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Secrets Boutique

Category: Adult store with arcade Hours / Entry Fee: Mon - Sat: 10 am - 10 pm; Sun: Noon - 8 pm Directions: From I-80 take Exit 47 for Air Base Pkwy then head east 5 miles to the main gate of Travis Air Force Base. The store is in a small strip mall on the left across from the base.
Submitted: Mar 07 2005 (Edited 02/04/23)
Cruised here? Rate this place:
3.6/5 based on 40 votes. The median rating is 4.
Read & Write Reviews: 63 Reviews

Address: 562 Parker Road
City: Fairfield
State: California
ZIP/Postal Code: 94533
Country: United States of America
Phone Number: 707-437-9297

Due to imprecision in our software, our map pointer is slightly off; see a more precise Google Map.

GPS Approximate Latitude & Longitude: 38.2732,-121.955
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Usergroup: Member
Joined: Nov 17, 2023

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 1


Posted Nov 29 2023:
I have good reviews about this place. I was working this past weekend. I went on Saturday night. I walked in and looked around to see what they had. It looked nice. I was ready to go towards the booths when I noticed you pay first. I paid for a booth.

I walked in and found two gloryholes on each side. I was taking off my clothes. I was wearing underneath my clothes a black long sleeve mini dress that I had just purchased. I had on black stockings with a lace black garter belt and thong. In seconds a big cock came through one of the gloryholes. I started to play with it while I was still undressing. It was so hard so I put my mouth over it. I knew where I wanted to it.

So I put some lube on it. I bent over and put it up my ass. Wow it was so good inside me. While being bent over I saw a person looking through the other gloryhole. He was having fun looking at me getting fucked. He decided to put his cock in the hole. I started to suck him off. It wasn't that big. I didn't want the guy fucking to cum. He felt so good and it gave me chills. I could see the guy I was sucking, he kept pulling out. The other guy left his load in me. Wow it was a lot.

Another guy stuck his cock in the hole. I started to play with him and lubed him up. He started to fuck me. I never knew of this place. I was so waiting for this guy to put his load in me also.

When he left there must have been a line. One after another on both sides of me. I even had people trying to open the door. I got cum up my ass and in my mouth. I took what all the guys gave me.

I was ready to leave when one more guy stuck his dick in the hole. I said this was my last one. I took it up my ass. He was fucking me hard. I was so in pain and I was moaning pretty loud. He was done.

I was going to get dressed. Instead I walked out in my dress. Walking towards my automobile I got my thigh high heel boots out of the back of my car. I put them on.

A guy came up to me. He wanted to fuck me. So in the parking lot. I got fucked so good that night. I had a great time. One day I'll be back. I give this place a 10!

Edited on 11/30/23
Senior Reviewer

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Nov 10, 2019

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 6


Posted Nov 16 2023:
I was in on November 5 and the arcade and gloryholes were all open and operating as expected. Not sure about the previous review stating that the gloryholes are closed.

I walked into a gloryhole and pressed my hard cock through the hole and quickly found a guy slowly rubbing my cock on his ass. Soon he eased back on my cock and fucked me until I came. I'll be back soon!

Edited on 11/17/23
Travis James


Posted Sep 28 2023:
The mighty have fallen! Gloryholes, etc., forever sealed by the State and police! Manager was allowing workers to secretly record men in the back with their cameras and some of the men found out and called the police about it. Had the owner fired the the manager, this probably wouldn't have happened. Karma, bitches!

Edited on 09/29/23
Senior Reviewer

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Nov 10, 2019

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 6


Posted Mar 20 2023:
I visited this Secrets on a Sunday in March and although it's a bit out of the way, I had a very good time. This was my first visit and I happily paid the incredibly beautiful woman working there my ten dollars to access the arcade.

I walked in and quickly found myself in the center booth on the left side hallway. This booth had a gloryhole on each wall. I quickly undressed and soon there was a nice thick hard cock that appeared. I wasted no time wrapping my lips around this nice piece of meat and savored it for about twenty minutes. I think the guy was waiting for me to back my ass down on his cock but I was not prepared for that and kept it to oral only.

