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Baltimore Eagle


Category: Cruise bar, Leather bar, Mixed ages, Mostly gay Hours / Entry Fee: Mon - Thu: 3 pm - 2 am; Fri - Sun: Noon - 2 am; hours vary for some amenities Submitted: Apr 24 2001 (Edited 03/31/17)
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Address: 2022 North Charles Street
City: Baltimore
State: Maryland
ZIP/Postal Code: 21218
Country: United States of America
Phone Number: 443-524-3333

Includes main tavern, "Code Bar" for leather code attire only (Thursday - Saturday), dining, leather store, second floor "Nest" entertainment space, liquor store.

Frequent events on the Eagle's web site and posts to Facebook and Twitter.
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Posted Apr 19 2017:
I was shocked when I went in to find a restaurant-style bar with dance music playing, like at some twink dance club. There were lots of women there who were not gay.

It was nothing like the Eagles across the country. Albeit, the place is beautiful, just not what I expected.

Simply to survive in today's market a lot of former traditional gay men's leather bars have become a just a bit more pansexual, like The Ripcord I mentioned below, or they add more dance with leather muscle men in their promotion, like Eagle Houston, or they try something else.

If the bar's not in a magnet like NYC, San Francisco, Chicago, Amsterdam, Berlin, etc., it's challenging. And even there, the cost of staying open always rises.

In other cities, an Eagle might move to a lower-rent neighborhood as in DC instead of moving from place to place near Mt. Vernon Square as they used to, trying to stay ahead of developers.

From their web site, this Eagle seems to have a broader set of events than I'm used to, too. You and I might be more comfortable in their Code Bar. ~ Editor

Edited on 04/20/17


Posted Mar 25 2017:
Reopened January 2016:
...What makes the new Baltimore Eagle distinct from the old bar is its diversification. The complex features not only a leather "Code" bar, where fetish wear is required to enter, but a sports bar, an outdoor patio area, and a small dance floor on the first floor. Upstairs, there's Nest nightclub, which has a stage for drag shows, musical acts, and entertainers, and can be rented out for private parties. And there's a packaged goods store that will sell wine, beer and liquor, a fetish art gallery, and a leather shop — all scheduled to open two weeks or so after the main bar....
The Baltimore Eagle is Ready to Fly

I'm so grateful to you for the update. I think someone had mentioned the re-opening to me, but I hadn't seen a news story like this. The photos look great, not to mention the interview with the co-owner. He truly illuminates what it takes to keep a leather bar going today.

Although The Ripcord here in Houston has successfully reached a more diverse patronage while remaining true to the leather community, what the Baltimore Eagle is doing is above and beyond. I hope I have a chance to visit; I occasionally went to the older incarnation in the late 80s and early 90s when I lived in DC. ~ Editor

Edited on 03/31/17


Posted Oct 25 2014:
Place is closed.

The Eagle web site is still up with information about their renovation and the status of their permit to re-open. ~ Editor

Edited on 10/29/14


Posted Jul 18 2013:

Check back on their web site. They say they plan to re-open. ~ Editor

Edited on 07/26/13


Posted Aug 14 2010:
It seems these days the crowd is mostly black. Even a few twinks, too. Not much like it used to be.

Edited on 08/21/10


Posted Jan 10 2009:
I was there a few months ago; bareback gangbang right there in the main room under the mezzanine. I've never seen anything like it.


Posted May 02 2008:
The 'dark room' is the area under the 'boardwalk' in the back bar to the left. Lots of action.


Posted Mar 17 2008:
I am at The Baltimore Eagle a lot and they do not have a dark room.


Posted Dec 26 2007:
The owner of th Eagle passed away this past Fall. He used to watch all the action from upstairs, via the thirty some-odd cameras located throughout the bar. Now that he's gone, the new owner doesn't watch at all. It's been a total free-for-all. Blowjobs and barebacking under the boardwalk. They are doing some emergency renovations, which will be completed soon. I highly recommend this place. Lots of hot men, particularly leather, bears, cubs, and the full moon parties (schedule posted on their website) have tons of new twenty-somethings attending. Shocking, but true!


