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Forbidden Fruit


Category: Adult store with arcade Hours / Entry Fee: Sun: Noon - 10 pm; Mon - Fri: 9 am - Midnight; Sat: 10 am - Midnight Submitted: Mar 10 2006 (Edited 12/13/16)
Cruised here? Rate this place:
2.85/5 based on 146 votes. The median rating is 3.
Read & Write Reviews: 96 Reviews

Address: 20 Amherst Street
City: Manchester
State: New Hampshire
ZIP/Postal Code: 03101
Country: United States of America
Phone Number: 603-625-1911

GPS Approximate Latitude & Longitude: 42.9919,-71.4623
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First timer


Posted Sep 11 2023:
Finally had a chance to stop by while I was in town but it was a time I did not expect it to be busy. Sadly, it was mostly one old troll who just wanted to suck all the dicks. I ended up sucking one smaller one and one fairly nice one but only the smaller one finished. Eventually, someone did finish me off really well.

It is probably not worth going given the amount of money I spent unless it's a busier time but this place has a phenomenal setup and I can imagine it's absolutely the place to be when it is busy. I hope someday I'll be in town again at a better time.

Edited on 09/11/23

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Jun 29, 2022

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Total Reviews: 2


Posted Nov 30 2022:
Busy times? Wish I knew too. I work nearby but do not live nearby. So I usually only go during the week, M-F. I might go at lunch time or after work around 5 pm.

Edited on 11/30/22

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Apr 25, 2019

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Posted Nov 17 2022:
Just looking to see what time it's normally busy I want to try and get spitroasted here.

Edited on 11/17/22
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Usergroup: Member
Joined: Oct 09, 2021

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Posted Aug 08 2022:
Went here in June. I was a little early in the day and there was only one booth active. I took the next one but noticed the guy had plugged the gloryhole with paper. Okay, he's a solo act.

I fed the machine a twenty and hoped things would pick up. Watched an entire movie and still no action. I was edging the whole time.

I switched booths and inserted another twenty. Still nothing. Switched booths again. Peeked through the hole and saw a nice set of buns. He was obviously getting a bj from the other hole.

I was thinking that this just wasn't going to be my day when I saw his mouth at my gloryhole. I fed him my cock and he was one of the most talented suckers I have ever felt. I tried to hold out, but between his talents and an hour edging I came in seconds.

It was a pretty expensive BJ what with all the twenties but well worth it. Thanks mystery cocksucker.

Edited on 08/08/22


Posted Jul 28 2022:
Headed there later, hopefully, and over the next week or so. What is the best time to meet folks, suck a thick one – I want my first load – and fill a hot throat?

Edited on 07/29/22

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Jun 29, 2022

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Posted Jun 29 2022:
Went last Thursday June 23 around 5 pm and had the most delicious cock ever from a man in dark blue denim jeans! It was cut and had a huge vein running almost the full length on the left side, and was about 7-8" of awesome. I got to play for about five minutes or so before he came in my mouth – yum!

Hope to run into this dick again! Message me if that was you.

Edited on 06/29/22
love bbc


Posted Apr 23 2022:
Was there last week and this hot BBC came through the hole and I took it all including his sweet load. Wish it to happen again as BBC is my preference and I know he enjoyed it.

Edited on 04/24/22


Posted Mar 29 2022:
What is the age distribution of the patrons? How often can one find a woman in there? Or is it mostly old gay men?

Edited on 03/29/22

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Sep 19, 2016

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Posted Mar 13 2022:
I made my first visit last week. I will be back. Staff is very polite, and the booths were very clean. I see from prior reviews that 5's and 10's work in the machines. I wish I knew.

I had my cock through the hole and the guy was sucking the life out of me. He had me shaking so badly that I was having trouble getting the dollar bill into the slot!

And after I blew a batch of baby batter down his throat, he slid one of the most beautiful cocks I've had the pleasure to worship through the hole and into my drooling eager mouth. It was indeed, a fruitful afternoon.

I'd love to run into a couple sometime, but until then I'll try to get by once or twice a week. Happy to suck a cock or two, and have mine taken care of.

Edited on 03/13/22

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Dec 09, 2021

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Total Reviews: 5


Posted Feb 17 2022:
Women can definitely come here. In fact it's encouraged.

