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Denver Swim Club Closed

Category: Bathhouse with full facilities Hours / Entry Fee: Open 24 hours; See web site for costs and special offers. Directions: Located at at Olive Street.
Submitted: May 16 2001 (Edited 06/05/21)
Cruised here? Rate this place:
3.53/5 based on 36 votes. The median rating is 4.
Read & Write Reviews: 45 Reviews

Address: 6923 East Colfax Drive
City: Denver
State: Colorado
ZIP/Postal Code: 80220
Country: United States of America
Phone Number: 303-322-4023

Closed, deletion pending

10,000 square foot facility with indoor and outdoor pools, steam room, hot tub, "caves," two gloryhole arcades, sling private rooms, XXX movie theater, private video rooms, playpen, and more.

GPS Approximate Latitude & Longitude: 39.7404,-104.907
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Older Reviews : Show/Hide

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Jul 23, 2004

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 2


Posted Jun 04 2021:
It's closed for good.

Edited on 06/05/21


Posted Dec 23 2020:
Do your homework. Go to, scroll to the bottom where the orange-colored "Permanently Closed" listings, are, and you'll find Denver Swim Club is the very first one. DSC hasn't been in the "temporary closed" listings for almost two weeks now.

Check again. On the home page DSC is listed under both the blue "Temporarily Closed" and the orange "Permanently Closed." Click on the "Denver" for either and you reach this same page for both. The CumUnion page for DSC's details says, "IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Denver Swim Club is temporarily closed. Check back for a reopening date which has yet to be determined." Based on Yelp reviews from a month ago – open – this may be due to COVID restrictions in the current surge.

Edited on 12/23/20


Posted Dec 17 2020: shows DSC "temporarily closed."

Please don't make it more difficult for these businesses by posting inaccurate info!

Thanks! I'm sure DSC appreciates this correction too. ~ Editor

Edited on 12/18/20


Posted Dec 16 2020:
According to, DSC is now permanently closed. Can anyone confirm?

Google and Yelp don't show it closed. If someone can confirm closure I'll mark it for deletion, otherwise come back and check in 2021. ~ Editor

Edited on 12/16/20


Posted Jul 28 2020:
DSC recently reopened, but I doubt it's worth the trouble because the restrictions are severe, and I'm not talking face masks. Before being granted admission, but after paying for it, one has to undergo "counseling" from the staff.

Anonymity and confidentiality are things of the past. If a visitor comes down with COVID-19 and lists DSC as part of his contact history, DSC submits the names of all visitors during the relevant time frame to the local authorities for "contact tracing."

The number of visitors is also severely limited. I wanted to visit on a Tuesday afternoon, virtually no cars in the parking lots or on the neighboring streets, and yet a sign in the admission window noted that the place was already at capacity.

So yeah, I didn't bother waiting for a gatekeeper to show up at the front window. Might be better to wait a year or two or twenty for the virus to blow over?

Edited on 07/30/20
Super Reviewer

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Jan 18, 2010

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 16


Posted Oct 20 2018:
Update to my previous review. The place is very clean and the staff is great. The only downside was the areas have gotten smaller. They added more rooms, but they took out some good dark spots.

The "cave" is now just a big bed. The gloryholes were moved to the back and they added doors that don't close instead of curtains like they had before. The holes are at an odd height also, probably meant for taller guys.

I was able to suck a nice cock with a huge head and he fucked my throat. Sadly the hole was too high and I couldn't get at his nuts.

Lastly the showers were scalding hot. The one redeemer for me is their steam room. One of the best I've experienced.

Edited on 10/22/18


Posted Feb 17 2018:
Visited after work on a Monday night and there were a good number of men there of all types. Plenty of nice looking guys!

The staff were friendly and unobtrusive. And this place is clean. Occasionally a staff member will use a small flashlight to check for spots to clean up but it is fairly noninvasive. Plus, that's one reason the place is so sanitary. And I'm sure they have seen it all so catching someone in the act is no big deal. There are plenty of clean towels in the locker area for anyone to grab as needed.

