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Video Flixx

Category: Adult store with arcade Hours / Entry Fee: 10 am - 11 pm Daily Directions: Located in Tor Plaza.
Submitted: Jul 19 2011 (Edited 01/24/17)
Cruised here? Rate this place:
3.21/5 based on 28 votes. The median rating is 3.
Read & Write Reviews: 47 Reviews

Address: 2045 Route 35
City: South Amboy
State: New Jersey
ZIP/Postal Code: 08871
Country: United States of America
Phone Number: 732-525-8500

The store has two sets of two buddy booths and three private booths. There is no entry fee and booths take bills.
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Posted Apr 05 2018:
Is it cool to bring your girl here?

Edited on 04/05/18


Posted Dec 02 2017:
Used to go here often, though haven't been in over a year until recently being back in the area to see family. While back I've gone about a dozen times, hit or miss like all of these places. There never seems to be a rhyme or reason, just pot luck.

About two weeks ago I was here and had a great experience with late 20's - early 30's married guy, he was clearly new at this a little shy but willing. He was in a booth next door, pretty lean, tall side, 5'10, 185, a little over 7" I would guess but hard as hell, veiny, and think like a Red Bull can. I'm 5'8, 195, stocky not fat, 7.5" cut.

We enjoyed the mutual sucking and jerking through the slot for a while until I finally convinced him to let me in or come over to me. He came over. I got his pants at his ankles, his hard cook in my mouth, and my thumb circling his asshole. He wasn't sure how far to go.

Eventually I got my thumb in there and within a minute or two he let out this moan of pleasure and unloaded what was probably two weeks of juice in my mouth. He quickly buckled up and left.

Luckily for me there was a willing cocksucker in the booth next door who allowed me the pleasure of fucking his mouth until I came.

Edited on 12/04/17
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Usergroup: Member
Joined: May 14, 2017

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 1


Posted May 14 2017:
This place is the best! It's fucking awesome. You don't have to pay to go to the back, the workers don't bother you, and there's always at least a few guys there.

More often than not there's an eager boy or two there ready to suck and get fucked. Everyone needs to come here!

Edited on 05/18/17


Posted Apr 10 2017:
Um, is this place good for a couple (male and female) to get a threesome going?

Edited on 04/14/17


1 of 1 people found this review helpful
Posted Feb 02 2017:
I've gone a handful of times and have yet to leave without someone swallowing my load. Workers don't bother you and the place is clean. Haven't seen too many trolls. Like all places it can be hit or miss.

Prior to my most recent visit I had a wonderful experience. I'm 5'8", 195 pounds, well-built, 40, and have just under 8” average thickness. In walks a 30-something-year-old 6' thin long-haired guy, very feminine looking, lean nice legs in as tight jeans as one could wear. If he had tits you would have thought he was a woman. Magnificent ass, average bulge, nice lips. Clearly I was instantly attracted and interested.

I got him in the oversized booth, immediately stuck my tongue down his throat, and grabbed his ass as he did the same to me. At some point I spun him around and pulled his pants down just enough to expose that fine firm ass that I fingered and tongued for quite some time as I jerked my cock. Eventually he got to the point where he couldn't take it and unleashed one of the fattest cocks I've ever seen. Thankfully he was a total bottom and wanted nothing to do with fucking me. I sucked the cum out of him within minutes and boy, did he have a nice sweet load.

After he dumped his load he sat me down and sucked me for a little. I don't know how I lasted this long but I did. I could tell he wanted to let me fuck him but was apprehensive: neither of us had a Trojan.

The moment took over after some more kissing and stroking. He turned around and threw his fine ass onto my cock. He was extremely tight. He eventually got to the point where he was bouncing on my raw cock and we were both loving every second. Every thrust brought me closer to exploding.

Somehow he ended up in the chair legs up. I really enjoyed fucking him this way. He got hard again and I was ready to explode. I wanted to explode in his ass. But he wanted me to cum on him, so when I was ready I pulled out and shot my load all over his cock. As the first drop hit he came again. We cleaned up as best we could and kissed a little more. He then whispered in my ear his phone number and said you should see me dressed up.

I have seen him several times since this meeting. We definitely have a lot of chemistry and mutual attraction. I'll keep those experiences private. But I will say this, from what I know now I was his first anal experience. That was only his second or third time so I guess timing is everything.

He looks a hundred times better dressed, you know, mini skirts, boy shorts, a sun dress OMG! Jackpot for both of us. I haven't been back since. I doubt this happens often from what I read on here but it was well worth it and what an experience.

