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Kapiolani Regional Park

Category: Cruisy park near the big Banyan tree in the middle of the park Directions: Located at the end of Waikiki towards the Gold Coast. Bounded by Monsarrat, Kalakaua and Paki Avenues.
Submitted: Jun 10 2001 (Edited 07/23/15)
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3.44/5 based on 9 votes. The median rating is 4.
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Address: Monsarrat Avenue
City: Waikiki
State: Hawaii
ZIP/Postal Code: 96815
Country: United States of America
GPS Approximate Latitude & Longitude: 21.2628,-157.819
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Posted Sep 13 2018:
Kapiolani Park I saw tops. I went just after dark and immediately by the banyan tree.

A local guy fed me his fat cock. Then walking through the middle of the park I met a white dude with a fat one and he fed me his fatty. After that a local straight dude jizzed down my throat and went home to his girlfriend. Hot action here.

Edited on 09/13/18

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Jun 21, 2018

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Posted Jun 23 2018:
I like Kapiolani Park as it is easy for me to access. There is lots of parking, accessible by the bus lines, and walking distance from any major hotel in Waikiki. I have found the best time to meet people is just after dark on Fridays. The park is pretty much empty, no picnic goers, not much sports activities or park usage.

The famous banyan tree would be a great place to start. Some guys tend to just wait until Mr. Perfect walks by and do nothing except watch what you get into. Avoid these. Then there's this guy who drives in that is very self-centered. He dresses as a teen but is obviously in his 50's or 60's up close. He is annoying especially when there are hot guys in the park and he is so special that he should get all the action. He reminds me of that guy who was probably cute and desirable as a teen but now in his 50's and 60's and is not the same rigid-cocked stud he used to be. He always wears a cap — receding gray hairline — and attitude. Nothing against older men, there's a lot of them here and most are friendly and very sensual. But this guy is not.

If you happen to find someone that you like, walk away to a secluded spot if you're just wanting to do a one-on-one. We all understand that. But if you're playing openly in a general cruise spot, it is common knowledge that you want group action. Most importantly, be polite and courteous. If there is no interest, say so and that guy should move on. But don't say no and when that guy is with a partner walk back and watch them at a distance. That is just rude.

Also if you're just looking at your mobile device hooking up by Grindr, ManHunt or whatever, don't cruise and do the text thing. Park cruising is for cruising not for app hook ups.

I have been here from 7- 8 pm most weeknights with some action. It's very variable and it can be outrageously intense and the same day and time, a big yawn! Dress accordingly. don't wear jeans, a complicated belt, fucking underwear. Loose fitted, stretch shorts, go commando! Be clean, if you wanna fuck, bring a condom, brush your teeth or chew some gum, be hygienically ready for sex.

As for police, if you cruise earlier within the bounds of just after dark to an hour before the park closes at Midnight, you should be fine. The best looking guys usually come and go between 8:30 – 9:30, it's crazy busy then dead, unless a group is on going with more and newer hotties joining in. Been in one that started at 7:30 pm and I came twice, left the group at 8:30, and they were still at it when I returned at 10 pm.

Edited on 06/25/18
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Posted May 22 2018:
Car cruising late, across from the tennis courts along Paki at the Diamond Head end of the park. Also near the famous banyan tree a few yards into the park. Fun, local guys and a few tourists.

Edited on 05/23/18


Posted Jul 15 2015:
Place is hit-or-miss. I just got fucked big time by a hot tourist with a huge cock while others watched. Hot! All ages, shapes, and ethnicities. Go weeknights after 3 am, after 8 pm, and weekends after 10!

Edited on 07/23/15

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Joined: Dec 07, 2008

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Posted Aug 15 2013:
Park is active just after dark in wooded area and open field near fenced goal posts. More oral and mutual jerking, some times anal sex on grass, tables, etc.

Problem is that many new to cruising don't know how to cruise, give off poor signals, or just don't know when someone is attracted to them or not.

Early mornings while still dark is also a good time. Catching people before they hit work or while running or swimming/surfing.

Tourists, marrieds and closet dudes show up. Good range of local mixed guys, it's hit and miss with regards to hot bodies. Best action of any place listed on this site. Get a fair amount of people at any given time.

Edited on 08/26/13
Pig cock sucker


Posted Jun 17 2012:
If you come to the tree, we're all looking for the same thing.
Drop the attitude and you'll reap the benefits.