My private room was a very nice size. The place itself is not huge — only one floor — and I suspect it seems bigger in warmer weather when the nice outdoor area with the pool is available. There is one video room with only one monitor. The play area near the indoor pool has some nooks for getting down with other visitors. The sling room off this area is nice, if small, with a door that can close and lock and stirrups for the feet. The mirror on the ceiling adds to the experience.

There was plenty of action, especially for an early Monday night in the winter. I got my dick sucked by a variety of horny guys and ended up emptying my swollen nut sack down the throat of a sexy young bear with about half a dozen guys watching and sucking and jerking. Hot!!!

Edited on 02/19/18
Super Reviewer

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Jan 18, 2010

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 16


Posted Nov 02 2015:
I loved it, was in town for Hallowfreaknween and on my last day I dropped in on my way out of town. It was around 1 pm on Sunday and it was busy. Both parking lost were full, the street was full out front and cars were parked around the block. I ended up having to park on a back street and walk up. The staff was extremely friendly and got me settled quick.

The rooms were full so it was lockers only. Within minutes of stowing everything in my locker I was at the gloryholes that are on the left when you walk in. I had a seat and I was working on my first cock within minutes. We swapped head until he invited me over to his cube. I kept on sucking him and sucked another guy to my right since we were now in the middle cube.

After awhile I started roaming, found more dick to suck, and finally settled into a spot in the "cave." A guy came in, we ended up moving in closer, and he sucked me off. We went at it, then another guy came in. This guy was a furry li'l guy. I was getting head and the new guy came over so I started sucking him. He had perfect low hanging balls so I had to have them in my mouth.

I pulled the first guy off of me and guided him to the new guy, who was on his knees. Meanwhile I slid under the new guy and started sucking his balls. While I was down there I worked my way to his ass and ate like a starving man.

After we finished I roamed some more and ended up in the movie room. I was approached by this Puerto Rican guy who enjoyed my cock. After some small talk I told him how I hadn't been lucky in getting fucked, so he jumped at the chance. I told him safe only and he was still up for it.

We went to the sling room and he ate me out to get me ready. He put on the condom and worked his way into me. he gave me a great pounding and I got loud. He kept the door closed so when we were done we had a few guys waiting at the door wanting in. I had to go though, so I cleaned up and headed out.

I'm 33, a bigger guy with a good size uncut cock, so I'm not always everybody's type. I experienced zero attitude from anybody there. I only turned down one guy but he just moved on.

So with this first visit I bought a year membership and I don't regret it. I will be back for more. I might skip the hotel stay next time and stay here instead, lol. Anyway don't skip out on this place. I looked up this place on Google for directions. On mobile they have a newer feature showing "popular times." I don't know how accurate it is for everyday, but for me it worked.

Edited on 11/06/15


0 of 1 people found this review helpful
Posted Oct 12 2015:
I decided to try this place out on my recent trip to Denver. Easy to find. I found it a bit pricey for an out-of-towner.

Once inside my room I stripped down and headed to the shower. So far so good. Then I hung out in the pool area for awhile but not many people were there. Walked around a bit and no one seemed to want to play, a lot of walking around but no action.

I went to trade in my towel and was met with an employee who seemed to be having a bad night. But, I brushed it off.

I stayed for maybe three hours and never got to play with anyone. When I went to leave and turned in my key and towel, the employee was still having a bad night with a lot of sighing and rolling eyes. I'll try again on a weekend night to see if it's better. Weeknight didn't do it for me.

Edited on 10/19/15


Posted Mar 24 2013:
I've been to the other two bathhouses in Denver and this is one of the cleanest places in town. All I see the employees do is clean. Very nice staff most of the time. I usually go during the week. Even though it's slow, I can relax in the hot tub, go jack off in the XXX room, cruise and pick what cock I want to service.

