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Heaven's Back

Category: Adult store with arcade Submitted: Apr 19 2001 (Edited 12/07/15)
Cruised here? Rate this place:
3.31/5 based on 39 votes. The median rating is 3.
Read & Write Reviews: 33 Reviews

Address: 55C Remington Blvd
City: Ronkonkoma
State: New York
ZIP/Postal Code: 11779
Country: United States of America

Listed on some sites and directories as "Tunnel of Love."
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Posted Jan 02 2017:
This place sucks. The tired queen who owns it lets his cronies in the theatre door. Everyone should be buzzed in. They recently raised the prices. The temperature is always wrong in there. They will be out of business soon if they don't stop letting people sneak in the theatre door.

Edited on 01/06/17

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Dec 27, 2015

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 3


Posted Dec 27 2015:
This is one of the better places on the Island at certain times of day. I have some great sex here. Yes, there are pushy regulars, but it's like that everywhere.

I used to go here all the time about fifteen years ago — the cashier back then used to give incredible head — but I hadn't been back for a long time. Good selection of porn playing and usually a decent crowd.

I sucked a huge older guy's cock here the other night and then found a great bottom who wanted a ramming.

Totally with you guys on the smoking, though. Needs to stop.

Edited on 01/04/16


Posted Dec 01 2015:
I have been here twice in the last month or so and both times the place went from empty to busy and back again in a short period of time.

I have never been disappointed with finding a couple of cocks to suck on. Lately I have run into a couple of guys that pull out just prior to cumming and jerk on the floor, with the exception of one that covered my face.

Time your visit around the workday. Lunch times and rush hour are busy and it is pretty easy to find what you want.

I have not seen one of the regulars/helpers around in a while fortunately. He follows you from booth to booth sticking his finger through as if the first four times you said no didn't exist.

Edited on 12/07/15


Posted Apr 30 2015:
This place could be great, but nobody goes because the owners or workers won't leave people alone. They all hang out there and come in the door without buzzing in when they see someone they want. They are all sitting around talking. People go to these places and want to maintain their anonymity. They ruin it, and that's why nobody goes.

They need to stop using the door that goes into the theatre room. It should be locked and never open.

This place could be great, but it's not. Do you see the workers at the other places sneaking in to spy on people? No.

Edited on 05/06/15
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Posted May 08 2014:
if the owners would act a bit less flamboyant up at the front desk I think they would get more business. Dudes that come in there are horned up and want another dude to help get them off. Seeing and hearing all the faggy talk turns everyone off.

Edited on 05/14/14

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Sep 02, 2006

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 1


Posted Mar 18 2014:
I like the place. There are two regulars there who are a little pushy and very pathetic in how they act, otherwise I like the place a lot. I go for the older guys, 60+, and I almost always get put to good use.

Edited on 03/24/14


Posted Dec 09 2013:
Generally the cleanest place around but still reeks of smoke! Wish they would understand they would get more customers if they quit smoking inside.

Edited on 12/13/13


Posted Nov 03 2013:
Renamed as Heaven's Back. Bobby-girl bought it and is running the place very well. Staff is all gay and leave you alone. Has small theatre and booths. $12 all day access.

Edited on 11/08/13


Posted Mar 20 2012:
This place has definitely gotten better. Weekdays around noon are usually really good. Also, a great place for bareback.

Edited on 03/26/12


Posted Feb 06 2012:
This place has lots of crazy action. I've been there when all booths are full. Nobody is shy, and in fact doors are sometimes kept open for your viewing pleasure. And yes, like everywhere else, the trolls lurk about. The place has never disappointed me. I've dropped loads in many times!

Edited on 02/10/12


Posted Aug 12 2009:
The small of cigarette smoke was a little annoying, but I got sucked off by a good looking construction worker on his way home to his wife. I thought the place was fine.


Posted Dec 10 2008:
This place is still open. I have sucked several there as well as been sucked myself. Hard to say when is best since I don't go that often.


Posted Aug 26 2008:
There is a new setup at this place. They now charge $10 to get in. I hope this doesn't prevent you nice married guys from stopping by for a quickie. The clintele seems a little more exclusive already; more guys with nicer clothes than before. It's usually pretty busy at lunchtime and after work hours


Posted Aug 12 2008:
The place sucks! There's nothing going on.


Posted Jul 07 2008:
I went the other day at lunchtime and there were about five guys there. I had hot time sucking and getting sucked by this guy. Nobody bothered me from the store.


Posted May 10 2008:
I hate the queeny bitch that owns the place looms over you on the back, and harasses you the minute the machine runs out. Talk about ruining the fun. The place sucks whenever she's around. No more for me.


Posted Aug 07 2007:
If you go there in the daytime the clerk lets you do whatever you want. He's cool. I've seen three or four guys going at it back in the booths. Hot.


Posted Jul 24 2007:
I got a smoking blowjob through a gloryhole today. Five bucks and did it with plenty of time to wipe up. The holes are a little to close to the floor for us taller guys, but hey, I can deal if all the mouths are as good as that one. The two queens running it are kind of obnoxious -- probably not many straight guys going back for quick ones even though ninety percent of the front porn space is straight stuff.


Posted Dec 31 2006:
It's hit-or-miss. I was there in November and I got blown by a tall blonde haired tranny who seems to be a regular there. She swallowed every drop and then went into another booth and was doing two other guys. She is real tall, nice ass and not too big looking. The only problem with this place is the queen behind the counter and his friends who are obnoxious.


Posted Dec 28 2006:
The bald headed clerk has been chasing people out of the store when there's someone in a booth he wants to cruise. You drive there, spend your money in the booths and then when there's some action he yells at you to leave so he can close the store, just so he can get a blowjob. Not worth the trouble.


Posted Jul 21 2006:
This is a good place during the day. Some straight guys and some younger ones go before 7 pm. After that is when when the screaming obnoxious queen comes in.


Posted May 23 2006:
I go there early in the morning and fuck the shit out of a regular.


Posted Oct 23 2005:
I go there late at night and fuck the shit out of the queen behind the counter.


Posted Aug 12 2005:
The guy behind the counter will try endlessly to hit on you. He doesn't give up, and will torture the hell out of you. A real screamer, too. Don't waist your time or money.


Posted Aug 10 2005:
This is a good place. I like it there! In fact, it rocks!


Posted May 24 2005:
When you walk in a big queen hits on you and sometimes announces your arival to the people in the back. I will not go back there.


Posted May 16 2005:
This is a nice place. It is clean and discreet. There are not many booths but there are gloryholes.


Posted Jan 19 2004:
There is no danger here. I am there twice a week at least and have never had a problem. The staff is cool and there is a wide variety of guys coming in. There are four sets of gloryhole booths and one buddy booth with a window.


Posted Oct 15 2003:
This place is nice, but the booth area isn't private.


Posted Jun 13 2003:
Heads Up!
In my last two visits, there have been big, straight dudes looking to bust balls. Be careful; the threat of danger is very real here.


Posted May 08 2003:
This place is good. It has a consistent flow of guys instead of lingering trolls. I’ve gotten some real excellent blowjobs here, but would like to see more younger men like myself.


Posted Jan 02 2003:
This place is great. It’s petty clean with a decent mix of guys. The clerk is cool as long as booths are being fed. You can fit two in a booth. About five gloryhole booths and one buddy booth. I had a guy this week who was hung huge. I blew him from behind and then he let me fuck his ass hard. See you there!


Posted Sep 30 2001:
This is a nice place -- very comfortable with good-size gloryholes. Two in a booth is allowed and the staff is very friendly. A good mix of guys.

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Listed on some sites and directories as "Tunnel of Love."

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