Edited on 02/17/22


Posted Feb 10 2022:
Hey Nervous, I'd like to meet there. I'm new too, and it'll help going and having a first gloryhole experience with another noob, I think.

Edited on 02/11/22


Posted Feb 09 2022:
I am nervous to try this and the reviews make me think it's just for gay men? I am a woman.

I'd love to go and get fucked through a hole or suck some dick. What are the best times?

Edited on 02/10/22


1 of 2 people found this review helpful
Posted Jan 27 2022:
Can I go here as a woman? Getting mixed signals from reviews.

Edited on 01/28/22


Posted Jan 18 2022:
Love this place. It is clean And friendly. I go once or twice a week. I've have never left here without sucking at least five cocks off. I've also gotten the best blowjobs there I've ever had because I don't find that a lot of game man know how to handle a cock my size. Anyways I've never fucked anybody here as the gloryholes are not big enough for my cock.

Lots of married men go here for relief. The only unsafe thing is that the men that go here like to have multiple people people suck them off. With COVID-19 rampant in the New Hampshire area I find that most men don't clean their cocks, even after someone else's mouth has been on it.

But all in all I would definitely give this a 6 out of 5.

Edited on 01/18/22

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Dec 24, 2019

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Posted Dec 29 2021:
Going to be there Thursday the 30 around noon, hope for some cock through the hole. :P

Edited on 12/30/21
BBC lover


Posted Dec 26 2021:
I really love sucking BBC but hard to find any that go there? I never did a booth but I will for BBC.

Edited on 12/27/21
Forbidden Fruit Frequenter


Posted Dec 21 2021:
Patience pays off. Couples do occasionally come into FF. This is the third time I've had the good fortune of encountering couples at FF. I'd say it's about one time for each fifteen visits or so.

Stopped in on the Sunday afternoon after Thanksgiving around 2:30 pm. I was there about twenty minutes when a man and woman came in. The couple appeared to be in their mid-thirties. She was curvy and had large breasts.

They each took adjoining booths, with the booth to the left of the woman unoccupied. I immediately went into the booth to the left of the woman. When I looked through the hole, she was undressing. She saw me looking through the hole and wiggled her finger at me to let me know she wanted me to put my cock through the hole, which I did. She sucked me for a few minutes. She then stopped.

When I looked through the hole again, she handed me a condom. I put it on, put my cock back through the hole and she backed up onto me. I lasted about three minutes and then shot my load. I pulled out, said "thank you" and she said, "No, thank you!" ;-)

Edited on 12/22/21

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Dec 09, 2021

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Total Reviews: 5


Posted Dec 09 2021:
Anyone planning to go this weekend? Let me know.

Edited on 12/09/21
69 69 69


Posted Dec 06 2021:
Do women come here? How often?

Edited on 12/07/21


Posted Dec 01 2021:
I've never been, but I'm wondering about the volume. I'm fairly loud when I finish and I don't want to embarrass myself.

Edited on 12/02/21

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Sep 02, 2021

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Posted Sep 02 2021:
Went for my first time, great place, just wish I had more cash on me! Three dollars got me two cocks before the downstairs worker told me I had to pay. So I packed up and left.

Planning on heading back one Friday, September 3, 2021. Going to try and get a middle booth for maximum fun. I'll be there from noon to one. Maybe longer if I really feel like it.

Contact me on here if you want to set something up, or just swing by!

Edited on 09/03/21

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Dec 24, 2019

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Posted Jul 25 2021:
Been here many times It's a fun place. Going Sunday about 1:00 both my holes are open.

Edited on 07/26/21
Anthon the lover


Posted Apr 14 2021:
I'm really thinking bringing my girlfriend to the booth and switch when she's sucking me with other guys.

Edited on 04/16/21

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Apr 08, 2021

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0 of 1 people found this review helpful
Posted Apr 08 2021:
Only old creepy men here.

Edited on 04/09/21


Posted Sep 25 2020:
Any females here? When is the best time to visit? What's the age distribution?

Edited on 09/25/20

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Mar 22, 2020

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Total Reviews: 3


Posted Jul 06 2020:
Finally, been thinking about doing something like this for a long time. Decided my best chance would be to drive the hour to here and give it a shot. I was a nervous wreck but this place was perfect. Very clean and very discreet.