Edited on 06/23/12

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Dec 07, 2008

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Posted Feb 02 2011:
Still the best hook up spot, and it can happen in various areas within the park. Tourists and locals alike come here. Best times vary, but I have been lucky with hotties just after sunset and again closer to 10 pm and then again in the early morning hours, around 4 or 5 am. The time just past sunset gets my vote for hot salty surfers finishing up and getting ready to go eat after a sunset surf session.

Edited on 02/08/11
(Deceased 2012)

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Jan 02, 1999

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Posted Oct 19 2010:
Head to the Banyan tree across from Diamond Head Tennis Center. If that tree could talk! Due to recent HPD patrols and sweeps, be careful. There might be a HPD patrol car parked in the dark by the other park building near Paki Hale. Some of the other trees nearby could have visitors, as well. Haunting could be anytime after 10 pm until about midnight, and then after 2 am when the bars close, up to 4 or 5 am. Technically, the park closes at midnight.

Edited on 10/19/10
Sugar Daddy

Usergroup: Member
Joined: May 03, 2005

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Posted Mar 08 2010:
Best time is just after dark, around 7 or 7:30 pm, mostly joggers and surfers cruising. New areas of the park are busy and active.


Posted Feb 11 2009:
One of the hottest cruise areas in Honolulu. You just need to meet and move on to a hotel. Most tourist hotels are within walking distance.


Posted Dec 07 2008:
Large park area. the previous best sites included the large banyan tree, smaller fat banyan tree, and back tennis courts. These areas are watched by police these days and patrolled regularly with obese undercover agents. The area from the tennis courts to end of park can be very intense and group action is possible with more eyes to watch out. The best times are just after sunset, 6:30 to 7:30 pm, and early morning hours after the bars close. New sites include the open field near the baseball batter's fence/cage and in the wooded areas near the bandstand (not the shell). Also cruisy from parked vehicles and benches in the park.


Posted Dec 03 2008:
I had two nights in a row of hot cocks with what appeared to be twenty-something local boys. I had the best luck between midnight and 1:30 am under the big tree.


Posted Feb 21 2008:
Heads Up!
Arrested here! I was handcuffed and taken to jail! Honolulu is a very conservative and homophobic place nowadays. Boycott!


Posted Oct 26 2007:
Heads Up!
Heads Up Dudes. I was arrested here two weeks ago and charged with 'open lewdness.' Now I have to appear before a District Court judge. Basically, I was engaged in sexual contact with another consenting adult and an undercover officer witnessed it. We were under the big Banyan tree in the middle of the park and they arrested both of us. The cop apparently had nightvision goggles. So just be careful. It isn't worth it. I paid $100 to be bailed out of jail and $1,000 for an attorney and I have yet to be to court.


Posted Jul 25 2005:
The area around the Diamond Head Tennis Center is also really cruisy, particularily late at night.


Posted Apr 27 2005:
This place can be hot. I have filled several asses with my cum, but there is a relentless Philipino queen who makes a scene if he isn't getting fucked and if he's not getting fucked, no one else is going to get fucked either.


Posted Apr 13 2005:
Of course, it's real cruisy on the beach in front of the snack area. I've picked up many guys there - locals, tourists and military boys. We'll go back to a hotel room or go have a drink at Hula's. I've had sex in the ocean with a couple of them in plain sight of everyone on the beach - you can do it if you are not too obvious.


Posted Mar 08 2005:
I was in Honolulu four weeks and saw very little action. People warned me that cops are here every night using night vision binoculars and also undercover cops who will entrap you. Many arrests in recent past, so they told me.


Posted Jun 19 2004:
The best spot is the back tennis courts at the farthest end near the palm trees, but there's lots of action in all regions of the park. The best time is between 8 and 11 pm. There is a wall to sit and get some action. There are lots of hot guys with their cocks sticking out, and lots of action too! There are hunky men, locals and black guys and military guys earlier.


Posted May 25 2003:
For those not into the queeny, stand and model types at the bars downtown, some good night action can be found here.


Posted May 04 2002:
Heads Up!
The cops love this place, especially up by the archery range. Vice has learned how to dress their decoys so they fit in and they make arrests nearly every evening. Be very careful.


Posted Jun 10 2001:
Somewhat cruisy to very cruisy. Guys tend to meet and pair or group somewhere else for fast action from blowjobs to actual fucking. Best time is 9 - 11pm. Don't be too obvious and always take it somewhere where there is low light and darkness.

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