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Excitement Video

Category: Adult store with arcade Hours / Entry Fee: Open daily 8 am - Midnight Directions: This location is in Atlantic Beach, a small town mostly surrounded by North Myrtle Beach. Some sources list it in North Myrtle Beach. If you are using GPS that may be an alternative way to find it. Alternate GPS address is 3106 South Kings Hwy., North Myrtle Beach. See review dated 7/28/2015 for additional detail.
Submitted: May 23 2001 (Edited 01/25/19)
Cruised here? Rate this place:
3.85/5 based on 39 votes. The median rating is 4.
Read & Write Reviews: 74 Reviews

Address: 3106 Highway 17 South
City: Atlantic Beach
State: South Carolina
ZIP/Postal Code: 29582
Country: United States of America
Phone Number: 843-427-7250

See "Directions" note about address and GPS using "North Myrtle Beach."

GPS Approximate Latitude & Longitude: 33.8055,-78.7205
See larger zoomable map from Google
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Posted Jul 07 2024:
Went there about a week ago. Paid. Went to the back. Found a gloryhole... finally. Hole, dick, mouth... I pushed through and it accepted. While it invited me into its mouth, it was short lived and replaced with a very short jerking motion. Don't get me wrong, the short throw jerking motion worked, but would have preferred a nice mouth the entire time. I prefer a dedicated cocksucker.

Edited on 07/18/24


Posted Jul 02 2024:
Subject: Load Release
Went there last Friday night. Normal entrance fee and made my way back. There was a tranny in the corner, looked interesting. Found my way back to the gloryhole booths and closed the door.

About a minute later, I had someone looking to take my cock through the hole. Already hard, this mouth was able to make me even harder. Not sure the exact technique, but I can tell you that mouth was a champion cock sucker. I was raging hard and then it stopped, not long, and still holding my cock... I was confident I knew what that meant.

About forty-five seconds later, I felt a tight ass against my cock. I wanted to be filled really bad, but I have a large cock, and it it had a hard time fitting. It tried, it tried again, and then finally it screamed a little as it finally went in. It didn't move for about ten seconds.

Once it caught its breath, it was game on, it wouldn't stop bouncing off my cock, moaning in the process. Once I couldn't take it any more, I tapped and it quickly turned around (lightning fast) and took the entire load down its throat. Slowly it cleaned my cock for a solid minute. Nice.

I left without confrontation a happy customer once again. Don't be one of those guys, just help us out and then leave us alone.

Edited on 07/04/24


Posted Apr 02 2024:
I went there a few of weeks ago. Went to the back, entered a booth with a gloryhole. and waited until I had someone willing to take my cock in their mouth. To my surprise, it didn't happen, and there were at least five or six people in the arcade.

Slightly discouraged, I left that booth and walked to another. It still took a while, but I finally heard two people talking to each other and one said, "I don't know if anyone is in there," so I leaned against the door and it made a noise. They both entered the booth, so I put my cock next to the hole. They motioned and I passed my throbbing dick through the hole.

It sounded like they were pleasantly surprised by the size of my cock. One of them played with it, sucked it, all while something else was going on in the background. Then I realized what the deal was as I could feel a tight asshole making contact with my big cock. It tried to take it, but it took a while before we were finally able to shoehorn that monster up his fuck hole. He went straight to the bottom.

From there I steady fucked that gaping ass. He was whimpering with pleasure and pain as I got closer to shooting my load up his ass. I shot a huge ribbon of thick juicy cum up his ass. He stayed there for the longest time. When he moved off my cock, the other one jumped into action and starting cleaning my dick with his mouth like a good like cock slut.

Once clean, I pulled out, fastened up and left. He must have been making enough noise to attract attention, because there was three dudes listening right outside the door. Wish they wouldn't have been so close, but whatever.

Ass pounded, load dropped, smile on my face.

Edited on 04/03/24


Posted Jan 07 2024:
Decided to give this place a try mainly because there is only one store left in Wilmington, NC, Carolina Video) and that is closed on Sundays. First, the fee is twelve dollars to enter the arcade with the "private rooms" costing sixteen dollars. Clerk was very helpful and polite. Second, this was a Sunday afternoon so there was not much foot traffic.

I won't go into the details as it is like just about every other adult bookstore. This place was clean, adequately lit, and well stocked with paper towels, hand sanitizer, and even a can of generic "Lysol" was available. The booths are of decent size. A male/female couple fit in one booth and put on a show though they did not want "company."

My only "negative" is that the holes are on the small (diameter) side and, for me, too high. But, I admit I am a short dude, though.

While I did not meet up with anyone that I was interested in, I hope to get back this way one day soon. Though, admittedly, guys in their late 20's to early 30's rarely frequent these places anymore thanks to those damn apps. But, there's always that chance... that's why we keep going out.

Good luck and happy cruising!

