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VIP Adult Bookstore & Arcade

Category: Adult store with arcade Hours / Entry Fee: Open 24 Hours daily Submitted: Apr 25 2001 (Edited 03/01/17)
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Address: 501 South Imperial Avenue
City: Calexico
State: California
ZIP/Postal Code: 92231
Country: United States of America
Phone Number: 760-768-9747

GPS Approximate Latitude & Longitude: 32.6701,-115.499
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Posted Feb 21 2017:
This place is definitely not closed. It's alive and well and full of hot guys — sometimes. :)

Thanks so much for the update!

It also helps that even though the store has no web site nor official Facebook page, they are a "place" on Google. I suggest to the owners they look the store up on Google Maps and "claim" it as their own. ~ Editor

Edited on 03/01/17


Posted Apr 10 2016:
This place closed last year and is now a check cashing place.

There is one last chance for guys who like gloryholes by making a left off Imperial Avenue onto 5th street right before the entrance to Mexico. The place is only open until 9 pm, though.

Thanks for the info. I'm trying to locate the other place since we don't have it on this site. Is it El Jardin, 10 E. 2nd Street? Here's the Google Map and Street View. I had also found this and this for El Jardin. Is it open?

If the gloryholes are at a different place, please use this link to provide the information. Name and street address are really helpful! :-)

Thanks again. I am grateful for people like you who let me know when places close and when places need to be added. ~ Editor

Edited on 04/19/16


Posted May 19 2013:
This place is super dirty. None of the movies work in the arcade area. Nasty and great place to get STDs There is cum from 3 years ago dried and crusty everywhere.

Edited on 05/21/13


1 of 1 people found this review helpful
Posted Mar 17 2012:
Damn, this place is so hot in the afternoon on weekdays. There are nice gloryholes at the last 2 booths, and the staff doesn't care what you do.

Edited on 03/20/12


Posted Nov 21 2010:
This place is open and working fine so ignore the claims it is gone. I was there last night. It was kind of slow but I heard it gets active during the afternoons.

Edited on 11/22/10


Posted Jun 28 2010:
Reports are this building was destroyed in the recent earthquake. Another quirky landmark to anonymous sex lost?

Edited on 07/04/10
loves latins


Posted Jun 24 2010:
I've been here a few times and the staff doesn't care as long as you're putting dollars in the machines. Gloryholes are in the last couple booths. I have always sucked at least a few hot uncut Latin cocks before I've left.

Edited on 07/04/10


Posted Jun 08 2008:
Quirky, original. Two-in-a-booth is Ok, no hassles, no cops. You'll have to wait for the pretty Mexican boys but some of the others are diamonds in the rough, just need to be polished, and we all know how to do that, if they don't do you first. Just pay your $3 to the crazed, but tame Vietnamese(?) lady and enjoy this non-chain store sex spot.


Posted Feb 20 2006:
There is a very spacey woman who runs the place; she doesn't seem bothered by the gay boys so at least nobody gets hassled about sex. Signs indicate she charges a couple bucks for an hour's visit (some of the signs read half hour) and you are supposed to keep a receipt to prove you haven't overstayed, but I have not seen much evidence she enforces either the charge or the time limit. She always seems to be working frantically but the place remains pretty much a mess. At least there are booths that lock (though see below), most of the video machines work and once you are inside the movies are free. The washroom is acceptable and the parking is Ok (but watch the meters -- I got a ticket once). Almost all the customers are Mexican or Mexican American; occasionally one of them is cute. My biggest beef is with aggressive trolls who seem to be tolerated in the mix. I try very hard not to be rude, especially in a place like this where the culture is so hurtful to gay people already, but yesterday afternoon I had to walk away some twenty times to avoid the constant staring and puppy-dogging of one hulking guy before he finally left me alone. Others I have been stalked by have not just tried a lock but actively rattled it hard and often; one even busted the door open for a good look when I had something hot going inside. As with everything else, the manager doesn't seem to notice or care.


Posted Nov 28 2005:
Within one minute of entering the arcade area I was locked in a booth with a cute, nelly (ok, kinda bitchy, but it was only for fifteen minutes) eighteen-year-old who said he lives across the border in Mexicali. My only objection was to the aggressive queen who kept pounding on our door since we were the only two cute guys in the place. She actually forced the door open at one point, so keep an eye on the lock and tell her to fuck off. The store and the video machines are in decent shape and I saw no hassles from the female Korean clerk. I was the only Anglo in the place. Other than my boy, the customers were middle-aged and mostly wearing dusty cowboy outfits. It was late afternoon so I bet many of them were right out of the fields on their way home to their wives. If you are into that, you will be happy here. No other cuties, but I was so fortunate on this first visit I'll definitely give it another try, maybe as part of a joint expedition to the bookstore in El Centro.


Posted Aug 08 2005:
I visited the first weekend of the month. No one at all was there but it seemed like a cool place. The hallways are very wide and the booths are big and in every one of them porn was already playing for free. The clerks are very cool and don't seem to care what goes on. Probably a hot place when people are actually there.


Posted Apr 02 2005:
This place does have gloryholes between the last four booths. All of them are very well drilled, and large enough for even the most well endowed. Although the row of arcade booths are totally visible by the clerk, he never seems to bother any of the cruisers. I've even seen people literally park themselves for an hour or more in a booth, without dropping even so much as a dollar, and never be asked to leave. It's an almost entirely Hispanic clientele, primarily middle aged and older. Parking can be really tight here because of it's downtown location. I highly recommend it.


Posted Feb 04 2005:
It has no gloryholes and it's not conducive to cruising. Seems like a waste of time and money.


Posted Dec 05 2004:
I hit this place on a Saturday afternoon and went to the second to last booth with two gloryholes. I stripped down and waited about five minutes before I got my first treat -- stiff Mexican dick. I put my lips around it and sucked hard for a few minutes and was rewarded with cum juice. Ten minutes later I had a treat from a Mexican rancher dude with blue jeans and boots. I started to suck him off and he wanted into my booth. I opened the door and let him in, sucking real good. I hung out for another three dicks and walked out with a few Mexican dudes looking at me and my cum drenched shirt. I felt real horny here naked, exposed and ready to be a pig slut to stiff brown dick.


Posted Jun 01 2004:
I stopped in for action and got more than I bargained for. A hot muscle dude top stuck his dick through the hole and I savored it. He came into my booth and I gobbled up his ass juices and worshipped his muscle butthole. He ordered me to suck the dicks from adjacent booths and I did what I was told. He drank from a water bottle and pissed a quart of juice down my throat and over my hairy chest for an hour. It was a hot scene.


Posted Sep 01 2003:
The staff doesnÕt care what you do in the booths. Sometimes you can get lucky with a cute border patrol guy and there are a lot of cute guys from Mexicali.


Posted Jan 04 2002:
A great place if you like latino men. The wall between the last two arcades has a gloryhole and the others have peepholes.

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