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Lions Den - Atkinson


Category: Adult store with arcade Hours / Entry Fee: Mon - Thu: 8 am - 12 am: Weekends open continuously Fri 8 am - Sun Midnight Directions: Located at I-80 Exit 27 just south of the interchange.
Submitted: Mar 30 2001 (Edited 07/18/17)
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3.78/5 based on 50 votes. The median rating is 4.
Read & Write Reviews: 38 Reviews

Address: 313 S. State Street
City: Atkinson
State: Illinois
ZIP/Postal Code: 61235
Country: United States of America
Phone Number: 309-936-9701
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Hookup coach


Posted Feb 25 2018:
I have gone a few times looking forward to run into some girls going into the gloryhole booths. Every time I go there are no girls going in there so I leave. I personally encourage women to give it a try, it's not only for men on men.

Edited on 02/27/18


Posted Jan 20 2018:
Stopped in a couple of weeks ago. There were two young girls working. One a petite blonde, naturally cute. The other was also petite and pretty, kind of the hot nerd look.

After waiting in the booth for about fifteen minutes someone entered the adjoining booth. After a couple of minutes I got on my knees and stuck my finger through the hole. Soon a very big mushroom head appeared, followed by a thick, veiny shaft. I immediately stretched my mouth around it and started sucking. After a bit he started pumping it in and out of my mouth.

I asked him to come over to my booth so that he could feed me the entire thing. He pulled out so I unlocked my door and dropped back to my knees. A few seconds later my door opened and the guy stood in the hall and started to remove his pants as he continued to hold the door open.

As he stood there stroking his thick, veiny, 8-inch cock I told him to come inside and fuck my mouth. He told me that if I wanted his cock to come and get it.

I immediately shuffled on my knees out into the hallway and he started slapping my face with his cock, telling me to beg for it, which I did of course. He started fucking my throat making me choke and gag, which I love. As he was throat fucking me he would occasionally pull it out and cock slap me.

As this was happening I realized that I could hear the girls talking as plain as day. I could hear them, and I knew that they could hear me choking, gagging and begging for more.

After about fifteen minutes I felt his cock swell and throb. He started cumming in my mouth and finished on my face. He then put his pants on and left. After a couple of minutes I decided to leave as well.

I didn't even bother cleaning up since the girls obviously heard what was going on. As I walked out, hair a mess, with that I-just-got-face-fucked look on my face the girls were both sitting in the floor sorting merchandise. The blonde had her back to me and the hot nerd was facing me. As I walked past the blonde she said, "Have a good one" and the hot nerd looked up at me with a grin on her face and said, "It sounded like he just did!"

Somehow knowing that the girls were listening and even acknowledging that they heard the whole episode was very hot.

Edited on 01/24/18
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Bookstore guy


Posted Jul 17 2017:
This is the first Lion's Den I've ever seen that had an arcade. The place is very clean as Lion's Dens typically are, and the arcade area was also very clean and neat. It's small but there are several booths and mirrors. I could tell there was one gloryhole and several buddy booths with the old-fashioned window that you can have raised or lowered looking into the other booth.

I stopped in around four in the afternoon and there were lots of cars in the parking lot, which is typically a good sign. I paid my five dollars to get into the arcade and ended up sucking two trucker types, one skinny and one more of a daddy type.

I had a good time, and recommend this place if you're passing through the area.

Edited on 07/18/17
want my first load


Posted Jun 23 2017:
Been to this great store two times now. Both times I got to suck on some fat cocks, 7+ inches. I was really wanting my first load in my mouth but it has not happened yet.

What's a good night to catch one of you guys who can blow a nice hot load in my mouth?

Edited on 06/27/17


Posted Mar 24 2017:
Nice bookstore, very clean, staff very friendly and helpful. Good selection of your average bookstore merchandise. Now, on to the fun part.

The arcade is clean and dark. Multiple booths are big enough for a few people. There's a couple buddy booths, and one gloryhole between two of them. My wife and I frequent on the weekends. Mid to late afternoon, evening seem most active. Third shift seems to be the slowest.

