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Adult Outlet - Duncannon


Category: Adult store with arcade Hours / Entry Fee: Wed - Mon: Noon - 8 pm; Closed Tue Directions: Located on US Hwy. 11/15 north of New Buffalo just before Pine Tree Drive.
Submitted: Jul 28 2004 (Edited 08/15/21)
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3.37/5 based on 43 votes. The median rating is 4.
Read & Write Reviews: 34 Reviews

Address: 3184 Susquehanna Trail
City: Duncannon
State: Pennsylvania
ZIP/Postal Code: 17020
Country: United States of America
Phone Number: 717-834-0139

GPS Approximate Latitude & Longitude: 40.4578,-76.9616
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Usergroup: Member
Joined: Apr 16, 2024

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 3


Posted May 16 2024:
Enjoyed the arcade. Got a little action. Going again Saturday the 18th. Hoping to do more. I'm always open to messages too.

Sorry I was unable to edit and publish this due to the massive power outages the last several days where I live in Houston. Hope someone will still see this and contact you. ~ Editor

Edited on 05/22/24
Senior Reviewer

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Jan 14, 2023

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 9


Posted May 11 2024:
Last Sunday I made it out again, dressed and in chastity, I must say I looked pretty hot. It was almost three in the afternoon and the parking lot was pretty full. As I slowly walked across the parking lot two more cars came in.

When I walked in the woman working recognized me and gave a quick smile. I walked into the arcade and approached the first occupied booth. I was greeted by a stocky man jerking his hard cock. I went to my knees and took all of his cock down my throat, I sucked him like I was possessed as I pulled my panties down. Finally I couldn't take any more and I stood up letting my panties hit the floor. I turned around and grabbed his cock and directed it into me as I sat down on him. I held onto the doorway and began grinding my gurlpussy into him. As I fucked him two others looked in on us. I greeted them with a look of a desperate slut that was going to need more!

After a few minutes he started getting serious. His breathing got heavy and he gripped my hips firmly as he lifted up into me. Oh yes cum in me, I begged. And with a groan I could feel his come beginning to fill me. When he stopped he slumped back and I stood up and his now softened cock fell out of me. I bent over and sucked the last drops of cum from his cock. I thanked him and he shook his head in appreciation as he caught his breath.

I wasn't done. I walked to the back larger booth. There was a gray haired guy stoking a beefy half hard cock. I took him in my mouth and he got a little harder. That's it get it wet, he said! After a few moments he said lay down and give me the pussy. I laid down on the large bench and spread my legs, he pushed his cock into me and pounded me good for about five minutes but never got completely hard. Finally he said eat my cum and pulled out and began jerking his cock. I got on my knees and opened my mouth. He put his cock head on my tongue and stated shooting his load in my mouth. I swallowed all of it. He zipped up and walked away without saying another word.

As I savored the taste of cum I walked back to the next occupied booth to a long haired guy with a beard who had been watching us through the viewing window. His cock was out and ready. I took him right away, reverse cowgirl like the first guy. When I looked up there was an old fat guy jerking on a two inch cock! Yeah fuck him, he said! I stared into the old man's eyes as I began rocking my hips and fucking with a mission! The old man jerked harder. The guy I was fucking said, damn that pussy is wet. I was near cumming when the old man started shooting his load on my face and dress. Then I could feel the other guy unload in my gurlpussy. When he finished we all hung out a few seconds to catch our breath.

When I got up I asked if anyone seen my panties. They're over here, I heard voice across the aisle. When I went to retrieve them from the first booth I visited there was an old troll holding them. He said if you want them you got to let me see it. I grabbed my panties and turned my back to him. I bent at the waist to put them on and reached back and pulled my checks apart exposing my creampied gurlpussy. That's nice the old perv said and I walked away.

I could feel the cum dripping from me wetting my panties as I walked out past the woman at the counter when she said have a nice day. I looked back and said it's been so far! She laughed and said I'll see you next time. I can't wait!

