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The Mega-Plex


Category: Bathhouse with full facilities Hours / Entry Fee: Open 24 hours daily Submitted: May 12 2001 (Edited 01/09/17)
Cruised here? Rate this place:
3.05/5 based on 20 votes. The median rating is 3.
Read & Write Reviews: 46 Reviews

Address: 257 Allens Avenue
City: Providence
State: Rhode Island
ZIP/Postal Code: 02905
Country: United States of America
Phone Number: 401-780-8769
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Posted Apr 23 2017:
This place is terrible! It has gone downhill so bad. Just think, if you go here, they'll let someone break into your locker and leave with no questions or cops being called. I was here and saw it happen.

Don't waste you time. Go to Club Body Center Providence instead. It's downtown, clean, and safe!

Edited on 04/25/17


Posted Jan 05 2017:
Went here on Dec 21, Wednesday afternoon between 3 to 5 pm. Very very quiet. Maybe four or five other guys besides me, so almost nothing going on. Even these guys I didn't getting on with each other and I wasn't getting any vibes either. Even in the dark sauna room, I went there a few times and three of us would sit around and leave the room.

Finally one guy approached me. I sucked him pretty good and let him cum in my mouth, didn't swallow it though. Then he left without returning the favor.

I was about to leave as there was no action then in the locker room, but another guy approached me. We went to sauna. I sucked him too and let him cum in the mouth. He barely returned the favor for a few seconds and then left.

Luckily there was another guy watching and he readily sucked me good and had me in his mouth. Then I left. There were almost no other guys left there.

Edited on 01/09/17


Posted Nov 11 2016:
I had to add the review as I visited this place today for the first time. Not finding enough recent reviews was one of the reasons it took me so long to finally decide to go to this place. In summary, I liked this place.

I have been a straight guy so far, with no gay experiments whatsoever, so I needed a place to try out with relative anonymity and also a place where I can choose how far I want to go or just watch etc. After lots of research I decided that bathhouses are the place to go. This one was closest so I went there though not having enough reviews and some really nasty reviews was holding me back.

Glad I went. It's a very large place, definitely not a shiny place, but in fairly decent condition. The main thing is that it served the purpose well for what this place is meant for, providing guys with lots of options to try whatever they want.

For a Friday afternoon I think it was a good-sized crowd. I estimate something like twenty to thirty guys easy. The staff seemed overwhelmed but talked nicely enough to me, so no complaints.

Guys were all shapes, sizes, and ages. More older guys but a decent number of guys in 30s and 40s, good enough for me. I am in my 30s. Maybe because I am in my 30s and in good shape, had no issue in getting guys approach me. I ended up sucking three guys and had a total of six guys suck me. I didn't want to go beyond that, and every single guy I hooked up with was very respectful of the boundaries and behaved very well.

Now I will go through the details if someone is still interested in reading on, mainly for people like me who want to know more about these places but couldn't find any recent reviews.

The main entrance takes you to a window where the attendant takes your ID (he returns it after taking the info), takes the money, and buzzes you in. And then he continues on to give you the locker key and towel.

A standard locker room was on the right. Then on to shower. When I started walking around I saw that there are about three or four rows of rooms, most were either locked or had single guys waiting for someone to join. Two of the rooms had major group gang-bangs going on with another four or five guys standing outside stroking. I stopped by to peek, let another guy stroke me for a minute or two, and then kept exploring.

The play room's a decently large area with three or four couches and gay porn on the large TV. At that point there was no action but I kept coming back to it every ten or fifteen minutes during my time there and later on there was lots of action.

So after walking around I stumbled upon the steam room. Way too steamy but can't complain. Since this was my first time, I was not making eye contact with anyone in the hallways and wanted to just take it all in first.

In the steam room, within two minutes another guy came in, sat by my side and started stroking his dick. Needless to say, I started too and for some reason this guy also wanted to talk during this stroking.

