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Cinema 309 & Adult SuperStore


Category: Theatre showing porn Hours / Entry Fee: Open 7 days, 8 am - 11 pm Directions: From I-81 take exit 165 to Blackman Street and Route 309. Go north about a half mile on Route 309.
Submitted: Oct 28 2002 (Edited 03/14/23)
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3.67/5 based on 89 votes. The median rating is 4.
Read & Write Reviews: 56 Reviews

Address: 560 Casey Avenue
City: Wilkes-Barre
State: Pennsylvania
ZIP/Postal Code: 18702
Country: United States of America
Phone Number: 570-822-2694

GPS Approximate Latitude & Longitude: 41.226,-75.8813
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Posted Sep 05 2023:
My first visit since 2015 was on August 18, 2023. The lay-out is the same as it was in 2015. The theater contained a small collection of older men looking for what older men look for.

I found several not so old men of various ethnicties who were willing to let me suck them. Then I found a Portuguese man about 35 or 40, very nicely gifted who let me have my way with him. I was generously rewarded for my efforts on his behalf. He promised to come to my motel room later to give me an additional reward I craved from him, but didn't show-up. (I was disappointed, but not really surprised. I have his phone number.)

All told, an enjoyable evening.

Edited on 09/05/23

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Posted Jul 08 2023:
The movie theater was exactly that, dark with straight porn playing. After my eyesight adjusted enough I could see that there were three guys standing against the back wall, a few guys at various seats around the theater, and a couple of guys against a side wall. Pretty difficult to see people and I wasn't too excited about sitting somewhere and waiting for a guy that I could not see to show up and apply himself. I prefer arcades. So, it was worth seeing and I am sure works well for others but not for me.

Edited on 07/09/23
Super Reviewer

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Posted Jul 07 2023:
Went recently on a Saturday night and Sunday during the day. Saturday night was fabulous! There was a young girl getting gangbanged when I arrived on Saturday, she moaned loudly. Wow!

I was dressed female and played with some of the men. A couple arrived later and were interested in a CD like me. I joined them for a while and we had a very pleasant time.

Sunday was just men. I ended up with a face full of cum. Yay me!

When I left I paused in the parking lot to arrange some things in my car for the trip home. The clerk came out and accosted me and wanted to know what I was doing. He didn't care and told me I was banned from the premises. Huh? Like forever.

Edited on 07/09/23
Super Reviewer

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Posted Mar 14 2023:
I will be there around noon on March 15. I'm chubby, bald with mustache and goatee. I love sucking cock and swallowing the loads. If you have a really nice cock you can fuck me as well. Cum make it worth my while.

Edited on 03/14/23
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0 of 1 people found this review helpful
Posted Jun 06 2022:
Been there a few times in 2022. It's an older crowd, mostly Latino when I went and very aggressive to blow any guy that walks in.

I've seen them actually fight a few times over a decent looking guy, like one cocksucker was trying to make the guy cum as fast as possible and the other was ripping at the first cocksucker's shirt to get at the cute guy. Then they start screaming at each other. Also, a huge crowd instantly gathers around any action that is happening and they don't just watch their hands and mouths are all over you.

I'm done with it, too nervous about my health. Also many CDs in their 70s, I met one named Janice and we talked hockey lol.

Edited on 06/07/22


Posted Dec 12 2021:
Not sure if people read this or not anymore but I went for the first time last weekend. It was my first time there so I didn't know what to expect. If you're a newbie here's some tips. Walk in, go to the side counter near the turn wheel. It's a twelve dollar fee to get in. They only accept cash unless you spend over twenty-five dollars.

I believe once you get in there's a bathroom, some vending machines, then the doors to the theater. It's pretty dark in there at first until your eyes adjust. There's about three different sections of seats, some in the back, then there's a back wall. As soon as you enter there's movies playing one after another.

I just sat toward the left as it was the first place I could see to sit while my eyes adjusted. Nothing was happening at first. I sat there about twenty minutes till I heard a guy in the back moaning from a BJ he was getting. It wasn't long till he came down the guy's throat and left.

I saw some other people playing in the corner under the lights, then one guy sat in front of me and got sucked off by an old man. There's a lot of dad types that haven't been getting any from their wife most likely and decide to come here. I've old seen a few old guys, not as many as other reviews say.

I went Saturday and Sunday and was able to suck a nice cock both times. Some older guys in their 40s but I don't mind as long as they're good looking and clean.

