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Adult Variety Center

Category: Adult store with arcade Hours / Entry Fee: Open 9 am - 3 am Directions: Driving south on Highway 1, the store is just before Woodbridge Center Mall. May appear on some Internet maps as Studio One Lingerie or Seventeen Thirty Corporation.
Submitted: Jul 08 2007 (Edited 02/12/18)
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3.04/5 based on 49 votes. The median rating is 3.
Read & Write Reviews: 99 Reviews

Address: 845 Highway 1
City: Avenel
State: New Jersey
ZIP/Postal Code: 07001
Country: United States of America
Phone Number: 732-636-6928

See also this Yahoo! Group Adult Bookstore Avenel.
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Posted Aug 15 2018:
I was here last evening at around 6 pm. I was on my knees waiting to blow whoever came in the booth. After spending five dollars with no one but worker laughing as he passed by I was going to leave, but then this short Spanish guy came in. He was wearing work boots, jeans, and a t-shirt.

He didn't say anything but took out his giant oversized cock. I went down on him. After a few minutes I was licking his balls, which led to eating his hairless ass. I stuck my finger so far up his ass I was playing with his shit in his full ass.

He kept opening it. A guy opened the curtain and we were on display. Even the worker was watching me. This I think scared him and he left. Wish we could have finished. I spent twenty-five dollars but it was worth it.

Edited on 08/16/18


Posted Aug 08 2018:
A few nights ago late after being out I stopped here. I was in need of a release. I blew a young hung stud, early 20’s I would guess. 5'8" thick toned traps and shoulders, flat stomach, not a big dick but not small either, cut, thicker than average, big head with a huge pee hole that I enjoyed sticking my tongue in.

He came out for one thing. He was in gym shorts, no underwear, and flip flops. He didn’t even pull his shorts down. He held them aside. He wouldn’t look down, must have been one of his first few times.

He jumped when I put my finger by his ass, unfortunately he has no idea what he’s missing. I’m any event I got what I wanted as did he.

Edited on 08/10/18


Posted Aug 08 2018:
Last week I hooked up with a guy that was so feminine I would guess he is in a transitional period, minus the tits but pretty as fuck. Initially I thought it was a girl in the booth looking under the divider in these tight tight jeans, no apparent bulge all. I saw a nice ass.

I have seen women here in the past over the years and have gotten a blowjob or jerked off by one. I've also seen two women in a booth, so I wasn't alarmed — not typical but possible. I immediately jumped in the booth next door, threw in some money, unleashed the meat, and started making it known I'm interested.

He exposed his ass, pulled the jeans down just enough let me rub my cock on his cheeks, spread his cheeks, and exposed his hole. Again I think this is a girl, and the hole looked like it smelled — great. I instantly started to stick my tongue in there, got it wet, and inserted my finger. This cutie moaned aloud.

Now I was really hard, fully erect, all 7.5". He put a condom on me, sucked my dick, turned around again, and took it in his ass. Mind you, he had jeans only down enough to see the cheeks at this point. I got my hands on his hips pumping away. Finally I slid the jeans down because at this point I wanted to finger some pussy and feel the wetness.

Well I was pleasantly surprised, she was a he with a nice 6" cock. I immediately stopped, spun him around, and started sucking his fat head. He was totally bald, probably a wax job. He came almost instantly, a nice load, not too much but creamy and thick.

He then pulled off my condom and went down on me for a few minutes, which is when I got the full scope. I pulled on her hair, she was totally shaped like a woman without tits, pretty face, nice lips. She got back up exchanging kisses, tongue, etc.

Unfortunately passion got both of us. I turned her around again and started fucking her again with no condom. I only lasted a few strokes and then unleashed all over her ass. I'm typically against bare unless there is history but in the moment all bets were off.

This was a first for me. I've been with women and/or men, occasionally a couple, but never before a "shemale." Wow, I'm totally in.

Edited on 08/10/18


Posted Aug 06 2018:
Went for a visit a few days ago. Not too crowded, only a few cars in the lot but I was super horny so I went in regardless. There was only one booth occupied on the very end every one else was shopping. As I indicated I was super horny so I was in for whatever I could get.

I wasn't disappointed with a jean skirt with fishnets and quite possibly the worst attempt to cross dress, terrible wig but hung like a horse. Shaved 8" cock, no underwear, and big balls. Immediately he/she got on her knees and swallowed every bit of my rock hard 7" cock, right to my balls. There was no hesitation, trickery, or messing around. She wanted cock down her throat and I was happy to oblige.

She went to town stroking and sucking until I let it all go. She swallowed every bit without missing a beat. One of the best blow jobs I ever had tickled my anus a bit, not sloppy, I wasn't soaked after. All and all a great blow job.

Of course I tried to return the favor but what I hadn’t realized was as I was getting sucked off she/he came all over while on her knees. It was a huge load too, wish I could have gotten some of it. Maybe next time.

Edited on 08/07/18


Posted Jul 18 2018:
I grew up in the area but reside in Upstate NY. Have been back in area dealing with an ill family member so I've been making frequent trips almost daily. All of these places are hit or miss, though one way or another I always leave drained or filled depending on how you look at it. About two weeks ago I was fortunate to be in there with only a few others. Most guys rush or jump the first cock that walks in, but I've learned not to.

Four or five guys, two hooked up, one seemed to want to just watch. Typically everyone goes in to the right I do as well but I noticed there was someone to the left all alone. I waited a while once everyone was involved and with the last unoccupied cock left I decided to mosey on down.

I jumped in the booth next door to a pair of nice legs in tight pants and half shirt. Tranny/cross, not sure how to label. After further investigation tight yoga pants, half shirt, with nice padded tits. Very tall absolutely beautiful legs and ass, nice cock, 7" thick big head. shaved all over and smelled fresh.

I sucked her cock, licked her asshole, got a blow job, and fucked her right in the booth. Not once did anyone from the other end walk down. As long as the meter was fed no issues. She let me cum on her ass, after I let her blow her load in my mouth. This isn't the first crossdresser/tranny I've seen there but this is my first time hookup with one there.

