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Secrets El Cerrito

Category: Adult store with arcade, theatre Hours / Entry Fee: Mon - Thu: 10 am - 10 pm; Fri - Sat: 10 am - Midnight; Sun: Noon - 8 pm Submitted: Apr 18 2001 (Edited 04/06/18)
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3/5 based on 21 votes. The median rating is 3.
Read & Write Reviews: 29 Reviews

Address: 10601 San Pablo Avenue
City: El Cerrito
State: California
ZIP/Postal Code: 94530
Country: United States of America
Phone Number: 510-528-1569

GPS Approximate Latitude & Longitude: 37.9112,-122.309
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Super Reviewer

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Oct 23, 2023

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 14


Posted Jan 05 2024:
Gonna give Secrets another visit Tuesday afternoon, January 9, around 4 pm for a couple of hours. I've only visited on weekends before and am curious whether there will be an after work spike in action.

I love the theater here, the arcade booths are roomy enough for two or three, but I like an audience. I am a cocksucker first but want to bottom for an audience or be shared – white, late 50's, tall/fit and clean cut but a sub animal waiting to be leashed and used.

The theater, really just a video room with a large space and two or three folding chairs, is open to all and I have seen and had some fun there. Write me if interested in more info. I will be wearing red sneakers, blue jeans and a gray hoodie. Really into mature men who take control, and men of color very welcome.

Edited on 01/06/24
Super Reviewer

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Oct 23, 2023

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 14


Posted Dec 11 2023:
As promised, I visited on a recent Sunday at opening, meeting a friend and with my hood in my pocket along with poppers. Unfortunately, attendance was sparse. There had been bad weather the preceding few days and I think people wanted to be elsewhere. I can confirm that you can request the "theater room" showing one of five or six different movies they have loaded, so, at least it was the first time an all male movie was screening there.

I did get to suck my friend for quite a while in front of an audience, sometimes with my hood on, which was very rewarding. But, as he put it, the guys probably thought I was off limits, although a few did take advantage of my willing mouth.

I didn't get any booth action, not for lack of trying. Certainly no one minds whatever goes on in the theater room, so I prefer to be seen on my knees by everyone anyway.

There was an Hispanic guy that used my mouth for a while and also a somewhat short and unattractive Asian gentleman. I had told my friend I wanted to be under His control, to have no limits; he talked about pimping me out, but I don't think he really had the desire to and there weren't a lot of takers.

Still, although I initially resented the Asian guy – he was kind of pushy and not particularly respectful – after thinking about the experience overall, I am grateful he used me. He said I did a good job, and since what I ultimately crave is just to be used and treated like an object for men to enjoy, I realize now that it was a good experience, and the fact I didn't enjoy it was irrelevant because it helped remind me that I simply exist to serve.

So, I may go back again someday, but if you think you might be going one weekend and would like to help me become the cocksucking sub I was born to be, let me know and hopefully you can enjoy me and share me with all takers.

Edited on 12/12/23
Super Reviewer

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Oct 23, 2023

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 14


Posted Nov 16 2023:
So, after I posted my positive review of this location, I heard from a local somewhat Dom friend who went more recently and had a great time. I had served him there awhile back, and since then we got together at other arcades and a bathhouse, all have been fun – but, the lowdown dirty theater here at Secrets still holds a special place in my sub heart.

So this Sunday November 19, if plans work out, He will be meeting me there, i will give Him control over me to use me, share me as He sees fit. i will have my two hoods, one of which is completely sightless, and my goal is to say nothing but Yes to anything He asks. To be shared and used without my choice will be hot, hot, hot.

Because I know it takes time to post these (CFS, you are wonderful, thanks!!) and because I may not know until the evening before or the day of that this will happen, if any other Doms or men who just want to find out what it's like to use a sub in front of an audience or in a booth, someone whose only job is to please and obey, message me privately and i promise to respond whether it is happening or not – and of course, to post a report here if my dreams cum true!

This would be from noon when they open (or so) until maybe 3:30 or 4. If not now, hopefully one day or night soon, I will be on my knees or bent over in the theater fulfilling my purpose, a hole for Men to use and enjoy.

Glad you enjoy the site! FWIW, although I'm semi-retired/semi-working, I''m no longer able to edit and publish posts every day. They do need editing because of SPAM and inappropriate content, and it also helps readability.

Hope you have a great time! If I were in the Bay Area I'd make sure to be there for you. ~ Editor

Edited on 11/17/23
Super Reviewer

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Oct 23, 2023

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 14


Posted Nov 14 2023:
I like this place a lot. The theater room with folding chairs is my favorite. I've been on my knees there hooded and shared by others which I love. I'm a masculine tall white guy but I love to be publicly treated like a cocksucking sub.

I've heard they will switch the movie to gay in there if you ask – is this true?

I am thinking of going this weekend but would have to be done by 4 pm. If you like the idea of using me while others watch, verbal abuse, treating me like a sex toy, write me. If not this weekend, there'll be other opportunities.

