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Big Eye Closed

Category: Adult store with no arcade Hours / Entry Fee: Open 7 days 8 am - Midnight Directions: From I-25 take exit 229, Jefferson Street. Then head south on the Pan American Freeway, the frontage road for I-25.
Submitted: May 23 2001 (Edited 09/09/23)
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3.35/5 based on 57 votes. The median rating is 4.
Read & Write Reviews: 50 Reviews

Address: 4849 Pan American Freeway NE
City: Albuquerque
State: New Mexico
ZIP/Postal Code: 87109
Country: United States of America
Phone Number: 505-832-7113

Closed, deletion pending

GPS Approximate Latitude & Longitude: 35.138,-106.602
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Usergroup: Member
Joined: Sep 07, 2023

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 2


Posted Sep 09 2023:
Closed, signs and flags taken down.

Edited on 09/09/23
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Usergroup: Member
Joined: May 20, 2018

Total Listings: -2
Total Reviews: 283


Posted Mar 16 2022:
Reopened on December 21 without booths or a theater.

Edited on 03/19/22
Super Reviewer

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Jan 17, 2009

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 12


Posted Dec 12 2020:
Google says it's permanently closed and the phones are disconnected. Too bad, got some good head there. Damned COVID!

Edited on 12/14/20
Senior Reviewer

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Aug 24, 2019

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 6


Posted Aug 24 2019:
One of the better spots for gloryholes I've been to. There's plenty of options and the parking lot in the back is usually full.

Edited on 08/26/19
ABQ traveler


Posted Feb 17 2019:
I've been in and out of town over the past couple of months. Each time I am here I make a stop at the Big Eye. At first it seemed like it might be a good place. I was able to suck off a nice guy at one of the gloryholes. After that and each time since its been a big disappointment.

The cost is low, they charge seven dollars to enter and you are able to come and go for four hours after. The booths along the outside all have gloryholes and a couple have two holes. Each booth along the outside has the holes and have room for only one person.

Those in the middle area, it's set up like a "U," are larger but have no holes. I think there are seven larger booths, three on one side and four on the far side. Of the seven only two have working videos and some are missing a bench or stool. At least half of the smaller booths do not have working videos, with almost as many missing any type of chair.

Over all it's kept clean, with exception to the patrons that decide they need to stick their gum to the booth walls. Aside from the previous, a lot of the booths are missing handles on the outside to open them and a couple do not have locks. The aisle is on the narrower side and hard to walk around when doors are open or other people are coming by.

During the times I've been there I have seen an M/F couple go into one of the smaller booths. Tight fit, and she got undressed and then started to look for cocks in the holes. Also noticed another couple in the store section.

The problem with this place are the trolls. Each time I stopped in the same crowd was there, did not matter what day or time. I went in at various days and times, they are always there. Also when walking around they will follow and wait to see what booth you walk into and then it's a mad dash to get to the other. I am not talking about one or two, it about four to six on average. Anytime.

If you wanted stop in to suck a cock, forget it. They are positioned all around the place. If you are more inclined to want to get sucked, and don't care by who, then this is the place. They will be lining up behind you. Some have been a little pushy and don't take the hint when you show you are not interested.

This could be a good place for all if not for the continuous "crowd" that is always there. Maybe it once was good or comes in waves but it all depends on what you are looking for.

Edited on 02/19/19

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Aug 31, 2018

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 1


Posted Aug 31 2018:
I'll be going to Big Eye tonight Aug 31 2018. I'll have a bottle and some smoke and a few new bottles of poppers. Looking for smooth bottoms to come and let me watch you suck and get pounded in the gloryhole booths.

Edited on 08/31/18
Super Reviewer

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Oct 24, 2008

Total Listings: 16
Total Reviews: 152


Posted Nov 16 2017:
Went to this place and it generally picks up later in the evening. Since it is way too visible, most patrons park their vehicles in the back but you can tell how busy it is in the front. $7 for a four-hour pass and people are still quite selective here.

Got to suck a nice blond boy there who shot a big load and came three times. It tasted so delicious where I gobbled it all down and traces of it lingered along my tongue with full scent of cum lingering for hours.

Edited on 11/17/17
Super Reviewer

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Mar 10, 2010

Total Listings: -1
Total Reviews: 39


Posted Sep 21 2017:
You no longer put bills in the booths, or token coupons. It costs $7 for a four-hour pass, good for in and out. Everyone has to show photo ID, regardless of age.

Depending on which clerk is working, loitering in the hallways may be tolerated.