A bonus of third shift is the clerk working it. He's a young guy with a noticeable imprint of his cock going half way down his thigh. If he notices you looking, he'll give it a squeeze and smile. Wife and I have been trying to get him in the back, but subtlety isn't working and we're a little shy about just asking him. So, if you know who we're taking about, any info or past experiences is greatly appreciated.

Clientele is mainly truckers, the occasional local farm boy, and couples. Over all, good times but it can be slow.

I deleted the description of his clothing because I don't want CFS to get the guy in trouble with management by identifying him. On the other hand, maybe they know and encourage him because it gets customers interested.

If I ran a bookstore I'd certainly want my staff — while staying legal so we'd stay in business! — to provide the very best customer service. ~ Editor

Edited on 03/30/17


Posted Mar 12 2015:
Looking to suck some dick.

It's best to post hookup requests in our Message Board and have people reply through your CFS Member Profile. Thanks! ~ Editor

Edited on 03/17/15


Posted Feb 21 2015:
To Sara's question, I would think women would be very welcome. I personally would love to fool around with a pretty girl in the booths. I've seen couples there before and have had fun watching them have sex.

Edited on 02/25/15


Posted Jul 16 2014:
Can girls come in and use the gloryhole or is it just for gay sex? I am 24 years old. Would I be safe? How many guys would I be able to get? After the first experience would I have to leave or could I stay for an hour or so?

Edited on 07/21/14


Posted Jan 04 2014:
Been here a couple of times in the past few months. I'm a happily married guy who has discovered how exciting it is to suck a big fat cock. I have to say that it was here that I learned a couple of years ago and after stopping in again recently I've had my mouth stuffed with some really good cock. I've even taken cum on my face and liked that a lot. I'll be back!

Edited on 01/13/14

Usergroup: Member
Joined: May 28, 2013

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 5


Posted Sep 23 2013:
Hadn't seen any reviews of this place lately and thought I'd throw one in. I stopped by a couple of months ago and found it so be still a pretty clean place with the usual Lions Den vibe. Nice staff but very little of a crowd in the arcade. Had some fun with a youngish reservist with a long, bent cock who had never sucked one before. He left being able to say he had most definitely sucked one that day!

Edited on 09/30/13


0 of 1 people found this review helpful
Posted Nov 22 2011:
I stopped by again and it only took a few minutes until I was once again down on my knees with a mouth full of cock. After a couple of minutes the guy said that he was coming over. When he entered my booth I dropped to my knees and started sucking him again until he pulled me to my feet, dropped to his knees and started sucking me. While sucking me he started to finger-fuck my ass. Maybe the fact that I had pre-lubed my ass gave him the idea. I once again dropped to my knees and sucked him until he was rock hard and then put a condom on his cock. I turned around and leaned against the wall and offered him my ass. He grabbed my hips and began to pound my ass. After a couple of minutes he said that he was ready to cum so I quickly dropped to my knees again, removed the condom, put my hands behind my back and looked up at him. He took the hint, grabbed my head with both hands and started throat fucking me. Although I was gagging and choking on his cock he continued to force it down my throat until he shot his load down my throat. After he pulled out he stroked the remaining cum from his cock and rubbed it across my face and lips.

A few seconds after he left another cock came through the hole. Still on my knees, a face full of cum, I turned and took it into my mouth. He only took about ten seconds to cum, Apparently he had witnessed me getting face-fucked and was ready to blow.

Both of my experiences happened on a Friday night. I have always found the staff to be quite friendly and have never seen anyone from the staff even enter the arcade area.

Recounting this has got me thinking about heading over there right now.

Edited on 11/23/11
Swallow Your Load


Posted Nov 19 2011:
Just read 'wantamouthfull's post about his experience on 11/4/11. I have stopped at this place several times and gotten a mouth full of hot cock and loved it. I've stopped a couple of times over last four months or so and it had really changed, a female clerk harassing guys in booths, one stall out of order. I didn't think I'd stop there any more until I read 'mouthfulls' review. Man if I thought you'd be there I'd stop again and give and take. I've never swallowed a whole load of hot sperm but I'm ready if you are. What time of day is best?