Edited on 01/10/24


1 of 1 people found this review helpful
Posted Dec 31 2023:
After reading reviews I decided to give it a try. I was down in the area with family over the holidays and needed to blow off some steam. I had to make it a quick trip. I parked, went in and paid the clerk to get into arcade. I walked into arcade past a couple of guys to a booth in the center and shut the door. I heard the door next door shut immediately.

I pulled out my stiffening cock and it had its mouth ready. I mounted, it sucked. Technique was not good. After a minute I zipped up and did a zigzag through some guys and into the back booth. As I entered, a tall, broad, 40-something dude with broad shoulders went into next booth. I locked the door and again it was at the hole.

I mounted and it was skilled, sucking, swirling the tongue and perfect pressure. There was a brief pause then a grunt from next door as I felt pressure and an incredible sensation. It began bouncing off the wall and my knees buckled. I nutted, It stayed in position until I was ready to pack my cock away.

I exited and was back in my jeep in less than fifteen minutes. Only downside I'd say is the holes are small. Great place.

Edited on 01/01/24


Posted Oct 06 2023:
Yesterday I entered the arcade, walked forward past the booths, took a left and headed towards the back. As I walked towards the back, I passed the occasional tranny in the corner. I often wonder what would happen if I were to stop and whip out my cock and place it in front of her. My fucked up mind told me she would drop to her knees and start sucking like she had no other purpose in life, but who knows.

I found a booth in the back and removed my semi-rigid cock from my pants. Not more than sixty seconds later, I had a finger, and then a mouth. My cock jumped to full attention in the warm, wet, slow moving mouth. It was rhythmic and purposeful. I hate a non-thinker that is just there to count the number of loads they can swallow. One must pay attention to the cock, worship the cock, and enjoy its part in the cocksucking experience.

Slowly the speed increased, as did the swell in my johnson. The mouth had an awesome technique, deep as possible, then backing off with the mouth past the rim and off the dick with the thumb and forefinger following closely behind... then back down again. Something about the mouth and fingers stimulating the rim/head with each pass that makes me want to shoot a load.

As time passed and my arousal became imminent, the mouth sank to the base of my cock, stayed there, and let me blow my entire load down the back of their throat. The mouth just stayed there, allowing me to fully release, relax, and finally back out, very nice.

I can really appreciate someone that is there to do what they do because they enjoy it, and also want the other person to enjoy it too. No need to bother them on the way out, or hurry the process. Just nice to be able to drop and load and leave in a relaxed state.

Edited on 10/06/23


1 of 1 people found this review helpful
Posted Sep 14 2023:
Went there yesterday, mid-afternoon. Several cars, but still a place to park in the back. Skip to the part where I get into the arcade... I walk through the door and see a couple of people. I walk around towards the back, and get into a back row booth. No one enters the adjacent booth after a few minutes, so I zip up my shit and move to the next row, closer to the front. Again, no immediate action, and it is dark, so I look through the gloryhole, only to see a naked dude in the hall, sucking a cock, with the recipient making some comments about what was happening.

Then about a minute later, someone touched my junk. They didn't suck it like normal, but played with it until I was raging hard. They put a condom on my cock, so I anticipated it getting put in their ass. Instead of guiding it into his ass (like normal), he instead pushed it down and locked it between the wall and his asshole. Being a crafty MF, I knew all I had to do was retreat and then plow it forward until my cock entered his asshole.

Once it did, he wouldn't stop bouncing off the wall. His ass wasn't very tight, but he had enough action to make that shit work. It wasn't long before I dropped a huge load into his ass. He must have felt it, because he stayed backed up until I started to go soft. Then he pulled himself off my fat, condom covered, cum drenched cock only long enough to turn around and take the entire thing in his mouth.

I don't know how he did it, but he was able to get the condom off, drink the cum, and suck me again until I busted another nut down his deep warm mouth. I can't normally do back to back cumshots, but that ass, and more importantly his mouth, and the actions that followed... were something amazing. He should be proud. I am grateful.

Edited on 09/15/23
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Posted Jul 01 2023:
I went yesterday around 3:15 pm, paid my money, went to the back, and found a booth with a gloryhole. I might have seen five mouths on the way back to the booth, each taking account of my "suckability". I pulled out my half hard cock, and pointed it at the hole.

Soon the adjacent booth's door closed and I could hear the mouth positioning itself to take a peek. Then the finger. Then my cock through the hole. Then the warm mouth began to engulf my cock. Slow and shallow at first, then deeper, then deeper, then balls deep. Then the speed slowly increased as did my heart rate. My throbbing dick was well on its way to exploding.

Then all of a sudden the mouth stopped. The mouth was replaced with a hand while I sensed some movement next door. Then I felt what I recognized as a small anus. It pushed, it tried, it wanted my dick in its ass so bad. Small ass. large dick, or a little of both, with enough saliva and precum, we finally got my raging cock in its ass.

From there it didn't take long until I could tell it stopped to cum while its asshole throbbed in unison to the jism spurting out of its own dick. It didn't take long until I was ready to spew. After it was done cumming, I started to build my speed and was ready to dump my sperm into its ass.

