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Mae Video by Love Shack


Category: Adult store with arcade Hours / Entry Fee: Sun - Thu: 10 am - Midnight; Fri - Sat: 10 am - 2 am Directions: I-620 Exit 17 at US Hwy. 78 (Jeff Davis Hwy.), immediately west of the interchange on the westbound side of US 78 heading toward Augusta, GA. Located about 1.5 miles from the Georgia/South Carolina border.
Submitted: May 22 2001 (Edited 03/02/16)
Cruised here? Rate this place:
2.4/5 based on 10 votes. The median rating is 2.
Read & Write Reviews: 30 Reviews

Address: 5780 Jefferson Davis Highway
City: North Augusta
State: South Carolina
ZIP/Postal Code: 29841
Country: United States of America
Phone Number: 803-441-4100
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1 of 1 people found this review helpful
Posted Feb 01 2017:
I was here January 28, 2017 and it was open and I got some action in the booth. Good movies, big couches, good to fit four people on. I wish there were more people that went here.

Edited on 02/08/17


1 of 1 people found this review helpful
Posted Sep 20 2016:
I went by here today. It was pretty cool. It costs six dollars to go back to the video booths. Staff was very friendly and accommodating. Good prices on movies also.

Edited on 09/28/16


1 of 1 people found this review helpful
Posted Feb 28 2016:
This place is open. It had shut down for maybe a couple years and now there is someone else running it.

I have only been there once to look and see what's changed. No more buzzing to let you in. Apparently the new management is more gay-friendly than the last.

They seem to be struggling to get business back to what it was many years ago. The booths were open and you are no longer escorted back.

The parking lot has the most cars on the weekends. Worth checking out again if you haven't been in years.

Thanks for the update! The site relies on people like you to make it happen, and I'm grateful.

I also corrected an incorrect street address for the store and updated the map coordinates and directions. I hope cruisers will stop by and post more reviews now that the store is open and we have correct information here. ~ Editor

Edited on 03/02/16
Older Reviews : Show/Hide


Posted Jan 16 2013:
Subject: Has MAE Closed.....
I rode past here for the last couple of weeks and I think this place has closed for good. Damn. What happened?

Edited on 01/23/13


Posted Dec 11 2010:
It has been 5 years since I went to this place. I just happened to be in the area and decided I'd stop. What a joke! I wish I had read these two posts before wasting my $10.

You have to buy $10 in tokens to go in the back plus you have to leave a $10 booth deposit that you get back. They claim this is because people were messing up the booths (i.e. pissing on the floor, leaving cigs on the floor, etc.) Then they escort you back to a booth where all of the door are locked and they instruct you to lock the door before they leave; no doubt they are not the ones you hear rattling the door to check to make sure it is locked.

You are better off waiting in the parking lot and asking someone to go cruising with you!

Edited on 12/16/10
Trucking Guy


Posted Jul 21 2010:
Subject: DON'T USE!
This place is not cruisy. You have to show an ID to get access to the business (they buzz you in) and then you have to buy $10 in tokens plus be escorted to a booth. Videos are not up-to-date and there is no cruising going on. There are cameras everywhere and the staff are certainly not gay friendly. While there is a theatre that caters to straights and couples, single gay men are frowned upon.

Edited on 07/27/10


Posted Jan 12 2010:
Management is homophobic. The booths require you to purchase $10 in tokens. They escort you to a booth and tell you to keep your door locked. It is dead almost every night of the week. There is also a theatre, but it caters to the straight crowd. Don't waste your time!


Posted May 03 2009:
I was just in Augusta and it looks like this place is closed.


Posted Oct 14 2008:
The place was clean but less than friendly. The $10 in tokens was not worth it. The rooms are huge, could hold up to twelve to fifteen people for a good time, but they come around checking rooms and telling you to lock your doors. I got a nice blowjob from an older white guy, but still it was not near as good as some other places I have been.


Posted Jul 24 2008:
I agree this place sucks. I moved to Georgia in 2005 and was surprised to find this place. They used to make you buy $5 in tokens then increased it. It was always hit-or-miss. You are better off paying $10 and visit the Parliament House on Gordon Highway.


