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Woodbridge Center

Category: Cruisy toilet in Macy's, Lord and Taylor Directions: Located off Route 1 where it meets Route 9.
Submitted: Apr 10 2006 (Edited 02/23/18)
Cruised here? Rate this place:
3.43/5 based on 23 votes. The median rating is 4.
Read & Write Reviews: 59 Reviews

Address: 250 Woodbridge Center Drive
City: Woodbridge
State: New Jersey
ZIP/Postal Code: 07095
Country: United States of America
GPS Approximate Latitude & Longitude: 40.5567,-74.2991
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Usergroup: Member
Joined: Jul 06, 2018

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 2


Posted Mar 15 2019:
That was my favorite cruising place in the 80's when I lived in New Jersey. I am so glad the legend and legacy lives on.

Edited on 03/18/19

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Dec 28, 2008

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 2


Posted Mar 14 2019:
Definitely worth the trip. I got there around 2 pm and both booths were taken so I stood at one of the urinals. I didn't stand there for long before a guy that was in a booth came out and stood by the door before coming over and sucked me off at the urinal. I will be back.

Edited on 03/15/19


Posted Mar 07 2019:
Just curious where to go in the mall? Which bathrooms and best times?

Edited on 03/07/19


Posted Feb 27 2019:
Recently posted about my first experience. Well since then I've been back multiple times, a few things I've noticed. If you kindly dismiss someone because maybe they're not your type, why don't they take a hint and move on? If you're involved why do others hang out and ruin it? I would think we are all there for the same thing and would understand you missed this time, move on, or come back only if the party is interested in letting you join.

On a separate note, when I returned on one of the occasions two very bold good-looking older guys were jerking each other right at the urinals. They welcomed me watching so I did. If they didn't I would have just left. One of them had a tremendous cock. I enjoyed watching them and watching each cum. They took turns kissing my neck, rubbing my ass, and taking turns jerking me. Eventually we all shot our loads and left.

I'm still very nervous and apprehensive.

You're doing the right things and it sounds like you're learning to have a good time. With practice, I think you'll get over being nervous — although sometimes that's part of the excitement too.

The type of guys you mention in the first part are just typical of the cruising scene; sometimes you'll run into them, sometimes you won't. It's the same way that sometimes a location is hot and has action, other times it doesn't — hit or miss. Hang on and keep doing what feels good, don't do things you don't want. You're doing well! ~ Editor

Edited on 02/27/19


Posted Feb 26 2019:
I sat the other day for almost thirty minutes with no walk-ins, nothing, so I left. I occupied myself for another half hour or so then returned. I had no where to go and was really fucking horned up.

When I returned of course both stalls were occupied and I could only assume I interrupted them which I hate when I’m on the other side, so I began to leave. I played the part, flushed the urinal, and washed up.

As I was drying my hands the door opened in walks a nice looking daddy type. I guess he saw me instantly look at his cock. He returned by starring at mine, which was still bulging from the little tease I was giving it at the urinal. Without hesitation he pulled me behind the door to the bathroom, jammed his foot on the bottom to prevent it from opening, pinned me to the wall, ripped down my jeans, and swallowed my rock hard cock. It was bold, sort of violent, and totally hot. Guess he knew what we were both looking for.

He manhandled me and I kind of liked it. Before long he had a finger in my ass and a mouth full of cum. The two guys in the stall never looked and the door never opened, thankfully. He swallowed my load, moved his foot, opened the door, and left. I followed shortly after and he was already gone.

I was hoping to get a better look because after that it was all a blur and possibly encourage him to return so I could return the favor, but oh well, another time.

Edited on 02/27/19
Senior Reviewer

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Feb 02, 2019

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 6


Posted Feb 19 2019:
I would love to get topped today, by more than one even better. By more than one at the same time would be great! Just tell me where to go and I will be waiting naked.

You mean you want to do this at the mall, right? Otherwise it would be better to post this on our Message Board. Either way, have fun! ~ Editor

Edited on 02/20/19


Posted Feb 15 2019:
Had an interesting visit last Saturday late afternoon, a lot of activity. A few guys hanging out wouldn’t leave the stalls taken. I walked in and out a few times, the same guys.

On the last exit I made eyes with a guy walking in who quickly walked out. I mulled around by the escalator. He walked by, looked me dead in the face, and mouthed "Follow me" as he was walking to go down the escalator. I curiously followed about three seconds behind to the downstairs bathroom. All the way to the right there is an oversized stall.

We both entered. He locked the door and pretty much ripped my pants down to the floor and attacked my cock. He put both hands on my ass and forcefully fucked his own face. Before long he had inserted a finger then spun me around and rimmed my ass. He flipped me around again, swallowing my cock and inserting a finger again. I held out as long as I could, which wasn’t long, and exploded every drop into his mouth. He swallowed some then spit the rest on the wall.

