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Nob Hill Adult Theatre


Category: Adult store with arcade, theatre, Male strippers, Men for hire, Mixed ages, Mostly gay Hours / Entry Fee: Sun - Thu: 11:30 am - Midnight; Fri - Sat: 11:30 am - 1:30 am Directions: Located at Powell Street.
Submitted: Apr 18 2001 (Edited 12/12/15)
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3.08/5 based on 37 votes. The median rating is 3.
Read & Write Reviews: 59 Reviews

Address: 729 Bush Street
City: San Francisco
State: California
ZIP/Postal Code: 94108
Country: United States of America
Phone Number: 415-397-6758

Arcade, downstairs playground and maze, and theatre plus live shows every half hour. See web site for schedule including upcoming porn star appearances and special events.

The establishment had been open for decades and is a living part of gay history. For further insight, see the attached article "A Night at the Nob Hill Theater" by Jack Fritscher (From information found in Jack Fritscher, “The Academy: Incarceration for Pleasure,” Drummer 145, December 1990, as published in Gay San Francisco: Eyewitness Drummer Magazine,
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No Nob


Posted May 14 2018:
Visited Nob Hill Theatre, arcade only. Cannot speak about live shows. what a disappointment! This place could be totally awesome but as it is it leaves much to be desired. There is so much attitude they should rename the place Snob Hill Theatre.

Most of the guys stand around using their cell phone waiting for the perfect guy. There were a couple of guys making fun of some of the guys that were there. The age ranges from old to ancient! Lots of obese out of shape guys. They need to charge rent to the guys who take up permanent residency in some of the booths! It looked like some of the booths had not been cleaned in a long time.

What is up with looking through the crack in the door to get a peak of what goes on in the booths? Can you say desperate? That is the extent of the action most of these guys get!

According to one reviewer, the theatre is for sale. Hopefully new ownership will do things to attract a better and younger crowd. Because right now the place looks like the waiting room for a funeral parlor.

Edited on 05/14/18


Posted Mar 13 2018:
It's reported that the couple who own the theatre plan to retire and have engaged a Realtor to sell the theatre and arcade, and possibly the building. It will hit the market in October. Details about the sale and the history of the theatre are at the link.

Bay Area Reporter: San Francisco's gay Nob Hill Theatre for sale

Edited on 03/16/18


Posted Sep 12 2017:
This review is based on several visits. First of all this is a must when visiting San Francisco or if you live in the city. $20 includes the arcade and live shows. It's $15 for the arcade. There are special events, Naked Tuesday's, Rookies Night, Jerk Off With Porn Stars, etc.

Let's start with the live shows: In my experience,the entertainers, who work only for tips, are not all that friendly, sometimes plain rude. Dancing on stage with all your clothes on is not erotic. Sometimes the number of shows is limited.

In my opinion the "live sex shows" are not worth the extra $5, although once in a while they do have shows with porn stars either solo or with another star.

Now the downstairs where the underground and video booths are located. The underground is a dark maze with gloryholes. A lot of action happens here but expect an audience or often unwelcome intrusions. Most of the video booths have gloryholes. There are two larger booths for more intimate encounters.

The crowd is quite diverse in age, ethnicity, body type,etc. One notices at once there are a lot of voyeurs trying to get a peek at what is going on behind closed doors. I have even seen guys on hands and knees trying to peek under the doors — pretty pathetic.

The crowd does tend to be a bit older. When a younger guy comes in he is immediately stalked by drooling old men who sometimes won't take no for answer.

It is very possible to have a good, even great time here. Sometimes guys are extra picky. If you are patient it is likely you will have fun.

This is one of the best places for sexual encounters in San Francisco. It's interesting that there are limited options in the city. My recommendation is by all means check out the downstairs arcade and underground. I would think long and hard — no pun intended — about the live shows.

{hr]Thanks so much for such a thorough and thoughtful review! ~ Editor

Edited on 09/18/17


Posted Aug 28 2017:
Read about working in an infamous adult establishment in the City by the Bay:
Nob Hill Theater – One Night In Heaven

"How do you feel about body fluids?"

