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Annabelle's Adult Supercenter


Category: Adult store with arcade Hours / Entry Fee: Sun - Thu: 9 am - Midnight; Fri - Sat: 9 am - 2 am Directions: Located next to Motel 6.
Submitted: Nov 15 2008 (Edited 12/03/15)
Cruised here? Rate this place:
3.63/5 based on 75 votes. The median rating is 4.
Read & Write Reviews: 55 Reviews

Address: 3804 North Patterson Avenue
City: Winston Salem
State: North Carolina
ZIP/Postal Code: 27105
Country: United States of America
Phone Number: 336-767-8285

GPS Approximate Latitude & Longitude: 36.1501,-80.2447
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Posted Aug 21 2023:
Got over to this place late July. Definitely worth the trip. I got in just before lunch hour and sucked off three nice cocks before leaving a few hours later. There were a number of attractive guys cruising the main movie rooms and I found success in the arcade section sucking through the gloryholes. Good times and hopefully can get back before too long!

Edited on 08/22/23


Posted Jun 12 2023:
Stopped in on a Friday afternoon to see if there was any action. Wasn't long before I had a nice cock in mouth. Stayed about an hour sucked two nice cocks and had a good time. Can't wait to go again.

Edited on 06/14/23
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1 of 1 people found this review helpful
Posted Jan 07 2022:
I stopped by on a Saturday around noon. It was my first time at this type of establishment and I was there for mostly voyeuristic reasons. The parking lot was pretty full so I knew there would be plenty of people. I went into the arcade and straight into the first set of rooms. The first had several couches, a few TVs showing straight porn, and doors to two private rooms. The room beyond that had even more couches and TVs, as well as some blinds that let you look into the gay/trans room.

When I first arrived, a couple was coming in at the same time. Unfortunately, they went right to one of the private rooms and kept the blinds closed. We all tried to peek but could only see a little of him fucking her. She was the only woman I saw in the two hours I was there.

When you walk into the arcade, the hallway to the left leads to two more areas. The first is a room with a few couches and TVs showing gay and trans porn. The second is the area with the viewing booths. The hallway is lined with booths, each with a screen and a chair. The ones I looked into also had holes into the next booth. A middle aged man in that area asked me, casually, what I was looking for. "Just looking around," I told him. When I saw him later, he straight up offered me a blowjob.

I wandered back into the first set of rooms. There I found an old man getting blown by an even older man. Each time I encountered that guy, he was blowing someone new in a different part of the arcade.

After a while of wandering, I posted up in the booth area. I've been curious for a long time about sucking cock but I wasn't exactly planning on trying it that day. I started to look inside one of the booths to see how the movie selections worked. As I was closing the door to the booth, I noticed someone hurriedly going into the booth next to mine, the one connected by a gloryhole. My inner slut kicked in for the first time and I dropped to my knees at the hole. I sucked his cock for a long time. I would've finished him off, but my legs started to fall asleep so I stopped and exited the booth.

I'll definitely go back when I get a chance. Fingers crossed I encounter an adventurous couple or a big cock next time.

Edited on 01/09/22


1 of 1 people found this review helpful
Posted Jan 04 2022:
I visit Annabelle's three or four times a month, usually on Tuesdays or Thursdays in late morning until afternoon. Sometimes on Saturdays at the same time.

Sometimes it takes a while, but I always get four to six cocks to suck in one to two hours. Sometimes more. Once twelve. Most often, there are more guys there wanting to suck than to get sucked, and, unfortunately, many of the guys want to spend hours there before they cum, so they will pull out just when I've got them ready to shoot in my mouth.

I like being watched, so I'll suck a cock anywhere in the store I can find one, and frequently I get to suck two or three together. The last time I was there, I was sucking a black guy in the gay theater and five guys were standing around watching, so I said to them "If this was a movie, all of you would come over here and take your cocks out and give them to me to suck." Unfortunately, they didn't, but I think I'll keep asking.