I thought it was over but then he moved me to the toilet, sat me down, and shoved his cock in my face and whispered "My turn." I feel I'm above average at 7.5". He was larger than me with a huge head. I took his cock, got him rock hard and wet, and sucked and jerked his cock until he blew his load.

I’ve never ever considered the downstairs bathroom. I don't think the door opened once. If it did neither of us noticed.

Edited on 02/18/19


Posted Jan 22 2019:
Totally new to this site, and I never ever cruised before until recently. Lived in the Woodbridge area my entire life, been to the mall probably a few thousand times, and I never ever had a clue. Straight male, always been bi-curious and as I get older pretty much willing in all areas.

To be perfectly honest I stumbled onto this site by accident and found myself getting rock hard reading and have made a point to visit quite regularly so I tried it out. I can’t say I’m well versed in etiquette but after reading it seems pretty cut and dried.

The first time I visited I was so damn nervous I didn’t stay long I was much too worried. But the second time was after a work lunch so we all had a few cocktails and I was in a better state of mind. I was in the stall for more than ten or fifteen minutes. A guy came in, dropped his drawers, tapped his foot, and shoved his cock under the wall. I played a little. He was very hard and dripping precum.

After a few minutes I stuck my cock under and rubbed it on his. In a flash his cock disappeared and his hot wet mouth was engulfing my cock. I have to say it was wonderful. I completely unloaded in minutes. He swallowed every single drop and licked me clean.

He didn't put his cock under again. I don’t know why, maybe he sensed my trepidation, maybe he came. I must say at the time I was a little glad because I don’t know if I was even capable of following up after that. I could barely stand I came so hard. I was drained, assuming from the excitement, naughtiness, and over wonderfulness of his mouth. Can’t wait to go back.

Edited on 01/23/19


Posted Jan 07 2019:
Agree, great spot to suck some nice daddy and married cock. Can be hit or miss. Haven't come across too many trolls the last few times.

Sucked off a nice mid-40s daddy with a nice 7" cut cock fully loaded, I might add. Not much for returning the favor but I got what I wanted.

Edited on 01/08/19


Posted Dec 19 2018:
Good spot. I would just say be smart. Too many times I go and there's multiple guys hanging waiting, which doesn't make sense. Most guys won't play if there's an audience. The longer you hang the longer they will sit. I would think it make sense to let them play. Go for walk, come back, they'll be done.

Average guys most times, a lot of trolls occasionally, mostly married daddy types looking to suck and get sucked. Every so often you'll get a younger guy with a really nice cock fully loaded but that's rare in my opinion.

I've gone here on and off for several years and rarely leave with no action.

Edited on 12/20/18


Posted Dec 04 2018:
Me and two other guys, one had a nice big dick, had a little circle jerk at the urinals a few days ago. A few minor licks and blows and I couldn't resist putting that huge cock in my mouth. If we were alone I would have taken him in the stall but at that time it was just what doctor ordered. We all had a good time and got off, mostly mutual hand jobs across the board.

This time of year with the holidays weekdays during the day are better. Weekends can be good but with all the shopping going on you need to be 100% sure before you get yourself in a jackpot.

Edited on 12/05/18


Posted Dec 03 2018:
Let an older daddy type suck my cock and finger my ass until he received and swallowed every drop of my cum. I started to reciprocate with a blow job. Unfortunately just as he was getting close someone came in with a child to use the bathroom. I knew he was getting close by the motion and thrust of his pumps into my mouth.

As I said, unfortunately we had to vacate the stall. I was looking forward to swallowing a nice daddy load too.

Edited on 12/04/18


Posted Nov 16 2018:
Struck out the other day, sat for a very long time and no visits. Slow stroked myself forever. Almost came multiple times and stopped myself, hoping to give it to someone. Ended up going across the highway. Spent some money, got a great blow job, and swallowed two loads.

Doesn't happen too often usually get some action here.

Edited on 11/19/18


Posted Nov 13 2018:
Unfortunately I was a little late to the party the other day, but I enjoyed a great show. Two guys were quite involved with each other. Very brazen, one guy was totally nude and the other pants to his ankles. The naked guy was riding the Black guy's huge cock.

The door was not locked but shut partially, so I took advantage but kept my distance, jerked off and watched. I was hoping to join in and suck the white guy's cock, but he was going at it so hard it was virtually impossible. He did pinch my nipples a little and stroke me a bit but for the most part I took care of myself.

After I came I shut the door and left. He did allow me to cum on his chest but after that I left so I'm not sure how it ended.

Edited on 11/15/18


Posted Nov 08 2018:
Was recently shopping with my girlfriend and had all I could take. I told her I’d sit on a bench and meet up later, and as soon as she got out of sight I shuffled right over to the 3rd floor. The booths were occupied.