Edited on 07/20/18


Posted Jun 13 2018:
I was here on Sunday and went to the booth to the left. There was a guy with a huge dick He said I could suck it if I let him eat my shit.

I said no but he kept begging and I wanted that dick. I turned around and he got on his knees and I let him suck on my ass. He dug a piece of poop out and sucked it off his finger. It turned me on and had him eating it all and licked my hole clean.

I did not get to suck his dick. I came without touching my cock. I spent $25 but it was worth it. As I was leaving another guy went in and in a few minutes was having his ass eaten.

Edited on 06/13/18


Posted May 15 2018:
So I came here for the first time in a few months last week. I now pass here on the way to and from work and see during lunchtime and usually just after 5 it seems to have a good amount of cars in the parking lot, so it must be hopping.

Went around 7 pm-ish last week and there were two other guys in the booths. Neither struck my interest. So I kept to myself and had my big white dick out of my pants just jerkin' it to the semi-okay porn that was being played.

Later on some Latino came in and whipped out his dick and the horrid stench that followed him taking it out was enough to make me dry heave. Dude, how the fuck you gonna show up a place to get your dick wet and you don't even clean your dick? So, I had to turn away from him and push his hand off me three times for him to even get the hint — while he still continued to watch even though I made it beyond obvious that I had zero interest in him or his cheesed up dick.

Needless to say, no one, and I mean no one else came the rest of the time I was there. I shot my load across two booth floors, shame that couldn't go into someone's mouth.

I may check out Moviethon in Union soon. I've heard some good things about that place.

Edited on 05/16/18


Posted Apr 02 2018:
I was here on Saturday and spent about twenty dollars. I sucked this older Black guy's monster dick and ate his ass out while this white guy watched. The Black guy pissed on his shoe a little and I licked it up. When he came it was like a gallon.

Then the white guy came in. I couldn’t see his face at first, but nice cock and I ate his ass. But then he pulled his pants up.

When I saw him I realized he was a mutual friend of a friend. I was scared he would remember me so I left.

Edited on 04/02/18


Posted Mar 03 2018:
I came here to clarify some things. Yes the booths are back down to one dollar. The guy "watching over you" in the back is strictly there just to make sure you’re putting money in the machine because a lot of people don't like to pay.

The booths are cleaned regularly, multiple times a day, and thoroughly cleaned with bleach at night to make sure your shoes aren’t sticking to the ground.

There's a tip jar next to the guy sitting in the back, you don't have to tip but I do because he’s cleaning up semen all day long. Couples do come in from time to time.

Edited on 03/05/18
Senior Reviewer

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Posted Feb 20 2018:
I stop here on my way back from work or from cruising the Macy's bathroom at the Woodbridge Mall a couple of times a month and the place usually has some action going on. The shower curtains are a little weird as people can just draw them back and watch you sucking dick or fucking someone.

I stopped going for a while when they raised the price to $5 to start, but when I went last week, February 16, and the price was down to $1 to start which is great. The money goes really quick here. You get a little less than a minute for each dollar so that's a bummer. It forces guys to sit in their cars and cruise the parking lot for the right dick.

I've been chased by some old trolls who won't take no for an answer but I've also fucked, sucked, and gotten sucked off by some young, hung and fun Latinos, Indians, Middle Easterners and white guys, so there's always something for everyone.

Edited on 02/23/18


Posted Feb 19 2018:
Not worth it at all! Now, the price is down to $1, but that dollar gets eaten up in like 30 seconds.

Plus, they've also posted signs against "loitering in cars." 5-0 does drive through the parking lot often. I suspect they will start harassing "customers" they suspect of doing that soon! Not going back!

Edited on 02/21/18


Posted Feb 16 2018:
I personally had to put $2 in to get the porn started. Either way, better than $5! Now if they would only slow down how quickly it eats up your money!

Edited on 02/16/18
NJ Bator


Posted Feb 11 2018:
Went back last Saturday night for the first time in months. Looks like they wised up and brought the cost of the booths back down to $2, as opposed to the $5 they jacked it up to. Guess it worked, there was more of a crowd there than I've seen in a while. Cute white guy, early 30's here with a big thick cock. Ended up sucking off this cute as fuck Italian guy's fat dick. We kissed and sucked each other for a while with an audience. It was hot. I squirted my nut and bounced.First time in a while I've had some good action here. Maybe it'll pick back up now that they lowered the booth cost.

Edited on 02/12/18


Posted Feb 09 2018:
Price just is now $1!

Edited on 02/12/18


Posted Sep 29 2017:
Not sure how much longer this place will be open fellas. Especially now that they raised the starting price for the porn in the booths up to $5! Went last night, was there for over an hour and barely anyone other than a few trolls came in. And within that hour I spent $50 'cause of that $5 shit plus how quickly it sucks your money up. Shame, this used to be the place to go get some dick and ass.

I'm a cute white dude in his 30's with a big dick who loves to just go to a place where there's a bunch of dudes with their dicks out, tugging, stroking, sucking, eating ass, fucking, etc. This used to be the place to do it at. Now it's starting to turn primarily into trolls who can't ever take a hint.

The only other place close to there is the one in South Amboy, but even that is more "miss" than "hit" these days. Either that or Little Theater if you want some big black dick but that area of Newark is not the safest so you have to enter at your own risk!

Anyway hopefully they drop that $5 shit soon or they may not have a place to keep open anymore. I've never seen it as empty as I have the past few times I've gone.

Edited on 10/04/17


Posted Sep 19 2017:
May be time to take our business elsewhere. Stopped by on a Saturday only to discover they raised the minimum to start the machines from $2 to $5.

Edited on 09/22/17
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Posted Feb 27 2017:
Started going here once in a while for the last five months. I was there sometime last week, during a late evening. I walked in one of the booths and in the booth next to me was a crossdresser or at least a panty-wearing crossdresser with a hot looking smooth ass sticking out into my booth.

I couldn't help myself so I had to eat her ass a bit and I whipped my cock out and slowly started to rub my cock between her sissy ass cheeks. Then eventually I slipped in and heard a hot fem moan that just turned me on.