Edited on 01/04/22
Senior Reviewer

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Jan 06, 2001

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Posted Sep 25 2020:
Is this place still open? I realize COVID has put a stop to many other businesses but just moved back into the area. Looking for a few good hook up spots in Winston-Salem.

They're currently posting on Facebook, if that helps. ~ Editor

Edited on 09/28/20

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Jun 23, 2019

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Posted Dec 02 2019:
Visited Annabelle's this afternoon and had a great time. Sucked one cock through a gloryhole in the arcade. Later got to suck two cocks in one of the theaters with a few people watching. Got to swallow two hot loads of cum. Still hard thinking about it!

Hope to make it back in a week or so for a repeat performance.

Edited on 12/04/19


Posted Oct 31 2019:
We are a couple and love Annabelle's. We go as a group with our fabulous friend who loves BBC and everyone cums home with a big smile after an all nighter here. It is a great place with a great staff and great clientele. It is the best place for miles to be "SuperStore SuperStars!"

Edited on 11/01/19

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Jun 23, 2019

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Posted Jun 23 2019:
Was there for a couple of hours yesterday. Lots of guys moving from theater to theater, but never saw any action except for one guy who kept coming out of a room at the back of one theater, then returning with another guy, unlocking the door, and disappearing back inside.

Went into the arcade for a few minutes, but couldn't get the door to lock and wasn't comfortable with trying out the gloryhole without the door being secured.

As I was leaving, a guy and a lady were headed in together. Hopefully they had a good time.

Anyway, I consider it a successful recon to get the lay of the land. I'll definitely try the place out again, and will hopefully get to swallow a few loads. Fingers crossed!

Edited on 06/24/19
Senior Reviewer

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Joined: Oct 23, 2018

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Posted Oct 23 2018:
This is one of the better places in NC. It has something for everyone and I usually get sucked dry by all variety of hot mouths. Men, women, and everything in between are here and it is a great time for all.

Edited on 10/25/18


Posted Oct 02 2018:
Looking to check it out but can't find anyone to go with.

Edited on 10/03/18
Super Reviewer

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Jul 05, 2003

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Posted Sep 01 2018:
It's been a while since I traveled to the east and I had long read reviews of this place. This time I had the chance to go over and check it out. I was a bit confused about the theatre setup and started out in the alt theatre and the arcade. There was a smoking crossdresser in the theatre and she kept looking up from her phone but the room kept busy with folks moving in and out. So off to the arcade I went and watched a few flicks just to see what was on. Not the best selection but for the $10 I spent was a pretty good deal.

I then figured out the other two theatres and spent some time checking out what was going on there — not much but there was one sucker that I watched work on a guy. So finally I got back to the alt theatre and the focus of my attention had moved to a front couch. I took the other one and enjoyed the few for a bit and she freshened up. But still no real signs she was interested in playing with me.

So off to the other theatre I went again. That was still not a busy place so after another short trip to the arcade I was back in the alt theatre, and this time I was rewarded with a guy eating her ass as she was bent over the small couch. Now that action was started I moved in an pulled out my cock so they knew I was OK. And while she didn't make any contact with me, I let my hand go over her top side — she had great tits — while the guy munched away back there. Then he got up and put his cock to work, and it must of been good for him cause he only lasted a dozen strokes or so.

Well once he moved away from that lovely ass I moved over and wrapped my rod and went in for the plunge. I immediately knew why he didn't last long — it was a great hole to poke and the view was incredible. She had a great ass and legs. I bet I didn't last more than five minutes and I filled my condom.

As I walked around to the front of her she asked if I came. Yes I did, I said. Then she asked if I got what I wanted. I just smiled. I just wish I could of played with her longer. It was my best tgurl experience yet. I will be back.

Edited on 09/03/18

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Posted Mar 27 2018:
I'm a fit 50-something guy however I have a health problem. In order to maintain my health and the quality of my life, I need to swallow five ejaculations from fit younger men each week. Do you think anyone of the guys at Annabelle's would be willing to help me out?