I hung out at the urinal for a little hoping someone would leave. Shortly after, another guy came in and came right to the urinal next to me. He rubbed his foot on mine and looked right at my cock.

As I was stroking, in a very abrupt manor he shoved his hand down the back of my pants and stuck the tip of his middle finger in my asshole. It was very hot. I squatted into it more, and moaned loudly. He then took his other hand and began stroking my cock, followed by him licking and sucking my neck. To say I was turned on is an understatement.

He took total control, he bent me over licked my hole and shoved his fingers in my ass. I couldn’t take it, I was moaning loudly as he licked and fingered my ass for several minutes.

In a short time he was on his knees, jerking off and sucking my cock. He got a heavy load of cum, then stood and shot his load in the urinal. I have no idea but I think the guys in the booths got a great show. Thankfully the door never opened because there was no stopping.

Edited on 11/08/18


Posted Oct 15 2018:
This past weekend Saturday evening I struck gold. Hooked up with a younger 20-something skater dude type, skinny baggy clothes, hoodie, chain wallet etc. He had a very nice cock, not thick at all but very long over 8" clean shaved.

He was ahead of me on the escalator. We made brief eye contact but at that time I wasn’t sure. I took it more as acknowledgment there were two guys on an escalator. As he exited the escalator he looked back again with a grin so I grinned back and followed to the bathroom. I was just hoping it was empty so I stayed close but far enough that we didn’t enter at the same time.

By the time I got in the booth I could see his pants on the floor already. So I got right to it and dropped my pants, sat down, and began stroking. He immediately tapped and stuck his hand under the wall. I slid my cock under, got a hand job followed by a nice blow job.

After a few minutes I pulled back. I didn’t want to shoot just yet as he was very good. I motioned him under. He slid his cock under the wall and I was nicely surprised. I sucked that cock for several minutes until he unloaded a huge load into my mouth. Nice big load.

After that I couldn’t contain myself. I stroked it a few times and shot my load all over his inner thigh, which he welcomed. We cleaned up and left.

Edited on 10/16/18


Posted Sep 22 2018:
Timing is everything, too many crusty old trolls most times when I cruise here. Occasionally you will get lucky and get a nice daddy/husband cock or a younger mid 20’s dick full of cum.

If you have patience though, you will leave satisfied. I often just leave when my type isn’t there. I recently left and returned several times until the crowd left. Finally played with a mid 40's married guy. I was eagerly waiting in the stall. He entered the other and locked the door. By the time I peeked through his shorts were at his ankles, he was on his knees, and his semi-hard cock was dangling under the wall. I already had my pants at my ankles with my hard 7” in my hand so I got right down there.

I took his cock in my mouth. As it grew I began taking it further. He moaned and pushed as far forward as he could until it was completely in. I sucked him for a few minutes, then switched he willingly sucked my cock and got really excited as my precum hit his lips. I could tell he was getting hot and didn’t want to miss a chance at tasting him so we switched again.

He pumped my mouth about a dozen times and shot his load. Not too much, shockingly, but it was extremely thick. He especially liked when I placed my finger at his hole and inserted it just a bit. After he let it all go he welcomed my cock again and finished me off.

Edited on 09/24/18


Posted Sep 11 2018:
Had a very nice time the other day. I cruise here a lot I hooked up with a mid 40's guy, on the chubby side but very nice dick and one hell of a load. He seemed very nervous and in a rush but I'll get to that later. We exchanged hand jobs and blow jobs. He slipped me a condom and presented his nice thick ass, so I proceeded to fuck his tight hole. He came as a result of the anal stimulation.

Shortly after he came he removed my condom and started jerking and blowing me. Just as I was getting ready to cum a woman — assuming his wife, he had a ring on his finger — yelled into the bathroom from the hallway, "John (not the name she yelled) what the hell are you doing in there?" He immediately hopped up, zipped up, grabbed his bag, and left. As he walked he could be heard proclaiming how the food last night upset his stomach.

I totally lost it laughing hysterically. Unfortunately I had to finish myself off as it was very early and after ten minutes no one else came in.

Edited on 09/12/18


Posted Sep 06 2018:
A total pig stark naked was taking loads the other day. I've seen him in here before. He sets up, removes his clothes, and willingly takes load after load. He's an excellent cocksucker, takes pride in his work, and savors every drop. He damn near had a line out the door.

Edited on 09/06/18


Posted Aug 31 2018:
Great spot. A nice Spanish guy let me unload my jizz in his mouth.

Stalls are big enough for company if you choose. I like the anonymity of each being in their own stall, guess that's just a preference.

Occasionally too many trolls but some of those trolls suck good cock.