It's 2007 and I'm sitting on a folding chair in the cluttered basement office of the only male strip club in San Francisco, and a man twice my age is casually if distractedly asking me about my relationship with seminal fluid.

I need a job at the moment.

"My own or someone else's?" I attempt a joke and he doesn’t notice, or more likely he does not care about the circumstances that have conspired to deliver me here to his modestly appointed strip club basement...
Read more at Muni Diaries: San Francisco Diaries: A day in the life of a Nob Hill Theater employee

Edited on 08/31/17
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Posted May 05 2017:
I went back in January. I opted for downstairs. Guys were in and out of the booths but the real action started in the maze.

While watching a guy pound on an older dude, myself and a younger Asian guy started to stroke each other. He suggested we go to one of the double booths and before long we were naked and kissing.

He then started to suck me off, which is what I usually do as I am very married. I had never swallowed a load yet but at that moment I knew that would change.

I reversed positions, and went at him. He was small which helped. It wasn't long and I was rewarded with my first load. I didn't know what to expect but I swallowed it all.

Now I get it. He loved it, I loved it. I can't wait to do it again.

Edited on 05/08/17


Posted Dec 12 2016:
Downstairs gets 5 stars. I always get sucked off and often there is competition for my dick. Much fun.

Upstairs gets negative points. They have the trashiest, most tragic "dancers" I have ever seen. Truly dreadful low rent hustlers. Then they spend money on the grossest of porn stars. It is time to ditch the porn stars and get some hot regular dancers.

Edited on 12/20/16

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Sep 23, 2016

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Posted Sep 23 2016:
Went to Nob Hill for the first time in early September 2016, arcade only. Great time! No more than a minute after entering an Hispanic guy much younger than me exchanged a quick glance, then he grabbed my crotch. We quickly moved into a booth and started deep French kissing, then quickly took turns sucking each other.

He was sucking my cock and I asked him if he wanted to fuck me. Those were the first words spoken, and there was a little language problem, but it didn't take long for him to get the idea, so he lubed up, penetrated me, and started fucking me in the booth bareback.

That was pretty awkward — too small — so he motioned toward the "Honeymoon Suite." We moved over there, and he proceeded to fuck me for about fifteen minutes before he shot his load into me.

After that I stayed only a few minutes. Went back later in the evening since my admission was still good, but no repeat action. I'll be in SF in about a week, and I'll definitely cruise the Nob Hill arcade again.

Edited on 09/30/16


Posted Aug 19 2016:
I've only gone downstairs to the video/gloryhole part of Nob Hill and it is consistently good. Really fun at all times of the day. There are locals, tourists, and the occasional bi guy from the suburbs. Mostly bottoms and some tops.

It's always clean and the staff is great. For $15 you can go in and out until close

Edited on 08/24/16

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Oct 27, 2002

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Posted Nov 27 2015:
I visited the Nob Hill Adult Theatre on a recent business trip to SF and found the place to be spotless. I'm a bit surprised there aren't more recent reviews on here.

The cost at the door was $15 for the arcade area downstairs or $20 for the arcade area and the live theatre with dancers. You also have in and out privileges for the day which is a nice option.

It had been about fifteen years since I had been to Nob Hill on a previous business trip and decided to go check it out again. The person working at the front counter as you enter the lobby area was extremely nice and informed me about the arcade, maze area, and the dance theatre. He was very candid about the gloryholes in the arcade area and encouraged me to have a good time!

I decided to check out the arcade area downstairs and found the booths to be spotlessly clean. After paying the entrance fee of $15 or $20, you can watch all the porn you want since the price is all inclusive. The video monitors were all working and had nice clear pictures. Several booths had gloryholes and were large enough to easily get your cock and balls through the hole. The honeymoon suites still exist and while I was in one of the single booths, I could hear two guys in the honeymoon suite next to me as they fucked non-stop for about twenty minutes. Not sure who was in that booth but someone definitely left with an ass fucked full of cum!