My advise is if you see someone cruising around looking is to flip the seat down next to you. They usually come sit down and wanna get stroked and sucked. One thing though is I really only like to give and these guys like to touch everything. Other than that it's a good time.

Edited on 12/12/21

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Joined: Sep 15, 2019

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0 of 1 people found this review helpful
Posted Dec 09 2021:
I was here December 9, 2021. The management here are assholes. I walked over to the side of the theater where a guy was masturbating and stood at the back wall, didn't even approach him and the guy went ballistic. Again, I was standing at the back wall not in the seats where the guy was nor did I at any time try to engage him. I went to walk away because he was yelling crap. Let it go. He still kept going. He called me an asshole and I let him have it telling him if he wanted privacy to rent a porno and watch it at home and that he was the asshole. He pulled his pants up and started talking more crap to me and asked if I wanted him to fix me. I thought he wanted to fight. I said let's go. Nope! Pulled up his pants and went out crying to the fat, balding ugly guy working the desk. He started raving and lying telling the desk guy I was masturbating and bothering him. No way. I explained to the desk guy I wasn't near him, I was standing at the back which the cry baby idiot admitted but the asshole attendant told me to "zip it." Twice! This is how they speak to normal customers. They take the side of "straight" guys who think everybody is watching them masturbate.

Then some hours later the other desk asshole comes on and asks me how long I've been there and I tell him several hours, like many people there. He gave me an attitude and told me "it's not Disneyland" nor a place for the homeless. I told him where he could put his holier than thou attitude. I know it's not Disneyland because there's way more people, the average age isn't 70 and they would never employee miserable, old, crotchety assholes that have spent their lives selling tickets in a porno theater, renting porn tapes and selling dildos while being rude as well as judgmental to their customers.

I told them I wasn't going to be back and the desk attendant told me he was going to tell me that and then started cursing and trash talking. I told him what a classy place he worked at and called him an idiot. He acted like it was a regular theater not a porn palace where guys are fucking all over.

I know so many people who told me horror stories about the employees here and I had observed some stuff but now I will never go back here again. Keep being assholes and wonder why your business is dwindling. I had to stay hours because no one was there but 70 and 80 year olds, one of whom thought that because I was there I had to blow him. I did what a balanced person would and politely but firmly declined then walked away. I've seen this aggressive behavior from straight guys before. No one is bothering them, but you go within twenty feet of them and they go crazy. The thing is the workers should absolutely handle these situations professionally and not like the low caliber troglodytes they are.

This place has been steadily going down hill and many people I know stopped going. Never will I patronize a place that allows crazy customers to act out and turns around taking their side and berates the clientele as well. Plenty of other places to spend my money without being treated rudely. Good riddance!

Edited on 12/12/21

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Joined: Jul 07, 2021

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Posted Nov 08 2021:
Theater is very dark. Takes a few minutes for your eyes to adjust. Part of the fun for me is to just walk in, lean against the wall, and take my dick out. Sometimes that gets a few guys around. Was just there last week, had a nice cock in my mouth and another in my hand.

Edited on 11/08/21


Posted Nov 02 2021:
Anyone know if this is a dark theater or is there a lot of light?

Edited on 11/02/21


Posted Oct 12 2021:
College student here looking for fun. Is this place still a good place to go and what's a good time to go?

Edited on 10/12/21

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0 of 1 people found this review helpful
Posted Sep 09 2021:
I went here early summer 2021. It's a full size theater not some dinky back room. Once you enter it's anything goes and I mean anything. I fucked a hot hairy college kid right in his seat and got sucked off by another. After that it was just downhill, mostly very overweight guys in their 60 and 70s, not that I'm any prize but I am in good shape.

I mainly stopped going due to there being no soap in the men's room and the water is often not even running. After a blowjob I wanna clean up a little and you cannot here.

Lastly a lot of elderly CDs go here and that's just not my thing, it would be OK if they didn't follow me. Then COVID arrived and I decided to hold off for a bit.

Edited on 09/10/21
Crazy adventures


Posted Aug 29 2021:
Any ladies going to be here anytime soon? Would love to meet up.

Edited on 08/30/21

Usergroup: Member
Joined: May 10, 2021

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Total Reviews: 4


Posted Jul 21 2021:
Still a great place for some action if you're not too picky about who sucks your dick. It's like a tryout process. Just get your dick out and they will file past, each taking a turn. Just wait until you get one who knows how to suck and finish up.

Edited on 07/21/21


Posted Dec 28 2020:
Not sure why there have not been recent reviews. This is a good place and a solid go-to for me. Safe and hassle-free inside.

