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Kissena Park

Category: Cruisy park in the southeast corner of the park that has tall vegetation Directions: Located off the Long Island Expressway. Take the 164th Street exit and then head toward Flushing. The park is west of 164th Street and north of Booth Memorial Avenue.
Submitted: Mar 11 2002 (Edited 07/09/20)
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2.5/5 based on 14 votes. The median rating is 2.
Read & Write Reviews: 52 Reviews

Address: between Kissena Boulevard & 164th Street
City: Queens
State: New York
ZIP/Postal Code: 11365
Country: United States of America

GPS Approximate Latitude & Longitude: 40.7461,-73.8076
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Posted Jun 04 2023:
I was at Kissena Park recently and all the formerly secluded places are long gone. Everything is wide open. I have not seen daytime cruisers there in years. The place gets rather buggy in summer with lots of mosquitoes.

Edited on 06/05/23


Posted Aug 07 2022:
Usually go there at night 12 to 4 am and the park is usually dead on the lake side. Sometimes you hear people but you just have to be aware of where they are and if they're moving near you. Haven't seen anyone willing to cruise. If there's too many pedestrians I just leave and find some other safe and quiet place to go.

Edited on 08/07/22


Posted Apr 28 2021:
I took a walk over to the park and major work is being done as mentioned. Tracks from heavy machinery are visible. There are several signs stating, "Natural area restoration in progress," whatever that means.

About twenty years ago, the natural area was like a dense jungle with hidden pathways. A hurricane, tornado, and now the current work has led to a mostly open area.

Cruising has been declining for years and this is likely the end.

Edited on 04/29/21
Super Reviewer

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Aug 25, 2018

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Total Reviews: 19


Posted Apr 21 2021:
A lot of trees and vegetation have been cut down eliminating a lot of the usual spots.

Edited on 04/23/21


Posted Feb 10 2021:
Heads Up!
Within the last few weeks, at least four robberies have occurred in the adjacent Kissena Corridor Park – three of them in broad daylight. As a result, there have been increased police patrols in the area. I would like to believe that this is the reason why cruising activity here is nil, and not just the cold, snowy weather.

Nearby Cunningham Park, parking area along Hollis Hills Terrace, appears to be more active than here despite some comments on another website of plainclothes officers randomly targeting cruisers there late last year.

WINS, January 24, 2021: Police search for trio of teens in violent robberies at Queens park

Edited on 02/11/21


Posted Aug 18 2020:
I've been going almost every day, walking through hidden trails with no luck. Although I saw a shirtless man working out August 17 in the woods, I wasn't sure if he was looking. I tried in the early afternoon and evening around 5 pm. Maybe I have to go before closing time?

Edited on 08/19/20


Posted Aug 16 2020:
Not much of anything happening on Saturday August 15. Got there around 3:30, nobody around on the trails, then a few here and there in the late afternoon.

The park gets quite busy in the early evening hours around sunset. Many locals go out for a jog or walk around the lake, and also a noticeable increase in foot traffic on the trails – couples, families, dog-walkers, etc.

I was ready to leave about an hour before closing, making my final rounds when I met a bi Chinese man – deceptively young-looking in his early 40s, but appeared more like late 20s or early 30s, maybe it was the dim lighting? Also unexpected, married with children – he left the wife and kids at home to go for a stroll in the park.

We messed around a bit in the woods, then a short walk to the velodrome, where we made some time in the bleachers under the cover of darkness. A nice way to end a summer's day.

Edited on 08/18/20


Posted Aug 13 2020:
A woman was followed from and attacked near this park during an attempted rape on Sunday, July 26th. Although there hasn't been a noticeable daytime police presence, around closing time is a different story, especially with sunsets becoming earlier now. In my previous review, I stated that this is a safe place – and it should remain so, as long as people use common sense, remain alert, and leave before the park empties out at nightfall.

Although I haven't encountered any creepy or suspicious people after dark, I have passed by raccoons and other nocturnal wildlife staring at me, wandering along the wooded trails. That alone is enough to make me want to leave.

The park officially closes at 9 pm.

WCBS, August 13 2020: NYPD: Attempted Rape Suspect Asks Woman To Be His Friend Before Attack Near Queens Park

Edited on 08/14/20


Posted Aug 12 2020:
Sunday morning.

Edited on 08/13/20


1 of 1 people found this review helpful
Posted Aug 11 2020:
Anyone want to check out Kissena Park this week?

Edited on 08/12/20


Posted Aug 08 2020:
When is a good time to be here?