Edited on 03/29/18
Super Reviewer

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Posted Mar 31 2017:
Annabelle's rarely disappoints and again this trip was "suck-sessful." I like to crossdress and go there, but time did not permit me to do that, so I just slid into a miniskirt and thong and dropped by for a bit.

Immediately I blew a guy sitting on the couch in the big theater. He had it out and hard, what was I supposed to do?

Had a hot Black man feel me up, under my skirt and told me he wanted that later. And, indeed he got it later in my visit — feeding me and fucking me through a gloryhole in a booth. He was huge as the Magnum condom only covered about two-thirds of his dick.

I had one guy lick my ass-pussy and fondle me every time I walked past. And there was one big Black guy who I must have sucked ten different times. Every time we would pass he would show that cock and I would instantly drop to my knees — in the hallway, in a booth, in the smokers' area and in the theatres. Didn't matter where, he showed and I blowed. Ultimately he didn't want to come and I had to leave.

There were two couples there, working the booths. They were both looking for black dick. And, since that's what I was primarily what I was looking for I decided to leave, not realizing I had spent over four wonderful hours there.

Edited on 04/07/17
Big v


Posted Jul 29 2016:
Like getting my cock sucked and touched by anyone. Love the trannies best.

Edited on 08/05/16
Super Reviewer

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Posted Jul 07 2016:
It was a warm summer Sunday afternoon and I decided to play "dress up" and head to Annabelle's in Winston-Salem. What started as me wearing a miniskirt and panties to adult bookstores has graduated to full-blow crossdressing for me at times when I "go to the movies."

Annabelle's is a great spot with two theatres, with big comfy chairs, love seats, and couches in each. Also, they have private booths, some with gloryholes others without. So no matter what your adult bookstore scene is they have it there.

The place is clean, staff is friendly, and customers have always been cool and respectful. Dressed as a guy or a girl I have never had problems there.

I walked in this afternoon and there were two couples in the main large theatre, one older couple and one "larger" couple. The older couple had some of the older gentlemen there sit by the lady and play with her. The larger couple did about everything and were not shy about any of it.

Later in the day a young couple came in and this girl sucked her man's cock endlessly in about every place available there. I did not see them hook up with anyone, but everyone got a show for as long as they chose to look.

As for me, I did alright.

I love having men grab, grope, and fondle me and there were a couple of older guys who did that regularly with me throughout my stay. One of them licked my man-pussy and another "lightly touched" me all over a couple of times on a couch.

Generally, I'm not into the older guys for actual sex but some touching and feeling is good fun and sometimes spurs on some of the other guys to realize that I'm basically a slut.

If that doesn't work, just dropping to my knees and blowing a guy in a theatre gives them an idea as well and I did that twice during my stay. So, there was no mystery what I was there for.

Had a really nice young black guy take me to a booth, slide into a condom and fuck me unmercifully! — which is just how I like it.

So got touched and fondled, sucked two nice dicks, and got fucked like a slut. Another great day at Annabelle's.

Edited on 07/18/16


Posted Dec 19 2015:
Annabelle's is the bomb! I've been stopping in for years and always find a bevy of talented cocksuckers from all across the gender spectrum.

I am primarily hetero but open to any talented mouth and there are more than enough at Annabelle's for me to dump two or three loads when I am there.

Edited on 12/24/15


Posted Nov 28 2015:
My husband and I recently went to Annabelle's Arcade and went straight to the video booths. Almost instantly a guy with the biggest cock I've ever laid eyes on put his man meat in the booth's gloryhole.

With my husband pumpin' me from behind and encouraging me to touch the manhood of this big-dicked stranger I finally did touch his penis and before I knew it this very well-endowed guy was fucking me raw while my husband watched.

Thanks, Annabelle's!

Edited on 12/03/15


Posted Jul 26 2015:
I love to go get on my knees at a good hole. I love to suck cocks, get lucky sometimes and get a good hot load of cum. I love to swallow cum and it's well worth $10.00.