I am a straight married guy who loves porn and lets guys suck me or to jack off in front of people. Never fails. However the crowd is older like me. Looks like married folk based in the Walt Disney family stickers on cars outside. Non-smoking now and clean.

One night I arrived very late and saw guys fucking in a corner. Seemed like a harder crowd at that time versus weekend mornings.

I like weekends mid-morning. Always busy with the married Lowe's crowd like myself.

Only thing I don't like is the exposed walk from the car to the door. I like to be incognito.

Edited on 12/29/20


Posted Jan 19 2020:
I was here today. As soon as the movie started some guy walked up to another, dropped his pants, and started getting blown!

Edited on 01/21/20
Harry .


Posted Oct 03 2019:
I've been there several times. Only a couple of times have I got lucky to play with someone. I'm going soon hoping I can find someone that would like to have a great time.

Edited on 10/03/19


Posted Jun 27 2016:
I was here on a Friday afternoon and it is good they let females in escorted free. It mixes it up but the trolls make it unbelievable, you would think they never seen str8 fucking. They are like a bunch of vultures.

It used to have a much more mix crowd with some young studs coming in. I watched one guy early 20's, mixed or Latino, getting sucked. I bet at least five guys sucked his dick and it was a nice one and he never came. I think someone did him in the bathroom cause he left after visiting the bathroom. He was a local.

It was worth the twelve dollars after the couples started coming in but until then it was dull.

Edited on 07/06/16


Posted May 25 2016:
I am a middle aged guy with decent looks and was on a trip from NY to KY and decided to be a little "tramp" while I traveled.

I stopped here during my overnight stay. I can see that the place has huge potential but the few guys that were there during the Wednesday night I was there weren't getting involved. I saw one guy give another a blowjob for quite a while. Another older guy was going after everything that walked in but appeared to just rub people.

I didn't get or give anything but realize it was midweek. If I pass through again I will give it another shot.

Edited on 06/02/16


Posted Oct 12 2015:
I was there and saw a couple Sunday around 10:30 or so. A very sexy women in shorts and a shirt came in, sat right down near the door, and she pulled her pants down starting fucking herself, I think with a vibrator though I wasn't too sure. Then a man came, sat next to her, and started finger fucking her. And they got up, went against the wall, and she let her shorts drop. He was finger fucking her and sucking her tits. Damn, she was hot. I'd love to do that to her, but I was nervous.I am 39 years old, nice cock and clean, not into men. If she reads this please let me know if you would be back, say a time and I will be there. I'd love for you to make my cock cum and I would suck your nipples so hard and finger fuck your cunt. Hope you read this, you were fucking hot!

Edited on 10/16/15

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Aug 20, 2015

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Posted Aug 20 2015:
I go here from time to time, I have taken a girl in on a few occasions as well, and we would only play with each other with others standing around watching.

I also have gone in alone and have seen a few females there and have played with some. One goes there often and will service you as long as you aren't way old and pushy. She has blown me on a few occasions and takes cum in her mouth or on her face.

I also was involved gang-banging her on two separate occasions, then a female jerked me off one other time.

It all depends what you are looking for. If you are into men then you sure won't have any issues finding a cock to suck and play with.

Edited on 08/26/15


Posted Jun 18 2015:
I went up on a Tuesday about 4 pm. It didn't take long for a 20ish guy to walk up behind me while I was sitting down and wave his dick around. We played for about fifteen minutes till he got off.

A few minutes after that a 40ish guy came over and asked to sit on my cock. He rode me till I was done then up and off. Best 12 dollars I've spent in a long time! I'm heading back up Friday night, hope it's just as good.

Edited on 06/24/15


1 of 1 people found this review helpful
Posted May 19 2015:
I stopped here on Sunday evening, May 17, 2015, not expecting much because it was Sunday. A very fat man parked his motor scooter alongside the building and entered a minute before I did. I thought, "Oh, shit." He was not my type by a long shot. But I went in and paid my admission. He was nowhere in the theatre.

What I found in the theatre were a half dozen men 30-50ish with clean, fat, uncut cocks who wanted to be sucked, and who didn't object to having their prostrates massaged, with a lubed finger. I got five nice loads in the space of 90 minutes.

The lay-out is great. Alternate rows of seats have been removed so you can stretch out, and let a man kneel in front of you. And, it's clean!

It's a 150-mile trip, one way, from my home, but I'll return more often. If this is what it's like on a Sunday evening, I want to see it between three and six on a weekday.