I started to fuck her while other guys from other booths were looking. I shot my load deep inside that juicy sissy ass. And not even two seconds after I stepped out of my booth, another guy jumps in there and started to fuck the sissy again.

Awesome experience, will be going there again, and hopefully find another hot sissy ass to fuck again.

Edited on 03/08/17


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Posted Jan 31 2017:
Been stopping in here on and off for years, hit or miss, all ages, races, trolls, etc. The last time I stopped in on a Saturday around 4 pm the place was empty. I stayed for a few minutes and decided to leave. As I was pulling out I noticed a car pulling in and a flash of blonde hair so of course I went right back in.

She was all set up in the very last stall, legs to die for, nylon short skirt, padded bra, head to toe looked really hot. I immediately dumped in my money and pulled out my aching throbbing cock 7.5” by 5” hard as could be. I was really turned on.

She was completely shaved. I couldn't contain myself, I started tugging on her cock. I was shockingly surprised to find a thick mushroom head by the time I got my mouth on it. She was poking out of her skirt. I licked and tongued her ass then worked my way to the cock again just under 8" I would guess.

We were all alone, no one came in the entire time we were sucking each other. I couldn't hold back any longer. I spun her around, spit on my cock, and shoved it right in her bare bald tight firm hole.

She was the perfect feminine with a gorgeous cock. I fucked her for a few minutes then sucked her some more until I got her load, definitely a few days of spunk backed up. She finished me off on her knees, my cock in her mouth and a few fingers in my ass. She swallowed everything.

I've had some good sessions here and had some bad. This was one of the best.

Edited on 02/07/17


Posted Apr 09 2016:
I met this hot guy and was eating his ass. He told me he was into shit and liked to shit in guys' mouths. I got so turned on. He asked if I would let him eat my ass so I did. He asked if I could feed him my shit.

So right there I shit and he ate the whole damn thing. Sick mother f**r but hot. I want to meet up again.

Edited on 04/18/16


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Posted Feb 06 2016:
I'm a cute white dude in his mid-30's with a big dick. I decided to take a trip here last Sunday afternoon and holy shit, I'm glad I did. I normally have gone on week/weekend nights and it's hit or miss those times but man, this past Sunday afternoon was hoppin'.

Right away I had a cute black dude come in the booth next to me and whip out his big dick. I sucked that anaconda off and made it squirt. Then a cute white dude got in the booth on the other side of me and the dude next to him was sucking him off.

So the cute white guy started stroking my dick and eventually brought his cock over to me so I could suck on it, which I did. Then the cute black dude got back in the other booth next to me again and whipped out his huge dick again so I was sucking on that one too.

Two big cocks I'm sucking on, then a really cute Latino comes in my booth with a fat dick and I start sucking that fucker as well. Hot as shit! I made the cute white dude bust, the Latino walked out behind him, and then I made the black dude bust again.

Then some cute tall dude came in and jerked me off til I shot. It was a fuckin' hot ass time and now I know to go weekend afternoons. Shit is poppin'!

Edited on 02/12/16

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Posted Jan 12 2016:
I went about 2 pm today, went into the small booth with the curtain slightly open and stripped nude. Not long thereafter a guy came into the adjoining booth and peered out from his booth. I got a nice groping but then he disappeared.

Edited on 01/19/16


Posted Dec 24 2015:
Booths are kind of small. Not a lot of room to play.

Edited on 12/29/15


Posted Mar 17 2015:
Heard from a friend that they lowered the price of the booths so I went yesterday to check it out. Word must be getting out because it was pretty busy around 1 pm.

I don't usually go for guys who are really old but this one guy who was probably in his late 60s got into the booth next to me and immediately took out a huge piece of meat. I didn't know if it was gonna get hard or not but I was willing to try. After not too long this guy's cock was half hard and filling my throat. He turned around and bent over wanting me to lick his butthole. I had some bad experiences with licking butt at places like this but I took a sniff and he was clean so I started licking his crack.

When he turned back around he was fully hard and it was huge. I started deep-throating his dick while he stroked my face. He was so into fucking my mouth. Then he mouthed the words, "Do you want my cum?" and I nodded yes. He held the sides of my face and inserted his cock nice and deep and blasted a nice load straight down my throat.

Definitely worth a trip here, guys. Cock of all ages!

Edited on 03/20/15


Posted Mar 10 2015:
Recently changed the minimum dollar amount for the booth to work. Now it's $2, used to be $3. I overheard the guy who runs the place say they were losing business. Went today and got my throat coated with a hot load and it didn't cost me as much money as usual. Hope it picks up again. Love swallowing loads at this place!

Edited on 03/16/15


Posted Oct 24 2014:
I know this place is hit or miss but night time is definitely a hit! I think it's because a lot of the really older men don't like to drive at night. I went there this past Wednesday night and a hot 40's/50's dad-type walked in right ahead of me. Luckily even though there were a lot of guys in the back he went into a booth that was next to a vacant one. And it was one with the full open partition.

We both started stroking and I quickly fell to my knees. He didn't hesitate. He turned to face me and I sucked his cock for a good long time. I had to keep feeding the booth but his big thick cock was well worth it. Finally I got into a steady deep throat fucking motion and I literally felt his legs shaking and quivering. He planted his DNA deep in my throat, so deep that I wasn't even sure if he came. But he pulled out and a saw a little cum dripping from his head and he smiled at me. Fucking hot!

I wasn't done though. I went to another booth because the attendant with the flashlight was walking up and down. I sank money in the booth and a short bearded guy in the next booth turned to show me his cock. It was a partially blocked booth so he had to stand to the side to feed it to me. It wasn't as big as the first one but it was thick and his nuts were all tightened up. So I knew I wouldn't be long until he fed me his dick juice. I was right. Not two or three minutes into my suck job he started pulsing a huge load into my mouth. It was two or three gulps full. Then I shot and left.

Definitely try this place at night, guys. Even during the week it gets pretty hot.