I like it when two guys are in a booth beside me. I get them when they're ready to cum to cum in my mouth, with me getting two loads. It makes me horny to jack off with a load of cum in my mouth. Mmmmmm...

Edited on 08/04/15

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Posted Jun 21 2015:
Annabelle's management doesn't care much for its gay customers and does little to look after our needs. Mainly it fancies itself a straight swingers club.

The layout of the place has been changed several times, usually with the gay or "alternative" theatre getting the short end. The area that had been the gay theatre was shut in June, 2015 and converted into a straight couples room. The straight theatre is being split into a straight stag side and gay side and it looks as if you'll have to pass through the straight side to get to the gay side.

The place isn't kept up and the movies are usually awful, with ugly guys and trannies. I've had some good times there but lately they are fewer and farther between.

The latest shuffle of the gay theatre might put the nail in the coffin for this place. There's obviously money to be made, so why can't a gay owner start up a new place and do it right?

Edited on 06/26/15


1 of 1 people found this review helpful
Posted Feb 28 2015:
I have been going to this place since it opened, it was keep clean at that time. Used to be kept clean and nice. Now it is nasty and smells real bad. The owner does not care what you catch if it is not him. All he wants is your money. I have talked to a few guys that go there. They have gotten STDs there. If something is not done the Health Dept. needs to come in and shut the place down. You tell the staff about it and they do nothing. I have pointed these people out to the staff also.

We always encourage people who are worried about HIV and other STDs to take responsibility for themselves to learn about and follow safer sex practices. ~ Editor

Edited on 03/04/15

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1 of 1 people found this review helpful
Posted Jan 21 2015:
I visited Annabelle's for the first time Monday January 19th and the young lady running the store was very kind and helpful. I was told it was $10 to enter the back room for 8 hours and given 5 pieces of paper to use in the booths. I was told there were two open theatres, one straight and one alternative, and then there was a booth area, which the papers were for.

The straight theatre was very large and spacious with lots of seating, but very few patrons were here. The alternative area had some men standing around watching a transvestite film, smaller room than the straight theatre.

The video booths were about the norm. Most all had ample gloryholes and a chair, trashcan, and paper towels. Most of the men were wallflowers. It was an hour before I was able to suck a nice cock, and he stopped mid way through with a promise to return; he did not. After him was a man with the smelliest cock I have ever seen. Wash your cocks men!

Finally a nice young fellow with a nice hard 8 inches came in and wanted anal. He fucked me raw to completion through the gloryhole, making the trip worthwhile. I got there about 3:30 and left about 6:30 pm. The place was clean and on the nicer end of the spectrum. Staff was very kind and helpful. I had a decent time, was hoping for more action while there.

Edited on 01/26/15
Fun coupe


Posted Dec 26 2014:
Took my very sexy wife there to see what the place was about. Had fun. Clientele were definitely interested in my wife but still respectful and not pushy. Everybody liked her perfect body as I do. Real turn on. No hardcore playing involved. Only some breast play, nipple sucking. Still a blast for us.

Edited on 12/31/14
Master Sucker

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Posted Dec 19 2014:
I go to Annabelles once or twice a month. I live 100 miles away. I usually have a good time there. It's a nice place with a large straight theatre (two large screens), a smaller alternative theatre, and booths. The staff is friendly. There's a Motel 6 right beside the place in the same parking lot and you can get a room for about $40.00.

I've sucked a lot of cock in the alternative theatre as well as in the back of the straight theatre. Trannies and CDs come in from time to time, if you're into that. I got one a couple of weeks ago. There is usually some couples action in the evenings, which I like to watch.

One of the best times I've had was on a couples day. Only couples could go into the straight theatre and I was in the alt. theatre. There were about ten of us in there and this couple walks in. The woman looked to be in her thirties and the guy was older.