Edited on 05/26/15


Posted Sep 28 2014:
I'm older, haven't been there in years. Can I sit naked to get jerked off? If I can do it where is best place to sit? Anybody know for sure?

Edited on 10/06/14


Posted Aug 09 2014:
Let's try to save this place! It is light years from where it was only one year ago. Now, sadly, every day appears to be a senior citizens specialty day. Also, too many real FREAKS. The somewhat decent looking men wander around aimlessly avoiding one another. What is the matter with them all? It has become a horribly depressing place. The only good time is to occasionally hook up with a prior friend. Sincere, decent, horny guys start visiting again and do what you've cum to do. Obnoxious assholes stay the hell away!

Edited on 08/18/14


Posted May 17 2014:
Entrance fee is now $12. The place "ain't what is used to be." With colleges in the area, where are the frat boys hanging out? Still clean and hassle free, but sure hard to find a dude who is young and looking for fun. There sure were plenty of good times in days past. Let's see more action.

Edited on 05/22/14
Tommy M.


Posted Apr 26 2014:
I've only been to this place two times, last time was on Friday night. It was crowded with mostly bi guys, 5 str8 couples. Only two of the ladies were getting fucked, one was a cum dump by random guys who just fuck, shoot, and leave. The men here are mostly the working class types. If you are seeking white-collar clean cut men, I say go elsewhere as it is rare here. Mostly older, some better looking than others. I and another guy were the only 30'something there, too bad. The show (with the 2 females) went up to 10 pm with guys finally shooting their loads, a long wait. No one sucked, but lots of cock rubbing while watching the two females getting banged.

One nice thing about this place is how clean it is compare to that filthy place in the Allentown area. The bathroom is clean and yes, it has hand soap and tissues.

Like many of these places in PA, the men are rather shy, holding back, do not make the first move, and some only want blow jobs. Guys, loosen-up a little, If you see a nice guy, don't wait. Smile and say hi, after all we are all here to have a good time.

One bad thing about this theatre is the smoking. Some of guys smoke and the smell can be bad, let alone your health.

Edited on 05/02/14
Tony Parber


Posted Dec 31 2013:
Theatre open 7 days a week, 9am-10pm. Very clean, well run hassle free.

Edited on 01/08/14

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Posted Sep 22 2013:
Stopped by a few times, always left happy. Mostly bi/gay guys sucking, but couples get in for free. Well worth the $10 cover. Big screen porn playing. Find a seat and pull out your cock and start stroking. If you want a blowjob, that's the way to get it. You'll have guys coming to suck and watch you get sucked while they stroke. Again, never left unhappy.

Edited on 09/30/13


Posted Sep 11 2013:
Love to go here with a girl or play with couples. Most guys seem to like blow jobs, the girls need more fuckers.

Edited on 09/17/13

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Posted May 29 2013:
Went here today about 11 am. A couple were here but were only into each other, with a few others here. Then this middle aged man walked in with the biggest, most beautiful cock I have ever seen. It must have been 10". He sensed right away that I am submissive by nature and ordered me to my knees.

He then fucked my mouth with that incredible piece of meat, jamming it all the way down my throat and making me gag, but loving it. He then ordered me to suck off some others, which I did two more before giving me his meat back. Unfortunately I had an appointment and could not finish the job, but I would willingly drop to my knees again for that god. He said that he only gets there once or twice a year but I thank my lucky stars I was there to enjoy that, and serve him.

Edited on 06/05/13
Super Reviewer

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Total Reviews: 35


Posted Feb 28 2013:
This place is a large theatre showing one movie on a full-size screen, straight porn. It's kind of a free-for-all atmosphere as there are no booths and no chance of privacy, so guys just seem to hang around whether you're interested in them or not and just watch you. Not my cup of tea, but if you're into taking-all-cummers type of action, you should enjoy this place. I arrived at about noon on a Friday, and there were about a dozen guys cruising, different ages and sizes and ethnicities.

Edited on 03/04/13


Posted Sep 03 2012:
Went there for the first time on a Sunday evening. From Stroudsburg, a long way than going to The Green Door. Nice to see some young guy (studs) like myself there tonight, some old not so handsome men there as well. The place is clean, well kept-up, nice selections of movies and the theatre is awesome, huge! And lots of room to play.

Will come here again. Had to leave, so did not get to bust a nut.

One strange thing is, the parking lot has old junk cars parked in front, so it makes it look as if there are lots of guys there when the actual parking is closer to the theatre.