To my surprise it quickly removed my cock from its ass and gobbled my dick with its mouth to finish off the round. Pleasantly surprised, I dropped a huge ribbon of cum down its throat, pulse after pulse. It continued to suck my cock for at least another two minutes, which not only totally drained my cock but was a nice touch.

I left without confrontation (much appreciated) and went on with my day. There are still some good old fashioned cocksuckers out there without an agenda

Edited on 07/03/23


Posted May 22 2023:
Are there ever any couples there interested in playing with a man and women?

Edited on 05/22/23
Dirty boy


0 of 1 people found this review helpful
Posted May 16 2023:
Anon, can I go there one night and get naked with a sign that says cover me in cum? For anyone who wants to release there cum.

Edited on 05/18/23


Posted Apr 07 2023:
Went there last Friday, just after lunch. There were only a couple of people there that I could see. I went to the back and found a gloryhole. I could hear someone get into the booth next to me. Hard to see, but finally saw the sign and passed my cock through the hole. It sucked me carefully until I was raging hard.

There was a pause and I finally figured out he was putting a condom on my junk. Once it was on there, he bent over and proceeded to try and put my large dick in his ass. It didn't want to go. He tried and tried, finally he put some lube on it and I was able to shoe horn that thick MFer into his hot ass. He just pressed his ass against the wall while I steady pounded his hole.

After a few minutes, I dropped a huge load into his ass, too bad the rubber caught it, I would have liked to see it ooze out of his gaping hole. I left with a smile on my face and one less load in my nutsack.

Edited on 04/09/23


Posted Apr 05 2023:
Went to this place a while back. Hubby been wanting to see me try this. I paid and traveled to the booth area. A few guys trolling the back. I sized up a couple and found a gloryhole booth. I must have been the only female there.

Almost instantly a cock appeared and it was a good size rod. I proceeded to work it by hand for a minute or so before starting the oral process! He must have been very horny and been stroking himself, he shot me a mouthful. I let some of his load dribble down onto my top to prove to hubby that I sucked a cock.

I took two more loads before leaving. Couldn't wait to suck hubby off!

Edited on 04/06/23
Dirty boy


Posted Mar 12 2023:
Are there any gloryholes in the preview rooms? And would anyone be interested in letting me strip and cover me in cum?

Edited on 03/12/23


0 of 1 people found this review helpful
Posted Feb 20 2023:
Went there about eight or nine days ago. Price increased slightly, but so has everything else. I entered the arcade, walked through the center, and then down the back where I could be seen until I found a proper booth for what I needed. I entered the booth and heard the adjacent booth door close almost immediately. Tried to put money in, but it wouldn't take it. At this point my cock was already pretty hard so I quit worrying about putting money in the video machine and started worrying about someone sucking my cock.

So I removed my semi-rigid cock from my pants and positioned myself so I could see a finger in the hole. As soon as I could see the hole, there was a finger. My cock was raging hard at this point as it entered the hole. The warm mouth had no problem taking it in. The motion was wet, warm, and a little to fast to start. It was very good in the technique, just a little fast and shallow.

I was working on a cream pie for its mouth when it stopped. I withdrew. It wanted me to go to another booth, assume with it. I didn't want to, and said nothing. It again offered Its services, and I again let it help. It wasn't another two or three minutes and its warm mouth was filled with my hot jizz, pump after pump. It was a great help, because it just kept on sucking it up, not letting a drip go to waste.

I ended up withdrawing before it gave up and I was clean as a whistle. Thanks for that and the fact it didn't try to confront me after the fact. The wall between us served its purpose and I am thankful. Will visit again some time.

Edited on 02/21/23
Dirty boy


Posted Feb 13 2023:
Are there any heavy squirting women around? I would love to get undressed and covered in squirt from women or covered in cum from guys.

Edited on 02/14/23


0 of 1 people found this review helpful
Posted Dec 09 2022:
I went there a couple of weeks ago to drop a load. Paid. Entered the arcade and of course there were people that wanted to see what they were going to suck. Made my way to a booth... It was about one minute until I had a taker – they weren't busy.

He started with pulling my semi-hard cock through the hole. Then he just kinda touched it while he rotated it (inspecting?). Then he put it in his warm mouth. Just the tip, then about halfway and repeated. My cock grew longer and harder as his moist mouth provided all the lubrication and friction.

As we both became more excited, he went deeper and deeper until I was balls deep in his throat. He moved slowly at first, comfortable with the depth, then he increased his speed just a little bit. Before I knew it, I was ready to bust a load.

He withdrew, while taking caution to hold my cock with his hand as if he knew I was going to cum. He started all over again and I ended up blowing a load so large, I couldn't believe he could swallow it. He continued to suck my cock slowly and carefully until he was just holding my cock in his mouth, waiting for me to withdraw. I did. I fastened my pants and went on my merry way without issue, the way it should be.