Edited on 08/10/20


Posted Jul 22 2020:
I agree with the last reviewer, the trails and paths described by the him are incredible for meetings and the park is always quiet and beautiful. I've hung out alone and sun-bathed nude on a rock in an area that was very secluded.

I usually have no problem finding a willing partner when I go and have received head and a great ass licking on a number of occasions over the last few weeks.

Edited on 07/22/20


Posted Jul 09 2020:
Don't write this place off so quickly. I got lucky here on Sunday, July 5th in the late afternoon, and it didn't take long for me to find a willing participant once I actively starting looking.

It was my first time here. After spending almost two hours walking around the park – getting familiar with the layout, people-watching and enjoying the scenery – I headed towards the area surrounding the velodrome, as recommended. There are wide trails passing through mixed settings of lush vegetation, reeds taller than me, and serene forests of shade trees, with numerous carved-out, narrow foot paths leading off into hidden, secluded places. When combined, they seem to go on for miles. You can lose yourself in the experience here and forget that you are actually in an city park!

Within minutes of entering the trail north of the velodrome, I encountered a handsome Latino, 40-ish, bronze tan, fit physique, looked Dominican or Puerto Rican. We exchanged brief glances and acknowledging nods. After passing, I noticed him wandering off into the woods. After a minute, I u-turned and made tracks back to where he "disappeared." I soon found him in a secluded area just below the velodrome, resting on a large boulder as if waiting for me.

I said "hi," made some small talk, and told him it was my first time ever here. He got up and offered me a "tour" of the terrain. He seemed to know exactly where to go. As soon as we reached a comfortable spot, he stopped, unzipped and invited me to play. We caressed shirtless, jerked each other off, I gave him head, he shot a load, then quickly zipped up and left in a hurry – a nervous type, I guess. I didn't even get a chance to cum. However, considering that I, white, mid-50s, tall, decent body and looks, was not expecting anything to happen here, I left at about 7:30 pm satisfied and with a smile on my face. Mission accomplished.

I am from Long Island. For me, this NYC park is an underrated gem, hands-down one of the prettiest, cleanest, and safest. And not once in the almost three hours I was there did I see a single cop anywhere patrolling the grounds. I felt relaxed and comfortable at all times. Considering this, and all of the natural beauty and hidden play spaces, this is truly a cruiser's paradise!

BTW, besides Latinos, if you enjoy scenery that includes numerous young, good-looking and athletic Asian guys, you'll thank me later for recommending this place.

Edited on 07/09/20


Posted Nov 13 2019:
Kissena Park can probably be declared dead as a cruising place. I took a walk there the other day and found the paths all overgrown for lack of use. A decade ago, it could be a busy place, but that is long gone.

Edited on 11/14/19


Posted May 27 2019:
I walked through here on a Saturday afternoon and saw no one. The paths on the east side of the north-south road in the natural area were all overgrown from lack of use. However, I noticed some on the east side of this that apparently get more use and were clear.

Edited on 05/28/19


Posted Feb 23 2019:
It's reported that public sex is diminishing in New York City Parks. A Times article mentions Central Park, Fort Tryon Park, Forest Park, and Kissena Park, also reviewing other locations. To document this, it notes:
Officers wrote 432 tickets in 2007 for what is referred to as "sex in park," according to Police Department data. Last year, through late December, they wrote six.

Not only are summonses down, but fewer New Yorkers are calling 311 to lodge complaints about lewd acts in public. In 2013, there were 483 complaints of lewd acts; last year, there were 283, according to the city.

The decline has been so precipitous that it raises obvious questions: Are the police telling frisky parkgoers simply to move along, or have New Yorkers lost some of their lust? Is it the Police Department that has changed, or is it us?

The answer may be a combination of both: City parks are more crowded, with visitors traipsing through even some out-of-the-way spaces; and police officers are also increasingly looking to solve neighborhood problems without resorting to handcuffs or tickets.

The police still target the most active locations and make arrests, yet those related to sex in public have also been on the downswing. The department recorded slightly more than 470 misdemeanor public lewdness arrests last year, down from nearly 700 in 2010. (Reported rapes have increased, but those in parks are rare.)

...The areas with zero park-sex tickets recorded over 10 years were some with little to no park space to speak of — Midtown Manhattan; Jackson Heights in Queens; Canarsie in Brooklyn — and others like the central Bronx neighborhoods of East Tremont and Belmont, where there are parks but, apparently, no sex seen by officers.

The act — considered a violation of park rules that currently carries a $100 fine — has to be witnessed by an officer for any action to be taken.

"You walk through the park and see a guy leaning against a tree: What crime is being committed there?" said Officer Bryan Polster, whose assignment includes Fort Tryon Park. "Just to be meeting someone in the park is not a crime. And I think that's why the complaints are nonexistent."

