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La Playita / Playa La Peña

Category: Cruisy beach, Cruisy parking lot Directions: Located in the area across from KFC and the PR National Guard. Formerly in front of the 'Capitolio,' the Capitol building at old San Juan.
Submitted: May 05 2001 (Edited 06/30/24)
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Address: off Avenida Luis Muñoz Rivera
City: San Juan
State: Puerto Rico
ZIP/Postal Code: 00916
Country: United States of America

Reported no longer cruisy, considering deletion

GPS Approximate Latitude & Longitude: 18.4657,-66.0957
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Senior Reviewer

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Jun 29, 2024

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 7


Posted Jun 29 2024:
Lots of old info here. The area that used to be infamous for all the activity mentioned here has been demolished and is now a big restaurant/bar with ocean views. The surrounding area has become a promenade for walking from the Caribe Hilton all the way to Old San Juan, so always lots of people. This is my normal evening walk and not cruisy at all.

It is possible to go down to the beach, but even during the day it is tricky, very steep and unstable... and then you have to get back up. But even this is scheduled for development as a public beach (you can see where they plan to put stairs). It's still a beautiful walk, but any action would be random... but possible. Lots of hot joggers to drool over.

Edited on 06/30/24
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Posted Nov 02 2022:
Heads Up!
Ayer en las noticias del canal 11 reportaron de una gringa que la violaron en la playita. El problema son los drogadictos que bajan y con la beyaquera obligan a la gente a tener sexo. Cuidense.

Yesterday on the news from Channel 11 they reported that a gringa was raped on the beach. The problem is the drug addicts who go down and with the beyaquera (crazy/horny?) force people to have sex. Be careful.

Edited on 11/03/22


Posted Oct 31 2022:
Heads Up!
AYOR. Recent violent sexual attacks on both men and women has been reported by local press. I stopped cruising this spot.

Edited on 11/02/22


Posted Aug 19 2021:
The best place to give head is behind the bushes at the area in front of the Capitol heading to the fortress. Specifically in front of the Olympic Committee is a light blue building. I gave head to few guys yesterday and day before. Use common sense. But if men are cruising there is a reason.

Edited on 08/19/21
Jersey Ass


Posted Aug 06 2019:
Action is across from the KFC, dude. Go to the rocks. Men for hire or horny guys for fun. You decide.

Edited on 08/08/19


Posted Aug 05 2019:
The action is now at the section immediately across from Kentucky Fried Chicken and the PR National Guard.

You have to go to the far end by the rock pile across from KFC. There you can find the gay section where cruising happens away from the more open areas.

Did it twice in a week. Daytime only. Just be safe.

Edited on 08/07/19

Attached Files:
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Lov Rican Dick


Posted Oct 22 2018:
I was in SJU last week. That place is no longer a place to cruise. Consider deletion. It's now the Monument to Saint John the Baptist.

Edited on 10/23/18

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Posted Oct 20 2018:
Subject: Fun no more
The parking lot across from the Capitolio is gone. There's now a monument there. Stairs to the beach but its all filled with families and tourists now. No cruising going on in this place anymore.

Edited on 10/22/18


Posted Aug 14 2016:
Heads Up!
Too many cops and lots of construction. Don't waste your time.

Edited on 08/19/16


Posted Apr 21 2013:
I was here the second week of April. Did not have any problems with anyone. I met up with several locals, a couple from the projects, at the park across from the national guards post. There are a few hustlers but they really did not bother me. I got fucked four times one evening in the bushes behind the wall. Like any place, you just need to be alert and know what happens in these parts.

Edited on 04/25/13

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Mar 21, 2013

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 3


Posted Mar 21 2013:
Heads Up!
Extremely dangerous. I was assaulted there and my car window smashed. This area brings in the trash from La Perla and the projects. You will get knifed or shot. Stay away, do not enter under any circumstances. It has homeless people inhabiting it, the police will not enter it, and you are on your own.

Edited on 03/26/13


Posted Sep 09 2011:
After being closed for nearly two months, the parking area is open again and cruising has resumed. The boardwalk project is still a go, so the beach below will become off limits at some point. Meanwhile, back to cruising!

Edited on 09/16/11


Posted Jun 20 2011:
I was there last week and I did not see any action in the area.

Edited on 06/26/11


Posted May 21 2011:
The city is going to be building a beachfront walkway. They will be removing most of the vegetation, so the party will be over soon.

Edited on 05/24/11


Posted Nov 11 2009:
Was there yesterday. Sucked a married guy by the beach under the sea grape trees. I swallowed his big load. Was hanging around for another one hour and decided to leave when I saw this dark skinned Latino. I followed him to another quiet spot and got to service his enormous fat dick. I ate his ass, sucked him for a while and then he fucked me like there was no tomorrow. Was dripping cum from my ass all night. Hottest guy I have ever had.


Posted Sep 04 2009:
Checked this place out while visiting and sucked four cocks and got dicked twice -- all hot locals. All big cocks. It can be a bit seedy but if you like rough trade, this place has them.


Posted Aug 22 2009:
There is only one stairway to get down to the beach, approximately 3 stories down, and once you are there, that is also your only exit. Drug addicts and homeless go here, but the locals do not.


Posted Nov 26 2008:
Heads Up!
Keep your eyes wide open while there and make sure you never talk to guys that look too straight. I was there yesterday evening and got robbed by a very hot but straight guy who was trying to pass as a hustler. He was not armed but it was a very scary experience. Police come (and go) and everyone has to leave but just drive around and the place will by fully packed by the time you come back. I recommend you stay close to your car and never venture onto the trails, especially during the night.


Posted Feb 12 2008:
The beach is very dirty, but it is true that it is like a supermarket for sex! You just have to watch out for the occasional begger giving you a sob story (great tales they are).


Posted Nov 26 2007:
This place is great. I have been there three times during the day and hooked up with hot discreet Latinos each time. Beautiful beach for swimming also. Hot hairy Latino cock all over.


Posted Nov 10 2007:
It has been a cruising spot for a long time. All types of men. Just watch out since sometimes (sometimes) undercover cops like to hang out around, especially during the nights.


Posted Jun 18 2005:
Be very careful. A lot of police action going on here. I wouldn't suggest anyone coming here if he doesn't want to get arrested. The police are really cracking down on hustlers and cruisers in this area.


Posted Oct 22 2001:
This place is hot. We were there during the day and after sunset. The only time we saw any police was at night and both times they came though and said nothing.


Posted Jul 29 2001:
Heads Up!
A friend of mine told me that as many as fifteen people have been arrested here in a day.

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Reported no longer cruisy, considering deletion

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