Edited on 10/28/14
just starting


Posted Mar 20 2014:
Stopped by early afternoon on Saturday and was quite active. There are about 12 booths with 6 booths on either side down a narrow hall. Each booth has a shower curtain that extends to just about knee level. The booths are coupled by a waist high partition, but on one side the partition extends down almost to the floor to limit action for two only, although I saw one dude sticking out getting his cock sucked around the partition.

There's a worker that paces up and down the hallway constantly with a flashlight, which is pretty annoying, but I didn't hear him hassle anyone.

The booths require $3 minimum and have tiny TV tubes. All are quite small and there's standing only in the booths. It is crazy dark in there and very little light is emitted from the tubes.

Strangely, guys would come by and open your curtain and check out what you were doing and as you checked out the booths, you would see guys peeking out looking for action.

I jumped in a booth and the dude has his cock out, average size, but not hard. I got brazen and got totally naked even though it was my second time doing this. It was insane since I didn't see anyone naked at all. I was nervous as hell. I dropped down and sucked his cock but he couldn't get hard, which I found frustrating, so I put my clothes back on and hopped to another booth. No action there, unfortunately, the guy just hung playing with himself.

So I jerked off and left disappointed. However, it does look like there's a lot of activity. I just didn't know what I was doing since I'm new to this, but I will keep practicing.

Edited on 03/26/14


Posted Feb 09 2014:
Stopped in yesterday. A good looking guy with close cropped hair followed me into the booths and suggested I take the one next to him. He gave me a great blow job. I came a ton and he really enjoyed it. He did not miss a drop. Even said, Wow thanks!

Will return. Many times don't connect.

Edited on 02/13/14


Posted Dec 09 2013:
Decent place. A word of caution, however, I would advise NOT sitting around in your car or hanging around outside for long. The local 5-0 do cruise through sometimes, and are known to not be particularly too kind. Loiter at your own risk, but just know, you stand the potential of being cited for loitering, or worse!

Edited on 12/13/13

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Posted Aug 29 2013:
I posted a review of this place back in December 2012. It happened to be a particularly active day and I left with a few loads in my belly. But honestly since then, my trips there during the day have been pretty lousy. So glad I finally tried this place at night yesterday!

Got there around 9 pm, walking in directly behind a piggish looking guy. He went into the farthest booth and I immediately went into the adjacent booth. There was never any hesitation. I put my $3 in the slot, unzipped, kneeled down to face him and he immediately turned and fed me his cock. I'm a really good cocksucker and was out for as many loads as I could swallow, so I sucked him hard and it paid off. Within the time allotted by $3, he got hard and then squirted his load deep in my mouth. I kept it in my mouth and even milked it a little extra, licking the tip and putting his head back in my mouth to get the last drops. I swished it around my mouth before swallowing it. And the whole time my movie was still playing.

Next I noticed a guy in dress clothes in a booth stroking. I got in the booth next to him for a closer look. Thick cock but not very long. He was another eager cum donor. Didn't take long for him to shoot, but not in my mouth. He wanted me to see him shoot his load and that was cool by me.

Finally, this smaller, older dude cums walking in wearing jeans, a t-shirt and a camo/khaki hat. I put money in the slot, knowing I was gonna suck this one for a while. Beautiful cock! I sucked him for easily around 15 minutes, waiting patiently for him to reward me with a big load of semen. But after a while he zipped up. I literally said out loud, "Really?" Anyway, I stuck around as did he. I saw him go in a booth that was next to another guy, but I watched and saw that they didn't do more than just touch.

When the other guy left, I went in for the kill. I fell to my knees and started sucking again, knowing that this time I was gonna get his load. His nuts were tight, his cock was throbbing, and this time I was pretty much kneeling more in his booth than mine. He put his hands on my face, one on my chin and the other on my cheek. Started deep-fucking my throat while I petted and stroked his balls. I wanted him to know I wanted him to make a deposit. He started breathing heavy and next thing I knew he'd sunk his cock deep in the back of my throat, held me down on it (not that he had to) and started spasming a big load straight down my throat. I fucking loved it!

Lesson learned: this place is MUCH better at night. The attendant wasn't a dick like the daytime guy, and the supply of cock and load was great.

Edited on 09/10/13


Posted Aug 14 2013:
I was wondering if bigger guys get attention. I'm 5'8" 245 lbs. This place sounds like fun. Would like to try it out without wasting my time.

Edited on 08/23/13


Posted Jun 18 2013:
Came here today just to check it out. Didn't know the rules. I saw a few go into a room. I was very timid, judged. It was all in my head. I asked the guy what the booths were and he said pay three dollars and watch movies. I got money and went in. Set up like dressing rooms in the dark with curtains. In the booth I stood there not sure what to do it was so damn dark, hands shaking I put three dollars in and the movies played. The wall to the left was longer than the one on the right. I saw a person in there up to about his hands. I did my thing and jacked off. Common sense told me that's why I was there. The attendant peeked through a few times to make sure the movies were playing.

Than a Spanish man came into the booth adjacent to mine and got down on his knees, I took one step closer and my dick was in his mouth. After a few minutes he slipped a condom on me and I fucked him. I did that for a few minutes before I pulled out. It was all too much going on. He took the condom off sucked and jerked me until I came. The whole time in there I'm looking for tissue to clean myself but there aren't any. Than it clicked why the floor was slippery. Folks just jack off, squirt and go.

Overall the experience was new and I plan on going back next week. Better prepared with tissues and sanitizers. Staff there gave no problem.

Edited on 06/25/13


Posted Jun 12 2013:
So I went last night, Tuesday, here and let me tell you, I'm so glad I did. Within less than a minute I had a huge black cock coming over into my side of the booth looking to get milked. So obviously I immediately dropped to my knees to help the dude out. Fuck was it hot. Cock was huge and rock hard and I loved swallowing it balls deep.

Then another guy came in my booth to take turns between sucking my cock and helping me suck the big black dick. Black dude could hold out too. We sucked it for a good 30 minutes while he just stood there and let us milk it. I shot in the one guy's mouth and then the black cock squirted. It was fuckin' hot, and I'm hoping for similar action the next time I head back there.

