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Adult Land

Category: Adult store with arcade Hours / Entry Fee: Mon - Fri: 9 am - 10 pm Directions: Located one block west of the New Castle School of Trades.
Submitted: May 26 2001 (Edited 12/12/16)
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3.26/5 based on 23 votes. The median rating is 4.
Read & Write Reviews: 22 Reviews

Address: 4228 Highway 422
City: Pulaski
State: Pennsylvania
ZIP/Postal Code: 16143
Country: United States of America
Phone Number: 724-964-9010
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Posted Jul 16 2018:
I'm a bi sub bottom, younger and into older clean men. I went about a year ago and there were a few older guys in the theater. I whipped it out and started jacking but there was no movement around the room other than looks.

So I got up and went to a booth to see if anyone would follow. I got in the booth and dropped my shorts, and felt a hand from behind me on my smooth ass. I turned and one of the good-looking older guys crept in. I bent over as he was pulling his cock out. It was nice and I took him into my mouth.

He wasn't gentle but not forceful, roaming his hands between my cheeks and noticed that I'm shaved. He finished and went back into the theater. Well I wasn't done lol. So I went back in and bent over the couch next to him and he buried his face in my ass, licking and rubbing his thumb on my tight hole while I jacked off. A guy about 40 walked up and pulled his cock out and I sucked him while all this went on. I came really hard.

I've been there several times since then and never any play. I've laid back into the corner of the couch, legs spread, showing my eager hole and just beat off to an audience. Come eat me! Or if your gentle with protection let's go a bit further. I can't take huge cocks as I'm not that experienced being fucked, but I'm down to play.

Edited on 07/18/18

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Joined: Mar 13, 2018

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Posted Apr 10 2018:
I go there and always seem to get sucked but never fucked. Well I will just keep trying. Will be there after noon tomorrow April 11.

Edited on 04/11/18


1 of 1 people found this review helpful
Posted Apr 10 2018:
Will be there one day this week after noon. I am looking to get fucked. Any takers? I always seem to get sucked there, but never fucked.

Edited on 04/10/18
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Posted Dec 30 2016:
I like this place and get here about once a month. Not a big fan of the gloryhole booths. The walls are too thick, the curtains work well though.

My older brother is back for Christmas from Oregon where he has lived for over thirty years and he's divorced now. We fooled around as kids, but no real contact for many years. I'm 48 and he's 8 years older.

We were out for a few beers, a meal, and some catching-up. I loosened up enough to talk about the stuff we did as kids. He seemed a little embarrassed about it, I guess since he's the older brother and should know better. I laughed and told him that they were good memories to me. I also told him I'd like to do him again, right now in fact.

He gave me a long look and finished his beer and said he was ready to go. Walking out to the truck I told him I was serious and I know a place. He didn't say anything so I drove us to Pulaski bookstore. He followed me in and I paid for both of us to enter the theatre.

When we went in, there were only two other older guys sitting inside. I walked in and to the right and sat on the couch. My brother sat on the same couch, crossing his arms chest high, but didn't say a word. The two older guys moved a little closer to see what might happen.

I didn't waste much time. I moved closer to my brother and put my hand high on his thigh, then slid it up to the bulge in his crotch. I squeezed and felt around until I located his dick and balls, then reached over and unzipped his jeans. I undid his belt and opened his jeans, then moved down onto the floor in front of him.

He looked down at me when I grabbed the waist of his jeans and underwear and started tugging them down. He raised his butt enough for me to slide everything to his socks. His dick popped up a lot fatter than I remembered with a huge mushroom head. I leaned in and smelled his musky scent, then started licking his ball sack, then the underside of his dick. I worked my tongue all over his dick and balls shining them both with my saliva and his precum.

I spent a good half hour working his manmeat down my throat with his precum stringing from my chin till I slurped it into my mouth and swallowed. Delicious dick, even more so since he's my brother.

I struggled with his load because it was multiple, huge, creamy spurts of ball juice. He came and came, grunting it all down my willing throat. I kept sucking and got a second load about ten minutes later.

Good show for the increasing crowd watching. Four more guys apparently came in at some point during my show.

Edited on 01/03/17


Posted Dec 02 2016:
Great spot, relatively clean, always people ready to be sucked or to suck you. I have never been here and not sucked at least one cock and usually get my cock sucked as well.

I have been fucked over the couch while sucking cock too. It is a hot spot, not to miss.

Edited on 12/12/16


Posted Jul 17 2016:
I went here on a Saturday afternoon. I decided to try the theatre which costs ten dollars extra to enter. When I got inside, there were nothing but old fat unattractive men.

Within fifteen minutes, three guys walked in that were old but not bad looking. Two sat next to each other and before you knew it they were sucking each other's cocks!