Edited on 11/15/23
Older Reviews : Show/Hide


Posted Nov 22 2022:
Have been here twice and spending several hours each visit on a Saturday and weekday afternoon and sadly neither time was good. I'm a well built DL blue collar guy who likes to suck off the same type, most guys usually think I'm in a place to get head. Nothing in the rotating crowd caught my attention on either visit.

The place has a decent layout but is filthy, not in a good sleazy way like some arcades and theaters. Unfortunate as the theater has potential for public action as I get off being watched while blowing a hot well hung buck.

Edited on 11/23/22
Super Reviewer

Usergroup: Member
Joined: May 19, 2022

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 13


Posted Nov 18 2022:
Visited here at noon last Sunday (early November) when it opened, first in door. By 12:45 there was a good supply of men. I had posted on Doublelist that I would be here, but no one seemed to have seen that. There are booths with gloryholes, booths without. I like to leave the door open.

I had brought an easy-on cocksucker hood and eventually found a great mature bear guy who knew exactly how to use me. We spent about forty minutes in a booth with poppers, then later in the theater. Only complaint, while I was serving him enthusiastically in the theater for an audience of three or four, another guy was interested and I started sucking him too – which was b[great[/b] – but then some pushy (I will not describe other factors) guy literally pulled his cock out of my mouth just as he was shooting. WTF??? I will never let that happen again. Sadly, I left my hood in the theater as I left to go to Secrets Telegraph, where I had a good time as well.

Especially want to serve groups, Latino/Black/White or whatever, just be a demanding guy who wants service and enjoys using me fully!

Edited on 11/21/22


Posted Jun 26 2022:
This is the sister store to Not Too Naughty in San Leandro. By comparison, this place is too small and a white senior citizen crowd with two to four total guys.

The San Leandro Not Too Naughty store is twice as big and younger, more guys and for some reason, mostly Hispanics and Asians, maybe 50/50 Straight/Gay.

So El Cerrito is a pass, don't waste your time. Go straight to San Leandro, Weekdays 11 to 3 is best.

Edited on 06/27/22
Super Reviewer

Usergroup: Member
Joined: May 19, 2022

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 13


Posted May 19 2022:
I prefer this to San Leandro – can't say why, both have large theater rooms and it truly is anything goes – when there are enough guys. I do wish the theater would show gay porn; the straight stuff is really cheap and boring. The parking here takes a little work.

I haven't been at night, but hope to go on Saturday of Memorial day weekend after 4 or 5. Has anyone had experience of this ever being really crowded and wild? Where are the men of color?

Edited on 05/20/22


Posted Apr 14 2022:
After going to the San Leandro store and having a good time I took a chance on this store.

The store is small but the cocks are big. In the back this is just as seedy as the San Leandro store. I like the lay out. It has all the making to turn into cocking sucking paradise if you don't mind being a show off.

I started out in one of the booths stroking to some TS porn and then headed out to the theater. I sat down with two older guys and started stroking one guy who had a monster of a cock – I'm not a cock sucker but I knew I would suck this one – so we gave each other a helping hand showing off for the others.

He got up and headed into to the back so I followed and ended up in a booth butt naked with him pinching his nipples as he stroked his monster. Then I sat down and sucked that like it was my late time and it was simply delicious.

After I was done with that I moved to a booth with a gloryhole and proceeded to get naked and stroked my rock hard cock – after sucking the monster my cock was ready to explode. The guy on the other side was loving the show and was stroking and talking dirty through the hole. After some hot stroking watching some more porn I blew a huge load on the waiting tongue. It was a huge hot load.

So it was a excellent trip and I'll be back. I give the store an A- as it was the same movies playing as the San Leandro store.

Edited on 04/14/22


Posted Apr 11 2022:
I finally got a chance to check this place out on a Sunday afternoon. I've been to Secret's in San Leandro and San Francisco (Pier 39) so I sort of knew what to expect.

It's a very small store. Paid my ten dollar entry fee and went into the back area. They have a "theater" on the right when you walk in. It's kind of a strange setup and very narrow. There were a few guys sitting in the chairs. Lighting was dark and hard to see. When you go further into the back you'll find the video booths. The place is pretty dirty. Similar to Secrets San Francisco (Mission). Maybe I was there on a bad day but it didn't seem like they cleaned up much. The bathroom however was spotless. No TP or paper towels, they did have soap though.

The holes between the booths are there but a challenge because they are cut through wide walls. Makes shorter dick guys have to try harder. :)

The crowd wasn't for me so I just hung out on my phone using Grindr until I decided to call it a day. I would love to check this place out during the week when the Asian guys are supposed to be around.

The staff there was friendly, I didn't see them come into the back once and I doubt they care what goes on back there.

Edited on 04/11/22
Super Reviewer

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Sep 21, 2018

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 13


Posted Mar 25 2022:
I am an absolute Asian freak. So based on the last two reviews, I will be visiting here soon. Not sure exactly when – two hour drive for me – but I will post when I do.

