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Category: Adult store with arcade, theatre, Gloryhole , Maze Submitted: May 12 2012 by Naterollings (Edited 01/09/22)
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3.41/5 based on 44 votes. The median rating is 4.
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Address: 3425 East Platte Avenue
City: Colorado Springs
State: Colorado
ZIP/Postal Code: 80909
Country: United States of America
Phone Number: 719-596-6311

Had so much fun when I had 3 Army guys, back to back for oral. This place is very active these days, and I have noticed it seems to be getting even busier.

GPS Approximate Latitude & Longitude: 38.8393,-104.765
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1 of 1 people found this review helpful
Posted Feb 24 2024:
Checked this Pleasures out last Sunday night. Seemed to be more cars in the parking lot than guys in the store/arcade. Not a bad set up, big rooms with couches that have seen better days with the arcade changer like the booths. Has a nice suck ramp for both the guy getting sucked and the guy doing the sucking. Booths have curtains instead of doors.

Overall not a bad time, just not a lot of guys that night. My biggest complaint though (not just this store but all Pleasures in Denver) is the touch screen channel changers are worthless. Often times it's impossible to change the channel on them.

Edited on 02/26/24


Posted Nov 13 2023:
Hi Boys, I am a mature crossdresser. I just got back from my second trip in two days Both days I had a light purple dress, a short brunette hairstyle with bangs, a pearl necklace and bracelette, red lipstick, and black eye shadow.

Tonight I got there, paid the nice lady clerk, and headed up to the arcade. I walked through the dimly lit halls seeing if any man would follow me. A gray haired man about 60, 5'10" followed me to one of the back rails where he started groping me, lifting my dress and rubbing my cock through my sheer black pantyhose. He commanded me to wait there while he went around, and sissy whore that I am, I did as I was told.

Within about fifteen seconds he was up on the deck above me, pulled his pants down and thrust his semi-limp five inch cock through the rails. I couldn't wait and I immediately gulped it down. I used my hand and tugged on his cock while I licked the underside of its large head. He got harder and longer, about six inches with nice mouth-filling girth. I slurped like a pig while moaning with his hard cock in my whore mouth.

After about four or five minutes he said he was going to blow. I never batted an eyelash, kept my lips and tongue over his cock head and continued to tug him. He said it again. I kept going. He blew his load into my mouth and the taste was [b]de-li-cious[/b! He pulled up his pants and left.

Another guy, uncut four inches, replaced him between the rails. I couldn't get him hard in the first few minutes and he left. The next guy was 6' 3" wearing a hoodie. His firm cock was over six inches with a huge head. I worked that beautiful cock for more than ten minutes, slurping, spitting, slapping my face with it, deep-throating him, stroking it, and tonguing the head and pee hole, but he couldn't cum, and he left me tired and feeling worthless. I want to please all my men till release.

I walked around looking for a fourth cock, but no takers, so I sat on a sofa, pulled up my dress and down my pantyhose and jacked off for two or three minutes until I shot a load onto my dress. I love this place and intend to repeat this every time my wife is out of town.

Edited on 11/15/23
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Posted Feb 12 2023:
This place is badass. Depending on when you go.

Went on a Saturday once and when I walked in this girl had a bunch of guys circled up around her. Seriously OnlyFans-model-worthy girl. She was naked with huge tits and she would choose guys to do stuff to her. One guy got to eat her ass and I think another fingered her as she watched everyone around her jerk off. It was hot as fuck. I got there kind of late. I don't think she liked my dick so I didn't get to do anything but it was fun.

Another time I went during a weekday and it was fairly busy. No women this time. I sat on a couch and started playing with myself. I just like the rush of being there. I'm straight but after a couple minutes of sitting there a mouth came over and I let him swallow my load.

Can't recommend this place enough. Just wish it was open later.

Edited on 02/12/23

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Oct 05, 2022

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 1


Posted Oct 05 2022:
This place is a giant cum fest without the homeless shit from the Denver stores. I usually unzip and walk around with my cock hanging out, especially in the dark areas. I've had it brush against faces before they could see but took me in their mouths and sucked me right there. Or sit back on one of the couches and jerk off until someone takes over for me. I like watching others jerk off while I'm getting blown.