There is a reason why we visit gloryholes, we don't want anything to do with those that help us out. It is an anonymous task that helps us both get what we want. Nothing more.

Edited on 12/11/22
Senior Reviewer

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Nov 23, 2018

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Total Reviews: 6


Posted Nov 25 2022:
My fifth annual Black Friday visit to this place was amazing! Five cocks sucked in less than an hour. They came in all sizes, shapes, and colors. Despite one bad visit back in 2020, this location never lets me down. I'm already looking forward to Black Friday next year!

Edited on 11/27/22


Posted Sep 21 2022:
Stopped here last week. I wasn't there five minutes before a fat cock came through the gloryhole. I stroked him for a few minutes then we got together in a booth.

We were jacking each other off but he said he came already this morning. I didn't mind. I cupped his balls and stroked his cock while he worked my cock over. It wasn't long before I blew my load all over his hands, arms, and booth. Great place!

Edited on 09/21/22


1 of 1 people found this review helpful
Posted Sep 17 2022:
Went there last weekend hoping I could drop a large load of goo down an eager stranger's throat. I entered the arcade and made sure to walk around the back side so all the on lookers could check me out.

I entered one of the booths with a gloryhole and it wasn't long before I had a willing mouth to gobble my cock. Not sure if it was the technique or my large cock, but there were way too many teeth touching my cock. I withdrew and stroked my own cock momentarily. I could hear the shuffle of feet outside the door and could tell that there was another mouth on the other side of the wall when I let them once again have my cock. As a matter of fact, they were taking turns sucking my glorious rigid cock.

It wasn't long after about three different mouths consumed my cock that I was able to spurt a gigantic load down the last person's throat. When I exited the booth there was a gathering of people in the adjacent booth, confirming my belief of multiple mouths. An awesome bunch of cum guzzlers.

Edited on 09/19/22

Usergroup: Member
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Posted Jul 14 2022:
Went there a couple months ago while on vacation. Couple older guys in followed me around when I entered. Went in a booth and had a mouth on my cock in five seconds. Ended up sucking one black cock and one huge white one.

Edited on 07/14/22

Usergroup: Member
Joined: Jun 23, 2022

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Posted Jun 23 2022:
Planning to go to Excitement Adult Video Store this Saturday evening June 25 for the first time! Only been to one other gloryhole and it was a great experience! Need some warm wet mouths to shoot my load into. If anybody will be there this Saturday evening, send a reply if you want my load!

Edited on 06/23/22
Not Anon


2 of 2 people found this review helpful
Posted May 17 2022:
So, not sure who is to blame, don't care. BJ's overall are are in abundance here. Walk in, let them see you, then wait and let the mouth come to your cock. It will happen, they can't help themselves. They will suck and you will cum.

Edited on 05/18/22


0 of 2 people found this review helpful
Posted May 11 2022:
Wednesday must be BJ night. I wanted a BJ so bad I couldn't stand it. I walked in, paid the fee and proceeded to the back via the quickest route possible. What I didn't realize is that "people that want to make you happy" actually want to check you out prior to helping anyone out. Stupid me. So I shook my goodness in front of the hole. Nothing.

I had to get out of the box, and actually walk around so they could see me before they would line up to make me happy. They made me happy in the long run.

Not happy about the crowds and their mentality, but still dropped a huge load. All is well in the gloryhole world.

Edited on 05/12/22
Senior Reviewer

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Posted Jan 23 2022:
I went here years ago. Was browsing in the sales area chatting with a guy and girl who worked there. They both asked me to pull out my cock and show them right up at the front counter. I figured, what the hell and I did. I quickly figured out this was probably a good place for some fun.

Edited on 01/24/22


Posted Aug 11 2021:
Went there yesterday before lunch. It was nice that it wasn't crazy crowded, I don't care for that. Made my way to the back and found a booth with a gloryhole. Of course it wasn't long before I had a finger through the hole. My cock was already semi-rigid with anticipation. The mouth was nice at first, but he went too fast, and didn't use his hand. It was an odd technique, and wasn't as pleasing as I think the mouth thought it was. I ended up pulling out and stroking it myself, in an effort to tell him he needed to change things up.

At this point we both wanted me to cum, so I put it back through and started to throat fuck him, nothing rough, but I was definitely fucking his face. About two minutes later, my legs started to shake and I dropped a very large load of goo down his throat. He kept sucking well after the moment had passed and allowed me to pull out clean as a whistle. I wasn't bothered on the way out, which was nice. A win-win in my book.

Edited on 08/12/21


Posted Jul 22 2021:
Went there yesterday and there were a bunch of trolls just waiting to suck my cock. Made my way to the back, everyone was sizing me up on the way to a gloryhole booth. I don't know what the pecking order is, but there is definitely a method to the madness on who gets to suck the cock.

Money in the machine and not fifteen seconds later, I had a finger and warm mouth. Cocksucker number one just didn't know how to give head, he left, and cocksucker number two opened up to finish the job. Man he was good – I have a feeling number one was watching.