After I enjoyed this man, another man entered the other booth. I stood up naked to the hole and he slowly touched and stroked me until I was hard and then he slowly and softly took me into his mouth while he caressed my big smooth balls. It was a wonderfully sensual experience and as I came close to cumming he started to stroke me until I busted on his hands. He held onto my cock, seemingly not wanted to let me go, but I was done, got dressed and walked out with a smile.

The place was clean and well kept and offered plenty of room to play in the booths. Cant wait to cum back.

Edited on 03/20/23


Posted Feb 25 2023:
I was here 2017 and probably had the most intense orgasm.

I paid ten dollars to use the booths and I chose one of the booths with a gloryhole. I waited about five minutes and I heard the tokens being dropped into the machine and I saw the glow of the video monitor through the gloryhole, but the soft light was quickly blocked by an eye peering up at me.

I tensed at first, but then realizing that this new guy was checking me out, I showed him my cock and returned his gaze. His eye moved away from the hole and his finger appeared, beckoning towards me. This was it.

I stood up, legs spread wide and guided my cock into the gloryhole, then pressed my whole body against the wall. I was immediately rewarded with the warm, wet sensation of sucking.

God, it felt great. Here I was, standing in a filthy, cramped, smelly, dark booth, shoving my most sensitive limb through a hole in the wall and trusting that the stranger on the other side would do his best to give it pleasure instead of biting it, chopping it off with a knife, or infecting it with some awful disease. But it felt great.

He was sliding forward and back, massaging my dick. I told him to slow down, so he did and teased me for ten minutes with slow strokes. He would massage my cock with his magic throat four times, then slide out completely and back again. I was moaning, my breathing got faster, and I've never felt such intense tingle in my groin and my cock so stiff.

All of the sudden, he used his tongue to move side to side, teasing the underside of my cock. It was unbelievable. He found my spot and I was struggling to hold my cum. My body tensed and I could him hear him moan from tasting my precum. I told him don't stop. "Keep doing that. Fuck! That's so fucking good!" I started shooting but he took his mouth away from my dick. I came so hard I could hear it hit his face. Then he resumed sucking and another orgasm was building quickly. I came again, but this time my dick was spasming, convulsing like never before. My dick was twitching for a minute. He cleaned me up really good for another five minutes.

I took my dick out of hole and put my pants back on. I thanked him for an amazing time. I gave him my number and we become secret suck buddies since 2017.

Edited on 02/26/23


1 of 1 people found this review helpful
Posted Feb 03 2023:
I've gone here a couple of times. The cost is ten dollars for an hour, but they don't really keep track. No need to buy additional tokens.

There is a group room, which usually plays straight porn, and several booths where you have a choice. There are gloryholes in five of the booths, with an ADA compliant booth and a couple additional booths with no gloryholes.

The crowd tends to be older, but I've gotten my share of cock here. Once sucked cock in the large room with a couple of guys – can't really say a crowd—watching, which I loved.

Edited on 02/04/23
Older Reviews : Show/Hide
Cocksucker Bear


Posted Sep 11 2022:
I didn't think it was worth the fifteen dollar entrance fee. No in/out privileges but you can stay as long as you want. They have cameras to monitor what's going on. There's a theater where group action can occur. But attendance is minimal and it's an older crowd (60+) if that's your thing. Maybe if they dropped the price to $10, they'd get a better crowd.

It's just kind of dirty and many of the booths weren't working. Staff weren't particularly polite but they were respectful. I'm sure they put up with a lot of crap day in and day out. It used to be quite fun with a mixed crowd. No more.

Edited on 09/12/22


Posted Jun 21 2022:
I try and go once a week. I have always got to blow a load. Have not got to fuck a tight ass yet, hopefully soon.

I would love to meet up with a crossdresser or sissy. I have worn panties a few time and stockings a few times. I cant wait till when I go back wearing my black lacy thong.

Edited on 06/22/22
Super Reviewer

Usergroup: Member
Joined: May 19, 2022

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 13


Posted Jun 02 2022:
I visited here last week on a weekday lunch hour. It's well maintained in a semi run down industrial park area. The clerk was very respectful and explained that it was ten dollars, no in/out, one hour limit (although they don't necessarily hold to that).