Large booths and smaller booths with gloryholes. Not all booths have movies playing on free-play.

Edited on 09/25/17
Super Reviewer

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Jan 18, 2010

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 16


Posted Mar 12 2017:
The bad experience starts outside. When you drive in, try not to break your car on all the potholes.

Like the guy before me said, take change. They won't break a twenty and don't like giving ones, so take your own. They charge you to go in now.

More than half of the cubes are broken. Also, you can't leave the doors unlocked because the new springs on the doors open them right back up.

Not worth the money or the time. Place seems dead since the changes.

Edited on 03/20/17


1 of 1 people found this review helpful
Posted Dec 29 2016:
Place has gone to the dogs. It's very dirty and half the booths don't work. They won't break a twenty, so take change.

Edited on 01/02/17

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Nov 14, 2013

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 1


Posted Jul 19 2014:
I love this place! The only thing is they get kind of annoying and push you to "keep your booth lit!" and "Lock your doors!" but other than that you will always find a cock to suck or an ass to fuck.

Edited on 07/22/14


1 of 1 people found this review helpful
Posted Nov 10 2013:
This place ROCKS! I was in there on Saturday morning about 10 am and went into booth 4. I saw a big, double gloryhole set up at the right height for me to sit and suck, or bend over and pump a hard one until it shoots. It took $3 to enter and they give you fake cash, then I put a $20 into the machine and waited patiently.

Within minutes, an older, big married cock popped through for a blowjob to completion and he shot a big load down my throat. About two minutes later, a younger Hispanic man came into the booth and put his soft cock through, which grew to about 9 inches. I sucked him and as he pumped my mouth, I got up and put my cleaned out ass (I got one load in the hotel room about twenty minutes earlier) onto him for an amazing ride. He hollered out as he was shooting and held it in until his dick got soft. I licked him clean (balls and all) and again, waited a few minutes.

The next guy just looked at my hard and dripping cock, unzipped and put his white hairy and thick cock through the hole. When he got fully hard, he pulled out and I get him to put it back through. Again I offered up my ass and he fucked me for about five minutes, getting thicker as he got closer to shooting. He pulled out, shot a picture of his cock shooting onto my dripping ass, then shoved it in for another huge load. Again, he kept it in until nearly soft and I licked his nuts clean, still dripping with the other loads.

Finally, since I was near cumming myself, a 40-something like me, married Latino guy came in and sat down. I was watching the video, stroking and feeling the cum in my ass. After the first buck, he put three more in and stood up, and put a very perfect uncut cock through. I sucked him until he started face fucking, then put my ass to the hole. He put his finger in, saying "Que rico!" and then slowly put his cock in, fucking me for about ten minutes, finally shooting another enormous load up my ass. He immediately pulled it out, wiped it off and cut out.

Right then, I shot my load like a fountain, eleven big spurts and I sat there shaking. I was driving on I-40 west, so I kept the loads jiggling in my ass for about ten hours until I got to Palm Springs.

This place is great! Just lock the door, keep the money coming in (they are a business; the lizards who peek and don't pay are gross), and wait for big cock in need of serious drainage! 10 STARS TO THE BIG EYE!

Edited on 11/20/13
Super Reviewer

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Jan 15, 2010

Total Listings: -1
Total Reviews: 37


Posted Aug 05 2013:
Great place. Got fantastic blowjob from ____ who has a nice cock himself. Gloryholes are huge.

Thanks for the review. It's best not to post other people's names here, so I deleted it. ~ Editor

Edited on 08/13/13


Posted Feb 20 2013:
I was here today around noon. The clerk was a pest over the loudspeaker, constantly reminding people "one to a booth," "lock your doors," and "put more money in." I left very quickly as I felt as though I was being stalked over the security cameras.

Edited on 02/26/13


Posted Jan 24 2013:
I was traveling through ABQ in early February 2012 and swung by here early on a Sunday morning. The parking lot was dead but as I was leaving a small SUV was pulling in. We made eye contact so I turned around and parked. Went in and paid heading to a booth. Heard the nice looking mid 30's guy enter the adjoining booth and it wasn't long before a nice cock showed through the hole.

I sucked him til he was hard and turned around and backed up to the hole. He pulled away and handed me a pack of lube. After lubing both of us up I assumed my position and was rewarded with him burying himself as deep as the wall would allow. He was good and lasted longer than I expected before cumming a huge hot load deep in me. A polite thanks and he was on his way. I cleaned up a little and headed out. I will be stopping in again the first week of February and hope to have the same luck!