While I was sitting in one of the arcade booths, a hot Latin guy came into the booth next to me. He immediately stuck his hard, thick, long, uncut cock through the gloryhole for me to enjoy. This guy had a rock-hard cock that smelled and tasted delicious. I decided to back my ass up to the gloryhole and let him play with my hole. He ate my mancunt for a good fifteen minutes as he tongue fucked my hole and licked my nuts. He was an expert ass-eater and couldn't get enough of my smoothly shaved mancunt. His tongue fucking got me so excited that I shot my load all over the floor. I sat there for a few minutes and guy after guy would stick their hard cocks through the gloryhole but I was ready to leave so I pulled my pants back on and headed out the door.

Overall, the place is very clean, there were also clean restrooms and the staff was very friendly. Definitely lots of cock and ass to go around and I was there on a Wednesday between 3 pm and 5 pm.

Edited on 12/03/15


Posted Jul 17 2015:
Different times, different experiences.

One poster stated it was all cocksuckers, but at lunch there are a lot of hard cocks waiting to be sucked and few, if any, suckers or bottoms to get us off.

Trolls of course are always available but this place does not have too many.

Upstairs is gross. The ugliest and most desperate men 'dance' there. How hard can it be to find a few cuties?

Edited on 07/24/15
SF Sucker

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Posted Apr 07 2014:
I've been here about eight or so times over the last few months. Never been interested in the upstairs stage area, but if you are, it's $20.

Downstairs is a large, clean arcade area. Admission is $10, with in-and-out privileges until closing. There are probably a total of about 22 to 25 booths. No feeding the meter, porn is always on. There are two double-sized "Honeymoon Suites," a few single, non-gloryhole booths, and about 10 pairs of gloryhole booths. I think they are all only paired, no booths have holes on both sides. Most booths have seats, and the seats are in decent shape.

The monitors mostly function, but one or two don't. One or two have non-functioning buttons. A few have poor picture quality. Maybe half have working volume controls. The holes are all machined, no hack jobs. I haven't encountered any non-working locks.

There is also a side playroom, "Underground." It's a maze, with gloryholes and a few little nooks and crannies. There's one monitor showing gay porn. Medium-loud thumping music plays. Very dark in some corners.

I go for one reason, to suck cock. But I wish there was more straight porn. The arcade has 75 channels, and there's usually two straight channels and one or two Trans channels. The rest is all gay. That's fine, but I like straight porn a bit more than gay porn, and would like maybe a dozen options out of 75?

Sometimes it's very busy, sometimes not. Clientele varies from old to young and fit to fat to skinny. The problem is the same as at all the local suck-palaces: EVERYONE wants to suck, nobody wants to get sucked. I'd say suckers outnumber suckees 8 to 1. If you want to get sucked off quickly, no problem. If you want to suck, plan on spending more time here.

The staff is friendly, and generally stays upstairs. That said, the arcade is kept clean. The bathroom is clean and stocked. The customers have more respect for each other here, and treat the place well, because the place is kept up well.

Edited on 04/11/14


Posted Dec 12 2013:
This place is actually two places. The upstairs hosts the ugliest dancers in the world. The kind of trash you would pay to dress and go home. The downstairs (at the right time) is a horndog festival.

Edited on 12/17/13
Super Reviewer

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Posted Oct 30 2013:
I love this place, it's an institution, and we're very very lucky to have it. Last change in management definitely made it better. I go three or four times a year because I LIKE the trashy hustler dancers but don't go more often because I spend too much money tipping them! I love that you can spend five bucks and touch a straight guys asshole for that measly tip! Some are hotter than others, I would go more if there was more variety. The downstairs arcade has been hopping every time and I always get multiple loads. The playspace is underutilized. Never seen a bi couple, would love to run across one there.