They sat down next to me and talked for awhile. Then she got up, took he dress off and proceeded to suck and fuck all who wanted it. She was nice looking with a beautiful body. You never know what you'll se at Annabelle's, sometimes nothing, LOL. But it's usually more than worth the $10.00 admission.

Edited on 12/29/14


Posted Jul 06 2014:
This place smells bad. It needs a good cleaning.

Edited on 07/09/14


Posted May 07 2014:
I go here. I love sucking hard cocks, and I love fresh cum.

Edited on 05/13/14
Theater Luvr


Posted Apr 27 2014:
A very nice setup indeed. Plenty of willing cocksuckers at the gloryholes. The theatre action seems to be a bit inhibited especially on the weekends. A security guard walks around and seems to dampen the atmosphere. Couples (M/F) do visit often but the action was subdued during the four times that I visited in April, 2014. The in/out policy is nice and for $10 it is a real bargain.

Edited on 05/02/14


Posted Feb 03 2014:
Go there twice or more a month, mostly in the morning. I'm a MWM and meet the same on many occasions. Love sitting on the sofas and get some mutual fondling and jacking. Sometimes the sofa room turns into a mini-orgy with one guy sucking three or four cocks. Great place.

Edited on 02/10/14


Posted Jan 08 2014:
Are there gloryholes in Annabelle's store? And if so are they girls or guys doing 'em?

Edited on 01/15/14
new person


Posted Sep 20 2013:
Are there any women that come to this place or is it just for gays?

Edited on 09/26/13


Posted Jun 15 2013:
My second time at Annabelle's yesterday. This time allowed some time to play and was well rewarded!

Checked out the theatres. The two-screen straight vid area was quiet. Discovered the gay theatre, lots going on, guys in and out and some sexy touching.

Moved to a booth with the door cracked. Great guy came in to join me, we got naked and made out, jerked each other off until he came. Stayed naked with the door cracked, another guy came in and we played.

Moved back and forth between theatre and booths for a while, did some playing in the theatre. Back to the booths, got a guy interested and went back to the theatre. This guy was the organizer for a three way oral fest with an expert cocksucker who got me off like few others. Hot!

Definitely the place to go for miles and miles around.

Edited on 06/21/13


Posted Jun 07 2013:
This place is the best around by far, clean, dark, lots of sofas, and plenty of traffic. Three theatres with orgies in all rooms and the booths, too. Mid afternoons the place is packed and I have been sucked, fucked, fisted, and finger-fucked every time I go, which is weekly.

For ten dollars you get all the action you can stand. Paper towels every where. I travel all the East Coast and this is by far the best for a variety of sex and for friendly staff and discreet places to enjoy yourself.

Some guys get naked on the sofas and other sit and jerk each other off while fingering each other or even fisting. Best 10 dollars you will ever spend. Take out a hard dick and get all the attention you will want, go to the videos and the gloryholes and get everything you can handle all the time.

Edited on 06/13/13


Posted Nov 08 2012:
Went here this past Sunday and didn't see any sign of security within the several rooms they have. A whole lot of people simply wandering around from room to room without making any contact. Kinda weird in that respect, nobody trusting the other person I guess. Anyway finally went into a booth and before too long someone entered the one next me. Great sex through the gloryhole ensued. I'll be back! Cost $10 to get in and free entry to all 3 theatre areas plus they give you $5 worth of tokens for the arcade. Can't beat that anywhere else around here.

Edited on 11/14/12


Posted Sep 06 2012:
Heads Up!
I was here two weeks ago. They now have some kind of security that comes to stop all the action.

Edited on 09/13/12


Posted Sep 04 2012:
Heads Up!
They just added security. Security is often lurking. He has on a badge.
Super Reviewer

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Posted Aug 09 2012:
Unbelievable, great place.

Edited on 08/14/12
Senior Reviewer

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Posted Jul 22 2012:
$10 entry which includes 5 paper bills that can be used in the booth area. Two main viewing areas. Area 1 shows straight porn, area 2 has gay video, connected with the booth area. The first part has women jerking off men.