He was a decent looking 40s married guy who wouldn't suck or let me suck without condom. So we stroked a few minutes and then went our own ways. Then I went into the dry sauna and there were almost ten guys in that small dark room in different stages of sucking and stroking but no fucking.

I walked around more and saw that now in more than a few rooms there was fucking and group action of three or four people going on. I watched some more but had no interest in joining in.

Back to the steam room and another guy found me in two minutes, started sucking and then invited me to his room. In his room we both sucked each other, 69ed, etc. for about five minutes and then I left as I didn't want to come.

I went to the dry sauna again and this time there was a train fuck of four guys in a row! I sat there watching them when someone else started sucking me. He sucked me for about a minute and then went out, we didn't even say hi or see each other in that dark room — pretty cool!

I went to the play room again and things were all heated up. Two guys were getting fucked pretty hard, another four or five guys standing around jerking each other and another group of three guys on the side with one guy on his knees sucking them.

I joined the group and got another nice sucking. Still didn't want to come, so stopped after a couple of minutes. But I had to approach the guy who was getting fucked really hard on the table and let him suck me for another minute while he was getting pounded really hard. This scene lasted another minute or so then pretty much everyone was spent.

So I took a breather, got water from the front desk ($1), and a Snickers from the vending machine ($1.50). Then went back on my rounds of the hallway. I was loving it. So much action and absolutely no hassling, no worries. I never thought that I would feel this comfortable in such a place.

I think the main reason was that there is no way anyone could judge anyone else. All were guys, and pretty much there for exactly the same reason, so the overall atmosphere was still very relaxed for me even with all the heated action. The playroom had some action pretty much all the time.

I went to steam room again and yet again, found a guy stroking me. When I started sucking this time I was more vigorous as I was getting more practice by the minute. It seemed like he was going to cum, so I thought let's try this too and I let him cum in my mouth. But as it turned out this guy was well spent so even though he came, almost nothing came out in my mouth. I felt bad when I asked him did you cum or not? Another first for me - cum in mouth!

But since I hadn't cum, I kept going on. Another nice mutual suck in the dry sauna, a few more stroking around in the play room and then I was ready to leave, had to leave on time.

I finally left without cumming. I didn't want to take the chance of guilt taking over me when I actually enjoyed this place so much.

So this should give a good idea about the place. Look — almost run down, guys — all shapes and sizes but more older ones than younger ones, but I found everyone very nice and everyone had the same purpose, to enjoy sex with no strings, no worries.

Afterwards I did stop by at the strip club right next door to check if this has changed me enough that I somehow find boobs less arousing, thankfully no. I had a great lap dance, sucked really nice tits for $20 and was very happy that I now have more things to enjoy in life.

Thanks so much for your Review. You are fortunate that you found no judgment, and I'm happy you enjoyed your first time.

Best of luck on further adventures with men. ~ Editor

Edited on 11/23/16
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Posted Dec 18 2014:
Checked it out a couple of weeks ago. They are starting to fix things. Entrance area had fresh sheetrock on the walls. More couches in the lobby. The steam room was working properly and the shower floor wasn't flooded. For once, I wasn't approached by a hustler in the parking lot. The lower level is still closed and rumor has it that it is being converted to a straight strip lounge. Let's see how it looks after the New Year.

Edited on 12/26/14

Usergroup: Member
Joined: May 08, 2010

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 3


Posted Aug 21 2014:
Been here a couple times in the past six months. The place could use some updating, but otherwise not too bad. They did close the back section, so there is not as much public play space. There is a good mix of people. The crowd isn't huge, but I haven't had a problem finding a guy or four to hook up with. I'll be back.

Edited on 08/26/14


Posted Jul 28 2014:
Wow, has this place gone downhill! Back area is now closed and the crowd has dwindled drastically.

Edited on 08/01/14


Posted Jul 17 2013:
This is usually a great place. I often go Friday nights and there's always action, starting at about 10 and going on till early morning. The hottest place is the dry sauna. Last time I was there I got fucked by at least twenty guys and ended the night with an orgy in some guy's room.