Over the roughly forty-five minutes I was there, maybe four guys were present. When you enter the back arcade area, there is a motion-triggered bell so people know someone entered or left. It isn't dark; there is a large booth facing the entry, and two behind it in the middle. The rest of the booths circle the exterior wall. On the left, the three booths in a row all have gloryholes so the middle booth is premium. The two back booths share a gloryhole; the other two side booths do not. Near the main entry is a video room with three folding chairs.

I had some minimal action in all three, but I like an audience and attendance was poor. They do have video monitoring of the area and at one point the attendant asked everyone to get in a booth or leave. Although it's a good facility, the turnout was poor – I have no idea if there is cruising outside, it was pretty hot for May midday.

This was the first of five arcades in this chain I visited last week – they are inconsistent about their one hour policy, which is ridiculous – drives away business in my opinion. I would not come here again as a visitor, but considering what's in the area, this isn't a bad option, just depends on who shows up like any other place!

I will post the other four over the next week or so, Sacramento, Vallejo, Cerritos and Oakland. I would rate this one 4th out of the five.

Edited on 06/03/22
Super Reviewer

Usergroup: Member
Joined: May 19, 2022

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 13


Posted May 19 2022:
Thinking about stopping in here, sounds like you are limited to a one hour stay? Are weekday lunch hours... well staffed? What kind of guys come here?

Would love to share a booth with a demanding man of color. Will be driving through midday Tuesday, May 21. Really into public service.

Edited on 05/20/22


Posted May 15 2022:
Stopped in on a Sunday afternoon looking to service a man. It had been some time for me. The place is reasonably clean and the clerk was nice. One gloryhole booth was out of order leaving just four others.

I scored a gloryhole booth next to a lovely man in a Giants shirt. He had a nice cock, big but not huge, with a large head, that needed to be serviced. He took a few breaks from my sucking him to kiss me and fondle me through the gloryhole. It was sweet, I moaned out loud at his touch.

Eventually he could not hold it anymore and rewarded my efforts with a nice tasty and plentiful load.

Edited on 05/16/22


Posted Mar 31 2022:
Staff is very friendly. Ten dollars for an hour. They ask for no twenties. Busy times seams to be Friday after 5 and most of Saturday. Booths are kept clean.

Edited on 03/31/22


Posted Oct 30 2021:
Went yesterday lady at the counter was very polite. I wish she had been in one of the booths. It was very slow. Not many people in there went in a few booths but no cocks came through. Movies were great and I did cum super hard. I will be back.

Edited on 10/30/21


Posted May 04 2021:
Booths are back open. Ten dollars for an hour of time.

Edited on 05/05/21

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Aug 23, 2014

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 4


Posted Oct 03 2019:
Really cool place to go and relieve some stress. It's hit or miss though. I loved getting drained, almost an addiction as wifey doesn't do it. Even had a few CDs all dressed up. I pounded them.

Only once did I see an actual couple. It was a BBW. Hubby was in one booth watching. I creampied her and left. 10 bucks only! Hmu if you want to meet. Lunchtime is best for me.

Edited on 10/04/19


0 of 1 people found this review helpful
Posted Sep 08 2019:
Visited for the first time today and had a great time. The owner was working and was very appreciative of me coming and took the time to explain how the arcade works. Ten dollars, no extra money in the booth, vids running without having to feed the machine. Gloryholes in most of the eight booths.

Wasn't real busy but one huge cock to play with and I received a fantastic blow job to drain my vein. Will definitely be back. Very clean and friendly store. I'm sure you will have a good time!

Edited on 09/10/19


Posted Apr 09 2019:
Been here off and on for years. Great place to get drained or get your fill of hot cum. Now ten bucks gets you four hours of unlimited time. In and out privileges too. I recommend it.

Best times are lunch and after work. Even some CD's stop by. Those I fuck.

Edited on 04/10/19


Posted Oct 27 2017:
Subject: Gloryholes in the arcade
This place is great. Went for the first time after work and got a dick right away. Spent $10 for the arcade and it lasted about thirty minutes. Definitely going back.

