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Eros Video

Category: Adult store with arcade Hours / Entry Fee: Mon - Thu: 10 am - 1 am; Fri - Sun: 10 am - 2 am Directions: From I-10 take Exit 139 (Hwy. 292 Motel Blvd.) and go north. Make a right turn at Amador Ave.
Submitted: Jul 15 2004 (Edited 06/02/20)
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3.11/5 based on 18 votes. The median rating is 3.
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Address: 2200 West Amador Avenue
City: Las Cruces
State: New Mexico
ZIP/Postal Code: 88005
Country: United States of America
Phone Number: 575-523-0339

GPS Approximate Latitude & Longitude: 32.2988,-106.807
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Usergroup: Member
Joined: Oct 26, 2023

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 1


Posted Oct 26 2023:
Contrary to the sign at the entry "Have Fun," Eros seems to have become a bit hostile toward people wanting to enjoy a movie together. Clean, bi, or straight type masculine guys that want to play in a safe environment, HMU. I can host in a clean safe private home and am happy to service with no reciprocation if that is your thing or get into more.

Edited on 10/30/23
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Posted Jan 27 2022:
El Paso or Ciudad Juarez. Cruces is too risky. Enjoy.

Edited on 01/27/22


Posted Jan 24 2022:
rodrigomx22: Any ideas where to go? Burn Lake now has cameras everywhere and action at NMSU is only during day time and access so restricted.

Edited on 01/24/22


Posted Jan 21 2022:
Honestly, it looks like action is now prohibited. Haven't seen any action in weeks. Don't waste your precious money here.

Edited on 01/22/22


Posted Jan 10 2022:
Amazing both sides of the coin, the pros and the cons. I agree if you do not want to follow rules go and find dick somewhere else and let the hetero population enjoy Eros.

Edited on 01/10/22


Posted Jan 07 2022:
I agree with the management. Most men go and are so pushy and many make your life miserable. So WADR fags should be off limits. The place is clean. Measures taken include mask required, staff wear masks, staff get temperature checks, and staff disinfect surfaces between visits. If you are unhappy go to some other cocksucking place.

Edited on 01/09/22


Posted Jan 06 2022:
There are many issues with management and those should be exposed. They trying to keep you from hooking up. That got me banned from there after spending lots of money for years. If you want to continue being a patron it's up to you but just be prepared for the unexpected.

Edited on 01/07/22


Posted Jan 04 2022:
Got my mouthful then the clerk dude got in and asked me to leave so the nice rancher that was so close to shooting didn't want to give me his load.


Edited on 01/05/22


Posted Nov 23 2021:
I don't know about you, but I was trying to help jacking off this black trucker and the same happened to us. He was in so much need of a hot mouth to cum into and the new rules spoiled the beans.

Edited on 11/23/21
Not Worth Delete Eros PLS


Posted Nov 21 2021:
Heads Up!
100% in agreement with Mr. Horny Farmer, same did happen to me. But in my case the attendant called the cops and met me at the parking lot. They did a warrant search and the whole nine yards!

Edited on 11/22/21
Horny Farmer


Posted Nov 20 2021:
Heads Up!
There has been a change in management, philosophy, and costs. Booths now have a five dollar minimum but you do get quite a bit of time. The issue is philosophy. I was there yesterday and met a guy with a nice bulge in my booth. Guy went in and as I was checking his meat a big surprise. About a minute later the manager knocked on the door and told me I had to leave and that I was permanently banned. The guy left per the manager's request He also said police would be called if the guy or me ever came back. He mentioned that they were trying to cut down on activities "like this."

I am a farmer and I don't live in LC so I am only there every couple of weeks at the most. The manager was courteous but firm. It is their store and they can run it like they want, absolutely no issue there. You guys just need to know the rules have changed and no more sucking or fucking allowed.

Edited on 11/22/21


Posted Sep 16 2021:
Are there any women that go to this place?

Edited on 09/17/21


Posted Sep 15 2021:
You lucky bitch. Every time I go it's dead.

Edited on 09/16/21

Usergroup: Member
Joined: May 09, 2019

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 3


Posted Sep 12 2021:
This place, like most places, is definitely hit or miss. But last Friday lunchtime was off the hook.

I managed to suck three guys in 45 minutes, two at the same time. There were more to be had, but I had to leave. The booths are fun but they really need to add a theater for an even better cruising experience.

Edited on 09/13/21
Horny Farmer


Posted Jun 01 2020:
Eros Video is open for business. Monday - Thursday 10 am - 1 am. Friday - Sunday 10 am - 2 am.