I was here over the July 4th holiday, Saturday night. Good mix of guys in the booth area. not any action in the TV viewing area. Age ranges from younger 20s to older 50s. Diverse group of Whites, Blacks and Mexicans, one Indian guy and one Asian. All flavors from college jock to in-the-closet business man. Worth a look, no one is going to Intown Video anymore.

Edited on 07/30/12


Posted May 15 2012:
Annabelle's really could be a great place but management never seems to get it. Like most bookstores, it shows little if any regard for its customers. The arcade is always dirty and half the doors don't lock. The theatre is a waste of time even on Wednesday's, the gay night -- almost no one is there or does anything. The gay movies in the arcade are always crappy and what vibe gets going is ruined when a straight couple barges in. They don't seem to understand what the gay customers want, or if they do, they don't give a fuck as long as the dollars are still rolling in.

Edited on 05/20/12


Posted Mar 07 2012:
Went for a too-short time on a Tuesday evening. The theater was quite tame, showing Hustler straight videos. Maybe it's hotter at other times, but this wasn't the night. The arcade was tame, too, or so I thought. The video selection is hot.

I'd about given up until I noticed two hot guys in one of the booths with the door open -- totally naked except for a baseball cap -- one buzzed guy sucking a VERY well hung guy with the cap on. They invited me to join in, I dropped trou and opened my shirt, we touched a bit, but their action was the main event.

This was an impulse stop on a quick trip through town. Next time I go I'll plan to have some time available.

Edited on 03/17/12


Posted Jan 07 2012:
Very discreet and never any problems from the staff. They are actually very nice and appreciate your patronage. If only the tired old gossip crowd would shut up. Who wants to hear idle chit chat from them on who what and where something went down? Go outside to gossip.

Edited on 01/11/12

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Posted Oct 01 2011:
I was here on a Friday night. There was a ton of action. The booths had a lot of twinks going hither and yon. The best action was in the "theatre," which is actually a large room with a couple of chairs, a sofa, and a large screen TV. There was group sucking and fucking there, and it was continuous. There was a pretty hot tranny sucking a young guy on the sofa, and that turned into everyone taking turns on the guy on the sofa and sucking each other while waiting their turn.

All in all, this is a good place with friendly management and not much attitude, once you get past the twinks.

Edited on 10/11/11


Posted Sep 05 2011:
My friend and I went there last Saturday to check it out. From the moment we walked in, I was being cased by a super skeezy dude who didn't stand a chance. Though he was nice enough to show us to the theatre, I didn't appreciate him sitting with us on the sofa the rest of the time we were there and rubbing himself through his pants. I was in a porn theatre so I expected no less from the men around me so I didn't say anything. The difference was the other men kept a polite distance and I enjoyed the show they were putting on as I would've had no problem with them watching ours if my friend and I had decided to get it on. That being said, I didn't attempt sex as this guy, and an old dude staring at me the whole time, was a mood killer.

My friend and I decided to engage our curiosity with gloryholes instead. A safe, locking booth where we could watch the action next door sounded like a good idea.

The next time I go, I would like to go a bit further than watching. This was my first time and I wanted to see what it was about, which I did so I'm not disappointed. I would like the word to get out that pushiness is never welcome. Though it may seem contrary to most thinking, just because I'm in a porn shop doesn't mean you are the one getting fucked. I believe and practice choice so back off.

Edited on 09/14/11


Posted May 06 2011:
Go there once a week and almost always something is happening. I have done group sex with up to 6 others in the theatre and foursomes in connecting booths. A cool place.

Edited on 05/09/11

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Posted Feb 09 2011:
Pretty cool place, one fee covers the arcade and the theatre. Have been once when there was a male/female couple. The gal just wanted multiple guys to eat her pussy and the guy was just there to make her feel safe. It was fun, guys sucking each other, guys eating this chick -- lots to watch.

