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Category: Adult store with arcade Hours / Entry Fee: Open 24 hours daily Submitted: Mar 30 2001 (Edited 07/11/18)
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3.17/5 based on 35 votes. The median rating is 3.
Read & Write Reviews: 28 Reviews

Address: 1300 Lincoln Highway (US Highway 30)
City: Aurora
State: Illinois
ZIP/Postal Code: 60503
Country: United States of America
Phone Number: 630-898-9838

Formerly Denmark II
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Usergroup: Member
Joined: Jul 09, 2018

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 3


Posted Jul 09 2018:
This place is the dirtiest place I've ever been and no gloryholes.

Edited on 07/11/18
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Posted Jul 25 2017:
Was here July 24, 2017 around 10 pm. Couple of guys standing around. Sat in a booth towards the back that had a video running even without tokens. Left the door open, pulled out my rather small penis. After a few minutes a big guy passed by and I leaned out and said, "Do you want a blow job?"

He said no, started to walk away and then turned around and said: "Are you giving blowjobs?"

I said yes and he stepped in and said, "I'm going to close the door." and then dropped his pants. Nice big penis already erect, came in my mouth after about eight minutes. He left, leaving the door open, I shot my load across my shorts and the floor a minute later without even touching my penis.

Definitely going back, I want to be soliciting blow jobs with the cum of the previous guy still on my face. Won't mind piss too but not sure how to ask for that.

Booths are a little tight for two but OK.

Edited on 07/26/17


Posted Sep 03 2016:
I visited last night and was satisfied! A lot of guys walking around. I saw a good-looking guy with a nice cock playing with himself in a booth. I went to another booth and left the door open. I started jerking off.

He stood outside my booth for a minute or so and I motioned him in. He started playing with my dick. I sat on the bench and pulled his gym shorts down and gobbled up his dick. I started sucking and licking.

After about five minutes, I started jerking him off with his beautiful dick pointing at my open mouth. I licked his precum, then made sure my lips were solidly around his head when he came. Nice!

Edited on 09/14/16


Posted Jan 07 2015:
This place is kinda dumpy. Stopped here at 1 in the afternoon and it was busy. There was about 10 to 12 guys hanging by the booths, a few creepers, a troll or two, and a couple of decent looking guys.

There was a black guy trying to get me in a booth with him. After about 10 minutes I went in with him and put a few coins in. He went right for my cock, pulled my pants down, and started sucking me off. It felt so good I almost came right away.

But I came here to suck dick so I pulled him up and pulled his cock out and started sucking. After a few minutes he started telling me to slow down, and he would push his dick slowly all the way in my mouth till the head of his dick was down my throat. You could tell that he really liked that, he would just keep doing it over and over very gently. I loved the way the head of his dick felt on the back of my throat and that was telling me what he wanted me to do.

My dick was rock hard and leaking I was so into this, but we had to stop, had to get back to work. I have sucked a lot of dick but this was one to remember. Wish they would update this place.

Edited on 01/13/15


Posted Mar 06 2014:
TE Jays, got a nice gloryhole sucking, first time, felt really nice.

Edited on 03/14/14


Posted Nov 02 2013:
Anyone know of any gloryholes nearby? Heard some guys moaning in the back the other day, wasn't sure if there was mutual going on or not. New to this, never done it, curious here.

Edited on 11/07/13


1 of 1 people found this review helpful
Posted Aug 28 2013:
Lots of action.

Edited on 09/10/13


Posted May 08 2011:
I went here two Saturdays ago and found it to be way too small in the back. No gloryholes. No one doing anything, everyone just standing in this little room.

Edited on 05/13/11

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Jun 17, 2010

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 1


Posted Jun 17 2010:
I have gone in for a quick JO and been watched both times by hot guys. Friday and late afternoons seem best. The friendly staff don't bother folks having fun.

Edited on 06/19/10


Posted Feb 04 2010:
Sorry to say that three recent visits found the same usual trolls lurking in the arcade. Not really worth the time for another visit.

Edited on 02/04/10


Posted Nov 20 2008:
Place is inhabited by many trolls especially this black guy who pushes you out of the way to get to whatever cock comes in. He knows the staff and manages to get his way. He curses you under his breath as he passes by so don't let him get to you. He shakes your door when you're inside and doesn't leave you alone. Just remember to have fun and wear your running shoes when he's around.


Posted Apr 11 2008:
Heads Up!
Up until recently this was a good place to go for action but suddenly cops have been breaking up the fun. Quite a few people have been arrested. Stay away.