Edited on 05/12/24


Posted Apr 21 2024:
My last time out it was nice. Hooked up with a middle aged biker looking guy with a goatee. I sucked his cock for awhile then he fucked me pretty good for a good ten minutes until he spun me around and jerked his cock in my face. He started shooting a nice load in my open mouth. When he finished I took his cock in my mouth and sucked him until got soft.

Edited on 04/24/24
Senior Reviewer

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Nov 02, 2022

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 6


Posted Feb 23 2024:
Took wife in and met up with Alex, great time. He is a local truck driver. Love to make connection. If you see this Alex, please respond.

Edited on 02/26/24
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Senior Reviewer

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Nov 02, 2022

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 6


Posted Apr 05 2023:
Wife and I were there last Saturday and she was able to be intimate with two guys. Good time for all.

Edited on 04/06/23
Senior Reviewer

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Nov 02, 2022

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 6


Posted Nov 21 2022:
Took wife there last Thursday. We entered the arcade and had great fun. Took care of one guy with a huge member. Ready for another but he gave off wrong vibes. It was good though.

Edited on 11/22/22
CD Courtney


Posted Oct 21 2022:
To the editors, thank you so much for posting. I'm a closet sissy and don't get it much at all. But when I'm out I like to let loose!

I'll be out to the Adult Outlet and XXX again today and tomorrow I look forward to telling you about my exploits. Thanks again, CD Courtney

And thanks to you for sharing with all of us. :-) ~ Editor

Edited on 10/21/22
CD Courtney


Posted Oct 19 2022:
It was early September. I just left the theater up the highway after getting a quick but unfulfilling fuck from a trucker and I needed more.

It was still daylight so I parked across the and took a slow long walk to the door in hopes of attacking some attention. When I entered the store I quickly made my way to the arcade. When I saw the corner I could see only two lights lit. I made my way the end/large booth. I was pleased to see a bald middle aged man with a goatee that I'm sure I've been with before. He was jacking his rock hard meat when he looked at me. I asked, "May I take care of that for you?" He turned and I got on my knees, took him into my mouth. and I vigorously worked his cock with long deep strokes until my drool was dripping from his ball.

I had enough and got up and said "I need you to fuck me!" I bent down on the bench and lifted one knee up. He got behind me and his rock hard drool covered cock had no problem finding its target and pushed all the way into me. He fucked me hard for a few minutes.

Then I stood up and turned around. I laid down on the bench, pulled my knees back and he grabbed the back of my thighs and spread my legs apart. I repositioned my hands to my ass cheeks and pulled them apart. I could feel my gaped gurl pussy open as he pushed the head of his cock back into me. He fucked me hard for at least five minutes. I squeezed my pussy. He got really serious, his sweat was dripping on me. His strokes got long and deep. He groaned and pushed all the way into me and held it there!

It was then I realized... OMG, I forgot to put a condom on him! I felt his cock twitch and then begin to pump his seed in me! It was warm, it was silky smooth and so wet. He quickly pulled out and went on his way.

I laid there a few seconds with my legs apart. I could feel his cum dripping from me thinking I was once again alone and used only for a strange man's sexual gratification. Then I heard a voice from the corner say, "That was hot!" It was an old man who had apparently witnessed the whole thing.

Startled l quickly jumped to my feet. I looked at the old man. He looked at the puddle of fresh cum on the bench and then back at me. I don't know what exactly got into me but I knelt down and licked the cum up from the seat then got up and walked past the old admirer. As I walked by he whispered, "That's a good gurl!" True story! CD Courtney

Edited on 10/20/22
CD Courtney


Posted Dec 02 2021:
I had the rare opportunity to be out dressed on November 19 and this was the first stop. As I entered I noticed an older gentleman in the hallway. The first booth had a bottom in it watching gay porn. I went to the next booth and it had a middle aged construction type guy in it. I immediately went down on my knees! And within minutes of entering the store I had a cock in my mouth. And it was a nice one too. Not too thick, but big enough that you had to physically push it past the back of your throat.