Edited on 07/25/13


Posted Aug 19 2012:
I think this place is great. Yes, it's a bit run down, but I wouldn't say it's dirty, just in need of some remodeling. In any case the place is hopping. I had barely arrived on a Saturday afternoon, and I went into the steam room and had a hot group scene. I got fucked by three different guys. One of them fucked me on at least five different occasions, the last time in my room where he climbed on top of me and plowed me for 30 minutes. Overall, I got fucked by at least a dozen different guys, took at least 5 loads up my ass, and took this super-hot young guy's load down my throat. I'll definitely come back here as soon as I can.

Edited on 08/27/12


Posted Mar 18 2012:
A pretty active scene, I've had lots of fun.

Edited on 03/21/12

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Apr 02, 2005

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 4


0 of 1 people found this review helpful
Posted Dec 01 2011:
I had a good time here. Got a room and had no issue finding guys to play with on a Thursday afternoon. The dry sauna is especially fun!

Edited on 12/05/11


Posted Jun 18 2011:
Not nearly as bad as some of the reviews say. Not as clean as some sexclubs, but a lot cleaner than others. Moderately busy on a Friday night, though somewhat disappointing. Over a 5 hour period I saw maybe 25 different guys. The good news is that most guys who were there were there to play, not be voyeurs like a lot of other places. Doesn't seem to attract a younger crowd (those under 30) at least that night which probably explains why guys were actually having sex. Sexclubs that attract younger guys tend to not have much going on in my experience. "Blackout Night" should be renamed "Dimmer Night." I didn't even notice a change. The sauna is your best bet for an anonymous, dark experience. I would go back.

Edited on 06/23/11

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Feb 14, 2009

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 1


1 of 1 people found this review helpful
Posted Mar 04 2010:
I was there this past Sunday for the first time. I got a video room, stripped down, wrapped my towel around me and set off. I cruised all over the place and didn't really see much I was interested in. All of a sudden I cruised down this aisle with rooms on both sides and there was a door open. I looked in and there was this hot guy stroking his nice shaved cock. He had a really nice body, smooth all over. I entered the room, got down on my knees and started to give him a real nice blowjob. We ended up having one of the hottest times either of us has ever had with another man. Great place! I hope to go back again and hopefully find this hot hunk of a man, too.

Edited on 03/09/10


Posted Mar 13 2009:
I've given this a try a few times in the last month. It's better than CBC but could use some care. There's a mold problem in the locker room. The door between the steamroom and showers broke and they are too lazy to fix it, which just shows the lack of effort they put in. The music is horrible and too loud. There are some nasty, fat guys but I've always found some in-shape younger guys too. I won't go near the dark hallways. If the only way you can get action is with the lights out, what is that saying? And those are the only people in there in the dark, the ones that couldn't get anyone any other way!


Posted Feb 01 2009:
Can be a lot of fun whatever your fancy but the place, particularly the floors, needs to be cleaned more regularly and the music is too loud. Complaints to staff go unheeded -- they do not want to hear it. I was told they want loud music to keep them happy while they work. Wednesday and Friday nights can be great.


Posted Jan 26 2009:
I have been here twice in the last month or so. Tried a Thursday and then a Friday night, both times around midnight. It was dirty and smelled bad. There was no one there. I mean, ten to twenty people tops. Waste of money! The video places outside are a way better deal with a better crowd!


Posted Nov 17 2008:
This was the most disgusting place I've ever been. The carpet in front of the steam bath smelled like a dozen rats died three weeks ago. I got a bad fungal infection in my foot. Bad, bad, bad.


Posted Nov 03 2008:
The best bang for your buck if you are a cocksucking bottom is Wednesday from 7 pm 12 am and Friday from 7 pm to 2 am. They turn the lights out and the back hall is a suck and fuck frenzy with up to forty guys. I just keep my hole lubed and get into the crowd. I spend three or four hours with both ends full of cock, usually bareback.