Edited on 08/31/18


Posted Aug 30 2018:
I let an older gentleman into my stall a few days ago. He was an older gray-haired man, I would guess 50's, in great shape for his age, well groomed all around, huge balls, average cock, very large pee hole. He hovered in front of my door, exposed his junk through his zipper which made his balls look even more delicious, so I let him in. I'm 37, 175#, just over 7". He was a hair smaller but meaty and veiny.

He entered, locked the door, and put his meat right in my face. I took his soft cock into my mouth. It felt great working it as it grew, smooth and freshly groomed. I licked his balls and stuck my tongue in his pee hole, which made him shudder. He gently pumped as I moved from his shaft to his balls to his pee hole. He had a wonderful cock.

He stopped at one point so we could kiss. I stroked his cock as we made out then he moved to my neck, and stroked my cock. I went to sit down again to have at his cock again but he stopped me, asked me to turn around and bend over. He proceeded to lick and finger my asshole.

After working me over like this for a few minutes he put the tip of his cock on my hole and said may I...? I said please. He had me so hot. He gently worked his veiny cock into my hole. I was so wet and hot it slid right in. He passionately pumped my ass, caressed my back, and played with my nipples.

After several minutes of his huge balls smacking against me I asked him, begged him, to cum in my ass. He did shortly after. Then he sat on the bowl, took me in his mouth, and gently stroked and sucked my cock until I came. He swallowed my load, it was extremely passionate and hot. We pulled up our clothes, zipped up, had a short kiss, and went our separate ways.

Edited on 08/30/18


Posted Aug 29 2018:
I've heard about places like this but never had the courage or experience to actually do it, especially after the senator got caught years ago brought this into the forefront. Recently I shopping with my girlfriend. Like most guys, shopping is an ass ache. At one point I told her go on, I'll just hang out.

It just so happens I was right by this store so I curiously decided to go to the upstairs bathroom. A very good friend of my girlfriend has a gay brother and often speaks of cruising and mentioned this web page, which is how I got here. He often talks about hanging out at the theatre on Route 1 as well. I've yet to build up the courage to explore there.

Anyway I ventured to the upstairs bathroom. It was unoccupied so I decided to sit and stay. I was alone for approximately ten minutes before I heard the door open. A man came in, walked by my door, peered in, then went into the other stall. There is a small peephole that you can look right at the other side. He quickly dropped his drawers and started stroking his dick.

He wasn't there to use the bathroom. I guess I was wasn't either. I got excited watching his dick grow right before my eyes. He didn't foot tap or stick his hand under the stall like I've read is a sign. He kneeled and shoved his hard-on under the wall.

Here I was looking at this dick and feeling quite excited. By this time I was getting hard and lightly stroking myself. I didn't know what to do if I wanted to do anything or what was supposed to happen next. He whispered stick your dick under. I couldn't move, I was very confused. He whispered again. I was so nervous and reluctant but after he asked again I did it. His dick disappeared he grabbed me and pulled me further under the wall.

I felt his intensely hot mouth take in my cock. He grabbed the base, pumped up and down, and I lost total control and came very hard very intensely. He stood up spit in the bowl and stuck his cock back under. I didn't know. I was drained like I just ran a marathon. He kept whispering suck it, and I just couldn't. He whispered the first time and I couldn't answer. I couldn't speak.

He had a very nice dick. He coaxed me into stroking him a little but he quickly lost patience, grabbed his pants, zipped up, and left. I have to be honest I was nervous. I sat for another ten minutes, walked out, walked down the back steps into the parking lot, then re-entered the mall.

What an erotic experience. My interest is piqued. I am unsure if I can return. I'm thoroughly confused.

Edited on 08/30/18


Posted Aug 14 2018:
A few Saturdays ago it was packed, full stalls, urinals full, one guy at the sink, and another standing at the door. I get it, but that many is asking for trouble especially when everyone is just hanging for long periods. On occasion I've made eye contact and taken it to the downstairs bathroom but on a Saturday it's often too busy.

On my way out of the bathroom I made eyes at a very pretty guy, girly. I noticed he was behind me on the escalator and followed me into the downstairs bathroom, but two of the three stalls were occupied. He walked out. I followed this guy who instantly grabbed some pants and entered the changing rooms. This was a first and I wasn't sure. I followed suit.

Needless to say the dressing room was empty. I followed him right into a room with no hesitation. Before the door was totally shut he had his sweats at his ankles, cock in hand, shirt up enough to expose his nipple ring. I got hard instantly. He was cute, very feminine, nice dick with a really hot ass. He hit his knees blowing me like it was candy.