Edited on 06/02/20

Attached Files:
dsc06012020 (2).png
(625 KB, 570 downloads)

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Jan 08, 2018

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 2


Posted Feb 02 2020:
I've stopped here a couple times while driving through. Once on a Monday around lunchtime and twice on Saturday. I sucked one of the biggest Latino dicks I've ever seen. I blew my load too fast and left.

The second time three guys one younger Latino guy shot his load all over my face and chest. I sucked two more hot guys, one cowboy looking guy whose dick was so big I couldn't take it. He was so fucking hot.

The last time I ended up in a threeway with an older white dude with a hot muscly body and a slightly chubby Latino guy. The Latino guy had a wedding ring and had the hardest, veiny dick. I still J/O thinking about him.

Edited on 02/04/20

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Sep 24, 2018

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 4


Posted Oct 15 2018:
Hi teacher, yes I've never been a fan of the booths at any sex shop but the day I was in was great! I see you have reviewed Burn Lake too? I might try that location if you say it's that good.

Edited on 10/16/18
NMSU Teacher


Posted Oct 13 2018:
I am so glad you had a good time. Typically the ladies at front are royal bitches and the cocksuckers not worth a dime.

Sorry but I see it as it is.

Edited on 10/15/18

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Sep 24, 2018

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 4


Posted Oct 11 2018:
I was in town for meetings and and decided to check this place out. I visited on a Monday evening around 6 pm. The girl working there was very friendly and helpful. I noticed just a couple of girls looking at toys so went to check out the booths and ran into a well dressed Hispanic guy and we started talking. He asked me to go into one of the booths so I followed him.

He fed a dollar into the slot and we started watching one of the videos while I unzipped my jeans to pull my cock out. He immediately started sucking it while I got hard. I pulled my jeans down to my ankles so he could have good access to my balls which he sucked on as well. He placed his arm between my legs to thrust my cock deeper in his mouth. It was obvious that he loved to suck cock! He commented several times on how much he liked my cock. I told him that I loved his mouth and did he want to swallow my load? He said hell yes!

I told him that when I got ready to cum I was going to pull my cock out of his mouth so I could see my load shooting in his open mouth because I wanted to see him swirl it around his mouth before he swallowed it. I then pulled my cock out of his mouth and began to jack off in his face and then as I started to cum I was able to lay down the first stream of cum on his tongue. He kept his mouth wide open and his tongue out so I could continue to lay down the remaining shots on his tongue.

Once I was done he swished my load around his mouth and then opened his mouth wide open so I could see it before he swallowed it. I thanked him for taking care of me and he said he would love to do it again. I said I would be back in a couple of days. I've been to several adult stores but this one is clean and the clientele was above average. I recommend this place!

Edited on 10/12/18
Senior Reviewer

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Dec 31, 2017

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 9


Posted Dec 31 2017:
They are right, I have been kicked out twice. One time for not getting dressed before I left the booth to go buy some more tokens.

Edited on 01/03/18


Posted Nov 24 2016:
Limited action at the arcade, just leave door open. Plenty of action at the parking lot. If they flash their lights, they are waiting for your mouth, hands, or ass.

I love it real late. Make me so horny to jump in a car with a a nice fat uncut one.

Edited on 12/05/16


Posted Sep 11 2016:
Place is dead as a a corpse!

Edited on 09/22/16


Posted Nov 05 2013:
Subject: eros
Great place to meet discrete guys who just want to get off. Would be better if more people went.

Edited on 11/11/13


Posted Aug 29 2008:
Super-clean but if the staff catches you with your door unlocked or cruising they will loudly throw you out. Not really worth going to, in my opinion.


Posted Nov 14 2007:
Super clean and real nice movies! I wish there were more guys looking for some action! I was there three hours and had no action at all! That sucks.


Posted Jul 22 2007:
Super clean place, but bitchy staff (including a female). Get caught outside a booth or checking to see whether doors are locked and they will loudly eject you. This place is only good for solo action.


Posted Apr 15 2006:
The staff walks the halls and will kick you out if your door is unlocked.


Posted Apr 07 2005:
Place is hit or miss. Sometimes I find nothing, and most times it's just jackoff action. I got to fuck one guy one time though, and another time followed a guy out to his place and fucked there.


Posted Dec 27 2004:
I have gone many times, and never see any cruising going on. It's too small, and lots of guys aren't out.


Posted Nov 01 2004:
I have been here many times and there is no action in this facility. The staff is too overbearing and there are just not enough cocksuckers in here.

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