Then a young guy probably young enough to be their son pulled his pants down and played on the couch next to them. Soon there was a three-way suck going on. It was worth ten dollars just to see live sex going on. All three had great bodies and huge cocks.

The attendant out front was very polite and obviously did not care what went on in the theatre room. The booths out front had some nasty looking trolls running around and the booths just had curtains and no doors.

I might've returned at least one more time to see what is going on in the theatre. I did enjoy myself.

Edited on 07/22/16


Posted Dec 01 2015:
Cool place. I'm a 26 year-old guy. I've had the hots for my best friend's dad since I was a kid. My best friend and I still hang out. When we were younger I'd always wait around in the locker room at the gym and the pool until I got a good look at some hairy man dicks, especially my friend's dad. My friend would always change fast and head out. I'd think of some dumb thing to ask his dad so I could sit there and talk while his dick popped out of his underwear as he pulled them down right in front of my face while he changed.

I've been here a few times and sucked some thick hairy country dick. I stopped by a couple weeks back and went in the theatre. I was watching an old guy sucking a guy my age on the first couch near the door. The younger guy stood up and two other guys walked over to watch closer. The young guy was rock hard sliding in and out of the guy's mouth balls deep.

Then he turned to another guy watching. I watched all three guys on their knees in front of him. He rammed his dick into each throat and pulled the first guy's face between his ass cheeks so he would eat his hole. He didn't last much longer and creamed his load into the oldest guy's throat as he choked it down. This made me so hot I pulled my cock out and let the guy beside me suck on it for awhile then zipped back up when they finished and left.

About ten minutes later I nearly shit when my friend's dad walked in and sat on the last couch on the right. He never saw me because I was on the first couch on the right. He never let his eyes leave the screen but after awhile he started to rub his dick in his pants. Only me and the guy I let suck me a little were there with the dad of my dreams.

He unzipped and pulled out a huge fat dick, rock hard. His dick poked straight up out of a thick black bush. He stroked it couple times then lifted his ass enough to slide his pants to his knees then just sat there waiting. He still hadn't looked at anything but the screen.

I couldn't take it any longer so I walked over and sat down beside him and closed my hand around his fireplug dick. He never recognized me or the other guy so I got on my knees and slowly pulled his pants to the floor. He still never looked down, just spread his legs to make room for me to move in. It was heaven when I slid my lips over the flared head down the length of his hairy cock. He moaned very quietly but never looked at me or the other guy. It was the hottest scene of my life!

I sucked on him for about an hour savoring it. After I ate his huge load of dad cum I started to move but he clamped both hands on my head and I'm not sure but I think he said, "Keep going. I can feed you another." I did and ate a second load. Loved it! Musky, hairy, spunky, juicy. I could live between his legs. Wow! He never looked to see who was sucking him so I'm not sure he knew it was me.

Edited on 12/08/15


Posted Oct 18 2015:
I think I sucked the guy from the last story from September 11.

An older guy with glasses that I've seen here before started talking to me and asked me if I read the stories on here. Then he told me the story about the brothers and said the one who got sucked off was in the theatre wearing a ball cap.

I went into the theater and saw him on the couch on the right, second from the front. A tough-looking bald guy with a thick black beard was sitting beside him and was rubbing his leg. After awhile the big guy got down on his knees in front of him and undid his pants. It looked like he was holding onto them and trying to keep them up but the big guy got them down to the floor and put his knees on them.

A few of us watched him lick his nut sack and suck his dick for ten minutes or so until he leaned back and said to the rest of us, "Anyone want some of this?" I stepped a little closer and he aimed the guy's shiny boner at me. I leaned over and sucked it down.

I'm not a gagger so when he kept pushing me down to the base of the guy's hard dick I just swallowed. He grabbed my head in both hands and rammed my open mouth up and down until the guy started moaning.

I caught and swallowed the first couple spurts, then was yanked to the side and the bearded guy swallowed the rest, then sucked him for a couple more minutes. Then he held his still fat, swollen dick out for two other older guys to get a taste.

One of the hotter scenes I've had here.

Edited on 10/23/15


Posted Sep 11 2015:
I went in the theatre in August early in the week, Monday or Tuesday. Mostly older guys there, which is fine because I'm 51. I'm in good shape, married, hairy, and masculine and I have no trouble getting sucked off by young or older.

I've gotten sucked off here a few times by young and old and I have to say the best suck job was from a guy in his 60's or 70's. I started on one couch near a couple good-looking guys in their 50's or 60's on my right. I started stroking to get their attention and got some looks. Then a couple other guys sat down beside me for awhile, then moved. One of the guys on my right left the theatre and moved across the room to face the guy still on the couch to give him a better view of my cock. After a while the other guy came back in and sat in the same place, beside the guy I was performing for. They both watched me stroking so I thought I'd get sucked off by one or maybe both because they seemed to know each other. I stroked too much and came too quick. I had to leave for home.