I was so hot I wanted to cum instantly. I stopped him and tried to suck him too. He softly whispered in my ear no, I want your cock in my ass. He licked his fingers and worked his ass for a bit as he squatted in front of me again getting me hard and wet. He stood up, turned around, and spread his ass cheeks exposing his hot little hole. I buried my cock in his ass. It was really hot especially with the large mirror. He stuck his ass out and hung on to a coat hanger on the wall.

I have to say I was so hot. He was so cute, such a nice ass I only lasted a few minutes. I came right in there. He moaned cutely and whispered fuck my ass the entire time, clearly a bottom all the way.

When I was done he licked my dick clean, pulled up his sweats, kissed me on the cheek, and walked out. I don't think he care or cared to cum. I waited several minutes, walked out with some slacks, dropped them on a rack and left. I wouldn't recommend the dressing room but it was definitely worth it this time.

Edited on 08/15/18


Posted Aug 09 2018:
The last time I was here I found two guys in the same stall. I was apparently a few minutes late or so I thought.

I went in the other stall. Clearly one guy was pounding the shit out of the other. These guys didn't care where they were or who may have come in. I don't think they even realized I was there for quite some time. I enjoyed jerking off to the sounds of sex moans, flesh smacking, and heavy breathing.

Luckily for me another guy came in, immediately pulled out his dick, and started stroking so I could see through the crack in the door. I was so horned up I opened the door. He got right on his knees, half sticking out the stall, and sucked me off. I didn't want to but I was late, so I had to blow my load and go.

Edited on 08/10/18


Posted Aug 06 2018:
Walked in the other day to a guy getting a blow job right at the urinal. No shame in either guy, they didn't even flinch or pause. I took a good look and ventured into a stall. It was nice but I didn't want to stare, not my style.

Shortly after another guy came in and occupied the other stall. Those two were quite involved so we didn't hesitate. Typically I like for the bathroom to be empty but they would have stopped any incoming person dead in their tracks.

I am 5'8", 195, well-built, 7.5" by 5.5" around. This guy was over 6', about 175 on the skinny side with a dick like a donkey I'd bet just shy of 9", shaved head. Before long we were both in the bigger stall. The other guys finished up and left. We sucked each other, licked nipples, and tickled each other's asshole. At one point he was behind me with his tongue in my ass, then his fingers, then his tongue. He had me really going.

He spun me around sat on the toilet, swallowed my cock, shoved his finger in my ass, and sucked my dick until I was almost ready to shoot. He then sat me down put a condom on my dick and squatted on my dick. I stroked his dick as he went up and down. This went on for a few minutes, then he jumped off and shoved his cock in my mouth. I swallowed his load — he had such a nice cock.

After he stood me up, spun me around again, stuck his tongue in my ass and licked until I exploded. I was hanging on the wall thighs quivering. He pulled out a few moist wipes, cleaned me up, cleaned himself up, sucked on my neck a little, then pinched my nipples until I got hard again then offered up his ass again. It took me a while to get it going again but eventually I got hard enough to fuck his ass again. I only lasted minutes and came again.

Edited on 08/07/18


Posted Jul 17 2018:
Stopped in around 11:30 the other day. One annoying troll wouldn't leave so I left for a few and came back thirty minutes later. He was gone. I hung out for another twenty minutes before the door even opened, no dice. Shockingly some actually came in to use the bathroom. So after an hour I left.

I am in the area for a few days so I went back the following day. I walked in and one stall was already occupied. I went in the other. Some guy in a business suit jerked me off, sucked my cock, and fingered my ass a little. He only wanted me to squeeze his balls so I did. After a few minutes he came in a flash and he was gone. I won't lie, I was pissed — I was close.

I set up to stroke myself off and luckily another guy came in who was more than willing to finish me off. We took turns sucking then he stuck his asshole right under the stall wall. I put on a condom and fucked his ass until I came. Then I sucked him off.

Edited on 07/19/18


Posted Jul 02 2018:
When is the best time to go here? I have been here so many times and nothing.

Edited on 07/03/18


Posted Jun 23 2018:
Haven’t been here in over a year. Third floor closed for quite some time. Was in the area last week and wanted to see if was open again and it is. Not much has changed, some old annoying trolls as usual. In the past as I did this time I told them to leave.

After a while of just looking at porn on my phone I got the jackpot. A daddy type in a suit with a very nice cock let me suck his cock. Nice 6.5" with a fat shaft. He had a good week or more of spunk backed up. I swallowed every drop.

I then sat again for quite some time until a 30-something guy came in. Mutual sucking and jerking. He fingered my ass until I shot my load. I then returned the favor. Left with two loads.

Hit or miss but if you're willing to wait out trolls can be very good.

Edited on 06/25/18

Usergroup: Member
Joined: May 06, 2018

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Total Reviews: 4


Posted May 07 2018:
I've been here plenty of times, usually older guys, although not all of them are trolls! I've sucked a fair number of nice cocks under the stall, gotten some great head here, too. Sometimes it's fun to just go into the handicap stall and stroke and give the guy in the regular stall a nice show though the peephole.