Edited on 11/05/13

Usergroup: Member
Joined: May 12, 2010

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Posted Jul 21 2013:
The downstairs play area just got hot in the last year! This place got it right by turning the whole downstairs into private to open play areas and charging a flat fee of $10. Also, the seven or eight times in late June and July I was there at least 80% of the dudes were hot, out of the eleven to fourteen guys there. And unlike other bookstores that have mainly local guys, this location is a prime spot for attracting hot tourists.

The only issue I have is that N.H. doesn't accommodate the guys in their twenties. They need to draw more than the four or so in by dropping their price to $6 once a week and have everyone else pay $12 that night. They should also consider having another night flipped for guys 30 and older and have young dudes pay $12. And have a big dick night once a month, so those guys show their dick hard for $6 and everyone else pays $12. Also, they need to stick a vending machine with lube and condoms downstairs and repair some of the old videos and videos machines.

Edited on 07/30/13


Posted Jun 16 2013:
I like taking my girlfriend to the underground playroom on occasion. We suck guys off through the gloryholes and share the cum. She likes to back up her pussy to the hole and let guys we know fuck her pussy through the hole, too. After doing a few guys in the gloryhole booth we head into the playspace and let more guys play with her, fuck her doggy style, or use her through the gloryholes in the playspace. Upstairs we let the dancers play with her, and once in a while a dancer will fuck her pussy as she sits at the edge of her seat in the front row. We love the Nob Hill Theater!

Edited on 06/21/13


Posted Mar 27 2013:
This place has gone way down hill. The dancers look like they're pulled off streets (and dangerous ones), there's no sense of fun in the theater, and what was once an amazing place for all kinds of fun (with beautiful boys to manly men, something for everyone, and group shows that you had to see to believe) is now just barely hanging in there.

The management needs to look at some of the strip clubs in Florida or Atlanta or even Toronto and Montreal for examples of guys that would draw in customers.

Bring some twinks, some college kids! Not just these grimy looking tattooed unattractive (and even smelly) men.

And bring back the group shows, and make sure the strippers are indeed horny like they used to be!

Edited on 04/01/13


Posted Jun 22 2012:
I was in SF for work, and I went here last night about 7:30 pm. There were at least 10 guys in the downstairs video arcade, which by the way is spotless, and has zero cameras. There was a hot young guy (early 20's) with a ball cap backwards and sunglasses who just wanted to suck. He sucked me a little, and then a hot guy came in, also in his late 20's, and although slightly overweight, caused quite a stir in the new orgy room that is attached to the video arcade. To make a long story short, a hot little Asian dude came in and took his shirt off and that got about 6 of us going in a circle, and two of us got sucked to the finish. Sunglass boy watched and jacked a rather HUGE cock, and I got off fine.

This place is being badly rated because of the shitty dancers upstairs, but the downstairs is smoking hot so go there. It's worth the walk up the hill.

Edited on 06/24/12


1 of 1 people found this review helpful
Posted Dec 17 2011:
Located near all the hotels and Union Square, horny visitors and shoppers know it. It's now $10 bucks to go downstairs to a very clean and inviting arcade. There is a large play space called 'Underground' but no one seems to use it. Almost all the booths have two gloryholes, one for sucking that big cock and the other for putting your hand in to finger his hole while you do it. There are always a few hotties walking that circle.

No more cameras, no more dollars, just find your man, close the door, and either use the gloryhole or share the booth. They even have a big one that you can scope your man and then take him to the honeymoon booth! I fucked the hell out of a hot Latin guy in a business suit in the honeymoon booth. It's double sized and you can lay your man on the bench and nail him in any position he wants it. So guys if you wanted a place to play with no nagging clerks, no cameras, and plenty of selection, walk your ass up the hill. The new owners did a great job here.

Edited on 12/28/11


Posted Oct 02 2011:
The ugliest, grossest, most down on their luck hustlers are pretending to be dancers here. The new management cleans regularly and now charges 10 bucks for the downstairs arcade. I can always get good head for my 10.

