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Street cruising along Cheshire Bridge Road

Category: Street cruising along Cheshire Bridge Road Directions: Active between Piedmont and I-85.
Submitted: Apr 20 2001 (Edited 09/17/14)
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City: Atlanta
State: Georgia
ZIP/Postal Code:
Country: United States of America
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Posted Jul 22 2007:
I live near Cheshire Bridge Road and I have never noticed any cruising going on. Weeknights, nobody interesting is walking down the street and Thursday to Sunday the road is a mixture of cabs, open clubs, and cops (yes, cops that do pull people over). Because of the nature of the street, you will be obvious.


Posted Aug 04 2005:
This area is cruisy just watch out for security, they rarely come around so it's pretty cool most of the time.


Posted Aug 04 2005:
Heads Up!
Cops have been riding through the bank parking lot lately.


Posted Apr 25 2005:
Heads Up!
Lots of cruising last weekend. Cops pulled over many cars in the Wachovia parking lot and the parking lot across the street. Be careful!


Posted Jul 18 2004:
There are always cars sitting in the Wachovia parking lot, just drive through and someone is sure to pull out behind you. There is a large church parking lot up the street and several times I have followed guys there. Hot!


Posted Mar 16 2003:
What an unlikely place to cruise, but it sure was cruisy several days and nights this past week. The complexes looked very very gay. Lots of guys were just hanging out with "the look," including a Latino guy who rubbed his crotch and smiled as I drove past. I don't think this is an area for hustlers as it's too upscale, but it did look like a lot of gay guys lived in the area, judging by the cars sporting pink triangles and rainbows and HRC stickers on their bumpers!


Posted Mar 15 2003:
I picked up this hot Hispanic guy and we fucked like dogs in heat. This is definitely prime cruising territory.


Posted Mar 04 2003:
I have been checking this area out for a few weeks. Surprisingly, I see a lot of guys, mostly Latino and a few white, hanging around looking like they're waiting to be picked up. It will be interesting to watch the area as warmer weather arrives and shirts and shoes disappear.


Posted Nov 13 2002:
It is surprisingly good for late night and even daytime car and pedestrian cruising. I picked up a Latino guy sitting on a wall without his shirt on this week and I sucked him off in his apartment.


Posted Aug 16 2002:
This area is very good for car and foot cruising, especially late nights and doubly so on weekend nights. The triangle bordered by Cheshire Bridge, Lenox and Woodland Streets (basically the neighborhood behind Southern Nights Videos) is really cruisy.


Posted Mar 01 2001:
The parking lots at McDonald's, Whacovia and Sonny's as well as others can be cruisy.


Posted Oct 22 2000:
Heads Up!
Police patrols, observation, and
harrassment are at an all-time high now in this area. If you so much as appear to be
cruising the street or a parking lot, you will be questioned. On Saturday night, October
21st, it seemed like half of the city's police force was concentrated in this area. Be very
careful if you are in the area along Cheshire Bridge Road between Piedmont and I-85.
But especially watch out around the Tara theatre parking lot and the large lot across the
street behind Sonny's and McDonald's; also the Wachovia lot.

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