Only downside is that there isn't much warning if somebody is about to come in. Often you can hear them in the hallway outside, but best to be alert. Still, it's rarely a disappointing time here.

Edited on 05/08/18
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Senior Reviewer

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Posted Feb 20 2018:
Macy's 3rd floor is open and that's where most of the action happens. There's usually some older troll taking up the stall for a couple of hours, but if you're lucky you can get it to yourself.

If the upstairs is busy I usually go down to the men's department bathroom on the 1st floor. It has a reflective tile floor and always lots of action. If there's a lot of traffic you can take it to the car in the parking lot.

Overall, if you go around 11 to 12 noon or 3 to 5 pm you won't leave disappointed. I'm in my early 30's and I'm usually there on Saturdays and Mondays.

Edited on 02/23/18

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Posted Jul 24 2017:
Macy's 3rd floor closed.

Edited on 07/25/17
mike S


Posted Feb 21 2015:
I went to the Lord and Taylor's mens room. It was hot. I was eating this guy's ass when this hot older guy came in. The guy I was with left so the older guy squatted and I started eating his ass. He asked if I liked dirty ass and I said yes. He let me eat his ass for awhile, then he started fingering me. He would then stick a dirty finger in my mouth and I would lick it clean. He said Shit, faggot so I did in his hand. He got mad then and said I had to eat it so I did. We now meet every week so I can eat. I will be there waiting.

Edited on 02/25/15


Posted Mar 05 2013:
Can someone tell me exactly where this is. What is the best time to go there?

Edited on 03/11/13


Posted Feb 28 2013:
Tried this for the first time to see if it's real today and yeah, I had three guys. One of them was a old troll and he was awkward but the other two were nice, Black an hung.

Edited on 03/05/13


Posted Jan 14 2013:
Struck out a few times, but the last two times I went I had some good action. Got to suck a very nice cock and swallow a great load. Also got a great balls-deep blow job, and he swallowed every fucking drop, never flinched, never pulled back. Yes, hot or miss and occasional pain in the ass trolls, but at times this place gets very hot and wild.

Edited on 01/21/13


Posted Dec 28 2012:
Last week two guys came in one after the other, which turned out to be a good dilemma for me. I was staring at the first guy through the peephole getting ready and very hard, when the other pulled his meat out right at the stall door so I could see it through the crack. It looked good but so did the other available piece, nothing huge but both very nice.

I did something I normally never do, I unlocked my door and let him in. In the meantime the other guy hopped up and came on too. To many juicy details but I think it was their plan all along. It all worked out, we all left happy drained and tired.

Sometimes this place does suck (trolls, slobs, no one shows) but occasionally it is great. This was one of the good ones.

Edited on 01/03/13


Posted Dec 10 2012:
Recently been here, hesitantly let a guy into the stall. Yeah we are all there for the same thing but I get more out of the not knowing who's on the other side or what's gonna slide under the stall. Can be very good if a thick piece appears.

Anyway this guy was unique, all he wanted to do was lick my ass while I jerked off, Never took his cock out but man, did he know how to rim and tongue an ass, stuck his tongue deep in my hole a few times. I practically begged for a finger but he was dead set on his tongue. Eventually I couldn't hold back and shot my load all over the back wall as I quivered the entire time from his tongue. By the time I pulled up my pants the bathroom door shut and he was gone.

Edited on 12/17/12


Posted Oct 24 2012:
Probably got one of the best or at least in the top five blow jobs I've ever had here at lunch. Recently I was able to play for quite a while, exchanged hand jobs and blow jobs it was great. Took so long not by choice but constant interruptions. Finally boom, loads of cum in both directions.

I let him cum on my thigh as I jerked my cock. It was so hot, warm as hell and what a shot! I had to change my shirt because he shot such a load so hard, it hit my chest too. He must have been backed up for two weeks. Glad I got to help. Honestly, it was such a shot it almost instantly brought me to climax. But just as his cock stopped throbbing and going to half mast he jumped down and he engulfed my cock and went at it like a jackhammer with his mouth and hand with his finger in my ass, all the way in my ass. And he never pulled it back, he shoved it all the way in. He went down deep on my cock, never pulled up, and between both I fucking exploded. He swallowed every drop.

Yes there are trolls, yes people don't get the hint. So as hot as it was, to all if you are not in there playing don't ruin it, move on. Or if you get the feeling no one is interested, move on.

Edited on 10/31/12
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Posted Sep 24 2012:
Tried it a couple of times over the summer. It's very busy but full of trolls that just won't get the hint. Spent two hours looking for cock in there but nobody showed up, Another time I had a dick in my mouth within 5 minutes.