The New York Times, Feb 22, 2019: Sex in New York City Parks? It’s Less of a Thing Than It Used to Be: A decade ago, New York City police officers handed out hundreds of tickets for "sex in park." Last year, they wrote six.

Edited on 02/25/19


Posted May 08 2018:
It seems the recent murder in Kissena Park was related to problems that victim had at school. It was reported he was hanging out with a bad crowd and the murder may be gang-related rather than something to do with cruising.

Edited on 05/09/18
Super Reviewer

Usergroup: Member
Joined: May 01, 2001

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 90


Posted Apr 29 2018:
This is part of a larger article in NY Observer regarding recent fatalities in the metro area:
And on Tuesday, at about 12:03 p.m., police received a 911 call about an unconscious man in Kissena Park near 161st Street in the Flushing section of Queens, police said. Upon arrival, officers discovered an unidentified man in his 20s who was unconscious and unresponsive and had trauma to his head. EMS also responded, and he was pronounced dead at the scene.
I am assuming they are talking about Tuesday, April 24.

The man was later identified as a teenager and the death ruled a homicide.

NY Observer, April 26 2018: Fifth Body Found in a New York City River Over Four-Day Period

Flushing Post, April 27 2018: Police Rule Death of Teen at Kissena Park a Homicide

Edited on 04/30/18


Posted Oct 28 2017:
Apparently the body was found to be a suicide victim as a note was left.

QNS: UPDATE: Body found in Kissena Park identified as a missing person who took his own life

Edited on 11/03/17


Posted Feb 12 2017:
A decayed body was recently discovered near the cruising area in the southeast corner of the park near 164th St. Details are still lacking at this point.

In 2015, another body was dumped in the park by someone since arrested.

Decomposed body discovered in Kissena

Edited on 02/16/17


Posted Apr 24 2016:
I visited the park on a Sunday afternoon and found three men cruising. There are a number of newer paths, but much of the vegetation seems to have been flattened by natural or other means. There are far fewer private places than before.

Edited on 04/29/16


Posted Dec 27 2015:
The park is active in the southeast corner near Booth Memorial Ave. and 164th St. This has some wooded areas and others with tall reeds.

There is a wood bark covered road that passes through this place. It is still active as the paths that lead off into the vegetation are not overgrown for lack of use.

However, the number of guys has decreased over the years.

Edited on 12/31/15


Posted Aug 30 2015:
Is this spot still active? I run here every day. Maybe I'm not going into the right spot.

Edited on 09/07/15


Posted Nov 15 2014:
I cruise here all the time. The best time to go is on a weekday around 1 pm and around 6 pm and on the weekend around 4 pm. I've seen a lot action go down there before.

Edited on 11/20/14


Posted Oct 29 2014:
When is the best time to go to this park?

Edited on 11/04/14


Posted Jul 20 2014:
Best spot that I have been to. Whip out your cock and jerk off.

Edited on 07/23/14


Posted Jun 30 2013:
I visited this park for the first time this summer and there have been major changes. I did not see another cruiser on a Saturday afternoon and many traditional paths are overgrown for lack of use. I suspect this place has died. It has been in decline for a number of years and the tornado and storms have changed the landscape.

Edited on 07/05/13


Posted Nov 28 2012:
Lots of trees down on trails after Sandy. This cuts down on patrols, but leaves are also off trees. Hit or miss sexual activity, but a nice place to visit if only for a walk in the woods. Beware of snooping "citizens" walking their dogs there.

Nonetheless, recently I requested and received a very erotic over the knee bare bottom hand spanking followed by an equally erotic slow hand job there in a very secluded spot. Went home with a warm, rosy ass and a satisfied limp cock. Returned later for some more, but unfortunately, my sexy spanker had gone home.

Edited on 12/04/12


Posted Aug 18 2011:
The several times I went here this summer I found I was the only person and many of the paths had grown over for lack of use. The Parks Department has been actively widening the main paths in the cruising area. Between this and the police activity, the cruising seems to have died here.

Edited on 08/24/11


Posted Jun 24 2011:
Heads Up!
On weekends and Mondays, I have noticed suspicious acting men walking about the cruisy area. These are not locals and seem to be plainclothes cops. They are in their 30's and wear shorts.

Edited on 06/28/11


Posted Nov 21 2010:
The paths in the park have now been cleared of the trees felled by the tornado.


Posted Sep 20 2010:
The tornado knocked down many trees in this park. It is now very difficult to reach or walk about the cruising area.

