the years the place has slowly transformed into an almost exclusive patronage of older white males, who are generally out of shape. If that is what you're into you will love the place. But I think it would be disingenuous of anyone to argue with the above description. On a given night, if there are 200 guys there, probably less than ten are Black, same for Latinos. The rest seem to be the older hairy out-of-shape White guys and their younger Asian admirers. Can you have fun? Sure. But my experience is that you have to really lower your expectations to get off here.


Posted Oct 22 2005:
Well, this place is huge and a lot of fun. Hot guys of all types come here. I'd say it's about eighty-percent daddy-types and twenty-percent young guys. Many gloryholes, an outside maze, slings, and more. For those of you into watersports, there are tubs in the bathrooms. If you like to be pissed on, just sit in one of them, and your request will be granted. The stalls even have gloryholes. Hot! I will be back.


Posted Aug 27 2005:
I was at Blow Buddies in August and it still rocks. I stop by every time I am in town and remember it fondly from when I used to live here. There are all types of guys and not a lot of attitude. I've been told I have a fairly large and fat dick, but I have a bit of a fetish for smaller endowments and this place is my perfect indulgence. The last time I was there, after a bit of fun in the gloryhole area, I connected with a guy in the back by the maze-like area. He was smaller than me and well-built with an amazing ass. He put his hand on my crotch and I put mine on his and we both knew we had found what we were looking for. We went to one of the booths and luxuriated in each other's bodies. He was smooth and I have a hairy chest and we were in our own porn movie. It was all kissing and licking necks, tits, stomach, cocks and balls. I shot first all over him then I fingered his asshole while working his tits. His dick was no more than five-inches erect and shot a huge stream of cum into my chest hair. He was perfect. We went to the bathroom afterward, there are no showers so we pulled our pants down and cleaned each other up with water and paper towels while standing at the sink as other guys came in and used the bathroom Why not?


Posted Sep 27 2002:
Sunday's rock when the guys who want to have sex really show up. One Sunday, I got in the sling with a dozen guys around me. Two playing with my nipples, one shoving his dick in mouth, and others taking turns on my ass. I couldn't see who was fucking me because there was so much action going on. A number of loads flew on and in me.


Posted Jul 01 2002:
Blow Buddies was my favorite sexclub of all times once, but like others have said if you have fond memories of the old place don't go there now. It is, without a doubt, a sad existence. The place is full of old men most nights. I still return once a month for the underwear buddies. It is, by far, still the hottest gathering in the city, attended by lots of hot studs.


Posted Oct 02 2001:
They allow fucking now and a couple cocks I went down on smelled like shit. Some of the speakers are cracked and they've turned the lights way up. The place wasn't as crowded or as hot as it used to be and the new manager is an arrogant and pompous ass. What's happened to this previously infamous club?

From place description/comments:
Closed, deletion pending

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