Hopefully since it's next to the base I can get some military guys to unload in me. Plus the guy working there in the evening was cute

Edited on 11/01/17
Senior Reviewer

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Aug 12, 2012

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 7


1 of 1 people found this review helpful
Posted Sep 01 2015:
It's not very busy, but it's worthy of any side trips. In a matter of an hour I enjoyed a nice fat 8" cock down my throat and up my hole, with a load in each one. Ten minutes later a thick fat suited dick pumped both ends. I love this place.

Edited on 09/09/15


1 of 1 people found this review helpful
Posted Jan 04 2015:
This place is nice and clean. I agree it has some nice made holes, too. However, this place is really no different from any other bookstore. It can be busy or it can be dead. You think being near the base it be better but it isn't.

I'm sure a few will post how they got a hot guy and he shot his load on or in them.

My advice, find a store near you that you like and you will have good days and bad days. Same as this one. This is the Candy-store bookstores. Just a bookstore

Edited on 01/09/15

Usergroup: Guest

Total Listings:
Total Reviews:


Posted Sep 06 2014:
I agree with those who have reported that this is a nice place with clean, professionally cut holes. It's a 48 mile drive for me, so I only get there on weekends, usually in the afternoon. It hasn't been all that busy when I have gone. That's the bad part.

The good part is that your money goes farther here than, say, Suzie's in Sacramento, which is about a dollar a minute. It seems like I put in about $10 in coupons at Secrets, and that lasted almost a half hour. So even if it's slow, if you are patient, a cock will show up.

The last time I went, a nice black cock came through the hole and I thought "JACKPOT!" I love BBC. But once I had him in my mouth for a few seconds, I remembered a joke I heard at Cobb's Comedy Club in San Francisco years ago: "How can you tell if your roommate has turned gay? When his dick starts tasting like shit." This guy's dick had a hint of that, so I stopped and left.

Edited on 09/09/14
gloryhole pro


1 of 1 people found this review helpful
Posted May 25 2014:
Staff told me they have started patrolling because there are several guys that crawl into a booth and just sit, never putting in money. They have also had an issue with shitty condoms thrown on the floor. They are considering closing the holes. Guys, gloryholes are for sucking NOT dumping your shit all over the place. Go to a bathhouse if you want to do that. I have lost count of the number of places that close up the holes because of this.

Edited on 06/02/14


Posted May 07 2014:
Stopped in in the daytime around the lunch hour. Love the oval shaped gloryholes just like in a bathhouse. I sucked three nice cocks with nice loads through the hole, then I took it up the ass through the hole. Staff was friendly and only made one pass through the arcade to check on things. There are cameras, though. They have a paper towel dispenser and a hand sanitizer dispenser as well. The booths are cleaned daily and were very nice.

Edited on 05/13/14
Super Reviewer

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Jun 27, 2002

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 36


Posted Oct 30 2013:
This place can be very good. There are five booths that have gloryholes, and they are huge professionally cut ones that I have been fucked through many times. The staff are good. Very diverse crowd, younger than these places normally attract. Under 40 actually outnumbers the over 40 crowd. But I've gone a couple times now when it's been very dead. Multiple staff have told me their busiest time is Friday and Saturday after 8 pm until closing. Two Saturdays ago I was there between 8-10 pm and there were only two other guys during that whole time, only one of whom wanted to get sucked. I haven't tried the daytime hours, will do that and report back, see what kind of before 5 pm business they do when the price is only $5 instead of $10.

Edited on 11/05/13


Posted Oct 19 2013:
Stopped in, had to wait for a booth it was so busy. Great place to go.

Edited on 10/24/13


Posted Mar 04 2013:
Stopped by when driving through town. I got there about 4 pm and there were a few guys in the booths with gloryholes. I sucked two hot cocks, but it seems like everything died around 5 pm. Later I found out they raise the minimum coupon purchase at 5 pm. It was so hot before 5 that I will be back again, as early as possible!

Edited on 03/08/13


Posted Jan 02 2013:
I travel on business a lot and drop in here when I am in the area. Always worth it. Booths are great with good selection of movies and glory holes are large and well placed (picture attached). Crowd can vary but younger and military cock from the air base next door are a special treat.