Upstairs is sad and pathetic. Even the new dancer nights attract homeless street trash. I can't imagine with all the fit hot men in this town that they can't find one decent looking man to dance there.

Edited on 10/11/11


Posted Sep 05 2011:
Okay, we have to call it as it is. If you are looking for hot "men" you might want to look somewhere else. Only one dancer of them all came across as a man. The rest were borderline women with some actually dancing like Cher on a bad day covered in glitter. The price is right at $20 for both upstairs and the downstairs arcade. The arcade movies, gloryholes included in the booths, are free with an open playroom.

Be warned that there seems to be no air conditioning in this place and you will be soaked in sweat, not from the action, in the downstairs arcade and sitting in the main upstairs theatre. The new owners are very nice and seem to get it and some of the help is more than willing to "help" one out with action while they are down in the arcade. The clientele is mostly older Asian, Black and white guys with a few, very few, younger guys scattered in. Oh well, at least it is kept clean.

Edited on 09/14/11

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Posted Jan 16 2011:
I have been cruising the Nob since 2000. It has changed its entry fees and even at one time, remodeled the downstairs arcade. I'm a 30-ish masculine professional guy and I always find something when I go. Nowadays, you have to pay about five dollars to enter the arcade, but the staff is less concerned about loiterers and the cameras are disabled. There are more gloryholes, too. Sometimes during the week after the nearby restaurants close (around 10 pm), Latino dudes will show up needing to nut one before they head home after a long night.

One thing to keep in mind is some guys go to see the strippers and interact with them, and they are upstairs. Others, like me, go there to quickly get off discreetly and I never go upstairs. This is why you have the fee for the downstairs. I have seen guys ejected from the arcade for basically never spending a dollar or two and being a pain in the ass to the other patrons.

Edited on 01/24/11


Posted Jan 07 2011:
This place is finally under new management and ownership, probably a good thing, but perhaps too early to know.

Edited on 01/12/11


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Posted Sep 19 2010:
I'm sorry, but the review about how great it is must have been written by an employee. I don't disagree that they are there to make money, but charging patrons to enter and not giving you an equal amount in tokens/bills is just not right. That's like a grocery store charging you to enter the store.

Also, I've been harassed there (and I feed the booths, and don't wander around), but my time was up and I was zipping up before leaving the booth (literally the light just went off) and the guy started pounding on my door. I went out and confronted him and told him in no uncertain terms he was in the wrong and he apologized, but that doesn't excuse his actions.

Edited on 09/21/10


1 of 1 people found this review helpful
Posted Sep 05 2010:
This place is not nearly as bad as some of these reviews indicate. I went over Labor Day weekend and had a very good time. The arcade and the dancers are there to make money, so get over it and use some common sense; go to the arcade when there are likely to be some guys around -- lunch hour, as work is getting out. I paid to see the dancers in the theatre, some hot, some not, all according to your taste. I paid $20 to stay as long as I wanted, including going between the arcade and the theatre as desired, with in and out privileges to have a dinner break. Three of the shower shows were very hot; one of the dancers chatted me up an hour or so before his show, and I liked him enough to pay for some time with him after his shower show. We actually went back to my hotel room, had a great time, and I got him back in time for his next show. Not all the dancers will do this. Also, staff were polite and helpful.

Edited on 09/13/10
Paul S.


Posted Mar 17 2010:
I had heard the staff got better about the harassment, but it is worse than it was before. They harass everyone because some loiter, rather than just approach the loiterers. Ultimately they think they can screw over people when they are horny because they are in the tourist zone. When will we start to treat our own better? Not here, that's for sure.

Edited on 03/20/10


Posted Jan 17 2010:
This place is not worth your time because of the constant harassment from the staff even if you are feeding the machine. I came up for change and one of the guys thought I was not spending money and he would not let me back in! This place sucks big time.