Posted Jul 15 2008:
This place sucks and not on a dick either! Rude staff, no guys, bad videos! You were better off in 5th grade with your right hand and a Sears catalog!


Posted Jul 09 2008:
I'm astounded that this place remains open. They are so unfriendly towards gays. You have to show your ID just to get buzzed into the building. There's a $10 minimum token fee to go into the video areas. Once in back, there's rarely anyone even there. They have security cameras everywhere and the clerks watch them. The booths are about the size of most bedrooms, but made of concrete blocks to keep people from drilling gloryholes. They do have a movie room, but they play straight porn and the people are too scared to do anything. You'd be better off sitting at home watching X-tube than go to this bookstore.


Posted Jun 16 2008:
If you find yourself in this hole, you have wasted gas and time. It isn't worth the either. It's been a ghost town for a long time, with a staff who act like they don't want to be bothered.


Posted Jul 25 2007:
This place is creepy. 99% of the videos shown in the arcade are straight and the place is usually dead or filled with trolls.


Posted Mar 31 2007:
Don't waste your time
This place is terrible. They charge a big minimum in tokens just to access their arcade area, which is usually dead. Augusta deserves better!


Posted Apr 22 2006:
They have a camera in the theater room to watch people. They have just about ran off all of the regulars.


Posted Mar 24 2006:
Anyone who goes to this dump has unfortunately gone out of their way. It isn't worth the time or gas or money. The staff has a nasty attitude as if customers are lower than dirt.


Posted Dec 13 2005:
Don't waste your money here, fellows. I was just there and the security guy was harassing people in the booths. Definitely not the place it used to be. Use caution.


Posted Aug 02 2005:
This place isn't even worth it anymore.


Posted Jul 13 2005:
This place has finally hit rock bottom. There are now signs on the doors of each booth that say 'after you leave, the booth will be checked to see if there is any cum on the floor'. If they find any, you will be banned from the store. I have stopped here every month or so for the past year and a half and it is absolutely dead. I keep hoping that something changes for the better, but it looks like they just want the straight business and have become very gay unfriendly. I will not be back.


Posted Jul 03 2005:
This place is an overpriced dump. There are no peep or gloryholes.
There is a large sign indicating that it is a bouncing offence to leave the door open or unlocked or to be caught in a booth with another person. Also, the selection of merchandise is pathetic and way overpriced.


Posted Feb 24 2005:
There are no young guys here and you cannot go to the booth area without buying tokens. There is a button the clerk has to push to let you into the back. I have gotten sucked a few times here, but have never seen anyone worth writing home about! Still not worth the drive.


Posted May 02 2004:
This is a great place! I go often and usually get my dick sucked.


Posted Sep 18 2003:
This place is much better since they have new employees. The best time to go is after 5 pm during the week when the construction workers are getting off work!


Posted May 31 2003:
This place is old, but pretty cool. I have not been harassed by the staff at all. In fact, they can be helpful. It’s definitely a good place to suck or be sucked, or just to watch or be watched. I have enjoyed it almost every time.


Posted Mar 23 2003:
This place is crap. I was there about ten days ago, during lunch on a Friday. A total of three guys showed up in the peeps area and all were very rough. Most of the movie channels have nothing playing and there was only one gay flick. And the old man who appears to run the place has a perfectly nasty attitude. I've been there for the last time until something changes drastically, and I doubt that will be anytime soon, if ever!


Posted Nov 20 2002:
I’ve been there several times and have gotten some good head but, it has been some time ago.


Posted Sep 17 2002:
Some of the clerks don’t allow any action in the booth area. There are cameras in each end of hallway and most clerks won’t hesitate to throw you out. One clerk is an older gay guy with flat top. He doesn’t like any competition, so he will also throw you out if you hook up with a trick he is after


Posted Oct 28 2001:
I have gotten head about 90% of the time.


Posted Oct 31 2000:
Most employees have cracked down on the action in the back room. There are cameras in place. Have seen a lot of 'regulars' ejected lately. And it's little too pricey for all of the trouble you get from the employees.

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