Edited on 06/18/13


Posted Jun 05 2013:
There is no cruising or sex at this place. There are no doors or even actual booths and there is a clerk standing right there where he can see everything.

The 'booths' are partitions that only go down to around waist or knee height so everyone is visible from the legs on down. No doors, only shower curtains that also go down to maybe knee level.

Edited on 06/10/13


Posted May 06 2013:
Went here the other week with my poppers and cock ring ready and let me tell you, what a hot night. There was a threesome going on in one of the booths with a white guy, a black guy, and a tranny and it was hot as hell. Even the employees were watching the action. Should be heading back this week. Looking for some huge cocks to suck.

Edited on 05/10/13
Cute cocksucker


Posted Mar 28 2013:
This place is hit or miss, just depends on when you go. I've gone when it's been dead and I've gone when it's been hopping. Just depends. I'm late 20's, cute, toned with a big dick and I always go with my cockring and a bottle of poppers in case it's hopping so I'm ready to have a good time with some good cock.

I went this past Sunday and had a good time. I like to keep the curtain open so guys can watch me stroke my big cock to porn. If someone hot comes in the booth next to me, I'm ready to swallow their cock whole. A black guy with a huge cock that was rock solid came in the booth next to me this past Sunday. I milked that huge fucker til he shot. Spent the rest of my time there stroking with an audience til I squirted on the wall and floor. Went home with a happy cock.

Edited on 04/01/13


Posted Dec 31 2012:
Got myself set up in the last stall, within minutes had my mouth wide open and some Spanish guy was feeding me his meat. The clerk didn't give a shit what was going on as long as money went in. One troll was a little annoying but moved on after a minute or so. This guy had a nice uncut cock after a few minutes I felt his ass cheeks tighten up, tippy toes, then boom what a load.

I have to be honest, I didn't give up my spot, spent some money, stayed put, and sucked off two more guys. One guy was a little shy and wouldn't give it up, he had a nice piece. I got so turned on watching him stroke I wouldn't relent. Eventually he gave in and let me suck that wonderful fat cock. Must have been his first time at a place like this, I made sure he'll come back. What a nice fat piece of meat, fully loaded.

Edited on 01/08/13


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Posted Dec 26 2012:
Excellent place to suck and swallow! I've been to this place before and have had a good time, but never like today! I got there just after it opened, maybe around 10:30. Probably around four guys were there. I got in a booth and a short married guy got in the booth next to me. He must have known I was there to suck because he took his hard dick out of his jeans and wasted no time as he turned to face me. I dropped to my knees and started sucking his cock. Not too long, but nice and fat, and really hard with tight nuts. You have to put $3 to get the videos going, then $1 at a time after that. My first $3 was barely up when he looked down at me and said, "it's a big load... it's all yours buddy..." and started filling my mouth with his cum. I actually kept it in my mouth and had to puff out my cheeks a little not to spill it. I stroked my cock swishing his sperm around my mouth a bit, and then swallowed. He was right, a big fucking load of spooge right down my gullet.

I stepped out of my booth and was walking up and down the aisle a little. The previous reviews are right. The guys who run the place want you dropping dollars constantly. I was barely out of my booth for a minute when the employee came in the back to check on things. I ducked into another booth and when I crouched down I saw a big, fat, hard uncut cock in the next booth. Jackpot! I could tell by the guy's hands that he was a bit older, but I love sucking older guys especially when their cocks are that fat and hard. His balls were really tight, too. This time I knelt down as if to worship his meat and he put his hands on either side of my head and slowly dipped his cock way in the back of my throat. I started bobbing up and down hoping I was gonna make him blast nice and quick, but he kept holding back. He said he didn't want to cum that fast. His dick was so beautiful that I couldn't hold back myself. I stroked a load out, wiped up and was on my way.

But all I kept thinking about after I left was that it was still early and I was sure I could get some more semen in my guts. So, pig that I am, I went back a few hours later. More guys this time but that almost makes it harder to hook up because the trolls (yup, there's always a few) place themselves on either sides of anyone worth sucking and then you can't get to them. But I went in a booth and in the booth next to me was a piggish looking, younger, bearded guy with jeans and a sweatshirt on. This was one of the booths where there's a lower partition so sucking can be difficult, but he stood to the side of the partition so I could get to his cock and once again I was on my knees sucking this gorgeous fat, hard cock. I had to stop for a few seconds because the employee was walking around and we were kinda sticking out into the aisle a little, but as soon as he was gone my cock-provider turned back toward me and I just started sucking all over again. At one point I went really deep, milking his cock head with my throat and gently petting his full balls. Without as much as a word or a grunt, his cock just started pulsating and I knew he was injecting his cum deep in my throat. I swallowed each time I felt it pulsate, never even tasting his load but knowing I was accepting it deep inside me. That was enough to make me fucking nut all over again.

I have a feeling these kinds of scenes are becoming more common so I'll definitely be back for me. Woof!

Edited on 01/02/13


Posted Dec 16 2012:
Honestly guys, this is like any other porn place. It's hit or miss depending on when you go. I'm a cute white guy in my late 20's, in shape with a big thick dick. I've gone on a week/weekend night and either sucked some big dick or left after jerking myself off when there have been nothing but trolls. It just depends.

I just came back today, a Sunday afternoon, and within less than 30 seconds of me putting money in, the guy next to me had his huge dick on my side wanting a good sucking. So I swallowed his huge rod for a while. When we were done, the black guy across from me was showing me his huge dick, too, so I went over there. All he wanted was to jerk off and grind. So we did that. a lot of that. I stroked his big dick for a while and he did the same to mine. All while I keep my curtain open so my audience can enjoy the show.

After a while he jacked me off till I shot all over the floor. It was a good nut. I would definitely recommend a Sunday afternoon if you're looking to go when there's more of a selection. That's probably the only times I'll go there from now on.

Edited on 12/24/12


Posted Oct 27 2012:
I've gone here for years. It really depends on what mood the clerk is in, I've had some really good times and some total wastes of time. When it's good there is no shame in what goes on in there. I've been here on many occasions and in minutes had a cock in me, left with multiple loads, dumped more then one load myself on a few occasions.