I have been married most of my life and never had a good blowjob till today. Some guy sucked me dry and it was my first time cumming in a mouth and it was amazing. Always wanted to try sucking to so I did that as well.

Love this place and plan on going again soon. Thank you Forbidden Fruit for giving us a great place to go!

Edited on 07/07/20


Posted Oct 17 2019:
Discreet looking for the best times to go, wondering if morning is an OK time to go when others are there during the week Mon to Wed.

Edited on 10/18/19

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Jul 04, 2019

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Total Reviews: 1


Posted Jul 04 2019:
Any Females going to FF on Friday evening?

Edited on 07/05/19


Posted Jun 18 2019:
A bi newbie here. I have a few questions:

What's the likelihood to encounter a woman here? What's the age composition of the patrons? When, days and times, is it the busiest? Thanks.

Edited on 06/20/19
A.N. Mouse


1 of 1 people found this review helpful
Posted May 30 2019:
Stopped by Wednesday 1 pm for the first time. It was everything advertised. Went straight downstairs to the booths. There were several in use with a red light on. I went into one next to an in-use one. Within thirty seconds I had a nice hard cock in my mouth.

The place did not appear to be that busy but, despite that, I managed to have a cock coming through the hole almost continuously for an hour. I sucked five different cocks and finished with a really nice one, fairly long and thick, that gave me a nice load. I rubbed one out myself while sucking it, zipped up, and departed. I was very tempted to try anal but didn’t have lube or a condom. I chose not to get sucked myself although I had several offers.

After each guy departed his booth, an attendant came by and wiped the hole with a cleaning wipe. Staff was very friendly.

I can’t promise you will have a similar experience but, for me, this place is a winner. Highly recommended.

Edited on 05/31/19


Posted May 11 2019:
Awesome! Thanks. I'd love to stop in there ASAP!

Edited on 05/14/19
Super Reviewer

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Aug 13, 2018

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Posted May 08 2019:
The booths are in the basement. The stairs are directly opposite the entrance. You do not need to check in with the clerk. Sometimes a staff member is downstairs, cleaning up after each patron.

The booths take one, five, and ten dollar bills. If you are in a booth, you are expected to put money in. There are gloryholes in each adjoining wall.

If you want to suck, stick your finger through the hole, if you want to be sucked, flap it around. Haven't had anal here.

The crowd is mixed in age and race. As is usually the case, most of the guys are looking to suck, but I've had good luck finding guys to suck.

Edited on 05/09/19


Posted May 08 2019:
Sooo complete newbie here. How do the booths work?

Edited on 05/08/19


Posted May 03 2019:
I'm hesitant but reading these comments makes me want to explore, especially exploring the feeling of backing up to a gloryhole for the first time and and getting fucked by a real cock for the first time. The thought of being fucked good and dirty has me at it cumming already and did I read that two were in a booth? Hmm, be nice to hop in a booth with a big fat cock and ride it.

I wanna see how big of a cock I can take and this place seems perfect to see how many I can take. All the sucking sounds good but I wanna be fucking or getting fucked.

Edited on 05/03/19


Posted Apr 28 2019:
Have gone to Forbidden Fruit to the booths downstairs on a few occasions. Had my cock sucked by two guys and had the pleasure to suck off four different cocks in over an hour, swallowing big loads of cum.

Edited on 04/30/19


Posted Apr 17 2019:
I went here on a Thursday and got my cock sucked but that was it. Wasn't that busy. What is the busiest time of the day to come here?

Edited on 04/17/19


Posted Mar 24 2019:
Love going here to suck cock. Will suck any and all cocks.

Edited on 03/26/19


1 of 1 people found this review helpful
Posted Feb 25 2019:
Girlfriend is serving cocks there one night this week. Please clean and respectful. She blows till you cum and you can fuck. We hope to see as many as possible. Thank you!

I deleted the date and time you'll be here because you weren't logged in as a CFS member. Members, but not guests, are allowed to post their plans in advance. Exceptions are very rare. ~ Editor

Edited on 02/26/19


2 of 2 people found this review helpful
Posted Feb 05 2019:
I'm a FTM transman and looking to suck cock and get my front hole fucked. Is this a place I should try?

Edited on 02/05/19


Posted Jan 13 2019:
Question for the regulars:

What kind of crowd frequents the gloryholes? What's the gender and age distribution?

