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Rest area

Category: Cruisy toilet, Rest area Directions: Between exit 52 and 53.
Submitted: Feb 26 2007 (Edited 06/11/15)
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4.72/5 based on 18 votes. The median rating is 5.
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Address: on I-495, southbound
City: Merrimac
State: Massachusetts
ZIP/Postal Code: 01860
Country: United States of America
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Usergroup: Member
Joined: Sep 21, 2011

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 3


Posted Apr 12 2018:
Remember, unless you are caught the cops can't do anything. Don't let that cruiser that seems to have nothing better to do around 1:30 every day scare you. I outscored him last week and he left.

NORTH ATTLEBORO — The Massachusetts State Police will no longer conduct stings to prevent people from having sex in highway rest areas.

The new policy, which could have a profound effect on activities at a rest area on Interstate 95 in North Attleboro and in other area communities, came to light Thursday when a gay and lesbian legal organization said a settlement was reached between state police and a gay man who said he'd been forced to leave a rest area.

The settlement reached between the anonymous Cape Cod man and state police included a "general order" that forbids officers from ordering someone to leave a public place "in the absence of unlawful conduct."

"I think this agreement is significant because it recognizes the willingness of state police to recognize the rights of all citizens of Massachusetts," said state police Capt. Robert J. Bird.

According to the new policy, sex in public places such as rest areas, beaches and parks would no longer be considered illegal provided the activity was out of sight.

State troopers have occasionally conducted stings in the North Attleboro rest area, arresting gays who have met there to have sex. The North Attleboro rest area has also been listed as a gathering spot in gay magazines.

State police have already begun training new recruits on the issues in the new policy, and existing officers must also be trained on its principles.

Regarding the lawsuit, there was no monetary settlement, other than for legal fees for the plaintiff's attorneys, the Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders said.

The man, identified only as John Doe, was asked to leave a public rest area on Route 6 at least twice by Trooper Shawn Walsh. The man filed suit in August 1999, alleging state police were motivated by anti-gay stereotypes.

State police alleged that the man had " unlawful intent" by being at the rest stop.

In the fall of 1999, a Middlesex Superior Court judge barred state police from forcing the man to leave the rest area as long as he wasn't breaking the law.

The Sun Chronicle, 2001: Stings banned at rest area

From Heads Up alerts on the Attleboro rest area page, it seems the police had gotten around this by posting "No Trespassing" signs and then detaining guys for trespassing. However, the last of these was in 2009. There are much more positive Reviews and "star" ratings there since. ~ Editor

Edited on 04/12/18
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Posted Dec 20 2016:
Great action daily. Guys getting blow jobs at the urinals. I jerk off while others let me get close up views. Let them put their cocks in my face.

Edited on 12/27/16


Posted Nov 26 2016:
The stalls have had the walls covered in steel, though it appears that someone's tried to drill through in a spot. The area is still full of guys cruising usually but no more gloryhole. I blew a fellow young guy in his car in the lot.

Edited on 12/06/16


Posted Oct 01 2016:
Had a great time. Walked in on two guys masturbating in plain view. Joined in the fun and blew a load.

Edited on 10/07/16


Posted Sep 27 2016:
Wow, best week yet. Sunday I stood at the urinal in the middle. The guy on the right reached over and masturbated me. I blew a nice load.

Monday a guy was looking in the stalls. I was at the middle urinal watching the guy to my right stroke it. I went outside and parked next to the guy who was looking in the stalls. Gave him a good show while he watched.

Tuesday I went in and two guys were masturbating at the urinals. They noticed me watching and backed away from the urinals to let me watch them for a half hour. Great show. I joined in until I blew my load. We all watched each other.

Thanks for this.

Some guys have made repetitive Reviews about this location. It's not necessary for anyone to post a Review every time or even every week that they are here if they go multiple times a week. Other cruisers will see the pattern and get the idea. ~ Editor

Edited on 10/04/16


Posted Sep 07 2016:
Visited today. Stood at the urinal in the middle to give and get the best view. I only had one guy back away from urinal so I could look. I turned towards another guy with my cock out in plain view, pretended to have trouble getting in my pants but no action.