There are also condoms everywhere and lube so there is no excuse to not have safe sex. This brings me to my point. There is a room I do have a problem with. It's a dark room intended for unsafe sex and it's beyond me why with HIV this room is still there. There are no lights so if a person is not careful a lot of guys will take advantage of how dark it is in there and choose not to wear a condom. This is disturbing in a way.

But having safe sex is always up to the person. Just be careful.

As there are hot guys, there are also trolls and old people that follow you around thinking that your mind will change in two seconds. This place is 50/50, hit or miss. I've gotten good cock and no cock some days.

Edited on 03/28/13


Posted Jan 22 2013:
Was here over the Holidays. Loved the new layout, like the hot tub as part of the pool area, and the new XX TV room. Excellent viewing opportunities before you get involved with another guy. There were ample college guys who were home over break. These guys tend to be very horny and love to show off.

After New Year the college kids depart again, and it is back to the more standard clientele: Lots of guys in their 30s, well endowed, and some older ones too, but always nice and friendly. Even weekdays afternoons are good.

Check it out and have fun.

Edited on 01/28/13


Posted Jul 12 2012:
This place sucks. One of the worst bathhouses I have ever been to. There were about 7 or 8 guys there when I was there and there was nothing going on. Lame scene. The layout of the televisions for watching porn was lame and the porn they showed was old and dated. I miss the days of hitting the bathhouses in LV that had videos everywhere, fun places to play, good new porn playing and tons of guys going at it.

I wanted to have some fun while in Denver on business and this place came up short. Save your money.

Edited on 07/19/12
Super Reviewer

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Oct 24, 2008

Total Listings: 16
Total Reviews: 152


Posted Nov 02 2011:
I have seen the days when they used to turn the "outcrowd" away, when you used to find other Chelsea Boys (Young Urban Professional). and now they just let everyone in due to the bad economy. This place is the most expensive one, so it can be hit and miss based on the crowd coming in. That said, it is still worth it if you are in shape and want to look for similar crowd.

Edited on 11/04/11

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Apr 17, 2011

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 10


Posted Jun 07 2011:
Great place! I was there last week. I went 3 nights and had my cock sucked and ass probed every time. The place is very clean, has a nice pool, and enemas in the bathroom. You buy a short length of tubing and can clean out really well.

The bunkhouse is a really nice place to play. It is dark and has several levels of mattresses to play on. I was 69ing a guy on our sides when suddenly I felt a cock pushing into my ass, and the guy I was sucking got one in his, too! We both started sucking harder, and playing with the balls of our friends. I got two loads at once. and my ass was really worked out. After a shower and swim, I went back in and sucked off this amazing young Latino.

Edited on 06/11/11


Posted May 24 2011:
This is a great place if you really want to get laid. Yeah, it is smaller than the other 2 in town, but it is also the cleanest. Their hot tub is SCRUBBED (emptied completely, cleaned and refilled) more than once a week. With summer coming up, the pool area outside will be fantastic. At least it was last summer.

Only complaints are the "public" sling area is too small, and the ceiling tiles and vents could use a good vacuuming. I'm all for great boom-boom club fucking music, but it's not necessary to be blasting it at 5 am after a great long night and a short snooze is needed in the private rooms. They need to turn it down and change it to some burn-off music.

Edited on 06/01/11


Posted Mar 07 2011:
Expensive membership if you're just visiting, and a small facility, plus kind of a long drive from downtown only to be greeted by rude staff. They advertise as the cleanest place in town. Not true. The steamroom was lukewarm and smelly. The carpet was crunchy, worn, and looked horrible. One can only imagine when it was cleaned last.

This was my first time to a bathhouse and I was a little nervous. The crowd were nice and I did manage to have some fun with a very nice local. Felt like most of the young guys were on drugs and one even asked if I was looking for Tina. Didn't know what he meant and after asking what he meant, he gave me attitude and called me lame. I later found out what Tina was, and that's lame if you ask me. My guess is if you're young and wanting unsafe drugged out sex, this is for you. If you're from out of town, a first timer and play it safe, don't go here.

Edited on 03/14/11


Posted Oct 10 2010:
This place was way too expensive to find nothing but old men.

