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Gator Creek Reserve

Category: Cruisy parking lot and nearby woods Hours / Entry Fee: Open 9 am till dark Directions: Take Highway 98 heading north out of Lakeland. It's a few miles, on the right. If you've come to the crossroad of Highway 98 and Rock Ridge Road, you've passed it. There is also a Gator Creek Senior Campground, so don't get the two confused.
Submitted: Jan 10 2004 (Edited 11/13/18)
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Address: Highway 98 North
City: Lakeland
State: Florida
ZIP/Postal Code: 33809
Country: United States of America

Heads Up due to frequent police undercover operations and arrests here.

GPS Approximate Latitude & Longitude: 28.1761,-81.9872
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Posted Dec 14 2018:
Heads Up!
Once again, there was another undercover operation here. Two men were arrested, one charged with soliciting another for a lewd act (second offense), a felony and indecent exposure, a misdemeanor, and the other charged with offering to commit lewdness and indecent exposure, both misdemeanors. Their photos and names were publicized in local media.

This is a dangerous place for cruisers.

WFLA, Dec 5 2018: Two Lakeland Men Arrested at Gator Creek Preserve for Lewd Behavior

Edited on 12/17/18


Posted Nov 10 2018:
Heads Up!
The Sheriff's Office is cracking down on sex in public parks, including this one, already well-known for undercover sweeps and arrests. On October 18, a man 'exposed himself and asked the undercover detective if he liked snakes, according to an arrest affidavit. The word "snakes" was code for asking the detective if he wanted to engage in sexual acts, according to the report.' His name, photo, and other information was on local TV.

'According to Sherrie Morgan with the Polk County Sheriff's Office, within the past year, 16 people have been arrested for soliciting lewd activity from undercover deputies in county parks.'

There is also additional information on the September arrests, which included four men and one women charged.

Bay News 9, Oct 21, 2018: Polk County Deputies Cracking Down on Lewd Acts in Parks

WFLA, Sept 19, 2019 5 arrested in Polk County accused of trolling parks for sex

Edited on 11/13/18


Posted Sep 18 2018:
Heads Up!
Polk County Sheriffs continue undercover operations at Gator Creek Reserve and Saddle Creek Park. Most recently, four men were arrested September 13 at Saddle Creek Park. Names, photos, ages, and hometowns were published in local media. Charges included exposure, solicitation, and battery.

The Ledger, Sept 13 2018: Vice unit arrests 4 for lewd activities at public parks

WFTS, Sept 14 2018: Undercover operation leads to four arrests for sex-related crimes inside Lakeland park

Edited on 09/19/18


Posted Aug 23 2018:
Heads Up!
A sting operation by Polk County Sheriff's targeted Saddle Creek Park and Gator Creek Reserve after "complaints of lewd activity out in public." Two men were arrested for lewd activity, solicitation, etc., one of whom had a prior arrest on similar charges in 2014. Names, photos, ages, and hometowns were published in local media.

WFLA, Aug 22 2018 2 men arrested for lewd activities at Polk County parks

WFTS, Aug 22 2018, 2 men arrested in Polk public park for lewd acts during undercover operation

Edited on 08/23/18


Posted Dec 22 2017:
Heads Up!
Repeated undercover police operations recur again and again in County Parks in Polk County, Florida.

The Polk County Sheriff's Office Undercover Vice Unit arrested three men Dec 21, two at Saddle Creek Park and one here at Gator Creek Reserve. All three were charged with soliciting to commit a lewd act and two with indecent exposure. One of the three was charged with trespass, having previously been arrested in a similar operation in 2010 and banned from County Parks. Another was charged with battery because he allegedly "grabbed the detective against the detective's will."

Names, photos, home towns or states, and marital status including number of years married were published. All three were banned from County Parks.

WFTS: 3 arrested for committing lewd acts at local parks in Polk County

Edited on 12/26/17


Posted May 14 2017:
Heads Up!
Undercover Polk County Sheriffs continue their pursuit of M4M sex with three arrests here. Fox35 had the names, ages, photos, and hometowns of the men arrested, describing them as "elderly" although one is only 51. Ageist much? The other two are 70 and 74 and clearly full of life.

Charges ranged from "battery on a law enforcement officer" down to the more frequent "soliciting another for lewdness" and "indecent exposure."

Without naming names nor showing photos, BayNews9 had the overview of PCSO's ongoing crackdown on sex in Polk County parks from the Sheriff's Office news releases: "...since March of 2016, there have been nine lewd behavior arrests at Gator Creek Reserve, 14 at Saddle Creek Park, and three at the Lake Fannie Boat Ramp." All are risky places where caution is advised.

Three elderly men arrested for exposing themselves to undercover detectives

Deputies cracking down on sexual activity in Polk County parks

Edited on 05/18/17


Posted Apr 15 2017:
Heads Up!
Undercover vice detectives arrested four men here Apr 13, 2017. Among the charges for different men were soliciting another for lewdness, offering to commit lewdness, and indecent exposure. Two had previous arrests on one or another of these charges.

Names, photos, and town of residence were published. The operation was reportedly done "in response to complaints about lewd activity."

