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Luv Boutique

Category: Adult store with arcade Submitted: Jan 20 2009 (Edited 02/08/16)
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3.58/5 based on 33 votes. The median rating is 4.
Read & Write Reviews: 23 Reviews

Address: 151 West Service Road
City: Hartford
State: Connecticut
ZIP/Postal Code: 06120
Country: United States of America
Phone Number: 860-724-5589
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Usergroup: Member
Joined: Feb 07, 2014

Total Listings: 1
Total Reviews: 10


Posted Dec 05 2017:
Went here today as Erotic Zone was full of weirdos. When I went back to the arcade I heard women's voices. Seems they give private dances where for $250 you get a half hour with them and everyone leaves happy, so she said. Looks like a thin front for prostitution.

I declined the offer and went to the booths. After a while a guy opened my door and saw me, apologized, and began to close it.

I asked if he wanted to suck my dick. He lit up and said yes he did. I went from half mast to full on raging in moments as he gave me a tongue bath. When I came he swallowed it all, even milked it for a bonus.

Place is really hit or miss, just have to keep trying.

Edited on 12/06/17

Usergroup: Member
Joined: May 06, 2016

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 3


Posted Oct 16 2017:
Stopped in a few weeks ago on a Sunday afternoon after some time across the street at the other place, and couldn't believe how nice — and, unfortunately, how dead — this back area was.

Probably fifteen booths, unfortunately no gloryholes, but a really nice back lounge showing straight porn with plenty of room to play! I hung out in my panties, sucked a few nice cocks, and had a great time. If you haven't been over, you should check it out! I can't wait to go back.

Edited on 10/20/17
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Posted Feb 01 2016:
I went here last year in May. It seems like now that Erotic Zone has made a huge come back, business has fallen off for Luv Boutique. I understand it to be owned by the same people who own Erotic Zone, so being that Erotic Zone is doing so well, it doesn't appear that they are putting much attention into Luv Boutique. It seemed old and worn down. Maybe one or two guys plus myself within the hour.

Edited on 02/08/16
Super Reviewer

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Jan 04, 2013

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 35


Posted Aug 03 2014:
Large adult store with preview booths in the back area. About ten large booths with a great selection of movies. No gloryholes and the locks on the booths don't seem to work very well, so guys tend to just open the door to check you out.

I went on a Wednesday around noon. Nice mix of guys, various ages and races and sizes. Got a couple nice handjobs.

Edited on 08/08/14


Posted Nov 10 2013:
This place can be really fun sometimes. I have been fed some really nice cock there. I love to fem a bit there but would be nervous to completely dress. Now that I'm thinking about it I wanna stop in.

Edited on 11/15/13

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Sep 27, 2005

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 3


Posted Mar 03 2013:
Place is good except for one douchebag male that works there. Not always a great selection of guys but you can usually find something there.


Posted Dec 01 2012:
Stopped by today around one o'clock in the afternoon and made eye contact with a hot looking dude. I'm 6' with a swimmers build. Followed him into a booth and he proceeded to munch my nipples and then I pounded his face with my cock. His mouth grip was amazingly tight and I blew a load so intense it made my knees buckle. We also made out and tongue fucked each others mouths. Booths were clean, plenty of dudes around and no hassles from the staff. Definitely go back for another round. Way cool.

Edited on 12/06/12

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Dec 04, 2008

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 1


Posted Nov 28 2012:
There was nothing going on there. I went to the place around 10:30 pm and the place was empty. No one was back in the back, parking lot was pretty empty.

Edited on 12/03/12
Pete Rodriguez


Posted Oct 27 2012:
15 cars in the lot Saturday at 11:30 am. Clean. No hassle from staff. But the guys were all older and very, very aggressive. Still, got a great blow job out of it.

Edited on 11/01/12

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Sep 01, 2011

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 0


Posted May 11 2012:
Was there Tuesday just before lunch, and I got there in time for two good sized pieces of meat. This place is clean, the young staffer scrubs the walls, floors and screens in each booth twice a day. All ages, races, sizes and types go here. Staff are inconsistent with their patrolling in the back booth area. Many married daddies come in to drain their nuts, plus the strip club next door provides dudes to suck.

Edited on 05/15/12

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Jul 12, 2005

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 1


Posted Sep 09 2010:
I stopped in one Saturday night around 11 pm with the wife. Many people were milling around, including lots of women. We ended up in one of the booths. Some guy opened the door on us but I didn't care. He watched as we finished and left. My wife liked it and wants to return.

Edited on 09/13/10

Usergroup: Member
Joined: May 19, 2005

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 1


Posted Aug 22 2010:
Was in here last Friday about midnight and got one of the best blowjobs yet. I'll be back.

Edited on 08/24/10


Posted Jan 05 2010:
I had a great time with this younger guy who was obviously driving back to college. Sometimes there are just trolls, but it is better than most!


Posted Oct 10 2009:
I have gone a few times this summer and have found action. Yes, there are trolls (aren't they everywhere?) but some hot guys roll in, too. Afternoons into early evening seem to be good times.


Posted Sep 18 2009:
Stopped in twice in the last 10 days and there was nobody there I would have sex with. Also be aware there is no restroom, so go before you go and stay clean and dry.


Posted Aug 13 2009:
Nice setup with clean booths and locking doors. However, mostly old trolls and a couple of aging hustlers seem to go here. I haven't found anyone to play with yet.


Posted Jun 14 2009:
This place is awesome! I'm 30 and bi and I had the hottest time there last night. Got there around 12:30 am. There were 4 hot guys there and 2 couples. The first couple (middle aged) opened my door and the wife stood there and watched be beat off while she was licking her lips. After a bit, I shut the door. A little while later I heard a door crack open while I was looking at the movies. I walked over and saw a hot black chick sucking her man's thick black cock. I stepped in and pulled my pants down and started to jack. Within minutes my friend was dumping his load in her mouth and she swallowed it all. After he was done he asked me to step out. I went in my own booth and in minutes the girl was looking in on me. I motioned her in and she gave me the best handjob ever while her man watched. It was a crazy hot night!


Posted May 13 2009:
The arcade is nice and clean. Staff are cool. While I was there, I found 2 hot guys to nut and drain.


Posted Apr 30 2009:
I just came from Luv Boutique after draining two hot guys. Although when I first got there, there were only two others in back (neither of whom I would do), soon after two other guys came in. I quickly went into a booth with the first one and gave him a good sucking. He shot really far, making me sorry I didn't just swallow it. When we were done, the other guy was still around so I went in a booth with him. This time I was greedy and drank his load. Another big one! Definitely visit this place guys. Clean, friendly, and good loads to be had.


Posted Feb 16 2009:
Nicest place by far. Very clean and good-sized booths with locking doors. Word hasn't gotten out yet so traffic is a little slow, but that will change.


0 of 1 people found this review helpful
Posted Feb 12 2009:
Very clean and private with new booths. However, as with the previous establishment there's literally no one ever back there. You'll be by yourself. It could be a hot place if word gets out and the staff cooperates. It's also right next to a strip club--you do the math!


Posted Feb 05 2009:
Went here the other day. Nice set up and it's clean and private. Ran into a nice male/female couple that wanted me to share some time with them. The booths are a little crowded for three but just fine for two.


Posted Jan 20 2009:
Brand new booth area just opened up within the month. The booths are great, large, very clean and there are plenty of movies. You can actually rewind and fast forward the movies as well. There's a very private area in the back of the store.

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