Long story short, I shot my load and was on my way. Good deal.

Edited on 07/22/21


Posted Jul 12 2021:
I had been feeling the itch to have a nice cock in my mouth. I couldn't resist any longer. I took off for lunch and headed that way.

I went in and paid my ten dollars and headed to the back once through the doors. There were a few guys hanging out. I started scouting out the place when I came upon a gentleman in a booth stroking his big cock.

I walked by and got about five feet away and something came over me. I stopped and turned around, walked up to him, and asked if he would like a hand with hard cock. He invited me in. I stepped in and grabbed ahold of his cock, then sat down in the chair that was there.

Now his hard cock was inches from my mouth, precum dripping out of it, so I licked his hard head then proceeded to deep throat him. I continued to suck and run my tongue on that big fat cockhead.

After about five minutes of fucking my mouth he pulled out and told me to suck his balls while he jerked off. I could tell he was getting close and begged him to bust in my mouth. I felt him start to swell up and he let loose a huge load right down my throat.

I was so proud of myself I never gagged once even swallowing his load. I know where the best ten dollar lunch is at.

Edited on 07/13/21


Posted May 31 2021:
Went there about a week ago, paid the fee and entered the arcade. I went around the back side and along my way encountered a crossdresser sitting on the sofa. I should have pulled out my cock and shoved it in her face, just to see if she would suck it.

There were about four different people waiting around for fresh meat. I made my way to the gloryhole booth and put some money in the video machine. I didn't care what was playing, because I knew it wouldn't be long before I had a warm mouth willing to please.

I barely had my cock out of my pants before I had a finger through the hole. I gave them my hard cock and they began to suck, but I could tell they didn't know what they were doing. About two minutes later, they gave up and left me holding my rigid penis.

About thirty seconds later, there was another finger through the hole that was more than willing to accept my throbbing cock. This person worshiped my cock. Fast forward three minutes and I was spewing a huge load in his mouth and probably down his throat. He continued to suck until I was dry and let me put everything away before he left the booth, which was nice because I never want to see or talk to the person that just swallowed my load. Overall, good deal.

Edited on 06/01/21


Posted Apr 15 2021:
Went there two days ago. There were several cars outside. Went to the arcade and there were at least four warm mouths waiting to be filled.

I was looking to walk back another row of booths, but he was in the way, so I zig-zagged through the booths to find an unobstructed path to a booth with a gloryhole. I put my money in the video booth and turned to something decent.

I pulled out my cock and before I could even begin to start stroking it, I had a finger through the hole. My cock was engulfed with a vigorous sense of duty. Without hesitation, he began to fuck my dick with his mouth. His relentless pursuit of happiness ended with a huge load spewed deep down his throat. He didn't stop. I let him continue and before I knew it, I was dropping yet another ribbon of cum.

I put everything away and was out of there in no time, hassle free.

Edited on 04/16/21


Posted Apr 04 2021:
Went there about a week ago, paid my fee, and entered the back area. Had a willing mouth in about a minute. Dropped my load in about four minutes. Exited the booth and the cocksucker tried to get my attention by grabbing my arm – he is lucky to still be standing.

On the way out I noticed a CD sitting on the couch, weird. Word to the wise, don't grab people's arms, it might land you with a black eye.

Edited on 04/06/21


Posted Mar 13 2021:
Went there about a week ago, I assume masks were optional. I went to the back looking for a gloryhole and found several. It appears that all but the front two rows have gloryholes. I tried to find some good porn, but almost all of the 25+ channels just weren't working.

I pulled out my semi-hard cock and I had a finger in the hole within forty-five seconds. By this time, my dick was rock hard. To my surprise, instead of a mouth, there was an ass that allowed me to penetrate it. He bounced back and forth until he finally stood still and let me pound his hole. He didn't last long and eventually went on his way.

I had another cock sucker waiting within minutes. He sucked my dick pretty well, but kept asking me to go to a booth without a gloryhole so he could "suck it better." While I understand and can appreciate his attitude, I don't want to see you, I just want you to swallow my load. He did, took it like a champ, and continued to suck as if I was going to give him a second load. He awkwardly waited outside the door as if I wanted to meet him – I didn't. I just wanted to go about my way.

Edited on 03/15/21


Posted Jan 31 2021:
Haven't been to a bookstore since the pandemic started. Curious if anyone wears masks? I'm sure they are taken off from time to time :) but genuinely want to know if it's done. Hoping to get back there sometime.

Edited on 02/03/21

Usergroup: Member
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Posted Jan 17 2021:
I stopped by a couple of weeks ago. There were plenty of cars outside, hard to find a spot to park. Paid my nine dollars plus tax and went to the arcade. I went directly to a booth with a gloryhole and pulled out my cock. The videos are for shit, but I tried to find something.

About a minute later, I had a finger through the hole. I inserted my cock and the warm mouth on the other side wasn't disappointing. I am not tall, so I had to stand on my tip toes to get my cock through the hole. It took about three minutes and I was getting ready to blow my load. My legs starting shaking and I dropped a massive amount of cum down the taker's throat.