Edited on 02/08/17


Posted Jan 22 2017:
This place is okay. Usually a bunch of trolls there that don't know how to take a hint or straight up how to take no for an answer. Sometimes they can be too annoying so I'll bounce. But it's hit or miss. Sometimes I'll find a delicious cock to suck on and milk. Other times I leave there without doing a single thing with a soul.

I'm a cute white dude, early 30's with a big cut dick. Went tonight and a bunch of trolls but eventually an attractive Latin dude came in and we played til I busted. Usually I'll just go there when I need poppers because they are way less expensive than the place in Woodbridge. But the one in Woodbridge usually has a slightly better selection of "clientele."

This place has potential to be awesome. But the one thing they need to do is update their gay porn playing in the booths. Jesus it's like I'm stuck in 1991 with their porn. Give us more recent porn, bareback porn, just better. And for some reason none of the gay porn has sound now but all the straight porn does. The hell?

Anyway, I've had some fun there and other times I've left with my nut still in my sack. Hit or miss, like most places.

Edited on 01/24/17

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Sep 07, 2016

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 1


Posted Sep 07 2016:
I went here today for the first time and it was OK. The place is at the end of a strip mall and there is plenty of parking. I went in and it was a very clean store, the guy behind the counter was friendly and just not bothering anyone, and it has a great selection of toys and DVDs for sale.

The booth area is small, just a few booths, but they were clean and it was dark enough for those who don't want to be seen! I was looking forward to sucking some cock but there were only a couple of guys there so I was out of luck.

All in all I was impressed, it's not a bad place to go for some quick action and I'll definitely go back.

Edited on 09/19/16


Posted Aug 10 2016:
Came here the other week to get some more poppers — cheaper here than other places — and decided to head back to the booths to see what kind of action was going on. I'm a cute white dude in his early 30's, in shape with a big thick cut dick.

The selection there was not my taste, so i kept to myself basically. But the trolls there kept trying to come in my booth and open the door to watch me jerk off and all. The dude working there, and I've never seen him there before, kept yelling at me for not locking my door as opposed to yelling at the trolls that couldn't stop opening my door.

Fuck you dude. I used to go there and get poppers and put my money in those damn booths while possibly gettin' some dick but fuck that, I'll just be going there for poppers and then head over to the Woodbridge porn place if I want some big dick to play with. Better selection there most times anyway.

I wonder if the other place you mentioned is the Adult Variety Center close to Woodbridge Center. ~ Editor

Edited on 08/17/16


Posted May 15 2016:
Thanks to Video Flixx, I am now an official bisexual cocksucker. I had been scoping the place out for a couple of days.

I went today walked into a booth. No sooner did I close the door when a large thick cock appeared in the slot/gloryhole. I sucked and licked for a couple of minutes and found the experience thrilling! I'll be back.

Edited on 05/25/16

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Apr 23, 2016

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 1


Posted Apr 23 2016:
I've stopped in here a few times in the past, mainly to purchase various items but never used the booths. Having never been with someone of my own gender, I recently learned that guys will hang in the booths hoping that someone will stop in and join them.

I decided to venture to the back and there was a nice looking blond guy, maybe a little younger than me, watching an M/M video. I stood in the doorway — he had the door wide open — asking him how it was. He said just OK, as he was stroking himself.

I commented that I liked the pierced nipple look that one of the actors had, then looked at him and asked if he wanted me to suck his dick. He was like sure, so I got on my knees and gave my first head ever after giving and receiving from women for decades.

Aside from the fact his balls were a little hairy [emdash] I'm completely shaven [emdash] it was a great experience. I started by licking his sack then worked my way up the shaft getting him nice and aroused, and then I had him a deep, tight, fluid blow.

I asked him if he came, as I told him he could cum in my mouth, and he said yes but it must have been very little. Still, he tasted great.

The supposed asshole bald guy was working there and not the friendly, skinny guy with hair, but he didn't harass me or ask me if I had money for the booths. I basically just walked directly to the back and what happened happened, and I'd do it again. My experience was positive.

Edited on 04/28/16


Posted Jan 26 2016:
It's been awhile since I posted and awhile since I have been to the booths, and my throat and ass have been craving some hard cock. So I have taken a personal health day from work and will spend the day at the booths. Please stop by and help fill me up.

Edited on 02/01/16


Posted Sep 08 2015:
The guys who work here are like night and day, The one with the hair is really nice, while the bald guy who works here is a creep. He harasses customers, and will try to steal all the hot guys that come in. Whenever there is someone hot, he will stand around the booth areas, and constantly yell to put money in the machine. It's an effort to get them out the booth and into the front employee room where he can have sex with them.