Edited on 11/21/11


1 of 1 people found this review helpful
Posted Nov 05 2011:
I thought that gloryholes were a thing of the past until I read the posts here. I stopped by here tonight and found that there is only one set of booths with a gloryhole. Unfortunately one of them was out of order. I entered the one that was in order and hoped for the best. Several people entered the adjacent booth but quickly left upon noticing the out of order sign.

After about twenty minutes someone entered the adjacent booth and lingered there, so I stuck my finger through the gloryhole and a condom-covered cock appeared. After several minutes of me sucking him he asked to come over, so I said come on over. He was an older gentleman who never really got hard. I was about to call it quits when I noticed 7+ inches of hard cock sticking through the glory hole, so I started to stroke it.

After a few minutes I started to suck this new cock and the first guy asked me to suck him so I started to stroke him while sucking the 7+ incher. Three inches of condom-covered limp dick or 7+ inches of hard cock, tough choice. The seven+ incher withdrew his cock and asked if we would like to have a threesome, but I just begged him to put his cock back through the hole and he did.

The first guy said that he would leave us alone since he had already cum twice today. I continued to suck the 7+ incher and rub it across my lips and face for several more minutes until he came in my mouth. I sucked the remaining cum from his cock and rubbed it across my face. It occurred to me that I could not walk out through the store with cum all over my face so I wiped my face on my sleeve only to realize that I now had a face, mouth and sleeve covered in cum. I wiped my face again, rolled up my sleeves and left.

Everyone seemed to look at me as if they knew what I had done. Perhaps I had that “I just had my face stuffed full of cock look.” Would have been much hotter if a girl had been working but it was a guy. Nevertheless I will definitely return.

Edited on 11/07/11


Posted Feb 14 2011:
Stopped in early one Sunday night and sucked a huge cock that made me want to swallow every drop of his big load of cum. I couldn't believe it when he pulled it back just as I'm sure it was about to flow a load of hot sperm down my throat. Damn!

Edited on 02/15/11


Posted Nov 12 2010:
Slid my dick through the hole and got one of best blowjobs I have ever received. How good? I about passed out.

Edited on 11/13/10


Posted Jul 07 2010:
Been there twice and enjoyed myself both times. Have used the gloryhole for both giving and getting, and also fucked someone once.

Edited on 07/08/10


Posted May 06 2010:
Stopped in on the way to Chicago and sucked a nice big cock. His cum tasted really sweet. Someone needs to make another gloryhole, as right now there is only one.

Edited on 05/13/10


Posted Aug 16 2009:
Stopped in a couple of days ago and sucked a nice fat cock, very tasty load. Wish I could have had seconds. This place is great but only one gloryhole.


Posted Aug 16 2009:
Stopped in here late one rainy night around 11, and found a couple cars and 2 trucks in the parking lot. I am a married guy so I do not do this often - went to a booth and was surprised to find a gloryhole. I heard someone enter the next booth and I looked through the hole. The absolutely biggest cock I've ever seen came through - it was so huge he had to jam it through the hole. Waves of excitement washed over me and all my nervousness melted away as I dropped to my knees and took that beautiful tool into my mouth and sucked and kissed and mated with that huge thing! I have never even thought about taking cum in my mouth but I wanted this thing to shoot a huge load down my throat so I tried to get it into my throat, but it was way too fat to fit so I gagged myself on it. I will never forget that night or that beautiful, huge cock.


Posted Feb 26 2009:
Stopped in the other day around noon and entered a buddy booth. Well hung farmer about thirty years old was pulling on his eight-inch cock in the next booth and was very excited to have me watch him. I dropped my shorts, turned to him and spread my cheeks. Next thing I knew, he was pulling his pants up and waving his finger to have me wait a moment for him. He came around, entered my booth, removed his clothes from the waist down and pushed his tool up into my waiting butthole and proceeded to blow one of the hottest and biggest loads. Definitely heading back for more of this action.