I liked the fact he kept my cock in his mouth for about thirty seconds after I stopped cumming. Nice touch considering the circumstances. He even stayed in the booth while I put everything back together and allowed me to exit without having to see him – preferred when it comes to anon blowjobs. Will visit again.

Edited on 01/18/21
Senior Reviewer

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Posted Dec 01 2020:
I have gone to this location on Black Friday every year for the last three years. Normally, I have had success here and the place is usually clean.

This year however, the booths were filthy. The walls below the gloryholes were filthy, and in three of the booths I entered the video machines didn't work. Also, nothing but old creepers hanging around.

I'll try again next year when I'm in the area again. I'll chalk up my bad experience this time due to it being the year 2020.

Edited on 12/02/20


Posted Nov 21 2020:
I have been to this place before and never had an issue. The last time I went, I had a volunteer cocksucker within about a minute. He would only suck for a minute then quit. Then another, and another, and finally a fourth cum bucket sucked my cock, but again quit after about sixty seconds. Not sure what the deal was, I was clean. I ended up having to jack myself off.

It was weird, a bunch of older guys talking in the back the whole time. Must be a "deep state" of old cock suckers there that for some reason didn't want to do what they normally do. Maybe because one of the guys wanted to come into the booth and I told him no thank you. Maybe next time.

Edited on 11/23/20


Posted Aug 26 2020:
I went there last week. After paying the cashier the fee, I entered the video booth area and walked around until I could see a booth with a gloryhole. Once in the booth, I pulled out my cock and started stroking.

I didn't even have time to get hard before a tongue came thruough the hole, so I gave my cock to his wet mouth. It wasn't long before I felt him getting fucked from behind – not nice and easy, very rough. He continued to suck it like a champ while taking it in the ass. I dropped my load within a few minutes.

Wish I could have seen him getting pounded while my cock was in his mouth. I left promptly. Always a great place to drop a load.

Edited on 08/26/20


Posted Jun 19 2020:
I really want to go in this place and suck a cock and potentially let them cum down my throat. Problem is I have never done that before, only let others swallow my load.

Staff is friendly, gloryholes are small, but overall, I can shoot my load without issue in a matter of minutes. There are always plenty of guys willing to swallow, just need them to leave me alone after the job is done. Open mouth, stroke, swallow, leave the cock (and its owner) alone.

Edited on 06/19/20


Posted May 06 2020:
I went in, paid the nine dollars for entry to the arcade, walked around until I found a booth with a gloryhole and entered. I put four dollars in the machine, selected a video, pulled out my cock and showed it to the hole.

Not ten seconds later, I had a taker who played around with my cock but didn't put it in his mouth. After about a minute, I withdrew and played with it myself, until someone else showed up or until he decided to swallow my cock.

About a minute later, I heard some noise, and I positioned myself in view. Another finger came through, so I put my cock through the hole – small hole, my cock barely fit.

This time there must have been two people in the booth, because I heard one person talking to the other person to suck that big cock, etc. A few minutes later I dumped my load and left. Ten minutes max out of the car.

Edited on 05/07/20


Posted Dec 02 2019:
Booth holes too small.

Edited on 12/03/19


Posted Jul 13 2019:
Stop by this location once a year while on vacation. The arcade has been improved. There are about eight gloryhole booths. The gloryholes are small, only large enough to get your cock through.

I stopped by this past week and met up with another married man there for some getaway vacation fun. After the usual back and forth through the gloryhole I invited him into my booth. He stroked my cock and balls until I blew my load all over the booth.

It's a great spot, no interruptions. You will be left alone after the eight dollar entry fee.

Edited on 07/16/19

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Joined: Jun 02, 2019

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Total Reviews: 1


Posted Jun 02 2019:
Hey guys, new here and never been. Would like to know how it is and when the best time to come soon is. Never sucked a cock, would really love to go gobble on a couple.

Edited on 06/04/19


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Posted May 29 2019:
Slave4tops, I would love to drop a load on you.

Edited on 05/29/19

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Posted May 26 2019:
I've gone here for a few years off and on. It's changed a lot, but they've added two, maybe three, I can't remember, large rooms for group action.

Lots of booths in the middle, lots of opportunities for fun. In the big room closest to the door, walked by there one day. Guy was peeking out, he was jerking his dick slowly. He opened the door a little bit and I saw porn playing on the screen, and another guy jerking off behind him. He motioned for me to come in and I did. He immediately put me on my knees and put his cock in my face. I sucked him off while the other guy watched, and he blew his load all over my face. I was covered.

He zipped up and left, only problem was there were no paper towels or anything to wipe up with. My face was covered. Had to use my t-shirt to clean up before I went back out to find another cock.

Going back sometime this week, I would love to meet other men who want a face to drop on. :)

Edited on 05/28/19
Glory Fan


Posted Mar 04 2019:
I've been here several times in the afternoon and there's always a wet tight throat to devour my cock. I love pounding those throats and throwing huge ropes of cum all over eager faces or pumping it down their throats. Always some hot action.