What is the point in us coming here to spend money if the Manager is going to harass us and steal all the good guys. Total creep!

Edited on 09/15/15

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Sep 01, 2015

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 1


Posted Sep 01 2015:
I'm a dude that likes getting off with other masc dudes. If you go at the right time, this is actually a very good spot. Like any other, you have a few trolls.

But a lot of blue collar dudes stop through. I've good time here a few times.

Edited on 09/08/15


Posted Aug 23 2015:
I was in the area on a nice summer Saturday afternoon so I stopped in. Not another customer in the place. I asked the surly clerk where the bathroom was, and he said, "There is no bathroom". I don't believe him.

He suggested the bar next door, whose rest room is for customers only, and which has a $5 bar minimum!

I spent a few dollars in the machines, mostly waiting to see if any other customers came in. Not a single soul in half an hour.

Forget this place.

Edited on 08/31/15


Posted Aug 22 2015:
Subject: wonderin
Looks good.

Edited on 08/31/15


1 of 1 people found this review helpful
Posted Mar 10 2015:
I'm young GL guy. I had reservations about going but I was in that area for work and stopped in. I figured if nothing else it's a toy store, I'll pick up something.

Well I was greeted by a very nice employee that gave me change. As soon as I walked back toward the booths, I was overwhelmed by a group of people that I assume were cruising. I immediately kept walking out of awkwardness and went to look at videos.

But an attractive guy came over and asked if I was looking. We went into a big booth. I had no idea what to expect but he put money in and went to town on my dick. It was great.

Next I went to leave but realized I really did want a toy. As I was looking at the dildos another guy came up and asked. He was an attractive mature guy so we went in and he blew my load. Then I finally got my toy.

So even for me, a 25 y/o professional, I had a great experience. Even though I was worried it was just creeps, they are there but you still have a decent pick.

Edited on 08/31/15


Posted Feb 12 2015:
I visit this place often, and it is usually quite good. There are gaps under each buddy view window that act as gloryholes. The best times are lunch and 5 to 8 at night. I have drained many a dick and have been fucked here twice, all great experiences. The key is to keep the money flowing and they won't bother you. They do close early at 10:00 pm and the action dies after 8:00.

Edited on 02/17/15


Posted Nov 16 2014:
I stopped going to this place for a while because there was never any action going on. Cute white dude, early 30's with a big dick here.

But last week I went to get poppers (since their prices are way better than most other places) and heard some moaning going on in the back. I checked it out. The action was pretty good. Got in a booth with this Black dude with a big cock and bubble ass. I sucked him off for awhile, and when I was ready to cum he had me squirt on his hole. Fuckin' hot.

Then tonight I went back 'cause I was horned up all weekend. Glad I did. Went into a booth, left the door open, and whipped out my big cock and started jerking. Immediately a cute Latino came in and whipped it out and I sucked him off till he nutted.

Then when he left another dude came in and jerked off to watching me jerk off and then he came. Then a cute Blatino guy and I went into the bigger booths and he whipped out his enormous cock and we jerked each other off till we both shot our loads.

When I came out there were three other guys squeezing their junk at me but I was good after that good squirt I just had. Hot night and glad it seems to be picking back up again. I'll be going back again soon.

Edited on 11/21/14

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Jul 29, 2014

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 1


Posted Jul 29 2014:
I went here but nothing. If someone wants to teach me the ropes of video stores I am game.

Edited on 08/04/14

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Mar 25, 2005

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 0


Posted Jul 26 2014:
Hardly ever go without having a few dicks shoot their loads in my mouth. Had three big dicks today.

Edited on 07/30/14


Posted Mar 22 2014:
Went there out of curiosity, within ten minutes was in the larger booth with a guy sucking me off. We both shot and he left. I stayed a few more minutes and sucked off a young college age cutie. Left but will definitely be back for more.

Edited on 03/28/14
New to this


Posted Mar 21 2014:
I've been here 3 times and none of the visits were exciting. They have 10 booths, 6 in an L shaped and 2 pairs in adjoining areas. 8 of them are buddy booths with slots between them. There's a mechanism that raises the partition, but I have yet to see it working. The last 2 booths are private, but one of them is quite large and would fit 2 people easily. They take dollar bills and videos last about 1 minute/dollar. All booths have solid lockable doors.

The employees don't hassle you at all and one worker with a beard is very friendly. There's a lot of guys just hanging out around the booths. I have no idea what they're here for, and it doesn't seem they're interested in any action. I made obvious jumps in booths a few times, but no one came into the adjoining booth. I even went and left the door open slightly.