Edited on 09/10/12


Posted Jul 20 2012:
Never got lucky enough to catch a hot chick bit definitely busted a few loads in the theatre.

Edited on 07/26/12

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Posted Jan 09 2012:
Was there on Friday around noon, and the place was fairly full. There was this young hot girl there fucking and sucking anyone who wanted it. After she and her escort left, I sucked this beautiful cock. After that I sucked 2 more, of course taking all their loads. Some days you find only trolls, but others are great.

Edited on 01/11/12


Posted Jun 15 2010:
They've renovated recently, nicer inside but also better lit. Not quite the "anything goes" atmosphere from the past when it was darker, seedier, and more crowded. Even with the changes, it is still a great place.

Edited on 06/18/10

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Sep 21, 2003

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Total Reviews: 1


Posted Apr 14 2010:
Visited here for the first time last Saturday and this is a great place. This older toothless guy gave me my first gum job, and honestly, it was fucking hot. Wish I could have stayed for a second round.

Edited on 04/18/10


Posted Aug 11 2009:
Was there last Friday, the 7th while traveling by on I-81; it has been about a year. I notice some remodeling, mens room and the seat spacing opened up. It was a fun, mixed crowd, about 12 to 15 guys total. Most guys seemed receptive to playing. I had a cock in my hand at the back wall almost immediately. One 60ish guy came in, whipped out a massive semi-hard cock and let me jack him till he blew and quickly left. Then another guy, 40ish, baseball cap, whips out a beautiful cock, and huge nuts (shaved). I sucked and deep throated him while standing while another guy would occasionally reach over and stroke him. Took it to the seats later but did not finish him. I think he enjoyed edging. I met another 40ish guy with beard that stood next to me, we stroked, then noticed he dropped his shorts a little and backed towards me. Wow, it was hot to fuck him standing while other guys walked right past us. As for negative feedback from this visit, there was none. I'm definitely stopping in here again.


Posted Jul 26 2009:
This is one of the last big open porn places left. Management is very cool, and don't bother anyone. This place attracts bi, straight and gay guys, as well as some women. Mostly older, but hot young guys show up as well. Everything goes here, and the action can be hot. Best times are on weekends, but right after work during the week is good as well. On the downside, some people insist on smoking, even though there are no smoking signs posted, which is a turn off, because you just can't breathe! Other than that, you can get action every time you go, and sometimes by a hot curious kid.


Posted Jun 15 2009:
I'm one of the guys that comes here with my wife. We're both bi and both like to suck cock. She usually get undressed and gets eaten and sucks off anyone who wants it. I usually manage to find some nice cock for myself. We also like to give blowjobs together. We've even met up with some other couples here. Usually a nice group of guys, respectful and hard. Never a problem from management, in fact they don't charge her admission.


Posted Mar 05 2009:
Yeah, it was fun but it pisses me off when assholes stand under the six foot long 'No Smoking in Theatre' sign and smoke. Plus, they've installed proximity alarms that go off if you go pass the first two rows down front. Bullshit.


Posted Feb 21 2009:
I was there on a Saturday about 2:30 pm. The place seemed to be pretty packed, I'd say about ten to fifteen guys, mostly older but some of them good-to-reasonable looking. Wasn't sure about the action first, but then noticed cocksucking in the corner. Once I revealed myself, he pushed the first dick out of the way and went down on me. Soon after about eight guys were surrounding me on all sides touching, feeling, petting, watching, etc. That was pretty hot. Maybe I was fresh meat because they get a regular crowd. They were a little aggressive (wanting to get me completely naked during the blowjob) but I maintained. Don't get too lost in the moment, just in case. Not that I got a sense of danger but as a general rule, you never know when you might have to zip up and leave quick, right? Actually, two guys blew me. A lot of grandfathers there but looks like some younger forty to fifty-ish daddies as well, if you're into that. I'll definitely go back. Enjoy!


Posted Jul 05 2008:
I agree it's pretty dead on weekdays, even at lunchtime. However, I went in the evening on the weekend and it was business as usual, like in the old days. I and about four or five other guys wound up sucking and jacking each other off in a dark corner. One of the guys got fucked while he was blowing one of the other guys and I was jacking him off. Pretty hot! Then four different guys got together in another section. Never saw this much action before. Hope there's more of it!


