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Category: Adult store with arcade, theatre Hours / Entry Fee: Open 24 hours Directions: Located at southbound I-190 Exit 22 for Niagara Falls Blvd.
Submitted: Apr 09 2001 (Edited 04/04/18)
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Read & Write Reviews: 27 Reviews

Address: 820 Connecting Road
City: Niagara Falls
State: New York
ZIP/Postal Code: 14304
Country: United States of America
Phone Number: 716-283-4176
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Usergroup: Member
Joined: Oct 16, 2001

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 2


Posted Apr 04 2018:
Went here for the first time during a weekday evening. It was quiet but a good set up and lots of potential. Good selection of DVDs and toys, etc. Good selection of poppers too. I will go back and try again when I'm in the area.

Edited on 04/04/18
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lyn leggs

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Apr 02, 2013

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 0


Posted Apr 02 2013:
I am a CD Gurl! I love the new small theatre 'cause going out in mini skirts or dresses it's much warmer than the larger theatre. The downside is I wish it was a little lighter inside. Like VL on Elmwood in Buffalo, its totally Gurl friendly and I love they show transsexual movies now in the new theatre. It's truly a place Guys get excited and looking for a Gurl to enjoy.

Edited on 04/08/13


Posted Mar 10 2013:
Is this for gay men?
Super Reviewer

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Jan 04, 2013

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 35


Posted Feb 19 2013:
Smallish adult bookstore with two decent-sized theatres and arcade. Theatre #1 is larger, with theatre-style seating and standing room in back, showing straight porn. Theatre #2 is smaller, but still has theatre-style seating and standing room, and shows "alternative" porn (gay, girl/girl, tv and bi). Each theatre rotates through four movies every day. Admission to the theatres is $10 for one, or $15 for both.

The arcade has about a dozen small preview booths, including two pairs of buddy booths, with locking doors for privacy, and a selection of 16 movies. $5 worth of tokens must be bought at the counter.

I arrived at about 3 pm on Presidents' Day and found about eight guys cruising the theatres. I checked out both theatres but opted for theatre #1 as the movie in theatre #2 was amateurish with way too much shaky-camera for my liking. Guys seemed to be pretty bold in the theatres, jacking openly and one guy even walking around naked (except for a black bra). Eventually a nice daddy-type guy came up to where I was seated, masturbating, and started to suck my cock. He was really into it and did some good work on my balls and nips too. After a while, his wristwatch alarm went off, meaning he had to go, so he jacked off and shot on the floor while blowing me.

He left and I moved to another seat, a few rows in front of this old guy who was stroking his cock and talking dirty under his breath as we watched the movie. Ten minutes later, another sexy daddy in a hoodie came over to me and sucked me off while the old guy stood by and watched. I came in his mouth and he swallowed my whole load.

I decided to check out the arcade, so I bought my $5 in tokens and went in, after stopping in the restroom that is located just inside the arcade entrance. There were two guys cruising the arcade, including the guy who just blew me. I went into a booth, dropped my tokens, whipped out my cock and started stroking. He eventually came by and sucked another load out of my balls. Super hot! He told me to come to him if I needed to shoot a third load, but I was pretty spent.

Staff seems to be cool with everything that happens there. They weren't bothering anyone and seemed friendly. Pretty great place, and it seems like there's definitely a crowd that goes there. Good place to get whatever you need. Store itself is open 24-hours, but the theaters are open from 9 am to 3 am.

Edited on 02/25/13


Posted Jun 07 2012:
I stopped here while driving through town recently and had a great time. When I first entered the theatre I had to wait for my eyes to adjust to the darkness. However, when they finally did I was delighted to see men in various stages of dress around me. I started to walk to the front where I heard one guy moaning in delight. I watched for a while as he got sucked, and then I moved to the other side of the aisle where I saw another guy with no pants on. I sat next to him and started to make out. I eventually worked my way down to start to suck him. He got off in a very short time, but I wasn't done. I was able to suck off 2 more guys, and then get sucked myself.