Also, what's the etiquette as far as cumming into someone's mouth: Are you supposed to warn them if you are about to cum in case they are not into it, or is it implied?

Edited on 01/15/19


Posted Nov 25 2018:
Went there today. There are holes in every booth. Went into the booth next to one with the red light on and sat down, put my finger through the hole, and a nice thick cock came through. I sucked on it for about four minutes, then he withdrew.

Then on the other side someone came in. He wanted to suck so I put my small cock through the hole and he sucked on it for a little bit. Then he stopped so I backed away and then a nice smaller cock came thought the hole. I went to town on that one but he pulled out.

So all in all I was there for about an hour a sucked on five cocks but no load for me.

Edited on 11/27/18


1 of 1 people found this review helpful
Posted Nov 23 2018:
Anyone know if this place is FTM trans-friendly?

Edited on 11/23/18


Posted Nov 14 2018:
Been a little while since I've been here. Last time was a fun night. A man and woman entered a booth. She and I took turns blowing him until he blew and then they took turns blowing me. Then I got fingered and got a couple guys off by hand.

Eventually I backed onto a cock and he fucked me until he ran out of time and left. Then a Black guy with a cut 7-incher came in. I backed onto it but he wasn't there to get off, so I stuck it in his ass til I blew.

Edited on 11/16/18


Posted Sep 08 2018:
Stopped by here for the first time 7:30 on a Friday night. The place is cleaner that most similar shops. Sex toys for sale up top and video booths downstairs. The clerks were friendly and polite.

Video booths take bills from $1 to $20. Gloryholes on both sides of every booth. Reasonable flow of guys in and out.

I had only been in my booth for about a minute when fingers came through the hole requesting my joint. Nice place.

Edited on 09/10/18


1 of 1 people found this review helpful
Posted Jul 09 2018:
Yes, fine to come here just to get sucked off. Great place, variety, well run. Afternoons are good, especially late afternoons. Don't know about nighttime.

Edited on 07/10/18
Smooth & Tasty


1 of 1 people found this review helpful
Posted Apr 10 2018:
Info? Been once, was there from about 6:30 to 7:30 pm. Spent about fifteen minutes upstairs looking at the toys and video selections.

Then went downstairs, only one other was there in a booth. I took an adjacent one. An average sized member came through the hole for what proved to be a rather short time. It was soon withdrawn and replaced by a hairy butt. Since I don't penetrate men, that was the end of it.

After five to ten minutes, a good sized hard-on came through the "other side" hole. This one stayed there until it had it's emptying. I then left. I've yet to decide if I'll try it again.

Yes, the booths do take dollar bills. It buys you about two minutes' time. I suggest you be a "big spender" though. Five will buy you about twelve minutes.

Please, if you would, tell me the best times to be there.

Edited on 04/11/18


1 of 1 people found this review helpful
Posted Mar 29 2018:
It's my first time. If I just want to get my dick sucked is that OK, or do I have to suck dick too?

Edited on 03/30/18


1 of 1 people found this review helpful
Posted Jan 15 2018:
Looking to get my dick sucked here. What are the best days? Best times?

Edited on 01/19/18


1 of 1 people found this review helpful
Posted Dec 29 2017:
Nice place, steady traffic in the afternoon. Clean, bring one dollar bills. Walk downstairs. Attendant will break bills into ones.

Edited on 01/02/18
the basics


Posted Dec 02 2016:
Can someone tell me how this place works? Never been before and need some steps on what to do when I walk in. Do I give the clerk ten or twenty bucks and then head downstairs? Thanks for the advice.

Edited on 12/13/16


Posted Sep 30 2015:
Is pulling your dick out legal in that community? I don't want to get arrested.

Keith Griffith, the late founder of this site, wrote the following couple of articles you might want to read and think about:

Cruiser Primer: Defending Public Sex and Cruising 101.

I don't know the laws in this particular community, and perhaps someone else on or off the site can inform you.

Personally, I don't advocate that you break any laws that you are uncomfortable breaking. However, I know that many laws -- speed limits, jaywalking, or in some places laws against sodomy, adultery, alcohol or different types of drug use, or other personal behaviors -- have been or continue to be on the books and enforced.

I believe that almost everyone breaks laws routinely and that it's helpful to put some thought into which ones you break and what are the consequences.