Will keep trying urinal fun. Busy in and out

Edited on 09/19/16


Posted Aug 27 2016:
Lots of guys going in and out. Only one showed his cock at urinal. He stayed back enough so I could look. Nice with nice head. I backed away from urinal and turned toward him so he could see me.

No action, so I went outside to my car to masturbate in full view. No lookers.

Edited on 09/06/16


Posted Jul 21 2016:
Stopped by mid-morning and mid-afternoon. Jerked off out front. No one walked by to watch. Went in but no one let me watch them pee. Not much action. I will keep trying.

Edited on 07/28/16


Posted Nov 26 2015:
Finally got facialed here! Met up with a guy in the far left stall and ended up taking a huge facial from him. I then masturbated and blew my load through the gloryhole.

Edited on 12/03/15


Posted Aug 12 2015:
Subject: Another Ejaculation!
Was here yesterday afternoon. Sadly, it was pretty much quiet there, so again I had to masturbate and ejaculate into the gloryhole again. Still a fun place to release a load even if there is no action.

Edited on 08/19/15


Posted Jul 22 2015:
After my first attempt here only resulted in me masturbating and ejaculating through the gloryhole, this time I got loaded up!

I went in at 6:15 am yesterday into the far stall and before I knew it, I had seven inches in my mouth! It only took him about four minutes to ejaculate, but his load was worth it. A great place for fun for sure.

Edited on 07/29/15


Posted Jul 20 2015:
When I first got there in the far left stall, there was still fresh semen dripping from a guy that just left. There was no action, so I jerked off and shot my load through the gloryhole.

Edited on 07/28/15


Posted Jul 08 2015:
Had a guy hop out of his car while his hot girlfriend waited. He didn't come right out so I went in. He was washing his hands.

I stood at toilets in middle and he came over and whipped it out. I sucked him off and he shot on my face, leaving me with my face dripping with his sperm. So hot!

Edited on 07/14/15


Posted Jun 04 2015:
Subject: There is a gloryhole
This place has a gloryhole in the far two end stalls. The restrooms close at 8 pm and police do patrol, but I just sucked two huge fat cocks. One came on my face 'cause he pulled out too quickly and one came in my mouth. I swallowed every drop. Great place, try not to ruin this!

Edited on 06/11/15


Posted Oct 31 2013:
What's the deal now the large stall door is ripped off? Be nice if there was a second hole in the first stall, too. Reviews of anyone getting action lately?

Edited on 11/06/13

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Feb 17, 2007

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: -1


Posted Feb 21 2012:
I went here and the bathroom had closed at 10 pm. Five trucks were parked and my car. I walked back to the woods by the fence and took a leak and changed into warmer clothes. I was hoping someone would walk up behind me, but no such luck.

Edited on 03/01/12
Senior Reviewer

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Jul 12, 2010

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 8


Posted Jul 12 2010:
I stop here every Sunday night in my rig and I always get a least one cock to suck up in my rig. Good place to see some action.


2 of 2 people found this review helpful
Posted Feb 06 2010:
This place can be off the hook. Today a young guy was getting fucked by an older married guy while the kid sucked me -- totally hot. You can almost always get sucked off here.

Edited on 02/07/10


Posted Sep 30 2009:
This past Tuesday afternoon I walked in at 1 pm and 6 guys were going at it. Two guys sucked me off. I shot a load all over one of the guys face and the other just licked it up.


Posted May 29 2008:
This place is only decent if you enjoy getting off with the geriatric ward from your local retirement home. Just a bunch of old guys who stalk you!


Posted Mar 26 2007:
Toilet with plenty of hot action at the urinals and guys watching from the stalls. Be careful but it's often hot. Don't ruin this place. Best from 11 am to 4 pm.

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