Side note, I've also been content for OnlyFans chicks a few times as well. This is the best in Colorado.

Edited on 10/06/22


Posted Jan 07 2022:
Have been there a few times. Both times visited in a booth and was joined by a daddy who came in and offered me his cock. This was my first time. I sucked him hard then he bent me over and gave it to me in my ass while I was wearing back seam hosiery.

It was painful at first but was amazing just when he came pushing me down to cum in my mouth. We did this again on another occasion.

Want to go again soon. Not sure when a good time is. Has been awhile.

Edited on 01/09/22

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Sep 27, 2019

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 2


Posted Aug 22 2021:
Went this past Saturday. I've never been so I went straight up to the arcade to check it out. Holy crap! It's a labyrinth up there! Lots of booths and couches, and nooks and crannies for having fun. They even have a little lounge with a TV and some arcade machines.

There were about four couples in the booths getting down on some cock and a nervous twink in a corner watching one of the many monitors.

I didn't join in. I was there looking for a CD or a sissy to fuck. Sadly there were none. Perhaps it was because I showed up at 11 pm and the place closed at Midnight. I might try the other Pleasures or this one again next weekend.

Edited on 08/23/21

Usergroup: Member
Joined: May 05, 2021

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 3


Posted May 05 2021:
This is a great place to hook up. The clerks are friendly, and there is always something going on.

Edited on 05/06/21

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Oct 01, 2020

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 5


Posted Nov 07 2020:
This was our first time. Took my fiancée, we both wanted to stop and play as we traveled through. After entering we walked around to see what was there and found a corner with guys watching a video and standing above the area with their cocks out.

The GF asked to touch and suck her first black cock. It was amazing to see her drool. After a few minutes we had five guys touching and playing with her. She sucked two cocks and jacked off another one in her hand while having her pussy licked. We then walked around for a minute and ended up in the big room where I stripped her down and we became the center of attention.

Once naked, GF started sucking cocks and was bent over the couch sucking my cock and the guys watching tried to fuck her. After a few minutes she laid down and they guys took turns sucking her tits, licking her dripping sweet pussy, and she sucked cocks. Once this started a guy started sucking my cock, licked my ass, then slid his hard cock deep into me while the GF felt every inch slide in.

Most of the guys were playing with her, but none really fucked her. After two hours of playing we decided to get cleaned up and head out. Will definitely be returning on our next trip.

Edited on 11/09/20


Posted Sep 02 2018:
Fun most times I've gone. Mostly DL guys but I go with my guy and get shared. Would love to be able to just go on my own but single ladies aren't allowed in arcade area.

Oh, and they actually watch the cams outside so no picking up a guy in the parking lot to work around the system. I guess they are worried about pros.

Edited on 09/03/18


Posted Mar 06 2018:
Been in town for work, been to Pleasures a few times.

First visit was a Wednesday night. The place was kinda dead with one guy sitting on the sofa jacking off. When I sat down across from him he got up and left. So I got up, went to the other sofa room, and was watching a good shemale porn when another guy came in and sat next to me. He reached for my cock, I pulled it out, and the fun was on.

Second visit was a Sunday afternoon. This place was crawling with horny guys and one sexy CD that I just so happened to get alone in one of the large booths. Guys were pulling the curtain back watching. It was hot as hell having an audience. This was a jackpot visit for me.

Third visit Monday night was about five or six guys trolling the maze, some in booths, some just standing around. I tried like hell to get someone to put their cock through a hole but no one was really interested. So I jumped in the large booth in the back corner with two screens and watched some hot shemale porn while pulling my cock, hoping for a visitor. Nothing happened that I couldn’t do myself.

All in all I enjoy this place. It’s fun and I plan on returning a few more times while I’m here.

Edited on 03/07/18

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Apr 10, 2010

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Posted Sep 18 2016:
I stopped by this place and had an awesome time. During the two and a half hours that I spent here, I swallowed down five loads and fed one of my loads to a hot 20-something Air Force stud. My other load was given to to a sexy guy with short beard.

I wish I lived in Colorado Springs so that I could visit this place all the time! This place gets a 5-star rating from me.