Edited on 01/18/10


1 of 1 people found this review helpful
Posted Jan 05 2010:
Whenever I pass through on business, I stop in the arcade and have always had a hot hook-up. Just pump in a dollar, change booths every so often, don't loiter too long, and you'll be fine. The men I have met are all pretty hot. Last year, I met a super-pro cocksucker who did me insanely right. He worked me and milked me so perfectly, I felt the line of orgasm tension from under my nuts down to the back of my knees. Was there again last weekend and again met an incredible dicksucker who treated everything under my beltline properly. Earlier last year, I switched things up and took a cute young lawyer dude down my own throat. He was surprised I wanted his jizz, and gave me a full, salty load. Definitely will go back when I am in town.


Posted Nov 23 2009:
I used to get laid everytime I went here, and I have been going for 10 years. But now, right as you enter downstairs, you are expected to "feed the machines" as the staff chirps incessantly. You do not even get to look around to see who else is around that you may want to share your booth with. These people are too stupid to realize it's a numbers game: the more guys there, the more money they will make. I think the only guys there now are out-of-towners who do not know how bad it has gotten.


Posted Nov 05 2009:
Not only do the staff harrass you, but the place is lit up like Walgreens. Plus when the porn switches off in the booth, a bright light automatically turns on.


Posted Oct 17 2009:
No fun anywhere in the building and I am hot!


Posted Oct 05 2009:
This is truly the worst place I have ever been to for anything related to sex or porn. Hugely expensive to get in. No in and out privileges. No one hot there. I repeat: not one hot guy was anywhere in the building.


Posted May 09 2009:
I went to this place twice and I'll never go again. The staff is unbelievably lame and rude. They walk around knocking on doors reminding people to 'put a dollar' in. They also harrass people for loitering in the hallways. You can't relax enough to have fun in this place.


Posted Mar 15 2009:
I have to side with most of the comments. The staff at this place is extremely rude and overzealously harass the very people who are patronizing their business. In the arcade it doesn't matter if you're standing in the hallway or if you spend all of your time in one of the booths. It doesn't matter if you're young or old, trollish or cute. You're bound to be bothered and interrupted by the constant banging by the staff on the doors to the booths and yelling for people to keep depositing money into the machines. The theater? Really tired. For $30 you get a nasty viewing room and very unattractive and strung-out looking models. This place (arcade and theater) is to be avoided at all costs!


Posted Mar 10 2009:
I have been patronizing the Nob Hill Theater for going on ten years now. I usually have a great time but I have to correct some of the other negative comments. The staff only bothers those who are 'freeloading.' This is a pay-to-play place, unofficially. I usually have no problems when I just put $1 in, circulate a bit in the arcade, drop another dollar later, etc. Lately, the trolls and freeloaders are mostly gone, and I have had some great encounters with straight/bi or gay guys who tend to cruise an arcade the in a more measured way. The staff are all the way upstairs. What makes them come down is the guys who remain out in the arcade without even dropping a buck, or worse, when a troll keeps trying all of the locked doors. I'm a thirty-something athletic discreet guy that always has fun here. I see all types here.


Posted Feb 20 2009:
I would rather hand out dollar bills to strangers on the corner than to put them in the arcade in this place. The people who work here seem to despise the clientele. This place is a real boner killer run by a bunch of cockblockers!


Posted Feb 07 2009:
This place seems to hate its clientele and treats customers in the arcade like garbage.


Posted Jan 31 2009:
The hassling from the staff and the unattractive dancers is tiresome and there is no respite until you leave. It's not worth the cost of admission. What was once fun with a good crowd is long gone.


Posted Aug 17 2008:
The positive comments about this place were very obviously posted by Nob Hill Cinema management or employees. The performers are mediocre at best. There have been no changes or upgrades to the facility in at least several years (probably longer). Staff is by far the rudest I have ever encountered at any business I've ever patronized.


Posted Aug 06 2008:
This place has had some gorgeous guys performing lately. All types, ages, etc. It's also the only theatre in town that is in a particularly safe and clean area so it attracts a hotter bunch of guys. Pretty much one of the only nude male theatres left around.