Edited on 01/31/13


Posted Mar 08 2012:
Was passing through early in the morning on a Sunday and stopped in here. There was a car leaving as I pulled in and it turned around and came back as I parked. The guy got out and went inside. I went in and headed back to the booths, found a booth and went in. A few minutes later I heard the door of the booth next to mine. Soon there was a nice cock poking through the gloryhole. I proceeded to suck it until it was nice and hard. I dropped my pants and bent over, backing up to it. When the cock pulled back I figured he wasn't looking to fuck but when he passed a packet of lube through the hole I was smiling. I lubed him and myself up and backed up on him. He proceeded to pound me nicely and cum quite a bit. A polite thank you and he was gone. It was early in the morning and the place was dead so I finished myself and headed out. The place was clean and nice with the older gentleman at the counter being polite and friendly.

Edited on 03/17/12


Posted Mar 02 2011:
Been there a couple times and the action has been decent. The clerks are pretty mellow, but the janitor is a jerk. Avoid him at all costs. I am a bottom, but I have been sucked off a few times and it was hot.

Edited on 03/08/11


1 of 1 people found this review helpful
Posted Jan 06 2010:
The new management is not cool at all. In fact the chief guy in charge is an angry number, for sure. They have ripped out seats and dumped all video preview info, too.


Posted Aug 05 2009:
Under new management and the new clerks are really cool. It is finally clean and the gay movies (if you actually watch them) are way hotter now!


Posted Oct 26 2008:
There's an article in the Albuquerque Journal (subscription required) about the rude counterperson here: 'Jury Awards $1.3M in Attack at Big Eye: Joshua Montoya must not have heard "The customer is always right," the axiom made famous by the Chicago department store Marshall Field. In a disagreement with customer Terry Jones at the Big Eye, an adult entertainment business on an I-25 frontage road in Albuquerque, Montoya picked up the baseball bat supplied by his employer, Harris News Inc., and used it with determination?'


Posted Sep 05 2008:
Pretty trollish place and really not worth the time or money. And, yes, the staff is particularly snotty and difficult. But, hey, they're there to collect the $2 entry fee and, as a customer, you're free to give them as much attitude as you like in return. Just remember that these are clerks who work in dick-sucking establishments. Need I say more?


Posted Sep 01 2008:
I've been rimmed, fingered, sucked, and I suck every time I go there. It's totally sleazy, but well, it's what I like. There's one booth with no door, just a curtain, and that's fun.


Posted Apr 17 2008:
Whenever I'm in Albuquerque I head for the Big Eye. There's always some action. They have new TVs and selectors and there's never any downtime with most of the channels. Great place to get or give some head. I have never had a bad experience with the help. They've always been anywhere from indifferent to polite. Last time I got to suck this huge black cock! It barely fit through the gloryhole and it was absolutely great! Big Eye is a good place for cock!


Posted Mar 08 2008:
One clerk in particular is extremely
nasty and hateful to customers; a heavy-set guy with a huge chip on his shoulder.


Posted Feb 17 2008:
I've been here probably a dozen times and it's almost always been worth the sleaze. I mean, after all, it is a gloryhole porn shop so what do you expect? I've sucked and been sucked as much as I've wanted, and even been rimmed and fingered through a gloryhole last week. There's one booth with no door, for the exhibitionist. Yeah, the 'quality' of the men can vary but I've blown a load every time.


Posted Dec 14 2007:
This place is in disrepair. The neon 'Adult Video' sign out front is broken so out-of-towners might miss the driveway at night; the heat is turned off in the arcade making it feel like a freezer; usually dirty; most gloryholes are too small (I'm average and my dick can only go about a third in); the crowd has gotten older with guys in their sixties and seventies (one guy was there with his oxygen bottle. Hot!...not!); really obese guy at the front counter is mean and seems to be homophobic.


Posted Sep 08 2007:
Clerks are nasty and threatening. Too much abuse here.


Posted Jun 10 2007:
They just installed new TVs and coin units with Quad selectors. They seem to be keeping it cleaner too.


Posted May 28 2007:
Sleazy, dirty place, but there's always action there. Cramped booths with smallish gloryholes but there's always traffic. Most channels work and most booths are always open. Take the bad with the good here.


Posted May 14 2007:
I was visiting Albuquerque. This place is run down and not worth the time or your money!


Posted May 08 2007:
There are gloryholes between most of the booths here and there's always action no matter what time I go. People park in the back and there's a back entry door. You must show ID and buy at least a couple bucks worth of tokens to enter the arcade. The clerk sometimes reminds people to drop tokens, but otherwise there's no hassle.