Both Keith in his time and I now running this site would advise you to use discretion and check out what actually happens in a place. From the wording of your question I think you're trying to do that, but perhaps you're a little new to this. The reviews below answer show that people do take their dicks out and are not arrested, whether or not it is legal.

It's also possible you might be a journalist from local news -- Is sweeps month coming up? -- or some other media or perhaps even someone from the police.

In public places, experienced cruisers generally try take caution not to let the public or bystanders be aware of them. Adult stores often expect different sexual behavior, but many are raided as you can see at our Heads Up page, some repeatedly. We have no reports of this one being raided or having any arrests, but it could happen. A recent one in Indiana had TV news crews accompanying the police.

I wish you well. I also plan to repost this on our Message Board for discussion and will come back and add a link when that is online.

"End of editorial." If anyone wants to add opinions about legal issues, arrests, behavior, etc., please do so on the Message Board after the link is online. This page is reserved for reviews or questions about Forbidden Fruit. Thanks! ~ Editor

Edited on 10/06/15
tranny lover


1 of 1 people found this review helpful
Posted Jul 26 2015:
I was raging horny after watching tranny porn at home, so I went to FF, resolved to maybe blow someone. This was a Saturday at 10:45 pm. Not one person but me was there. I must've used up $15 waiting alone and then two people came in to the next two booths. I was in an end booth.

I looked in and saw a chubby darker skin person talking through the other hole like they already had a plan, I thought great, you took my hole for nothing, now I have to move. But then, I figured out he was talking to a girl! So I went around to the booth on her side, looked in and she was a young (but legal age) AA girl in a bra fingering herself. She blew him for a bit, went back to fingering, then when I got distracted to feed the machine and looked back she had took the bra off, showing nice youthful B cups and thick nipples.

She stood up and I saw she was in just nylons and a thong which was hot. Off came the nylons so now she's in just high heels and a thong! She looked over several times and smiled, when she went down him she did it so she was sideways and I could watch the sucking and see her profile. She fingered herself and backed her super nice firm ass right up to the hole, but not close enough for me to play.

I suspect they were only there to show, and I was happy to just watch. I pre-came three times, then eventually dragged the basket over and drained my balls into that 'cause the attendant announced closing time. Best night I could have had, short of a hot girl blowing me. What a great surprise.

I think this place is really good, many booths, all have holes, the workers don't bother you unless you don't feed the machine. I just wish single girls (you know the kind I mean) would come by.

The locking doors are a big plus.

Just a suggestion, don't blow your load on the floor. I know there's a guy with a mop, but why piss them off and risk them closing this great place down.

Edited on 08/03/15


Posted Jul 25 2015:
Just got back a little while ago and wanted to let you all know how it went. I am a top/versatile, 95% top, but when I am wanting cock or my wife isn't doing me right, then I head here.

It's Saturday and I got there at about 4 pm. Only one booth was occupied and the end one, but I went to another booth in the middle so I can serve on both sides. A few minutes after I got there a guy came in the next booth. I started sucking his cock, but he kept pulling out. I noticed he had a fist full of ones, so I figured he was there for the long haul and didn't want to cum anytime soon.

Another guy came into the stall on the other side. I put my fingers through the hole and in came a beautiful uncut cock, with a married hand holding onto it. I sucked his cock for about two minutes and blew him load, which is fine with me. I was happy, he was happy.

He left and a few minutes later here's another guy. I blew him and he moaned really loud when he was cumming. Again, another wedding ring. I only brought $10 with me so I ended up running out of time and had to get more cash.

I came back about fifteen minutes later and the first guy I had sucked was still there. I knew I was right. I then went into the stall at the end on the left of the side section because I like to see who is coming. In walks a really old man. Yuck, no thank you. I was hoping to suck more cock before my money ran out.

A black guy came in and went into the stall next to the old man. I was hoping he would come into the one next to mine. He was walking around, and I was really hoping he would stop in the one next to mine.

Then a white guy came into the stall next to me. I looked up and he was real cute. At this point I would love to be sucked or to suck. I watched as he put his money in, took off his shirt, and put his mouth to the hole. OK then, he wants to suck. I was a real cock lover, really loved what he did. He was kissing my dick and made sweet love to my cock. He moaned, too, while he was sucking. After about ten minutess of sucking and stroking my cock I came. He loved my cum so much, he was moaning so hard as I shot into his mouth.