Edited on 06/12/12


Posted Sep 26 2011:
This place can be good or bad for someone who really needs a cock to suck. I'm a very shy person myself and can't get myself to ask anyone if he wants to be sucked, but occasionally a guy sits down next to me and makes it obvious.

Edited on 10/04/11


Posted Oct 16 2010:
The days of wild women and male/female couples here are over. The girls drew too many admirers (single straight guys) and the crushing masses eventually scared off everyone and the crowds left.

Fast forward a few years and it is now your typical bookstore, theatre, and video arcade. Like many places of this genre, crowds can be "iffy" but I've been finding lunch hours a very good time to go. Crowds have always been very playful here and remain so.

Recently they somehow managed to squeeze in a small dance hall with naked girls called the "Red Garter." The change has scared off a few of the regulars but the girl dancers have been getting at least a few guys all horned up for the rest of us! $12/15 for the dance hall, $10 for the theatre and a five buck minimum for the video arcade.

Edited on 10/20/10


Posted Mar 07 2010:
This place has a good theatre with about 55 theatre style seats, two aisles, three columns of seats and an awesome standing and play area in back, partitioned off by a half high wall for comfort and privacy.

When you first walk in, you barely notice the cruise area to the back. It's so much easier to sidle up alongside someone than to chance actually sitting next to someone.

Edited on 03/08/10


Posted Jan 31 2009:
The Native American clerk is cordial and fair with the customers. I have been going there for years and I have never seen him otherwise. Some, like young queens, go in there with a chip on their shoulder and expect to be treated like royalty. This is a bookstore. You're only buying tokens and/or a theatre ticket from the guy. These same ones are rude and act like everyone in the place wants them. They can really drag down the mood. These are the people that keep the real guys away!


Posted Oct 13 2008:
Another site listed this as having a theater. I'm not sure if it does though.


Posted Oct 09 2008:
Stopped in for the first time earlier this week and was greeted by a very attractive and friendly woman at the counter. Never made it to the booths, there was too much action going on in the theater. Enjoyed the nice standup play area at the back. I'll be returning.


Posted Feb 28 2008:
This place can be hot depending on the attendant. There is an Native American guy that is not friendly. His attitude is as if he is doing you a favor, forgetting that you pay his salary. I have seem how he treat some great customers. Pretty soon people will be looking for other places and actually, people have already. The bathroom is cleaned only once a week it seems like.


Posted Nov 30 2006:
I stopped in on around 1:30 pm on a Friday hoping to catch some late lunch. There were four guys in the theater. One was dressed like a woman. He was sucking one of the guys off. The other two were standing behind the seats. I went over there and in less than a minute was sucking the one guy off. After he shot his load in my mouth he left and I went over and sucked the other guy. I stayed until 5 pm and no one else showed up. Will have to go back soon.


1 of 1 people found this review helpful
Posted Jan 29 2006:
This place is great. Clerks are real nice. I went on a Monday morning around 11 am and it was real busy. I went to the arcade to warm up then went to the theatre. I walked in and had to let my eyes adjust and there were about ten guys standing behind the wall in the back. I pulled out my cock and in seconds had three guys on me. It was like they worked as a team. One was grabbing my cock, one was pulling down my pants from behind, and the third was taking off my shirt kissng my nipples. As I was stripped naked the one began kissing me hard and long while one was sucking my cock and the other licking my ass. The door to the theatre kept opening and closing as people entered showing us in bright lite to everyone. I was so turned on I didn't care. As one was sucking and the other finally was fucking me, I didn't want to cum yet but the guy kissing me would not let me move, not that I wanted to. Finally, everyone backed off and guided me to my knees and the three took turns giving me their load. I was covered in cum, naked on my knees. Of course, onlookers waned to deposit their spew on my face and mouth. By the time I put my clothes on seven men had either come in my mouth, face or hair. Thankfully, a guy helped me get cleaned up and I got dressed. The place rocks.