My only issue with this place are the older guys who don't get the clue when you turn them down. If I pull your head down on my cock I want you to suck it, but I shouldn't have to break a sweat getting you away from my dick if I don't want your mouth on it. Seriously, a simple wave off is enough for me to figure the guy doesn't want action from me for whatever reason. Maybe there should be a 'cruising test' before some of these guys are allowed to screw up a great place?

Edited on 02/13/11


2 of 2 people found this review helpful
Posted Oct 30 2010:
Stopped in about a week ago and the place was busy but not insane. Everything was relatively clean and the guy behind the counter was friendly. The theatre was pretty full but nothing was happening. There was a couple there and everyone was waiting to see what happened with them. As soon as the couple left the theatre, we all slowly trickled out to see where they were going and what they were doing. I didn't see them again the rest of the night.

The arcade was pretty full, too. Lots of guys walking around from stall to stall to see what was going on. I got sucked by a guy with some insane skills. If I make my way back though WS again I would definitely stop.

Edited on 10/31/10


1 of 1 people found this review helpful
Posted Jul 25 2010:
Stopped in last Monday morning around 10:30 and there was only one guy in the back, but he was stroking his hard cock in one of the gloryhole booths. He gave it to me to suck right away. It had been a while since I'd been on my knees at a gloryhole, and it made me very hot. Maybe he picked up on that, or maybe he'd been stroking for a while -- anyway, he came pretty quickly, and I ate it like I always do.

I cruised around the place again. Nobody else was there so I dropped my pants by the front door and jacked my dick for a while, then walked back to the smoking deck and outside. I was getting ready to leave, but saw there were three guys out in the front. I made eye contact with each of them, then made sure they saw me looking at their crotches. They followed me back to the booth area and, one after another, gave me their cocks to suck through the gloryhole.

Edited on 07/28/10


1 of 1 people found this review helpful
Posted May 27 2010:
This place is great. I was there when an older guy brought a younger woman in the arcade. They were looking to get off with someone else watching. I was in the next booth with a large gloryhole and could stick my arm in and play with whatever part of the woman that the other guy was not using which was almost everything. She stuck her arm through and beat me off, too. One of the best times I have had in a while.

Edited on 06/02/10


Posted Nov 20 2009:
I have had some nice cock here from time to time. Some of the staff are friendly.


Posted Nov 10 2009:
This is the new place to be for fun for all ages. They treat you with respect and never fail to thank you for your business. No harassment or stupid little immature "post it note" rules everywhere that tend to come and go depending on the mood of the manager.


Posted Oct 05 2009:
This place is fantastic. Went when I was in town for business and sucked on a nice thick cock, then had a cute Mexican kid suck me off. The staff is the absolute nicest I have ever seen at one of these places.


Posted Aug 25 2009:
Have been here once, and I am delighted to say it was worth the $5. The girl out front is very nice, but I do wish she would come to the back for some fun.


Posted Aug 24 2009:
I was just there today. It is a clean place. The action was slow, but I still got two guys off.


Posted Aug 01 2009:
Great potential here guys! Odd layout but there's plenty of gloryholes and a smoking and cell phone deck to keep the smoke out of your face. There was also some group activity out there in broad daylight - can't wait to see what happens after dark! During the middle of a Saturday, clientele was a bit overweight and over-the-hill, but managed to get into a 4-way suckoff in the back corner. Just $5 to get in and the young lady at the front counter was extra nice.


Posted May 03 2009:
A great location. I was sucked by a great guy who was happy just swallowing my cum.


Posted Dec 13 2008:
It's the newest and cleanest bookstore in the area with a large inventory of adult items and a huge video arcade. $5 in coupons gets you into the arcade, which is well laid out and dim. Each booth has a roll of paper towels (how's that for convenience?) and booths are larger than the locker-type at New Vision. I rate this an A++ in cleanliness and friendliness but a B- on action since it hasn't been discovered by the crowds yet.


Posted Nov 15 2008:
Adult store with an arcade and gloryholes connecting four booths. Its clean and friendly with a lot of privacy in the booth area.

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