But the one that takes the cake was a few months ago very late after a club. Two guys came in together and took a booth on each side of me. No modesty at the point, they knew what they wanted and let me know instantly.

As soon as their bills dropped, so did their pants. Cocks out, I took turns blowing each, the one in the mouth and one in the ass. After I swallowed one load I took the others condom off and swallowed his load as the other fingered my ass until I dumped my load.

All depends on the clerk and time of day. Much cock to had here.

Edited on 11/01/12


Posted Oct 06 2012:
This place deserves better than a 2.5. There's almost always action going on here, especially around lunchtime and at night. They walk around with the flashlights to make sure things don't get too out of hand, but I personally have never see them breaking balls.

Anyone know if this place is CD friendly? I'm a CD and this seems like the place to do it, but I don't want trouble.

Edited on 10/15/12


Posted Aug 06 2012:
I was there last week. An Hispanic male clerk was being an ass telling everybody to feed the machines or get out. He walked to the front after confronting a patron and muttered very low "f****n queers." I heard it from behind my curtain and promptly left. Although the owner is always very polite to his customers the same cannot be said for this homophobe who shouldn't be working there.

Edited on 08/13/12


Posted Jul 24 2012:
Been going for many years, from back when the had gloryholes. In my experience the only thing that matters is feed the machine!

Occasionally the clerk wanted in on the action or at least to watch. There used to be a clerk there who, though he wasn't very much in the looks department, gave fantastic head. At that time I was not into reciprocating so I loved it at 1 am when the place was empty. He would come out from behind behind his counter and blow the shit out of my cock. Guess he worked there for a reason. One time I was so drunk he talked me into returning the favor. He always jacked off but I tried to not look down. Well when I first really did look, I caved in. Partially because he had a nice cock, always clean shaven, always hard, and ready to go. But he always sucked my cock, never too busy.

So feed the machine and you will go home drained.

Edited on 07/30/12


Posted Jul 15 2012:
I don't know why everyone keeps saying there is an attendant who's an asshole. I've been going there for years and never experienced that. The only thing that they emphasize is that you continue to put money in the machine. Other than that, they don't bother you. I've gone any day of the week, any time of day, and never had any problem. Just drop money in the machine and you're free and clear to do what you gotta do!

Edited on 07/23/12


Posted Jun 18 2012:
I have been here many times, and you can have alot of fun, but I agree with the last post if the one asshole clerk or asshole guard is there don't waste your time. You will know in the first five minutes. I have gotten my fair share of cock, got my ass fucked, licked, and fingered many times over. Recently I sucked off a married guy who loved to lick ass, and I swallowed his cock down to his balls, and swallowed his huge load and after he licked and fingered my ass I shot my load right on his sport jacket.

Edited on 06/23/12

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Posted Jun 06 2012:
I went to this place last week and there was a dyke behind the counter. There was a guy in the video area -- which has bath curtains instead of doors -- who walked up and down with a flashlight every 5 minutes. If anybody can hook up in an environment like that he's gotta be Houdini.
This place is on my way home and I still would not go there again.

Edited on 06/12/12


Posted May 07 2012:
This place has picked up again lately, like it was before the first remodel years ago. I used to love to suck cock out back in the guard shack up against the back of the building.

These days you have to feed the machines or they walk around with a flash light threatening to throw you out. A few days ago I let some college kid lick and finger my ass until I shot my load. He had a nice cock, but wouldn't let me suck it, only jerk him off.

Edited on 05/10/12


Posted Apr 27 2012:
Been going here on and off for years, and the place goes through periods of good and bad. Also the clerks really make or break the place. I can tell as soon as I walk in if the clerk is an asshole or not. I realize they are doing their job, but at the same time we all know why we are there. About 2 days ago I had a very good experience. It was late Friday night after a few drinks, when I stopped in the parking lot which was packed, but the booths were empty. I hooked up with a young married Portuguese guy. He had a cock like a coke can, 7.5 cut thick as hell and mouth watering. We jerked each other off for a while and them I had to have it. I sucked him off, he blew his load all over, then zipped and ran. I was left out there horny and hard. I hung around until I managed to get my ass licked while this guy jerked himself off. Eventually he got me so hot I exploded as he shot his hot cum, all over my ass.

Edited on 04/30/12


Posted Apr 16 2012:
Just got home from this place. I stayed in the second to last stall and kept feeding the machine until I saw what I wanted, and my cock finder was dead on tonight. He dropped his money, whipped out his wonderful 8.5 piece of meat that was almost rock hard even before he got it all the way out. He must have been churning for a blowjob all day. I was very happy his cock ended up in my mouth and slid my shorts down just far enough so I could jerk-off as I was sucking him. Before I knew it, I had a mouth full of cock and a finger in my ass. A few minutes later the finger became a nice hard cock. My ass was getting hammered as was my mouth. The guy I was blowing was definitely bigger than the guy in my ass, but none the less I was enjoying myself. It seemed like forever, but I am sure it was only minutes before I got a mouthful of cum. A few minutes after that the guy pulled out of my ass, took his condom off, and fucked my mouth until I got his load. I have been here many times and usually you are lucky to sneak in a blowjob before the asshole clerks bother you, but tonight it wasn't crowded and they left us alone.

Edited on 04/22/12


Posted Mar 08 2012:
I agree there is one clerk that is a total ass, more than anything I think he is just annoyed because no one gives him the time of day. That said, I have had some good action. I find that week days around lunch are good and weekends, in the early afternoon are good, too. Of course being a little drunk on a Friday or Saturday night can be fun, too.

Recently I went on Monday around 2 pm and the place was empty other than 2 guys all the way in the back 2 stalls on the right. One guy had some issues rising to the occasion so when he left I slid in there. You have to feed the machine or else. I have no idea what this guy looked like, because it is very dark. We did a little mutual jerking and took turns sucking. He had a decent body with an average cock, but what a fat fucking head! Eventually he came very hard in my mouth.