Posted Aug 30 2007:
I was there recently on a Tuesday night and a saw a guy giving another some passionate deep head. I wished I had been the one getting head. He had real skills. The place seems to be pretty good but sometimes there are nosy effeminate guys who want to get in the way and be too close to the action and stare.


Posted Jan 28 2006:
Don't believe the hype about this place. The men are old, fat, and dirty, and not in the fun way. The men are not worth the effort here.


Posted Jan 03 2006:
I was here New Year's Eve. It seems to me that they have relaxed their stance once again. I don't know if it is due to new management or what. But there was some under-the-back-deck fun when I was there. The only thing the workers ever said to the ones back there was not to flaunt it in front of them. In otherwords, don't be overly open with exposing your cock to the bar staff. Otherwise they left us all alone to play like it was the Eagle of times past. One guy got completely naked and all they said to him was he had to keep his clothes on, which is a resonable request. They didn't ask him to leave the bar or anything. So things are gradually getting back to the way they were and the crowd is beginning to pick up again in the late evening on Saturdays, which is when I am usually there. I am not sure what goes on during the rest of the week there.


Posted Jul 05 2005:
Unfortunately, the good ol' days at this place are gone and I'm only thirty-years old. The men cruising are unattractive and desperate. I think a lot of the safe fun cruising in Baltimore is over. But the ugly ones will still be lurking around.


Posted Jun 06 2005:
As a regular patron of this place, I can say it lost what it once had. Between the stadium-bright lights and the patroling of the employees, nothing happens here anymore. Pass this place by.


Posted Aug 12 2004:
This place is not what it used to be. Usually one only finds drunks, dealers, and nasty street people selling themselves.


Posted Jul 11 2004:
This place is a mess. The lights are bright, the men are gone, and the place is just full of hopeful drunks.


Posted Jul 25 2003:
I found there to be a nice couple of guys there in the early evening before things got started and even had an offer for a blowjob right then in the bathroom.


Posted May 13 2003:
This would be the perfect place to suck cock, but most of these queens need to be totally drunk or feel the pressure of last call to get down to business. Don't get me wrong -- it happens, but I just wish it would be done with more abandon.


Posted Mar 11 2003:
Lately the guy who stocks the bars with beer has been shining a flashlight in the dark area and asking people to take it home or somewhere else. Bummer!


Posted Feb 10 2003:
This is a bar, which has a large leather clientele and a variety of other types as well. The "dark room" is really just a space underneath a raised walkway in the back by the long bar. There are red lights on all the time and the bartender in the back bar can see everything on most nights. However, when the bar is crowded it is possible to play back there. I have sucked and taken some of the largest cocks I have ever seen up my ass in that space. The only drawback is the cooler for the bar is right next to the space and the barback periodically comes by to restock, so action will stop from time to time, but usually the action is ignored.
Also, the trolls and other vermin who haunt this space make it hard sometimes to get going with the hot bear or leather man. There are always rent boys working back there and old men who look like they have every disease known to man and a few that are still unnamed interrupting those who are trying to enjoy themselves. I have watched one older gentleman on more than one occasion harass and pester every single person who entered the space, to the point at which several guys formed a "wall" between him and the rest of the group.
It is a hit or miss situation, there are lots of huge black, white, redneck cocks to be tasted, if you are willing to wade through the trolls and crowds.


Posted Jan 12 2002:
I’ve never been here and not gotten great blowjobs. No activity till late (12:30 am till close, 2 am). I’ve shot loads down throats with the lights coming on! Those boys need to start playing earlier! It has caught on with the DC crowd. You’ll see plenty there on weekends.


Posted Dec 12 2001:
There is a lot of hot action under the stairs. It is usually very crowded Friday and Saturday nights. There is some action in women's room as well.

From place description/comments:
Includes main tavern, "Code Bar" for leather code attire only (Thursday - Saturday), dining, leather store, second floor "Nest" entertainment space, liquor store.

Frequent events on the Eagle's web site and posts to Facebook and Twitter.

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