Posted Jul 23 2008:
Strongly not recommended! The staff (particularly the guy with black spiky hair who seems to be there most nights) is incredibly rude about harassing people to feed the (often malfunctioning) arcade booths with dollars. The theater is definitely not worth anything close to $30.


Posted Jul 05 2008:
Probably the worst gay sex experience to be had in San Francisco. The theater costs $30 to get in and is not worth a dime! The arcade is 'free', but unless you're in one of the booths constantly shoving bills into the machines, you can count on the attendant coming around for a regular attitude/intimidation fest. And he looks to me like a fat and straight asshole who likes to mistreat the clientele. Also, not all of the booths have gloryholes, a lot of them don't have video operating or displaying correctly, and the restroom is rank beyond belief. Not worth anyone's time. Try Folsom Gulch, it's a much better value at $10 and you can come and go as you please for hours.


Posted Jun 30 2008:
After a recent change of management, the place has improved greatly. The schedule is always full of a variety of hot young nude performers and there have also been recent improvements to the building. The staff does insist people put dollars in the video arcade machine when cruising the arcade but this is at worst a minor inconvenience.


Posted Jun 25 2008:
The staff at this place can be very rude assholes much of the time, making the arcade into an unpleasant experience. I actually had an employee follow me around until I dropped money in the machine. I let him follow me for a while, and then walked out the door, thus wasting his time. Idiot. I wish the management would get a clue, just charge a set fee of $10, and stop hassling people. That's the way it is in other bookstores in the city. I've never spent more than $5, and only been hassled at Nob Hill's arcade. I try my best to be there as long as I can and spend as little money as possible, just to spite them. I've never been to the theater. This could be a prime location, and lots of guys would come here, if the management would learn how to operate a client-friendly business. By the way, I've had great sex here, in between the harassment, and sometimes for no money. You just have to be smarter than the employees, that's all.


Posted Feb 16 2008:
Went there on a Saturday night. Sucked a beautiful cock. Then he turned me around, slapped on a condom and lube, and fucked me until I came. Hot!


Posted Sep 29 2007:
Don't go on Saturday nights. I was there in July and they had a bachelorette party that fucked everything up!


Posted Jul 16 2007:
For some reason in the arcade there are only two gloryholes so it is not that easy to connect.


Posted Jun 25 2007:
Not really crowded. The staff is really unfriendly too. Strippers were lap dancings on older guys.


Posted May 31 2007:
I had some free time on a Sunday morning. Went into one of the gloryhole booths and within minutes I was going down on a huge horsecock. He came into my booth moments later and shot his load into my mouth. Great experience, quick time, huge dick. What else could you want?


Posted May 04 2006:
Nob Hill should be a very hot place. Unfortunately, it is anything but that. The video arcade downstairs is the ideal cruising place, however, the clerks frequently visit to force guys into a both or to watch a video if in a locked booth. Hustlers also frequent the arcade. As for the upstairs theatre and live entertainment, two words: rip off! The admission price to the theatre with live entertainment is very, very expensive (it is good for the entire day though). The one entertainer I really wanted to see is hot but a total asshole. He did not earn the 'tip' he was given. In short, your time and money are best spent elsewhere.


Posted Apr 11 2006:
It's a good place to stop for some quick and easy action with some relatively hot guys. You can almost always find someone here within a few minutes. I fucked a Filipino guy in a booth just this last weekend and jacked off with two young, hot white guys the month before. As long as you feed the dollar machine the staff doesn't bother you.


Posted Feb 04 2006:
I travel all over the country and can say this is the cleanest, best-maintained porno arcade I've ever seen. The carpets are regularly vacuumed, the booths are constantly mopped, you have your choice of a hundred movies, and get welcomed by a friendly staff. That is, up until they start yelling at all their customers to harass you into the booths. It is almost impossible to cruise here, unless you get lucky in one minute or less, the staff is so aggressive. I'd bet they'd make twice as much money if they'd give guys a few minutes to meet one another. As it is I can't be bothered to go any more. There is a separate strip club upstairs, sometimes with famous porn stars. But they charge too much to get in and that's before you tip the performers. I've never been that desperate and most guys I know haven't either. It tends to get a crowd of tourists who don't know there are much better deals all over town.