Love this place.

Edited on 07/31/15


Posted Jul 08 2015:
I am in my early 30's and go to this place at least once a week. Never had a bad day there however some are better than others.

Every once in awhile there is this big guy about 6'3" or 6'4" and 50ish with a few extra pounds. I have gotten head from him several times and all I can say is DAMN is he good! He goes as long as it takes for him to make my thick 8" shoot and I am sure he swallows it.

I have tried to get him to turn around for me. He hasn't yet but I am going to keep trying. He will also put it through for you too. He has an average cock but huge balls that I love to lick and it seems to drive him nuts. What a huge load he produces.

I will keep going and keep hooking up with this guy if he is there.

Thanks for the great review! I made your description of the guy a little more generic because we try not to publish information that would identify other cruisers. ~ Editor

Edited on 07/15/15
Jim & Jade


3 of 3 people found this review helpful
Posted Jun 01 2015:
Of all the ABS in New Hampshire this is the one with the most couples action. As you know, most are pretty strictly gay, nothing wrong with that though.

I've been here on a few occasions now with my sister-in-law. Yes, you read it right, my sister-in-law. She's in her 40's like me and is a total whore. She in fact asked me to bring her here. We've been screwing around for years. She and her hubby were swingers until she gave him the boot. Her sis, my wife, knows about nothing and is the complete opposite of her older slut sis.

Anyhow, we try and get in here once a week, usually Friday nights. She sucks everything that shows. Most times when I'm not fucking her, I'm sharing the cock with her. Great fun! Come join us.

Edited on 06/09/15
need cock


Posted May 25 2015:
I want to suck as many cocks as possible. What day is best?

Edited on 06/01/15


Posted Dec 15 2014:
Went here today 12/15/14 around 10:45 am, went right downstairs and into a booth. The place was dead, no one around, put my cash in the machine and proceeded to enjoy myself. Spent eight bucks and didn't see or hear anyone cum or go. I am planning on bringing the wife some night, but have noticed the one person/booth occupancy signs. WTF. Just want to bang her as she services some hot bone!

Edited on 12/22/14


Posted Dec 09 2014:
What, no couples go here? That's what we're looking for. Anyone know of a couples theater or booths?

Edited on 12/15/14

Usergroup: Member
Joined: May 18, 2014

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 1


Posted Nov 29 2014:
Love going here. Went last night, went into a booth and within a minute I was sucking a nice cock. Was able to swallow his load. Thanks!

Edited on 12/03/14
Local guy


3 of 3 people found this review helpful
Posted Nov 13 2014:
M/F couple at FF. It does happen! I have visited FF on several occasions. Usually just a few guys hanging around. I visited this past Friday Nov. 7th at around 2 pm. A couple came in while I was there. Good looking guy and a cute blonde. She was about 5'2" and 110 lbs. Wore a wedding ring.

They went into two booths with her in a middle booth and him in an adjoining booth. I grabbed the booth on the other side of her. As soon as I looked in she was unbuckling her belt with one hand and inserting money with the other. She then put her fingers through the hole and motioned me to put it through. I happily obliged. She proceeded to take excellent care of me. I thanked her and left.

Edited on 11/18/14


1 of 1 people found this review helpful
Posted Sep 13 2014:
Went here the other day, could only stay for about 20 minutes. Sucked a couple of guys, didn't get any cum but one uncut older guy, and a nice long fat dick. Ended up blowing my load on the floor, but great as usual.

Edited on 09/18/14
Happy Camper


1 of 1 people found this review helpful
Posted Sep 11 2014:
Went here on a Tuesday just before noon. Sat down in a booth, put my money in the machine, and within three minutes had a nice cock in my mouth. After I finished him, a nice thick, 8" long cock came poking through the hole. Five minutes later he was done. I left very satisfied.

Edited on 09/17/14


1 of 1 people found this review helpful
Posted Aug 11 2014:
Went here on 8/9/11 shortly after they opened. Went into the booth, hung out watching some vids and stroking it for about five minutes, then got my first customer in the next booth over. I always go to a middle booth so I can service two if need be.

Nice thick cock. Sucked him, fingered his asshole and licked his balls. Sucked him, drained and swallowed him. He left, and less then five minutes later the next guy entered the both next to me. Sucked him off, he came quick, but it was still very tasty and hot. Wedding ring on his finger. Always happy to help a married guy!