Edited on 03/06/19
Super Reviewer

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Posted Jan 25 2019:
I walked in on a Wednesday evening, had never been to the place and did not know what to expect. I prefer to wear a miniskirt and thong just to make sure anyone there knows the sissy slut I am.

There are large preview booths with couches along one wall and in the middle of the area a series of booths, side-by-side with a gloryhole between most.

It was quiet as I wove between the booths and toward the back. I saw one of the booth doors was closed. When I got to the adjoining booth there was a 7- or 8-inch white cock handing through the gloryhole.

I was on my knees in an instant and gave the stranger a blowjob, I would say it was about five minutes and he released a tasty load down my throat.

I love the anonymity of a gloryhole. We all have our preferences as far as guys go but the beauty of this is that he never gave me the option. It is always all about the cock and a gloryhole situation like this makes it so easy for a cocksucker like me.

I wanted to see what the guy looked like, but that didn’t happen as when I got to the back of the area there was a big — tall, not fat — old daddy in one of the dark preview booths with his pants down. I joined him there for some stroking and sucked on his big thick 8-inch cock. While doing this I heard the booth for the gloryhole guy open and while I wanted to see what he looked like, a cock in the throat is always the priority.

Ultimately, the daddy wanted to be fucked and that is not my deal, so after some fun play we went our separate ways as another guy had walked in. This was a middle-aged guy, very average looking, and as I walked down the aisle of booths, he was in one stroking his cock.

Never being the shy one, I walked in and moved directly to my knees in front of him and started giving him head. We did this for about five minutes and he indicated he didn’t want to get off just yet, which was cool and we moved on.

A while later the three of us in the area got into one of the booths. And I again was on my knees sucking both the dicks, until again neither were ready for completion. After a few more laps I made the decision to leave. Another suck-sessful stop along the way.

Edited on 01/25/19
Senior Reviewer

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Posted Nov 23 2018:
My fist visit to the backroom arcade was on Black Friday, November 23, 2018. There were so many horny married men that morning that morning while their wives were out shopping that I didn't know what to do.

Most were older men, but I sucked off a younger, fit, married guy and he came all over my face. Dude was fit, hot, and ready.

The rest of the older guys had decent cocks. I sucked off three guys and finally got sucked off before I left. It was a wonderful experience for a first timer.

Edited on 11/26/18

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Posted Aug 03 2015:
I went here in June. I got fucked by a married guy from NC, the next day stroked and kissed with another married guy from NC. As seen in another post they're closing early now which sucks. No pun intended.

Edited on 08/07/15


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Posted Jul 28 2015:
Understand that while USPS accepts Atlantic Beach, the 911 address is North Myrtle Beach as Atlantic Beach has no Post Office. If your GPS has trouble with the address shown, try 3106 South Kings Hwy., North Myrtle Beach. Turn onto 32nd Ave. S, away from the beach, then take the 1st right behind the building. You can get in from the front, but you can better see what business is like by going in the back.

During periods of heavy traffic, coming from Myrtle Beach, I suggest taking Grissom Pkwy to SC 31 to Robert Edge Pkwy (next exit past SC 22), then turning right on US 17. Adds miles, but you're doing 65+ most of the way.

It's exceedingly dark, so allow some time for your eyes to adjust. Mostly older crowd. One silver haired guy obviously had a lot of sucking experience, I must say. The guy at the register told me currently they are closing at 11:30 pm every night.

Edited on 08/03/15


2 of 2 people found this review helpful
Posted Mar 27 2015:
I went to the video store on Thursday, 1 pm. In two hours I sucked six sweet cocks. The first two I had in my throat, I can normally handle up to about 7-1/2" without gagging. Both of them let loose and blew monster loads in my throat. Unfortunately those cocks were so deep I didn't get a chance to taste their cum.

The next two were similar but when they started to ram it down my throat I backed off kept them in my mouth and the cum landed directly on my tongue. Umm, it was delicious!

The last two pulled out and completely covered my face. It was all over my cheeks, lips, and chin. I also had some that landed on my forehead and trickled down my face. I plan on returning next week and hope I get all six loads across my face. Love that creamy goo!

Edited on 04/01/15


Posted Oct 21 2014:
Where is this place? I couldn't find it. I ended up in a neighborhood.

The address, phone number, and map location are correct per Google. The street view on Google Maps shows the back of the building; perhaps it faces away from the street. If other cruisers could provide more information it would be appreciated. Thanks! ~ Editor

Edited on 10/24/14

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Posted Aug 27 2014:
Is the gloryhole in the same booth as the earlier review? (Room 17.) I think they remodeled since that review.

Edited on 09/02/14


Posted Aug 02 2014:
I received three blowjobs, all the guys let me cum in their mouths. Each guy swallowed and it was great. A fourth guy took me balls deep and I came all over his face. Unfortunately I didn't have much cum left at that time. He told me to come back with my balls full and he would appreciate if I'd unload on his face. We made a date for next month.