Soon the older man from the hallway was in the entrance to the booth with his half stiff cock in his hand. I quickly turned and took all of it in my mouth and began working it. "Good girl," he said as he really started getting into it when even before he got completely hard he started cumming. I opened my mouth so he could watch the last blast hit the back of my throat.

With that I turned my attention back to the first guy and took him all the way forcing the other man's cum and my drool out the side of my mouth and all over his balls and down his legs. This set him off. I felt him firmly grab the back of my head. I knew what was coming. He forced his cock to the back of my throat and began giving me a thorough face fucking! I just relaxed and took it. First it was slow and steady. But it increasingly faster, almost violent, each stroke going as deep into my throat as he could. When I was nearly ready to pass out he began to moan as he was about to cum. I tried to pull away and he forced my face to the base of his cock and said, "Take it Bitch," and he began pumping his load right down my throat.

When he finished he pushed me away and I crouched in the corner of the booth catching my breath. He quickly left and then I noticed the bottom from the other booth standing in the entrance. I composed myself the best I could, stood up, straightened my cum stained self, and walked past the bottom and with cum dripping from my face. I proudly said "Go ahead, beat that!"

True story, CD Courtney

Edited on 12/03/21
CD Courtney


Posted Nov 18 2021:
Cumming soon. You know what you want! So give me what I need!

Edited on 11/19/21
CD Courtney


Posted Oct 07 2021:
Planning a trip in October. I'll stop at all the usual locations trying to recruit a few studs for a gang-bang. Would consider getting a local motel room to be a total gang-bang fucktoy! Please help this sissy's dream cum true!

To specify a date for your visit please register as a CFS Member and post again while logged in. ~ Editor

Edited on 10/07/21
Senior Reviewer

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Aug 26, 2017

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 8


Posted Aug 14 2021:
Was there June 2021. Closes at 8 pm now. Clerk didn't know when or if they would go back to regular hours.

Edited on 08/15/21

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Apr 13, 2006

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 1


Posted May 22 2020:
Checking if they are open? Is the video room operating? Any changes?

Edited on 05/22/20
Super Reviewer

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Sep 06, 2011

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 34


Posted Jun 25 2016:
This is a pretty good bookstore with private booths that take dollar bills. Seems like a lot of places in Pennsylvania have booths paired up and this was that way as well. It's a very nice and clean place.

I spent three days in the area and I love going to these places wearing a miniskirt and thong. I do this both for the reaction and allowing easy access for fondling and groping — which I love!

I made three visits to this place and sucked cock all three times. It was not "a bounty" of cock but with a little time and effort I was able to hit my knees and service some needs. All-in-all, this is a really solid place to go and everyone was very friendly.

I must mention the prices in the store are very reasonable. As I'd said, I have been known to wear ladies' clothing and bought some hosiery in there cheaper than Amazon. Not sure what toys, games, videos or other items are priced like, but the "wearables" were extremely well priced.

Edited on 07/05/16


Posted Jun 08 2013:
Subject: two guys arrested Heads Up!
Friday June 7, 2013, undercover cops arrested two men having sex in the booths.

Edited on 06/14/13


Posted Oct 21 2012:
I agree with Pete's review. I've had a lot of action here in the last couple months, both giving and receiving. What I found works is to place an ad in CL M4M section early in the day and ask for pix and set up a time to meet. That way you know what you're getting. There one young stud named Eric who often answers the ad. He has the biggest cock I've ever seen on white boy.


Posted Sep 25 2012:
Don't read the old reviews, they are talking about the old owners. This place has been totally remodeled. The videos are good. The booths have no door, but you do have quite a bit of privacy if you want it. You have to be kinda aggressive if you want action. Guys have a tendency to walk around and look and walk, but it's still full of action. I still would rate the Lebanon ABS as the best one in Central PA.