Posted Jan 04 2006:
This is the most expensive disappointment around. The strippers have more than attitude. The help is very catty and bitchy. The people who come in to go to the arcade just stand around and never drop a penny so the help gets even bitchier. The shower area where you watch the strippers is boring because they get their friends hanging around and say 'fuck you' to the paying customers. Management needs an extreme makeover. Won't be long and this place will close.


Posted Nov 25 2005:
The staff can be friendly at the counter, but they are verbally abusive towards customers in the arcade. Clerks constantly scream at patrons to put money in the machines. Considering the exorbitant cover charge, they should be treating customers with respect.


Posted Sep 13 2005:
I was here in June and totally disappointed. The place has become a filthy dive. Dirty booths, most of the monitors do not work properly,, none of the magic windows work, and it is staffed by rude attendants. Even the bathroom door has been removed. Avoid!


Posted Oct 30 2002:
When I was here earlier this year, I noticed the staff being very loud about stuffing money in the booths. It kind of turned me off if not for the fact that I sucked off three guys and got sucked myself. They blocked off part of the booths and now make you go through the theatre with full cover charge to get to a couple of booths with glory holes. The good days are gone.


Posted Jan 27 2002:
I have to say that at first I thought the cover charge was pretty high, but all in all this is a very nice and clean place. I went on a night when Falcon video star Mathew Rush was performing and damn was he easy on the eyes. The cover allows you to leave the theatre and come back as many times as you want on the same day. I stuck around in the afternoon and had a good time. In the evening there was a lot more action. The multi dancer session was really hot. There were a total of seven dancers completely naked coming around heating up the guys in the audience. You can touch all you want so long as you’re tipping.


Posted Jan 12 2002:
When are the rude staff going to understand that their behavior is turning people away from what could otherwise be a great arcade? It gives the tourist a bad feeling for our otherwise great, liberated town! I make it a point to spend as little money here as possible. It is my mission to get as much free dick as I can. I call for a boycott of this place! Or, at least boycott the video machines!


Posted Dec 24 2001:
I don't know anyone who lives here who has ever paid to get in to see the strippers. Plus, you'd have to slip more bills into their socks. They do get some of the biggest porn stars, so I guess there is a market for people who can't get laid for free. The fun action is downstairs in the arcade, which offers free admission and often has a lot of really cute guys. Try lunchtime and late at night. Staff observes by video and comes through erratically, hassling you to spend money on their video machines. They get obnoxious if you don't stay out of view, and it really spoils the mood when guys are trying to hook up. They'd make a lot more money if they'd leave people alone.


Posted Oct 13 2001:
What can I say about Nob Hill Cinema except boring! It is not worth the admission you pay to see the performers. The so-called porn stars cannot get it up and if they do they don't cum! What's the point in paying to see a jerkoff show if they don't cum? The clerks constantly harrass you in the arcade by shouting "no loitering" and "everyone needs to get in a booth". There are no gloryholes, just windows to peek through, but the windows only work if both of you in the booths put a dollar in the machine, then the window turns clear and then both guys can see each other. When the dollar runs out, the window darkens again and you can't see each other. What a turn off! This place is definately not worth the money!

From place description/comments:
Arcade, downstairs playground and maze, and theatre plus live shows every half hour. See web site for schedule including upcoming porn star appearances and special events.

The establishment had been open for decades and is a living part of gay history. For further insight, see the attached article "A Night at the Nob Hill Theater" by Jack Fritscher (From information found in Jack Fritscher, “The Academy: Incarceration for Pleasure,” Drummer 145, December 1990, as published in Gay San Francisco: Eyewitness Drummer Magazine,

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