There was only one time someone came into the adjoining booth and we both played for a bit. He had a nice cock and big balls and his junk smelled awesome. I sucked and sucked, but it wouldn't get it hard and he finally pulled up his pants and left. I went booth to booth with no new takers and finally just jerked off and left.

Since I'm new to this, I'll keep trying since I may be going about this wrong. If anyone has any advice, please post it.

Edited on 03/27/14


1 of 1 people found this review helpful
Posted Nov 01 2013:
I went there the other day, I'm black 23 years old with a 9.5 cut, as soon as I walked in went to the backroom I had two guys suck me off and an 18 year old fuck my ass. Then I fucked him, lots of cum, and I walked out of there with a hard on. Still feels like I was still cumming in my pants. I will be back again this weekend.

Edited on 11/07/13


Posted May 27 2013:
I went to this place for the first time maybe about a week ago. I went on a Thursday maybe around 9 pm, and at first there wasn't anyone there. I sat down in one of the buddy booths in the back, but now they are just larger booths that have had the "buddy" part of them taken out. I had asked for change for the machines hoping that I wouldn't have to put much in or wait too long. The amount of porn you get for your dollar is ridiculous, but I didn't have to wait long.

The guy who was working the counter (and gave me change) actually came back and let me suck his cock for a little bit before he had to go and make sure the other customers weren't stealing anything. I thought this place was probably pretty good and I have to come back at a better time on a better day. Then, the guy followed me to my car and he swallowed my load right outside before I drove off. It was hot. So if anyone has any recommendations for days and times please post them.

Edited on 06/03/13


Posted May 03 2013:
I ran into the guy with goatee again. He was on his knees and had cum running out of his mouth. I let him blow me again. He used the cum on his face as lube. The clerk saw us together but was cool about it.

Edited on 05/09/13


Posted Apr 27 2013:
I stopped in this place. It was hot. A guy in his early 50's with a goatee sucked my dick, he was incredible. I let him eat my ass. The best I ever had! This guy I thought was straight. Place is clean and well kept, money seems to go fast.

Edited on 05/02/13
Hot cocksucker


Posted Mar 28 2013:
This place I think will get even better. Stopped in over the weekend and they're doing some remodeling and will be adding more booths in the back according to the guy working there. It can be a hopping place if word gets out.

Edited on 04/01/13


Posted Mar 16 2013:
Stopped by today and it was open. Went in and took a quick tour. No one was using the video booths but they looked very nice. Will definitely try this place again when it's not snowing.


Posted Feb 25 2013:
Went by on 02/24/2013. The place was locked and a sign that it was seized by the State of New Jersey for non-payment of taxes. Hopefully the owners will get their act together and reopen the place.

Edited on 03/01/13


Posted Feb 23 2013:
Actually stopped by on Friday. The place is closed! Says it was seized by the state.

Edited on 02/28/13


Posted Feb 18 2013:
Anon: This place is awesome, clean, safe and FUN! Tuesday nights are definitely OK, but if you are looking for a busier time then definitely check on Saturday and Sunday.

Hope to see you on the other side of the hole soon.

Edited on 02/22/13


Posted Feb 15 2013:
Yeah it's pretty cool. Within 10 minutes or so I had this guy giving me head in the back. I'm going back again soon. Hopefully I'll see some guys my age next time. Any in their 20's?

Edited on 02/21/13


Posted Feb 12 2013:
Hey what is this place like? I am a 20 year-old student that loves wearing panties and servicing hung older cocks. Is this a place worth checking out on a Tuesday night?

Edited on 02/15/13
Senior Reviewer

Usergroup: Member
Joined: May 14, 2012

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 7


Posted Jan 02 2013:
Video Flixx: It is on the South Bound side of Rt. 35 in a strip mall called TOR Plaza.

Edited on 01/09/13


Posted Dec 28 2012:
This place is hot! Younger guys, older guys, whatever you want. very clean. One of the front desk guys can act a little bipolar at times, he's nice one day and a bitch other days. Best time is Saturday afternoon and evening and Sunday afternoons.

Edited on 01/04/13


1 of 1 people found this review helpful
Posted Dec 22 2012:
I don't know about anyone else but I just looked for this place down 35 and I couldn't find it for the life of me. Also, I don't know the store hours and what are the best times. Can someone please help?

Edited on 12/28/12


Posted Oct 27 2012:
So I came here after a stop at the Woodbridge Adult Variety Center where I sucked on a huge black cock til it squirted. Waited after he left but just old trolls came in after that. So I took a trip to Video Flixx and glad I did. Within two minutes of me being here with my booth door open I had my big dick down some cute college guy's throat while the employee there came over and jerked off watching us. I squirted down the college guys throat and called it a night. Glad I went.