Posted Oct 01 2008:
Went on Tuesday. It was my first time at a gay bathhouse. I was only there from 12 to 2 pm but I had a good time. The staff was very friendly but the back by the showers could use a little better cleaning. Still, I got to suck two nice guys in the video room. It was fun. Next time I can get away I'll be back. I'm married but I know I'm gay now and I don't fuck my wife anymore so this is a great place to come be with other men like myself.


1 of 1 people found this review helpful
Posted Sep 01 2008:
The last posting was overly harsh. Bottom line is if you're closeted and live in Rhode Island or Mass this is the only game in town. I have to sneak trips in which a lot of times means right after work, and yes the pickings can be slim then. But any time I've gone from 9 pm on it's been great. I went last Thursday and the steamroom was good. Then some guy with a hot body followed me to my room. His friend came in and they double teamed me for an hour. Definitely worth checking out.


Posted Aug 28 2008:
The place is a mess. Piss smell and stains on the room floors are really disgusting. Haven't they ever heard of bleach? You'll catch something for sure in this place. Showers always seem to be broken, crappy 1980's 12" TV in the porn room, holes in the walls. Most of the employees are moody and very unfriendly. But wait, there's more, if morbidly obese old men with tiny weanies are your thing you'll have a great time.


Posted May 30 2008:
It gets worse all the time. They closed the back section for some unknown reason.


Posted May 29 2008:
Yuck! Trolls, dirty, smelly, not worth the fee to get in.


Posted Feb 04 2008:
Sunday afternoon with the bears was great! Many men of all shapes and sizes, something for everyone. The back area was hot and crowded with men having sex. Sure it's a little seedy and needs some upgrades, but still worth the trip.


Posted Nov 23 2007:
Where to begin? No hot water, the steamroom smells like it hasn't been cleaned in weeks, the carpet probably hasn't been cleaned in a year and some parts smell like piss. Dump some money into this dump, you ain't the only game in town.


Posted Sep 14 2007:
The last time I was there was a black out night. Even with all the lights out, I wouldn't have sex with the guys that were there. And it smelled like piss.


Posted Jul 01 2007:
I usually have a good time here. Wednesday evening black-out parties can be interesting.


Posted Jun 04 2007:
I love this place. Last time I was there it was incredible. It was bear day but that was Ok. I'm a bear kind of guy. It's huge, clean but not too modern and fun. It does need a real play area with gloryholes and such. But the guys were hot. I met a guy who fucked me for an hour -- best sex I ever had.


Posted Mar 24 2007:
I go there at least twice a month and have always had a good time. I suck cock and I get fucked. There's never a shortage of dick for my mouth and ass.


Posted Feb 16 2007:
The same guys go on the same days over and over so I mix it up and hit it other times. As a total oral bottom, I am never at a loss for cock in my throat or asshole. I usually end up sucking at least twenty cocks on a weekend night and getting fucked at least five times.


Posted Dec 15 2006:
This place is great. I've been there twice on Sunday evenings and all the muscleheads from Boston are there.


Posted Sep 29 2006:
My partner and I went here for the first time on Thursday and had a great time! The staff are friendly and helpful. The place is clean and the men are hot. Nice variety of races, types and ages with little attitude. We will be back!


Posted Sep 27 2006:
The Mega-Plex has never been raided and the police do not come in there.


Posted Mar 27 2006:
We went in March on a Tuesday and had a great time. Some really hung guys there that day. We are always surprised at how busy it is during the week. It's not packed, but busy. Had a handsome black guy there that had a fat (not kidding) elevev inch cock. Mmm, mmm good. I know it was eleven inches cause he told me and several other people. We believe a nice time was had by all. We almost always enjoy the guys here.


Posted Feb 20 2006:
We are a couple and go here frequently on Mondays or Tuesdays because we work on the weekends. Every time we've gone we had a fantastic time -- very enthusiastic guys. My only complaint is that the people who like to bottom get a shur shot and douche yourself out. It gets disgusting when bottoms who want it are messy. No need for it. Other than that, always have a great time here.