Edited on 10/16/10


Posted Jun 03 2010:
This is a nice, well run club. A bit on the expensive side, but it is worth it. I like the douche bathroom, a nice touch. It would be great if they could add adult TVs in the lounge areas. Overall one of the best clubs around. I heard they used to only allow fit guys in which would have been great because the old trolls sometimes are a bit aggressive.

Edited on 06/07/10


Posted Dec 01 2009:
The place only sells a six month membership fee for $30 then throws in a room at $35. That is more than a prostitute charges. Yeah, it is nice but not that crowded unless it is bar time. I have only hooked up with three guys here in the last six months. Lots of unprotected sex going on as well.


Posted Nov 27 2009:
Yeah, it looks like the good old days of discriminating against our own are over thanks to the sad state of the economy. Shame on all you guys who were discriminated against in the past but go there now. I am sure once the economy recovers so will that strict door policy.


Posted Oct 30 2009:
I went down twice over the last two days and quickly realized that the days when they used to have a strict door policy are over. The place was filled with middle aged men or out of shape guys. I remember the days when they allowed only attractive ones in.


Posted Oct 18 2009:
Was there on a Saturday night and found some pretty good loking guys, not many trolls, but nothing over the top. Staff was very nice but I was not blown away by the place.


Posted Jun 03 2009:
Possibly the best club in the USA. Friendly staff, two great swimming pools, big steamroom and hot tub, gloryholes, big video room. Oh, and tons of hot guys. Daytimes are best, especially warm, sunny ones. Weeknights are hit-or-miss. The club is a great place to chill out, even when it is not busy. Weekend late nights are usually super hot.


Posted May 12 2009:
Was traveling in Denver on business and hit the DSC on a Friday afternoon. It was my first time here and I was pleasantly surprised by the facility. It was super clean for an older building and the staff was super nice and friendly. Unlike other clubs there is ample public play space. The crowd on the Friday afternoon I was there numbered about 20-25, mostly white guys, 40 and older in age but most in good shape. Great club and friendly atmosphere.


Posted Mar 12 2009:
I'm not that hot and I keep going back because this place is the real deal! I've played in the steamroom, cave, and gloryhole booths. I got the best blowjob ever in the Cock Pit. Everything is right out in the open, unlike some states. This place is so fucking clean. Can't believe all the hot guys and I think many are bi. Most of the employees are pretty good, but the friendliest was on the desk weekends. He told me to come back in the Spring to see the waterfall, he said the guys even fuck out on the patio! Really nice place that reminds me of the club Waterworks in Toronto. It's a bit pricey but worth every penny. There's sex everywhere. They even show sex on the Website. A+ for the DSC.


Posted Mar 07 2009:
This is just a show-queen's show with no fuckin' sex! Don't waste your time and hit Midtowne instead!


Posted Jan 03 2009:
The best bathhouse I've been to, hands down! Went twice during an early December trip. With a penchant for Southern hospitality, I was guarded with my expectations. The staff couldn't have been friendlier (or hotter!). The guys were all real dudes -- I saw no sissies, no trannies just lots of real dudes who were real fun. I'd recommend Swim Club to anybody looking for a good, relaxing fun time in Denver.


Posted Aug 10 2008:
The facilities are very nice and the prices reflect it. Unfortunately, the people that come here are not interested in doing anything. They walked around endlessly never seeming to want any contact whatsoever. It is not that they just were not interested in me; they were not interested in anyone! This place is not worth the high cost of admission.


Posted Feb 18 2008:
This place is pretty nice, facility wise, that is! But I did find the locker room rates to be very expensive for non-members. I was there both Friday and Saturday while on business and it wasn't that crowded either night. The guys are pretty stuck-up and worst of all there are many cute twinks that just go there to giggle. I'll pass on the humiliation and attitude from the twinks.