Edited on 09/21/10


Posted Sep 15 2010:
There is some activity that takes place in the southeastern corner of the park where there is a naturally overgrown area. There are two dirt paths where guys meet and then go into the dense vegetation. There are many short paths, and long pants are recommended because of thorns and poison ivy. The guys tend to be middle aged and older.

Edited on 09/16/10


Posted Sep 24 2008:
Heads Up!
Entrance is at the end of Parsons Blvd. and Booth Memorial Avenue. Beware of the 9 pm curfew for NYC Parks. No sooner did I drive in with a friend after 9 pm when a police car quickly drove in and inspected our car. Luckily, we hadn't done anything yet. Don't go there at night. It's a trap!


Posted Jul 26 2008:
Heads Up!
I was encouraged to see about five guys here last weekend. This weekend, however, there were three men about forty years old walking rapidly through the paths and hidden places with walkie-talkies at their ears. They were all wearing shorts while cruisers normally wear long pants due to the poison ivy, thorns, and insects. Be careful.


Posted Feb 12 2008:
I think something must have happened here last summer. A lot of vegetation was cut back and the regulars all seemed to have disappeared.


Posted Dec 08 2007:
Where are the guys? I came here twice this month and found great places for cruising but didn't see anyone else cruising. There are wonderfully remote paths, etc. but no people.


Posted Jul 26 2007:
The best place to have action in Kissena Park is in the public bathroom next to the tennis courts. The place is quiet and has a couple of urinals. It is located in the corner of Parsons Blvd. and Rose Avenue. You will see the tennis courts, just walk past them and you will see the bathroom.


Posted May 24 2007:
I went there today and found nothing! Waste of time.


Posted Feb 24 2007:
The parking lot for the bicycle stadium off Booth Memorial Avenue at Parsons Blvd. is also active. A recent major grass fire has eliminated the secluded places in the tall reeds until the summer regrowth.


Posted Nov 09 2006:
I went there around 11 am and had sex with two hot Asian guys.


Posted Oct 12 2006:
I was there around 2 pm on Tuesday. There were two Asian guys playing with each other so I joined in and got a great blowjob and gave one also. I will definitely go back.


Posted Sep 25 2006:
The southwest corner of the park has a natural area with many paths through the tall weeds. The area becomes muddy after heavy rains and lacks privacy in winter.


Posted Aug 22 2006:
I saw a few guys sunbathing nude and hard in the wooded area! I jacked off for them while they watched. Could have fucked either one bit declined due to marital status. But this was still a hot scene for me.


Posted Apr 24 2006:
I went there around 2 pm and a guy with his bike was completely nude getting sucked off and his sweet, tight ass eaten! I also saw a young hot Asian guy but I had to leave.


Posted Nov 22 2005:
This place is great. I got and gave many blowjobs here. Many places to go with the one you meet to give or get a hot blowjob.


Posted Aug 20 2005:
I was there for the first time today. It was a hot and very humid Saturday afternoon. So there were not a lot of people around, but as soon as I walked into the area of the trails, I saw, and followed, a handsome dark-haired man with an inviting smile who turned out to be an Arab. He offered me a cigarette and then led me to a secluded spot where he let me suck his cock. Then he fucked me. Then I sucked his cock. Then he fucked me. And then he jerked off and let me have his cum. It seemed like he was kind of doing the Arab 'if you're the top, you're not really gay'thing, but after it was over, he asked me for my phone number. After that, I followed a very hot Asian dude who, with a little bit of coaxing, was very into letting me suck his big uncut piece. Next time in that part of Queens, I'll definitely go back. By the way, the setting is lush and beautiful. The Asian guy explaned to me that the park was a major horticultural garden during the 19th century, which explains it's extraordinary beauty. Count on the boys to find one of the most beautiful settings in New York City for erotic adventure!


Posted Apr 17 2005:
The area of interest is east of the bicycle stadium, and south of the lake. Numerous paths through the tall reeds lead to secluded areas. The park officially closes at 9 pm.


Posted Mar 19 2005:
This is an excellent spot! I have done it many times here, pretty much in the open after dark.


Posted Jun 30 2004:
The heavily wooded trails in this park make it a great place to hook up. The vegetation is so thick. I was there tonight and sucked off two guys in the bushes.


Posted Aug 02 2003:
This park has so much potential, I think no one realizes it. I was there last week and lured this young guy and we literaly fucked for hours. We took all our clothes off and were there for at least four hours. It was so much fun. I strongly recommend it and hope this place gets more popular.


Posted Mar 11 2002:
I had a nice four-way with two black and two latino guys in the woods off of 164th Street. Best times are on weekdays between 7 pm and 9 pm.

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