Posted Jan 31 2008:
Lots of viewing booths including some buddy booths. No gloryholes but always lots of cock. Great cruising. I have fun every time I go there!


Posted May 10 2006:
I've read on other message boards that the staff at Denmark is now watching the arcade and calling in the police when they see guys cruising or in a booth together. Stay away!


Posted Feb 07 2006:
Went by yesterday. The back room is dark and very cruisy. The booths need some cleaning, but it looks like it is set up for good cruising.


Posted Dec 19 2005:
It's a great bookstore. Movies and buddy booths work fine. No hassel by staff and some rooms are big enough for two. Get and give many good blows there.


Posted Mar 26 2005:
This is not the place it used to be. It's filthy, and most of the buddy booths are out of order. It's not worth it anymore.


Posted Feb 28 2005:
This place can be summed up with two adjectives: small and filthy. Movies don't work and the buddy screens don't work, but they take your money anyway.


Posted Jan 28 2005:
I have blown several hotties here when it's not very busy in the morning. Lunch time is too busy for any privacy but you can hook up and take the action elsewhere.


Posted Dec 09 2004:
I usually go to this place about once a week. I always preview a porno in a private booth and leave the door craked open as an invitation to let others in. Most of the time there is hot cock of all sorts of types: latin, black and white. Most of the people here are just looking for a quick release of giving or receiving a blowjob. On many occasions I have bent over or have bent someone else over for some ass slamming. A few other times I have gone to someone's place for more fun. The staff generally does not go to the back and they don't seem to care much if the people are popping quarters into the machines. This place is great for action in the far west 'burbs.


Posted Dec 04 2004:
This place has really gone down hill. True, the staff normally stays up front but on a recent visit one clerk kept coming back telling everyone to get into the booths or they would be kicked out. The booths are in sad shape. Nine times out of ten the buddy booth screens don't work and they are filthy -- cum filled kleenex all over the floor, and on this visit, I had the surprise of stepping in a big puddle of urine in one booth. As for the guys cruising here, well, that is hit or miss. The cute guys are all standing around hoping some hunky latin guy browsing the videos and toys will step to the back and join them for a little fun. They don't seem interested in anything but latinos. Not to mention the usual trolls cruising the place. I'll take my business elsewhere from now on.


Posted May 04 2004:
This place rocks. The staff is friendly and keeps to the front of the store. The booth system is a little confusing, but no one really plays by the rules and it seemed okay. I sucked a couple of great cocks and then got invited back to an apartment with this hunky Latino guy. He fucked me so hard I thought I was going to explode. I'll be back to this place for sure.


Posted Mar 18 2004:
I was there today and it has improved. Two women are running the front desk with no hassles. I bought tokens and went into the back and was quickly joined by another married guy who dropped his pants and let me suck him. No one seemed to care up front.


Posted Nov 18 2003:
This place has gotten a bit better lately. There use to be an employee who regularly toured the arcade, knocking on doors and getting on people with doors cracked open. The last couple of times I haven't seen him and when you pay for tokens, the guy who was working the last couple of times just said, �"Have fun." And I did. I took a couple of loads each time I was there and will be returning soon.


Posted Apr 07 2003:
As the others have said, this place absolutely sucks now. There's a skinny little guy that works afternoons with long straight black hair and a moustache who patrols the booth area when the counter is not busy. I thought maybe late at night would be better, but some fat headbanger followed me into the booth area and waited for me to go in a booth. When I came out, after only one token, he was still standing there and told me to get into another booth quick or leave. I think they are nervous because the area around them is becoming increasingly more residential with new homes and they see the writing on the wall. I think their days are numbered.


Posted Jan 15 2003:
I was just there during the afternoon and they were tight assed on everyone. Plus they have added tons of lights in the booth hallways and outside and added more video cameras. The cameras are of outside and in the store and booth area. Plus they will throw you out for no reason if they want to. I saw it happen to a few guys.


Posted Oct 21 2002:
Any action that used to be here is gone. Even the selection of videos sucks now! This place rivaled some of the places in Chicago, but now there is literally no action there at all. The parking lot is under video surveillance as are the booths. New homes are being built right across the street and something tells me this places days are numbered as families move into the new subdivision.


Posted Sep 22 2002:
I went in the store get a video and went to the booths and the security guard tells me to stop walking around and get in a booth or get tossed.

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Formerly Denmark II

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