I got back about an hour later hoping the two guys would still be there. I decided I'd sit beside them and drop my pants so they knew I wanted them on my cock. But when I got there they were gone. However, an older guy who sucked me off before was there. I asked if he saw the two guys and he said someone said they were brothers and before they left the one wearing a ball cap pulled his cock out. An older guy walked over to get him but he pointed his cock toward his brother. The heavier brother leaned over and sucked his brother's semi-hard cock into his mouth.

Another guy came in and stripped and started getting blown. Then the brothers got into it more because the smaller brother's cock was rock hard and slimy, sliding in and out of his big brother's mouth. It didn't take him long to start rocking on the couch and filling his brother's mouth with cum which he swallowed. Then they left. Man, I wish I was there sitting by one brother while the other brother went back and forth between us till we both fed him our loads.

The whole story got me so hard I pulled out my cock for the older guy and he ate my load after sucking my cock for only a couple minutes.

Edited on 09/17/15


Posted May 01 2015:
Are there ever any women or couples here? Is it safe to take a lady here? Are the guys respectful if she says no?

Edited on 05/07/15


Posted Apr 22 2015:
First time here, very interesting! Rather large theatre area with four separate screens showing both straight and gay films. Seating is a combo of leather sofas and love seats.

Five or six guys were there when I arrived. Four of them had their pants open and were pleasuring themselves. In less than 30 minutes, blow jobs were happening while I avoided two older men hovering around me.

Finally, a good looking man sat at the other end of my couch, which inspired me to unzip and start rubbing my hard wet cock. He did the same. Then these two previous trolls stood over us, which sent the other man out.

Within the hour a business type came in and sat across from me. He had his hands down his pants and appeared to be content. He then left suddenly, WTF! But he did return and dropped his pants and boxer briefs and sat once again across from me. A good 8 inches and hairy! He had me totally erect and wet. Then the trolls showed up again, hovering between us!

Being my first time there I was very hesitant and unsure that I wanted to make a move. Mr. Business then removed his pants and boxer briefs and spread eagle opposite me. Guess who stepped in between? You got it, the trolls.

Only occasionally seeing his hand action, I saw him go for a roll of paper towels. Pissed, I stood up and walked over behind his sofa, placing my hands on his hairy hard nips, just in time to see him explode all over his hairy chest. I dropped my pants and boxer briefs, and the blew my load on his as well.

Edited on 04/28/15


Posted Jan 24 2015:
Stopped in this afternoon, Saturday, because I heard they have a theatre. Sure enough they do! Probably six or eight guys back there, two were getting blow jobs as I walked by.

One big room with four screens. Looks like one of them was showing gay porn, the other three regular porn.

Edited on 01/28/15

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Posted Dec 15 2013:
This place is very hit and miss. If you're there by yourself, stick it out because I think a lot of guys cruise by looking for cars in the parking lot. If they see someone else there, they'll stop in for some action. I've found the best time to be Saturday afternoon.

There's a gloryhole between the first two booths to your left as soon as you enter the video booth area and another between the last two booths at the end of the hallway on the right. I'm not sure if there are any others. The clerks seem to care less about what's going on in the back. They're open 10-10 Mon-Sat, closed on Sunday.

Edited on 12/20/13
joan crossdresser


Posted Sep 22 2012:
I went here dressed in a very short skirt and heels. I am a crossdresser. It's very dark in the movie booths. Someone grabbed my ass so I grabbed his cock, unzipped his pants, took out his cock, and sucked him off. I looked up to see three men watching me. I sucked them too. I left and came back later and sucked two more cocks.

Edited on 10/01/12


Posted Mar 20 2008:
I stopped in tonight and was surprised. A guy came into my booth and I sucked him then he turned me around and fucked me right there. I hope I see him again. It was so hot.


Posted Feb 08 2006:
This place is hit-or-miss. I was there about ten times and hooked up. The clerks are cool and leave you alone as long as you are dropping coins.


Posted Aug 07 2005:
I've gone by several times and it is dead -- not a car in the lot.


Posted Aug 01 2005:
I can't find this place.


Posted Sep 26 2004:
There is cock sucking here every time I've ever been. The clerks are cool and there's one large booth with room for anything. Last time, I saw a young guy sucking off an Italian looking stud and when I pulled out my cock he was sucking us both. Extra hot!


Posted May 06 2004:
It’s not very gay friendly, and was told I was loitering because I had been spending too much time going through the limited gay movies they had for sale. I would never go back again.


Posted Apr 20 2004:
It’s not the most exciting spot I’ve been, but I did jack off for a dude and got a couple more offers.


Posted Nov 12 2002:
It's pretty active at times. The people that work there have been pretty cool so far, so be careful and don't mess up what we've got.

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