Posted Jan 28 2006:
Great place. I was there on a Saturday. I noticed a crowd right away and went to look. It was a couple and the wife was stroking a cock while her dressed up tranny guy was sucking a hung Black guy. I waited my turn and received a great blowjob while a guy played with my ass.


Posted Jun 06 2005:
I was here Sunday afternoon. To my surprise it was real busy. I had an incredible time. I went into the theater and there were about ten guys there. Most were sitting, but a few were standing in the back. I took my place along the wall between and then, all of a sudden, two average-looking guys pulled my cock out and started stroking it. I had hands all over me. My shorts were pushed down and my shirt was pulled up. Hands were on my nipples and chest, on my cock and playing with my asshole. One of them started sucking me, one bent me over to suck him and one started eating my hole. Talk about being in the right place at the right time. After all was said and done. One guy fucked me, I sucked another guy, and swallowed his load and I blew my load in a guys mouth. One hot day!


Posted Jun 02 2005:
I have been there a few times. The attendants can be very nice.


Posted Mar 24 2005:
I went on a Saturday afternoon, and found about eight guys in the theater. Everything was quiet until I started masturbating openly. Three blowjobs and a handjob later, I left having shot a massive load for another patron. The clerk at the front counter was cool. Many patrons were wary of undercover cops, so I'm not sure if there have been busts.


Posted Dec 02 2004:
Last Friday night, two women were servicing all patrons, with guys watching, waiting, and offering as well. It was hot. The proprietor was very cool.


Posted Jul 03 2004:
I go often and most times I get a blowjob. The new manager doesn't keep this place clean anymore, but almost anything goes there. I was there tonight and there were four couples waiting to be taken care of.


Posted Jul 01 2004:
I went into this place and slid into the theatre. At first there was a nice old guy who was willing to give me some relief. A fat guy and his woman walked in and sat down. I asked if I could sit with them, she said yes and releases one of her huge tits. I felt them up and pulled put my cock. She stroked me while her friend fingered her. I stuck my dick in her mouth and face fucked and tittie fucked her while a couple other guys got handjobs from her. I shot my load in her mouth and on her chest and left her getting ready to be fucked.


Posted Feb 26 2004:
I stopped in this place last Friday around Midnight. When I walked in the theater, I found two women allowing a line of guys having their way with them while their husbands or boyfriends were watching. It was really wild. And there were other women there waiting there turn. There was also a lot of man on man action.


Posted Feb 08 2003:
This place is packed and there are always some guys in the mini-theatre. In the back, you just need to wait to do a mutual jackoff with another guy. Once in awhile you can give or get some head, but interruptions are frequent. I've sucked off a few guys in the arcade, also got started on a guy in the back of the mini-theatre, but when the door opens, everything stops momentarily. Weekend nights are dedicated to a few guys who bring their women in to take on the crowd, not conducive to m2m action.


Posted Jan 29 2003:
This place is okay, but on weekend nights it is mostly straight guys looking to fuck some of the women some guys bring with them. There is not much action for men who want to suck or get fucked. The straight guys look at you with insult and are not interested in getting sucked off by a guy. Not much action if you're looking to suck some cock or get some head.


Posted Sep 09 2002:
I was there the other day and not much cock was playing in the arcade.


Posted Jul 24 2002:
Talk of the Town now has a very busy theatre that's open from 8 am to 4 am daily. This place is the hottest in the region because of it's location near the Canadian boarder. The clientele ranges from truckers to some very hungry locals. During the week the action is best around Noon. On weekend nights, straight couples looking for groups of men to fuck their female partners are prevalent. It is not uncommon to see a dozen men pull a train on some willing female. There is a railing in the back where most of the gay action occurs. If you want privacy, you take your trick into the arcade. The arcade area is small, but does have buddy booths. Management does not hassle. This place is wild.


Posted Jun 22 2002:
There is a movie theatre in the back. This place is pig heaven, both male and female. Gay men hang out in the back behind the railing. Straight men bring in their wives or girlfriends and the men line up for a turn. It is incredible. The theatre is very small, so it gets very crowded and stuffy. On weekend nights around 10 pm there may be over a hundred men in the back.

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