Edited on 10/03/12
Pete Rodriguez


Posted Aug 29 2012:
I've been here several times this summer and it's one of my favorite arcades ever. It's almost never empty and often visited by guys just driving through. The layout is not what you'd expect in an arcade. Each booth has privacy yet there are no doors. Found the same setup in Lancaster. Must be a PA thing.

Edited on 09/06/12

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Jan 23, 2011

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 1


Posted Jan 23 2011:
I visit every few months when I need to blow a load. They're open late, but I have only ever visited around rush hour. Usually it is full of married men and daddies. The floors of the arcade booths are always sticky or wet with cum. If the hallway lights in the arcade are off, it is safe to play. I've never left without getting a load or two in my mouth, and having mine swallowed as well. Always a hot time.

Edited on 01/29/11


Posted Aug 03 2010:
This place now has gloryholes and doors on the booths. Lots of hot sucking!

Edited on 08/08/10

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Jan 31, 1999

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 2


Posted Jul 24 2010:
This place looks to have moved across the road.

Edited on 07/28/10


Posted May 05 2009:
Was here last night, had a great time! Three men stood around me in a booth opening and I sucked off each guy. Then later I took a huge cock up the ass.


Posted Oct 08 2007:
The two male clerks are homophobic and nasty. They watch the back room carefully and throw guys out regularly. Few people go there anymore for good reason.


Posted Feb 09 2007:
Sometimes this is a fun place but the 'regulars' are a bit scary and get pissy if you don't get into them or let them watch. It's now very open and exposed in the arcade. On a scale of one to ten I'd give it a four.


Posted Feb 01 2007:
Heads Up!
Men where arrested in the parking lot January 3rd after police watched them in the booths. They where arrested for lewd conduct. Be careful, men. Seems they are working there way down the highway. One more store sits below this store.


Posted Jun 20 2006:
The clerks here have not changed a bit. They are unfriendly and unpleasant as always. They have the personality of a bulldog. They have cameras looking into every booth. They yell and watch you from the front counter area.


Posted Jun 18 2006:
Filthy, moldy and full of trolls who don't understand 'no. I complained and was told to 'go back and take it like a girl'. Whoa.


Posted May 12 2006:
The clerks interfere in the back room and kick people out who are in the same booth. The movies are good though.


Posted Dec 10 2005:
The clerks here are homophobic and hostile to everyone. No one should ever go to this place until completely new people are working there. There are a lot of bookstores on Highways 11 and 15, but this is the place just south of the Sunoco station.


Posted Oct 21 2005:
Very few guys go here any more for good reason. The clerks come back and spy and regularly kick guys out. One day a clerk kicked out seven guys at the same time who were socializing back there. We should boycott this place until the clerks become cool about stuff.


Posted Jun 29 2005:
Great place. I visited on a Tuesday and sucked off a hot thirty-year old married guy with an eight-inch long and thick cock. He blew a big load down my throat and then I found another dude who let me suck him off. Place was dead then for about fifteen minutes and then a hot twenty-year old guy over six feet tall comes in. In no time he had me sucking him off and shot down my throat. Then after that another hot younger guy let me suck him off. Clerks let it all alone. Very hot place. Will make another trip soon!


Posted May 08 2005:
I went there last week and it totally sucked. There were old, fat guys and no privacy. There was nothing to speak of in the way of action. Also, the floor was so dirty that my sneakers were sticking to the ground.


Posted Nov 07 2004:
A lot of guys have stopped going here cause they are not very gay friendly! One minute they are nice to you, the next they throw you out for being in a booth with someone.


Posted Oct 10 2004:
This place sucks. It's filthy and a real dump. There's no privacy in the booth area at all. It's the same old customers here every day. They live here it seems.

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