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Olivia's Adult Supercenter


Category: Adult store with arcade Hours / Entry Fee: Sun: 12 pm - 8 pm; Mon - Thu: 9 am - 11 pm; Fri - Sat: 9 am - 1 am Directions: Located about three miles south of Sioux Falls at the Tea exit, one mile west of I-29 at exit 73.
Submitted: Sep 15 2007 (Edited 12/15/17)
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3.98/5 based on 40 votes. The median rating is 5.
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Address: 27094 Katie Road
City: Tea
State: South Dakota
ZIP/Postal Code: 57064
Country: United States of America
Phone Number: 605-213-3000
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gloryhole slut


Posted Mar 29 2018:
This place produces. I like to kneel and wait. I always swallow. One guy was super coked up and I got very high swallowing his seed. Awesome place with guys with big cocks.

Edited on 03/30/18


Posted Dec 13 2017:
I've been here many times in the past five years. Enter through the back door on north side. Initial cost is $15, they give you a 'key' that you keep for subsequent visits at $10 per time.

Two theaters, gay and straight. Str8 has two big screens so it's easy to see in the dark. On the gay side it's dark, bring a penlight.

On the arcade side there are at least ten booths or rooms each with it's own video viewer that require no money. That $10 or $15 you paid up front is it, stay all day if you want.

Booths, two have gloryholes that are busy depending on time of day. Busiest time is late afternoon into evening. There are three restrooms that are clean. Staff is friendly.

Edited on 12/15/17
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Usergroup: Member
Joined: Jul 09, 2016

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 1


Posted Jul 09 2016:
Great place if you can remain patient. Pay the $15 for all access, which includes the two theatres, one straight, one gay, and the private booths.

I was there on a Wednesday afternoon. A lot of older, potbellied farmers and truckers, but they get it on like gangbusters. Everyone was sucking dick and jacking off in the gay theatre. The straight theatre was boring, but one guy did get sucked off in the corner.

I went to the private booth section, and saw several geriatrics roaming. Walked past one booth and saw an old bald guy rimming the fuck out of a fat dude. Gave me a weird boner.

After a while, a few young guys showed up. I hit the corner booth, and to my surprise, there was the gloryhole. I sat down, got myself hard, and immediately a gorgeous young cock was poking through the hole. I sucked him off, and he left.

Then two guys showed up. One wanted my cock, so I offered it through the hole. He sucked for a minute, then rode my cock while he sucked off his bud. I didn't cum. Went to the washroom, cleaned up, and went back. I got an amazing gloryhole blowjob, blew a load, then hit the bricks.

Great place. Just be patient and get the all access package. You're missing out on a lot of action if you don't.

Edited on 07/18/16


Posted Dec 30 2014:
Just went there for the first time tonight. I really didn't know what to expect. I had a great time. Spent three hours there having fun with lots of guys! The crowd is mostly older guys, granted, I was there on a Monday night, but there are younger guys too. I plan on going back!

Edited on 01/05/15
Don Scott


Posted Oct 04 2014:
Olivia's is one mile west of I-29 at exit 79. You go around to the back side of the building facing away from the street. I went there on a Wednesday afternoon and had a great time in both theatres and the arcade. After I swallowed my three loads from diverse men, I left those remaining to the many other men who were roaming around the complex. I'll be back as often as I can get there.

Edited on 10/13/14


Posted Aug 19 2014:
Stopped here late in the afternoon, had a nice thick 6" dick in my mouth within five minutes. A few trolls, one was pushy, begged to fuck me. Followed me from one theatre to the other then back to the booths.

I told him to let me see it, he pulled out the biggest cock I have ever seen! 10" and as thick as a beer bottle! He wrapped it and I rode that fat fuck for half an hour, then shot my load all the way up to his chin!

I will be back, and this time with lube!

Edited on 08/25/14


Posted Mar 09 2014:

Edited on 03/18/14


Posted Jan 23 2013:
This place is awesome, something for every one. I will return when I am in the area.

Edited on 01/29/13


Posted Nov 10 2010:
Nice place. Pay them up front and you don't have to keep feeding the machines. They even have towels for clean up. I have never been disappointed going there. It's been mostly older guys and lots of straight's looking to get sucked. One of the easiest arcades to get a blowjob in. No hassles from the help either.

Edited on 11/13/10


Posted Sep 13 2010:
Lots of 50 plus daddys cruising during the day: truckers, farmers, some suits. Lots of jacking going on and most everybody leaves their door open so you get to see some nice hard cocks. I have had several guys join me in the booth for mutual jacking and bjs. The help doesn't seem to mind two in a booth and pretty much ignore the back. I was sucked off in about 20 minutes on the booth side on a slow day. Also, thankfully pretty clean with paper towels in the corner of booths to clean afterwards.

Edited on 09/16/10


1 of 1 people found this review helpful
Posted Jun 29 2010:
Good place to go. Went there the other night and got a hot guy off in no time. Clean and the staff does not seem to mind. I would recommend a visit here.

Edited on 07/05/10


Posted Jun 25 2010:
I agree with the previous post. There are some older men and some less than desirable men, but also some hot guys to get off with. I got a guy off within the first 15 minutes on the video booth side.

Edited on 07/04/10


Posted Apr 12 2010:
Reality check: Mostly pot-bellied trolls at this place.

Usergroup: Member
Joined: May 13, 2009

Total Listings: 0
Total Reviews: 2


Posted Mar 30 2010:
Amazing place to hook up, I got my tight hole pounded good in the couch room. Safe, clean, and lots of action, it doesn't get much better than this.

Edited on 04/01/10


Posted Jan 15 2009:
So far this place has been great. The staff is cool. The only problem is if they come in to clean, which it seems like they do a lot, but they don't hassle you. But the place is pretty much kept clean, which is good. Sometimes there are only a handful of people there, and then not wanting to play (or play with me I guess), so you take your chances. Sometimes there is very good action. I've had group oral action in the straight theatre and one-on-one's in the booths. The booths lock, which is a great thing. Three or four times I've gotten totally naked in a booth with a guy. There is one larger booth with a big couch, which is great if you can get it. I had a really hot three-way in there once. There are also some women. Have heard stories but did actually see one getting fucked in the straight theater.


Posted Sep 18 2008:
Great place. I wish there was more action. I have sucked and been sucked and fucked in the booth area as well. Wish there were more couples that go in as a nice bi-boy like me would appreciate some cock and pussy at the same time.


Posted Sep 15 2008:
I stop by Olivia's every time I'm in town. It is great. I have jacked off and sucked in both theaters. The large booth is good for one-on-one sucking and fucking. The staff is cool.


Posted Jul 21 2008:
This place is awesome. Every time I have went there is always some action. I got it on with two other hotties. We did a threeway in big booth -- very hot! There are a few trolls with a good mix of younger and older guys. I did a hot threeway up front in the gay theater late at night -- also very hot! Every horndog should check this place out!


Posted Feb 23 2008:
This is a great place to go. I have always been sucked off each time I go and no matter what theatre I am visit. Best times are nightly from 6 pm onward.


Posted Sep 15 2007:
New adult bookstore with two theatres: one with gay porn the other straight. Truck stop to the east of the store about a mile makes for some horny truckers in this place.

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