Edited on 09/27/16


Posted Jun 23 2016:
Once again, a Craigslist hook-up went wrong late Tuesday June 21 when a man met a woman here through an ad.
Police say shortly after the meeting, two men approached the victim's car. One of them put a gun to the victim's neck, while the other took his wallet and cash.

Both men and the woman then left in a white Cadillac that was last seen heading east on Platte Avenue.

Police are reminding everyone to be cautious about meeting new people online and to pick safe locations.
See Man robbed after meeting stranger behind Pleasures store and Woman uses Craigslist to lure man into robbery trap

Edited on 07/01/16


2 of 2 people found this review helpful
Posted Aug 14 2015:
Gentlemen (and ladies), A public service announcement:

If you plan to get fucked in your ass while visiting a jack shack, please, please take necessary cleaning and hygiene measures beforehand. Spontaneous, anonymous sex can be so fucking hot, until you pull your cock out of a shitty ass. Please be courteous to those of use willing to put our cocks inside you. Thank you.

Edited on 08/19/15


Posted Jul 25 2015:
There was a couple in here last Saturday. As soon as I walked in and went right to the bigger room near the bathroom, my eyes had not even adjusted yet and I saw a lady full nude on the couch laying across a dude's lap and sucking off another dude.

Several guys were standing around looking timid so I jumped in and started lapping up her pussy and asshole. She was very ambitious and down for everything. After tongue fucking her my cock was raging.

I pulled my shorts down, and an unknown dude ask me if I had a condom twice. I ignored him and took the plunge. I fucked her, while she was still laying across this guy's lap on her back. She rolled over to her knees, all the time sucking others guy's cocks, and I fucked her pussy from behind.

I pulled out and licked her asshole and then buried my cock in her ass for about six or eight hard pumps. She didn't even flinch. I finished off in her pussy.

I washed my cock in the sink and came back to watch her continue on for awhile and left. It was so fucking hot. Pleasures is fucking fantastic.

Edited on 07/31/15


Posted Jul 15 2015:
Do any couples ever frequent Pleasures? The layout is perfect for some nasty gangbanging, circle jerks, etc. Has anyone ever played with a couple here?

Edited on 07/22/15


Posted Jul 12 2015:
I was here yesterday, 11 July. The place is laid out for fun. I sucked a guy's cock in one of the movie rooms. The same guy later was bareback fucking a black dude "prison style," and it was fucking hot.

I stood on the elevated platform in the main hall and stuck my cock through the gap and two guys sucked me. There is a dark corner in the little maze that has a gloryhole through the first movie booth. I was in the movie booth and stuck my cock in for some good sucking as well.

This place is great. Oh yeah, military gets in free! Jackpot!

Edited on 07/17/15


2 of 2 people found this review helpful
Posted Aug 17 2014:
I'm new in town so I stopped in for a look around. I enjoy watching some live sex and this placed delivered. I spent over an hour getting my voyeur on after which I stretched out on the couch closest to the restroom. A short time later I was joined on the couch and received a very relaxing blow job while two spectators watched. I had a very enjoyable time, well worth the $10. I see myself going in a time or two a week.

Edited on 08/21/14
Bones 9347


Posted Dec 07 2013:
The arcade has been remodeled and is fantastic. There are four viewing rooms, three with couches, and a dark maze that is really cool. I got fucked in there by a BBC and sucked off another guy last week. Lots of booths with gloryholes and an elevated platform with slots in the wall that you can stick your dick through to get sucked. The whole place is totally awesome.

Edited on 12/12/13

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Jun 29, 2008

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Total Reviews: 3


Posted Aug 31 2013:
Always busy, and open late.

Edited on 09/10/13

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Nov 21, 2008

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Total Reviews: 2


Posted Jun 11 2012:
The management has taken a lot of time to get the right vibe. The arcade is clean and nicely dark. The bathroom is clean and private. This has become one of my favorite places.

Edited on 06/14/12

Usergroup: Member
Joined: May 12, 2012

Total Listings: 0
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From place description/comments:
Had so much fun when I had 3 Army guys, back to back for oral. This place is very active these days, and I have noticed it seems to be getting even busier.

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