I had to leave after that, but it was great.

Edited on 08/18/14


1 of 1 people found this review helpful
Posted Jun 02 2014:
I'm going to go to this place tomorrow afternoon and check out these booths. I'm a straight/curious 21 year old guy and looking to get my cock sucked good, and maybe fuck a tight ass. I'll be there tomorrow around noon, maybe 1. Hopefully there's someone there who wants my young cock.

Edited on 06/06/14


Posted May 22 2014:
I've never been to a gloryhole but I want to so bad. But I'm not sure on this. Educate me, is this a spot for me to learn and fulfill my dreams? I'm a bottom boy, anal also happens.

Edited on 05/29/14


Posted May 16 2014:
I am a cross dresser. Can I go into the booths with just my lingerie on?

Edited on 05/22/14


Posted Apr 18 2014:
I've been to Forbidden Fruit twice. Had a great time. I blew two guys and got blown. The entrance to the viewing area downstairs is right in front of you when you walk in. Go straight down the stairs. You can wait for a few minutes to see who is going to each room and go to an open room next door if you want. Just don't wait too long. They have a no loitering sign and cameras. The holes are big enough for you to get a look at who's next door. If someone doesn't want to join you they will block the hole with their body or a paper towel.

Edited on 04/24/14

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Joined: Mar 16, 2009

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Posted Jan 27 2014:
I've had some good times here. I was a first timer to the "holes" in November and was a bit hesitant but I got my first black cock and it was great. I've been a few times since then. Hope to go back this week while the wife is out.

Edited on 01/30/14


Posted Nov 24 2013:
Go here all the time. Never left without getting what I went for. Lots of guys will suck your dick, most will swallow. Worth every dollar!

Edited on 11/29/13


Posted Oct 07 2013:
The place is great, but I had a bad experience. No fault of the location though! I told the guy in the next stall that I refused to put myself through the hole without protection. About 30 seconds later, he's down there trying to peel my condom off, presumably without me noticing. I very quickly left the stall, and he followed me, so I left the store. Might try back eventually, but that kind of ruined it for me as a first timer.

Edited on 10/11/13


Posted Sep 14 2013:
This place is just awesome! I'm horny 20 yo going to college at SNHU. I am always looking to get off. There are two guys that work downstairs. There is this one older muscle black guy with a bunch of tattoos. I got my change from him he smiled and said have fun, let me know if you need any help. I never been with a black guy so I smiled back and went to a stall at the end motioning him to follow. I went into the box, got the video playing, the door next to mine open and closed and his black fingers stuck through the gloryhole. He said stick your dick through here, and I stuck my cock in the hole. He pulled my cock to his mouth and god damn he sucked my dick so fucking good that I unloaded a huge nut. He didn't stop he swallowed every drop.

Edited on 09/19/13


Posted Sep 07 2013:
Went here on 9/6/13 at noon. Sucked four dicks, all big. We took turns sucking each others dick. Every one of them wanted to suck my dick also. Nothing like getting a rock solid dick coming through the hole after they've been sucking your dick. Highly recommend.

Edited on 09/13/13
Jim V


Posted Jul 19 2013:
My girl is off with family for vacation for 2 weeks. Needed some service so went there to check out the gloryholes. Some gay/bi dude gave me the best blow job in years. (Sorry Amy, this guy knew how to suck a man's dick.)

Edited on 07/29/13


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Posted Jun 15 2013:
What's with all the gay idiots? Any girls ever go here to blow real guys?

Edited on 06/21/13


Posted Feb 18 2013:
I went to this adult porn store to buy my poppers, decided to head downstairs to the booths and watch some porn. I was excited to see they offer gloryholes, only store in the area that does. The booths are clean, video screen and sound are all working. Depending which booth you use you could have two holes to use.

Have been lucky a few times, other times no one using them. Not sure when is the busy time but does seem to be somebody there, although you might not want to play with everyone. I always look through the hole to see the other person first.

I think this place should have a high rating!

Edited on 02/25/13


Posted Feb 03 2013:
Went here on a Saturday afternoon. Had two nice cocks coming in from both ends of my booth. Didn't know which to choose so I took turns sucking and stroking both off. What I really liked about the place is that it was clean. Don't know, maybe it was early so they were clean, but I think people actually clean up after themselves there.