After that I thought he was leaving, but what he did was position himself in just the right spot to stick his ass under the half wall. I thought he wanted me to jerk off on his ass but he managed to get a condom on me, then guided my very hard cock into his bald tight fat ass. And he was tight, it took a little effort but it worked out and what a sigh he made once I got it in and then the moans once I was going.

Edited on 03/17/12


Posted Feb 21 2012:
The one clerk is a pain, but if you are cautious and feed the machine they will leave you alone. I was here Sunday around noon and it was not very crowded, but there were 2 guys who wanted to play. My only issue is if you are not involved, don't make it worse by hanging on top of those playing. I chose the nicer cock -- who wouldn't -- and a good choice it was. What a mouthful!

Edited on 02/27/12


Posted Dec 07 2011:
Stopped in Monday around noon, and within 5 minutes had 2 guys, one each side teasing me with their cocks in hand. I managed to get a blowjob and my asshole licked until finally I could not take it anymore and exploded. We were total pigs. One guy was black with a very big and clean shaved cock. I swallowed his load and watched him take the other guys load all over his inner thigh. It was very hot! You have to be as discreet as possible and feed the machine or they will bother you.

Edited on 12/14/11


Posted Oct 24 2011:
I heard that UC is casing this place, preparing for a raid.

Edited on 10/26/11


Posted Sep 02 2011:
Decent action here, but a lot of the guys seem to be regulars who frequent this place.

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Posted Jan 14 2011:
Went to this place in the afternoon last week, my first time in years. I guess I would have to say I was a total pig. I left with five loads. And two of them were uncut, my favorite eats. One of the uncut guys had on tie and suit and wedding ring. No way was I not going to get that load. It's an older crowd which I like.

Edited on 01/19/11


Posted Dec 25 2010:
This place is a waste of time and money. The staff are not friendly and bothers you all the time. The crowd are only old and ugly trolls. I'm fairly sure those good reviews are written by the owner.

Edited on 12/28/10

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Posted Oct 24 2010:
Loved this place! Sucked a big fat cock for a half hour and was rewarded with at least a gallon of sweet young cum. Can't wait to go back.

Edited on 10/27/10


1 of 1 people found this review helpful
Posted Apr 15 2010:
I have to disagree with the above posts. Went there twice this week and hooked up with a lot of guys around lunch time. Gave blowjobs to about 7 guys the first day and about 4 the next. Got so into it with one guy that I was on all fours and he was fucking my face so hard that I didn't even care that someone pulled open the curtain and I was being watched by 3 others.

Edited on 04/18/10


Posted Jan 27 2010:
This dump is the pits. An abyssmal waste of time. Don't even bother going.

Edited on 01/28/10


Posted Dec 01 2009:
Police and town politicians torture them and that is why they try to keep a handle on things. As long as you put money in the video and do not fuck, they will not bother you.


Posted Jul 04 2009:
There is one cool guy that works there and he respects everyone because he is also gay. He does his job but is never an asshole. The others are total racist homophobes. If you are Latino they will mostly leave you alone even if you stand in the booth and don't ever put a dollar in. If you are white they will badger you and give you dirty looks from the moment you walk in. I was jerking off and feeling up another hot guy on the other side and the attendant with the big gap in his teeth pulled my curtain wide open and started yelling at me. I had money in the machine so it made no sense at all. I was perplexed so I looked out into the hall and he was watching some hideous transvestite get fucked by 2 fat Latino guys. Then when I came out he started yelling again immediately to find a booth. He said I was fucking in the booth and told me to leave. I am not a problem customer. I spend money and mind my business. I follow the rules and am respectful. I will never go back to that dump again.


Posted Jul 04 2009:
This place is full of disgusting trolls that will not leave you alone. They constantly open the curtain when you are hooking up with another hottie and there are very few hotties in this place these days.


Posted Jul 04 2009:
Heads Up!
Last night there was an undercover cop in the parking lot writing down license plate numbers. This place is being watched. If you get busted they will print your name in the newspaper.


Posted Jun 27 2009:
I drove into the parking lot last night and there was a guy in a pickup truck parked near the front door and he had a police shield in his window. He was standing outside his truck on his mobile phone. I left and came back in about 15 minutes because I was horned up and wanted some action but the guy was still there. Not sure if he was really a cop or what his intention was, but I left because I didn't want to get caught up in any potential police action.


Posted Jun 02 2009:
People here whine and complain about this place not being fun anymore: blame yourselves. A little common sense, respect and couth can go a long way.


Posted Mar 08 2009:
Plexi-glass extensions at the bottom of the partitions close off booths for complete privacy. They still shine flashlights and raise their voices talking to patrons like they are scum. I give this place three months tops!


Posted Mar 03 2009:
I stopped in the other day. There was this bald-headed guy working. He was sitting on a stool in the doorway to the darkroom. Looks like he was keeping an eye out. I left because I didn't want to get hassled.


Posted Jan 21 2009:
This place used to be better. Now they have dividers that only give you access to one person at a time. The staff has gotten obnoxious with flashlights and not even giving you a moment to scope out what's what before you decide which booth to step in. And I don't get that since I'm sure the booths are their main source of income. I very much doubt this place makes enough from selling videos, toys, lingerie, and fetish crap to stay in business. If they are getting pressure from the cops it would be nice if they could figure out a way to handle it without making customers feel harassed or scolded. If they think they can make it by just selling videos and toys, then they should close up the booths and go for it. Otherwise, they should cut some slack to their main source of income.


Posted Jan 18 2009:
I was there the other day and a couple of these stalls had cardboard partitions added so that you could not offer your bud in the next stall a hand. It's a shame this place enables then takes away your ability to have fun.


Posted Jan 16 2009:
I was there in December on a Tuesday afternoon and it sucked (and not in a good way). The clerk came in the arcade area every five minutes with a bright flashlight opening all curtains, even if you had money in the machines. It was not conducive to sex and I left within fifteen minutes. The place used to be great. I had much more fun in Hamilton.