Posted Feb 16 2006:
This place is disgusting and not worth the money. You can get action there easily but it's mostly old guys, fat guys, or fat old guys. Rarely is anyone decent there. There's a totally dark sauna where the group action is. If you like a gang of trolls fucking and sucking anyone and everything sight unseen, this is your place. They also have a video room. It has a state-of-the-art thirteen inch TV and about twenty percent of the time it shows bad '80's porn. The other eighty percent, it's showing absolutely nothing. And finally, if you do go on a weekend you'll know what to expect every weekend as it seems the same guys go over and over. There's rarely anyone new.


Posted Feb 10 2006:
I love this place. I went on a Tuesday morning and had so much fun. I got there, took a walk around, and then had a nice shower. Went to my room and left the door open. No more than five minutes later, a hot guy came in and proceeded to fuck me so hard. It was great. Then as he left, another guy came in and did me after him. I was there about an hour and got it three times. I will definitely go back!


Posted Feb 06 2006:
Me and the other half went there on January 2nd and had a blast. It was on a Monday and we were expecting it to be slow, but it was pretty busy. The place was clean and without attitude from the guys. There were all kinds of guys for all types. We had a great time in the showers, steamroom, and the sauna. Very little happened in the room showing porn. Popped my nut three times when we were there. Some amazing cocksucking talent were there on that Monday. Very, very pleased with the time we had there. Left feeling very spent.


Posted Jan 24 2006:
Went back to this place after reading the latest comments. Come on! This place is hit-or-miss at best. At least they have redone the steamroom and are almost finished with the remodeling that was going on when I went there a year ago. No maze/back room here. If you're into groups, you need to get it going in your room.


Posted Jun 23 2004:
It’s turned into a very dirty seedy bathhouse, in desperate need of cleaning and updating. My last three visits I came home with crabs and I really am starting to thing its not from the men, but maybe from the beds. At least the employees are very friendly and great bunch of guys.


Posted Jun 10 2004:
The last time I was there, I came home with crabs. And I've had friends have the same experience. They keep it so dark in there that you can't see where you're going. I used to really enjoy it, but not so much anymore.


Posted Jun 06 2004:
I love this place. It’s clean and the staff is excellent. The best time is on the weekend when all the young hot cocks are out to play. I went last night and much to my delight there was more meat than I could suck in one night. I fucked a guy up the ass. No one minds if you’re getting it up the ass in the backroom, sucking cock in the hallway or just jacking yourself off.


Posted Apr 27 2004:
The last time I was there I was very disappointed in the facility. The temperature was freezing, the showers were missing fixtures, broken tiles, the steamroom had no tiling and wasn't very steamy and the sauna wasn’t very hot. It really seemed run down and in need of some attention.


Posted Mar 14 2003:
The place was clean, staff helpful, and lots of hot, friendly and willing clientele. Rooms are a bit pricey. The music on the late Friday night that I was there was a cool mix techno and house, but it was too loud. I will definitely do another stopover on my future Boston to New Haven journeys.


Posted Mar 02 2003:
Heads Up!
This place has been raided by police on more than one occasion. The "play area" has been shut down altogether. I was there in December and got zero action in twelve hours on a Friday night. Nudity is permitted in rooms, locker room, showers, steamroom and sauna. And the place was basically dead and very expensive. Undercover cops frequently come here and will arrest for nudity, drugs (yes including poppers) and prostitution.


Posted Jan 17 2003:
I went there last night for the first time and had a blast. First I hooked up with an incredibly sexy man and we sucked and fucked for hours. And then I had a fourway that was hot. I finally ended fucking and sucking one of my fourway buddies. I will definitely go back!


Posted Jan 07 2003:
I have always had a great time at the Mega! The first Sunday of the month is Bear Sunday and I have always gotten together with four or five muscle bears. The back hallway is always jammed with hot men looking for group action. The back hallway is better than the orgy room ever was! I can't say enough positive things about the Mega!

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