Edited on 02/11/13


Posted Aug 30 2012:
I wanna go but its a trek so I gotta know when the best time to go is, I want to suck and maybe fuck - definetly cum buckets.


Posted Jul 29 2012:
Been a few times. Tried to use the gloryholes but no one was there or else they didn't want to suck dick. But i will be back. What's a good day to go?

Edited on 08/03/12


Posted Jul 27 2012:
Went there yesterday at noon, figured I'd service the lunch crowd. It was my first time there. I arrived and went downstairs to the booths, all had gloryholes. I went in an open one, and stripped down. Underneath my jeans and shirt I wore fishnet hose, panties, and a bra, and I put on my redhair wig. I love sucking mens dicks dressed as a woman. I spent 90 minutes there and sucked seven cocks. Four gave me facials, two I swallowed the load, and one stroked himself. I ended up cumming twice, getting sucked off both times. Definitely heading back there for more today or Saturday!

Edited on 08/01/12

Usergroup: Member
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Posted Jul 14 2012:
A pretty good place, clean with glory holes. It seems to be getting more popular with more cocks to choose from.

Edited on 07/20/12
first time glory hole


Posted Mar 05 2012:
Went there tonight for the first time. Clean and nice. Went into the last booth on the left side, put a dollar in and looked through the hole. The guy next to me was getting served. He then put his cock into my hole and I started sucked. He then sucked me and we switched a few times. I then switched booths and sucked another guy, with a fat big head. Blew my load on the floor and left. So hot, I almost turned around halfway home for more.

Edited on 03/15/12


Posted Jan 06 2012:
I went to Forbidden Fruit for the first time today and had a blast. I headed straight down stairs to the private booths. As soon as I got in a booth a finger came through the hole and I was soon getting an amazing blowjob. I decided to not shoot a load right away so I went into another booth and got an ever better blowjob. Just before I came I asked the dude on the other side if I could join him, so I did. I fucked his face hard and shot a huge load in his mouth. He was hot, too. The attendants were relaxed and didn't hover around. I only spent four bucks and had a great time. Will be back soon.

Edited on 01/11/12
Senior Reviewer

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Posted Sep 21 2011:
I went for the first time Sunday. There are booths downstairs, and all have gloryholes. One group of booths are buddy booths. There is a curtain that can be opened between the booth so you can see the guy next to you. I sucked a few cocks and got sucked by 2 guys. It is a hot place. Since Portsmouth stores closed, it's nice to have this so close.

Edited on 09/26/11


Posted Jul 23 2011:
I've been there several times and whomever is back there is usually pretty good. I'm just glad I don't have to look at them.

Edited on 07/24/11


Posted Jun 09 2011:
Honestly it is usually the same old fat dudes who are there to suck you off.

Edited on 06/14/11
Bill J


1 of 1 people found this review helpful
Posted Sep 16 2010:
Subject: FF booths
I visited on a Thursday afternoon around 4:15 pm. There are three sets of booths with gloryholes between them. The holes are 2 /2 -3". Height varies, but pretty good positioning. Machines only take quarters. About 20 channels provide a reasonable selection, straight and gay.

There were 3 others there when I was there. Staff did not come to the back and I did not see them bother anyone. I saw two men in a booth.

Edited on 09/16/10

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Posted Aug 15 2010:
I have to say, this place is awesome. I walked in on a Sunday at noon, got a roll of quarters from the clerk and in about 3 minutes my cock was being deep throated by the fellow in the booth next to me. Pretty clean, well laid out, the first few booths have gloryholes. Those towards the back were way too low for me but I found one that was the right height and a warm and eager mouth on the other side. I highly recommend this spot for great action.

Edited on 08/21/10

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Posted Jun 14 2010:
There are gloryholes in all the booths now.

Edited on 06/17/10
hot dick


0 of 2 people found this review helpful
Posted Apr 22 2010:
There are no gloryholes here and there haven't been any for over a damn decade. It is over priced and there is no action.

Edited on 05/01/10


1 of 1 people found this review helpful
Posted Feb 28 2010:
I went there around 11 am and sucked a couple of nice dicks in the booths. The first and last two booths in the hallway have "communication ports." It is a nice place with plenty of toys to choose from.

Edited on 03/01/10

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