Posted Feb 01 2008:
It's on the small side but I always have a great time here. Maybe it's the close proximity of the guys? On a recent Tuesday afternoon I had one big dick squirting in my mouth and on my chest within about 15 minutes of arriving. Sucked and got sucked a few more times in group sex areas, watched guys sucking, fucking and jerking when I was too tired to play myself. Finally, a blond ski boy down from one of the resorts plowed me so good I'm still feelin' it. I always find my way back to this place.


Posted Dec 08 2007:
Nice and clean but not much happening. Lots of attitude. Guys parade around a lot, don't smile, don't seem to be having a very good time. So if you want to suck a dick better try the Midtown Spa because at Swim Club nobody wants to touch. In the two hours I was there I saw one noiseless, uninteresting blowjob.


Posted Jun 19 2007:
Nice place, friendly staff. After checking out the facilities, I explored the caves. While watching three guys fuck, another hot guy came up and sucked my cock. A third guy came up to him and started fucking his ass. A hot time.


Posted Jan 18 2007:
I visited this bathhouse while in Denver on business. Had an overall good time, in fact, I went three times. I always had fun. Yes, there were guys of all body types when I was there but since I could lose a few myself, I fit right in. Planning a trip in May to Denver for the weekend just to go back!


Posted Oct 10 2006:
Went last Sunday and had a blast three times! Sundays are the best. My ass is still sore. Lots of hot guys.


Posted Mar 24 2006:
I went this month and the majority of men were out of shape or had lots of attitude with no body to show for it. I am a very muscular man and was surprised to find no one of similar body type or good looks. I won't be back. First time visit forces you to pay the full year membership -- total rip off!


Posted Feb 11 2006:
This place has really tanked and it is not worth going anymore. The staff is rude and obnoxious and the clientele is too busy modeling to have any fun. Plus, if you are into barebacking stay away because the staff have turned into the condom nazis.


Posted Jan 04 2006:
I have been coming here for a good number of years. This place is getting better. I was here again on Jan 3, 2006. Good age distribution from late teens all the way to the other end. Several incredible guys in their late twenties. The show they put on in the shower, steamroom and lounge beat everything they showed on the screen! And they let everybody join in the fun. I'll be back soon.


Posted Nov 22 2005:
Do not waste your money herem just slim queenies, the sons of Calvin Klein!! If you like real dudes, hit the midtown.


Posted Aug 14 2005:
I visited this place and it was my first time and I was nervous. But I fit in very well and this place had different kinds of people and I like that. When I'm back in Denver, I'll definitely visit this place! And the staff was extremely friendly!


Posted Jul 10 2005:
This place is awesome! I've been here several times and I always find lots of hot guys to hook-up with. I left the door to my room open and guys lined up to fuck my ass. I got used good and hard just the way I like it.


Posted Jul 18 2004:
I always hook up with some hot cock here. Early afternoons are great as well as weekend nights. It's a good mix of twinks and older bear types.


Posted Jun 10 2004:
During a recent business trip, I had a fantastic time here! There were guys of all ages and body types and most everyone was friendly. I can't recommend this facility enough! It's not inexpensive, but it is probably the best bathhouse I have ever been in.


Posted Jun 06 2004:
If you're interested in men who want to fuck, go somewhere else. This place is for snotty twinks only.


Posted Jul 04 2001:
They've done a nice job remodeling and it seems the action has improved likewise. The caves seem to attract a nice crowd on ocassion. A comfortable place to get naked, relax, and suck up the fun.


0 of 1 people found this review helpful
Posted Jun 10 2001:
I was completely disgusted after a recent visit. I used to go here four years ago when the place would be packed with men. The place was filthy, the facility was run down. The steamroom was dismantled but looked as if there had been some remodeling done. I was there for 5 hours and did not once see staff cleaning anything. The men appeared to be regulars and I found none to be attractive. I would spend my money elsewhere next time.

From place description/comments:
Closed, deletion pending

10,000 square foot facility with indoor and outdoor pools, steam room, hot tub, "caves," two gloryhole arcades, sling private rooms, XXX movie theater, private video rooms, playpen, and more.

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