Posted Nov 30 2006:
I went in about two weeks ago wearing my cute little pink panties feeling very hungry. Within ten minutes I had a cock in my mouth but he didn't want to follow me to continue the party somewhere else in my car, too bad.


Posted Oct 04 2006:
Gotta love this place! Everything a guy needs. Plenty of gloryholes, lots of willing mouths and some pretty nice cock. Last time I was there I had this fine cock that was very thick and tasty. That fine man on the other side of the wall gave as good as he got. We hooked up in the parking lot and went back to his hotel room for even more fun. With the newer hotels that have sprung up near this place in the past several years, this place is always a good bet for sex.


Posted Jun 27 2006:
Not crowded with people but a constant stream of guys showed up during the hour I was there. Sucked three dicks and got sucked by two guys. A great place and the staff doesn't bother you except to insert tokens once in a while.


Posted Apr 29 2006:
This the place to go off of Central Avenue. I visit frequently. Went on a Thursday early evening and I was putting in the second token in the large roomy booth in the center when I was visited by a wonderful hard cock. Provided him with the hottest blowjob he had ever received. I'll be going back for more!


Posted Apr 27 2006:
Stopped in again last night in one of the large booths and almost immediately I was joined by the nicest of cocks. I had a great time and sucked him dry. It was great and I will continue to visit regularly. You never have to worry about management.


Posted Apr 08 2006:
I went on a Friday night and found a booth with two gloryholes. Put some money in and within two minutes had two people trying to give me a blowjob. Great blowjob! The person knew what they were doing. Friendly staff; an employee encouraged me to stay longer when I was leaving. I'm going back again tonight. It was great -- clean, fast and fun.


Posted Mar 17 2006:
There are gloryholes in the booths along the back wall. The first booth had a very small one so I tried another and was rewarded with a large hole. Within seconds of the videos starting, I got the signal and was rewarded with a super blowjob!


Posted Oct 20 2005:
This place is getting awful. Half the videos don't work and the place is filthy. I am not going back.


Posted Aug 09 2005:
This place was great. I had about a three day build-up of cum and had a guy with the hottest mouth suck me off. His mouth was so hot I exploded almost immediately. I will be stopping again next time I go through.


Posted Apr 23 2004:
I went last night around 1 am and it was really hot. I got sucked off two times. The gloryholes are good size and in most booths.


Posted Feb 19 2004:
I have been here quite a few times in the last month. I am new to this, so I was surprised at how easy it was to get a blowjob. One guy joined me in my booth and sucked me for a good half-hour. It was great.


Posted Jan 13 2004:
Every time I visit New Mexico, I hit this place at least once or twice. I have never left there without getting at least one blowjob. I have sucked off a bunch of young guys. The place isn't the cleanest or friendliest, but the cum flows freely!


Posted Aug 16 2002:
This place is awesome. The staff is friendly and tolerant. There are gloryholes in most of the booths in the back row.


Posted Jun 21 2002:
I went and gave two blowjobs and got one all in about thirty minutes. The gloryholes are still there, but keep feeding the meter and they seem to leave you alone


Posted Mar 16 2002:
Huge Adult Books sign now out front. I had a great time here. The back row of booths has gloryholes. At 5 pm the place was packed. I found lots to keep my self occupied. I sucked a few and rode a big one as well, all in about a half hour. I went back at 10 pm and the place was quiet, but not empty. I spent an hour in a lager booth, having a great time on the bench with a married guy who loved to give as well as receive it all. A nice, clean place, with no hassles.


Posted Dec 28 2001:
This place is quiet, but not dead. I was here twice in the last month and each time didn't have to wait long for action. There are gloryholes between booths six and seven, and booths eight and nine. Might be others, too, but I didn't check out all the booths.


Posted Oct 15 2001:
Really great place that I nominate for the number one location. There's fair time for tokens, very fast service, and the perfect arrangement. Clean bathroom, perfect staff and no tricks.


Posted Jun 26 2001:
New video cameras watch the booths. The staff will run you out for hanging out or changing booths too much.


Posted Jul 01 2000:
Nice adult bookstore, arcade and peepshow. The gloryholes had been closed for a while. But now two of them are back open between booths six and seven and booths ten and eleven. A lot of gorgeous cock lately.Ê Hot latinos, professionals and travelers. Many cruisers in the hall and large booths for one-on-one action. Definitely a great place for hot action.

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Closed, deletion pending

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