Posted Feb 10 2009:
Stopped in on the 3rd on my way to Chicago. I'd just got in the booth, looked down at the gloryhole and there was a mushroom head that barely fit through. I put my mouth on it and he shot a sweet load of cum down my throat. Wish I could have enjoyed slobbering on his dick some more.


Posted Sep 01 2008:
Wow. They have completely remodeled the arcade with state of the art booths. It's really clean and they left the gloryholes. I stopped by on a weekend during the day and it was a little slow, but this place has the potential to be really hot.


Posted Dec 20 2007:
This is a good place to get or give.


Posted Dec 04 2007:
Nice clean place but only about half the vewing booths work. Only a couple have gloryholes. I have stopped by several times lately and it is always dead. If it is ever hopping, I haven't found the time.


Posted Aug 06 2007:
Stopped in on my way home from Chicago and sucked a very nice cock. Just as I was leaving two young guys came in but I had to leave.


Posted Apr 04 2007:
Been there many times. I am a nudist and frequent the nudist camp in Erie. I'm always able to go in and get off, usually with someone. The only problem is there are only a couple of gloryhole booths. No hassles from the staff and decent sized booths.


Posted Mar 12 2007:
I was here looking for fun in the booths but there was a guy who looked like he worked for the bookstore hanging out in the arcade area. I'm not sure if they're looking to cut down on the action here, as I've had a lot of fun here. I'm a college student and stop here every time I head home to suck some dick. Anyway, watch out.


Posted Nov 09 2006:
Awesome place for farm boys! I was there last Friday evening and at first there were just three old men. I stepped out of a booth and was about to leave after being there for an hour. I noticed a good-looking twenty-two year old, built farm boy. I stepped into one of the booths with a gloryhole and he went into a private booth. I stayed in my own booth then all of a sudden the door to the adjacent booth popped open and it was him! He sat down, a little nervous until he started playing with himself. He caught me looking and shied away, however, I whispered through the hole that I wanted to suck him off. I persuaded him and the next thing I knew his rod was in my throat. He was fucking horny and he began to moan. It was great. He flooded my mouth and throat with his stud juice. Damn it was sweet! He zipped up and took off like a bat out of hell. I will be visiting more often. This was my first visit.


Posted Aug 12 2006:
I went there last week and jacked off in the booth. No action with anyone else but great gloryholes.


Posted Mar 18 2006:
I've been here the last couple weekends and found some hot guys with nice dicks to suck on. I'll be going back.


Posted Feb 26 2006:
I was here the other weekend and sucked a guy in his early forties with a real nice cock. Then I watched a hot guy in his twenties jack off. It was hot and I'm going back.


Posted Feb 18 2006:
This place has been hit-or-miss. Some nice cock goes through here though.


Posted Sep 06 2005:
There is only one gloryhole and the booths have been reduced to less than half the original number. A waste of time since the place is always dead.


Posted Aug 20 2005:
I sucked an absoloutely wonderful cock one night recently. He was around seven-inches and prety thick. Perfectly shaped cock. He didn't cum because I ran out of money and the room starts beeping if the door is closed and no video is playing.


Posted Mar 21 2004:
The store has been remodeled and the arcade area is smaller, but there is still a gloryhole between two booths. The employees no longer have to go through the arcade to get to the office, making it easier to share a booth. I blew two large loads into two lucky mouths one afternoon recently.


Posted Mar 09 2003:
I've stopped here a few times, and usually there are only a few truck drivers and some locals, and it's often empty. The youg woman at the counter was into watching guys do each other and suggested I stay for a while, but soon the owner came in and I left.


Posted Jan 07 2002:
I go here at least once a week and there is sometimes some pretty good action. There are gloryholes in three booths back to back. Last Friday I ran into a naked guy in a booth, and got a hot blowjob. Clerks never hassle you either.


Posted Jul 30 2001:
Clerk totally left me alone. On a Thursday night, I had action within 15 minutes.

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