Edited on 08/07/14


Posted Feb 11 2014:
Went here yesterday. Lots of action. I was here about an hour and sucked three nice cocks. I'm a cum slut and they filled me up. Didn't think they would ever stop coming! I'll be going back for more!

Edited on 02/14/14
angie boi


Posted Apr 11 2013:
I've been there multiple times. I enjoyed as many as 11 cocks in my mouth in one day and have probably sucked off over 100 men there all together.

Edited on 04/16/13


Posted Mar 11 2013:
Went there recently. The first room I passed there were seven guys inside. One was sucking cock, a second one was pushing the sucker's head down so he'd take the cock deep in his throat or gag, the other guys were cheering the sucker on so he'd deep throat. I arrived in time to see the sucker take the cock all the way down his throat, and the guy's balls were resting on his chin. Everyone starting clapping and two of the guys pulled out their cocks and they got some head. Eventually the guy sucking got a faceful of cum, it was a huge mess dribbling down his chin and all. Everything broke up rather quickly after the cumshot. Lots of fun.

Edited on 03/14/13


Posted Jul 16 2010:
I have mostly had a great time here, both giving and receiving. Since I am from out of town I enjoy the getaway and go with the flow. I love to bend over and take care of the men who communicate nicely. Lots of opportunity to have fun if you just let someone know you are interested.

Edited on 07/19/10


Posted Nov 25 2007:
As of November 1st, the video booths have gone non-smoking. Yeah! But the smell of death and decay as you enter the booth area will almost gag you. Very dirty place (and I don't mean in the good way). Video selection is huge. Staff seems to stay out of the back room now.


Posted Sep 22 2007:
This place is perfect for sucking and fucking. Discreet, dark and the clerks up front never bother anyone. It's the best one in town.


Posted Jul 02 2007:
Great layout for the booths. The mood of the staff seems to change with the wind. The farthest back row usually has action, many times in the hallway itself. Usually a wide selection of cock. I go to Myrtle twice a year for bike weeks and there are always guys with cocks out and cum flowing.


Posted Mar 14 2007:
Fun store but only two booths have gloryholes. The staff will not leave patrons alone. Also, they are leaving overhead lights on all of the time. Local laws are more strict and may cause the store to close as their other location did.


Posted Jan 03 2007:
The clerks hassle the hell out of everyone. Very little privacy for action.


Posted Dec 04 2006:
Always hot action here even though clerks routinely check if anyone is 'roaming'. Since the other location closed it gets a lot of business.


Posted Nov 02 2006:
Since the recent police crackdown in Myrtle Beach, this place is also being very gay unfriendly. No cruising, and if your door is not locked you are thrown out. It is a waste of time to go here. The staff is downright hostile toward gays.


Posted Oct 02 2006:
The skinny dude is a real jerk. The lights stay on very bright where you can see how filthy the place is. You have to stay in your booth with the door locked and no walking around or he will throw you out -- then stand behind his little counter and smile like he has done something big.


Posted Sep 24 2006:
Forget this place. They just instituted a new policy where everyone must stay in their rooms with the doors shut.


Posted Sep 16 2006:
I've been here at least once on my vacations in the past ten years but this year was the best time I have ever had. Sucked three hot guys off and I mean hot. One Mexican guy was hung like a horse. I will be back next year.


Posted Aug 23 2005:
I was there yesterday afternoon. Lots of boys straight from the beach. One young guy came in and played shy for a few moments. I convinced him to let me taste it. I'm glad i did. He had ten rock hard inches of young cock. I'll be back.


Posted Dec 20 2003:
Particularly Saturday afternoon is a gathering of lecherous and unfit old men who have difficulty taking hints to move on. There is this one creepy guy with a limp who must buy one movie in the morning, then hang back in the viewing area all day long. Go elsewhere!


Posted Sep 13 2003:
It is rare if something worth looking at comes through here.


Posted Aug 10 2003:
This place is totally dead. There are trolls a plenty, but that was all. There were no hot college dudes or anyone else. It used to be the place to go, but not now. Spend your dough somewhere else.


Posted May 02 2003:
I was there the other night and sucked a guy through the gloryhole and then two other guys let me suck them as well. I had three cocks in all. This place is a must visit!


Posted Sep 11 2002:
I had two men enter my booth within fifteen minutes. I finished them both to completion. There is also a single gloryhole in the last row of booths all the way to the left. A large good-looking black man signaled me to enter. When I went in, I was happy to see a large cock peeping through the hole.


Posted Jan 14 2002:
This is the place to go for all your cock action. There is a gloryhole in room 17. Everytime I go, I get cock action.


Posted Dec 15 2001:
There can be action in the back from time to time. It is mostly trolls and undesirables. I have had a couple hot ones in there though. I got fucked bareback by one of them too. He shot his hot load up my ass.

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