Edited on 11/01/12


Posted Sep 27 2012:
So I should start by saying that I consider myself straight but have some bi/gay tendencies.

I've been stopping by Video Flixx for the last couple months now about once a month to see what the crowd is like and occasionally getting sucked off and giving hand jobs through the windows. I had given one blow job so far to a hung black guy that I just could not resist.

I really like this place. It's clean and you don't have to worry about being harassed.

I am just curious as to what's the best time to visit this place is. I like a mixed range of men. But since I'm new to this I'm still shy. I stand in the DVD section and rub my cock on the outside and want the guy who's going to come stand next to me and start a conversation. Maybe rub my cock a little and let me grab a hold of theirs. That really gets me going and makes me want to go in the back.

I'm usually the youngest guy in the place, 26, white, athletic build, nice sized cock.

Please post what the busy days and times are so I can broaden my horizons and maybe my throat.

Edited on 10/04/12
its just me


Posted Sep 07 2012:
Went today, the booths takes all bills from 1's to 20's. Nice place, clean and private and ya don't have to stand. Good selection of films. There are three sets of buddy booths with wide slots that don't close but no one bothered me. Just keep your pants on and they will go away.

I will be going back a lot. Nice to have some place close to home. I'll let ya know more.

Edited on 09/13/12


Posted Aug 28 2012:
The booths are accepting singles again, however the clerk there today was patrolling the arcades to prevent loitering. He blamed it on the owner.


Posted Aug 16 2012:
This place has no air conditioning. Also, the night manager will close the store early to keep the guys he wants to himself.

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Oct 16, 2007

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 1


Posted Aug 14 2012:
OK, I am a regular in this place and I'm going to be honest of what's good and what's bad about it. THE GOOD: Three sets of buddy booths, always a group of guys around of all ages, easy parking. THE BAD: The owner is a typical 'squeeze every penny you can, and F the customer" type.

1) On the hottest days this summer, they have no air conditioning. None. It's like an oven in the booth area. What fun is that? 2) They have no bathroom. How can you not have a small space for a customer to take a leak and wash up after some action? 3) And the final straw came today. Stopped in and they were changing the signs in the booths: They no longer take $1 bills! You can only put in 5's, 10's and 20's! You still get the same time per minute as before, but SO WHAT! What if you just want to pop in and out of a few booths? With the heat, who can stay in the booth for that long?

I don't see this place as being around for long, and after today I won't be back. And I suspect that once guys catch on that it no longer takes singles, the traffic in there is going to die quickly. Too bad, because they could have a great place there with a little effort.

Edited on 08/21/12
Senior Reviewer

Usergroup: Member
Joined: May 14, 2012

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 7


Posted Jul 23 2012:
After several hours fucking in my tent at the nude beach, I headed north onto Hwy 35 and stopped in at Video Flixx. I popped a few bucks for the movie in the last booth, left the door open as I kicked off my shorts and within seconds of stroking my cock, I had a guy sucking my dick. By this time we were completely naked in the booth. After I blew him and he came all over my chest I stuck my cock through the gloryhole and two guys were taking turns sucking my dick. I came all over the guy in the gloryhole's face and sucked out two more loads before I left. All this on a Sunday afternoon too. I wonder what this place is like on a weekend night!

Edited on 07/30/12


Posted Apr 03 2012:
Hot time today! Crossdressed, I played with a hot older man as we took turns giving NJEA and made out. I then gave two others handjobs. I'm certainly going back.

Edited on 04/04/12


Posted Jan 26 2012:
I love this place. I have sucked and jerked off guys through the holes below the buddy windows and also had guys come into my booth for fun. Only problem: the booths are too small for much fun. I would love to be fucked there but booths are just not big enough.

Edited on 01/27/12


Posted Sep 04 2011:
This place has so much potential. Stopped by after making a trip to ABS with no luck once again due to the annoying clerk. I walked in and within 30 seconds had lips around my cock. The clerk is very friendly and pretty much leaves everyone alone. Reminds me of how ABS was before the remodel.

Edited on 09/14/11


Posted Aug 21 2011:
This place is a diamond in the rough! I went there on Saturday and it is a nice set up! The two buddy booths have an opening on the bottom of the buddy glass so you can get or give a blowjob or fuck. The three private booth are your normal set up. All booths take single bills and the booths are all the way in back of the store, making them very private. I gave a blowjob and then waited and blew another guy and then he fucked me.

Edited on 08/24/11

From place description/comments:
The store has two sets of two buddy booths and three private booths. There is no entry fee and booths take bills.

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