Edited on 10/02/12


Posted Jul 12 2012:
Hit or miss at times. I struck out two times in a row but the third time made it all worth it. And I wouldn't suggest this but this time it all worked out because there were a lot of trolls that day who wouldn't leave and let someone else play. So I grabbed a pair of pants and went into the dressing room knowing full well I had a very interested mid-40s guy. I got to play with his nice hard fat cock, licked and fingered his ass, and took a fantastic load at the end.

When he was all done he got me to sit on the floor, spread my legs, and fingered my ass as he sucked my dick. Wow, was it good. I never tried it positioned like that. He had full access to my asshole and he had his way with it, and at the same time was able to really suck my cock. Man, could he deep-throat. He knew what he was doing and he was damn good at it. I totally exploded after what was probably only a few minutes. He swallowed every drop.

Edited on 07/18/12


Posted May 21 2012:
Most action happens on the third floor, mid day. I hooked up with a businessman on lunch that let me suck his big fat dick under the stall. Then he sucked my dick, and then let me in his stall to fuck his nice tight ass while he jerked off and pinched his nipples. I dumped my load in his ass, and then let him fuck my mouth until he unloaded.

Edited on 05/25/12


Posted Mar 02 2012:
Typically more action is around lunch time during the week, but as it says in a prior post, this is a good spot and can hopefully stay that way. If the room is packed don't hang out, be patient and move on because too many guys hanging around means nothing good will happen.

I like to be able to suck a good dick once in a while with no hassle, and have my cock sucked as well. Weekdays are good at lunch time but occasionally the evening is good. I sucked a nice cock Wednesday night at around 7 pm and took a nice load on my chest.

Edited on 03/12/12


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Posted Feb 21 2012:
A friend turned me on to this site, and I thought this was all bull but I have recently spent some time at this location. My eyes were opened wide to this cruising that goes on secretly in public. I love it. I have gone back many times over. The thought of sucking a strangers cock gets me hard just thinking of it.

I went over the weekend twice and scored both times. Saturday was a little better because I was able to suck a nice cock and swollow a nice load, and I watched 2 guys fuck right in front of me. They let me take their loads on my ass while I jerked off. Sunday I jerked some guy off right at the urinal, a smaller cock but very thick and a nice big head. I waited for another helping hand and it took a while but I managed to get head under the stall. This is a good place and it can stay this way if guys will just be cautious and quiet. I have been able to get some good cock here.

Edited on 03/01/12


Posted Dec 07 2011:
Went to the mall, Tuesday mid-afternoon, and stopped in to see what kind of action was going on. I have cruised here plenty of times in the past. I thought I was going to be out of luck, but hung in there and managed to hook up with an older white man after about 30 minutes of waiting. He was about 6 tall and slender, but man was I shocked when he pulled out his cock at the urinal. It wasn't huge, but it was big and thick. I was tempted to blow him right at the urinal, but decided to follow him into the stall. I sat on the toilet and he stood right in front of me and fucked my mouth very slowly until he could not hold back any longer and came. He came quite a bit and I swallowed every last drop. Then he returned the favor by jerking me and teasing me with his very nice tight looking ass. He would stroke me and blow me then turn around and all I could picture is sliding my cock in his tight clean hole. After doing this for a few minutes I came right on his asshole.

Edited on 12/14/11


Posted Nov 14 2011:
I read some of the recent posts and felt compelled to see for myself if this place is really as fun as it sounds. I went several times, maybe four or five, and it is hit or miss to say the least, I sat for long periods of time without even a hint of another individual walking in. A few times the door opened, someone took a piss, and out they went the door closed. But like the old saying if you're persistent enough you will get what you want. The second to last time I was there and had a very good experience, I had to wait a while but it was definitely worth it.

I am 41 and in pretty good shape, 7.5” and cut, well groomed. I know the game so I was in the stall when another guy came in and sat in the other stall. I made a point to slap my hard cock against my hand as soon as the stall door shut, figuring that I would make it clear why I was there. Well typically there is some back and forth, tapping, slapping of the meat, groaning, so for obvious reasons you make sure you're both on the same page. Well not this time. As soon as I slapped my cock I heard the pants hit the floor. I knew this was going to be a good time.

I immediately tried to look through the crack to see what I was working with. This guy looked to be in his late 20s to early 30s and had an immediate hard-on that was quite pleasing to the eye. He stroked it and teased me for a while as I wedged my face against the back wall to see, then got on his knees and slid his very hard cock under the wall. I didn't even waste time jerking him off. I got down low enough to slide it right into my mouth. He teased me every so often, pulling away then moving back so I could continue sucking his cock. He lasted for several minutes then absolutely exploded in my mouth. He definitely hadn't cum in a few days because it was a very thick healthy load. His cock was almost 8” and average thickness, totally shaved balls and ass. I have had my fair share of cock. This was one of the nicest I have had.