Edited on 01/09/13

Attached Files:
Fairfield-Suisun City-20120502-00004.jpg
(33 KB, 2217 downloads)


Posted Jul 08 2012:
This place should be avoided. The booth area is tiny and located so close to the front area that you can hear the employees talking. There is no sense of privacy. What irks me is that they put gloryholes in and then treat patrons like unwanted trashy deviants. The staff is rude and they turn on the lights. I don't think the staff is comfortable with the concept of cruising so they do everything they can to discourage patrons.


Posted Jun 08 2012:
I was there Tuesday and Wednesday this week and the booths were operating great and gloryholes were open. Only problem is we need more guys coming in to get a blowjob. Also, the bitch staff turned on the lights about 7 pm on Tuesday and nothing slows down the cruising faster than too much light.

Edited on 06/13/12
18 yrs old


Posted May 14 2012:
Love this place! It never lets me down for getting the best blowjobs ever.

Edited on 05/15/12


Posted May 10 2012:
Multiple booths are down, and only 1 gloryhole is open. They limit the number of folks in the back to only 5. Management is being strict about feeding the machines. Avoid this place until they fix the booths.

Edited on 05/15/12


Posted Apr 29 2012:
Remodel completed. Nice booths and five have large cut gloryholes (something like 4 inches wide and 9 inches tall). A good selection of movies. Slow traffic right now, but I hope that changes once word gets out.

Edited on 04/30/12


Posted Apr 17 2012:
Partly under construction, but booths are still open.

Edited on 04/22/12


Posted Jan 10 2012:
Made a visit on a Saturday afternoon, stepped into a booth and was offered to be serviced in less then 3 minutes. This is a great place for release.

Edited on 01/11/12


Posted Dec 05 2011:
Pretty dead even on a Friday after work. Three gloryholes, and it has a lot of promise. Perhaps the busy plaza where it is located may inhibit those military guys from being seen going in?

Edited on 12/07/11


Posted Jul 13 2011:
I was there the last two evenings and it was very slow. Gloryholes are open but a few booths, usually key ones, are out of order or locked.

Edited on 07/17/11


Posted Apr 21 2011:
While I agree that this place has slowed, the 7 gloryholes are open and available. I was there three time this month and got some action each time. Been going there for years and I have never been hassled and never seen anyone else get kicked out or bothered. Come on guys, it is only $10 and I will suck you dry.

Edited on 04/24/11


Posted Feb 14 2011:
This place has died. $10 to get in now. All the gloryholes have been sealed, plus they don't allow 2 in a booth. Anyone found standing around or attempting to go in a booth with someone will get you kicked out.

Edited on 02/15/11


Posted Feb 15 2010:
I go here several times a year and usually get some action. They have 5 gloryholes now and the traffic seems to have picked up a bit. Staff leave you alone if you keep feeding the machine.

Edited on 02/15/10


Posted Nov 29 2009:
I was there last week and it had a steady stream of patrons. A wide selection of young and old, sizes, ethnicities and, yes, guys from the base. There are 4 gloryholes. I sucked off a big 10 incher and a couple of others and ended with a hot Latino's mouth on my cock who took the load and swallowed it and would not let go, trying to get every last drop. I recommend this place highly.


Posted Sep 28 2009:
Hot place with several gloryhole booths and cool female workers. Still, there are some who park themselves and never drop any money. They will make a big scene and throw you out.


Posted Jul 10 2009:
I've been going here at least twice a month for the past three years and usually leave happy but also frustrated that not enough guys are there looking for release. The gloryhole booths are best. I've never been hassled by staff. Movie selection is good, too.


Posted Dec 26 2008:
This place is great if you are looking for gloryholes. I go at least twice a month and have always left happy. The employees will get pissed however if you hop from booth to booth and they will start doing booth checks. Just find a booth with a gloryhole and wait for someone to play and it's all good. There are an above average amount of trolls that hangout but let them know you don't want to play and they will go away. I have several guys offer up there assholes through the gloryholes as well. This place isn't dead. People just need to use common sense. If you draw attention to yourself, you will ruin it.


Posted Nov 16 2008:
This place is really dead. The staff has started making rounds knocking on doors whenever two people are using the gloryhole booths. 'Booth check open up please!' They make you open the booth. They did this about five times in an hour the other night. Really annoying and it scared away the straight/bi dudes just looking to get off before going home. It sucks now. Stay away from this place and let them realize who keeps it in business.