Posted Jan 04 2009:
Went at 2 pm today and it was rather slow. They now have a pimply faced obnoxious teen skank 'working' the desk who's got a snotty, condescending attitude and shoots out nasty comments to the patrons if they exercise some discernment about which booth they might like to pump $5 a shot into, then seeks validation on her cuntiness from her older, semi-lowlife co-workers. Bet her Daddy's proud. This place used to be great but now it sucks and it's offensive. I'll find somewhere else to get my cock sucked.


Posted Dec 25 2008:
I was there this past Sunday mid-afternoon. While the setup is exactly the same as it always has been (that being the dividers only go halfway down leaving plenty of room to get to know your neighbor), now they have a guy shining a flashlight in each booth. When they sense that you are engaging in any kind of activity with your neighbor they threaten to throw you out if you do it again. Um, if you really don't want to encourage that behavior and want the place to be a hands-off bookstore, how about installing full-length dividers people?


Posted Dec 12 2008:
I went today at about 10 pm. There were maybe eight guys in the booths. This place is perfect for action. Not a minute after I got in the booth the guy in the one to my right reached under, unzipped my jeans and took my dick out, sucked me off and swallowed my load. Great place to go and get a quick nut off. The guy behind the counter is awesome, too. No hassle at all.


Posted Dec 04 2008:
I went today around 11 am. There were no cars in the lot and it looked closed. I don't know if I was too early or if the place is closed down.


Posted Nov 15 2008:
Heads Up!
Two plainclothes police officers were looking in the booths a week ago. A guy was arrested in the parking lot sitting in his car. Guys, watch your back.


Posted Nov 01 2008:
It's open again and the action is better than ever!


Posted Oct 26 2008:
It's now open again.


Posted Sep 18 2008:
The place is temporarily closed. he guy told me, 'An Indian woman drove through the fuckin' wall.' The front of the building is boarded up.


Posted Sep 15 2008:
This place went downhill big time! I went there last week and there were nothing but trolls lurking around. They didn't seem to have a problem opening up your curtain wide enough to see what you were doing! $5 is pretty steep considering you're stuck with whoever is in the booth next to you until the time runs out, unless of course, you come in with a pocket full of five dollar bills. Needless to say, I will not go back!


Posted Sep 14 2008:
Don't waste your time and money! The fat pig at the counter hassles everybody for feeding the machines although it is now $5 every time you feed the machine. It's not worth your time or money!


Posted Sep 09 2008:
There is a $5 minimum to start the video machines and they STILL give you a hard time about 'feeding the machines.' If you don't you have to start it again with 5 bucks. Plus, the straight guy at the desk is a real asshole. Don't waste your time.


Posted Sep 09 2008:
The setup is not for the faint of heart. There is NO privacy at all. Everyone can see what is going on which I worry might encourage the trolls to be aggressive. I was there at around 10 am and there were about half a dozen guys spanking it. I motioned to a couple of guys, but there was no action, just looking. The clerk bothered no one, though, so I'll definitely be back.


Posted Aug 30 2008:
I went today, a Saturday. WOW is all I can say. They asked for my zip code. Big deal I could have put any zip code down. It was so packed there wasn't an empty booth. Once I got in one, I sucked off 3 of the hottest guys. The clerks were very friendly and joked that as long as we fed the machines they didn't care what went on. Really hot movies, by the way. It is far for me but I will be back.


Posted Aug 16 2008:
Ok, so I was visiting a friend last month, got lost, and then found this place. Let me tell you my cock was throbbing as soon as I walked in and saw the set up! I went back to my car, got my cock ring and nipple clamps and came back in. I stood in a booth and put my stuff on. Within no joke, 2 minutes, a guy came in next to me and whipped out at least 9 inches! The fucker was huge! While I was blowing him, I could see the other action going on because they have only half walls. I do like that they have curtains that can be drawn closed so it covers your own individual booth.


Posted Jul 22 2008:
Somebody gave a lot of thought on how to set up those booths and I love 'em. The trouble is a few jerks want to sit in a booth without spending a couple of bucks on the videos and maybe these are the guys getting hassled!


Posted Jul 17 2008:
I looked for it today and all I found on Route 1 South was a small place with a dozen booths. No gloryholes, and the booths were walled floor-to-ceiling -- the size of a telephone booth (that's if you can even remember telephone booths). If that isn't the place then better directions would help.


Posted Jul 07 2008:
Yeah. The guy is exactly as described: a big arrogant asshole. This place got nailed a few years ago because management was hassling guys and obviously one of them ratted them out. They renovated and slowly came back. Now the same crap is going on. They ask you to write down your zip code on a pad when you enter. I had no idea they were taking pics. Certain guys can stand around and not get hassled. Others like myself got picked on a lot. I no longer live in Jersey and even if I did, I would never go back. They'll close again. Rest assured. The last time I was there management hassled me so I wiped my load all over the coin box so when he went to opened it he would have to clean it up! These guys earn their living cleaning up other people's cum and have the nerve to think that they're better than me! I left the best tip for him I could think of. Stay away!


Posted Jun 26 2008:
What's with the Chicken Little bullshit. The place is a public store, open to the public, both gay and hetero. Who gives a shit if some asshole snaps your picture (which I seriously doubt even happened). Does he frame the picture all nice and pretty with the store sign in the background along with a copy of your ID? This is like any other spot of its type, hit-or-miss. One man's troll is another man's hot older guy. Stop pissing on everyone's fun!


Posted Jun 19 2008:
Stopped in for the first time at 10 am. Within five minutes a guy reached under from the adjoining curtain, grabbed my cock, put a condom on it, and gave me a great blowjob. I'll be back. I gave him the breakfast of champions!


Posted Jun 14 2008:
And I almost went there. Thank goodness I didn't. I certainly won't be going back there anymore, for anything. It's not worth it!


Posted Jun 13 2008:
Heads Up!
Alert! Yesterday I pulled into the parking area and as I was parking I saw the big Hispanic guy that works there driving his Ford Explorer up to people that were also pulling in. He would pull up next to their cars as they were getting out and snap a digital photo of their face, say something, and drive away as they protested. Why is this place keeping records of the people that go here? I won't go back.

From place description/comments:
See also this Yahoo! Group Adult Bookstore Avenel.

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