Then he unlocked his stall door to let me in. Good thing he had a condom though he would have probably let me in bare. I licked his ass until he got hard again. I fucked him right in that stall and the bathroom door never opened. I came in only a few short minutes all over his ass, then swallowed his load for the second time. My assumption was right, he was about 30 with an awesome cock and good body. He had definitely done this before and knew what to do and will do it again.

So all that said, yes this place is good. We exchanged numbers and have a scheduled date at a local hotel, but what an experience. If you go be patient. It was well worth a few trips to the mall.

Edited on 11/16/11


Posted Oct 27 2011:
I have going to this mall for years and never thought any of this was true. So I took a ride today. I live very close. In fact, I just left and felt I had to come on here and say this place is great. Very secluded and while some come in to use the mens room, most come in to play. I walked in and one stall was taken so I sat in the other, pulled my pants down and started to jerk off, and figured let's see where this goes.

The guy in the other stall immediately started to tap his foot and made sure I heard him groaning. He also made sure I heard his lubed cock as he was stroking it. I wasn't sure what was supposed to happen next, this guy must have done this before. Shortly thereafter he stuck his cock right under the stall. Average size, maybe a good 7" but very thick. So I got down on my knees and started teasing him and stroking him. I got so excited I nearly came in minutes but managed to work through it. It was very hot doing this in public.

Finally I couldn't stand it. I laid right down on the floor and he fucked my mouth until he came. It was only minutes but he worked my mouth over. He was thick and neatly trimmed. He then returned the favor with a very wet hand job, I absolutely exploded all over. Needless to say, I will be back. Hopefully it will be just as hot next time.

Edited on 10/28/11


Posted Oct 24 2011:
I was in the mall shopping with my wife and decided to go in and take a peek. Within about ten minutes a guy came in and made it very clear he wasn't there to actually use the bathroom. He got on his knees and slid his very thick very hard cock under the stall wall so I did same. I was very excited and could not believe how nice his cock was. We jerked each other off for a while then he got down even lower and managed to suck my dick right under the wall. He wanted me to come in his stall and fuck him but I was too nervous. So he blew me until I came and swallowed every drop. Soon after he came all over my inner thigh. It was very hot.

No one ever came in so I wished I would have fucked him. By the cock he had, 7.5 inches, very thick and cut, I am sure he had a a very nice clean tight ass. Maybe next time.

Edited on 10/25/11


Posted Apr 18 2011:
I go here often when I am in the area. Can always manage to get off though sometimes its definitely better then others. The last time I was here I managed to jerk 2 guys off. I was in the middle stall and the one guy came so hard, it hit me in the shoulder, a bit of an issue since I had to go back to work! After they left I managed to suck off a much older guy with a really nice stubby clean shaved cock.

Edited on 04/19/11


Posted Sep 02 2010:
Got some great head with every drop swallowed. There is the occasional troll, but all and all, good. A few cute guys with big cocks, too. Recently in the middle stall, I managed to fuck a nice tight clean shaven ass.

Edited on 09/10/10

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Posted Jan 25 2010:
I blew two guys here today and took both loads. Both guys were in their forties and straight acting. I used the stall on the left as you face them; there is extra room in that stall. One guy totally removed his pants and stood in front of the toilet while I blew him and swallowed his load.

Edited on 01/28/10


Posted Oct 18 2009:
Some guy blew me right in front of the stalls and I shot my load all over the floor. Luckily nobody walked in or we would have been totally busted.


Posted May 25 2009:
Heads Up!
A security guard has been cruising this bathroom lately. A big black guy who wears a few chains on the outside of his shirt.


Posted Mar 29 2009:
I was here on a weekend. There were a lot of people going through but I was too nervous to try anything because it was mainly shoppers.


Posted Jan 17 2009:
This is a great spot I'd never been before but there other day I got my dick sucked and my ass fingered at same time. And the guy swallowed every drop. If you are good you can even fuck from one stall to the other. There's plenty of time to move if someone comes in.


Posted Jul 03 2008:
Hey, I have been going to the third floor bathroom lately and haven't had any problems. I frequent almost everyday and security has only come up once looking for a lost child and left within ten seconds. It's a great spot.


Posted Mar 12 2008:
A good spot to suck some nice big hard cock, but if the stalls are taken don't hang out. Leave so you don't attract unwanted attention.


Posted Mar 07 2008:
I like this place even though 90% are trolls. I was lucky this hot straight dad came and he dropped his pants for me.


Posted Oct 13 2007:
Heads Up!
Security comes in and bangs on the doors asking if you're Ok or need medical attention.


Posted Apr 10 2006:
It's very cruisy at night after 5 pm.

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