Two questions: Are the gloryholes still wide and if so does the staff care about two in a booth? How is parking? Is the big lot across the street available?

Asian boys, you can do whatever you want to me! I am an Asian cock and cum slave! If you like to suck, I'm down with that too.

I am a white muscle stud. Former Marine and still look the part. Completely shaved except for high and tight haircut and eyebrows.

Edited on 03/26/22


1 of 1 people found this review helpful
Posted Feb 16 2022:
Haha, are you kidding? It's like 100% Asian here. If you're into Asians 11 to 3 on the weekdays are best, largest crowd.

After 3, mostly old creepers and there's this one daily tall blond guy who sits up front right next to the giant screen, playing with his smart phone. Very weird.

Edited on 02/17/22


Posted Feb 12 2022:
Hidden gem. Super clean group sex room in a mini theater has hot chicks (with boyfriends who choose which guys can fuck their 25-year-old girlfriend) and some TS's.

Lots of Asian (Chinese, maybe, close to UCB campus?) guys there, about 50% Asian gay suckers and 50% straight Asians looking to score with a genetic woman. Backroom gloryholes between stalls kinda gross.

Edited on 02/13/22
Super Reviewer

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Nov 30, 2004

Total Listings: 2
Total Reviews: 15


Posted Apr 06 2018:
They have a theater now. It's just a small viewing room with a few seats. There's still private booths. The booths also small and the walls have gloryholes but they're too wide to fit through.

Edited on 04/06/18


Posted May 04 2016:
They've remodeled and put in a small arcade. I've sucked some nice dicks while others watched. The clerks are cool. There's always cocksuckers around.

Edited on 05/10/16
Super Reviewer

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Jun 27, 2002

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 36


Posted Oct 30 2013:
This is not a great bookstore setup. More than half the time I've gone and there's been no action. The gloryhole that is there is not a very good design. It's ten bucks to get in the arcade.

Edited on 11/04/13
1st time


Posted May 20 2013:
I went there the other day in the afternoon. There are a couple of private booths, but most of them have gloryholes. It was pretty quiet in there at first, then a couple people came in, and I got a blowjob through the gloryhole.

Edited on 05/23/13

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Jan 27, 2013

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 1


Posted Jan 27 2013:
Dropped by a couple of times. Nothing happening but there is one set of booths with a gloryhole.

Edited on 02/04/13


Posted Jul 26 2008:
I agree 100% with the review from August, 2007. Nothing has changed there at all. Also, what's really strange is that they unlock the store to let you in, lock it again when you come in, and then they unlock it for you when you want to leave. I've never seen anything like that before anywhere. They act like it's an ultra-expensive jewelry store. And that was during the day. And the store is not in the worst neighborhood. Go figure, but just don't waste your time by going there.


Posted Aug 21 2007:
This place is shit. I was there yesterday. There are about six booths about the size of phone booth. One GH but the wall is about 3 inches so an 8" cock is turned into a 5". Shitty little place, no one there, crappy location with no parking. Avoid this place and hope they go broke. Cruise up to the Secrets in Vallejo about 15 minutes away. Two nice GHS and lots of booths.

Also, this place is now SECRETS, not GG books. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME!


Posted Oct 01 2006:
I found the guy behind the desk extrememly rude and unfriendly. There's a gloryhole on the left booths between booths three and four. Not much happening when I went. Management seems to run this place with an iron fist.


Posted Apr 15 2006:
Boring! I went and after being harassed by the young skater boy working there (who was gorgeous, but still rude), not one person walked in the place in the hour and a half I was there. If someone knows a better time to go here, please post it!


Posted Feb 13 2006:
Great spot. The staff are not into hassling you so long as you keep feeding the machines. The first booth as you walk in has a gloryhole large enough for a good-sized cock. I was there last weekend and traded sucks with a hot White guy who had a big cock. Several guys tried to get into my booth but I was busy. This was all in the afternoon.


Posted Mar 30 2004:
The staff asks you to close your door if you don't close it yourself. The one gloryhole is not usable if they lock the other booth.


Posted Apr 25 2003:
I'm a married guy who goes to this place for relief and have never been disappointed.


Posted Dec 03 2002:
I have been by several times and haven't found any action. The place is so small that the cashier can see into the booth area so you can't cruise there. And the guys who run the place aren't that friendly even though they seem to be gay.


Posted Aug 29 2002:
I was here on a Sunday afternoon around 5 pm. There were several hot guys checking out the videos. I went into the arcade and opened one of the doors and found a really hot guy jerking off. I joined him and sucked him off. There are also some gloryholes here.


Posted Jul 06 2001:
Not a good place to go anymore. I just got chased out of there by a hostile and homophobic manager. He told me to stop checking the doors and go get a blowjob someplace else. He had a 70's haircut and looked like an alcoholic trailer trash guy.


Posted Dec 18 2000:
Video booths in the back see a lot of action. Store
clerks don't seem to mind, even when guys just
hang around waiting. No gloryholes, but the
booths are large
enough for three.

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