Posted Jul 30 2008:
Three gloryholes are open and there can be hot action at times. Still, the place is generally slow-to-no guys looking. I have been several times this year and I have not noticed any 'attitude' from staff.


Posted Jul 10 2008:
The high school-aged staff of fifteen workers (at once) treat customers strangely. They gawk and stock the same video all day.


Posted Nov 16 2007:
The gloryholes are back!


Posted Oct 25 2007:
The gloryholes are closed up. Some old dude slipped on cum in one of them and fell down. They had to call the ambulance and police. Not good. This place will be dead until the gloryholes are uncovered. This place is hit-or-miss anyway. The occasional married dude or military dude shows up. Most of the time it's old dudes.


Posted Sep 13 2007:
This bookstore is hit-or-miss. I have had some good ones and then some trolls as well. You just have to go and check it out. The gloryholes are definitely back but if you're anything like me I would never stick my who-yah into anything unless I could see what the recipient looked like on the other side. And from the looks of the ones in the place?bring a raincoat!


Posted Aug 06 2007:
Gloryholes were re-opened a few months ago. Action is a bit spotty because not many people go back to the booths.


Posted Jun 22 2007:
I was there two weeks ago and the gloryholes are open. I sucked three dry and got sucked but went back the next evening and it was pretty slow.


Posted Jun 08 2007:
They bang on the doors and threaten to call the cops. The black guy that works there is an ass. The doors are cut off at the bottom and he looks underneath to see which way your feet are facing.


Posted Apr 17 2007:
Traffic is a bit slow but should pick up as people find out that the gloryholes are back.


Posted Mar 24 2007:
I went two times this last week and got sucked off to the big '0' by a very talented dude. Go check it out!


Posted Dec 09 2006:
Gloryholes have been covered up with metal plates. Too bad. Wish someone would unscrew them and throw them in the trash.


Posted Oct 24 2006:
Watch out for the two female escapees from 'The Biggest Loser' on duty in the daytime...very rude and they watch the arcade like hawks. In spite of that I had a great young hispanic guy who came twice. He was outstanding.


Posted Sep 09 2006:
I was there twice this week. On Wednesday afternoon in one hour I sucked three guys dry, one had a big uncut cock. I got sucked off and had to leave. The gloryholes are active and busy. I went back the next night and sucked off two guys, got sucked off myself and then fucked a guy through the hole. It's hot and I will be back.


Posted Mar 22 2006:
I was there around 10 pm and the two gloryholes where being hogged by senior citizens not allowing anyone else a go. But then it didn't really matter since there weren't any visitors under sixty years old anyway. Very disappointing.


Posted Mar 16 2006:
I stopped by on my way home from work. Six booths have gloryholes. I stepped into a booth and a nice young Hispanic shoves his huge cock through the hole. It barely fit. I sucked on it for twenty minutes until he blew his load down my throat. He stepped out and the next guy came in, stuck his cock in the hole and came within minutes. Another guy with a nice fat cock stepped in and I sucked him off for about fifteen minutes. He blew his load down my throat and another guy steps in for the same. I sucked off five guys, got five loads and the last guy sucked me off. The staff didn't bother us once. Totally hot place!


Posted Oct 17 2005:
Great place now that they have gloryholes. Went there last week and sucked a big nine-inch fat cock. He sucked my big eight-and-a-half-incher and then I let him fuck me for a while. I came twice and he came once. So hot!


Posted Sep 21 2005:
I suck a lot of cocks here. There's total privacy and the staff could care less what happens in the arcade. There are three gloryholes so far and signs of more to come. I have hooked up with all types here. There are some very good looking dudes here. It can be slow at times though. Definitely worth the trip out there.


Posted Sep 20 2005:
After paying five bucks up front, I went to the back. It's a nice set up. I chose a booth with someone next door. When he didn't want to do anything but watch, I left and went into another booth. Thirty seconds later I was kicked out for switching booths. I'm not sure I can go back if I wanted to.


Posted Mar 07 2005:
The video booth has been remodelled with several new booths in a maze like setup. Many have gloryholes.

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