From PCSO Vice Unit Arrests Four at County Park For Lewd Behavior

Edited on 04/18/17


Posted Mar 15 2017:
Heads Up!
Two arrested here, two also at Saddle Creek Park. Photos, names, and hometowns were published.

Four arrested on lewdness charges in Polk parks

Edited on 03/21/17


Posted Nov 20 2015:
Some just don't play safe and some do. You can't play if the park is busy, people complain, and the cops do raids.

Edited on 11/25/15


Posted Oct 26 2015:
Just play safe, this is a park. But thanks to the guy who let me bareback him bent over my seat.

Edited on 10/30/15


Posted Aug 15 2015:
Heads Up!
The county sheriff's office conducted undercover operations at four locations Tuesday, August 4. Four men were arrested, including two at Gator Creek Reserve. Names were published in the local newspaper.

The two others arrested were at the Lake Fannie Boat Ramp, not currently this site. Although none were arrested at Saddle River Park and Mosaic Peace River Park (also not currently on this site), warnings will be added there with links to this news report.

Polk County Sheriff's Undercover Detectives Arrest 4 on Lewd Act Charges

Edited on 08/20/15


Posted Jul 26 2015:
Was there today and saw a couple older in the parking lot. J/O action.

Edited on 08/03/15


Posted Feb 28 2014:
Went Thursday about 7:30 am. Two cars in the parking lot. I walked some trails but no contact. Will be back Saturday about 7:30 out on trails, hope to get some cock, yum yum. No gators on gator trails at #10.

Edited on 03/07/14

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Joined: Aug 24, 2002

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Posted Nov 15 2012:
I have visited this area on several occasions. Until yesterday it was mostly older men but yesterday I had a very handsome young guy offer up a shot of his ass. Seems to be a good place to cruise.

Edited on 11/21/12


0 of 1 people found this review helpful
Posted Jun 03 2008:
This place is beautiful. It's worth the trip to just walk around. I saw a very attractive guy today, he was not into me, but he was gorgeous.


Posted Mar 27 2008:
I stopped here around lunchtime. There was a guy on a bicycle riding around the trails. He followed me into the woods and we gave each other head. Hot place. Try it.


Posted Jul 12 2007:
I used to live nearby and I always had luck there. I am sad that I had to move away. Once I went there and waited in my car till some other cars came up. I got out of my car and went down a trail and a guy followed me. We both started kissing each other and when I got his pants down he was wearing panties -- what a turn on. I fucked his mouth and ass and when I was finishing up another guy came by and asked if he could have some. The guy in the panties didn't even say a word. He just turned around and opened his ass up. Very hot place.


1 of 1 people found this review helpful
Posted Feb 21 2007:
This is a beautiful park, great for nature walking. Remember that people use this park for non-sexual reasons too. It's best to just meet a buddy and go elsewhere to relax. The police do conduct sting operations here.


Posted May 25 2006:
Wow! I had just spent an hour in the woods with this hot daddy with his legs in the air and when I walked out of the woods I ended up on the paved path as this frickin' hot guy on a bike with no shirt and tight lacrosse shorts stopped and got off of his bike and waited for me to catch up. I said, 'staying out of trouble.' He said, 'no.' I said, 'me either and that's why I was coming out of the woods.' He grabbed my cock and squeezed my balls then he pulled out his cock over his shorts and I blew him right on the path. This had to be one special day cause usually there are not that many people at the park.


1 of 1 people found this review helpful
Posted Jan 12 2006:
Heads Up!
Cops are all over this place. Stay away.


Posted Oct 02 2005:
As I was going toward the trail a well built young man got out of his vehicle and followed me down the trail. We got it on. After he split, I continued down the trail and saw a hot redneck with his shirt open and a fishing pole in hand. He walked into the woods, I followed, he put his tackle box down, smiled at me, grabbed his dick, then waved me over to blow him. He had huge nuts and shot one hell of a load all over my face. I am going back again soon.


Posted May 13 2005:
I was there for nearly two hours from 4 to 6 pm on a Friday. It was totally dead. There was a police car near the entrance, but I checked 15 minutes later and he was gone. Mostly families.


Posted Jan 18 2005:
I went to check this place out, and wow! I blew three studs within ten minutes of walking the trails. I got the fuck of my life by a twenty-something stud, and got a great blowjob. Just make eye contact and rub your dick. You will have fun. This all happened on a Thursday at 3 pm.


Posted Jan 06 2005:
There's nothing going on here. I've been many times in the last month. There's never anything but comfortable families walking.


Posted Jun 16 2004:
Heads Up!
Wednesday morning I drove by on my way to work and a Polk County Sheriff patrol car was leaving at 7:30 am. On my was home at 5 pm there were two Sheriff patrol cars leaving.


Posted Jun 09 2004:
Heads Up!
Yesterday undercover officers were making arrests here.


Posted Jun 05 2004:
I went two days in a row and gave great blowjobs both times. There were only a couple of cars in the parking area each day.


Posted Jan 10 2004:
Even though it is a new park, it is already active, yet since it's out of town, it's not used very much by locals for walking. But the local men do use it to meet new buddies. There's great cruising in the parking lot, and while walking.

From place description/comments:
Heads Up due to frequent police undercover operations and arrests here.

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