Posted Jul 02 2008:
I was there on a recent Saturday. Got there early at about 11 am. The place had about a dozen men there. I sucked one guy off. Sat on a side section then a couple came in. Several guys got closer and I was right in front of them. They kissed and fooled around and eventually got naked. He went down on her while many hands were touching her all over. I had my fingers slipping into her pussy every time he moved away. He got up and sat next to her. I kept finger fucking her pussy while another guy was doing same to her ass. Many were touching her breasts. She started to pant and eventually came. Then she asked her boyfriend to fuck her. He knelt in front of her while she was still sitting and entered her that way, fucked her for a while. Great scene. They left. I sucked another guy, got sucked and left about 2 pm. Pretty good day for me.


Posted Dec 22 2007:
This place has been so dead lately. You're lucky if there are six to ten guys in there, and of course all playing the usual silly games. I don't know what they are looking for. I might go twice a year, that is about it. And it is not worth $10 just to play games with no action.


Posted Nov 08 2007:
When I moved to Wilkes-Barre fifteen years ago this place was fun. It has always drawn an older crowd (canes and walkers included!) but there was always a mix. They finally started to replace chairs a few years ago, but at the same time, they blocked off the front corners where I had participated in many group scenes. Since my work schedule has changed, I rarely get there anymore. But when I do it is usually pretty quiet (lunchtime).


Posted Dec 11 2006:
Chose this place for my first theater experience and it was a mistake. I was there on a Saturday from 5:3o to 8 pm. Saw nothing but really creepy, smoking, older guys. At one point two of the older guys just started talking really loud about current events. I'm not young, but at thirty-one years old I was the belle at the ball and had to turn down many advances. It is a shame because this place could be great.


Posted May 17 2006:
The front is blocked off and if you go down near it an alarm goes off in the front of the store and the crabby clerks come running in and look out. They throw you right out on your ass and are so nasty anymore. The place sucks. Business is dropping off.


Posted May 10 2006:
Actually, this place is the pits. They blocked the front off so if you meet someone you have to do it in the seats or in the back as you enter where everyone can see. I have no clue why they blocked the front off. That was the place to play around with some privacy. It is like an old folks home anyway.


Posted May 09 2006:
They have added security cameras (not sure why) at the front of theatre. Lights go on if you go into this area.


Posted Apr 10 2006:
This place is great. I have sucked cocks and been fucked here. You pay an entrance fee and go into a big old theater where they are playing some porn movie. I never really get a chance to watch the movie. Sometimes there are old guys here but it's usually a mix. I have been here and sucked up to eight guys. I like to go in and sit closer to the front. In the summer I wear a shirt that buttons up the front and shorts and then totally undress. Guys will walk up the aisle and when they see me there totally naked they usually sit right next to me and unzip their pants. I then get on my hands and knees and suck them until they shoot a load, and then jerk them off so they shoot cum on my face. When they get up to leave I leave the cum on my face. I have been there and had my face covered in cum by the time I leave. I have also been bent over the back of a seat and been fucked while another guy stood in front of me and fucked my mouth. I keep going back!


Posted Jan 03 2006:
I've been there many times. I like to go first thing in the morning around 9 am, so I can be the first one there. Sometimes in the summer I get completely naked and wait for other guys to come in and suck them off. Had many group suck-offs. Also, I had a young lady suck my cock there. No holds barred!


Posted Sep 24 2005:
There are no young studs here. I was here everyday this past weekend and I would have spent my money more wisely if I had wiped my ass with it.


Posted Mar 14 2004:
I tried this place out and found there to be a lot of mostly older guys. I went on Sunday evening and wasn't that impressed. One drawback is that it is one big movie theatre so there's nowhere for privacy. If you hook up with someone you become part of the show for everyone. I tried to hook up with a guy and immediately some old troll came to get a better look. Maybe I went on the wrong night of the week, but it sucks that you have to fuck in front of a theatre full of people.


Posted Jan 15 2004:
This is a great place for the open minded. There are hot guys of all sizes and ages. Everyone knows the scene and most, if not all are willing participants. I've been there several times and had lots of guys in one session. It's just a classic suck scene and has been for years!


Posted Sep 19 2003:
You can find almost anything or anyone that you want. You can stand against the back wall and play with yourself until someone plays with you. You can go to the front at either side and have group action. I've been there when a hot young guy came in with his black girlfriend. Before long she was sucking off a group while he was watching and playing with others. You can also easily hook up with someone and leave. Always good sex.


Posted Aug 08 2003:
There are all types of guys here and the best part of it is everyone is totally great, nice and friendly. You can get off on a hunky older man or a younger guy and no one interferes. It's all great fun and I have gotten off there every time I went and met several great guys that are regulars who actually "look out" for you.

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